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Raven Episode 1.10 "Loved Ones"

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  • Raven Episode 1.10 "Loved Ones"

    *Note* As of Spring 2007, Season 1 episodes will be recreated as "Raven Remastered" episodes. The entire original run of season 1 and 2 episodes as well as 3.6 will be redone to add to the quality of the series. The purpose is to make seasons 1 and 2 to the quality of seasons 3 and 4. Look in the index for the Remastered episodes. The originals are posted for comparison*

    Raven episode 1.10 "Loved Ones"

    Leora voiceover: Previously on Raven:
    *Shot of Feora*

    Leora: *To Carmen* See what I mean? Feora has no sense to herself at all!

    *Shot of Feora and Leora talking.*

    Feora: Mom always loved you better! No matter how much magic I did it was always

    "Look what award Leora got or look what Leora can do!" Well, things are different now!

    *Shots of Leora and Feora fighting. Shot of Feora leaving.*

    Leora: We need to be prepared in case she returns.

    *Shot of Carmen getting stabbed by Cain.*

    Carmen: So we made it?

    Leora: Yes!

    *Shot of Scarlet getting decapitated by Saffire*

    *Wood and Faith talking to each other.*

    Wood: I'm sorry but, I can't do this right now. I won't be back at the apartment, my stuff will be gone.

    Start episode: Cut to: Leora walking into the school through the office entrance, she goes to Robyn's office. He's sitting at his desk looking at some papers.

    Leora: *Knocking then going in.* Hey.

    Wood: *Looking up. He looks away from Leora and quietly says..* Hi.

    Leora: Haven't seen you for a while. What's been going on?

    Wood: I found a new place, small townhouse on the hill. Lots of space.

    Leora: So, have you decided to talk to Faith yet?

    Wood: Leora, I know you want me back into action but you need to understand that isn't
    my field anymore. I retired from fighting demons. I also understand that in this certain
    situation you want to make everything better but you just can't. She did the unthinkable
    to me, mind you, we aren't officially married so she can do anything she wants. I'm still
    not ready to talk to her though. Probably won't be for a long time. *The bells rings.*

    Leora: I understand.

    Wood: Good. Go to work.

    Leora: See you around. *walks out and closes the door on her way out.*

    *Wood opens a drawer in his desk and takes out a picture of him and Faith. He looks at it for a while and the slams it down on his desk, breaking it. He opens the window and throws it out and then breaks down and cries.*

    End intro:
    Theme song: Eternal by Evanescence, all rights to this song belongs to them.

    Kate Beckinsale - Leora Byrne
    AJ Cook - Carmen White
    Eliza Dushku - Faith
    Kelly Giddish - Katana
    And Michael Vartan as Arthur Rayne

    Guest Starring:
    Caitlin Wachs
    DB Woodside
    Wes Ramsey
    Alyson Hannigan
    With Amber Benson as Tara
    And Milla Jovovich as Feora

    Created by: Alexander Brown
    Based on: Buffy the Vampire Slayer created and owned by Joss Whedon
    Written by: Alexander Brown
    Produced by: Travis Truant
    Edited by: Raven Adams
    Copyrighted to:
    Phoenix inc.
    Digilee inc.
    The characters Faith, Willow, Tara, and Robyn Wood were created and are owned by Joss Whedon.

  • #2
    Act 1: Open to the school, a girl is opening her locker. Two girls come up to her.

    Lead Girl: And then Josh was all like "oh my GOD" and I was like LOL and then I gave him like the biggest slap ever! And then Brad came over! And we.. *Notices girl.* Oh, look it's Caitlin! How are you doing?

    Caitlin: *Surprised that she's being acknowledged* Oh, hi Tina.

    Tina: So, you been to any parties lately.

    Caitlin: Na?no.

    Tina: Melanie went to one the other night.

    Caitlin: That's nice.

    Mel: Too bad your lame!

    Tina: Ha! She is to!

