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  • Raven Episode 2.07? "Remorse

    *Note* As of Spring 2007, Season 1 episodes will be recreated as "Raven Remastered" episodes. The entire original run of season 1 and 2 episodes as well as 3.6 will be redone to add to the quality of the series. The purpose is to make seasons 1 and 2 to the quality of seasons 3 and 4. Look in the index for the Remastered episodes. The originals are posted for comparison*

    Raven Episode 2.7?

    Open Episode to: England, 1793. A dock, daytime. Katana and Scarlet dressed in tight dresses looking into dark, dirty water as a steam boat passes by, people are behind them on the dock and in the background. Behind them big factories with smoke coming out of tall chimneys make the area look dirty. People continue their day to day activities, all filthy looking. Katana sniffs the air around her. She grabs her mothers hand.

    Katana: Mother? this place reeks of these foul mortals. Can we please go now?

    Scarlet looks at Katana and slaps her.

    Scarlet: You ungrateful child! Why do you have such impatience? I don't plan on dying in the next few thousand years. We were given a century vacation from D'Hoffryn? that is a generous gift considering we only slaughtered his competing vengeance lord with Anyanka. She didn't even get the time off.

    Scarlet looks out into the water.

    Scarlet: I want to start some havoc!

    A garden snake crawls along the ground in front of Scarlet, she reaches down and picks it up. Katana looks at her.

    Katana: Mother, no. D'Hoffryn didn't ask us to do this for him. We shouldn't do it.

    Scarlet: So? Is it so much to ask for? A little fun here and then?

    Scarlet looks at the garden snake closely.

    Katana: Mother, please!

    Scarlet: Katana, what have I always taught you? Ruthlessness overcomes all fleshy obstacles. Just give it up!

    Katana: Mother!

    Scarlet: Ohh come now. It's just a little fun.

    Scarlet whispers at the snake in latin and then tosses it in the water. She smiles and walks off the dock to the side of the shore. Katana follows.

    Katana: Mother? what did you-

    Screams are heard as waves crash on the side of the dock violently. The tiny garden snake Scarlet threw in the water, is now a large sea serpent of a dark green colour. It has red eyes and dark fins on its body.

    Scarlet: Shush and watch!

    People gather around and scream as the serpent tries to move. Scarlet's smile turns to a frown. The serpent can't move? it's beached in the shallow bed of water.

    Scarlet: Well why isn't it crawling and slaughtering the land peasants?

    Katana shakes her head.

    Katana: Mother? you made a seas serpent.

    Scarlet: So? I want to see some mayhem!

    Katana: Mother? they can't live on land.

    Scarlet blushes.

    Scarlet: Fine! You want to rain on my parade that's ok with me. Come now, we have to go to France. There's a revolution in the making and I don't want to miss it.

    Katana sighs and vanishes. Scarlet laughs hysterically as she holds her arms up and storm clouds move in, creating a downpour.

    Scarlet: It's only a matter of time!

    The serpent isn't moving anymore. Scarlet looks stupidly at it. The screaming bystanders have stopped screaming.

    Scarlet: Aww shit!

    Thunder crashes. A flash of lightning darts across the sky.

    Cut to: Thunder crashing as Katana gets up suddenly, sweat all over her forehead, breathing heavily. She looks around her lair and sinks back down in her bed.

    End Teaser:

    Theme Song: Let Me Out ? Future Leader of the World

    Kate Beckinsale - Leora Byrne
    Michael Vartan - Arthur Rayne
    AJ Cook - Carmen White
    Kelly Giddish - Katana
    And Amy Acker as Illyria

    Special Guest Star:
    Emma Caulfield - Anyanka
    Kali Rocha - Halfrek
    Andy Umberger - D'Hoffryn
    And Tilda Swinton as Scarlet

    Guest Starring:
    Jason Priestly - Jean
    Avril Broekhuizen - Ms. Carrie
    Michael Broughton - Himself
    And Caitlin Wachs as Caitlin Smith

    Created by:
    Alexander Brown
    And Travis Truant-Simpson

    Written by:
    Alexander Brown

    Executive Producers:
    Alexander Brown
    Andrew Sutherland
    And Travis Truant Simpson

    In Association with:
    SORCERESS OF CRIMSON FALLS created by Travis Truant-Simpson, SHADYSIDE created by Thomas Wright, CHOSEN ONES created by Luana Roque, and THE PYRE created by Andrew Sutherland

    Based on Buffy the Vampire Slayer created and owned by Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy and 20th Century Fox. We make no profit off this fanfiction.

