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RAVEN 1.9 and ? ?Breakup, Breakdown and Breakout?

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  • RAVEN 1.9 and ? ?Breakup, Breakdown and Breakout?

    RAVEN 1.9 and ?
    "Breakup, Breakdown and Breakout"


    Open to a dark road, a two way street with grass and fences on each side. A large green sign stands over the right side reading "Welcome to Burnaby". A girl walks along a small path on the other side of a road, only her feet are shown. Another set of footsteps can be heard behind hers. A growling voice is heard and the girl stops.

    Male Vampire: It's dangerous to walk by yourself at night.

    The girl turns, pan up to her lips, she doesn't say anything but lunges forward. She punches the Vampire, sending him into the ground. She kicks up, sending dirt into his face. The Vampire jumps up and tackles her, the two fall to the ground. The girl pushes him off and jumps up. She picks him up by his shirt collar and tosses him into the large welcoming sign. The Vampire leaves a large dent, which ends up knocking down the sign. The girl walks forward, her face never shown. The Vampire looks up to her, fear clearly in his face.

    Male Vampire: You're one of those slayers? dirty little girls.

    The girl pulls out a wooden stake from her jean jacket pocket. She lunges forward in a summersault and ends by throwing the wooden stake, which slices into the Vampire's chest, causing him to burst into dust. The girl stands up, pan up from her feet up. Camera stops on her face, Kennedy, stands with a grin on her face. She turns to face were the welcome sign was.

    Kennedy: I'm no little girl.

    Cut to black.

    Theme Song: Eternal ? Evanescence

    Kate Beckinsale - Leora Byrne
    AJ Cook - Carmen White
    Eliza Dushku - Faith
    Kelly Giddish - Katana
    And Michael Vartan as Arthur Rayne

    Guest Starring:
    Alyson Hannigan
    Iyari Limon
    D.B Woodside
    Tom Lenk
    Nick Sperling
    Jen Lycett
    Amber Benson as Tara
    And Kari Hawker as Ophelia

    Created by:
    Alexander Brown

    Written by:
    Travis Truant-Simpson

    Executive Producers:
    Alexander Brown
    Travis Truant-Simpson
    And Keara Swanson

    In Association with:
    SORCERESS OF CRIMSON FALLS created by Travis Truant-Simpson, RESPECT SHORES created by Keara Swanson and Alexander Brown, SHADYSIDE created by Thomas Wright, CHOSEN ONES created by Luana Roque, and SAILOR STARS: THE OUTER SENSHI created by Alexander Brown.

    Based on Buffy the Vampire Slayer created and owned by Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy and 20th Century Fox. We make no profit off this fanfiction.

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    Act 1:

    Open to Leora's apartment, the morning sun shines into the window. Leora, still in her pajamas, walks out of her room and into the living room. Her hair tied in a pony tail, and her face still tired. She is greeted by a pleasant smell; she walks into the kitchen and sees Willow standing in front of the stove, on the table is a stack of pancakes.

    Leora: Mmm!

    Willow turns to see Leora and smiles; she places another pancake onto of the stack. Also on the table is maple syrup, butter and strawberries.

    Leora: You made breakfast?

    Willow: Well, you ARE letting me stay here, and Tara. So, I thought why not. I hope you like pancakes, I wasn't totally sure. So, if you want I can start on waffles.

    Leora: No, pancakes are more then fine.

    Leora takes a seat at the table, she places a few pancakes on an already set table. She pours some syrup on them and starts eating with her fork and knife. She takes a bite and lets out a playful moan.

    Leora: These are incredible!

    Willow: Well, living with a house full of hungry girls, I kind of had to cook a lot, and usually I ended up with pancakes, since its quick and easy, and the girls could eat them while patrolling.

    Leora: Well they are still amazing. You should open like a pancake house, the witches treat.

    Tara walks into the room, threw the wall of course. She smiles as she enters.

    Tara: Pancakes?

    Willow: Yeah, I thought Leora would like some.

    Leora: And they are really good!

    Willow: Tara has a specialty of pancakes; she can make them into weird oblong shapes.

    Tara: Dawn seemed to like them when I made them.

    Willow: Dawn use to eat peanut butter enchiladas.