    Mel: We need to think of a name for her!

    Tina: *The two walking away.* We do! Oh well, not like SHE'LL ever get any boys? or girls in those clothes!

    *Caitlin cries into her locker and puts her stuff away. Another girl comes over to her from the crowd. Caitlin closes the locker, still teary.*

    Girl: Hey Caitlin! *Notices her crying.* Oh my god! Are you ok? What happened?

    Caitlin: Never mind Katherine. Help me look uncry-like?

    Kat: Sure. *They walk to the bathroom.*

    *Camera turns to Leora and another teacher watching the incident.*

    Other teacher: Too bad we can't do anything about them, eh Leora?

    Leora: Yeah. Listen Jennifer, are you sure there's nothing we can do? Caitlin's a bright
    student and those girls give her nothing but trouble.

    Jennifer: Sorry, not that I can think of.

    *A student comes out of the class.*

    Student: Mrs. Fisher! Suzy tried to burn my shorts!

    Jennifer: *Leaving.* Damn kids!

    *Camera zooms to Leora.*

    Flashback: Leora crying at her locker as people around her laugh.

    Back to present time: Leora's expression changes to an angered one as the preps that verbally attacked Caitlin walk by her.


    Mel: Whatever! *They walk by.*

    *Leora gives them bad stares.*

    Cut to: Willow and Tara in Leora's apartment. Tara's sitting in a rocking chair and

    Willow's reading a spell book.

    Tara: Whatever happened to Mrs. Kittyfantastico?

    Willow: What?

    Tara: Our kitty. What happened after I died?

    Willow: I don't know, I didn't see her after I... yeah.

    Tara: Willow, baby, that wasn't really you.

    Willow: Yes it was. I still blame myself for loosing control. I love you so much to see
    anything happen to you again.

    Tara: You did enough. We had a day together. That's all I need.

    Willow: Well I don't know what to do, you keep materializing every now and then. I wish it was permanent.

    Tara: I think this is all a test to see what the possible future of my new life may hold. That I have to do the best I can in these situations.

    *The front door opens.*

    Tara: *Con't* That's what I think my purpose is.

    *Leora comes into the room, looking grumpy.*

    Willow: Hard day at work?

    Leora: Yeah, at least I got cool room mates.

    Willow: Don't mind us, were only talking about Tara.

    Leora: I hope we find something soon. Then we can do some serious magicks.

    *Cut to: A dark chamber underground. Feora is meditating on a mat in the middle of the room. Mel and Tina come into the chamber and sit next to her*

    Feora: Is it almost time?

    Mel: *Her face changes to a vampire's face.* Yes mistress.

    End act 1: Commercial Break.


    • #3
      Act 2: Open to a flashback of Leora and her family sitting at a table. Leora looks a little younger as Feora looks in her teens. Their parents sit at seats across them having a conversation.

      Mrs. Byrne: So, what did you girls do today?

      Feora: I raised a dead bird from the beyond.

      Mr. Byrne: Isn't that nice, I raised my first animal when I was your age too.

      Leora: Personally I feel that your going too far into this witchcraft thing, Fe.

      Feora: Not like you have anything better to share Le!

      Mrs. Byrne: Now girls, no arguing at the dinner table.

      Mr. Byrne: Feora brings up a good point, what happened to you that was so great today?

      Leora: *Unfolds a piece of paper.* I was accepted to UBC. I start class in two months!

      Mrs. Byrne: Oh my god that's wonderful!

      Mr. Byrne: That's truly amazing!

      Feora: Well, I talked to higher powers!

      Mrs. Byrne: That's nice dear.

      Leora: I already chose a dorm room! And all my courses!

      *Feora glares at Leora as the rest of her family gives all of their attention to her.*

      Cut to: High school, Caitlin and Kat sit at lunch together as Mel and Tina walk towards them.

      Mel: Hey Caitlin, wanna see my new skirt?

      Caitlin: Huh?

