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Raven Episode 2.02 "Rivalry"

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  • Raven Episode 2.02 "Rivalry"

    *Note* As of Spring 2007, Season 1 episodes will be recreated as "Raven Remastered" episodes. The entire original run of season 1 and 2 episodes as well as 3.6 will be redone to add to the quality of the series. The purpose is to make seasons 1 and 2 to the quality of seasons 3 and 4. Look in the index for the Remastered episodes. The originals are posted for comparison*

    Raven Episode 2.2 "Rivalry"

    Fade in on large white mansion at the corner of a deserted street. The words "Burnaby B.C.-Past" appear on screen then fade out. Voices can be heard coming from inside the house.

    FEORA (VO): "But she started it!"
    Cut to the interior of the house. Standing in the living room are a 13 year old Feora and her mother.

    MOTHER: "You should have told us instead of fighting back!"

    FEORA: "But?."

    MOTHER: "No buts Feora! Go to your room while your father and I discuss this!"

    Feora groans and storms up the stairs. Feora's mother turns toward the kitchen.

    FATHER enters the room looking concerned.

    FATHER: "What is it?"

    MOTHER: "Feora's been using magic again"

    FATHER: "What's her excuse this time?"

    MOTHER: "She says Leora was going to do a spell to get rid of her so she fought back"

    FATHER: "With magic?"

    MOTHER: "With magic."

    FATHER sighs heavily

    FATHER: "I warned her?"

    FATHERs voice trails off as the camera pans up the stairs to reveal Feora sitting on the stairs.

    FEORA (thinking): "This is SO not fair! Leora started it! She was going to use magic to get rid of me! All I was doing was defending myself! They ALWAYS take her side! It's not FAIR!"

    Cut to outside the headquarters. The words " Present" appear on screen then fade away. We can hear Vendra speaking inside

    VENDRA (VO): "I'm telling you we need to find another way!"

    Cut to inside. Vendra is pacing in the middle of the floor while Carmen and Rayne are seated on the couch.

    RAYNE: "What do you propose we do then?"

    VENDRA: "I don't know! I'll think of something! Just give me an hour and I'll give you a plan!"

    CARMEN: "I don't know?sounds a little too Patrick Henry to me"

    Rayne laughs but stops when he sees the look on Vendra's face.

    VENDRA: "We've got to get them out of the factory!"

    CARMEN: "I agree?but you're forgetting something"

    VENDRA: "And that would be?."

    CARMEN: "Feora's a vamp"

    RAYNE: " Jesus?how are we gonna tell Leora?"

    CARMEN: "I'll call her."

    RAYNE: "You do that?Vendra and I will think of a way to get them out."

    Rayne and Vendra turn and leave. Carmen sighs.

    CARMEN: "Well, this'll be fun"

    Opening Credits
    Kate Beckinsale - Leora Byrne
    Michael Vartan - Arthur Rayne
    AJ Cook - Carmen White
    Kelly Giddish - Katana
    And Amy Acker as Illyria

    Guest starring:
    Milla Jovovich
    Alexa Davalos
    And Hayley West as Vendra

    Created by: Alexander Brown
    Based on Buffy by Joss Whedon, most of the lore and characters are copyrighted to him.
    Written by: MJRosenberg
    Produced by: Alexander Brown

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    ACT I

    Cut to the house in Burnaby. The words "Burnaby B.C.-Past" flash on the screen then fade. Cut to the inside of the house where Feora, Leora, and their parents are sitting at the dinner table.

    FEORA: "I've been practicing my spells"

    MOTHER: "That's nice dear?pass me the potatoes"

    Feora passes the potatoes.

    LEORA: "Our magic is so overrated"

    MOTHER:" What do you mean dear?"

    LEORA: "We use it too much. We need to learn to do things the normal way"

    Leora glares as Feora makes a biscuit float over and land on her plate

    FEORA: "But how else will we-"

    FATHER: "I think that's a very mature idea Leora?we all need to consider it"

    FEORA: "But-"

    MOTHER: "Yes, I think so too"

    FEORA: "Hello! Still here!"

    FATHER: "Yes Feora?"

    FEORA: "She's just jealous cause I'm a better wicca than she is!"

