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Raven Episode 2.01 "Changed"

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  • Raven Episode 2.01 "Changed"

    *Note* As of Spring 2007, Season 1 episodes will be recreated as "Raven Remastered" episodes. The entire original run of season 1 and 2 episodes as well as 3.6 will be redone to add to the quality of the series. The purpose is to make seasons 1 and 2 to the quality of seasons 3 and 4. Look in the index for the Remastered episodes. The originals are posted for comparison*

    Raven episode 2.1 "Changed"
    Rated R

    No recap

    Teaser: Open to: England, Faith is in a room in a building (Watchers building.) Giles comes in.

    Giles: Faith. Can I have a word with you?

    Faith: Sure, I'm open.

    Giles: Well... It's been a few months since?since?Wood. and I need to talk to you about something.

    Faith: Ok.

    Giles: Buffy has totally quit contact with the Council. She has quit her job as the slayer.

    Faith: And you need me don't you?

    Giles: We've lost a lot of girls. About half the slayers have been killed. The forces of darkness grow stronger. I need you to teach the girls what a slayer is all about.

    Faith: Giles I don't even know much myself. You expect me to teach them?

    Giles: I wasn't done. I need to teach you, so you can teach them.

    Faith: Are you sure?

    Giles: I need you to be my slayer. I'm going to be your watcher. The way I should have been a long time ago.

    Faith: Will it take long?

    Giles: Buffy never finished her spiritual training. It may takes years.

    Faith: What have we got to wait for?

    Cut to Leora sitting in a hotel room. The phone rings. Leora picks up.

    Leora: Hello?

    Jean: Leora?

    Leora: Sorry I'm a little busy.

    Jean: We need to talk.

    Leora: I'm changing hotels. This ones phone doesn't work so well. *She gestures her hand at the phone and the phone makes static noises.* I have to cut you off, see what I mean.

    Jean: Wait a minuet! Leora....

    Leora:*Hangs up* I don't need anyone right now.

    End teaser:


    New theme song: Let me Out by Future Leaders of the World (Copyrighted to them)

    Kate Beckinsale - Leora Byrne
    Michael Vartan - Arthur Rayne
    AJ Cook - Carmen White
    Kelly Giddish - Katana
    And Amy Acker as Illyria

    Guest starring:
    Alyson Hannigan?Willow
    Amber Benson?Tara
    Tom Lenk?Andrew
    Alexa Davalos?Gwen
    Hayley West?Vendra
    Jason Priestly...Jean
    Eliza Dushku?Faith
    Anthony Stewart Head?Giles
    And Caitlin Wachs?Caitlin Smith

    Created by: Alexander Brown
    Based on: Joss Whedon's Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel
    Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy and 20th Century Fox owns the lore and some characters involved. I Write the story only and make no money off of it.
    Written by: Alexander Brown

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    Act 1: Open to Carmen in The Sacred Circle talking with Illyria. Rayne comes in with a box full of doughnuts.

    Rayne: Jelly-filled anyone? *He kisses Carmen, Illyria looks confused.*

    Carmen: Thanks for doing that errand for me.

    Rayne: I had an excuse to get coffee out of it so it's fine. You really need to go for a coffee maker. Since you me and Illyria are the only ones here lately and Illyria doesn't require food or drinks to live we don't have much coffee make to buy...or *gives dirty look* we can keep it upstairs with the?other accessories.

    Carmen: Leora'll be back from Whistler in a while, don't worry. With her the people pour in as if they fell from the sky.

    Illyria: I have seen humans fall from the sky. I used to watch their pitiful lives end for entertainment. *Carmen and Rayne look at her.*

    Carmen: Anyways, Vendra and Gwen are still around every while. Caitlin drinks it as if theres no end?it explains why she's so short.

    Rayne:*Disappointed.*Fine, you win. No coffee maker.

    Illyria: When will my next lesson in humanity be?

    Rayne: As soon as Leora gets back.

    Carmen: Whenever that happens.