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    Act 1: Jean and Leora in Leora's room. The sun glares through the window as the two are asleep in Leora's bed. Leora groans and gets up slowly, hair messed up. She gets out of bed, naked. She walks around, picking up articles of clothing as she sees them. She rolls her eyes.

    Leora: Jeez, at least I could put them in a pile before making love to him.

    Jean rolls around and opens his eyes, he looks up at Leora and smiles.

    Jean: Morning already?

    Leora runs a brush through her hair as she's looking at herself in the mirror.

    Leora: School in forty minutes. I'm already late as it is!

    Jean: Can't you call in sick? I'll make pancakes!

    Leora: Ha! I don't have cooking ingredients, you know that.

    Jean: I'll make invisible pancakes, with invisible syrup we can lick off each other?

    Leora: Men!

    Jean: What, would you prefer a woman?

    Leora: If a woman got me to school in time, then maybe.

    Jean: Ohh, a magical woman who can teleport whatever she wants, whenever she wants!

    Leora rolls her eyes.

    Leora: I'll be home at five.

    Jean: I'll be waiting.

    Leora kisses Jean and smiles. She gathers her things together and heads for the bathroom. Jean falls back to sleep.

    Cut to: Illyria sitting in The Sacred Circle, observing Caitlin helping a customer. Katana walks in the door and stares at the customer as she makes a purchase. The customer looks at Katana, then at Illyria and runs for the door. Caitlin glares at both of them as she walks passed the counter.

    Caitlin: Guys, what are you doing?

    Illyria: Observing.

    Caitlin: Well could you be a little less creepy about it? You're scaring away customers!

    Katana: I am sorry Caitlin. I did not mean an offence.

    Caitlin sighs and removes her shop apron.

    Caitlin: I know, you guys don't mean it. This is just my first job? I don't want to mess it up for Carmen. Especially while she's away on holiday after? what happened.

    Caitlin looks at her watch and grabs her bag.

    Caitlin: There's fifteen minutes before class! I've got to get going! Will you two make sure no one takes anything?

    Katana and Illyria just look at each other.

    Caitlin shakes her head, goes out the door turning the "Open" sign around. Illyria and Katana look at each other more. Katana takes out her blade. Illyria pushes the table aside.

    Illyria: We have let much time pass before this.

    Katana: I shall test your strength, old one, against my blade!

    Cut to: Scarlet slashing her sais at Katana in a dark temple room. Katana ducks and swings her sword, missing Scarlet. Scarlet does a back flip and holds her sais in front of her as Katana jumps up, swinging her blade. D'Hoffryn laughs in the background, watching the two spar. Anyanka and Halfrek, both as vengeance demons, watch. Scarlet kicks Katana's weapon from her hand. Katana grabs Scarlet's arm as they wrestle to the ground. Scarlet pulls one of her sais away and holds it to Katana's throat. Katana stops, and the kicks Scarlet off of her. Scarlet drops her sais as she backs into a wall. She holds both of her palms out, ready to fight hand to hand. Katana gets up and kicks at her mother's face. Scarlet blocks with her arm and reaches forward with her other, grabbing Katana by the neck. Katana grips Scarlet's arm with hers, trying to remove it. Scarlet throws her down, Katana coughs and gasps for air.

    Scarlet: I hope that that teaches you daughter. We are not to go against D'Hoffryn.

    Katana(Weakly): She was an elderly woman, about to die anyways.

    Scarlet: That does not matter, you know this.

    Scarlet picks up her Sais and pus them away. She walks over to D'Hoffryn, Halfrek and Anyanka.

    Halfrek: I would have just killed her now.

    Anyanka: Oh please Hallie, we all know you protect children. You're just kissing up ?cause D'Hoffryn's here.

    D'Hoffryn: Well it gets her more benefits.

    Anyanka: Like what?

    D'Hoffryn: Dental.

    Halfrek: Really?

    Anyanka: That's no fair!

    Scarlet: Maybe you should suck up more.

    Katana watches furiously as her demon co-workers socialize.

    Cut to: Illyria flipping over Katana and her swinging blade. She lands on the table. There is a cut on her check and her arm. Katana's lip is bloody and she has sweet all over. Katana drops her blade and sits down in a chair. Illyria jumps from the table.

    Illyria: You tire of this. The vampire lasted longer.

    Katana: I am sorry, but I have things on my mind.

    Illyria looks at her, puzzled.

    Katana: I have been thinking of mother lately.

