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Raven Episode 1.11 "Listen to the Rayne" Part 1

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  • Raven Episode 1.11 "Listen to the Rayne" Part 1

    *Note* As of Spring 2007, Season 1 episodes will be recreated as "Raven Remastered" episodes. The entire original run of season 1 and 2 episodes as well as 3.6 will be redone to add to the quality of the series. The purpose is to make seasons 1 and 2 to the quality of seasons 3 and 4. Look in the index for the Remastered episodes. The originals are posted for comparison*

    Raven Episode 1.11 "Listen to the Rayne part1"

    Willow voiceover: Previously on Raven and Buffy the Vampire Slayer:

    Willow: Arthur! *Shot of Rayne*

    Buffy: It's Ethan Rayne, he's here to wreak havoc on the town. *Shots of Ethan's various plans over the years on Buffy.*

    Riley: You're under arrest. *Ethan being cuffed.*

    *Shot of Andrew being stabbed in the shoulder.*

    Leora: Andrew, I am so sorry!

    *Shot of Tara coming back with Willow from Gelu-Terra.*

    Tara: Willow!

    *Shot of Rayne and Faith making out. Faith stops.*

    Faith: This is wrong. ?I still love Robyn.* Shot of Wood moving out.*

    *Shot of Carmen being stabbed by Cain.*

    Carmen: We made it though?

    Leora: Yeah.

    *Shot of Carmen in the hospital.*

    End recaps.

    Intro: Open to Rayne, moving into Carmen's apartment. Leora, Rayne and Carmen holding boxes. They put the boxes down in an empty room.

    Rayne:*Putting down his box.* Good to see you're ok Carmen. Or at least good enough to move me into your house.

    Leora: I'm just glad you're alive. You were fading on the way to the hospital. ?We almost lost you.

    Carmen: I'm glad to be here too. At least I'm out of that smelly hospital bed.

    Rayne: Are you sure you don't need this room?

    Carmen: Nah, I have loads of space here. How do you want to earn your keep? You can do chores or work in the Sacred Circle?considering we live on top of it.

    Leora:*Looking at her watch.* Oh hey Carmen, it's about time for your check up with that hot doctor.

    Carmen: You like him don't you?

    Leora: *grins* Yeah.

    Carmen: Come along?

    Leora: What? ?No way! I have to?.um?. help Rayne move in!

    Rayne: I'm sure I'll be fine by myself. Go have a life without me!

    *Leora and Carmen rush out.*

    Carmen:*While leaving.* We'll talk later!

    *Rayne starts unpacking some items. His cellphone rings.*

    Rayne: Hello? Yes, this is him. What? When? ?A few hours ago? How? Where is he? ?I understand. I'll get back to you. *He hangs up and dials another number.* Willow?

    Willow: *Over phone* Hey Arthur! How's moving in going?

    Rayne: We have a bit of trouble!

    Willow: Oh! What is it this time? Demons brewing up some evil plan? Vampire nest?

    Rayne: A bit more serious than that.

    Willow: What's wrong? Is it Carmen?

    Rayne: It's my father, Ethan Rayne. He got out of his cell. He's on his way.

    End intro


    Theme song: Eternal by Evanescence

    Kate Beckinsale - Leora Byrne
    AJ Cook - Carmen White
    Eliza Dushku - Faith
    Kelly Giddish - Katana
    And Michael Vartan as Arthur Rayne

    Special Guest Star:
    And Robin Sachs as Ethan Rayne

    Guest Starring:
    Alyson Hannigan - Willow Rosenberg
    Jason Priestly - Jean
    Nick Sperling - Cain
    Wes Ramsey- Saffire
    With Caitlin Wachs - Caitlin Smith
    And Amber Benson as Tara Maclay

    Created by: Alexander Brown
    Based on Buffy the Vampire Slayer created and owned by Joss Whedon
    Written by: Alexander Brown
    Produced by: Travis Truant
    Edited by: Raven Adams

    The characters Faith, Willow, Andrew, Tara, Ethan Rayne and Riley were created and owned by Joss Whedon

    Characters except ones mentioned above are copyrighted to:
    Phoenix Inc.
    Digilee Inc.

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    Act1: Open to: The hospital, Carmen and Leora go into a room, Leora sits on a chair while Carmen sits on the bed.