    Cut to: Leora in a park in Whistler. It's night. A vampire is dusted on screen. Heavy rock music comes on. More vampires wearing biker clothes with chains come in. Leora turns around with a stake in hand.

    Leora: Want more?

    The vampire that seems to be in lead growls.

    Lead Vampire: You killed our leader. For that you will pay!

    He takes his chain and whips it at Leora. Leora dodges the blows as well as she can.

    Other vampire 1: Get her! *Other vampire 1 runs as the lead vampires whip is going around. Other vampire one gets hit by the whip and falls into Leora's stake. As Leora is about to attack she feels a pain in her back. Lead vampire looks at her.

    Lead Vampire: Ahahahahaha! What are you going to do now?

    Leora takes off her shirt. The other vampires look at her in awe and stop what their doing. Leora screams in agony and her black wings come out. She gets back up and glares directly at the vampires.

    Other vampire 2: What the hells going on?

    Leora flies right into the Lead vampire before he can do anything and stakes him. She flies over to Other vampire 2 and stakes him as well. The last vampire looks around at his dusted companions and runs. Leora throws her stake and gets the last vampire.

    Leora: Time to go home. *Theres a flapping sound above Leora. She looks up to see 4 flying harpies. The harpies fly up above over onto some mountains and disappear.* Or I guess I can stay.*She gets ready to fly but then collapses over. She doesn't have the energy to fly.* I guess I'll phone Carmen on how to kill these things first and recover my strength.

    Cut to: Carmen and Rayne having sex. The phone rings and Carmen gets up to get it. Rayne drags her back in and fingers the phone. Both of them giggle and start vigorously kiss.

    Cut to: Leora in a phone booth waiting for someone to pick up the phone. She gets Carmen's message machine and hangs up.

    Leora: I'll try tomorrow.

    Cut to: The Sacred Circle. Caitlin comes in. Gwen is talking with Illyria. Caitlin walks over to the two and see that they're deep in conversation.

    Illyria: I do not get it.

    Gwen: Blonde jokes are made to attack blondes.

    Illyria: Hair colour is irrelevant.*Illyria's hair turns blonde.* My hair can be blonde and I will not loose any brain cells.

    Gwen: Never mind.

    Caitlin: I think the concept of jokes is too complex for her.

    Illyria: Fred loved jokes. I remember it well. Her and Wesley watched humorous television shows. I don't see the point in them.

    Gwen: She talks about Wesley a lot. I met him before?nothing special and she treats him as if he was the love of her life.

    Illyria: He was Fred's only reason to live at the end. I squished they're love like a bug.

    Caitlin:*After a beat.* That's great. Where is everyone?

    Jean comes in.

    Caitlin: *Happily.* Look! A customer!* She walks over to Jean.* Can I help you? Need any charms or a book?

    Jean: I need a woman.

    Caitlin: Love spell?gotcha.

    Jean: No, is Leora in?

    Caitlin: I'm sorry. She's in Whistler for vacation.

    Jean: Still? Carmen said she'd be back a week ago!

    Caitlin: I'm sorry, I can call her for you? Or give you the number! Who are you again?

    Jean: I'm Doctor Jean.

    Caitlin: Oh you're the cute doctor Leora's going out with!

    Jean: For now?

    Caitlin: Right, her number.

    Caitlin takes him over to the counter. Katana comes in the door and we follow her instead of Caitlin who is talking to Jean at the counter.

    Katana: I require assistance on defeating a gang of vampires on a warehouse down the street.

    Gwen: I'm up for a little fun.

    Illyria: I believe I can be of some assistance. I am bored of conversing in matters that don't mean anything to me. I wish to deal out death.

    Illyria and Katana go out the door. Vendra steps in and stops Gwen.

    Vendra: Where you going?

    Gwen: Killing.

    Vendra: Don't forget your coat!

    Gwen leaves.

    End act 1: Commercial Break.


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      Act 2: Open to Rayne and Carmen having sex again. The phone beside the bed rings. This time Carmen gets up and answers it.

