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Raven Episode 1.14 "Twisted" Part 2

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  • Raven Episode 1.14 "Twisted" Part 2

    *Note* As of Spring 2007, Season 1 episodes will be recreated as "Raven Remastered" episodes. The entire original run of season 1 and 2 episodes as well as 3.6 will be redone to add to the quality of the series. The purpose is to make seasons 1 and 2 to the quality of seasons 3 and 4. Look in the index for the Remastered episodes. The originals are posted for comparison*

    Raven Episode 1.14 "Twisted"

    Rayne voiceover: Previously on Raven

    Willow: Aries, god of war we summon you. *Three women appear.*

    Setsuna: We are The Furies. And now we will destroy you!

    Shot of Cain talking to The Furies.

    Cain: Work for me, or I'll send you back to your master.

    Setsuna: Ok.

    Shots of Caitlin in The Sacred Circle getting a tour.

    Carmen: You start work on Monday.

    Shot of Setsuna dying. Leora picking up the emerald. Katana gets kidnapped.

    Leora: Can you look into what this is?

    Tara: Sure.

    Shot of Vendra in Rayne and Carmen's room, Gwen behind.

    Rayne: Vendra?

    Shot of Willow on the phone.

    Willow: We need to go help Angel, now.

    Intro: Open episode to Rayne and co. in Carmen's room. Carmen looks at Rayne and then at Vendra.

    Carmen: Rayne, what's going on?

    Vendra: What's this? Your new toy?

    Rayne: Vendra what are you doing here?

    Vendra: Isn't it obvious? I'm pregnant!

    Rayne: I can see that, but you know the baby isn't mine. It's that guy you were cheating with!

    Vendra: Perhaps. But you're the only one alive of the possible fathers!

    Carmen: Possible fathers?

    Gwen: There were 3, the other two were killed by D'Hoffryn.

    Carmen: Can someone please tell me what's going on?

    Rayne: Gwen, can you fill her in?

    Gwen: Sure. You two need to talk. *Rayne and Vendra leave.*

    Carmen: Who are you?

    Gwen: I'm Gwen Raiden.

    Carmen: I know that! WHO are YOU. And what do you have to do with Rayne?

    Gwen: Rayne, Vendra, and myself used to be demon hunters. We worked with a woman named Kate Lockly and a necromancer Elden Sanders. We used to protect Seattle together.

    Carmen: Used to?

    Gwen: Kate died a few months ago. At the time Rayne and Vendra has their eyes set on marriage, that is until she cheated on him. He left and only told me where he was going. I left him alone until now. We think D'Hoffryn will one day come after Vendra and Rayne and claim the child for himself.

    Carmen: Oh. Are you here to protect him now?

    Gwen: He can protect himself. I'm here for Vendra.

    Carmen: I see.

    Gwen: Rayne seems to be into you. He's rarely like that with anyone.

    Carmen: Him and I go way back.

    Gwen: Oh. Do you know any reason why Rayne came here?

    Carmen: A few. Mainly he helps out with my store. He partly owns the store now.

    Gwen: He any good at fighting demons anymore?

    Carmen: The best. Stick around, you may get to fight too.

    Gwen I'll do that.

    Cut to: Leora and Willow stepping out of the airplane in LA. We see the city is in ruins. Bodies everywhere and destruction all around. Leora thanks the plane driver and walks with Willow to what was an airport.

    Leora: Wow, council jets sure are fast.

    Willow: Ya.

    Leora: What was it Angel said he needed?

    Willow: It was hard to make out. I think he wanted us to help him kill something.

    Leora: Will he meet us here?

    Angel: *Off screen.* Willow?

    Willow: Angel? *The camera turns to she Angel and Illyria coming towards them. Both bloody from a fight. Willow and Leora meet them. Willow looks at Illyria.* Fred?

    Illyria: She is no more.

    Angel: Long story. You were in another plane.

    Willow: Oh? Where is everybody? Spike, Gunn, Wes, Lorne?even Harmony. Where are they?

    Angel:*Looking sadly down, he holds up a urn.* This is Spike.

    Willow: He's a pot now? *Angel hands Willow the urn. Inside is a pile of dust. Willow looks at it sorely.* Oh.

    Angel: Wes and Gunn died before the big fight. Wes was killed by a warlock and Gunn was mortally wounded. Before the first blow of his weapon he was out.