    Leora: I wonder when he'll get here?I mean I haven't seen him for a week!

    Carmen: He is charming isn't he? I'm glad he was my doctor!

    *The doors opens and a man in a white doctor uniform comes in.*

    Leora: Oh my God, save me!

    Doctor: What's that?

    Leora: Glad to see you, Doctor Sorrento!

    Doctor: Please, call me Jean. Now, let's have a look at that scar.

    Carmen: *Pulls her shirt up revealing a scar near the bottom of her right rib.* Well, I think it's looking better!

    Doctor: I'm afraid so.

    Leora: That's a bad thing?

    Doctor: You two are my favorite patients! *Leora giggles.* It's too bad this is your last visit. *He gets a closer look at Carmen's scar.* Just make sure not to get this opened up again.

    Carmen: I won't.

    Doctor: Well, I guess were done here! *He helps Carmen up, Leora and Carmen go to walk out.* Oh, Carmen, would you like to be treated to dinner Friday night around 8ish?

    Leora: *Squeals* She'd love to! Thank you doc!

    *Leora and Carmen leave. Jean goes over to a table with surgical supplies on it. He puts the stuff away in drawers and cuts himself on a syringe. The wound heals instantly. He shakes it off and leaves.*

    Cut to: Leora's apartment, inside Willow and Tara's room, Willow is typing on her laptop while Tara is looking in the mirror to see her new (bullet free) outfit.

    Tara: I am glad I got to change out of those clothes. And thank you for buying me these. I mean, I couldn't walk around with a bullet hole in my chest.

    Willow: I am glad as well.

    Tara looked at Willow and started to frown.

    Tara: Will, we really need to talk.

    Willow: Talk?

    Tara: About Arthur.

    Willow: Rayne? What about him? Did he hit on you again?

    Tara: No. ?I mean yes, but that's not what I want to talk about.

    Willow: The book??

    Tara: We can't avoid it Will.

    Willow: Tara, I said he didn't mean it. It was just all?

    Tara: Willow. He is not your friend. He knows? he knows what happened and he still brought the black magic.

    Willow: Tara! No. Not again.

    Tara: Willow listen to me. If he stays around here you'll go all evil again.

    Willow: Tara, he is the only one who does understand.

    Tara: He's just some stupid Irish drunk!

    Willow: How can you say that? He helped me set your spirit free. He helped me bring you back. If it wasn't for him we could still not of ever met.

    Tara: Fine?

    Willow: Fine?

    Tara: This is pointless, Will. No matter what I say you'll just ignore me.

    Willow: Tara, no.

    Tara forced a smile.

    Tara: Can we? just forget about this?

    Willow nods and Tara turns around and vanishes again. Willow frowns and sits on her face.

    Willow: What is going on?? ?It shouldn't be like this.

    Willow turns and sees Tara's diary on the desk. Willow stands up and takes it.

    Willow: Your words are all wrong Tara?

    Willow set the book on fire. The fire vanished along with the book and Willow's eyes turned black for a moment.

    Willow: Good.

    A page of the diary fell out before the book burnt. Willow didn't see it and it is now under the bed. The page has written on it. "She played with my memory? over and over". Willow leaves the room and closes her eyes then opens them again to have normal eyes. She smiles and takes her jacket and walks out of the apartment.

    Willow: I guess I should do some real work.

    *Back in the bedroom Tara appeared and gasped.*

    Tara: I hate when th-

    *She notices her diary is gone.*

    Tara: Willow?

    Tara looks and doesn't see her.

    Tara: Willow must have moved it or something?

    Shot of Tara's feet and pan to the piece of paper under the bed.

    Willow: (VO) Oh well, I guess I'll go find Rayne.

    Cut to: Raisin Correction Center 5 hours ago. Ethan Rayne is sitting in his cell worshipping a demon statue. A guard comes in with his food.

    Guard: Ok Ethan, time for your dinner.

    *Ethan stands up to get the food. Instead he grabs the man by the throat.*

    Ethan: Sorry old friend, I don't think I shall be eating this food anymore. Or staying in this wretched place!
    *The guard struggles to get free. Ethan snaps his neck, grabs his gun, and steps out of the cell. A siren sounds and red lights go on. Some more guards come towards him and he shoots them with the gun. He walks to the lobby of the prison, killing all in the way. Soon more guards, including agent Finn, are surrounding him pointing guns at him.*

    Riley: Drop the weapon!

