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Raven Episode 2.06 "Kiss and Kill" Part 2

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  • Raven Episode 2.06 "Kiss and Kill" Part 2

    *Note* As of Spring 2007, Season 1 episodes will be recreated as "Raven Remastered" episodes. The entire original run of season 1 and 2 episodes as well as 3.6 will be redone to add to the quality of the series. The purpose is to make seasons 1 and 2 to the quality of seasons 3 and 4. Look in the index for the Remastered episodes. The originals are posted for comparison*

    Raven Episode 2.6 "Kiss and Kill"

    Open episode to where 2.5 left off. D'Hoffryn is in Vendra's apartment talking. We can faintly hear their voices. Gwen come out of the bedroom and into the kitchen. She notices D'Hoffryn and gets ready to fight, she then notices Vendra is just simply talking to him. She stays around the corner.

    D'Hoffryn: I will summon four powerful bodyguards for you as soon as I can. Find the spell by then and get this over with as fast as you can.

    Vendra: Yes. *She turns around.* Thank you. But you know you're still a dirty bastard.

    D'Hoffryn: Always was with you.

    Vendra: Check in tomorrow. I'll summon you around noon, Gwen's normally asleep or out.

    D'Hoffryn: That dirty slut isn't good enough for you. But what difference will it make if you're dimension is gone tomorrow anyways?

    Vendra: Goodbye.

    D'Hoffryn fades away into the shadows of the room. Vendra grabs a coat and leaves the apartment. Gwen gets onto the phone.

    Gwen: Carmen, we're in big shit.

    Cut to: Katana, Illyria and Rayne fighting vampires in a graveyard. Illyria takes the head off of one with her bare hands, it dusts. Katana, whip in one hand and katana in the other gets her whip around a vampire and pulls her closer. Katana takes off the vampire's head. Rayne punches his vampire into a tombstone. The vampire tries to get up, Rayne jumps to the vampire and starts slamming his fist into the vampire's face continuously. The vampire's nose breaks and starts bleeding.

    Rayne: Take this you ****er! You're going to feel pain greater than any before!

    Illyria goes to finish the vampire but then stops herself and watches Rayne.

    Katana: Rage, and grief. They come together. The most wild of the emotions?other then lust.

    Illyria: I shall observe.

    Rayne finishes with the now unconscious vampire. He takes a stake and puts it through the vampires left leg, the vampire still lays there limp. Rayne, red with anger, takes the stake and jams it in the vampire's heart, it dusts. Rayne starts laughing hysterically. He falls onto the tombstone unable to control his insane laughter. Rayne's laughter turns into crying. Illyria and Katana watch.

    End teaser:

    Kate Beckinsale - Leora Byrne
    Michael Vartan - Arthur Rayne
    AJ Cook - Carmen White
    Kelly Giddish - Katana
    And Amy Acker as Illyria

    Special Guest Star: Andy Umberger

    Guest Starring:
    Alexa Davalos
    Anneliese van der Pol
    Milla Jovovich
    Travis Truant
    And Hayley West as Vendra

    Created by: Alexander Brown and Travis Truant
    Written by: Alexander Brown
    Executive Producers: Alexander Brown, Travis Truant and Nathan Whitehead
    Co-Producers: Rosemunde, Seen Red, MJ and Mollie
    Based on Buffy the Vampire Slayer owned by Joss Whedon. Some characters, lore and stories were created and are owned by Joss Whedon, 20th Century Fox and Mutant Enemy.

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    Act 1: Open to Carmen and Leora in the Sacred Circle. Carmen hangs up the phone and turns to Leora.

    Carmen: We have a major problem

    Leora: World ending again?

    Carmen: Well?soon.

    Leora: Yay, break out the champagne.

    Carmen: Leora! This is serious!

    Leora: Well?you know, we'll save the day and stuff.

    Carmen: We seriously need to crack down on this.

    Leora: Why? What's the matter?

    Carmen: Gwen told me that?Vendra-

    Vendra walks in. Leora looks over.

    Leora: She's here now! Vendra, Carmen was just saying-

    Carmen steps on Leora's foot, Leora jumps and stops talking.

    Carmen: That I'm glad to see you're feeling better after? everything.

    Vendra: Thank you Carmen, you really helped.

