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Raven Episode 2.05| Contractions from Hell" Part 1

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  • Raven Episode 2.05| Contractions from Hell" Part 1

    *Note* As of Spring 2007, Season 1 episodes will be recreated as "Raven Remastered" episodes. The entire original run of season 1 and 2 episodes as well as 3.6 will be redone to add to the quality of the series. The purpose is to make seasons 1 and 2 to the quality of seasons 3 and 4. Look in the index for the Remastered episodes. The originals are posted for comparison*

    Raven Episode 2.5 Contractions from Hell

    Open to: Vendra and Gwen sitting on a park bench holding hands, Gwen's hands have leather gloves on them. Vendra looks a little depressed. Gwen notices her depression.

    Gwen: What's wrong sweetie? Not enjoying the evening? Am I not good company for you?

    Vendra: No?you're great. I'm fine?

    Gwen: I'm a thief, I read people really well, I have to so I can be successful. Don't tell me something's not up when I can see it is!

    Vendra: Well?it's just?I want to touch you more than we can? you know, without dying.

    Gwen:*Expression changes to depressed as well.* You know what will happen.

    Vendra: Well, why can't we give L.I.S.A another try? (See Angel episode "Players")

    Gwen: No! Remember last time?

    Cut to black and white flashback of Gwen and Vendra making out in the corner of an office, Kate and Rayne are talking in the background.)

    Rayne: Too bad, I could have married her.

    Kate: Are you sure you're going back to England?

    Rayne: Well I'll be here for the next six months, no need to worry!

    (Writers note: It says in episode 14 that Rayne left after Kate dies, well he does, we just don't see her die and see him leave?yet. Also it says in 14 that Rayne didn't know about Vendra and Gwen, scratch that, sorry for messing with your minds.)

    Kate: As long as my mother stays dead nothing can harm us.

    Vendra screams. A crash of office materials can be heard.

    The camera moves around to show Vendra in shock on the ground with Gwen looking in shock at what happened. Rayne runs over to Vendra and tries to see what's wrong. Kate picks up her office phone dials 911.

    Kate: Hello? I need an ambulance on the third floor of John's Real Estate on 23rd street. My friend has been severely shocked by a defective wire. Get here asap!

    Cut to: Rayne and Gwen talking outside a hospital bedroom, Kate is visiting a sleeping Vendra inside.

    Rayne: What happened to L.I.S.A?

    Gwen: I-I d-don't know. I-it was working and then all of a s-sudden I can't touch anymore! I almost killed her Arthur! I almost killed her!

    Rayne: I don't think you should use it again for a while. Until you can figure out what happened to it!

    Gwen: A-alright.

    Kate comes out.

    Kate: We can't risk something like that. I'm sorry but you'll have to keep everything to yourself again.

    Gwen: For now?

    Cut back to the colourful present. Vendra looks away sadly.

    Vendra: Well, I'm still alive aren't I?

    Gwen: Tell you what? After the baby comes we'll find a new way to be together like that.

    Vendra:*Perks up* Really? *She then doubles over in pain.* Gwen!

    Gwen: *grabs her, Vendra almost falls to the ground* What's wrong?

    Vendra:*In agony* The baby, it's coming!

    End intro:


    Kate Beckinsale - Leora Byrne
    Michael Vartan - Arthur Rayne
    AJ Cook - Carmen White
    Kelly Giddish - Katana
    And Amy Acker as Illyria

    Special Guest Starring:
    Elizabeth Rohm as Kate Lockly
    Andy Umberger as D'Hoffryn

    Guest Starring:
    Alyson Hannigan
    Amber Benson
    Tom Lenk
    Anthony Stewart Head
    Alexa Davalos
    And Hayley West as Vendra

    Created by: Alexander Brown and Travis Truant
    Based on: Buffy the Vampire Slayer created and owned by Joss Whedon, 20th Century Fox and Mutant Enemy
    Written by: Alexander Brown
    Executive Producers: Alexander Brown and Travis Truant
    Producers: Higher Power, Just Wolf, Seen Red, MJ and Mollie

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    Act 1: Open to Willow and Tara at Crimson Falls at the kitchen table. Willow rolls out a map. Tara takes out a black marker and circles a few locations on the map. The map reads: "Crimson Falls C.A." Andrew comes in.

    Andrew: Morning!

    Willow: Hey Andrew, sleepy well?

    Tara: Theres some cereal if you need any in the cupboard?but it's three in the afternoon, what were you doing all night?

    Andrew: Star Trek marathon.

    Willow and Tara sigh.

    Andrew: What are you up to?

    Willow: Tara thinks there may be a few locations we can find?whatever it is that brought her back.

    Andrew: Have you tried the council?

    Camera focus' on Willow, the screen goes black and white.

    Cut to: Willow on the phone with Giles, it's a split screen. Words at the bottom say; 8 days ago.

