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Raven Episode 2.03 "Image"

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  • Raven Episode 2.03 "Image"

    *Note* As of Spring 2007, Season 1 episodes will be recreated as "Raven Remastered" episodes. The entire original run of season 1 and 2 episodes as well as 3.6 will be redone to add to the quality of the series. The purpose is to make seasons 1 and 2 to the quality of seasons 3 and 4. Look in the index for the Remastered episodes. The originals are posted for comparison*

    Raven episode 2.3 "Image"

    Intro Open to: Illyria looking in a mirror, she's trying on a new leather outfit. She looks lost as Leora appears in the mirror from behind.

    Illyria: I do not understand why I must try these things on.

    Leora: It's part of our lesson today. For the next few days you get to step into the shoes of a human being?we'll technically you're already in the skin of one, but you get to follow us around all day and see what we do. Were going to get you new clothes and shoes, I'm going to make you a bit more public friendly.

    Illyria:*Changes to Fred appearance.* Will this do? I have clothes and more human shoes.

    Leora: I'd try to avoid using that form. It's not the real you.

    Illyria:*Changing back.* Fine.

    Leora: Ready to get new clothes?

    Illyria: No. I wish not to have human interaction.

    Leora: Well I guess if you really don't want to go you can borrow my clothes. *She goes into her closet.* I know something that'll go perfect with your blue hair!

    Illyria: Great?

    Cut to: Willow eating a bowl of cereal at her kitchen table in Crimson Falls. The phone rings. She gets up and answers it. The screen splits in two to reveal Giles in an apartment in England

    Willow: Hello? *With her spoon in her mouth.*

    Giles: Willow? Is that you?

    Willow: *Spoon drops.* Giles? Oh my god it's really you! How'd you get our number here?

    Giles: Watchers council remember?

    Willow: Of course. Is there anything that you don't know?

    Giles: Actually yes there is.

    Silence for a while.

    Willow: Giles? Is something wrong? World ending again? Buffy having problems?

    Giles: Buffy quit. Do you have any knowledge to why?

    Willow stares at the camera. The screen goes black and white.

    Cut to: Willow holding the vase with Spike's remains. A date at the bottom of the screen reads August 14, 2004. Willow's on the top of Wolfram and Hart's remains. She looks to the city that's in ruins. Teary eyed, she chants to herself something in a foreign and forgotten language. She takes the vase and empties the contents on the ledge of the building.

    Willow: Too Buffy.

    The dust gets picked up by the wind and flies North East.

    Cut to: A man sitting in a luxurious apartment with Italian art around him. The camera moves to reveal Buffy in a white night gown laying across the bed in a suggestive way.

    Buffy: Come to bed, immortal one.

    The Immortal: *Hidden behind his newspaper, face covered. With his Italian accent he speaks to Buffy in a calm way.* In a minute dear. I'm reading my sports.

    Buffy: You've been around for like a thousand years, you don't need to read sports.

    The Immortal: You know how I am when I don't get my sports Buffy.

    Buffy: Alright, I'll wait. Grumble grumble?*She turns over.*

    The windows are suddenly blown wide open. The Immortal jumps and, still without us seeing his face, stands up, ready to fight. Spike's dust begins to fly around Buffy.

    The Immortal: Buffy?

    Buffy:*Looking around.* What the hell? *A shot of Spike flashes on the screen. Buffy holds her head and a vision of Spike being dusted by a pig-like demon in a city of ruins and fire. She knows exactly what has happened.* Spike? *Here eyes are teary.*

    Cut back to colour and Willow.

    Willow: I have no clue Giles, I'll talk to you later. *She hangs up.*

    End intro.

    Opening Credits:

    Theme song: Let Me Out ? to Future Rulers of the World.

    Kate Beckinsale - Leora Byrne
    Michael Vartan - Arthur Rayne
    AJ Cook - Carmen White
    Kelly Giddish - Katana
    And Amy Acker as Illyria
    Special Guest Star:
    Sarah Michelle Geller as Buffy
    And The Immortal

    Guest starring:
    Anthony Stewart Head
    Alyson Hannigan
    Caitlin Wachs
    Jason Priestly
    Anneliese van der Pol
    And Wes Ramsey as Saffire

    Created by: Alexander Brown and Travis Truant
    Based off of: Buffy the Vampire Slayer, created by Joss Whedon. Some characters and the lore belongs to him, 20th Century Fox and Mutant Enemy
    Written by: Alexander Brown and Nathan
    Executive producers: Alexander Brown and Travis Truant
    Producers: Higher Power, Rosemunde, Seen Red, MJRosenberg, and Mollie

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    Act 1 Open to: Leora and Illyria coming into the Sacred Circle. Carmen comes from behind the counter to great them.