    Carmen: *Nervously* No problem. Can I help you with something?

    Vendra: I need a book.

    Carmen: Need help finding it?

    Vendra:*Goes over to the bookshelf.* Nah I got it. *She takes the book and then goes to leave.* I can take this right?

    Carmen: Sure.

    Vendra leaves.

    Leora: Oh my god, Carmen do you know what that book was?

    Carmen: The darkest dimensions recorded by any man or demon? Yeah basically.

    Leora: So?Vendra's going to end the world?

    Carmen: Looks like it don't it.

    Leora: Fill me in.

    Rayne, Katana and Illyria walk into the store.

    Carmen: Guys, sit down.

    Katana: You look distressed, is something happening?

    Carmen: You'll all need a seat for this.

    Gwen comes in.
    Carmen: Gwen, tell them.

    Cut to: The group again still in the Sacred Circle, the group is sitting silently. Rayne slams his fist down on the table in front of him.

    Rayne: Damnit!

    Carmen: Rayne, I know this is hard.

    Rayne: Hard? Hard? This hard? This is just icing on top of the cake of disaster!

    Carmen: Look, I know you're angry, but we need to find a civilized way to deal with this.

    Rayne: I think it doesn't matter anymore how it turns out anymore, if we all die the better.

    Gwen: That's not the Rayne I know.

    Rayne: Then you don't know me!

    Rayne ,Carmen and Gwen's voices can be heard in the background arguing. Leora, Illyria and Katana all glance at each other. Illyria looks with confusion. She stands up.

    Illyria:*Shouting.* Cease!

    Everyone looks at her.

    Illyria: There is no need to argue this. We have a situation ahead of us after a difficult situation already taken. We have no time to discuss.

    Rayne:*Calms down.* I-I guess?

    Illyria: I assume we will need a plan.

    She backs down in her chair. Leora leans in.

    Leora: I can sense the humanity in you.

    Illyria: You told me to deal with situations accordingly, I have done so.

    Leora: Many congrats.

    Cut to: D'Hoffryn and Vendra talking in her living room again.

    Vendra: I have found the spell.

    D'Hoffryn: I know, I have been watching you.

    Vendra: Thought you had to summon the demon guys for me. Backing out on you're offer then?

    D'Hoffryn: No, I have them ready. *He produces a symbol from his robes. It's shaped like a pentagram and is made from bone stained with blood.* It will require you're blood, as soon as you need the demons make sure to do so.

    Vendra: Thank you.

    D'Hoffryn: This apocalypse will be in the name of D'Hoffryn remember? My demons and my power will be used.

    Vendra: I don't give a flying ****, as long as the world is gone tomorrow.

    D'Hoffryn: Fair enough.

    Vendra: I'll see you in hell I guess.

    D'Hoffryn: Doubtful.

    D'Hoffryn disappears in the shadows again.

    Vendra goes into her bedroom, she turns the lights off in the living room.

    Fade to black.

    End act 1: Commercial Break.


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      Act 2: Open to Gwen walking into the apartment, she turns the corner right away and goes into the bedroom. Vendra is sitting in a chair beside the bed reading the spell book, she quickly closes it and puts it down on the bed, spine of the book facing the other way, cover not showing. Gwen closes the door and kneels down beside her.

      Gwen: Vendra, how are you? We haven't had a conversation since?last week.

      Vendra: I'm?I'm good. I was just expecting things to get all happy lala with a child and whatnot.

      Gwen: I know, so was I?and Rayne and Carmen too. After all we've been through we don't need this.

      Vendra: Oh well, the world will end tomorrow anyways, D'Hoffryn and I have been making a plan. This illusion you see will all be gone.

      Gwen:*Stands up and backs away* What?

      Vendra: The building downtown. You know the one; the abandon building where Rayne and I ****ed like kittens one day and you pretended not to walk in on us and walked away. You know, when we were up in town when leaving Kate and Elden to do some business in another dimension, the portal right here.

      Gwen: Huh? Am I dream-

      Vendra produces a knife and slashes Gwen's throat.

      Vendra: Bitch, you know too much.

      Vendra swings again, and again. Until blood has poured all over the apartment walls, the screen fades red and then? Gwen sudden gets up, sweat is on her face. Vendra is reading a book, she looks over to her.