    Leora: Hey, I am trying to eat here. And I want to finish this before I loose my apatite. I need a full breakfast before I go out today.

    Willow: Oh, take some to Carmen. I'm sure she would love these, I have a feeling she likes sweet buttery things.

    Willow pulls out a plate and starts putting some of the pancakes on it, she then covers it with tin foil and places it beside Leora. Leora takes one last bite and stands up.

    Leora: I'm going to go get dressed.

    Cut to The Sacred Circle. Inside Carmen sits behind the counter, she reads a book, no one is inside the store. Leora walks in.

    Carmen: Oh, hey Leora? Man, it's going slow today.

    Leora: Well, the closed sign is still up that maybe why.

    Carmen gets up and quickly passes Leora and flips the sign. She laughs and turns to Leora.

    Carmen: Thanks.

    Leora: Yeah, anytime. So, I wonder how many potential buyers you missed today. You've been open for like two hours now?

    Carmen: Shut up?

    Cut a dark cave-like place. Cain sits in a carved out stone chair while a woman, dressed in her purple leather outfit, walks back and forth in front of him. Katana sits in the corner, sort of trying to hide.

    Ophelia: Well, well, since I am here to replace Scarlet? I think its best I come up with the plan. Since you two have yet to bring out anything productive. We need to stop that witch. Yes, the witch. She has great powers? Well, both do, but the red haired one.

    Cain nodes his head in agreement as Ophelia keeps talking.

    Ophelia: You've seen the power, she almost caused the end of the world, and she brought fourth the slayers? She busted into a bright light just a few weeks ago. We need to find away to get her out of the picture, she is our biggest obstacle?

    Katana: The ex?

    Ophelia turns to Katana, who moves to her knees.

    Katana: I saw her ex-girl friend come into town last night. She's a slayer, we could use her to get Willow.

    Ophelia: Interesting.

    Katana: You could give her immortality to fight Willow, who is to full of heart to hurt her.

    Ophelia: A plan that could actually work. We'll go keep an eye on the little slayer, we'll see if she can hold up to the powers.

    Cut to outside Leora's apartment. Kennedy stands in front of the door and knocks on it. She pauses, no answer. She knocks again, still no answer. She tries to open the door by grabbing the handle and turning it, but it's locked. She looks for a spear key but sees none.

    Kennedy: Well then?

    She steps back, and charges for the door, with her shoulder blade leading, she smashes into the door, breaking it off its hinges. The door slams threw the living room, knocking over a few things.

    Kennedy: Hello? Wil, you here?

    Kennedy walks to a door and opens it, luckily, her first try its Willow's room. She walks around in it, notices a few books and charms laying around. A sweater lays on the bed, she picks it up.

    Kennedy: You still have it?

    Kennedy rips it in half and tosses it back on the bed. She leaves the room, slamming the door. She walks into the living room and knocks some stuff over. She walks around the apartment, just hitting anything that will break. Tara walks into the apartment threw the wall and notices Kennedy, she quickly runs into another wall, taking her into Leora's room. She peaks her head threw the window to see Kennedy trashing things.

    Tara: Kennedy?

    Kennedy turns around, Tara falls back into the room. Kennedy walks out of the open door, leaving the apartment in a mess. Tara walks into the living room.

    Tara: I need to warn Willow.

    Cut to the Sacred Circle, Carmen helps a middle aged woman look around while Leora puts some stuff on the shelves. Faith walks into the store and smiles as she sees Leora.

    Faith: Hey, Leora.

    Leora: Faith. What are you doing here?

    Faith: I was just wondering around, thought I'd come check out what's going on around here.

    Leora: Well, you aren't missing anything. Carmen has only sold one thing today? a bottle of love potion.

    Faith: They actually sell that stuff?

    Leora: Big hit.

    Faith: Odd? Do they actually work?

    Leora: Their just water, sugar and some pink food coloring. People seem to think it works, but for real love spells, you need to call on some pretty powerful gods.

    Faith: Want to go for lunch?

    Leora looks to Carmen, who is still with the woman. Carmen hands her a large crystal ball, trying to force it onto the woman.

    Carmen: Here! I really think your daughter would love this.

    Helen: I told you, I am not buying a large piece of glass for her.