    Leora: Ok, first victim will be Carmen. You get to learn about trade and retail from her.

    Illyria: Where will you be?

    Leora: I have to teach, don't worry, you'll be coming with me tomorrow.

    Carmen: Alright, we get to put you to work in a real job today.

    Illyria: I do not understand the concept of this.

    Carmen: It's simple really, people come into the shop wanting an item we carry in exchange for cash.

    Illyria: In may day whoever wanted something would take it.

    Leora: *To Carmen* You teach her about laws and stuff while you're at it ok?

    Carmen: Fine. Have fun on the first day.

    Leora: I will?not. *She leaves.*

    Carmen: *Turning around to see Illyria has opened the cash register and is inspecting money.* I see you found the cash.

    Illyria: You trade this for goods?

    Carmen: Well yes. And useless objects we don't need?like coffee makers.

    Illyria: I have seen these before, they looked different.

    Carmen: This is Canadian money, it's cleaner and worth less! It keeps our economy where up it is?which isn't great. *She goes behind the counter and takes the bill from Illyria. She places it back in the register and steps back.* You get to help talking to customers today.

    Two women enter. One in a long white jacket with short brown hair, high boots and a golden scarf. The other in a green sweater and jeans, she has long brown hair and glasses.

    Carmen: Watch me! * walks over to the two women.* Can I interest you two in any mystical items? Charms? Spell books?

    Saffire walks into the store.

    Carmen: Saffire?

    Saffire:*Putting his arms over the two women, one on each.* I'm sorry I haven't been at work for a few months, something just ca?

    Carmen: Shut up Saffire! No more excuses! Your fired! Take these two toys out of the store! Never show your face again.

    Saffire: I see we aren't wanted. Lore, Ivory, lets go.

    Ivory:*One in white jacket.* She's a little pushy, I don't know why you even worked for her in the first place.

    Saffire:*To Illyria.* See ya blue.

    Saffire, Lore and Ivory leave the store.

    Carmen: You know him?

    Illyria: I know of him.

    Carmen: Joy.

    Cut to: Leora in her new classroom. Her students are sitting in their seats, Caitlin in front and center. A boy throws a paper ball at the girl beside Caitlin. Caitlin turns behind.

    Caitlin: That's really mature Josh, throwing paper balls at someone you don't know.

    Josh: What can I say, it's a bullies job.

    The Bell rings, The students get up and leave, Josh elbows Caitlin as she's getting her stuff together.

    Josh: Freak.

    Caitlin: Shut up.

    Josh leaves. Caitlin gets up and walks over to the paper marking Leora.

    Caitlin: Hey.

    Leora: How was letting you guys silent read in class?for class.

    Caitlin: Alright, Josh was throwing paper balls at Suzie.

    Leora: It'll be fun introducing him to Illyria tomorrow then, right?

    Caitlin: Illyria is going to be here tomorrow?

    Leora: Remember? You get to show her around at lunch, I have a staff meeting.

    Caitlin: Oh right. Are you sure it's a good idea?

    Leora: She's a perfectly good person. We just need to show her how to be that person. Living in the skin of one of Willow's best friends must have some effect on her.

    Caitlin: I still don't get that.

    Cut to: Illyria dusting a vampire. Three others are circling around her, Rayne is tied up with two of his own.

    Rayne:*Dusting one with a long stake.* How do you enjoy this?

    Illyria: *Takes a crossbow from her side and points it at one vampire, it runs but she shoots the bolt right into his heart. The other two run, Illyria shoots another bolt into another vampire, dusting it. She takes her stake and throws it at the last of her vampires dusting it.* I am bored. *She looks over to Rayne who's having issues dusting his last vampire. The vampire kicks the stake out of his hand. Rayne punches the vampire in the nose and before the vampire can do anything Illyria throws the stake that fell out of Rayne's hand into the vampire.* I wish to go.

    End act 1: Commercial Break.


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      Act 2: Open to Illyria and Rayne walking down a street in the main city. People pass by from time to time.

      Illyria: I do not understand love. Will you teach me?

      Rayne:*Pause* I don't think your asking the right person here.

      Illyria: Carmen is in love with you I believe.

      Rayne: True, but I tend to mess things up somehow. I'm not good at explaining things like this.

      Illyria: I wish to learn. *She grabs him and kisses him, he tries to struggle away, but can't. Illyria notices he doesn't enjoy it and stops.* Am I not pleasing? Is that not what love is like? Kissing and sex?

      Rayne: True, but you can't do things like that. You need to find the right person and dedicate yourself to them for the rest of your life. Or, that's the plan at least.

