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Raven Episode 1.13 "Fury" Part 1

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  • Raven Episode 1.13 "Fury" Part 1

    *Note* As of Spring 2007, Season 1 episodes will be recreated as "Raven Remastered" episodes. The entire original run of season 1 and 2 episodes as well as 3.6 will be redone to add to the quality of the series. The purpose is to make seasons 1 and 2 to the quality of seasons 3 and 4. Look in the index for the Remastered episodes. The originals are posted for comparison*

    Raven episode 1.13 "Fury"

    Leora voiceover: Previously on Raven

    *Shot of Scarlet and Katana raising Cain in 1.1.*

    Scarlet: Cain, first killer, I call on you! You work for me!

    *Shot of Wood dying in his apartment.*

    Wood: Faith, I love you. I always will. Move on

    *Shot of Giles and Faith leaving for England.*

    *Shot of Faith talking to Leora and Willow.*

    Faith: B needs my help. Lots to do and I need to help. See ya round.

    *Shot of Katana and Leora fighting Cain. Leora slices open Cain's stitches.*

    Cain: That's better!

    *Shot of Cain blowing Leora and Katana away.*

    *Shot of Cain holding Leora up by her neck.*

    Cain: I'm the master of winds. With my voice I shall destroy this city! As soon as I have the power to do so you will be no more!

    *Shot of Leora, cut up in the face and bruised and Katana, also bruised, talking to Rayne and Willow.*

    Leora: Now of all we need to do this. We need to find a way to fight Cain now, before it's too late.

    End recap.

    Intro: Open to: Willow, Tara and Leora, sitting in a circle, doing a spell in Leora's darkened room.

    Leora: Ares, god of war, we call for your help.

    Willow: War is upon us and we need you council.

    Tara: Guide us through this time of great need.

    Leora: Ares, god of war. Come.

    *The room becomes very dark and the three witches look up, all black eyed. Instead of Aries appearing, the women come, all of different hair colour and ethic background.*

    Tara:*Confused.* Ares?

    Japanese Fury: Wrong child! Were the furies!

    African Fury: And were here to wreck vengeance on the ones that killed our worshiper!

    *The furies hold hands and put a hole through the ceiling of the room.*

    Caucasian Fury: If you have the courage to fight us, then you will need to find us first.

    Willow:*Angrily.* Shit.

    *End intro*

    Theme song: Eternal by Evanescence, all rights to this song belong to Amy Lee.

    Kate Beckinsale - Leora Byrne
    AJ Cook - Carmen White
    Eliza Dushku - Faith
    Kelly Giddish - Katana
    And Michael Vartan as Arthur Rayne

    Special Guest Star:
    Jennifer Smith as Scarlet

    Guest starring:
    Alyson Hannigan...Willow Rosenberg
    Amber Benson...Tara Maclay
    Wes Ramsey...Saffire
    Lucy Lui?Japanese Fury (Setsuna)
    Vivica A. Fox?African Fury (Nairobi)
    Daryl Hannah?Caucasian Fury (Zelda)
    Tom Lenk?Andrew Wells
    And Nick Sperling as Cain

    Created by: Alexander Brown
    Based on Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel by Joss Whedon, all rights owned by him for Willow, Tara, and Andrew.
    Written by: Alexander Brown and Travis Truant
    Produced by: Travis Truant-Simpson
    Edited by: Raven Adams
    Leora, Rayne, Carmen, Cain, The Furies and the teleplay copyrighted to Phoenix inc.
    Katana, Scarlet and Saffire copyrighted to Digilee ent.

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    Act 1: Open to Leora, Tara and Willow exiting Leora's room to find Rayne in the living room.

    Tara: Where did we go wrong?

    Willow: I don't know. I guess we got the words wrong? Or maybe we missed something.

    Leora: Well now we have a real problem on our hands!

    Rayne: What's wrong? What did Aries say?

    Leora: We released the furies.

    Rayne: At a time like this? How?

    Willow: Were not sure.

    Leora: We better get to them. This isn't the time for screwing around. We need to get to them quick before Cain finds them.

    Tara: What will he do if he gets them?

    Leora: He's looking for allies to bring the end of the world, we need to stop them!