    MOTHER: "Feora don't be ridiculous!"

    FATHER:" You could do with taking a leaf out of her book, you know."

    FEORA: "Why do you always take her side?"

    MOTHER: "Nonsense! Leora pass me the lima-beans"

    FEORA: "See? You're ignoring me! AND LIMA-BEANS ARE EVIL!"

    FATHER: "Feora?what?"

    Feora gets up and storms out of the room.

    MOTHER: "What was that all about?"

    Leora and her Father both shrug.

    Cut to the outside of a high school. The camera pans inside to the office where both Leora and Feora are sitting on a couch. Feora crosses her arms, then smirks and mutters something and the secretary's name plate levitates off her desk then hovers a few inches.
    The Principal's door opens and he sticks his head out.

    PRINCIPAL: "Leora? Feora?"

    Feora snaps her head up and the name plate falls to the floor with a clatter. The Principal does a bit of a double-take then motions for the girls to enter his office.
    They follow him inside and sit across from his desk.

    PRINCIPAL: "I've called your parents?they're on their way."

    Leora nods her head.

    PRINCIPAL: "Fighting on the school grounds is a serious offence. You could be suspended"

    FEORA: "But-"

    The door opens and in walks the girls' parents.

    MOTHER: "What's going on?"

    PRINCIPAL: "Your girls were fighting on school grounds?this is a serious offence. One
    of them will have to be suspended. We figured you could decide."

    FATHER: "One of them?"

    PRINCIPAL: "Yes"

    The two whisper for quite sometime. Leora stays perfectly still but Feora fidgets, picking at her jeans.

    MOTHER: " Since Leora has more of an academic gift?we've chosen to suspend Feora"

    FEORA and LEORA: "WHAT!?"

    Close up on Feora's face. The talking becomes more and more inaudible as Feora's face changes into present Feora's face. She smirks then vamps out.

    FEORA: "Academically gifted my ass!"

    Cut to Carmen pacing the living room holding a phone. We hear a soft ringing sound then a muffled ?Hello'

    CARMEN: "Hi! Leora?..yes?.no?well?Illyria, Gwen, and Katana have been kidnapped but?..yes?.yes?.well?.no?we're working on?.. ?..uh?well?to quote Willow ?Various sounds of hesitation'?..Feora."

    Carmen winces and holds the phone away from her ear

    CARMEN: "Good golly Leora! I have ear-drums you know?.jeez?well?.why?well?you promise not to yell again? Ok?she's a vampire?..Leora? Leora? Are you still there?"

    Cut to Leora, her face registering complete shock. She drops the phone.

    CARMEN (VO): "Are you there? Leora?"

    Fade out


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      ACT II

      Cut to Gwen and Katana sitting with their backs against a wall.

      GWEN: "Do you think she's ok?"

      Shot of Illyria lying unconscious on the floor of the factory.

      KATANA: "I hope so"

      GWEN: "What do you think they'll do to us?"

      KATANA: "I don't want to know"

      Long awkward pause

      GWEN: "So?thumb wrestle?"

      KATANA: "Ok"

      Cut to Vendra and Rayne sitting at a desk. Rayne is typing something into a computer. Carmen enters though a door.

      VENDRA: "How'd she take it?"

      CARMEN: "Not so good?lots of ?Oh my Gods' and ?How' and ?When' and then more ?Oh my Gods'

      RAYNE: "Well, I've almost got the floor plans for the factory?then we can saddle up and ambush them."

      VENDRA: "Carmen?I think Rayne's been watching too many of your cowboy movies."

      Carmen laughs and sits down

      RAYNE: "AHA! Got em'"

      CARMEN: "I'll alert the cavalry!"

      VENDRA: "Carmen?we don't have a cavalry"

      CARMEN: "I know?I just always wanted to say that."
      A map prints out of the computer. Rayne grabs it and heads for the door. Carmen grabs her shotgun and Vendra grabs two swords. They run out the door.

      Cut to the Burnaby house. The words "Burnaby-B.C.-past" flash on the screen then fade.

      Cut to the inside of the house. Feora and Leora's parents are seated on the couch in the living room. Leora enters.

