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Raven Episode 2.6? "Psyched Out"

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  • Raven Episode 2.6? "Psyched Out"

    *Note* As of Spring 2007, Season 1 episodes will be recreated as "Raven Remastered" episodes. The entire original run of season 1 and 2 episodes as well as 3.6 will be redone to add to the quality of the series. The purpose is to make seasons 1 and 2 to the quality of seasons 3 and 4. Look in the index for the Remastered episodes. The originals are posted for comparison*

    Raven Episode 2.6?
    "Psyched Out"

    Message from the creator: Here is an episode Chosen Alone came to me as an idea to write. I allowed him to write the episode as it will start out his new series "Psyched Out". This episode takes place as Rayne and Carmen are away after Vendra dies in season 2, before Tate comes. Illyria also does not appear in this episode.


    Leora gets up, she limps over to a bench, she is in the park. A demon closely following behind her. She turns around as he gains on her. She pulls a dagger from her pants and lunges at the demon, it breaks on his chest.

    Leora: Shoot! Crappy cheap metals. Titanium would have been much better!

    She tries to run, but her limp has worsened. A young boy crosses in front of her.

    Boy: C'mon, I have just enough power to teleport you outta here!

    Leora: Wait, what about you?

    Boy: What about me?

    Leora: You won't stand a chance!

    Boy: I'll fight.

    Leora: You'll die!

    Boy: I've got nothing to live for.

    Leora: Where's Diego?

    Boy: There was an innocent near the Pavilion! He went to help!

    Leora: Shit! He's coming!

    Boy: Promise me you'll live.

    Fire appears as the demon teleports in.

    Leora: Look out!

    The boy turns around to receive a blow to the head. He flies back and hits a tree. He slumps over. The demon raises his sword and pauses.

    Demon: Only the Rapier of the Phoenix can destroy me.

    He pauses for a second before he impales Leora with the sword. Leora grunts in pain.

    Boy: Leora!

    Leora turns her head.

    Leora: *Softly* Go.

    The boy gets up and begins to run in the opposite direction. He pauses as the demon materializes in front of him. The demon hold up his hands and a energy ball is formed.

    Boy: Oh my God!

    Demon: Not quite!

    He launches the energy ball and it freezes.

    Boy(V.O): You may be wondering what's going on? You may be wondering who I am? Well my name is Scott and this is me looking death in the face and as strange as this may sound, I'm a psychic so I should have seen this coming right. I guess we should start at the beginning.

    As if rewinding, time rewinds itself back at first slowly, showing the energy blast backing away, Leora's blade exiting her body, then it blurs into a speed so we don't see what happens.

    Leora flips over a tombstone staking a vampire. He dust. She hears a noise behind her. She turns around and there is another vampire. She proceeds her attack.

    Cut to: Burnaby South Campus. A dark figure walks up to the window and waves his hand and the window flies up. He levitates into the air and into the window. The boy makes his way down the corridor and enters the library. He walks to a shelf and pulls a book from a high shelf. He opens it and begins to read.

    Boy:*whispers* I knew it!

    He turns around and there is a pen on the floor. He picks it up and reads the name which is only partially visible.

    Boy: Property of Mrs. Leora-

    The boy is succumb to sharp head pain as he braces himself for a premonition. He is taken to the clock overhead and the time reads 10:45pm he then sees a well fit young woman standing near the pavilion in the park. He sees a demon approach her from behind.

    Demon: Scream or I will end you!

    Woman: Ahhhh, someone help me, please!

    Distant Voice: Oh, no an innocent, I'll catch up!

    The Demon chuckles before teleporting by fire.

    The boy exit's the premonition.

    Boy: Oh my gosh.

    He looks up at the clock. It reads 10:30.

    Boy: Time to *begins to teleport* fly?

    Leora stakes the vampire and turns when she hears a noise behind her.

    The boy teleports in front of her. Leora steps back in surprise.

    Leora: Who the hell are you?

    Boy: You're not the woman I saw in my vision?

    Leora: Vision. What are you?

    Boy: My name is Psyche, I'm a psychic. I had a vision, I thought it was you?

    Leora: Psyche the psychic huh?

    Boy: Thats what I'm known by through the demonic underworld as. On the streets, I'm Scott.

    Leora: So you tell everyone you fight demons.

    Scott: Hello, I'm a psychic, I know you're a hunter.

    Leora: Witch.

    Scott: Whatever.

    Leora: You're not some kind of mystical perverted stalker are you?

    Scott: No? I'm just a psychic with a vision and a crime to solve.

    Leora: So where do I fit into this vision of yours.

    Scott: You don't *looks up and sees the woman from his vision* she is!

    Leora: What?

    She turns around. Scott runs for the woman, Leora follows him. Before they can reach her the demon teleports in, grabs her and teleports away.

