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Raven Episode 2.07 "Time that has Passed"

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  • Raven Episode 2.07 "Time that has Passed"

    *Note* As of Spring 2007, Season 1 episodes will be recreated as "Raven Remastered" episodes. The entire original run of season 1 and 2 episodes as well as 3.6 will be redone to add to the quality of the series. The purpose is to make seasons 1 and 2 to the quality of seasons 3 and 4. Look in the index for the Remastered episodes. The originals are posted for comparison*

    Raven Episode 2.7 "Time that has Passed"

    Open to Leora icing a bruise on her left arm. She holds the icepack to her wound and winces. Illyria walks through the bathroom door showing no wounds from last episode.

    Illyria: What*Leora jumps around and bangs her head on the cabinet above her* are you doing?

    Leora:*Rubs her head* Icing my wounds.

    Illyria: My wounds are healed.

    Leora: I'm not as lucky as you. I can't heal like that.

    Illyria: Why has Rayne left?

    Leora: Carmen and Rayne need some off time. Gwen isn't coming back.

    Illyria: I do not understand. I watched Wesley die and left it at that. There is a battle that must keep on.

    Leora: There always is a battle, and there are always champions to fight the battles. They needed to get away from this, Rayne needs to heal emotionally.


    Illyria: I have grown fond of Rayne, he reminds me of Wesley.

    Leora: I never met Wesley, I never about knew him until you told me about him.

    Illyria: Wesley did not love me. I did not love him, he loved part of me. The part that was Winifred Burkle. And that part of me longed for him. I will never know love of my own.

    Leora: Well you could have Rayne, you did say you are fond of him...he's rather taken though.

    Illyria: I do not love Rayne. He reminds me of Wesley at times, but I do not love him.

    Leora: Well he was good friends with Wes. The two of them and Carmen apparently used to spend a lot of time together.

    Illyria: You said you never heard of him before me.

    Leora: I hadn't?Carmen told me after.

    Illyria: I wish I knew him longer. I feel a sense of belonging to him.

    Cut to: England 1998, Wesley, Rayne and Carmen are sitting around a table in a bar. They sip beers conversing quickly. They all look excited.

    Rayne: Welcome to the world of watchers, my good friend.

    Carmen: Took you long enough.

    Wesley: I'm only a few years behind you two.

    Carmen: Ten years is not a few my dear.

    Wesley: At least I have intentions of staying in the council. Unlike two students I know.

    Rayne: I helped tutor you, I can go to the council and claim you are unfit for a slayer!

    Wesley: There are far more important jobs to do then training a slayer.

    Carmen: What, organizing books in their library? Researching extinct creatures that won't ever come back, not to mention be spoken about, forever. Translating ancient texts and handing it to the next watcher to check the errors?

    Wesley: I get to kill vampires.

    Rayne laughs.

    Rayne: You wouldn't know how to kill a vampire if you had a flamethrower in your hand and the vampire had no limbs.

    Wesley: I've slain three already.

    Rayne: Under controlled circumstances.

    Carmen: Which never happens in the field.

    Rayne: With the training they give you in the Watcher's Academy you are all inadequate to fight vampires out there in the world beyond those walls.

    Wesley: That's what the slayers for.

    Carmen: Theres only on-two of them.

    Rayne: That's why Carmen and I left, we knew that evil can't be held at by at the hands of two young teenagers.

    Wesley: I wish I shared your point of view, I really do; but this has been tradition for as long as the slayer dates back.

    Carmen: Tradition has already been broken. Two slayers?

    Rayne: Puts a damper on your tradition doesn't it?

    Wesley: Say what you like, I'm going to be the best watcher out there.

    Carmen: With the help of Rupert Giles you could be exceptional?for a watcher.

    Wesley: Mr. Giles will be learning from me in no time.

    Rayne: What can he learn from you?

    Wesley: A lot about new technical methods of killing vampires.

    Carmen: I've met Rupert before. There is nothing that man can be taught. He can only teach. He is the old dog, your technology is the new tricks.

    Rayne: There are many ways to kill a vampire. The most efficient is staking them in the heart, can't be similar then that.

    Wesley looks at his watch.

    Wesley: Well thanks to you to I've almost missed my flight.

    Carmen: This girl?what was her name again?

    Wesley: Faith.

    Carmen: Right, Faith. Be wary of her Wesley. She is only a teenager. When you give a teenager super strength nothing good can come out of it.