    Carmen: It's a magical crystal orb!

    Helen: I know about these things, it's just a piece of glass you try to sell to innocent idiots for lots of money!

    Leora turns to Faith.

    Leora: Lunch sounds good, but first I have to stop off at my place. I forgot my wallet.

    Cut to Leora and Faith walking down the hallway to Leora's place. The two stop as they see the missing door. They peak inside to see a total mess. Faith walks in first, holding her first up high, incase someone is still in there. Tara rushes threw the wall, Faith freaks out and swings, her arm goes right threw Tara.

    Tara: Hey!

    Faith: Tara. Sorry, I thought you were? well, what ever made this mess.

    Leora: Tara, what happened?

    Tara: Kennedy, she? She came in here and freaked out.

    Faith: Kennedy? As in slayer Kennedy?

    Tara: As in Willow's ex-girl friend Kennedy.

    Leora: Why do I even bother having nice things?

    Leora starts picking up some of the stuff off the ground. Faith looks around at the mess, then back to Tara.

    Faith: She is pretty pissed uh?

    Tara: From the looks of it? I think she may go and try to hurt Willow.

    Faith: She's at the school; Robin is trying to get her a part-time job down there. I'll go check it out.

    Tara: I should of tried to put a spell or something on her. Now, who knows who may get hurt from this.

    Faith: Don't worry. I will go stop her.

    Tara: What if she's already there?

    Faith: Robin can take care of her, trust me, for a man with out slayer powers, he can hold his own. Besides, Willow can do the magic-mojo on her right?

    Tara: I hope.

    Cut to Burnaby Mountain Secondary School. Kennedy walks into side entrance, which enters right in front of office. She opens the door, one of the woman working there gets up.

    Secretary: Excuse me. Do you have a meeting?

    Kennedy knocks her aside, and walks straight to the office which reads "ROBIN WOOD". She opens the door, there sits Wood and a male student. The student turns to see Kennedy, Wood looks up.

    Wood: Kennedy?

    Kennedy grabs the kid and tosses him out of the room. Wood sprints up.

    Kennedy: Robin Wood? Good to see you again.

    Kennedy grabs his neck and slams him against the window. Wood tries to swing at her, but she holds tightly, cutting off the air circulation.

    Kennedy: I think I'll do the talking.

    Cut to black End of Act 1.


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      Act 2:

      Open to Willow walking into the apartment. Leora is still cleaning, Faith is no where to be seen. Willow rushes over to Leora.

      Willow: Leora, what happened?

      Leora turns and gives Willow a pissed off look.

      Leora: You made me pancakes, so I'm not that angry.

      Willow: What?

      Tara walks back into the living room, she smiles to see Willow.

      Tara: Willow, you're alive!

      Willow: Huh?

      Tara: Kennedy.

      Willow: Kennedy?

      Tara: Kennedy came and knocked up the place, we think she went to the school to find you. Faith already left to go stop her.

      Willow: What! Kennedy is here?

      Tara: Yeah, and she is pretty pissed.

      Willow walks into her room and sees the sweater on the bed. She picks up the two pieces and turns to Tara.

      Willow: She gave me this on my last birthday? I kept it, cause I didn't think?

      Tara: I would be back?

      Willow: Did she see you?

      Tara: No. I kept inside Leora's room.

      Willow: Good?

      Tara frowns. Cut to the school, Kennedy holds onto Wood's neck. He swings, swatting her off him. He lands on his feet and rubs his neck. He hits his hand on the wall, which opens up to reveal a dagger. He quickly takes it, Kennedy tries to grab it from him, but he kicks her out of his office. Kennedy falls back, the people in the office run out, Wood follows her and tries to swing his dagger into her. Kennedy dodges and kicks Wood in the gut, sending him busting into the ceiling and onto the third floor. Wood starts to cough up blood, but jumps back down.

      Kennedy: You still wanna go?

      Wood: I will not let you hurt anyone here.

      Kennedy: Come on, you almost died fighting a vampire, what chance do you have fighting me?

      As the two talk, the camera pans back into the office, and outside the window, to where Ophelia is floating and watching.

      Ophelia: She will do perfectly.

      Ophelia fades out of the sky and appears back into the cave. She steps in front of Cain.