      Carmen: Hello?

      Leora:*Over phone.* Carmen? Where the hell were you last night?

      Rayne plays with Carmen under the covers. Carmen giggles and slaps him.

      Carmen: Sorry, I was out with Rayne. Is something wrong?

      Leora: Lots of wrong! There are harpies in Whistler.

      Carmen: Any victims yet? *Rayne stops fooling around and listens.*

      Leora: Not from what I can tell. I'll check the newspapers and then head up the mountain, I saw where they were nesting.

      Carmen: Need help?

      Leora: Nah, I got it myself. Look up how to kill these things efficiently can you?

      Carmen: Sure, whatever you say. We'll give you a call on your cell. *She hangs up and gets back in bed but doesn't start fooling around. Rayne looks at her concerned.*

      Rayne: Your not playing anymore?

      Carmen: No?Leora's in trouble and we can't help!

      Rayne: She'll be fine!

      Carmen: No she won't! She needs our help!

      Rayne: She took on Cain alright.

      Carmen: And has been avoiding up for the last forever. As soon as she could, she went away.

      Rayne: Well who knows what really was said and happened in that battle other than her.

      Cut to: Leora looking at her back in the mirror. Theres 2 big gashes where her wings come out. She applies ointment to the wounds and puts her shirt back on. She then looks at then newspaper. The front page reads "7 men disappear in the last month. Poorly prepared hiking expected as the cause."

      Leora:*To self quietly.* So that's your game.*The phone rings. Leora picks it up right away.* Hello? Carmen?

      Jean:*Over phone.* No it's me. Your boyfriend remember?

      Leora: Jean right now isn't the time for?

      Jean: When is the right time for you Leora? I haven't heard from you in the last month! You still want to be together?

      Leora: Jean I can't do this right now!

      Jean: Well when can you do this Leora?

      Leora: I can be back in the next few days. We can get together then!

      Jean: I need to see you now.

      Leora: I'm in hotel room 116 at Aspens if you need me that badly. Surprise me.

      Jean: Fine, I will.

      Leora: Fine! *Jean hangs up.* Damnit!

      Cut to: Vendra and Caitlin in the Sacred Circle.

      Vendra: School starts next week. You excited?

      Caitlin: I've been transferred?to South now.

      Vendra: So has Leora. Don't like South?

      Caitlin: Well adjusting to Mountain a few years ago was taxing enough. And now I have no friends except for an English teacher and her friends. I've seen things no one wants or is meant to see.

      Vendra: Going to love it, aren't you.

      Caitlin: Every god damn minute of it. I love school a lot.

      Vendra: Well I never went to school. Look at me now!

      Caitlin: An unemployed lesbian who happens to be like a thousand with a child on the way?

      Vendra: Yep! School wouldn't have done me a damn thing.

      Caitlin: How'd you manage anyways?

      Vendra: I'll tell you after you graduate.

      Rayne comes in.

      Rayne: Not convincing Caitlin to quit school are you?

      Caitlin: My parents would flip out if I did! They'd kill me!

      Rayne: So where's Gwen and Illyria?

      Vendra: Off killing vampires.

      Rayne: Good thing. At least someone's doing it.

      Cut to: Leora on the phone.

      Leora: So just a hack and slash deal? Ok, great. Thanks Carmen.

      Leora hangs up the phone and pulls a chest from under the hotel bed. She opens the chest and takes out a battleaxe. She looks with joy at it and then leaves the hotel room.

      Cut to: Leora standing at the foot of the mountain the harpies are hiding. She seems to be trying to get her wings out with any luck.

      Leora: Shit! Why do these things come out only when they want?

      Leora begins to walk up the mountain looking very pissed.

      Cut to: Willow and Tara in their room in Crimson Falls. Tara is painting Willow nude while she's sitting on a stool.

      Willow: Hurry up! I'm getting cold!

      Tara: Just a second, just need to make you smaller.

      Willow: *Fondling breast.* Even these?

