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Raven Episode 1.12 "Patriach" Part 2

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  • Raven Episode 1.12 "Patriach" Part 2

    *Note* As of Spring 2007, Season 1 episodes will be recreated as "Raven Remastered" episodes. The entire original run of season 1 and 2 episodes as well as 3.6 will be redone to add to the quality of the series. The purpose is to make seasons 1 and 2 to the quality of seasons 3 and 4. Look in the index for the Remastered episodes. The originals are posted for comparison*

    Raven 1.12: "Listen to the Rayne" part. 2

    Just to torture you I'm not going to put out episode 13 for 2 weeks. I decided to put 12 out cause, again, I want to catch up for lost time. Bes happy, 2 episodes left and then season 2 comes!

    Note: This episode was written by me and three other writers as an role playing episode. Every once in a while we'll have episode's like these just to mix writing styles and the good skills and ideas of writers of next season. I myself wrote only half the episode and I feel it's the worse part. *Take a guess at which part.* I also want to introduce the styles of my next season co-writers Jenn Smith and Lauren O'Reilly who will fill the shoes of Travis as he will only be teleplaying. Enjoy this episode. It's a fav of mine.

    Teaser: Starts with Leora walking down the hallway into her classroom. Leora is holding a few books as she walks into her room she drops her books. She looks to the back to see Feora sitting holding Caitlin by her hair. Leora looks to see the entire class dead and covered in blood, bodies scattered across the floor. Feora grins with her vampire face, her mouth dripping with blood.

    Feora: Hello sister of mine.

    Leora: Feora?!

    Feora takes a bite out of Caitlin's neck. Caitlin slumps to the ground with blood running down her neck. Leora wants to run to her but can't. Feora looks up to her sister and wipes her mouth and turns back to her human face. Feora gets up and stands looking at her sister.

    Feora: Guess I'm stronger then you thought? Le

    Feora walks up to her sister and stops in front of the teacher's desk, she kicks the desk and slides it at Leora pinning her against the wall. Feora jumps onto the desk and kneels down to her sister.

    Feora: Sorry Sis.

    Feora turns back into her vampire face and bites into her neck. Leora's eyes widen as she tries to scream but nothing comes out. Her mouth drops as she closes her eyes from the pain. Caitlin's dead body appears beside Leora and gives her a small smile.

    Caitlin (Whispering): That which was once dead is now living.

    Leora opens her eyes again about to speak.

    *Cut to*: Everyone's body still asleep. Zoom up to Carmen, Tara, Katana and Rayne watching over their bodies. Tara steps forward looking at Willow.

    Tara: We have to find a way to wake them up. This can't be safe. If the entire city is under this deep sleep with all those vampires roaming around?

    Katana: The town's people are weak, the vampires sense this. They are coming to feed.

    Rayne grabs his coat and pulls a broadsword off the wall. He walks to the door then turns around to face Katana and Tara.

    Rayne: Katana, Carmen?take care of the town and Tara stay here and protect the bodies.

    Carmen: What? No, I want to fight with you, Rayne.

    Rayne: I need you to protect the city.

    Carmen: Fine?

    Katana walks past Rayne and looks at him.

    Katana: I will do my best, but I cannot save them all. It is a large city and I am one person.

    Rayne nods and Katana walks out. Carmen follows. Rayne looks at Tara.

    Rayne: Be careful, he may come back for them.

    Tara: Don't worry about me, I can't die twice.

    *Cut to:* A while later, Tara watching over the bodies. She kneels down to Willow and makes a small smile.

    Tara: Don't worry baby, I won-

    A man bursts into the door in a black robe covered in blood. The man's back faces the camera. He removes his hood and Tara gasp.

    Tara: Giles?!