    *Ethan put his gun down and his hands up. Some guards go over to cuff him. Ethan creates a giant fireball and hurls it towards the guards. The building goes on fire and he starts to make his way out. Riley is barely still alive and badly burned. Ethan stands over him and watches him die.*

    Ethan: Time to see that son of mine.

    End Act 1: Commercial Break.


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      Act 2: Open to: Rayne sitting at a bar with a martini. He sits there as if he's ruining the mood around him. Willow walks through the door of the bar at sits beside him. She turns to Rayne.

      Rayne: I know what you're going to say, it's irresponsible of me to be drinking at a time like this, especially if a warlock as powerful as my father is coming to town to do his regular old tricks.

      Willow:*To the bartender* I'll have a beer. *To Rayne.* I guess you don't know everything about me then.

      Rayne: If this is about letting you have that book, I'm sorry, I know you're weak when it comes to dark magicks.

      Willow: You were right.

      Rayne: I was?

      Willow: Yes and no. I understand you know the concepts of learning from my mistakes, but Tara was right in telling you off in letting me have that book. It did hurt me.

      Rayne: You're still here, right? Or is it a robot Willow that's been talking to me the last year?

      Willow:*Smiles.* I can always rely on you, Rayne.*pause* Got any plans for your father?

      Rayne: *Pulls a gold amulet out of his pocket.* Know what this is?

      Willow:*Looking at it closely.* The Amulet of Hecate! It blocks all magicks! How did you get this? Isn't that the only on in the world?

      Rayne: I have connections.

      Willow: Great!

      Rayne: All I have to do is wait for him to come and face him on in hand to hand combat.

      Willow: What do you want me to do?

      Rayne: Stay clear. The amulet only works on the person holding it.

      Willow: ...Okay?

      Rayne: But, if I lose then I need you to defeat him.*He pulls a key out of his pocket.* This is a key to the top drawer of my dresser. If I die then you need to go into it and use the book on top.

      Willow: What is it?

      Rayne: Magick.

      Willow: You trust me with it?

      Rayne: We'll soon find out. *He gets up, pays the man at the counter and walks out.*

      Cut to: Leora in her english classroom, her students are goofing off in their seats as Leora is sitting in her desk reading a magazine.

      Leora: Class! Shut up! I know that you don't have any work for me to make you do, but that doesn't mean you can goof off! For Hell's sake you're in grade eleven right now and my grade eight class acts more mature! *Caitlin's sitting at her desk working like a perfect angel. The bell rings and the students file out. Caitlin walks over to Leora's desk.*

      Caitlin: Ms. Byrne?

      Leora: *Looking up.* Oh, hey Caitlin, glad to see you at school today.

      Caitlin: Yeah, I guess I just have to move on. My friends are gone and I have to accept it.

      Leora: I'm glad to hear it, but you can't say anything about what happened last week to anyone, even the police.

      Caitlin: I know, it's just I wish someone else was around to talk about this.

      Leora: You know I'm always here.

      Caitlin: Thanks. *She turns to leave.* Did they find your sister?

      *Flashback, cut to Leora looking for Feora's body the night of her death. Leora looks at the field she was killed at just a few moments before. Leora looks around searching to where her sister went. Out of the corner of her eye she sees Feora in the forest next to the school. She turns to look at her fully, but Feora's gone.*

      Cut back to the classroom.

      Leora: Caitlin, mine is a powerful witch family. We have been for generations. Feora probably got herself away to die somewhere peaceful and alone. She liked things that way.

      Caitlin: Oh. *She pauses.* What's it like to be a witch? Aren't they evil?

      Leora: There's power in all of us, some have more of it and some have less. I did not choose this life as much as it appears to be my destiny. I use magick for good. There is no evil magick, just the way the magick is used. I'll show you one day.

      Caitlin: I'd like that. *She leaves.*

      Cut to: The Sacred Circle. Saffire walks in to report for work. He goes to the back room where Carmen is.

      Saffire: I return.

      Carmen: Saffire! Oh my God, I forgot about you completely! How's your friend? She alright?