    Rayne: I'll get the others here.

    *Cut to: Saffire in the Sacred Circle working the cash register counting the profits of the day. Carmen comes downstairs and greets him there.

    Saffire: What is it this time Carmen?

    Carmen: Huh?

    Saffire: Your rushing off again, with weapons. New evil afoot? Demons to kill?

    Carmen: Oh, ya. Sorry I have to leave you all the time. If ya want to come you could help us out.

    Saffire: I have other business to attend to. I'll call if I find anything about the furies.

    Carmen:*Shocked.* What? How do you know about that? I never told you anything about them.

    Saffire:*Nervously.* I?uh? yes you did! You?ah?mentioned them remember?

    Carmen: Hmm. Well, I'll be back later.*We follow her out of the shop to see her suspiciously looking back at Saffire.*

    Cut to: Katana in her lair, praying to her sword which is on top of a shrine. She chants to it and then closes her eyes. Scarlet appears behind her. Scarlet is dressed in a black velvet V-neck dress that goes past her feet. He hair is out and goes down past her bottom.

    Scarlet: So odd, I loved my daughter with all my soul yet she's the reason I'm dead.

    Katana:*opening her eyes.* Mother? *Turns around and notices her appearance.* What are you doing here? I mean your dead. How is this possible?

    Scarlet: Can't a mother visit her daughter? Is that wrong? I mean it is only 1472.

    Katana: 1472? The year? I was born?

    Scarlet: Yes dear. The year D'Hoffryn took you to be his assassin with me. The year I brought you to him. The year we had a family.

    Katana: What? What do you mean?

    Scarlet: He's not your father.

    Katana: Excuse me? What do you mean he's not my father?

    Scarlet: That is why I am here, to tell you the truth and to tell you that they need you.

    Katana: They?

    Scarlet: Your comrades.

    Katana: How bad is it?

    Scarlet: The three.

    Katana:*Runs out of her lair.*

    Scarlet: Oh yes, our family is coming together again.

    End act 1: Commercial Break


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      Act 2: Open to Leora in her classroom before class starts. She looks to the back of the room, flashes of her nightmare come up, of her dead class, of Caitlin dying, of her vampire sister, and the words Caitlin said to her. The bell rings and only Caitlin comes into the class.

      Leora: Last day Caitlin! Excited?

      Caitlin: Not really, I like school I guess.

      Leora: Well it was a weird year for you, for both of us.

      Caitlin: Guess I was the only one to show up eh?

      Leora: Appears so.

      Caitlin: So, you said you were going to teach me some magicks.

      Leora: Perhaps I will. But I must warn you, there not as happy as you thought. For some theres no coming back from it.

      Caitlin: Like drugs?

      Leora: Very much like drugs. I know a person that over dosed on magick.

      Caitlin: Is she ok?

      Leora: For the time being. It seems she may be slipping again. Last night we did a spell to summon the god of war himself. We ended up releasing something much worse?

      Caitlin: When do I learn?

      Leora:*Takes a piece of paper and writes down her address and phone number.* This is my address and number, call me when you're really ready. Think about the journey your about to embark on, the things your going to learn, and think about what you'll miss. As I said before, you can never come back. *Caitlin looks nervous.* Class dismissed, see you soon. *She begins to leave but comes back.* Do you need a job?

      Cut to: Saffire, going for a walk through a graveyard. He sees Cain ahead by a tree and runs towards him. He hides behind a tree as he finds Cain is talking to three women.

      Cain: Shall you fight for me? Or will I summon Destiny myself to take you back to your desert?

      Asian Fury: Fine, we shall defeat your nemesis Leora and bring you Katana.*Saffire's expression goes angry. The Furies leave and Cain begins to go.*

      Saffire:*Walking out.* Cain! You and I have business to attend to!

      Cain:*Turning around.* Like what? *Sees Saffire.* Oh, you? I was hoping to find you!

      Saffire: You were?

      Cain: I need to ask you about Katana.

      Saffire: Leave her alone! *He swings his hair around at him.*

      *Cut to: Andrew, contemplating in his hotel room. Flashes of his dream go on the screen and Andrew closes his eyes and rocks back and forward, first slowly and then fast and violently. Theres a knock at the door. Andrew ignores it. The knocking doesn't stop.