      Vendra: You came in without saying hi.

      Gwen: I'm?sorry.

      Vendra: Haven't seen you for a few days, been busy?

      Gwen: Yeah, I guess. *Rubs sleep from her eyes.*

      Vendra: Have a bad dream?

      Gwen: Worst.

      Vendra: Wanna tell me?

      Gwen: I'll pass. It was a little extreme.


      Vendra: I love you?you do know that.

      Gwen: Yeah.


      Gwen: You aren't planning anything stupid are you?

      Vendra: Me? Stupid? What do you mean?

      Gwen: You know what I mean?dangerously stupid?
      Vendra: No?but that's for you're concern.

      Gwen: My job.

      Silence. Vendra gets out and puts on a coat that she gets from the closet, she has the book in her arms. Gwen looks to the clock that says 7:30 am, she had slept through the night.

      Gwen: Going somewhere?

      Vendra: Yeah, I have some errands to run today.

      Gwen: Want me along?

      Vendra: No!...I mean, I'd like to be alone?

      Gwen: Alright?see you for dinner?

      Vendra: Sure, I'll be back?

      Vendra turns around and leaves, tears forming in her eyes.

      Cut to: Illyria and Leora sitting on one of the couches in Sacred Circles.

      Illyria: I do not understand Vendra's motives.

      Leora: Non of us really do.

      Illyria: She is acting further into sorrow and grief than she should.

      Leora: I don't believe so.

      Illyria: Explain.

      Leora: She had life Illyria, she had a baby. And now she doesn't.

      Illyria: I do not understand. Rayne owned the child to and he hasn't tried anything like this.

      Leora: Vendra has had a lot of shit to deal with.

      Illyria: It is complex.

      Leora: Yes, it is.

      Illyria: I wish not to feel what she is feeling.

      Leora: No one ever does, no one.

      Cut to: Rayne and Carmen making out on their bed, kissing vigorously. Rayne pushes her aside and breathes heavily.

      Carmen: Told you I'd make you feel better.

      Rayne: I never doubted that. Never do doubt my happiness with you.


      Carmen: I heard about you're little outburst yesterday?Illyria told me.

      Rayne: Yeah? do you need me to explain.

      Carmen: No?no I don't. It's very clear why you went berserk.

      Rayne: Well I unleash on a few vampires, Vendra unleashes on the world.

      Carmen: I understand her motives.

      Rayne: I don't! I mean, I'm going through the exact same thing. Normally I'd say bugger to the feelings and so would she?we always acted the same in situations. So why the hell would she need to end the world.

      Carmen: You don't know her as well as you think you do.

      Rayne: I'm pretty confident I do.

      Carmen: Where have you been in the last year of her life?

      Rayne: Well?I don't know?

      Carmen: With me.*She grabs him and kisses him again.* Keep it that way.

      Rayne: I will?forever.

      Rayne gets up, Carmen follows and they go downstairs.

      Cut to: Gwen, Leora, Katana, Rayne, Carmen and Illyria around a table in Sacred Circle again. The shudders are closed and the door is locked.

      Gwen: It came to me in a dream. The location of the spell being casted.

      Leora: Like an epiphany gone bad?

      Gwen: Basically.

      Rayne: It works to our advantage. Any idea when it'll be done?

      Gwen: No?I have no idea.

      Rayne: Well, it's almost sunset, can we assume that she'll be there getting ready now?

      Carmen: That's a good bet. We have to move now!

      Gwen: Hold on, we have no idea what demons we're facing.

      Katana: D'Hoffryn said he would send her bodyguards no?

      Gwen: Yeah, why?

      Leora: Well Katana can tell us about them.

      Katana: I do believe he will summon no more then 4, more then that takes up too much of his power to move into this realm.

      Carmen: What do we know about them physically?

      Katana: I do believe they have four arms and are pretty big. Other then that they are human, from what I can tell.

      Leora: So they can be hacked into small bits easy enough?

      Rayne:*Takes a sword from the rack at the side.* Good, lets go.

      Gwen: Whoa, whoa, whoa. We haven't even gotten a plan yet.

      Raven: We don't need one.

      End Act 2: Commercial Break.