    Opening Credits: Theme song Eternal by Evanescence

    Kate Beckinsale - Leora Byrne
    AJ Cook - Carmen White
    Eliza Dushku - Faith
    Kelly Giddish - Katana
    And Michael Vartan as Arthur Rayne

    Special Guest Starring:
    Robin Sachs?Ethan Rayne
    James Marsters? Spike
    Seth Green?Oz
    And Anthony Stewart Head as Rupert Giles

    Guest Starring:
    Alyson Hannigan...Willow Rosenbery
    Milla Jovovich? Feora Byrne
    Caitlin Wachs?Caitlin Smith
    Tom Lenk?Andrew Wells
    DB Woodside?Robin Wood
    Nick Sperling?Cain
    Adam Busch?Warren
    Danny Strong?Jonathan
    Iyari Limon?Kennedy
    K.D. Aubert?Nikki Wood
    Wes Ramsey...Saffire
    And Amber Benson as Tara MaClay

    Created by: Alexander Brown
    Based on: Angel and Buffy the Vampire Slayer created and owned by Joss Whedon and Mutant Enemy
    The characters Faith, Wood, Spike, Giles, Ethan, Willow, Tara, Kennedy, And Oz were created by Joss Whedon, all rights belong to him.
    Copyrighted to: Phoenix inc. & Digilee inc.
    Written by: Alexander Brown & Travis Truant & Jenn Smith & Lauren O'Reilly
    Edited by: Jenn Smith & Raven Adams
    Executive Producer: Travis Truant
    Co-Producer: Alexander Brown

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    Act 1: Willow is walking though UC Sunnydale, she seems to be in a daze looking for someone. The entire campus is empty and everything is dark except for one room which has a light on. Willow opens the door to see werewolf Oz killing Kennedy. She is about to stop him but Tara walks in from another door.

    Willow: Tara?

    Tara: Willow? What are you doing here?

    Willow: I really do not know, to tell you the truth.

    Tara smiles and walks over to Oz. She pats him on the head and he stops. Kennedy starts to scream from the pain.

    Willow: Kennedy?

    Tara: Leave her. She will die?

    Tara places a leash around Oz's neck and he turns back into his human form. He looks up at Willow and gives her an emotionless face.

    Oz: Willow? I'm sorry for this.

    Tara: Shhh.

    Willow looks at Oz then to Tara who snaps Oz's neck. She smiles and lets his body fall to the floor.

    Willow: Tara! What did you do?!

    Tara: Do not worry? The endless have yet to come to an end.

    Willow: What? How?

    Tara: Willow? It will all be clear?

    Willow: What do you mean? Tara you just killed Oz!

    Tara (with Oz's voice): It's not what we really need but what we really want in life to get us though?

    Tara's face turns into vampire and Willow screams.

    *Cut to: Tara and Giles stand in the corpse-filled room.*

    Tara: Hi, Giles.

    Giles: ?Tara? ?This isn't possible?

    Tara: Well, the theory is that after my soul went to hell, Willow went back and saved it.

    Giles: Theory?

    Tara: ?We don't actually know.

    Giles: Tara?two years?

    Tara: -smiles- You go to London and you miss a few things, Giles.

    Giles: -smiles back- ?It's good to have you back. ?moves in for a hug and goes through her, stops and turns back in confusion-

    Tara: I'm not entirely back. My body is still dead?some things can't be fixed, even by witches.

    Giles: Ah?it's still good to have you back.

    *Tara nods and smiles*

    Cut to: In front of the Sacred Circle.
    Katana stands, traditional Japanese katana in hand. Three vampires, two male and one female stand before her. Saffire watches through a window.

    *Katana launches into a whirling charge into the midst of the vampires, aiming neck-level slashes at all three. One male ducks, the other catches a short gash on the neck which quickly heals up, and the female jumps back. The female kicks high at Katana's head, but Katana leans sideways and stabs into the femme vamp's midsection, only pushing her back. The two males rush in. One hold her from behind while the other tries to get a bite in at the neck. Katana uses the male behind her for support and kicks up at the other's chest, sending him flying backwards and into a concrete wall. She snaps her head backwards into his nose, and a sickening crunch is heard. The vampire staggers backwards.
    Katana leaps free, turns then leaps towards the vamp and decapitates him in one swift blow.
    She jumps into a whirling kick and smashes the female vamp in the face by surprise, lands and deftly cuts the vamp's head off.
    Only the female is left now. The two circle each other, the vampire snarling. Katana fakes a lunge left and leaps right, punching her in the ribs. Katana whirls and aims a slash at the vamp's neck. The vamp's head goes flying and bounces off the window of the Sacred Circle, and both head and body dusts after a moment.*

    Katana: Now?where is Carmen?