    Giles: Willow you hung up on me last time. What's wrong with Buffy?

    Willow: Spike-he kinda died?again.

    Giles looks shocked.

    Willow: I did a spell, I sent his dust over to her.

    Giles: She probably hasn't taken it well.

    Willow: No kidding.

    Giles: Well are you sure that Spike is really gone? Did Angel actually witness him dying?

    Willow: Well-no, I don't know. But I'm sure he is!

    Giles: Willow, can you please investigate into it? We need help here.

    Willow: But?Tara?

    Giles: Will have to wait. This is more important.

    Willow: Giles I don't have time.

    Giles: If you didn't mess it up right away with her then it would have been fine! But you didn't consider the factors and dove into magicks again!

    Willow: I don't have time for this! Don't call again! *She hangs up violently, disposing of the cut screen between the two.*

    Cut back o the current. In the same place as left off at.

    Willow: I don't think I'll be hearing from them for a while.

    Cut to: Rayne and Carmen in the graveyard. Carmen gets smashed into a tombstone as we cut to them, her handgun goes off destroying a smaller tombstone. The vampire walks close to Carmen and dusts, showing Rayne holding out a stake. Another vampire backhands Rayne sending him flying into a tombstone. Carmen slowly gets up and grabs her handgun. She aims at the vampire and then stops to watch Rayne fight instead. Rayne body slams the vampire which has little effect. The vampire hits at Rayne who deflects the hit and punches one of his own. The vampire then grabs him and almost bites into him. Carmen shoots the gun and it hits the vampire in the neck. The vampire grabs it's neck and Rayne turns around and dusts it. He walks over to Carmen and grabs her hand. Carmen puts her handgun into her purse. They walk out of the graveyard and into the lonely street.

    Carmen:*Kisses Rayne.* Dinner and a show. Perfect date.

    Rayne:*Observes a small cut on her arm.* A little too bloody from what I'm used to.

    Carmen: Let me look at that. *She grabs his arm and licks the wound. Rayne smiles. She sucks some of the blood and then back away.* Sexy wound.

    Rayne: You know all my sexy wounds.

    Carmen:*Snickers* wouldn't be very good at this relationship if I didn't.

    Rayne: Let's get going home.

    Carmen: Aww, you're no fun.

    She turns around. Rayne stays behind a second and takes out a small box containing a ring inside. Carmen begins to turn around until her cellphone rings. Rayne puts the box into his pocket quickly.

    Carmen: Where? Queen's Park? That's a long way! Oh my god! I can't believe this is it! *She hangs up and turns around.* We have to get in the car now, the babies on the way! Gwen needs us to swing by Queen's Park and get Vendra to the hospital asap.

    Rayne:*Looking shocked* This is a bit before the expected time.

    Carmen:*Grabs his hand* Lets go!

    Cut to: Willow, Tara and Andrew walking back into their kitchen.

    Tara: Well that was a big nothing?damn cryptic demon had to trick us into almost sacrificing Andrew to some unholy god.

    Willow: Good thing I took care of it.

    Willow and Tara kiss.

    Tara: You sure did.

    Andrew:*Walks by.* Something I didn't need to see,

    Willow: We always do stuff like-

    A black and purple portal opens and D'Hoffryn steps out. A wave of energy knocks Willow, Tara and Andrew over.

    D'Hoffryn: I told you I'd be coming for you red witch. *He walks towards Willow who has blood on her lip and a broken wrist. She struggles to get back, but D'Hoffryn comes too fast for her.* I told you-*He sudden stops. He looks as if he sensed something. He them lightens up and turns around.* Sorry about the mess. I'll be back, pregnancy of an old demon of mine on the way.*He goes back into the portal.*

    Cut to: Rayne, Carmen, Vendra and Gwen in Rayne's car. Carmen's speeding as Gwen and Rayne are comforting an agonized Vendra who is yelling.

    Vendra: HOLY MOTHER OF SHIT! CAN YOU GO FASTER! *yells again*

    Carmen: We're doing 110 on a 60 road! I can't push it anymore!

    Rayne: It's ok Vendra, the babies on the way!

    Vendra: Shut the-AHG- **** up! I feel like I'm dying!-AHG.

    Gwen: Try to stay calm. You don't want to stress yourself!

    Vendra: AHG! Don't tell me stay calm! CARMEN GO FASTER!

    The car stops. Vendra's pain suddenly stops. Carmen continues to press on the gas. Gwen and Rayne look outside. A black portal appears before the car. The screen blacks out.

    End Act 1: Commercial Break.


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      Act 2: Open to A dark room. It appears to be night but there are no stars. The area is made of old stone of some kind, ageless and cracked. There appears to be no ceiling but no sky either. And the only source of light is a row of torches all around the building. Vendra wakes up, she goes to reach her eyes, but is chained to a wall. She looks around, Carmen is beside her also chained to the wall. She's awake and looking at Vendra.