    Illyria: Your mother. She is dead, is she not?

    Katana: She is. I betrayed her, and she paid for her it with her life.

    Illyria walks around Katana watching her.

    Illyria: This is remorse.

    Katana: I do not know how my mother got the way she did. But she was not always as she appeared last year. Perhaps the missions got to her. Or maybe it was me.

    Illyria: Perhaps. You waste time on wondering about the past.

    Katana: I do.

    Cut to: Leora running into the school hallway. Some teachers are outside of her classroom waiting for her. Two men an three women are there. One of the men comes to her.

    Male Teacher: Late again Ms Byrne.

    Leora: Sorry, I was-

    Male Teacher: Caught up with things. We know, we hear it all the time.

    Leora: The bell hasn't rung yet. I'm not technically late, Mike.

    Mike: The staff meeting.

    Leora: Oh my god! I'm so-

    Mike: Sorry.

    Leora looks down, guilty.

    Mike: Now, it is the decision of the whole staff that we pair you up with another teacher until you can pull yourself together.

    Leora: You can do that?

    Mike: I'm principle, I can do what I want.

    Leora pushes passed Mike to get to her class. The other teachers leave, except for Mrs. Fisher.

    Leora: Jennifer, what is this about.

    Mrs. Fisher: Sorry Leora, it's for the best. The new teacher is really nice too.

    Leora looks in her classroom to show a tall, skinny woman with long curly hair clearing off some of Leora's things.

    Mrs. Fisher: Look, half your class is already there!

    Caitlin is sitting, watching what happens before her. Leora walks into the room right up to the woman.

    Leora: Excuse me.

    The woman turns around and looks at Leora behind big thick glasses that magnify her eyes. She holds out her hand.

    Teacher(With a high voice): I'm Ms. Carrie, I'll be your partner for the next while until the administration decides which of us to keep.

    Leora: What are you doing to my things?

    Leora rejects Ms. Carrie's hand. Ms. Carrie rolls her eyes at Leora and holds up a book.

    Ms. Carrie: "Astral Projection: A Guide to a Different World"; this is hardly material for a high school English class!

    Leora: Excuse me, that's mine.

    Ms. Carrie throws it in the garbage.

    Ms. Carrie: No wonder they want to get rid of you.

    The bell rings. Students file to their desks and Leora stands at the front of the room.

    Leora: Of class, settle down. I want your essays on "The Destructors" in now please.

    The students just stare at her.

    Leora: Well? Get moving!

    Ms. Carrie clears her throat.

    Leora: Oh yes, this is Ms. Carrie. I hope you'll get used to her as it seems she'll be here for a while.

    Ms. Carrie: No, Leora dear.

    Leora: Please don't use my first name like that in front of the students.

    Ms. Carrie: Than stop acting like one.

    Leora freezes.

    Ms. Carrie: Ms. Byrne must have her classes mixed up. This isn't English eight, this is English twelve. That means you should have your projects for "1984" please.

    The students look at her.

    Ms. Carrie: I could have guessed this poor excuse for a teacher didn't start it yet.

    Caitlin: We have the book. We should have read it by now according to Leo- Ms. Byrne.

    Ms. Carrie: I don't want your input Ms. Smith. Stay quiet.

    Leora: That's out of line.

    Ms. Carrie: This is my class now.

    The door opens, Mike looks in. Ms. Carrie goes from looking angry and serious to bubbly.

    Ms. Carrie: Mr. Broughton. The class is far behind, may I keep them in tonight?

    Mike: If it is to catch up I will have it arranged. You should learn from her Leora.

    Mike leaves. Leora and Caitlin glace at each other. Ms. Carrie goes back to being serious.,

    Ms. Carrie: Bring glue, bring scissors and know the book by four tonight. We will have a make up assignment to get up to speed!

    Ms. Carrie closes the blinds on a cloudy day.

    Ms Carrie: Now, where were you last class?

    Cut to: Leora and Caitlin leaving the classroom after class together. Other students pass by.

    Caitlin: What a bitch!

    Leora: I know! And did you see how she changed just as Mike came in?

    Caitlin: Something is up. I think she's-

    Leora: Evil? I know. But how evil?

    Ms. Carrie walks by, red on her bottom lip. Leora looks over at her.

    Leora: Oh my god? she's a vampire?

    Cut to: Leora and Carmen shoving the door open. Leora jumps on Ms. Carrie and hits her down. She grabs a stake and holds it over her heart.

    Leora: Die you unclean thing!