    *Cut to: Carmen walking briskly a distance behind Rayne down a street.
    Rayne walks into a warehouse. Carmen walks to a grimy window, trying to watch what's going on inside.*

    Rayne wanders around between the crates, trying to find his father. After a long, silent while, Rayne spots Carmen at the window and begins to yell at her to go.

    *Ethan floats down from an upper level down to Rayne.*

    Ethan: Hello, son. Have you been having fun trying to protect them all?

    Rayne: How do I wake them up?! Tell me!

    Ethan: Hmm?I suppose you'll have to kill me.

    *Rayne raises his boradsword and charges at Ethan, then slashes.*

    End Act 1: Commercial Break


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      Act 2: Open to Faith, moving down the streets of New York. She looks around her at the people going around her with their nightly events. People going to and from work with suitcases, people looking in shops on their way down the street. Faith comes to the subway station. She notices no one is coming up from the stairs. She sees Wood supposedly guiding her down. She hesitantly follows him down the stairs. He goes onto a subway car and watches Faith. Faith then runs onto the car before it leaves the station. When on the car, Spike is there. Spike and Wood stand there. This appears to be the fight between Nikki and Spike years ago when Wood was a child?but, where was Nikki? And why was Wood wearing her jacket? Wood begins to talk.

      Wood: Well, slut. I guess that my love was too great for even you. Sleeping with that Angel and turning him evil was supposed to what? Make me happy? Jealous? Confused or tuned on? Well, sorry love, neither came.

      Faith: Wait Robin!*She goes to speak more but can't.*

      Wood: This is where I die. The end of me.

      Spike:*Leaps on Wood, sinking his teeth into him.* Bloody bugger! Tracked me down you did!

      Faith tries to scream but can't. She then tried to cover her eyes but can't. Spike moves down on Wood, who isn't dead. He snaps his neck and then steals his jacket.

      Spike:*To Faith.* And this is how it's done! *Puts on jacket.* Who's next? *To Faith quietly.* Sorry pet, seeing as you're the only one left, I guess it'll be you! *He backs Faith into the side of the train. Faith can't get free. She looks at Wood. Wood turns into Nikki suddenly and then back to Wood. Faith blackouts.

      *Cut to: Tara and Giles, watching the bodies and talking.*

      Tara: So B-Buffy's ok?

      Giles: Ya, the passing of Dawn took her into depression. Not even The Immortal could cheer her up. She's better now.

      Tara: Well at least she knows that Faith and Wood weren't responsible for Dawn's insanity.

      Giles: That's partly why I came here.

      Tara: Huh?

      Giles: Faith has to come back with me. We need someone to train what few slayers we have left after what happened at the academy and council headquarters.

      Tara: You think she'll want to go? I mean Buffy just accused her of a high crime and hunted her down!

      Giles: Buffy moved to Italy. She quit being in charge for the time being. We need Faith and all the help we can get.

      Tara: Willow?

      Giles: No, she's needed here it looks like.

      Tara: No, I mean look! *Giles and Tara turn around to see Willow groaning and waking up. Tara rushes to Willow and tried to kiss her. Instead she goes through her. Tara frowns. Leora and Faith beside them also get up.* Willow.

      Willow: Tara? What happened?

      Tara: It's ok Willow! Your better!

      Leora:*Holding her head.* Ow my head!

      Faith: Why are we here?

      Giles: Ethan Rayne cursed the town. You were all sleeping

      Faith: Giles!

      Giles: Hello Faith.

      Willow: I guess the spell wore off.

      Leora:*Looking outside.* There's still people asleep on the street.

      Tara: And look, Andrew's still out cold.