      Tina: Doesn't it just make her look so butch? Like you want to be?

      Kat: Just shut up! Bitch!

      Tina: Want to make something out of this?

      Caitlin: Please, go away. Leave me alone!

      Kat: Yea, leave us alone!

      Mel: What's wrong? Mommy told you not to fight?

      Caitlin: Just f off.

      Tina: Or you'll do what?

      Caitlin: *Takes her mug and throws it at Tina, giving her a nosebleed.*

      Mel: You bitch!

      Kat: Oh yea? *She stands up and attacks Mel in the face.*

      *Robyn and Leora see the fight and run over to stop them.*

      Wood: Whoa! Whoa! Stop it! *Restraining Kat.*

      Leora: *To Tina and Mel* Both of you! In the office!

      *They storm off.*

      Wood: And what has gotten into you Caitlin?

      Kat: It was them that started it!

      Wood: They didn't get a mug in the face!

      Caitlin: *Starts to cry.* Why can't anyone leave me alone? *She storms off.*

      Leora: I better go help her.

      Cut to: The hallway, Caitlin is running down it, Leora following.

      Leora: Caitlin wait up!

      Caitlin: Leave me alone!

      Leora: I will not! You need help Caitlin. And I'm here to help you!

      Caitlin: Just go!

      Leora: Step into my classroom. *She unlocks the door behind Caitlin, both step in, they close the door.* Now, you wouldn't believe this, but I was just like you in high school. That's why I won't let anything happen to you.

      Caitlin: You Ms. Byrne? You couldn't have been like me! No one's like me! No one likes me.

      Leora: Kat seems to like you.

      Caitlin: You know what I mean. The popular people, Mel and Tina, they hate me. All I want to do is fit in. To be somebody. Now I'm stuck in a classroom with my English teacher who's telling me that everything's ok.

      Leora: Nothing is ok. I would have thought you would seek my help. I've seen you in the halls being harassed by them before. I thought you could trust me.

      Caitlin: I can, it's just? I want to figure this out by myself.

      Leora: I understand.

      Caitlin: No you don't.

      Leora: Perhaps.

      Caitlin: Can I leave now?

      Leora: I don't see why not. Stay away from the preps.

      Caitlin: Ok.

      *Leora walks her out of the classroom. She watches Caitlin go down the stairwell. As Leora turns to go back to her class, she notices out of the corner of her eye Feora, in a hooded cloak watching her. She turns to go to her but Feora is gone. She goes to find her but ends up down another corridor. Tina and Mel and talking to Caitlin and Kat. Leora stops and listens from behind a pillar.*

      Kat: So, when do we do this?

      Tina: Tonight, meet at the school dressed all in black. We'll end it then.

      Mel: We'll see who turns out the strongest, who dies and who doesn?t.

      *Leora comes from behind the pillar.*

      Leora: Is there a problem? *Caitlin and Kat leave.*

      Mel: Not at all Ms. Byrne.

      Leora: Aren't you two suspended?

      Tina: Bye Ms. Byrne. *Leora watches them go. She notices a problem as they leave.
      Neither one of them has a reflection. Leora stands there and watches them go. When no ones in the halls she shouts out.*

      Leora: Feora! Sister! Show yourself!

      *Feora pops out of the shadows in front of Leora.*

      Feora: Hey sis, notice you got a few friends that are going to be killed tonight. Pity.

      Leora: What do you have to do with them?

      Feora: Neat isn't it. I helped make those two what they are.

      Leora: Dead?

      Feora: Something like that.

      Leora: What do we do now? Fight like last time?

      Feora: Nah, I want to see your friends burn!

      Leora: See you tonight then.

      Feora: Guess so. And Le, don't bring the team. It's just me and you.

      *She disappears.*

      End act 2: Commercial Break.


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        Act 3: Open to Rayne and Faith in a car on the way home. Both looking uncomfortable, not talking.