      Carmen: Awake at last.

      Vendra: How long was I out?

      Carmen: At least an hour? I was beginning to think you were dead?

      Vendra: An hour? I don't feel any- is the baby?could the baby be?dead?

      Carmen: I don't think it is?I hope it isn't.

      Footsteps are heard.

      Vendra: I think I know where we are.

      Carmen: Where?

      D'Hoffryn steps out of the darkness.

      Vendra: Arash Ma'har, D'Hoffryn's realm where new demons are spawned.

      D'Hoffryn: Good, I see you have awaken Vendra.

      Carmen: Where's Rayne! And Gwen?

      D'Hoffryn: Who? Only you two arrived here.

      Vendra:*Struggles in her chains.* What are we here for.

      D'Hoffryn:*Points down at her stomach.* That should be obvious Vendra. I want you dead and your child marked.

      Carmen: Marked?

      D'Hoffryn: I see you don't understand my world. I Mark newly born demons with the mark of Arash Ma'har, this ensure their slavery to me.

      Vendra: I'm human, and so is the father.

      D'Hoffryn: I'm afraid not.

      Cut to: Gwen awakening Rayne, they are in a room similar to Vendra and Carmen's except there is a large entrance beside them and very few torches. Rayne looks up at Gwen and blinks. He realizes where he is right away.

      Rayne: D'Hoffryn's lair. How did we get here?

      Gwen: We got sucked in the portal dumbass. We have to move, we're on the outer rims of the fortress, best bet is Vendra and Carmen are being tortured in D'Hoffryn's small torture room.

      Rayne: Still remember all of this from the last time we were here I see.

      Gwen: It's a little hard to forget.

      *Note: As you know Vendra, Gwen and Rayne are from Lonely Hearts, a series I started and will do soon as a miniseries. In the original series outline they were brought to D'Hoffryn's fortress, they know what it looks like and all details about it.*

      Rayne: I guess that means we go?right at the first fork.

      Gwen: And 12 rights after that followed by a left, until we reach the room.

      Rayne: I think we'll need some kind of weapons.

      Gwen:*Looking behind Rayne.* We can take theirs!

      Rayne turns around, 2 figures in dark robes in the distance walking away slowly, each holding a barachide. Gwen leaps up and takes off her white gloves. She charges the demons who turn around at the last moment. Gwen grabs them by the throats and electrocutes them to death, one of the demons managed to slash Gwen in the shoulder causing her to let go. The demons fall to the ground smoking. Rayne rushes to Gwen and goes to touch her shoulder. She kicks him in the shin, he backs off.

      Gwen: No time for electrocution, grab the weapon and let's run.

      Rayne nods.

      Cut to: The phone ringing in The Sacred Circle. Leora opens the door with a spare key and turns on the light. She runs for the phone and reaches it in time.

      Leora: Hello?

      Willow: Leora?

      Leora: Willow! Long time no see!

      Willow: Ages, how's things?

      Leora: Well Illyria is?sleeping?she does that a lot.

      Willow: Sounds like fun.

      Leora: Much. *Pause* Can I help you with something.

      Willow: Umm, how far along is Rayne's ex? Pregnancy wise.

      Leora: I think she's due pretty soon. *She sees a note done in Carmen's handwriting. It says "Vendra is having her baby right now, we'll call from the hospital if you don't see this note and come by, sorry we had no time to call you now. Love Carmen."* Wait?theres a note here that says the babies on the way.

      Willow: I had a visit by D'Hoffryn.

      Leora: Oh my god are you ok?

      Willow: Leora, he's after Vendra. I'd make the assumption that they're dead or in Arash Ma'har.

      Leora: We have to get them out of there.

      Willow: I know, I don't know how though.

      Leora: I'll look into it. Bye!

      Leora hangs up and runs to the bookcase, she scans the names and then grabs three books from the bottom shelf, she throws them to the ground and uses magic to open them, the pages flip violently till on by one they get the correct page. All the subjects on the tops of each of the pages say "Arash Ma'har" on them. Leora kneels next to the books and chooses one and begins speed-reading.

      Cut to: D'Hoffryn with a dagger in his hand standing near Vendra. Carmen has been gagged and has bruises on her face and a cut on her lip. She appears to be unconscious.

      D'Hoffryn: Now that that little girl has been tortured, I'm ready to start on you Vendra.

      Vendra: Send Carmen and the other back, kill me now and get it over with.

      D'Hoffryn: Where's the fun in that?

      Vendra: Just do it! Kill me!

      D'Hoffryn: I'm going to, eventually. As soon as that baby comes out and I show you how very cruel the world can be.

      Vendra: Well I don't think the baby is going to come.