      Saffire: She is dead.

      Carmen: Oh?I'm so sorry?

      Saffire: It is fine. We knew it was going to happen sooner or later.

      Carmen: If you need time?

      Saffire: I'm ready to work.*Pulls out a small statue of an Egyptian priest from his bag and places It on Carmen's desk.*

      Carmen: Oh! What a nice present! Egyptian?

      Saffire: Like everything I own. ?I have to leave now. I will open shop tomorrow.

      Carmen: Bye! *The camera pans into the statue as Saffire walks away and Carmen walks to do other business. The statues eyes glow white.*

      Cut to: Rayne in Carmen's apartment. Tara walks through the wall and into his room. Rayne looks up and then back down at the books he's reading.

      Tara: Hey.

      Rayne: ?Hello.* Uncomfortable pause.* Is there something I can do for you?

      Tara: I came to apologize for what I said a few weeks ago.

      Rayne: Apology accepted. *Tara still stood there.* Is there anything else?

      Tara: *Pause* ?I was right though. Dark magicks hurt her and everything.

      Rayne: I know. I needed her to know. It seems she had forgotten since the first time. ?I needed to show her again on her own.

      Tara: You're hiding something?aren't you?

      Rayne: I am getting there. Let me explain.

      Tara: Fine.

      Rayne: Right now, the most powerful warlock I have ever met. Even more powerful that Willow is coming into town.

      Tara: Your father. ?What has that got to do with Willow?

      Rayne: Everything. In this chest- *He points over to the chest in his room.* Lie the most powerful dark magicks in this realm. The ones Willow took and used after you died. The very ones that Giles kept hidden for all those years.

      Tara: Where's the key?

      Rayne: Willow.

      Tara: What?

      Rayne: If my father reaches us in time and I get defeated, Willow is the only one able to fight him. She's been in contact with him before and knows his style.

      Tara: You *******! How could you? Leora could take care of it! Magick doesn't solve anything.

      Rayne: I understand your rage, but you need to listen. The apocalypse will follow immediately after my death. I can't trust Leora and I don't think you would be able to hold the key once dead. You need to realize that Willow is my best friend. She can do this. Have faith in her like I do.

      Tara: How can we be sure she won't open it? That she won't use the power?

      Rayne: More magick. I cast a spell, Willow cannot enter it until I die. Which, I hope, will be a long time.

      Tara:*Pauses to think.* How can I help?

      Rayne: Stay with Willow. Protect her when I cannot and where I cannot.

      Tara: Are you going to tell me about yourself then? On what your deepest darkest moments in life were?

      Rayne: I, suppose, had better do something before father comes. My father knocked up my mother when he was eighteen, she was nineteen going on twenty at the time. He and his best friend, Rupert Giles were off to University the next year, and they wanted to have ?fun' with Giles by playing ?knock up nanny.' My mother was tending Giles' family house in stead of her mother who was pregnant at the time and needed money. She had me in Ireland nine months later when she moved for more work. She raised me with all she could and eventually remarried. My stepfather was a member of the watchers council and signed me up to be trained when I was of age. I met Carmen in America on a field test. We fell in love and were together for the rest of my training. After my training Carmen and I had confronted my birth father who had come back for me to train me in the dark arts. In that fight I got this scar *points to his forehead where a large white scar is.* At the end of the fight, he fled, and Carmen quit saying I was too dangerous. We saw each other every now and then, but haven't ever had the time to talk. A few years passed and I dropped out of the council, finding a tough life as a demon hunter. That is, until the council was destroyed. Giles came to me to help him start up the council again. That's when I met Willow and Faith. The three of us, along with Wood, seemed to be the only ones not effected by some sort of spell casted a few months ago. Dawn went insane and Faith was blamed. I helped them escape to Canada and fought alongside them against Scarlet and Katana. That brings me, pretty, much here I'd say.

      Tara: But what about-*The window breaks and Ethan comes floating into the room.*

      Ethan: Well son, you influenced the fight a little, but other than that, you've nailed it on the head.

      Rayne: Father!

      Tara: Ethan!