    Wesley: She'll be respectful of me as I will of her. Thank you and goodbye!

    Wesley gets up and leaves.

    Cut to Wesley getting punched by Faith in Faith's apartment in Sunnydale.

    Faith: You want me to respect you? You got me kidnapped and almost deported to England! No chance I'm respecting you.

    Wesley: I am your watcher, you killed a man. You either go willingly to England or go by force.

    Faith: Get the swat team or whatever it is you send after gals like me, cause I ain't budging!

    Cut to: Faith torturing Wesley in the apartment she stole in the Angel episode Five by Five.

    Faith: If you had been a better watcher, I might have been a more positive role model!

    Cut back to: Rayne and Carmen in the bar watching Wesley go.

    Rayne: You think our friend will have any troubles with his slayer?

    Carmen: What Wes? Nah, he's a great kid.

    End teaser.

    Opening Credits:

    Kate Beckinsale - Leora Byrne
    Michael Vartan - Arthur Rayne
    AJ Cook - Carmen White
    Kelly Giddish - Katana
    And Amy Acker as Illyria

    Special Guest Star:
    David Boreanaz as Angel
    James Marsters as Spike
    J. August Richards as Gunn
    Andy Hallet as Lorne
    Mercedes McNab as Harmony
    Alexis Denisof as Wesley Wyndam-Price

    Guest Starring:
    Alyson Hannigan
    Amber Benson
    Anthony Stewart Head
    And Eliza Dushku as Faith

    Appearance by:
    Teresa Cruz as Death

    Created by:
    Alexander Brown
    And Travis Truant

    Written by:
    Alexander Brown

    Executive Producers:
    Travis Truant
    And Alexander Brown

    Based on: Buffy the Vampire Slayer created by Joss Whedon. Some characters and lore are created and owned by him, 20th Century Fox and Mutant Enemy. No money is being made in our fanseries.

    Death based on Neil Gaiman's character Death from The Sandman Library, he owns rights to this character.

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    Open to Leora and Illyria sitting down at Leora's kitchen table. Leora is eating a piece of cake. Illyria observes what she is doing.

    Leora: Now, we have a long time before I'm willing to kill anything, or before Rayne and Carmen come back from their vacation. I'd like to hear about your old friends.

    Illyria: I had no friends. Wesley was the closet I had to a friend. I had comrades, fellow fighters within Wolfram and Hart.

    Leora: Sure, tell me about them.

    Illyria: As you wish.

    Cut to: The Wolfram and Hart main lobby. The Fang Gang minus Illyria is standing around talking.

    Illyria(V.O): There was Angel.

    Zoom in on Angel.

    Illyria(V.O): He was the leader of Wolfram and Hart and of his friends. At first I defied his will. Challenging his ability to control the powerful force.

    Cut to: Illyria and Angel in Angel's office. Angel is sitting down in his chair with a cross look on his face.

    Illyria: I have no wish of following you.

    Angel: You have nowhere to go Illyria, unless you do as I say you will be kicked out to fend for yourself in this world alone.

    Illyria: This world is weak, no one has the ability to stop me. I will regain my power.

    Illyria(V.O): It was obvious even to me that this body could not give me what I wanted it to give me. However, I promised my return to power spiting this issue.

    Angel: Not while I'm still around.

    Illyria flips Angel's desk onto it's side. Angel gets out of his chair and goes punch Illyria. Time freezes and Illyria moves behind him and makes time move again. She kicks Angel out of the window of his office. Angel gets back up.

    Angel: Harmony, get the cleaners.

    Illyria(V.O): I then learned that I had no chance of fighting what was evident. I was destined to help this vampire in his fight against evil.

    Cut to the start of the big battle.

    Angel:*Swings his sword* Lets go to work.

    Angel kills the demon in front of him. Gunn falls over in the background. Spike stands by him. Illyria goes forward and rips her hand through a demon. Angel swings his sword at another demon, taking it's head off, Illyria kills a demon behind him by twisting it's neck.

    Cut back to: the Fang Gang.

    Illyria(V.O): There is Harmony.

    The camera zooms into Harmony.

    Illyria(V.O): I met her glance once but never conversed with her.

    Cut to: Harmony walking past Illyria. Illyria stops walking and watches her go by. Harmony walks to her desk where Lorne awaits her.