    Leora: Where'd she go?

    Scott: Oh, my god, she was my innocent!

    End Teaser

    Kate Beckinsale
    And Jerahn Hyman as Scott Richardson

    Guest Starring:
    Alicia Silverstone
    Kate Winslet
    Roseanne Barr
    And Lee Thompson Young as "Diego"

    Created by:
    Alexander Brown
    And Travis Truant-Simpson

    Special Guest Writer:
    Jerahn Hyman

    Edited by:
    Alexander Brown

    Executive Producers:
    Alexander Brown
    Travis Truant-Simpson
    And Keara Swanson

    A Purple Sky Production
    in association with

    Sacred Circle Productions

    Part of The Alliance of Divine Fanfiction with: SORCERESS OF CRIMSON FALLS created by Travis Truant-Simpson, RESPECT SHORES created by Keara Swanson, Alexander Brown and Travis Truant-Simpson, SAILOR STARS: "THE OUTER SENSHI" created by Alexander Brown, SHADYSIDE created by Thomas Wright, and CHOSEN ONES created by Luana Roque.

    Based on: Buffy the Vampire ? Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy and 20th Century Fox. We do not own some of the characters or lore.

    The character of Psyche is created and owned by Jerahn Hyman.

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    Act 1

    Ext. Grand Park

    Leora: What innocent?

    Scott: The woman from my vision.

    Leora: Well she's gone now, so should we use other means to find her? I could do a spell.

    Scott: But it wasn't exactly what I saw.

    Leora rolls her eyes.

    Leora: Okay, what exactly did you see?

    Scott: She was suppose to scream.

    Leora: What do mean?

    Scott: The demon came, like we just saw, the he told her to scream, then he teleports away. But before that someone says "An innocent, I'll catch up"

    Leora: Who says that? Any clue to that know-all-boy?

    Scott: It was a blur voice. Could have been anyone. Could have been one of us.

    Leora: How can things get worse?

    Scott: You really shouldn't say that.

    Leora: Why not?

    Leora notices Scott is no longer beside her instead he is a few feet behind.

    Scott: She was suppose to scream.

    Scott pauses and notices Leora ahead of him.

    Scott: When did you leave?

    He runs to catch up.

    Leora: I was going to ask you the same thing.

    Scott: What are you talking about?

    Scott noticed Leora was further ahead of him.

    Leora: We can go to the Sacred Circle, it?s owned by a friend of mine and she?s out of town. We might be able to find something there.

    Scott: Leora!

    Leora turns around.

    Leora: What are you doing back there?

    Scott: I think the better question is what are you doing up there?

    Leora: You just asked me where the nearest Magic shop was? [echoes]

    Scott: No I didn't.

    Leora: Yes you did. [echoes]

    Scott: Something not right.

    Leora: I don't understand. [echoes]

    Scott: You're echoing.

    Leora: No, you are.

    Scott: We're jumping through time.

    Leora: Are you coming?

    [Leora runs back to Scott]

    Leora: What the hell is going on?

    Scott: Hang on.

    He kneels down and grabs a rock and draws a circle around the two of them. He stood back up.

    Scott: So nothing may cross this line, freeze everything in space and time!

    The circle glows and a wall forms around them and then shoots outward. The camera pans into outer space to show the wall of light double back around the earth until returning back to the original location then it. The camera shows Scott and Leora. There is a shade of gray over the entire earth making it seem dark except for the place where they stand.

    Leora: [softly; slowly] What did you do?

    Scott: Everything, everything outside this circle is frozen.

    Leora: Why?

    Scott: Wait for it?

    Then a boy appears before them. Leora stands back.

    Leora: Who is this?

    Scott: The reason why we keep jumping through time.

    Boy: The names Diego!

    Scott: What are you.

    Diego: I'm also known as Tempest.

    Scott: You manipulate time.

    Diego: Yeah and since I'm not from this dimension my presence here causes a rupture in space time continuum.

    Scott: That would explain the time jumping.

    Diego: I'm looking for a demon.

    Scott: Who isn't these days.

    Diego: Does The Phoenix ring any bells?

    Scott: [Has a flashback--Demon: Only the Rapier of the Phoenix can destroy me.] Now that you mention it.

    Cut to:

    Int. cave, night

    Demon: What is your name?

    Girl: Man- Manny.

    Demon: Did you think you were going to die when you woke up this morning?

    Manny: [crying] Please don't hurt me.

    Demon: I'm going to do more than hurt you.

    The demon smiles.

    Cut to:

    Ext. Leora's porch. She stands, arms leaning on the railing with a worried look on her face. Scott steps up behind her, walking beside her. She avoids eye contact.

    Scott: Hey.

    Leora doesn't respond.

    Scott: Is something wrong?

    Leora sighs.