      Andrew:*Eyes tight close.* There not going to take it away, there not going to take it way.*The knocking stops.*

      Carmen:*Behind the door.* Andrew! It's me! Open up!

      Andrew: Oh?.*He unlocks the door and lets Carmen in.* Sorry about that?bad dream.

      Carmen: Well, get dressed, we need help.

      Andrew: What with?

      Carmen: Leora, Willow and Tara released the Furies.

      Andrew: Oh?that really does seem important?.I better not go, I'll mess it up. Like everything.

      Carmen: Andrew, get your ass ready and get to Leora's NOW! *She leaves and slams the door.*

      Andrew:*Getting in bed.* I don't want to.

      *Cut to: Saffire having Cain's neck by his hair.*

      Saffire: Leave Katana alone!

      Cain:*Struggling* I don't want to! *He exhales and Saffire goes flying, hair and all. Cain gets up and walks to him.* Aww, couldn't protect her from Scarlet and now you can't from me.*Kicks Saffire in the face. Kicks Saffire in stomach.* Lucky for you there are some girls I must attend to.*He teleports with a flash of light. Saffire lays there, weakened and bloody.*

      End act 2: Commercial Break.


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        Act 3 open to: Leora and Rayne. Walking through an abandoned building.

        Leora: So that was it? You and Carmen just like that?

        Rayne: Ya, I can't say I saw it coming but I'm glad it did. She's great ya know, and I'm not one to say stuff like that.

        Leora: I know?I'm glad you two are happy.

        Rayne: So, where are we meeting Katana?

        Leora: You realize I will kill you if you hurt her.


        Leora: Good, Katana will be in the room the Furies are gathered in, I wonder what happened to Andrew.

        Rayne: Who cares? He was kinda useless anyways.

        Leora: Ya, but he was funny. Always get a laugh out of him.

        Rayne: Well he has been off since my father was her?*They see Katana ahead, approaching them.*

        Katana: There is a mystical barrier around the room. Willow said this may happen. What are we to do?

        Leora: Willow, Tara and Carmen will probably be able to down the barrier.*She gets out a cell phone.*

        *Cut to: Willow, Tara, and Carmen in Faith's old apartment. Willow and Tara are on their knees chanting, Carmen picks up the phone.*

        Carmen: Don't worry Le, their on it!*Hangs up*

        *Cut back to Leora.*

        Leora: That was rude! The barrier should be down in a second! *Katana puts her hands to the door. Theres a loud clicking noise the then Katana pushes it open. Rayne, Leora and Katana walk in to see a cave, it's pitch black. Leora lifts up her hands and chants in latin. The room lights up. There's weapons on the side of the cave . They walk in and look around. No ones inside it.

        Katana: Furies! Show yourself!

        We hear laughter and Setsuna jumps down, Chinese Broadsword on hand.

        Setsuna: You really thing you can take on the furies?

        Leora: Where's the rest of you?

        Setsuna: Off with Cain planning the apocalypse. I decided to stick around and get you if you decided to show up in my cave. The reason you found it is theres mystic energy that the witch smelt! Now I will defeat you! *She takes a stance and waits for the others to come at her. Leora and Katana take out their katana and charge at her. Setsuna blocks their hits. Rayne goes to the wall and grabs a dagger from the side. Leora and Katana stand back and Rayne charges Setsuna. Setsuna kicks Rayne into the wall. He falls and a barachide gets loose from the side and falls in front of him. He picks it and swings it.*

        Rayne: This is better. *He swings it at Setsuna who holds her sword against it. The struggle against each other until Katana jumps on top of the barachide and takes off Setsuna's head. The body falls over and a green jewel falls out. Leora picks it up and looks at it curiously.* What is it?

        Leora: An emerald from what I can tell. But what is it doing inside her?

        Suddenly the other two furies appear, they grab Katana and teleport away. Leora looks around and notices she's gone.

        Leora: Katana?

        Rayne: What happened?

        Leora: I don't know. Maybe she left, she is a little unpredictable.