      Ophelia: She will do perfectly Cain. She has everything we need to stop Willow.

      Katana stands up and stands behind Ophelia.

      Katana: I shall go gather her for you.

      Ophelia: Wait, let her kill the principal first, weaken Willow's spirit a little, and then take her. Even with the slayer, we need all we can to bring Willow down.

      Katana: She is full of rage.

      Ophelia: Love does that to you.

      Cut back to Kennedy and Woods fight. Wood slices Kennedy, getting blood onto the dagger. Kennedy grabs onto Wood and snatches the dagger; she punches him against a wall, and holds up the dagger.

      Kennedy: Schools out.

      As she is about to swing, Faith grabs her arm and pulls it back, breaking it. Kennedy lets out a scream and drops the dagger. Faith pushes her back, Kennedy holds her now broken right arm.

      Faith: Robin. Are you??

      She helps Robin up, the two look at each other, their old spark lights, but it is interrupted with Kennedy yelling.

      Kennedy: Oh, look, you really think you can take me? I mean, old Faith could of, but the new soulful Faith is useless.

      Faith turns around.

      Faith: Are you serious? You wanna go up against this? Fine.

      Faith jumps forward, leading with her kick; Kennedy blocks it with her left arm. Kennedy smacks Faith, but Faith grabs onto Kennedy and sends her back into Wood's office. Kennedy gets up from the ground but as she does, Faith punches her straight in the face, sending her smashing threw the window. Kennedy, landing on her back, falls to the cement ground. A few students around run out of there as Kennedy lands. Kennedy slowly gets up and looks back to the window.

      Kennedy: Bitch?

      Faith turns around and rushes to Wood. She helps him into a chair and looks at him.

      Faith: You'll be okay.

      Wood: Go stop her? Don't let her get away.

      Faith: Right.

      Faith gets up and runs out of the office. Out side Kennedy fully stands up, brushing some of the glass off her. She turns around to run off, but is stopped by Willow who is standing in her way. Willow holds in her a purple crystal, which is glowing.

      Willow: Kennedy.

      Kennedy: Willow?

      Willow: I don't want to have to do this. Just stop it now.

      Kennedy: Please, I had so much faith in your dark power. I doubt its even there anymore.

      Willow: I'm sorry?

      The purple gem sends out a large flash, which sends Kennedy back a few feet. Kennedy, still on her feet, looks up at Willow.

      Kennedy: Ouch? A bright light. That all you got?

      Willow (in a deep voice): Powers of the darkness, given to those of the legend. The chosen path be deceived, break the legend, open thee.

      The gem starts to glow bright, a ray of light blast out catching Kennedy. Kennedy tries to break free from it, but is unable to. Cut to The Sacred Circle. Sitting at a table is Carmen and Leora, who are looking threw some books. Tara stands and watches.

      Leora: You think the spell will work?

      Carmen: It should, I mean, it is from one of the slayer books Wood had.

      Leora: Yeah.

      Tara: I just hope Willow doesn't get hurt.

      Leora: Faith is there, don't worry.

      Carmen: What if the spell attacks Faith?

      Tara: Then we'll be down a slayer.

      Leora: I think they can handle this? Maybe we should of told Faith first.

      Carmen: Let's start looking for a reversal spell.

      Leora: Right.

      Cut back to Willow and Kennedy. The spell starts to work, as a dark mist starts to come out Kennedy, but in a split second, something hits the crystal, causing it to shatter.

      Willow: What?

      Kennedy drops to her knees. Katana appears in front of Willow and pushes her over. She turns to Kennedy.

      Katana: Kennedy.

      Kennedy looks up.

      Kennedy: Who the hell are you?

      Katana: I am Katana? I am here to take you back to my masters.

      Kennedy: I don't think so. I am not going anywhere, not until I kill that witch.

      Katana: Trust me. It'll be worth it.

      Faith runs down and sees Kennedy and Katana, she also sees Willow knocked out. Faith runs faster, the dagger in her hand. As she gets closer, Katana and Kennedy fade away.

      Faith: Hey!

      Faith stops and looks around, she then rushes to Willow and helps her up.

      Faith: Willow?

      Willow: The crystal?

      Faith looks down at the shattered pieces.