      LEORA: "Hey mom?dad"

      MOTHER: "Hi honey"

      LEORA: "I kinda need money for textbooks"

      FATHER: "How much?"

      LEORA: "Well, SFU books are kinds expensive?.so about 300 dollars"

      FATHER: "Ok?I'll give it to you before you leave."

      LEORA: "Thanks daddy"

      She turns and leaves, ducking around Feora who enters.

      FEORA: "Mom?dad?"

      FATHER: "Yes?"

      FEORA: "I've decided to go to VU?it's got a strong background in wicca so I should fit right in"

      MOTHER:" How are you going to pay for it?"

      FEORA: "Well, I was kind of hoping you could-"

      FATHER: "No. You want to go to college you get a job."

      FEORA: "But?Leora-"

      MOTHER: "Leora worked her whole life?she studied hard?she deserves to go to college."

      Tears well up in Feora's eyes as she storms out of the room

      Cut to the present. Gwen and Katana are playing tic-tac-to with a pen on the wall. Illyria starts to stir. Gwen drops the pen.

      GWEN: "Illyria? Are you alright?"

      ILLYRIA: "What is this strange sensation in my arm?"

      KATANA: "Huh?"

      ILLYRIA: "It feels like there are sharp objects pricking in my skin"

      GWEN: "Ah, you're arm's asleep"

      ILLYRIA: "One's arm can fall asleep?"

      KATANA: "Well, not technically?. But that's what they call it. I don't know the scientific term for it though."

      GWEN: "It'll go away. How's you're head?"

      ILLYRIA: "Strange. It's as if there is something crushing it."

      Several Vamps enter from a small door.

      VAMP #1: "Dinnertime!"

      A gunshot is heard and the vamp turns to dust. The other vamps look around in surprise. Cut to Carmen standing in the doorway behind the vamps, shotgun still smoking.

      CARMEN: "Sorry boys, the restaurant called?. you're reservation's been cancelled.

      Fade to Black


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        Act III

        Cut to Carmen standing in the doorway.

        VAMP #2: "GET THEM!"

        Carmen starts shooting as Rayne and Vendra rush in. Illyria, Gwen and katana stand up and start punching anything that moves.

        VENDRA: "Now THIS is a rescue!"

        Katana swings at random and accidentally whacks Rayne

        KATANA: "Oh my God! Rayne!"

        RAYNE: "I'm fine?ow?."

        Carmen blasts another vamp when a voice interrupts them.

        VOICE: " You picked the wrong vamps buddy"

        Cut to Feora standing in the doorway. She vamps out and charges and Vendra. Vendra and Feora duke it out.

        RAYNE: "Let's get out of here"

        Gwen stakes a vamp.

        GWEN: "Aye aye Captain Rayne"

        Gwen grabs Katana and they rush out the door. Rayne grabs Illyria who protests but then complies. Vendra makes as if she's going to stake Feora but Feora sends her flying into a wall then disappears. Carmen blasts the last Vamp and turns. Vendra gets to her feet and follows. The gang runs out of the factory and into the night.

        CARMEN (VO):" See? We did have a cavalry!"

        Cut to the outside of the Burnaby house; night. The words "Burnaby B.C.-Past" flash across the screen then fade. Cut to Feora and Leora's parents sitting in bed.

        MOTHER: "I still can't believe Feora just threw her life away."

        FATHER: "She always did the stupid thing."

        MOTHER: "Yes, she should have listened to her sister."

        FATHER: "Leora always was the prodigal daughter."

        MOTHER: "Yes, Feora was a failure"

        Cut to Feora, normal face standing int eh middle of the empty factory surrounded by dust.

        MOTHER (VO): "I knew she would never amount to anything."
        Feora closes her eyes

        FATHER (VO): "Well, you always have to have a bad egg"

        MOTHER (VO)): "I suppose so"

        FATHER (VO) :"She was too caught up in her magic"

        MOTHER (VO): "It's a pity. She could've been great like Leora."

        Feora's eyes snap open. They're pitch black, think Willow on a dark magic trip. She glares and vamps out.

        FEORA: "We'll see who's the great one now! Soon I will get her!"

        Fade out
        End of Episode


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