        Cut to: Leora in Carmen's hospital room. A doctor comes into the room.

        Carmen: That sounds like quite a situation you've gotten yourself into Leora.

        Leora: I know.

        Carmen: So doc, will I go home soon?

        Leora: Carmen just wants to work again. The shop has been empty the whole time. Not even Saffire is back.

        Doc: Don't worry, you'll be home tonight. You just need to make a visit here every week for the next month to see how the wound is healing.

        Carmen: *Nudging Leora.* I'm not complaining.

        Leora: Thanks doc. Carmen, I need to go, I'll pick you up later.

        Carmen: Good luck.

        Cut to: Leora walking to the school carrying a Katana.

        Cut to: Caitlin and Kat coming up to the field at the school. The see Mel and Tina.

        Cut to: Feora on top of the school watching the four of them meet each other. She turns
        and sees Leora. She jumps down from the building to greet her.

        Leora: *Taking out her katana.* Said I should come alone didn't you?

        Feora: You bet. *Smiles.* I suppose this'll be like the last time we fought?

        Leora: On a different plane? I think that would be wise.

        Feora: The twist in this plot is my vampires are over on that field right now with your little girls, about to slaughter them.

        Leora: *Looks shocked.*

        Feora: Now it's up to you to save their lives.

        Leora: Fe, why do you have to do this?

        Feora: I told you last time we met. I guess I'm just a little jealous of you.

        Leora: They're innocent people!

        Feora: Pity. *We hear a gun shot.*

        Leora: *Runs over to the edge of the field to see Kat holding a gun, she shot Tina. Tina turns into a vamp.* Shit!

        Feora: I guess we'll have to watch them die.

        Leora: You wish! *She punches Feora.*

        Feora: *Tumbles back.* Bitch! *Kicks Leora.*

        *Leora and Feora fight, Leora tries to use her katana against her but still doesn't get Feora. They keep fighting down the field till they reach Caitlin and co. Leora swings her sword at Tina who dusts.*

        Caitlin: Ms. Byrne! Something happened to Kat. *Shot of Kat who now has two small bite marks.* She's not moving.

        *Leora starts violently attacking Feora, Feora eventually kicks Leora down and grabs her sword, ready to strike. Then suddenly Kat jumps on Feora, biting her neck. Leora looks shocked at her sister who is now dying until Mel comes over and starts to fight. Leora grabs her katana again and finishes off Mel. Caitlin screams as Kat finishes Feora and jumps on her. Leora kills Kat.*

        Caitlin: What? *Looks at Leora.* Ms. Byrne, where did you learn to become a killer.

        Leora: *Looking at Feora.* It's in my blood.

        Caitlin: What happened to Kat?

        Leora: *Bending down and helping Caitlin up.* What if I told you that the world has a second face, that what you see on TV and in the movies may be real. That there are vampires.

        Caitlin: Well, because of tonight I guess I have to believe you. But, what happened to Kat?

        Leora: *Looking to the pile of dust.* She wasn't your friend when she attacked you.

        Caitlin: *Teary.* Now she's gone.

        Leora: Caitlin, go home. Tell no one about this and I'll see you in class tomorrow.
        *Caitlin slowly walks off. Leora rushes to Feora who's still alive, barely.*

        Feora: *Looks up and smiles.* Guess you were better sis.

        Leora: *Smiles back.* Guess so.

        Feora: I have no regrets about this but I have a request.

        Leora: Yeah?

        Feora: Leave. *She waves her hand and with the last of her energy she teleports Leora away.*

        Cut to: Leora appearing at home, she looks confused.

        Caitlin voiceover: Everything will be ok, life throws hard balls and you need to hit them the best you can. Even if everything doesn't go your way, live anyways.

        *Cut back to Feora's dead body. It wakes up a vampire.*

        End episode.

        Also starring:
        Genna Shaw
        Christina Brown
        Raven Fineday
        Jennifer Fisher
        And Jason Priestly