      Faith: It's broken. We need to get you back to Leora's.

      Willow: No, we need to go to the Sacred Circle.

      Cut to the dark cave. Katana and Kennedy appear, Kennedy is still down in the position she was in when the teleported. Ophelia, in vengeance demon face, and Cain look down to see Kennedy. Ophelia's words are dark and echoed.

      Ophelia: The slayer?

      Katana: Yes.

      Katana walks back behind Cain, Ophelia looks back to Kennedy.

      Ophelia: Stand up.

      Kennedy holds herself up, blood running from her mouth. Ophelia holds up her hand, the blood and cuts go away.

      Kennedy: Who are you?

      Ophelia: Ophelia. This is Cain. We have an offer for you.

      Kennedy: Offer? What kind of offer? I'm not interested in a magazine subsfcription.

      Ophelia: Power.

      Kennedy: I have power.

      Ophelia: Eternal Power.

      Cut to black, End of Act 2.


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        Act 3:

        Open to Faith and Willow walking into the Sacred Circle. Tara looks up, a smile on her face.

        Tara: Willow!

        Faith helps Willow into a chair. She looks up to everyone else.

        Faith: She got away.

        Willow rests her head down.

        Faith: The crystal was destroyed, the spell failed. Now we have a loose slayer out there, and no way of tracking her.

        Leora: We found a new way to her power.

        Carmen holds up a small silver box, which is decorated with paintings. It is at the moment locked, with a gold lock. Carmen places it down on the table.

        Carmen: The case of Jupiter.

        Tara: If you can get the spell right, it should drain all her power and turn her back into a normal girl. She will be just another face in the crowd.

        Faith: How does it work?

        Tara: You have to get a piece of her hair, and some of her blood.

        Faith: You got it.

        Leora: Willow, we have to do the spell together. It will take both our powers.

        Willow looks up.

        Willow: Okay. But we can't kill her. I know she is doing all this bad stuff, but, she is still human.

        Faith: I won't kill her.

        Tara frowns as Willow talks about keeping Kennedy alive. She worries that Willow may go back to Kennedy. Cut back to the cave. Kennedy stands up and looks at Ophelia, still in demon face.

        Kennedy: Eternal Power?

        Ophelia: Of course, it's not free.

        Kennedy: What do you want?

        Ophelia: I want you to kill Willow Rosenberg. I want you to kill her and leave a bloody mess.

        Kennedy: All that, for power?

        Ophelia: Immortality, strength beyond a slayer.

        Kennedy: I'll take it.

        Cain stands up, in his hand is a bottle of dark liquid. He hands it to Ophelia, who gives it to Kennedy. Kennedy takes off the lid.

        Kennedy: Bottoms up.

        Cut to a park, it's a nice sunny day, a bunch of kids play and people just hanging out. One of the people "hanging out" is Andrew. Who is sitting under a large tree, his back leaning against it. In his hand a book. As he reads, he listens to his MP3 player. A moment passes and some walks up to him, only the shadow, which covers Andrew, is shown.

        Andrew: Excuse me.

        Andrew looks up to see Kennedy. He jumps up and gives her a large hug.

        Andrew: Oh my god! Kennedy!

        The hug ends as Kennedy pushes him off her. Andrew holds onto to the tree to regain his balance.

        Andrew: Wow, sorry. I didn't think you were so anti-affection.

        Kennedy: Shut up.

        Andrew: Why are you even here? I thought you and Willow broke up. Plus Willow is with Tara.

        Kennedy: What?

        Andrew: Yeah, she came back from the dead? Long story.

        Kennedy: Where are they?

        Andrew: I don't know.

        Kennedy punches him in the face.

        Kennedy: Where is she?

        Andrew: God!

        Kennedy: Can't help you know Andrew.

        Rayne walks threw the park; a brown bag of food is in his hands. He hears a girlish scream and looks up to see Andrew. He drops the bag and runs over and pulls Kennedy and pushes her off him.

        Rayne: Hey!

        Andrew: Arthur, thank god.

        Kennedy gets back up, and looks at Rayne.

        Rayne: Who is she?

        Andrew: Kennedy? She's a vampire slayer.

        Kennedy: No, no. I'm more then just a simple vampire slayer. I am the Slayer.