      Tara:*Smiling.* Those stay the same just for you. *She shows Willow her sketch book, Willow giggles.*

      Willow: Really makes you appreciate art.

      Tara: I was in an art appreciation class remember? I'm glad we can do stuff like this. Makes me feel alive again.

      Andrew opens the door. Willow shrieks and covers herself.

      Andrew: Willow the t.v.s at it *looks up.* HOLY CRAP. *He covers his eyes.* My virgin eyeballs! Take out my virgin eyeballs! You remind me of Sailor Uranus and Neptune? cousins my ass!

      Willow: *Puts a shirt on as Andrew looks the other way.* You can look now.

      Andrew: You should really consider a lock for this door. I was not expecting that!

      Tara: Maybe knocking would do you some good there Andrew?

      Willow: Whatever, he's gay so it's all fine. What was it you wanted?

      Andrew: The t.v. isn't working again, Star Trek's on and I don't want to miss it.

      Willow: Fix it then!

      Andrew: I need a spell to do that in this storm!

      Tara: Fine, find me what you need and come back.

      Andrew leaves.

      Tara: *Points finger to door.* Lock! *The door makes a clicking sound. Tara takes off her shirt.* So, where were we?

      End Act 2: Commercial break.


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        Act 3: Open to Leora hiking up the mountain holding her battleaxe.

        Cut to: Rayne and Carmen having coffee in a restaurant.

        Rayne: So what would you say to a trip to England? A few months from now after the baby comes. Me, you, baby, Gwen and Vendra... of course we'd have different rooms.

        Carmen: Well I wouldn't say no to that.

        Rayne: Good. I got the tickets already. We leave on October 23rd.

        Carmen: We staying anywhere special?

        Rayne: Anywhere is special with you there.*They kiss.*

        Carmen: I'm serious. I want to stay in at least a 4 star hotel.

        Rayne: You'll see just how great the mother country is.

        Carmen: I have been there before.

        Rayne: I know, but this time I get to show you around. We'll head up to Ireland and find whatever family I have. We can see Faith and Giles and whoever else happens to be there. Doesn't sound like a bad plan does it?

        Carmen: Sounds like the best plan.

        Cut to: Illyria dusting a vampire. Gwen and Katana are in the background fighting their own vampires. Another vampire rushes at Illyria. Illyria kicks the vampire and punches another than comes to her. Gwen electrocutes one and it falls down. She takes her stake and jams it into the vampires heart. Katana takes her whip and whips another vampire while using her other hand to swing her katana at it's head. Illyria gets kicked into a bunch of scrap metal. She gets up and takes a flat circular piece of metal and throws it at two vampires, dusting both. The vampires appear to be loosing until?

        Voice:*Latin* Cadere casus!

        Gwen, Katana and Illyria all fall down and cannot get up. Katana looks up in shock.

        Cut to: Leora climbing up the mountain. She finally makes it to the top where a cave is hiding behind some trees. Leora suddenly topples over in pain and holds her back. Her wings come out and rips the back of her shirt.

        Leora: Oh you buggers dare come out now?

        Leora hears some giggling coming from the cave. She walks in.

        Cut to: Leora walking through a dark cave. She clings to the wall as she can't see anything in front of her. She suddenly falls over something. She gets up and looks behind her. A man with most of his flesh missing is lying bloodied and dead on the ground. Leora looks at him with a disgusted look and then moves on. She looks around her and sees many dead men around her. Leora almost hurls on the spot but holds it in and keeps walking. She eventually reaches a turn in the cave in which the flicker of fire can be seen in the distance with six or seven harpies sitting around it.

        Cut to: The fire. Leora is hiding behind a rock as the harpies are talking.

        Harpy 1: And then I took out my talons and took out his eyes. Then I asked him how hideous I looked to him now!

        The harpies laugh.

        Leora:*To herself.* I'm so going to kick their asses.

        The harpies perk up and look directly to the rock where Leora is.

        Harpy 2: Did you guys hear something?