    Willow: Oh my god! *She falls into Angel crying. Leora looks at Illyria, then at Angel and Willow. Then behind Willow. A dragon is behind them. Illyria turns around.*

    Leora: Willow! Angel!

    End Intro.

    (Ahahaha, I killed Spike! Sorry Spike fans, all 5 gazillion of you, I just didn't like him when he was good, much better evil.)


    Theme song: Eternal by Evanescense (copyrighted to them)

    Kate Beckinsale - Leora Byrne
    AJ Cook - Carmen White
    Eliza Dushku - Faith
    Kelly Giddish - Katana
    And Michael Vartan as Arthur Rayne

    Special Guest Stars:
    David Boreanaz?Angel
    Amy Acker?Illyria

    Guest Starring:
    Alyson Hannigan...Willow Rosenberg
    Amber Benson...Tara Maclay
    Sam Ramsey...Saffire
    Hayley West?Vendra
    Nicholas Sperling?Cain
    Jason Priestly?Jean
    Tom Lenk?Andrew
    Daryl Hannah?Zelda
    Vivica A. Fox?Nairobi
    And Alexa Davalos as Gwen Raiden

    Created by: Alexander Brown
    Based on Buffy The Vampire Slayer made and owned by Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy and 20th Century Fox.
    Writen by: Alexander Brown
    Executive Producer: Travis Truant
    Co-producers: Alexander Brown
    Raven Adams
    and MJRosenberg

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    Act 1: Rayne and Vendra in the back ally behind the Sacred Circle.

    Rayne: So, do I know any of the possible fathers?

    Vendra:*Thinks.* No?not that I can think of.

    Rayne: You really got around didn't you?

    Vendra: Oh like you didn't? Who's the cowgirl anyways? Is it some thing you'll toss away after your gone? Will you have your time with her and then leave her?

    Rayne: Excuse me but I believe it was YOU who cheated on ME!

    Vendra: Can we just not do this? I didn't come looking to fight.

    Rayne: Fine?


    Vendra: Chad?

    Rayne: Who?

    Vendra: Chad. *Rayne looks confused.* The guy with the horns and the extra eye? *She uses her hands to show what the horns looked like.* You remember, he was Elden's friend?

    Rayne: Oh?Chad.

    Vendra: That's basically it.


    Rayne: So, how's Elden?

    Vendra: Pretty good, we uncovered some of his memory. Turns our he had a thing for nuns.

    Rayne: Elden had a thing for nuns?

    Vendra: He liked his women holy? which is odd for a necromancer.

    Rayne: Indeed it is.

    Vendra: A while back he actually thought he was a priest. Funky old priest costume and everything.

    Rayne burst out laughing.

    Rayne: My god I can picture that. Damn funny.

    Vendra: So?ready to introduce me to your friends in there?

    Rayne: Sure.

    Cut to: Leora and Illyria, fleeing from the airport. Willow and Angel are up on the roof of a nearby building, jumping from building to building as the dragon follows him.

    Leora: So what's this dragon thing anyways?

    Illyria: I do not know. It appeared here when We were fighting Wolfram and Hart.

    Leora: Wait, doesn't Angel own Wolfram and Hart?

    Illyria: Much is different then it was. Angel has taught me about change.

    Leora: Let me guess. New to this world?

    Illyria: Old. I am old. I was a ruler. Then I was destroyed. Time took me. And I was no more.

    Leora: How did you get here?

    Illyria: I was summoned. And I took this form.

    Leora: I see that. That's why Willow called you Fred?

    Illyria: Shall we assist Angel and Willow?

    Cut to: Willow and Angel on the rooftop.

    Willow: Any idea how to stop this thing? *Sends a fireball at it.*

    The dragon breaths fire at Willow, Angel jumps on her and gets them out of the way.

    Angel: Hack and slash? *Hands her an axe.*

    Willow: Sure, this isn't going to help though. *The dragon claws at Angel.* Angel! *She floats the axe and sends it flying into the dragons neck. The dragon turns around and knocks Willow away with her tail. Angel takes his sword and takes the dragons head off with it. The dragon falls down, limp and bloody.

    Angel: *Helping Willow up* Thanks for the help.

    Cut to: Rayne, Gwen, Carmen, Tara and Vendra in the Sacred Circle.

    Carmen: You guys done talking?

    Vendra: Ya. You're lucky to have him Carmen. I do envy you.

    Carmen: Well I did find out how he became a sexy badass tonight. Which is interesting?