    Illyria(V.O): I never once cared for her. She betrayed Angel in the end. She didn't approve of me either.

    Harmony: What's with the blue weirdo? She keeps watching me like theres something wrong with me face. There isn't something wrong with my face is there?

    Cut back to: The Fang Gang. The camera zooms on Lorne.

    Illyria(V.O): Lorne was one of the more interesting characters I have met. Many adored him it appeared at the office. I didn't trust him at first. He gave me no reason to.

    Cut to: Angel episode 5.20 "Time Bomb" scene where Lorne follows Illyria and she finds out.

    Illyria: You have been following me. Why?

    Lorne: No particular reason, blue bird.

    Illyria: I wish to know why Angel sent you to follow me.

    Lorne: That's a hard question sweet cakes.

    Illyria slams Lorne into the wall behind him.

    Illyria: Tell me now. Or I will force it out of you.

    Lorne: Angel thinks your going to explode!

    Cut to: Lorne and Illyria in a bar together.

    Illyria(V.O): I soon learned he was of no more use to me then Harmony.

    Lorne: Well then I told her that two blonds equal a brunette and she laughed so hard her eyes literally popped out of her head.

    Illyria: I do not understand.

    Lorne's smile turns to a frown.

    Lorne: Blonde jokes must really be beyond you.

    Illyria(V.O): I ceased conversation with him as soon as I could.

    Cut back to Leora and Illyria.

    Leora: I'm off to have a shower. Well continue after I'm done.

    Illyria: As you wish.

    Cut to: Rayne and Carmen sitting in a hotel bedroom. Carmen is on her side asleep. Rayne looks up to the ceiling, his eyes red from tears. He looks sleep deprived. He is distanced from Carmen, not touching her. She sleeps uncomfortably, longing for him. She gives him no comfort and the level of comfort aimed back is mutual.

    End act 1: Commercial Break.


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      Act 2: Open to Faith meditating on a mat in a plain white room in England. Giles comes rushing in. Faith opens her eyes looking flustered and disturbed.

      Faith: Nice way to get my training complete.

      Giles: Faith theres been an emergency.

      Faith: What happened?

      Giles: I got a call from The Immortal. Buffy is in the psych ward.

      Faith: Oh my god, what did she do?

      Giles: She slashed her forearms. She tried to bleed herself to death.

      Faith: Oh god, oh god. Why?

      Giles: Spike.

      Faith: That son of a bitch! If he were still undead I'd kick his ass!

      Giles: If he were undead still she wouldn't have tried to kill herself. The Immortal is at the hospital watching her.

      Faith: I don't trust him.

      Giles: Xander is on his way over there now.

      Faith: Who else knows?

      Giles: I'm going to call Willow and Tara now. Although there is a pressing matter at hand.

      Faith: What?

      Giles: The demon population will know for certain know that Buffy isn't the head anymore. And that we're still in management for a new head slayer.

      Faith: Well they're got something coming their way then.

      Cut to: Leora and Illyria at the kitchen table. The sun has newly arisen.

      Leora: So, where were we?

      Cut back to The Fang Gang. The camera zooms on Spike.

      Illyria(V.O): Spike was what you would call entertaining. He made me feel more human when I was around many that called me a monster. We fought each other many times.

      Cut to: Illyria and Spike in the training room. Illyria has frozen time. Spike is leaping to where she was previously standing. Illyria moves behind him swings her fist into him, sending him out of the doors.

      Spike: Bloody hell!

      Spike comes back into the room and tried to punch Illyria. Every hit misses her, making it impossible for him to win. Illyria grabs Spike by the throat and sends him flying across the room.

      Illyria(V.O): Our relationship was nothing more then fighting. We had few conversations that mattered. He small-talked poorly.

      Cut to: The big battle. Gunn is lying on the ground dead. Many demons corpses are lying on the ground as well. Illyria walks through the carnage. Angel is nowhere to be seem.

      Illyria(V.O): When he died I still grieved.

      Spike comes over to Illyria.

      Spike: Looks like we won, eh blue?

      Illyria: If would appear so.

      A wooden stake is suddenly imapled through Spike's heart. He falls to teh ground and dusts.

      Illyria(V.O): There is no more Spike now. I miss him mildly.

      Leora(V.O): What of Gunn?

      Cut back to: The Fang Gang. The camera zooms in on Gunn.

