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Raven Episode 2.04 "Vice Versa"

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  • Raven Episode 2.04 "Vice Versa"

    *Note* As of Spring 2007, Season 1 episodes will be recreated as "Raven Remastered" episodes. The entire original run of season 1 and 2 episodes as well as 3.6 will be redone to add to the quality of the series. The purpose is to make seasons 1 and 2 to the quality of seasons 3 and 4. Look in the index for the Remastered episodes. The originals are posted for comparison*

    Raven Episode 2.4
    Vice Versa

    A tall, female-like demon is sat, with a circle of candles surrounding her. The demon has green hair
    Female Demon (Maia):
    I call upon the spirit of the Joker.
    Hear my words, as I speak them to you.
    This is what I propose you do.
    (to herself)
    Man does this rhyme suck . . .
    (back to the spell)
    As I offer you these gifts.
    The demon moves something from out of the circle.
    Female Demon: Do as I may wish! (beat, nothing happens) Now, would be good.
    The cave glows bright white and we:


    Camera moves across the room, we see typical teenage girl stuff. Caitlin wakes up from her bed and stumbles over to he mirror.

    Caitlin: (Looks for a second) Oh. My. God. What the ?

    CUT TO:


    Leora: . . . Hell is going on? I'm . . . What am I doing in ?


    Caitlin: Her body. Me and Caitlin must have . . .


    Leora: Switched bodies . . . Cool!

    Opening Credits:
    Kate Beckinsale - Leora Byrne
    Michael Vartan - Arthur Rayne
    AJ Cook - Carmen White
    Kelly Giddish - Katana
    And Amy Acker as Illyria

    Guest Starring:
    Lily Scott
    And Caitlin Wachs as Caitlin

    Created by: Alexander Brown and Travis Truant
    Written by: Nathan Whitehead
    Executive Producers: Alexander Brown, Travis Truant, and Nathan Whitehead
    Based on Buffy the Vampire Slayer created and owned by Joss Whedon. Some characters, lore and storylines are owned by him, 20th Century Fox and Mutant Enemy.

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    Leora is walking into school, looking very confident, considering it's really Caitlin. She looks at every guy she walks past. Caitlin bumps into her.

    Caitlin: Oh, so you are alive then?

    Leora: What do you mean?

    Caitlin: I called you. This morning. To discuss the small matter of the two of us swapping frickin bodies!

    Leora: Language, Leora . . . Caitlin. I must not have heard it, I was in the shower.

    Caitlin: You showered? That's my body!

    Leora: Can't blame me for being curious, I just wanted to see what my body would turn out like; the body of a woman.

    Caitlin: Will you stop being Mother Nature for just a second? You're embarrassing me ... you. This is gonna get a lot worse if we don't body swap back to the way we were.

    Leora: Why are you in such a rush to be you again? Enjoy it, while you can. This is your chance to be young again and my chance to be someone who people actually take notice of.

    Leora walks off, leaving a very annoyed Caitlin. A student suddenly pushes by her and doesn't apologize.

    Caitlin: Hey! I was being all deep thoughtful here!
    Another Student (Mark): Shut up Caitlin. No-one cares.

    Caitlin turns around, annoyed.

    Caitlin: Really? So you wouldn't care if . . . I did this?

    She grabs him and pushes him up against a locker.

    Mark: Get off of me you freak!

    She pushes him up further. A teacher notices.
    Teacher: Miss Smith?! Let him go immediately!

    CUT TO:

    Leora (Caitlin) is roaming around the school, obviously happy with the temporary swap. Mark, the student from before, approaches her.

    Mark: Erm, Miss, I haven't done the homework that was set last week, I'm really sorry.

    Leora: Hello (Caitlin obviously recognizes him due to the fact he's a bully) Mark.

    Mark: So I was thinking ? extension?

    Leora: No. You should have done it when it was set.

    Mark: But ?

    Leora: Tell you what, you can catch up in detention.

    Mark: What?!