    Katana walks through the door, holding a crossbow. Vendra hides behind Rayne.

    Rayne: Relax, it's just Katana.

    Vendra: That THING tried to kill me?

    Rayne: One of the assassins D'Hoffryn sent after you before we met?

    Vendra: Ya!

    Carmen: I'm sure it was a misunderstanding, she's perfectly good now. *Katana holds up the crossbow and shoots it to Vendra, instead Rayne gets in from and the bolt goes into his arm.* Rayne! *Gwen jumps over the table and removes her gloves. Katana tries to reload but Gwen gets to her first. Gwen punches her and sparks fly as Katana flies, Katana turns into Zelda who doubles over from the shock. Gwen and Carmen walk to Zelda who's clutching her heart and bleeding from the nose.* Zelda, what are you doing here? Loose the last of your fury?

    Gwen: She's a fury?

    Carmen: I told you that the two of you came here at the wrong time!

    Zelda: If your going to kill me do it now. My sister is much stronger than I, and she shall get revenge!

    Carmen: Sorry, you hurt my love. We won't let you get away that easy. Where's Katana? The real Katana!

    Zelda: I'll tell no one!

    Carmen: Gwen? *Gwen holds her hands close together to show a serge of blue electricity flowing between them.* Want to do the honors?

    Zelda: No! I'll tell you! Spare me.

    Gwen: Alright.

    Zelda: Cain, he has her in the school, top building. Since everyone left for summer he took it over, no one can get in without him knowing.

    Gwen: Thanks.

    Zelda: Can?can I go? *Gwen takes her hands and puts it on Zelda's throat, choking her and electrifying her.*

    Gwen: This is what you get for ****ing with my friends! *Zelda screams and dissolves, a small ruby is all that remains. Gwen picks it up and tosses it to Vendra.* The was fun.

    Rayne: Umm, thanks for the killing? My jacket took most of the damage from the bolt *Takes out the bolt.* I'm fine.

    Tara walks through the wall and right through Gwen.

    Tara: I've got news.

    Cut to: Leora, Angel, Willow and Illyria, Illyria is sulking at the window sill of what is left of a one story building of Wolfram and Hart. Angel is sitting in a ruined leather chair and Leora and Willow stand.

    Willow: Why did you call us?

    Angel: To slay the dragon.

    Willow: We didn't really help their. You could have done that by yourself.

    Angel: I need a spell.

    Willow: Thought so, that's all people really want these days, spells spells spells.

    Angel: Can you help?

    Willow: Is it big?

    Angel: Very, I need you to restore the city.

    Willow: Oh, no can do their. Lost most of my power remember?

    Angel:*To Leora.* You're a witch, can you do the spell for me?

    Leora: Save an entire city from ruin? You must be joking right? Even less powerful! Willow is more powerful than me!

    Angel: Alright. Any suggestions?

    Willow: Ya, do it by hand?

    Angel: If you haven't noticed, LA is kinda not very LA-ish anymore. As in me and Illyria were the only people here.

    Illyria: And Eve.

    Angel: And Eve, but she doesn't count.

    Willow: Well, I guess there is nothing we can do. Try the covenant in England. They do big mojo sometimes.

    Angel: Thanks. Willow there is one more thing. *He leans in and she does the same. Angel whispers and gestures to Illyria.* I need you to take Illyria, she's kind of a hastle for me right now.

    Willow: Well, I guess. I mean, no, I can't. But everyone else can.

    Angel: I need their help to show her emotions. Make her more human. It'll do her good. Plus, good fighter, she's the reason I'm here?and the reason most of LA isn't?

    Willow pulls Angel out of his office.

    Willow: Angel I'm leaving. I'm leaving Burnaby. I'm going with Tara to help her. I don't think she's happy about not being able to touch me. It's great what you want to do for her but I can't help you. If it's me you want, I'm sorry.

    Angel hands Willow the urn with Spike's dust.

    Angel: A certain friend will want this.

    Willow: She'll get it, I promise.

    Angel and Willow go back into the office. Illyria and Leora are glancing at each other until Angel comes in.

    Leora: Thank the gods for ending that silence.

    Angel: Illyria *Looks up.* Your going back with Leora to live there.

    Leora looks as if she's been shot down.

    Leora: Huh? But?

    Willow: Leora, please, you can do this!

    Leora: Well, she is a good fighter. She has good knowledge. We can use her.