      Leora: Then why are we awake and he's not? *Shots of Leora's, Faith's and Willow's dreams pop onto screen.*

      Giles: Tara, you said this Katana girl was out protecting the town right?

      Tara: Yes, with Carmen.

      Giles: Umm, Leora is it?

      Leora: Yep.

      Giles: You and Faith go out and help them protect the town.

      Faith: Together?

      Giles: No, go separate. You can help save more people that way.

      Willow: What do we do?

      Giles: I may have brought some things to help. We can only hope Rayne can weaken his father. You and Tara need to help me save everyone. And to make sure Andrew's safe.

      Faith: Gotcha!

      *Cut to: Rayne being held up by the throat by his father. Both look beaten badly but it appears that Ethan has won.*

      Ethan: Your just like your mother! Come at me with all you got and can't even weaken me! *Drops him.*Now you get to die like your mother did!

      Rayne: What do you mean? My mother died in a plane crash.

      Ethan: Did she? Or did it only appear like that?

      Rayne: You! *Coughs up blood.* I'll get you for that! *Ethan kicks his son onto his side.*

      Ethan: No, dear boy. I don't think you shall! And your town won't be able to wake up!

      Rayne: You can't kill me. I'm your son!

      Ethan: Watch me!*He takes Rayne's sword from the ground beside him and stands over him.* Time to die! *BANG! Carmen comes, nearly crying, from behind the door, smoking handgun in hand. Ethan falls down, clutching his chest. She rushes over to Rayne and helps him up.*

      Rayne: Carmen.

      Carmen: No need to thank me now! We have to go! Ethan has been worshipping a very powerful demon that has given him extra strength. The bullets won't last!

      Ethan:*From behind.* Right you are! *He raises his hand up and creates a fireball. He throws it at Carmen.

      End Act 2


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        Act 3: Open to Andrew. In Mexico sitting in a chair in his and Jonathan's room. He sits on the couch trying to read Spanish. Jonathan comes in.

        Jonathan: Andrew, are you still learning Mexican?

        Andrew: Always will be. Kind of need to now that were illegally over the border right now.

        Jonathan: You learned Klingon in two weeks. It's taken you two years to get this far.

        Andrew: She's coming for us shorty. She got Warren and now were next.

        *Warren appears beside Jonathan.*

        Warren: Did she?

        Andrew: Warren? Back from the grave beyond? *He gets up to hug Warren but falls down right after, unable to move his legs. He's all of a sudden trapped on a white bed naked with Warren and Evil Willow overtop of him.* Ah! Warren she's right there!

        Warren: Shut up!

        Andrew:*Noticing he's naked.* Is there a good reason I'm like this? I mean, ya I do this all the time with Jonathan but still.

        Evil Willow: You shall feel pain! Like he did! *She grabs a dagger from nowhere and begins slicing between Andrew's legs.

        Andrew: Willow, Warren? I need that! *Warren grabs what was there. Instead of what's supposed to be there, theres a hotdog instead. Warren eats it.

        *Screen goes white and we here Andrew yelling.*

        Cut to: Andrew waking up, grabbing onto Giles leg.

        Andrew: Give that back!

        Giles: Andrew?

        Andrew: Mr. Giles? *He gets up and hugs Giles, who is, resistant to accept the gesture but gives in.*

        Cut to: Faith, finding her apartment door open. She walks into it and sees a pool of blood on the floor. She looks in horror as the camera shows its Wood's legs from behind a couch. Faith has flashbacks of her nightmare and screams. She rushes to the not dead Wood.
        Wood:*Weakly.* Faith? Is that you? I came to find you and tell you I love you. And to make it better,

        Faith:*Cries.* Robin! Don't die on me now!

        Wood: I love you. *He stops moving and his eyes stay open, pupils not moving. Faith grabs a lamp and smashes it into the wall. She then starts punching the wall and destroying furniture. She sees the bite marks on his neck and blood on his lips. She know what must be done. She takes a stake.