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        Act 3: Open to Rayne, Carmen, Leora, Gwen, Illyria and Katana approaching a large abandoned building. The windows have been covered with layers of plywood. The door had plywood on it, but has been broken down recently. Leora and Katana take up the rear looking in the dark street around them. Rayne and Carmen walk into the building, Gwen follows, slowly observing her surroundings. The three walk a little ways and a demon comes out of the shadows. The demon has four arms and is roughly twice the size of Rayne. The demons grabs for Carmen before she can notice, Illyria grabs it's arm and punches it in the stomach. Leora rushes up, Katana in the background fighting another demon.

        Leora: Go get Vendra, we'll handle these bitches.

        The demon shakes Illyria off and lunges at Gwen, Leora holds out her hand. A small ball of dark electricity flies from it and hits the demon, getting it's attention on her. Rayne leads Carmen and Gwen up the stairs. Gwen takes off her gloves, Carmen readies her shotgun and Rayne gets his sword ready. Back at the front of the building Katana has her whip out. She swings it around her head and then whips the demon in the face with it. The demon groans and the charges at full speed. Katana jumps out of the way in time, the demon slams into the wall, shattering may bricks. Illyria and Leora face their own demon. Illyria swings a punch at it but is grabbed and thrown into Leora. Leora gets up and puts her hands into fists, the fists set on fire and she hits the demon in the stomach, a small burn is created on the demon who groans in agony, tossing Leora into a nearby garbage dumpster.

        Cut to: Rayne, Carmen and Gwen running a up a staircase. Gwen stops and breaths heavily, Carmen stops too.

        Carmen: Rayne, we need to take a minute break.

        Rayne: We have no time!

        Carmen: But Gwen is-

        Gwen: I'll be fine, we're almost at the top.

        Cut to: Vendra on the roof of the building looking out on the city. She looks at the lights gleaming around her on the streets. Cars to the south side of the building, harbor to the North. Tears fall down her face. She then smiles and gives a small chuckle. The other two demons stand on either side of her. D'Hoffryn is standing next to her, he places his hand on hers. Vendra recoils swiftly.

        Vendra: Get the **** away from me. Just ?cause I'm destroying the world doesn't mean I'm sleeping with you?although I can't imagine what major turn on this must be for you.

        D'Hoffryn: Maybe in your next life you won't be so rude to your superiors.

        Vendra: There isn't going to be a next life for me other then hell. I deserve to go there for what I'm going to do.

        D'Hoffryn: Is it ready?

        Vendra holds up a small vial of a black liquid with small white spots like stars on it.

        D'Hoffryn: Very good, now get it over with.

        Vendra: What's the rush.
        The door bursts open, Rayne, sword raised, runs in and charges at a demon. Carmen follows and aims her shotgun at another, blowing a hole through it's left shoulder. The demon hardly flinches and throws her into a railing on the side of the building. Gwen advances on Vendra and D'Hoffryn.

        D'Hoffryn: This is why.

        Vendra smashes the small vial. A vortex opens up. Small at first, but slowly expanding. D'Hoffryn disappears.

        Vendra: Bastard.

        Gwen: Vendra, why are you doing this?

        Vendra: You really are stupider then you look, honey.

        Gwen: Why?

        Vendra: The world is cruel, I'll end it now.

        Over on the other side of the rooftop Rayne has downed his demon and is now on Carmen's. The demon punches the sword out of Rayne's hand. Rayne kicks the demon in the shin with no effect. The demon retaliates by backhanding Rayne.

        Vendra: See? That looks painful, like the rest of the world.

        Carmen looses her shotgun and punches the demon in the back. The demon rams her into the rail. Rayne gets back up and attracts attention from it, getting himself chased around.

        Gwen: There are things to live for. You taught me that.

        Vendra: Yeah?well, you can't believe everything I say can you?

        Gwen: I guess nothing we had mattered.

        Vendra: Had is past tense. I still love you.

        Gwen: I can't find myself to love you if the world is ending.

        Vendra: Theres nothing to live for.

        Gwen: Not even me? You never even considered, me did you?I assumed as much.

        Vendra: Show me something to live for.

        The portal expands to half the size of Vendra.
        The demon yells. Carmen shot it in the face. Rayne begins beating it.

        Gwen: Them.