    Leora: Bye Mark.

    He walks off. Leora smiles.

    Leora: This is so cool! Being Leora's great!

    Her cellphone rings.

    Leora: Hello?

    Jean (on phone): Hey, it's me. I was thinking, I don't have to go into work yet and I'm pretty bored. I need something to play with, you game?

    Leora: (scared) Absolutely?

    Jean: Great, my place, ten minutes.

    CUT TO:

    Caitlin (Leora) is sat, with the counselor opposite her.

    Counselor: What happened, Caitlin?

    Caitlin: He pis . . . He annoyed me.
    Counselor: Is that a good enough reason to lash out the way you did? Is it?

    Caitlin: Suppose not, but he said bad things . . .

    Counselor: You should have ignored him. But you didn't, what you did was act out violently.

    Caitlin: I'm sorry.

    Counselor: I need you to phone your parents.

    Caitlin dials the number on the counselor's phone.

    CUT TO:

    The rings and Carmen answers it.

    Carmen: Hello? Sacred circle ?

    Caitlin: Mom? It's me. Something happened at school today . . .

    Carmen: Caitlin, I think you have the wrong number.

    CUT TO:


    Caitlin: Carmen, it's me. I can't talk for long, just until the counselor comes back. Listen, this morning, me and Caitlin switched bodies. Gather the troops and find a way to get me outta here. Oh and if you see me . . . Leora, tell her, me, to stop prancing around wearing me!

    Caitlin hangs up as the counselor comes back from somewhere. Caitlin smiles.

    There's a knock on the door, Jean opens it and standing there is Leora.

    Leora: Hey.

    Jean: I said 10 minutes.

    Leora: Sorry, it's just Burnaby is such a big place . . . I kinda got lost.

    Jean: Oh well, you're here now.

    He grabs her and kisses her. Leora with a very shocked expression in her eyes. The kiss is not going well.

    Jean: What's up?

    Leora: Nothing, keep kissing.

    They kiss again.

    CUT TO:

    They both fall on the bed kissing.

    Leora: Where are the "things"?

    Jean: Where they usually are, in the drawer.

    Leora: K.

    She reaches over to the draw, getting further and further. She is stretching as far as she can get, suddenly she falls out of the bed and hits the floor with a thud.

    Jean: Are you ok?

    Her cellphone rings.

    Leora: Oh thank god. (answers it) Hello? Carmen! Hello! Oh . . . you know, huh? I'll be right there.

    She gets up.

    Leora: Sorry, gotta go, emergency. Thanks for the . . . kisses.

    CUT TO:

    Rayne and Carmen are sat, looking through books.

    Carmen: Leora . . . I mean, Caitlin is making her way here.

    Rayne: So, Leora is Caitlin . . . and Caitlin is Leora.

    Carmen: Yep.

    Rayne: So if we see Leora, it's really Caitlin?

    Carmen: Complicated isn't it.

    Rayne: Hell yeah. So, found anything?

    Carmen: Only if Caitlin was a fire breathing nymph.

    Rayne: If we knew what demon did this then . . . wait a minute.

    He turns a page.

    Rayne: From now on I think we should act as if we're never gonna find anything.

    Carmen: Why?

    Rayne: Coz then, miraculously, we always find the vital piece of information.

    Carmen: Which is?!

    Rayne: They switched this morning right?

    Carmen: More or less.

    Rayne: Means they have 4 hours left, and then the spell is completely irreversible.


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      ACT TWO
      Caitlin is walking through school, looking very distressed. The phone rings.

      Caitlin: Hello? Carmen! Found anything? What, 4 hours?! I'm coming.

      CUT TO:

      Carmen is putting on her coat; Illyria is standing next to her.

      Illyria: So, Caitlin is now inside Leora's body?

      Carmen: Yes.

      Illyria: Like I am in Winifred Burkle's?

      Carmen: No. They've swapped, temporarily . . . I hope.

      Illyria: How?

      Carmen: That's what me and you are gonna found out.