      Illyria(V.O): Gunn is the reason I live in this shell. For that I feel both angered and content. Without him I'd never be here where I am.

      Cut to: Gunn sitting in his office. Illyria walks in.

      Gunn: Illyria, can I help you?

      Illyria keeps walking to the office window, ignoring Gunn altogether. She stares out onto the street where cars zoom by and people go on with their daily business.

      Illyria: You did this to me.

      Gunn: What?

      Illyria: You brought me here.

      Gunn: Yeah, I've got a scar on my gut to remind me.

      Illyria: Why.

      Gunn: It's complicated.

      Illyria: You loved her did you not?

      Gunn: Fred?

      Illyria: Yes, Fred. You loved her.

      Gunn: Yes. I did.

      Illyria: How did you let this happen to us? To her and to me?

      Gunn: I didn't know. I didn't know your coffin was the price to pay. I didn't know Fred would die.

      Illyria: You loved her, but you loved your brain more.

      Gunn: I did not.

      Illyria changes into Fred.

      Illyria(Fred): Charles. Why did you do it? Why did you kill me?

      Gunn: Stop it! Be blue!

      Illyria(Fred): We had a relationship once Gunn. You never got over it. Why didn't you pay more attention?

      Gunn: Illyria stop it!

      Illyria(Fred): Make me.

      Gunn stands then, thinking of what to do. He punches Illyria(Fred) in the nose. Illyria(Fred)'s nose bleeds. Illyria(Fred) changes back to Illyria.

      Illyria: You punched your old lover.

      Gunn: You aren't her.

      Illyria: I am close enough.

      Illyria turns and leaves.

      Illyria(V.O): I grew to Gunn briefly. But he died, and I did not care.

      Cut to: Close up of Gunn's body lying on the street. Death comes and takes his soul away.

      Illyria(V.O): He didn't last the battle.

      Leora(V.O): Who's next?

      Illyria(V.O): Wesley.

      Cut to: Tara picking up the phone at the kitchen of her apartment.

      Tara: Hello?

      Giles: Tara, how are you?

      Tara: I'm good. Haven't talked to you for a while Giles.

      Giles: I know.

      Tara: Can I help you with something?

      Giles: I'm afraid I have some bad news.

      Cut to: 15 minutes later. Willow is crying at the kitchen table, Tara puts her arm around her, but is tearing herself.

      Tara: Hush baby, it's ok, she's still alive.

      Willow: Why did she do that Tara? Why?

      Tara: She has her reasons. When people do that they always do.

      Willow: Oh god, it was my fault wasn't it?

      Tara: No baby, she needed to know.

      Willow: Damnit, Spike! Why'd you have to go an die again in the first place! If he was here I'd kick his undead ass!

      End Act 2: Commercial Break.


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        Act 3: Open to Rayne sitting in a chair in his hotel room looking outside at a rainy disaster. Carmen walks in holding a bag of groceries. She puts the bag down on the counter and walks over to Rayne. She puts her hand on his shoulder.

        Carmen: Little crappy for Mexico, isn't it.

        Rayne: Yeah.

        Carmen: It's almost dinnertime, want to go out and try to fight through the rain to get some food?

        Rayne: Not hungry.

        Carmen slams her fist on the closest table. Rayne looks around. Carmen is shaking.

        Carmen: I don't want to say what I'm going to say.

        Rayne: Then don't.

        Carmen: I have to anyways. We're on vacation, you have to try to relax and enjoy yourself.

        Rayne: How can I possibly do that? How can you even ask me?

        Carmen: I'm here with you, every step of the way. But you can't feel better until you let yourself.

        Rayne: There's no chance to feel better, I can't. That would dishonor her.

        Carmen: She'd want you to be happy.

        Rayne: She's in hell right now being tortured at the hands of who knows what!

        Carmen: God, you won't even say her name.

        Rayne: Fine, Vendra is in hell being tortured. By the monsters we sent there over the years, by the monsters that want us, that crave our flesh. And you're telling me to relax.

        Carmen: Fine, sulk around here all you want. Just, don't talk to me till you're done.

        Carmen leaves and slams the door.

        Rayne: Carmen?

        Cut to: The Fang Gang. Zoom in on Wesley.

        Illyria(V.O): I am sure you know Wesley was my closest acquaintance. He showed me humanity's flaws and lack there of. He told me all I needed to know to get around.