        Faith:*Crying.* I love you.*She shoves the stake into his heart, he turns to dust. She falls back and picks up the phone.* Hello? Giles? Wood, he's dead!*She burst into tears again.* Vampire got him. He was about to turn. I think I'll go to England with you after all.

        *Cut to: Rayne and Carmen. Fireball flying towards Carmen. Rayne jumps in front of her and looses his amulet. He closes his eyes and holds onto Carmen's hand. Carmen screams and closes her eyes as well. Ethan looks satisfied as the fireball hits his son. Instead, the fireball reflects off Rayne and hits Ethan. Rayne and Carmen fly back and fall to the floor. Ethan is under a pile of debris not moving.*

        Rayne: What the hell? I just lost the amulet? I should be dead!

        Carmen: Umm, how did this happen? *Ethan springs from the debris and hurls another fireball at the two. The fireball reflects again and then hits Ethan, sending him out the window.

        Ethan:*Recovering.* What?!?

        Carmen: *Has a flashback in her head of being in the restaurant with Jean.*

        Jean: Don't you love anybody?

        Carmen: Ya, he's Irish. But he doesn't love me.

        *Back to current time.*

        Carmen: Rayne? Do you love me?

        Rayne: Huh?

        Carmen: The reason his magick is doing nothing, it's because I love you. Do you love me?

        *Rayne looks down to the floor. Carmen looks hurt and makes her way to the door. Rayne grabs her and kisses her. Ethan yells from the other room and begins throwing fireballs at random, destroying the building in the process. Carmen and Rayne run out of the factory and into the streets, holding hands.*

        Ethan: This isn't over!*He teleports away.*

        *Cut to: Giles and Willow holding hands. Andrew and Tara are walking around them chanting Latin. Giles and Willow begin a spell. Shots of people on the streets looking confused while waking up. Most move on.*

        Giles: Did it work?

        Andrew: *Looks outside* Yep. Cities completely awaked and back to normal. *The door opens, Faith has a backpack on her, crying. Giles goes to hug her.*

        Giles: Ready to go?

        Faith: Ya. I guess.

        *Cut to: Katana and Leora, walking through a graveyard. Looking for vampires.*

        Leora: Think we got them all?

        Katana: I am sure of it.*She fells something on the side of her head and looks around to be punched by Cain. Katana is out.*

        Leora: Uh oh!*She takes out her katana and starts to defend herself from Cain's punches. Cain punches her in the face and gives her a black eye. Leora winces and gets up. Cain gets to Katana and takes her sword. Cain attacks Leora and gives her a cut across the face. Leora kicks at Cain and gives him a cut on his shoulder. He holds onto his wound as Leora gets a clear shot. Katana stands up and picks up her from beside Cain as Leora takes a swing right at the stitches over his mouth, removing them. Cain yells.

        Katana: Oh crap!

        *Cain tumbles backwards and gets up. He speaks for the first time in the last five hundred years!*

        Cain: You will pay Katana!

        Leora: What did I do?

        Cain: I am Cain! First killer of man!

        Leora: And?

        Cain: Master of winds!*He inhales deep and blows out. Katana and Leora go flying against a wall. Cain stands over them.* Stay out of my way and you shall die fast! *He leaves. Leora tries to get up but falls back down.

        Cut to: Rayne and Carmen, holding hands walking through the city as people go onto their lives as they were.

        Carmen: Funny, everything was a mess just a few minutes ago, now I seem to float as I walk.

        Rayne: That's what this does to you.

        Carmen: What?

        Rayne: Love. I love you Carmen. *They kiss.*

        *Cut to: Giles and Faith packing up their car. Carmen, Rayne, Leora, Andrew, Katana, Willow, and Tara gather around them. They each take turns saying goodbye in their own way. Faith stops as she gets to Leora.*

        Faith: Well, as little as we've known each other I feel trusted. I've never felt that before, with anyone that's here today. Give me a call and I'll be coming!

        Leora:*Sadly.* See ya.

        *Giles lets Faith into the car, both a little teary from last nights death. They ride off to the airport?to Buffy.*

        End episode.