      Illyria: Insufficient. The human race cannot survive without reproduction. Sex is the only answer to survival.

      Rayne: Trust me, theres lots of that happening.

      Illyria:*Looking closely at him.* Gwen is with child. It's yours. You have lied. You did not dedicate yourself to her.

      Rayne: That was different. Relationships go wrong.

      Illyria: I do not understand.

      Rayne: Leora'll tell you about it soon.

      Rayne continues to walk but Illyria stops. She looks puzzled.

      Cut to: Leora sitting in a caf? drinking coffee and looking at her watch. Jean enters and sits in the chair.

      Jean:*Kissing Leora.* Sorry I'm late, I had an open heart surgery that took a bit longer than expected.

      Leora: Jean, we need to talk.

      Jean:*Bracing himself.* O dear.

      Leora:*Really serious* I'm pregnant.

      Jean: What? We only?just 3 times?how can we. What?

      Leora:*Lightening up.* Just ****ing with ya. This time not literally.

      Jean: Thank god! You scared the crap out of me!

      Leora: What? You don't want kids?

      Jean: Here we go again.

      Leora: Again messing with you.

      Jean: So, apart from the torturing mood your in, how are you?

      Leora: Pretty good?or now I am.

      Jean: Good, good. Kids good to you today?

      Leora: Are teenagers, not kids, ever good?

      Jean: Good point.

      Leora: My lit class was the worst, they can't just shut up!

      Jean: I remember lit, the teacher wouldn't shut up.

      Leora: Please, cause I ever talk to them. If they want to fail then they can fail?the school board doesn't agree.

      Jean: Ah.

      Leora: Well, our movies over, lets go have sex.

      Jean: After you.*Gets out of his chair and helps her up.*

      Cut to: Illyria and Katana in the Sacred Circle. Carmen is fluttering around following a customer.

      Illyria: I do believe there was a person in here earlier for you.

      Katana: Who was it. I am not acquainted with many people.

      Illyria: Saffire of The House of Glandren. He had with him two women, Carmen referred to them as whores.

      Katana: You know of my fath?I mean Saffire?

      Illyria: He was around in my time. Lower then a vampire then.

      Katana: How much do you know about him?

      Illyria: I apologize but very little. I bore of this topic.

      Katana: Who were the two women?

      Illyria: I have no idea, and no interest to pursue the thought.

      Katana: I understand.


      Illyria: Leora wishes for me to pursue in starting conversations. What is your impression on being new to this human world.

      Katana: There is much that puzzles me.

      Illyria: Yes. I don't understand a lot of them either.

      Katana: Example?

      Illyria: How are blonds dumber than others. Rayne is blond and he is more likely the smartest of Leora's gang.

      Katana: I understand what you mean.

      Illyria: This humor doesn't click with me, as Leora would say.

      End act 2.


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        Act 3: Open to Illyria walking around in front of Leora's classroom students giver her strange looks that are practically returned back to them. Leora runs out of the classroom next to hers.

        Leora: Sorry, there was an emergency, the projector caught on fire.

        Illyria: I bore of standing here.

        Leora:*Opens her classroom and guides Illyria in.* Sorry, class starts in a few minutes, then you can watch what I do.

        Illyria: I have been told you stand around and watch your students read all class.

        Leora: I give homework!

        The bell rings and the students slowly, and loudly, file in and sit down.

        Leora: Settle down class.

        The class becomes quiet.

        Leora: Does anyone have any poetry they'd like to share?

        Josh raises his hand.

        Leora: That's a surprise, come to the front and read your poem.

        Josh: Me do homework? Never! Who's the blue freak?

        Illyria looks confused.

        Illyria: Am I a freak to you? Do I frighten you as freaks do?

        Josh: yes, and your blue.

        Leora:*To Illyria* Just ignore him. *To the class.* This is Illyria, she's here for the class. She's observing you.

        Caitlin: I have a poem.

        Leora: Go ahead!


        Desire has no shape
        Or style
        Or wanting
        Desire isn't in the air
        The sea
        The earth
        It is in us
        Till it comes out and becomes too irresistible
        For what we want
        And can't have
        From beneath us it devours
        Destroying all thought except one
        It comes in what you want
        It is a part of you

        (Poem made by Alex Brown. Copyrighted to me!)

        Leora: Wow, that was great personification! I loved it Caitlin. Any others?

        The bell rings.

        Leora: See you later.

        Nathan/Me/Higher Power/The One & Only starts here

        Cut to: Outside the classroom, Leora and Caitlin are standing with Illyria.

        Illyria: That was . . . interesting.

        Leora: Sorry about Josh, he can be a bit of a loser sometimes.