    Leora: Yes. Something is wrong.

    Scott: Care to let me in on it?

    Leora: You're a psychic, you tell me.

    Scott: I may be psychic, but I can't read your mind. At least, not right now.

    Leora sighs again.

    Leora: This? this situation. The fighting. Everything. It's getting to me.

    She stops.

    Scott: Go on.

    Leora pauses, thinking.

    Leora: I? I failed my friend. I let her start some shit she shouldn't have and it got her killed. And now everyone's grieving. Everyone? but me.

    She looks at Scott.

    Leora: Is it worth it Scott? Is the fight worth it if everyone I loves just feels pain?

    Scott: Well, I think only you can make that choice for yourself. I cant decide for you.

    Leora looks ahead into the night.

    Leora: I wish this would go away. All this pain around me. I'm a warrior, and I can't afford to see it here.

    Scott doesn't reply. Leora pauses.

    Leora: I think? I think I've lost my spark in the world.

    Scott: They need you Leora.

    Leora rolls her eyes.

    Leora: Yeah, to let them all die.

    Scott points out to the lights in the darkness.

    Scott: They need their warrior. Don't let them down.

    Leora turns to go inside.

    Leora: I just don't know Scott, I just don't know.

    Cut to:

    Int. Hobe Sound Caf?, night

    Leora: So this guy wants a sword made by this Phoenix fellow, so he can kill an innocent and bring forth the Phoenix.

    Scott: And let me get this, you have the power to manipulate time and we are repeating the events of yesterday.

    Diego: Precisely.

    Leora: What is this Phoenix anyways?

    Diego: A very powerful and ancient demon.

    Leora: How do I kill it?

    Diego: You're not meant to kill it.

    Leora: Who is?

    Diego: Someone down the west coast of the states.

    Scott: I live down the west coast, Greendale.

    Diego: Neither of you are going to fight the Phoenix.

    Leora: So how do we kill this demon then?

    Diego: The rapier of the Phoenix.

    Scott: A sword?

    Diego: No a dagger.

    He pulls it from a bag.

    Leora: Can I have it?

    Diego: Yeah.

    Leora takes the dagger then pulls out hers from the side of her boot. She puts them back in either side of her boot.

    Scott: So if that wasn't the innocent in my vision, who was it.

    Leora: Well it would be great if you could get a vision.

    Scott: I can't just get them.

    Leora sighs.

    Leora: No wonder we're repeating days.

    Diego: Well technically, if you do this right you won't have to

    Waitress: I have a friend who might help you.

    They turn to see a well fit red head.

    Scott: Who are you?

    Waitress: Alana.

    Leora: What the hell are you talking about?

    Alana: I know a seer, her name is Loretta.

    Scott: Take us.

    Alana: Okay.

    End Act 1: Commercial Break.


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      Act 2:

      Int. Fortune Teller's Residence

      Alana walks up to the door and knocks three distinct time.

      Voice: Enter!

      They walk slowly into the house.

      Alana: Loretta!

      Loretta: I'm back here!

      They walk to the back room. There are a lot of shrines and candles lit everywhere.

      Leora: Freaky-much?

      Loretta: Quiet child.

      Alana: Loretta they need your help.

      Loretta: How can I help you.

      Scott: I had a vision.

      Loretta: Clairvoyant are we?

      Scott: Yes, well I can't remember my vision.

      Loretta: Sometimes visions are hard to read.

      Scott: Can you help me?

      Loretta: Maybe, what did you envision?

      Scott: I saw the pavilion and a girl and she screamed.

      Loretta: Then what is the problem?

      Scott: Well I just saw someone take the girl but she didn't scream.

      Loretta: Is that all you saw in your vision?

      Scott: I also saw a clock that said 10:45 but that was yesterday.

      Loretta: Visions come from all over the astral plane, perhaps you have once relived this day.

      Diego: What does that mean?

      Loretta: It means your vision has not come to pass yet.

      Scott: Quick what time is it?

      Leora glances at her watch.

      Leora: 10:30!

      Scott: Which means we got 15 minutes to get the pavilion!

      Diego: Lets go!

      Scott: I know a faster way!

      Cut to:

      Ext. Park, Pavilion, night.

      Scott, Leora and Diego materialize in front of the Pavilion. No one is there.

      Scott: Time?

      Leora: 10:40.

      Scott: Lets take a look around. They march off away from the pavilion. They approach the front gate.

      Scott: Time?

      Leora: 10:45.

      Scott: Maybe I was off?again.

      Diego: Or maybe not, look.

      They turn to see the fire near the pavilion.

      Scott: C'mon!

      They run in the direction of the fire. The demon materialize in front of them. He shoots an energy blast at them. Diego takes cover behind Leora and Scott, whose hand is outstretched in front of him, he is psychically holding the blast away.