        Cut to: Caitlin, walking into the Sacred Circle. Leora is showing Tara the emerald.

        Leora: Can you look into this?

        Tara: I guess. Kinda not fun flipping pages with magicks though. Wish I could still touch things.

        Leora: We'll work on that. For now we need to finish this. *She sees Caitlin walking in, looking amazed.* Hey!

        Caitlin: Oh, hey Ms. Byrne.

        Leora: Please, call me Leora. It's out of school.


        Leora: Want me to show you around?

        Caitlin: Sure! Are you certain your friend can get me a job here?

        Leora: She owns the place. She told me to place you somewhere. I work here during the summer. *They walk over to Rayne in one corner of the room with weapons behind him.* This is Rayne. He's in charge of weaponry at the shop.

        Rayne: Hey kid.

        Leora: I'll start you off here, there isn't much magick involved in it.

        Caitlin: Ok.

        Leora: Rayne is also co-owner of the store now. He only started last week and he already got this far.

        Caitlin: Why?

        Leora: He's with Carmen.

        Caitlin: With her in what ways.

        Leora: I'll tell you later. *They walk over to Tara who's looking through a bunch of books.* This is Tara. She's a ghost. This is the research center. We research here when we need to find what's the what in the world.

        Caitlin: How did you die? And why are you back?

        Tara: Long story sweetie.

        Caitlin: What do you think break times for? *Tara smiles. Leora takes Caitlin to Willow.*

        Leora: This is Willow. Tara's girlfriend and the person in charge of magick books and dark arts.

        Willow: Hey, you must be Caitlin. Leora talks about you a lot.

        Caitlin: Hey.

        Leora: Willow have you seen Saffire?

        Willow: Nope. His shift started an hour ago.

        Leora: Ok. *To Caitlin.* The Egyptian guy who's normally here is in charge of charms and enchanted objects. We don't know where he is. *To Willow.* Thanks Willow! See ya around. *Caitlin and Leora go up to Carmen behind the cash register talking to Rayne.* And this is Carmen, she's the owner of the store.

        Carmen: Hey there shooter.

        Leora: She's southern. You'll get used to it. *Carmen slaps her lightly.*

        Carmen: You start Monday.*Her and Rayne turn around and go up the stairs.*

        Leora: Where you off too you two?

        Rayne: Upstairs. *They leave.*

        Leora: Ok, how about we go help Tara research?

        Caitlin: Sure. *The door opens.*

        Leora: Can I help you? *We don't see who it is.* Rayne? He's upstairs. You can't go there. Oh? I understand. *We see the backs of two women go up the stairs. The phone rings, Willow picks it up.*

        Willow: Hello, Sacred Circle, can I help you? Angel is that you? LA is what? I can hardly hear you? You need help? I guess I can come. Ok, see you as soon as possible. *Hangs up and grabs her coat.*

        Leora: What is it?

        Willow: Angel, he needs our help.

        Leora: Ok. I'm coming too.

        Willow: We leave now.

        Leora: Ok. Tara, can you make sure Caitlin gets home ok?

        Caitlin: I'll be ok.

        Willow: And make sure to tell Carmen what's the what.

        Tara: Sure. Fill me on when you get back.

        Willow: Thanks. *Leora and Willow leave.*

        Caitlin:*Sits on the bench with Tara.* So, do you do magick?

        Cut to: Rayne and Carmen in bed.

        Carmen: Will ya always love me like ya do?

        Rayne: Hopefully. My life is much better with you around.

        Carmen: Aren't you sweet.

        Rayne: I've been known to be to few. *Theres a knock at the door. Carmen gets up and puts a blanket over herself.*

        Carmen:*Going to the door.* Damn Leora can't wait 15 minutes. *She opens it. A pregnant woman comes in followed by Gwen Raiden (from Angel).* Can I help you? *The woman walks to Rayne and stares at him. Rayne looks in shock at her.* Rayne?

        Rayne: Vendra? Gwen? Why are you here?

        Vendra: Your child is coming. *The camera zooms onto Vendra's pregnant stomach.*

        End episode.

        Hayley West
        And Alexa Davalos as Gwen Raiden