    Illyria: Angel, explain.

    Angel: They need you.

    Illyria: Don't you, don't you need me?

    Angel: Not as much. I need to deal with this.

    Illyria: As you wish. Farewell Angel.

    Willow gets out her cell and calls the Sacred Circle.

    End act 1.


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      Act 2: Open to Tara and co. sitting around a table in the Sacred Circle.

      Tara: Willow just sent me a message through the message machine. *She stands up and goes to the machine and looks over it. No one moves until Rayne figures out that someone needs to press the button. He presses the button and then the message comes on.*

      Willow:*Message.* Carmen? Tara? Anyone? anyways, if you get the message I've got big news. Leora and I are on our way home with a fighter called Illyria. She's going to help us fight Cain. Angel got one last gift from Wolfram and Hart, Cain and Katana are at the school. We'll be there very soon. Look into a battle tactic, Tara and I will need to do a spell to help you guys get in. Once there, Rayne and Carmen should stay out and fight whatever comes, if something does come, they can screw up the spell. Leora and Illyria will go into the school and fight Cain. If anyone else shows like Rayne's friends, get them to guard the school too.

      Saffire bursts in, he's bleeding from the nose and limping.

      Saffire: Katana has been taken!

      Rayne: Saffire? How did you know Katana?

      Saffire: I?knew her before.

      Carmen: God what happened to you?

      Saffire: I tried to find her, Cain and the furies got me.

      Vendra: Who is this guy?

      Rayne: Saffire this is Vendra and Gwen. Were just about to leave for the airport so we can pickup Leora and Willow.

      Tara: No need.

      Willow and Leora come in. Followed by Illyria.

      Leora: This is Illyria. She will be officially creeping most of you out from now on. *Sees Vendra and Gwen.* Who are you anyways? We briefly met.

      Vendra: Vendra, mother of Rayne's child. This is Gwen my friend and protector.

      Leora:*To Carmen.* There will be serious storytelling when I get back.

      Vendra: So we have a plan?

      Leora: Willow and I figured it out. We decided.. We have until tomorrow night, then the plan goes in motion. Take time to get what you need and chill out. We don't need high strung people saving the world.

      Cut to: Gwen and Vendra in one of the corners of the Sacred Circle. They stand and talk to each other, both a little concerned.

      Gwen: What do you think of Rayne now? He's changed hasn't he?

      Vendra: Ya, he has. For the best I guess. *Holds onto her stomach.* And this thing inside me will help us out. It's the best thing the two of us ever did.

      Gwen: Or the best thing you and Chad did.

      Vendra: Ya?Chad.

      Gwen: I'm glad we can help them, it seems they need it.

      Vendra: As long as we don't get killed.

      Gwen: We should be safe. *Vendra leans in for a kiss. Gwen stops her.* We can't remember? You'll die.

      Vendra: No I won't I have faith in you. *They start kissing but Gwen stops her again.. Rayne walks over and sees them, he looks away. Vendra notices him and stops leaning into Gwen.*

      Rayne: I..I didn't know you went that way.

      Vendra: Well people change.

      Rayne: You realize this child is going to have like three mothers.

      Vendra: I know. It'll be full of love. *Rayne smiles and goes away.* Now, where were we?

      Cut to: Andrew in his apartment. He has a suitcase packed up. Theres a knock at the door. He hesitates but answers it. Willow and Tara walk in.

      Willow: All ready to go?

      Andrew: Ya, I guess. *He kind of frowns and turns back to himself. Tara looks concerned.*

      Tara: You really sure you want to go? Me and Willow can go ourselves.

      Andrew: No, it's just?They're such cool people. You know, Leora and them. They remind me of super heros.

      Willow: We can put if off I guess, if you wanna stay a bit longer.

      Andrew: This is something you need to do, you and Tara. We need her back. And we need to see why she's here at all.

      Tara: I'm glad your with us Andrew.

      Cut to: Rayne and Carmen in bed after the climax.

      Carmen: Well that was one of the better things we've done in the last few days.

      Rayne: Last time we were rudely interrupted remember?

      Carmen: Theres a hard journey in front of you.

      Rayne: As long as you're here I can do anything. Besides *Grabs her hand.* what says we can't have a few of our own?

      Carmen:*Smiling and then looking concerned.* Are you concerned?

      Rayne: About?

      Carmen: The fight, the odds of coming out alive are slim. Well, for all of us to come out alive anyways.