      Scott: Run!

      Leora: I can help!

      Scott: Then help!

      Leora stands back as wings burst from her back, she grunts in utter pain. She takes flight above Scott. She aims her hand at the demon.

      Leora: CASIUS!

      A ray of lightning strikes the monster, he pulls back his energy blast and relieves Scott who seems dazed form the power usage. He falls back and raises to his feet again. The demon blast and energy ball at Leora, she dodges, he blast three more, she dodges the first two, but the third hits her dead on. She falls to the ground, using her wings to stabilize the fall.

      She gets up limping.

      Leora: Scott!

      Scott gets up and recalibrates his remaining energy, he swings his arm and the demon flings back at the psychic force.

      Leora: Can you stand?

      Scott: He's too strong!

      Leora: Let's go!

      Scott gets to his feet and the three run!

      Manny: Ahhhh!

      Diego: Oh no! *he stops*

      Scott: Huh!

      Diego: An innocent, I'll catch up!

      He starts to run. Scott freezes as he has a vision.

      *He sees the demon teleport next to the Pavilion holding Manny.*

      Demon: Scream!

      Manny: Ahhhh!

      He lunges the sword into her.

      Diego arrives on the scene to see Manny fall down dead.

      The demon swings the sword at Diego's neck, he falls to the ground lifeless*

      Scott: Wait!

      Diego: I have to go help her!

      Scott: This is why we died!

      Diego: No.

      Scott: Yes, my visions don't lie! It's a trap. She has to die so we don't, it's for the greater good!

      Diego: Shit!

      Scott: They run trying to catch up with Leora who has already gone ahead.

      Leora gets up, she limps over to a bench, she is in the park. The demon closely following behind her. She turns around as he gains on her. She pulls a dagger from her boot and lunges at the demon, it breaks on his chest.

      Leora: Shit! Wrong one!

      She pulls out the other one but the demon knocks it from her hand, she gets up and tries to run, but her limp has worsened.

      Leora: ASA!

      A blast knocks the demon into the bushes. Scott crosses in front of her.

      Scott: C'mon, I have just enough power to teleport you outta here!

      Leora: Wait, what about you?

      Scott: What about me?

      Leora: You won't stand a chance!

      Scott: I'll fight.

      Leora: You'll die!

      Scott: I've got nothing to live for.

      Diego: Where's the dagger?

      Leora: Um? *she looks around and spots it*

      The demon begins materialize in front of them.

      Leora: Shit! He's coming!

      Scott: Where!

      The demon

      Leora: There! *points to the ground behind the demon* Look out!

      Scott turns around to see Diego jump in front of him to receive the blow to the head. He flies back and hits a tree. He slumps over. The demon punches at Scott but his psychic hold receives much of the force, he jumps back and the demon approaches Leora and knocks her to the ground. The demon raises his sword and pauses.

      Demon: Only the Rapier of the Phoenix can destroy me.

      The demons lunges the sword to Leora but he stunned to see the rapier of the Phoenix in his chest which Scott psychically stabbed him with. Scott grabs Leora and shield her from the explosion of the demon. Diego takes cover behind a tree.

      Cut to:

      Int. Burnaby Bus Station, morning
      Music Plays: "Here's To The Nights"- Eve 6

      Scott, Diego and Leora prepare to bid farewell,

      Leora: So I hope Burnaby wasn't too hard on you.

      Scott: Let's just say I won't be coming back for a while.

      Leora: So it's back to Greendale?

      Scott: Yeah.

      Leora: What about you Diego?

      Diego: My job is actually just starting, I got to handle some stuff on the hell mouth.

      Leora: I thought the hell mouth was closed for business.

      Diego: No quite.

      Leora: Well good job, you guys were really amazing last night.

      Scott: You were too.

      A bus pulls up slowly.

      Intercom: Sacramento, Los Angelus and Sunnydale California, now boarding.

      Diego: Well, that's me, you guys take care.

      Scott: We will.

      Leora: You too.

      Diego boards the bus and shortly after it pulls off.

      Leora: So you came all the way to Canada just to save me.

      Scott: This place still needs you.

      Leora: Well you're right about that.

      She pauses.

      Leora: Long drive ahead?

      Scott: Not actually, I'm gonna brain drain the drive to let me on then when I recuperate I'm gonna teleport the rest of the way.

      Leora: I have to hand it to you, you are original.

      Intercom: San Antonia, San Andreas and Greendale, California, now boarding.

      Scott: Remember that Leora.

      Leora: I will!

      Scott gets on the bus and looks out of the window.

      Leora: I hope I see you again, you're not that bad a fighter.

      The bus begins to pull off.

      Scott: Like wise!

      The bus leaves, the camera zooms of Leora's face and a smile appears on her face.

      End of Episode.


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