        Vendra: Rayne and Carmen are a reason to live? What are you on?

        Gwen: They have a love that runs deeper then any emotion you or I have.

        The demon slams into Carmen and she flies off the edge of the building.

        Vendra: Not much longer.

        Rayne jumps over after her.

        Gwen: They will die together now.

        Rayne is holding onto the edge of the building with one hand, and onto Carmen's arm with the other.

        Carmen: Don't let go of me!

        Rayne: I can't hold much longer!

        Carmen begins to slip.

        Cut to: The two demons slain at the bottom of the building. Katana and Illyria rush in the front doors. Leora follows but stops as she hears Carmen's screams. She looks up.

        Leora: Shit.

        Illyria: What is it?

        Leora: Keep going, I'll see you at the top.

        Leora's wings bust out of her shoulders. She yells in pain but swiftly flies upwards. Carmen starts to fall and Leora grabs her, trying to support her as well as she can. Carmen's head gets bashed in on the side railing as Leora gets to the top. She lays her down and helps Rayne up. Rayne rushes over to Carmen and holds her head in his lap. Vendra suddenly seems to realize something. Her expression changes.

        Gwen: You see? Love always wins, it has to win!

        Vendra: You?you're right.

        She hugs Gwen as tight as she can, forgetting about the portal. She looks around.

        Vendra: Oh god, what have I done?

        Illyria and Katana join Leora watching Gwen and Vendra. Illyria goes to move, Leora stops her.

        Leora: Gwen knows what to do, let her do it.

        Vendra: Kiss me.

        Gwen: What?

        Vendra: I'm going to die tonight.

        Gwen: Wha-No! No you aren't!

        Vendra: I have to. My power started this, my power can only end this. I want to die before hitting that thing. I need you to kiss me, one time. The last time. The best time in my life.

        Gwen: I?I can't kill you.

        Vendra: The world is now in your hands. Kiss me woman or I'll never be at peace!

        Gwen grabs Vendra and kisses her. Vendra twitches as electricity surges through her body, She does her best to hold onto Gwen. Rayne looks down at Carmen who wakes up slowly and smiles at him. Leora, Illyria and Katana watch. Vendra grabs onto Gwen as hard as she can and keeps kissing. She lets go and topples over into the portal. Vendra's body falls into the portal, the portal closes. Gwen stands over the edge of the building, looking at the city around her. She begins to cry softly.

        Gwen: Goodbye.

        Cut to: Gwen, Rayne and Carmen holding luggage in their hands at an airport. The walk into the terminal and wave back at Leora.

        Cut to: Illyria and Leora talking in the Sacred Circle.

        Illyria: Where have Rayne and Carmen gone to?

        Leora: They needed some time off. They went to Ireland to visit Rayne's mother. Gwen is going with them, and then stopping off somewhere to lay low for a while.

        Illyria: Sorrow is around me. I feel it wherever I am. It is?disturbing.

        Leora: Makes you uncomfortable doesn't it.

        Illyria: I assume this is discomfort.


        Illyria: I had no idea you were a harpy.

        Leora: I'm not a harpy!

        Illyria: You have wings.

        Leora: I merged with my familiar.

        Illyria: Your familiar was a bird.

        Leora: My spiritual animal is a Raven. I am now part of that bird.

        Illyria: You did not inform me.

        Leora: No one else can know.

        Illyria: Everyone was there I believe.

        Leora: Carmen got knocked out, she won't remember. And Rayne was hanging on for his life. And Katana has no reason to tell anyone.

        Illyria: I connect with her. I believe she is what one would call a friend.

        Leora: That's a funny pair. You'll be good for each other.

        Cut to: Katana walking down a narrow ally. Saffire walks around the corner in front of her. She turns around to walk the other way. The two women with him before are behind her armed with a crossbow and a lance. Katana turns to face her father.

        Saffire: I don't mean to pressure you, but there is power coming. You will want to be on my side for this.

        Katana: You are evil. I will not.

        Saffire: You are evil to. You have murdered.

        Katana: Yes. Do not make me have to again.

        Saffire: After this month you will be hunted. We will stop at nothing to get you.

        Saffire punches her in the nose, making it bleed. She holds it in pain but when she looks back he's gone, so are the other two. She continues to walk.

        End episode.


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