      Rayne: We'll be fine. I have faith in us. All of us.

      Carmen: Have some for me to ok?

      Rayne smiles.

      Cut to: Leora and Jean in a restaurant. The just look at each other not speaking much. Jean decides to break the silence.

      Jean: So, good wine eh?

      Leora: Huh? Oh, ya. *Takes a sip from her glass.* Very?wine-y.

      Jean: Is something bothering you? You seem a little?

      Leora: High strung?

      Jean: Ya, is it the date? Is it me?

      Leora: Oh, no you're fine! I have some stuff going on right now.

      Jean: Care to talk about it?

      Leora: Well I've been thinking. What if everything we do is for nothing. And no one makes a difference in the world. Would there really be purpose to be here? Are all the incidences just fait that was have nothing to do we?

      Jean: That's into philosophy there, I don't generally make a hypothesis on why were here.

      Leora: Well, do you think we really matter?

      Jean: I think we matter *Looks her in the eyes.* some more than they think. And more than others think. *Leora smiles.* I hope we make this into a habit. Going to dinner with each other. You're a great person and I don't want to loose you to someone else.

      Leora:*Worried again.* Me neither.

      Cut to: Illyria sulking at a window. Saffire comes over to her.

      Saffire: I had heard that the great Illyria, demon king was among us again. But I did not believe it until now.

      Illyria: It is so. But, due to recent events, I have lost my power.

      Saffire: I see that, you wish to ascend back to what you were?

      Illyria: There is much I wish.

      Saffire: Oh?

      Illyria: If things went my way I would have never left in the first place. And none of this would happen. Mankind has become to strong. If things were my way I wouldn't be stuck in this twigs body! If things were my way you would all be crawling before my and feel ashamed to look upon my face!

      Saffire: Humans are pathetic.

      Illyria: You yourself aren't much higher than them Saffire of The House Of Glandren. I know of your treachery. You would betray these beings instead and the mortal world instead of fight with them.

      Saffire: Wouldn't you?

      Illyria: I have changed my ways?for now. There is nothing I can do, Angel says I'm making due in the best way I can. But, I don' see how I can do any good for this world when I want to rip out the humans throats and use them as toothpicks.

      Saffire: We have no choice but to help them.

      Illyria: I have made my choice. This conversation is over Saffire. *She walks away.*

      Cut to: Carmen, Rayne and Gwen standing in front of the school.

      Leora Voiceover: Rayne, Carmen and I guess Gwen get the outside of the school.

      Cut to: Willow, Tara, and Vendra inside the Sacred Circle. Willow and Tara are down on their knees chanting. Vendra is watching and has a flanged mace in hand incase anything shows up.

      Leora Voiceover con't: Willow and Tara are going to do a spell to possibly help defeat Cain. Because you're pregnant, I don't want to risk your life in this so you stay here and help if you can.

      Cut to: Leora, Saffire and Illyria breaking the front doors to the school. Astro on Leora's shoulder. Leora holding a katana, Saffire with a battle axe.

      Leora Voiceover final: We get Cain.

      Cut to Rayne, Carmen and Gwen, each holding broadswords, waiting in front of the school.

      Rayne: How do we know this works?

      Carmen: If demons come then we know something's up.

      Gwen:*Motions to in front of them. A demon with horns and hoof-like hands is approaching.* I'm guessing Cain was expecting?

      Rayne: Let's go! *Meeting the demon and swinging his sword.*

      Cut to: Willow and Tara on the ground of the Sacred Circle chanting in inaudible latin, Vendra watching from beside. A vampire drops down from the now broken sun window. Tara looks to the side and then gets back to chanting. The vampire looks towards the two wiccas and growls. He then looks down at his heart and dusts, behind him is Vendra and a stake in her hand. She smiles at Tara.

      Cut to: Leora and Saffire coming onto the roof of the school. Cain and Nairobi are holding Katana over a cauldron with a dagger at her throat.

      Cain: Saffire, one more move and she gets killed!

      Saffire: No! Please don't kill her!

      Leora: Cain.

      Cain: Oh it's you. The one who set me free from my cursed existence. Remind me to take you to hell with me to torture you there personally.

      Leora: Won't be happening.

      Cain: Oh I really doubt that you'll be able to hold your own for long.

      Leora:*Raises katana* We'll see.

      Cain: Seeing as my sacrifice is right here and hell with her there really is no way to save your precious little town now.