    Mike pops in the room.

    Mike: Leora! That is most inappropriate!

    Leora: Get out of here Mike, I'm doing us a favor!

    Ms. Carrie: What are you doing?

    Ms. Carrie throws Leora off weakly. Mike glares at the both.

    Mike: This is going in your record Leora.

    He leaves. Ms. Carrie smiles at Leora and then punches her face, sending her into the wall with a bleeding nose.

    Caitlin: Leora!

    Ms. Carrie: See you tonight.

    End Act 1: Commercial Break


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      Act 2: A large dark room. Large stuffed animals and kids toys are scattered around a large crib. Scarlet and Katana appear from the shadows. Scarlet grabs a wrapped up sleeping child, holding her sais up to it's neck.

      Katana: Mother stop!

      Scarlet looks at her daughter, blood lust in her eyes.

      Scarlet: What now child?

      Katana: It's? it's just a baby!

      Scarlet: D'Hoffryn wants revenge on the family. This will do.

      Katana: Mother please!

      Scarlet: No! We will kill the baby!

      A bark is heard.

      Katana: Put the child down!

      Katana holds her sword out to her mother. Scarlet smiles, flashing her fangs.

      Scarlet: So this is how it will be then?

      Katana: Please mother!

      Yelling is heard downstairs. Footsteps running up. The door bursts open and police officers with guns pointed at Scarlet and Katana come in.

      Office: Drop the weapons and give us the child!

      Scarlet: See what you did?

      Scarlet drops the baby and charges the cops, slicing one of them in the eye. He yells and falls over. The other cops begin to fire their guns at Scarlet. She flips and avoids the bullets. Katana swings at her mother.

      Katana: Please, lets leave!

      Scarlet throws three throwing knives, getting three of the cops. One remains. He fires the gun at Scarlet. She grabs the screaming child and uses it as a shield. Katana looks at her in shock as Scarlet throws the child at the cop and teleports.

      Cut to: Illyria and Katana still in The Scared Circle.

      Illyria: Dwelling on this is a waste.

      Katana: What else can I do with my time right now?

      The door opens, Leora and Caitlin come in.

      Leora: Grab a stake, we have a vampire to kill.

      Katana: What is wrong?

      Caitlin: There's a new teacher bitch at school. She's a vampire.

      Illyria: Your school hires vampires?

      Leora: Not by choice, no. But I'm betting she wants to eat my English twelve's.

      Katana: I wish to remain here.

      Leora: Are you sure?

      Illyria looks at Katana.

      Illyria: I also will remain. It is but one vampire.

      Caitlin: Unless she's turning students right now!

      Leora grabs a sword.

      Leora: We've no time to waste. Are you sure you aren't coming?

      Katana: I am certain.

      Leora and Caitlin leave.

      Illyria: Where are we going?

      Cut to: Jean sitting at Leora's kitchen table. Candles lit spaghetti dinner awaiting her. He looks at his watch a sighs.

      Jean: Typical.

      Cut to: The mall. People walk by as Katana and Illyria stand in front of "The House of Knives." Katana looks down to where her mother was killed.

      Flashback of Scarlet's corpse in the very spot they look, bloodied up, holding her arm out to Katana.

      Scarlet: Daughter, why?

      Cut to: Scarlet in D'Hoffryn's lair. Anyanka stands with them, socializing. Scarlet avoids eye contact with them.

      Anyanka: So then I summoned a Balther Crab from the Sun Duns of the Garen Dimension. You know, with the crushing pincers.

      D'Hoffryn: I am aware of them, yes. Hard to deal with in the situation of an infestation.

      Anyanka: Especially when they lay their eggs.

      D'Hoffryn: Do tell!

      Scarlet looks away from them both, thinking to herself.

      Anyanka: Well, I set the crab in his bed one night and it laid its eggs? in his genitals.

      D'Hoffryn laughs.

      Anyanka: Little hatchlings everywhere the next morning! And Mr. Spitz got what was coming after sleeping with his sister in law!

      D'Hoffryn: Very creative Anyanka. Did you hear that Scarlet?

      Scarlet ignores him.

      D'Hoffryn: Scarlet?

      Scarlet throws her sais to the ground.

      Scarlet: I'm pregnant.

      D'Hoffryn: You're what?

      Anyanka: I guess I should teleport! There must be some wronged women in Afghanistan! Bye!

      Anyanka teleports.

      D'Hoffryn: You have some explaining to do.

      Cut to: Katana and Illyria, just looking at the spot Scarlet died.