        Cut to: Wesley and Illyria in the science lab of Wolfram and Hart.

        Illyria(V.O): At first I resisted him. Arguing all the points I could. There really was no point I quickly learned. He was always right.

        Wesley: You can't just throw someone out of an office building and not expect there to be penalties Illyria. The world doesn't work that way.

        Illyria: I was testing his authority. He is not fit to rule Wolfram and Hart. None of you are.

        Wesley: And what, you're perfect for the job.

        Illyria: I do not wish for the position. I want power.

        Wesley: You can't just do anything you want to and expect the world to adapt to it.

        Illyria: Just watch me.

        Illyria storms off.

        Illyria(V.O): I learned fast, learned he was fit to teach me, that he knew what was going on. I tried to seduce him over to power.

        Cut to: Illyria and Wesley walking down the halls of Wolfram and Hart.

        Illyria: You taught me, Wesley, you taught me of humanity. You have shown me it is weak, and ready to fall. That there is absolutely nothing the could do if we were to find a way to attack them.

        Leora(V.O): You tried to get him to take over the world with you?

        Illyria(V.O): It was merely and idea.

        Wesley: I will not turn humanity over to your merciless power. I won't help you regain what you have lost. I won't help you become tyrant over the world.

        Illyria: It is inevitable, I will be back one day.

        Illyria(V.O): I could tell I never would be, that this shells limits had been reached. He left me there and we never spoke of it again.

        Wesley walks away.

        Illyria(V.O): When he died I wept.

        Cut to Illyria as Fred over Wesley's. Fred turns back into Illyria and begins to cry. Her blue tears falling on his body. She stands up and goes to the table in Vail's kitchen and flips it over into the wall. She begins to punch into the wall making the stone crumble before her fists of fury.

        Illyria(V.O): I mourned for my loss killing many demons. It made me careless yet powerful in battle. Without me there would have been no hope for L.A. And yet there still is none.

        Cut to: Fred and Wesley making love on Fred's bed.

        Illyria(V.O): My fondest memory of Wesley was not my memory at all. It was Fred's memory. On the night they announced their love to each other.

        Fred take off her top and pants, Wesley does the same. They vigorously kiss each other and then pull the bed covers over themselves. Wesley moves up and down, up and down, both gasping for air within their pleasure-filled sighs.

        Illyria(V.O): He was sweet to her. She was his true love. There was no doubting that.

        Wesley gets off Fred and lies next to her in bed.

        Wesley: I love you.

        Fred: Silly, that's not what you say after sex.

        Wesley: It was?exhilarating.

        Fred kisses Wesley.

        Fred: I've wanted this for some time.

        Wesley: So have I, longer then you'd know.

        Fred: I think I figured it out Wes. I'm not a blonde.

        Wesley: I know that. You're mind is beautiful Fred.

        Fred: Like wise.

        Wesley: I wish this could last forever.

        Illyria(V.O): So do I now that I look back at it. I wish Wesley and I shared in lust like he did with Fred.

        Leora(V.O): He loved her, it was love and passion, not lust.

        Illyria(V.O): Yes, but I cannot love him. Only lust after him.

        Leora(V.O): That's too bad.

        Cut back to the kitchen.

        Leora: You led an interesting life, Illyria.

        Illyria: I am aware of that.

        Leora: I wish I'd have met him, and the others.

        Illyria: Most of them are gone, for good.

        Leora: You must have felt lonely.

        Illyria: I am always alone, even with you here.

        Leora: You know that isn't true.

        Illyria: To a point it is.

        Leora: I'll always be here for you Illyria.

        Illyria pauses.

        Illyria: That brings me some comfort.

        Cut to: Rayne packing his things, Carmen's packed bag beside him. Carmen comes in. She sees the stuff.

        Rayne: I'm sorry that I've screwed up our vacation.

        Carmen: No Rayne, it's my fault. You have all rights to sulk. Sulk for as long as you like.

        Rayne: I'm done sulking. I can't be like that Carmen. Life moves on. She meant to teach me that at one time. I just now listened. And now it is time to go home.

        Carmen looks at her watch.

        Carmen: We have two hours till our flight?we haven't taken full advantage of out hotel bed yet.

        Rayne: The cleaning lady just changed the sheets.

        Carmen: All the better then.

        Rayne Smiles. The two get on the bed. They kiss.

        Screen fades to black, end episode.


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