      *Nairobi laughs as she takes the blade and begins to rub it down Katana's neck. Leora simply smiles.*

      Cain: You want your world to end?

      Leora: Yours is about to.

      Nairobi shrieks as her chest is impales by a pole. She drops the knife into the cauldron and falls over. Illyria stands behind ready to strike. She leaps and kicks at Cain who lets go of Katana and blocks. Cain sends Illyria flying off the roof and hit the ground. Illyria lands near Rayne and tries to get up. Astro flies off of Leora's shoulder and dive-bombs Cain. Cain notices the bird and uses his power to blow it away. Leora and Saffire charge him. Nairobi springs back up and stops Saffire. Leora takes the unoccupied Cain and sends a fireball at him while running, sending him into the school. Leora follows in.

      Cut to: Illyria getting up after falling off the roof. Carmen helps her up.

      Carmen: Are you ok?

      Illyria: My wounds are not mortal. I will live.

      Carmen: Great, won't mind helping down here for a while?

      The camera pans around to show Rayne being tossed onto the field by a horn demon and Gwen fighting another.

      Illyria: This will be easy to end.

      Illyria rushes past Carmen to the demon that knocked Rayne to the field. The demon punches Illyria in the face. Illyria hits the demon with the back of her hand. The demon kicks Illyria in the stomach, Illyria recoils back a few steps and then grabs the demons horns. She twists the horns and snaps the head off the body. Carmen rushes to Rayne.

      Gwen gets knocked back by her demon. The demon comes to Gwen, charging and ready to kill. Gwen removes her gloves and grabs the demons foot as its about to stomp on her. The demon falls to the ground and gasps for air until it finally dies. Gwen gets herself up and puts the gloves back on. Carmen helps Rayne over to the doors of the school. Illyria and Gwen stand around. Rayne gets up.

      Rayne: Where's Leora? *Looks to the roof.* I can't see her up there.

      Cut to: Saffire fighting Nairobi. Nairobi appears to be loosing the fight and her power. She screams and lunges at Saffire who simply jumps out of the way. Saffire whips his hair around and it extends, whipping Nairobi. Nairobi falls back to where Katana is. Saffire begins to laugh and his hair snaps to its regular long length.

      Saffire: Did you really thing you could kill me?

      Nairobi: Cain beat you up pretty bad. I thought you'd be easy.

      Saffire: Surprise little fury.

      Nairobi:*Grabbing Katana* I guess I'll have to kill her then!

      Saffire: *Eyes narrowing.* Katana is my daughter. I wouldn't do that if I were you.

      Nairobi: She's your what? *Katana puts a blade through Nairobi's skull in one short motion. Saffire goes over and helps her up.*

      Katana:*Weakly* I knew it was you. Mother always said bad things about you.

      Saffire: Are you going to be ok?

      Katana: I will, Cain used a spell to weaken me. I'll be back on my feet properly in no time.

      Saffire: *Smiles* Good. *He takes her and teleports away.*

      Cut to: Rayne, Saffire appears.

      Rayne: *Turns around face to face with Saffire* Ah! Don't do that!

      Saffire: Leora is inside. I'm taking Katana to her lair where she belongs. She will be better later *He disappears.*

      Rayne: Guess we need to get inside Illyria?

      Illyria goes up to the door and high-kicks it. She gets thrown backwards by a magical force.

      Carmen: Guess not.

      Cut to: Willow and Tara doing the spell. Close up shots of Willow and Tara's faces come to the screen. Tara begins to weaken. She opens her eyes and holds her head. She keeps going. They continue for a while into we hear a ringing noise. Tara seems to be the only one affected because she falls backwards. Willow opens her eyes and knocks over the candle which goes out. Willow looks at Tara and then tries to touch her. This time it works. Willow looks amazed and starts to run her hand along Tara's face. Tara looks up.

      Tara: Did we beat Cain?

      Willow: I can still feel him. He's not getting weaker.

      Vendra: What happened?

      Tara: *Noticing Willow's hand.* She brought me back.

      Cut to: Leora and Cain. Taking stances from across the commons. Astro perches on Leora's shoulder.

      Cain: Guess what witch!

      Leora: I'm going to die?

      Cain: That's right!

      Leora: As soon as my friends get in here I'm sure you'll be able to take all of us down *Rolls eyes.*

      Cain:*Snickers* Too bad they can't get in. *Close up of Leora's shocked face.* I sealed us in. You me and that pesky bird are all that's left.