      D'Hoffryn: You are greatly mistaken.*He says a short spell in latin, Vendra begins to yell in agony and D'Hoffryn snickers.* I hear being in labor while standing up, not to mention chained to a wall, is most agonizing.

      Gwen and Rayne burst into the room, D'Hoffryn turns and lifts his hand, placing up a barrier.

      Vendra stops screaming. D'Hoffryn looks at her confused.

      Vendra: What?what happened, is the baby out? Am I dead yet?

      D'Hoffryn: It appears that there is no child, I don't feel second life within you.

      Vendra: WHAT?

      Rayne and Gwen look shocked from behind the barrier. Vendra begins to cry. Rayne kicks at the barrier in rage until Gwen calms him down. D'Hoffryn turns around.

      D'Hoffryn: The child wasn't human.

      Gwen: What?

      D'Hoffryn: It wasn't his.

      Rayne:*Yelling.* What did you do to the baby!

      D'Hoffryn: It wasn't me, it was your whore, she slept around did she not?

      Rayne:*Looking at Vendra.* Who's is it?

      D'Hoffryn lifts his hand again and the miscarridged child appears before it, floating in air. The child has cloven hoofs as hands and legs and small horns coming out of the top of his head. D'Hoffryn snaps his fingers and the baby disappears. Vendra stops crying and looks to the floor, Gwen also looks to the floor, not moving. Rayne collapses to the ground and tears roll down his red face.

      D'Hoffryn: Well I guess I best be killing you now! *He edges towards Vendra with his knife. Before he stabs the screen fades to black, when the screen fades back Leora is standing over the point of view of Rayne. Rayne looks around, Carmen, Gwen and Vendra are all sitting at the table. Vendra crying and Gwen putting her arm around her. Carmen is icing her wound, she gets up and limps over to Rayne. She frowns and then hugs him.

      End Act 2


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        Act 3: Open to Rayne driving a convertible in the sunny Californian daylight. Vendra and Gwen are in the backseat and Carmen is in the passenger seat beside him. All of them are smiling, Rayne looks back at his son, Vendra holding him in her arms. The car passes by palm trees and the pov looks up into the beautiful blue sky, clouds nowhere to be seen. The car passes by the ocean, waves crashing on the beach. Rayne looks back at his son, smiling. The baby smiles back at him, piercing blue eyes staring up at him. The car goes into a forest path. The sky goes dark, when they reach the end of the forest Rayne looks back again. No son, no Vendra and no Gwen. The car freezes. Carmen looks glares at him.

        Carmen: You bastard, you let your hopes get high huh?

        Rayne: What?I, I thought I'd be happy?

        Carmen: Look what that illusion brought you.

        Rayne: What can I do about it.

        The dead child appears in Carmen's arms; cold, lifeless.

        Carmen: Looks like you'll just have to **** around some more eh?

        Rayne tries to talk but nothing comes out.

        Carmen: It's what you do is it not? No serious relationships, just a few god bangs and then gone.

        Rayne holds out the ring box in front of Carmen, she puts the baby in one hand and hits the box away with the other.

        Carmen: Don't try that shit on me, that illusion. It's all fake. You're fake.

        He looks sadly to the ground, a knife enters his chest like a butter knife does butter. He looks at Carmen, betrayed. But it isn't Carmen, it's Vendra. He falls back until he goes limp?until he's dead?the screen fades to black.

        Rayne jumps out of bed and yells. The clock beside him reveals it's 3 in the afternoon. Carmen burst into the room, shotgun in hand. Until she notices it's just Rayne.

        Carmen: Bad dream?

        Rayne: Yeah?

        Carmen: Rayne, I'm so sorry.

        Rayne: Yeah?I am too, that this whole thing happened. That Vendra and Gwen ever came, I'd be much better off without them here.

        Carmen: Well?.it seems like that right now.*She sits down beside him.* But things will get better,

        Rayne: I bet they're packing their bags right now. They often run from fights.

        Carmen: Well I don't know about Vendra, but Gwen is downstairs right now.

        Rayne: Oh?

        Carmen: I have work to do, it keeps my mind off things. You coming?

        Rayne: No?I think I wanna be alone.

        Carmen: *Kisses him.* When your ready to face the world come downstairs. *She leaves.*

        Rayne falls over in bed again and closes his eyes.

        Cut to: Vendra in her apartment. She's speaking with someone.

        Vendra: I know it's a lot to ask, especially now after all that's happened. But I want this pain to go away, all of it. And the rest of the worlds pain too?

        The camera turns to reveal D'Hoffryn.

        D'Hoffryn: I always liked apocalypses, make me warm inside. I must say, child, that I expected that girlfriend of yours to be doing this instead,

        Vendra: She wouldn't end it all for me. I love her but she doesn't have the guts.

        D'Hoffryn: Very well. We will meet again, tell me what you need.*He snaps his finger and disappears.*

        End episode


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