      Ethan: And now you've told me where that magick is, nothing can stop me! *He raises his arms up and the chest breaks, the books fly up and he absorbs the power in them. He then begins chanting in latin, creating a powder that flies everywhere. He looks at Rayne and Tara.*

      End act 2: Commercial Break


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        Act 3: Open in Rayne's. Ethan looks confused at the unaffected pair in the room.

        Ethan: Bugger! What's wrong? The town should be asleep!

        Tara: Sorry, ghost.

        Rayne: Hecate's Amulet.

        Ethan: Pity, I was having so much fun.

        Rayne:*Grabs a broadsword from the wall.* So, ready to die?

        Ethan: Actually, I have a better idea. You save everyone in town before I kill them. Does that sound fair?

        Tara: Rayne, Willow!

        Ethan: Right now, the spell I cast is putting everyone in this town and the next into a deep sleep.
        *Shots of people in the city falling asleep on the streets. Shot of Leora and Faith falling asleep on Leora's couch. Shot of Jean and Carmen having dinner. Carmen is unaffected by the spell. Shot of Saffire in the Sacred Circle, watching the chaos outside. Shot of Katana slaying demons in the graveyard *
        One that they won't wake from?unless you beat me. *He floats out.* Meet me at the pier tomorrow night, and we'll fight for the lives of the ones you love. *He floats out.*

        Cut to: Carmen and Jean in a restaurant a few minutes before the powder strikes. Carmen's sipping on wine and Jean having a beer.

        Carmen: Thank you for dinner Jean. And for helping me get better.

        Jean: It was my pleasure. But I didn't ask you out to dinner on a date.

        Carmen: Huh?

        Jean: Leora, tell me about her.

        Carmen: What's to tell? English teacher, roommate named Willow?a sister. Totally loves you.

        Jean: Thank God, I was worried that the feeling wasn't mutual.

        Carmen: Well you're lucky I don't love you.

        Jean: You got your eye on anyone? Anyone you dream about? Anyone you have fantasies about? Just tell me about him.

        Carmen: Well, he's Irish, he doesn't really have an official job but gets payed well from the government. He's totally into a friend of mine, Faith, but she's pretty much married to this guy Wood ?Or she was, until she kinda cheated on him. Did I mention my friend's lives are like a soap opera at times?

        Jean:*Laughs* So why don't you tell this guy your feelings?

        Carmen: Because, he doesn't love me.
        *Powder starts to come down from the sky.*
        Look, snow!
        *All of a sudden, the powder goes through the glass in the restaurant and other buildings across the street. Carmen watches in awe as everyone, including Jean, fall asleep, everyone except her.*
        *Takes out her phone. And waits for the answer.*
        Come on Leora, pick up.
        *No answer. She dials another number.*
        Arthur? Something odd is going on. Oh?.OH your father is in town? Why aren't you asleep? Oh?Why aren't I asleep? No clue either. It appears Leora and Willow are both out. I'd assume that Faith and Wood are too.

        *Cut to Rayne and Tara. Rayne on his phone.*

        Rayne: Well I have Tara here with me, search for Katana, maybe she can help.

        Carmen: Ok, what about the others? What will we do?

        Rayne: Tara and I are going to find them and bring them all to Faith's. Meet us there in two hours. Seeya soon. *He hangs up.* Got that? We have to go. We'll start at Willow's, Leora and her should be there.

        *Cut to: Carmen walking around town, searching for Katana. She comes to the graveyard and sees Katana fighting off a vampire. Carmen takes out a handgun from her jacket. She shoots at the vampire who tumbles back, Katana slices off his head and walks to Carmen.*

        Katana: Thank you friend. I am weary of fighting and grateful for the help. Is there anything I can do for you?

        Carmen: A spell was cast. Most of the town is sleeping. We need your help in stopping everyone from dying.

        Katana: I am at your service. What do you need?

        Carmen: Go to Faith's and wait for me and Rayne there. I need to make a call. I'll be there in a while. *Katana walks away. Carmen takes out her phone again and dials a number.* Giles. Name's Carmen White, I'm a friend of Willow and Arthur Rayne's. *pause* Ethan is in Burnaby, he escaped from prison. *pause* Yes, that would be useful. I know that it'll be hard to get in here but I'm sure the council can do it. *pause* I know the council is recovering again. *pause* Thank you. Hurry! *She hangs up and runs to Faith's.*

        End episode