        Caitlin: So, are you ready for lunch? I was thinking . . . fries, as usual.

        Illyria: I have no need for food.

        Caitlin: So? You can still eat, it might make you feel better.

        Leora smiles.

        Leora: I better go, wouldn't want to be late.

        Cut to: Canteen - Caitlin is standing, with her tray, Illyria is stood next to her.

        Illyria: This is how you eat, everyday?

        Caitlin: Almost.

        Illyria: I can tell, by looking at it, that the food is not fit for human consumption.

        Caitlin: You should tell the lunch ladies that.

        Illyria: I am bored of this place, i wish to leave.

        Caitlin: Not so fast, i need my lunch first.

        Cut to: Illyria & Caitlin sitting down at a table.

        Caitlin: Did you love him? Sorry, i shouldn't have . . .

        Illyria: You are talking about Wesley.

        Caitlin: . . . Yeah. I heard he also taught you, how to live in this world.

        Illyria: Wesley's teachings were far better than the ones given now. I appreciated them.

        Caitlin: You try teaching an ex demony god how to "blend in". Also, blue, not really a good choice of colour.

        Illyria: I can change my appearance and become any colour i wish.

        Caitlin: We should try that, later. I was thinking of putting in some highlights . . . (Caitlin points to her hair)

        Cut to: Caitlin & Illyria walking down the hall. Josh walks up to them.

        Josh: Hey freaks.

        Caitlin: Josh, we don't want any trouble.

        He concentrates and looks at them and his eyes glow a green colour, for a second, suddenly he falls to the ground.

        Caitlin: Josh?

        He gets up.

        Josh: I'm . . . .I'm ok.

        Illyria (to Caitlin): And you call me strange?

        Cut to: Leora coming out of her meeting. Caitlin & Illyria are sat in the hallway waiting for her.

        Leora: Hey you two, how did it go?

        Caitlin: Fine

        Illyria: I do not like adolesence. It not only smells funny, but is strange. I do not wish to under --

        Leora: Yeah, yeah. Let's go.

        Cut to: Caitlin & Leora & Illyria walking home. It's getting dark.

        Illyria: Today taught me something.

        Leora: Good, I'm glad.

        Illyria: It taught me that there are places far worse than the darkest of hells i have visited.

        Leora: That's not so good . . .

        Caitlin: She's kinda right though, school is like hell. A hell in which people are bullied, picked on . . . made a fool of, but it all works out in the end.

        Just as they are walking, a huge crack forms in front of them. Suddenly a hand lunges out from the ground.

        Leora: Oh no. Not now, I'm tired.

        The demon pulls itself up from the ground. It growls. The demon is huge and rocky.

        Leora: (Illyria) Would you?

        Illyria: Gladly.

        Leora: Caitlin, get back.

        Caitlin runs to a nearby bush and hides.

        Illyria runs and hits the demon, spins and hits it again. Majestically she dodges it's every swing.

        Leora: Illyria, you need to hold him down.

        Illyria keeps hitting the demon. It's gains the upper hand though and punches her out of the way. She hits a wall. The demon makes it's way to Caitlin.

        Leora: Water, wind and fire, take your missing brother and return him to his rightful place!

        The demon turns when he hears the spell.

        Leora: That's right Rocky, you're going home.

        Illyria lunges at him.

        Leora: Water, wind and fire, take your missing brother and return him to his rightful place!

        Illyria manages to push the demon on the floor.

        Leora: Water, wind and fire, take your missing brother and return him to his rightful place!

        The spell is done, the demons eyes glow green and he crumbles away. Caitlin catches a glimpse of his eyes glowing.

        Caitlin: His eyes . . . . Today, Josh. I bet you anything he summoned it.

        The all begin to make their way home again.

        Leora: He is sooo getting detention.

        Cut to: Illyria, she sits on her own in the Sacred Circle. It's the middle of the night. Leora comes down to see her.

        Leora: I should really get used to the whole not sleeping thing . . . You ok?

        Illyria: I was thinking, about today, about Wes --

        Leora: Oh.

        Illyria: I miss his teachings. He was very wise.

        Leora: Why don't you tell me about him?

        Illyria gives a small smile.

        The camera zooms out from them. We leave Illyria talking to Leora, we cannot hear what she is saying but she looks very enthusiastic.

        End of episode.


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          Sorceress of Crimson Falls created by Travis Truant-Simpson
          Broken Destiny created by Joseph Sessumes and Alexander Brown
          The Realm Below created by Alexander Brown, Amber Rose, and Lyn Elwhyen
          Road Less Traveled created by Thomas Wright and Alexander Brown
          Chosen created by Heather
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