        Harpy 3: From over there?

        Harpy 2: Ya.

        Harpies 4,5 and 6 go to check it out. Leora jumps out from behind the boulder and shouts out?

        Leora: Incendium!

        Harpies 4,5 and 6 are caught up in flame and run around burning and shrieking until they finally fall down.

        Harpy 1: get em!

        Harpies 2 and 3 flap their wings and fly up, they grab Leora and begin to fly to the entrance of the cave.

        Cut to: Leora being grasped by the 2 harpies claws. They let go of her and she begins to fall. She flaps her wings and floats down the ground. The harpies, number 1 with them now, look in amazement.

        Harpy 2: One of our own kin has killed our own?

        Harpy 3: This doesn't make any sense! Explain yourself.

        Leora: I'm not one of you!

        Harpy 1: You have wings do you not?

        Leora: These things? Only when I'm in trouble.

        Harpy 2: She lies, she must be one of us! Look at her claws!

        Harpy 3: What shall we do with her?

        Harpy 2: I say we kill her!

        Harpy 3: We must not harm her. She is one of us!

        Harpy 1: Silence you two! She is only half harpy.

        Leora: I'm no part harpy! Gelu! *A shard of ice appears in Leora's hand. She flies up and attacks Harpy 3. The other two harpies try clawing Leora but she doges each blow. Harpy 3 scratches Leora's cheek, Leora drops her battleaxe to the ground but trusts the ice shard into Harpy 3. Harpy 3 falls to her death. The other harpies start dive bombing her as she slowly goes to the ground. Leora lifts up her hand and mutters something in latin. Lightning flows from her fingers and hits harpy 2. Leora goes to the ground, smoked harpy falls behind her. She picks up her battleaxe and waits for harpy 1 to come to the ground too. Harpy one extends her claws and claws at Leora. Leora dodges each blow. Leora does a flip kick and sends harpy 1 flying back. Harpy 1 flaps her wings and swoops into Leora. Leora produces another ice shard and jams it into Harpy 1's right eye, Harpy one screams in agony and holds her eye. She looks at Leora.

        Harpy 1: Perhaps you're more like us then I realized.*Harpy 1 falls downs the mountain. Leora goes over to the edge where Harpy 1 feel so see a the shard of ice has gone all the way through her head. Leora flies off.

        Cut to: Rayne and Carmen entering the Sacred Circle. Vendra sits at the table looking concerned.

        Rayne:*Seeing Vendra's look.* What's wrong? Is Gwen, Katana and Illyria back yet?

        Vendra: No, were going to go find them?

        Carmen: I'm sure they're fine.

        Vendra: It's been 5 hours. How much time does a nest of vampires take to kill?

        Carmen: Should we wait for Leora to come home? We may need a witch if there too many of them?

        A rock is thrown through the window. Vendra and Carmen hump. Rayne goes to the rock that has a note attached. He reads it and then looks back concerned.

        Rayne: It's Feora. She says that the others will die unless Leora comes to the warehouse within the next hour.

        Carmen: Feora? We have no time to wait for Leora now! She'll take to long to get there.

        Vendra: Stock up on weapons then. We're going.

        Cut to: Leora packing up her stuff. Theres a knock at the door. She answers it and Jean comes in. Leora hugs him and they begin to kiss.

        Jean: Surprise.

        Leora: I'm glad you're here. This makes my day a whole bunch better. Nothing can go wrong from here.

        Cut to: Jean and Leora in bed looking at each other. The phone rings. Leora goes to answer it. Jean stops her.

        Jean: Don't let Carmen ruin it.

        Cut to the warehouse. Feora stands over an unconscious Illyria.

        Feora: You put up a fight old one. Nothing this wicca can't handle. And soon that sister of mine will be dead.*She vamps.* I'll get her and all that she holds dear in the same place. None of you are safe. The world is coming to and end for you all.

        End episode.


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          Chosen created by Heather
          Rogue Redemption created by Amber Rose
          Continuations created by Alex Hart
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