      Carmen and Illyria enter.

      Katana: What can I do for you?

      Carmen: Leora & Caitlin have switched bodies.

      Katana: Is that it? I thought for a minute there that this was an emergency.

      Carmen: It is, in a few hours time it will be irreversible.

      Katana: Oh.

      Illyria: We need your assistance.

      Katana: A demon did this?

      Carmen: We think. But a lot of demons can do this kinda thing right?

      Katana: Not many and those that can have to call upon a God . . . The Joker.

      Carmen: Seriously? Right, so when this God isn't hassling Gotham City what does he do?

      Katana: Anything you want, as long as it's cruel, nasty and . . . funny.

      Carmen: What a great guy. You say demons call upon him?

      Katana: To use his power. You're probably looking at a follower of The Joker . . . a Prankster.

      Carmen: This just gets even more confusing.

      Illyria: You think you are confused.

      Carmen: To the point Katana, who are we dealing with.

      Katana: Maia.

      CUT TO:

      Caitlin's cellphone rings.

      Caitlin: These things have been so useful today. (answers it) Hello? Right, I hear ya. (looks at her watch) One hour.

      Leora: So, what did she say? Are we swapping back, I don't like been an adult anymore . . . it sucks.

      Caitlin: Rayne, the usual.

      Rayne: Weapons all around?

      Caitlin: Ya ha.

      CUT TO:

      Leora, Caitlin, Rayne, Illyria & Carmen are in the woods.

      Carmen: Katana said that this Maia chick likes the darkness . . . and caves.

      Caitlin: Great and I thought it'd just be a stroll through the woods.

      Illyria: There!

      She points to a cave.

      Rayne: Ready?

      Caitlin and Leora both turn to him at the same time.

      Caitlin & Leora: You bet.

      CUT TO:

      MAIA is standing, Leora comes up behind her.

      Maia: You!?

      Leora: That's the thing, I'm not me, she is.

      Caitlin: And vice versa, which is why we're here.

      Maia: The body swap, how very amusing. A mind trapped in someone else's body ? can't get much comical.

      Caitlin: Really? Coz I find the image of my fist through your head hilarious.

      Maia: I'm strong you know, 2 against 1 is no match.

      Caitlin: True.

      The others appear.

      Carmen: My God. You have got to be the ugliest demon I have ever met . . .

      Maia growls and raises her hand, a beam is made which knocks everyone except Leora & Caitlin against the wall.

      Maia: That's better. Now there'll be no more interruptions.

      Caitlin: You know how you love magic so much?

      Leora: Yeah.

      Caitlin: Now'd be a good time to use it.

      Maia lunges at them and they fight her.

      Caitlin: Repeat after me. In the name of jokes and everything fun.

      Leora: Seriously, that's a spell?

      Caitlin: I don't write them! Say it!

      Leora: In the name of jokes and everything fun.

      Caitlin: My words will break the spell undone.

      Leora: My words will break the spell undone! Now what?

      The demon has Caitlin.

      Leora: No! What do I do?!

      Just in time, Leora (Caitlin) concentrates, it's unclear what she is doing. Then, her eyes glow red and she sets the demon on fire. Maia cries in pain and there is a glow of light. The spell is broken. Leora and Caitlin look at each other.

      Caitlin is sat with Leora, back in their own bodies.

      Caitlin: This the part where you ask me what I've learnt from our little swap.

      Leora: Yep.

      Caitlin: I learnt that being an adult is tough, even if It was fun at first.

      Leora: And I don't want to go back to being a child ever again.

      Caitlin: Teenager.

      Leora: Teenager. (beat) How did you do the spell? With the fire? I didn't tell you how to.

      Caitlin: I know, crazy isn't it. I concentrated on what I wanted to do and "bam".

      Leora: I guess you could turn out to be quite the Sabrina.

      Caitlin: We'll see. I also learnt today that . . . Jean . . . has a really fit body.

      Leora: Yeah . . . What?!

      End Episode


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