      Illyria: I do not understand.

      Katana: Nor do I!

      Illyria: She was against you, yet you mourn the loss of your enemy. I would have made trophies of her bones!

      Katana: Because.. she was my? mother.

      Cut to: Leora's classroom. Leora and Caitlin burst in. Ms. Carrie sits their, student in her hands, neck out. Three more dead at her side. Ms. Carrie shoves the student aside. He runs out, Caitlin follows him.

      Ms. Carrie: I have to hand it to you Leora, their tardiness is as poor as yours!

      Leora: At least I don't eat them!

      Ms. Carrie: How did you figure it out?

      Leora: Kind of not hard! Closing the blinds, hitting me that hard. Having your hair like that?

      Ms. Carrie growls. The three students rise up, one by one as vampires.

      Student: Ms. Byrne. How nice of you to join us.

      Leora jumps at Ms. Carrie, she holds a student in her way as Leora slashes the students head off. Two girls enter the classroom, they scream as Leora takes off the head of another former student. The two girls fall down with one last sigh.

      Leora: You know, taking over my class and killing them are both violations of the administration. I don't know what Mike was trying to pull on me, but he won't get away.

      Cut to: Caitlin chasing the kid down the hall.

      Caitlin: Scott! Wait!

      She runs into Mike, his face vamped out.

      Caitlin: Ohh? not good!

      She turns back around and runs.

      Cut to: Leora and Ms. Carrie,

      Ms. Carrie: Mike wants to replace the school staff.

      Leora: With what?

      Mike enters the room, Caitlin being thrown in front of him, unconscious.

      Mike: Vampire.

      Leora's eyes widen. Ms. Carrie screams and jumps at her, knocking the blade from Leora's hands. Leora blocks Ms. Carrie's grip with her arm. Ms. Carrie kicks her backwards. Leora holds her hand out, fireball flying from it and hitting Ms. Carrie in the face. She screams as she turns to dust. Mike grabs Leora by the neck and shoves her against the fall hard.

      Mike: I knew when I came here you'd pose a problem. They should really check the life style choices of their teachers they hire at this school.

      Leora can't breathe, she flails her legs.

      Mike: Of course the same could be said about me, but what's the point in caring! Soon they'll all be dead! Starting with you witch!

      Leora stops moving. Mike smiles.

      Mike: That's right, just stop.

      Caitlin stands up beside him.

      Caitlin: No, you stop!

      Caitlin stakes Mike. He turns to dust and Leora falls to the ground.

      Caitlin: Cool! I killed the principle!

      Leora gasps for air, Caitlin pulls her up to her feet and lets Leora lean on her.

      Leora: Thank you.

      Caitlin: He was a prat anyways of a teacher.

      Leora: Smart plan though? a staff of vampires?

      Caitlin: Good thing we stopped him.

      Leora: Yeah.

      She looks at his dust.

      Leora: Good thing.

      Cut to: Leora opening her apartment door. Jean is lying down on the couch asleep.

      Leora: Oh shit!

      Leora looks at the clock, it says eleven.

      Jean opens his eyes. He gets up.

      Jena: Hey!

      Leora: Oh my god! Jean I'm so sorry!

      Jean: It's alright? karma!

      Leora: Huh?

      Jean: I made you late? so you're six hours late.

      Leora takes her bag off.

      Leora: I am still so sorry!

      Jean: Look, it's no big deal.

      Leora: Yes it is.

      Jean grabs her and kisses her.

      Jean: No, it isn't.

      Leora: But I stood you up.

      Jean: No, you showed up eventually.

      Leora: But I-

      Jean: Shh. No more.

      Leora Looks at him, puzzled. She sees the cold spaghetti dinner.

      Leora: oh my god! Did you do that?

      Jean: Yes I did. It's? kind of cold now.

      Leora: Wow? what did I do to deserve a man like you?

      Jean: Well, we'll find out when you eat my cold spaghetti.

      Leora kisses him and sits down.

      Leora: Thank you, this makes the stress go away.

      Jean: I do my best.

      Cut to: Katana in her lair. She holds her mothers sais up.

      Katana(Off Screen): I am sorry mother. Sorry you had to do what you did.

      Katana lays the sais down on the alter in her cave. She lights a candle beside them.

      Katana(Off Screen): It's been one year? one year since I betrayed you. I am sorry.

      Katana closes her eyes and folds her hands to pray.

      Katana(Off Screen): It had to be done.

      She blows the candle out.

      End Episode.


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