      Leora: Oh crap!

      End act 2: Commercial break


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        Act 3:

        Back to Leora and Cain. Leora with her katana in hand and Cain with his fists clenched.

        Leora: So what's it feel like to be the first killer Cain? Was it fun? Exhilarating?

        Cain: I keep coming back for more don't I?

        Leora: Guess it's time I sent you to hell huh?

        Cain: We'll see witch.

        Leora holds her sword up to her faces and concentrates on the blade. Cain begins to run at her. Leora doesn't move but keeps concentrating. The blade ignites on fire as Cain reaches Leora. Leora slashes the sword and is knocked against the opposite wall. Cain turns around, a red mark dripping with blood across his face, the katana at his feet, broken. Leora lays on the ground with a bloody nose. Cain laughs and spits out blood onto her face. Leora looks up at him.

        Cain: I knew you couldn't win witch.

        Leora: *Holding her arm, it appears to be broken.* I?I?will beat?you.

        Cain kicks Leora in the face and then kneels on the ground next to her.

        Cain: Now that you can't stop me the world will end. And your friends aren't anything like you, believe me. All I need is your blood! *He takes out the dagger that fell into the cauldron.* You ever want to know what hell looks like? *He edges in closer. We see from Leora's point of view a bright light come towards her. Leora grins with satisfaction. As Cain edges to her Astro flies behind him and sinks his claws into Cain. Cain lets out a yell and turns around. Astro claws out one of Cain's eyes. Cain topples over to one side holding his hand over his eye socket. A white light flashes over Leora's face. She gets up and walks over to Cain. Astro flies into Leora's back. Leora screams in agony and falls over. Her nails extend and become long and claw-like. The back of her shirt rips and two black wings emerge. She holds onto her heart and looks directly to the screen, eyes red. Cain stands up with a bloody eye socket. He looks at the figure in front of him with his eye and looks amazed.

        Leora: We shall see who wins now! *She takes her claws and mauls his face before he gets a chance to do anything. Cain grabs his face and she stops. He goes to attack but Leora flies up into the air. Leora dive-bombs Cain, claws extended and in front of her. Cain yells and falls backward. Leora flies into a pillar. Cain stands up.

        Cain: It appears none of us will win! *He holds up his hand and mutters in latin. Leora looks over and realizes what he's doing. She makes for the exit as fast as she can but can't get the door open due to the spell he cast. We get a last shot of Cain's face as he explodes. Leora continues to try the door. The screen goes white.

        Cut to: The school in ruins. Rayne, Carmen, Illyria and Gwen looking around for Leora separately.

        Rayne: Leora?

        Illyria: It appears she has taken the school with her.

        Rayne looks down and picks up the topaz from Nairobi's body.

        Carmen stumbles on a bloodied up Leora with no wings or claws. She goes down beside her sadly.

        Carmen: You can't end this way.

        Leora:*Smiling.* Who says I'm dead?

        Cut to: The Sacred Circle. Leora's in a chair with most of her wounds fixed. Rayne, Illyria and Carmen are beside her. Vendra and Gwen are sitting in a couch near the books. Willow, Tara and Andrew are in front of Leora.

        Willow: I guess this is the end of our adventures together Leora.

        Andrew: It was an honor to serve you.

        Leora gets up and hugs Tara.

        Tara: It's good to see you safe.

        Leora: It's good to see you alive.

        Rayne:*Hugging Willow.* Keep in touch and don't forget to call us if you need help

        Carmen: You have any idea of what your doing?

        Andrew: Willow wants to see why Tara really came back. Were heading to her roots to see what we can find.

        Willow and Tara hold hands and walk to the door. Andrew opens it and goes out.

        Andrew: Goodbye.

        Willow: See you soon.

        The camera focus' on Leora, Illyria, Rayne and Carmen. Leora smiles.

        Cut to: Katana's lair. Katana is standing and talking to Saffire.

        Saffire: There is much I need to know about you. You have been on this world for a long time and I don't know anything of your life before. It's just?.*He hands her a whip wrapped in a blue cloth.*

        Katana: What is it?

        Saffire: That whip was given to you at birth. I took it until the time was right.

        Katana: What time would that be?


        Saffire: We aren't on the same side.

        Katana: We aren't?

        Saffire: You'll see Katana. Soon all will be clear. *He teleports away leaving our last shot a confused Katana.*

        End season.