        Rayne: Sorry to break it to you, but the one and only thing went out a year ago.

        Kennedy growls and punches Rayne in the face. Rayne punches back. Rayne rams into Kennedy. He leads with his shoulder and bashes into her chest, but the attack doesn't even move Kennedy. Rayne looks up, Kennedy punches him into the tree.

        Andrew: Arthur!

        Kennedy walks up to Andrew and presses him up against the tree.

        Kennedy: Where the hell is Willow?

        Willow (off screen): Over here.

        Kennedy turns around to be greeted by Faith, who punches her in the gut. Kennedy steps back and smiles. She punches Faith, sending her half way across the park.

        Kennedy: Willow.

        Willow: Stay the hell way from me.

        Leora: We need the hair.

        Kennedy started walking over to Willow and Leora. Faith jumped her, much like a football player. Faith grabbed a handful of hair and pulled. Kennedy let out a loud scream and pushed Faith off. Faith quickly got up and ran to Willow and placed the hair in the box. Willow added the blood from the dagger.

        Leora: Hold her off. Rayne, help!

        Rayne got up, he felt broken, but pulled himself up. He helped Andrew up as well. Andrew looked to Kennedy, then to Rayne.

        Rayne: Distraction.

        Faith turned back to Kennedy.

        Faith: Hurry up.

        Willow and Leora held hands; the box was in between them.

        Willow/Leora: Blood of a slayer? Hair of a warrior? Powers that be listen to me. Called on darkness, the god of gods.

        Faith kicked Kennedy, Kennedy grabbed her leg and tossed her aside like nothing. Rayne and Andrew jumped on her back, trying to slow her done.

        Kennedy: Unimpressive.

        Willow/Leora: Jupiter, god of the kings, I call thee, open your spirit, trap the power you have given the mortal.

        Clouds start to take over the sky, darkness falls over the sunny day. Thunder rumbles, Kennedy stops and looks up. Rayne jumps off Kennedy, pulling Andrew with him.

        Rayne: Duck!

        A bolt of lighting strikes down, the lighting hits Kennedy straight on. The lighting flashes as it consumes Kennedy's body. Everyone around covers their eyes, the Jupiter box floats up and a ray from the large bolt strikes the box, trapping all the power of Kennedy inside it. The light dies down, and the sun returns. Kennedy lies on the ground.

        Leora: Did it work?

        The box lands on the ground, locked.

        Willow: I think so.

        Leora: What are we going to do with her?

        Cut to a train station. Willow and Kennedy stand outside near the tracks. Kennedy is cleaned up and wearing a brown over coat.

        Kennedy: It wasn't supposed to happen like this.

        Willow: I know. I didn't want it to happen, but Tara?

        Kennedy: It's okay. Tara was here first, I knew you loved her, even when we were together. You always held back for her. In case she was watching.

        Willow: I should of never done this. It wasn't fare.

        Kennedy: Wil, I'm fine. I should be the one who is saying sorry. I almost killed you and your friends.

        A train is heard in the background.

        Kennedy: I guess that'd be mine.

        The two give one last hug. To close their once open relationship. Kennedy kisses Willow on the cheek.

        Kennedy: Goodbye.

        The train pulls in, causing a gust of wind to blow. Willow holds down her hat as she watches Kennedy board it. Willow smiles holding up a hand to wave. Kennedy takes a seat and looks out to Willow and smiles. The train starts to move. Kennedy takes off her jacket, a tall blond girl takes the seat across from Kennedy. Kennedy smiles.

        Kennedy: Hi, I'm Kennedy Majors.

        Trista: Hello, I'm Trista Noon, nice to meet you.

        The train passes an exit sign. Kennedy looks out the window one more time. Cut to Willow walking into her bedroom, Tara sits on the floor meditating.

        Willow: Hey.

        Tara: Kennedy leave?

        Willow: Yeah, she's going to New York, she wants to see her family again. Hopefully she'll be able to restart her life.

        Tara closes her eyes and goes back to meditating.

        Willow: I'm sorry if you thought?

        Tara: No.

        Willow: I mean, I didn't want her to know you were still alive. It wasn't because I didn't want her to know about our love, I just? I didn't want her to hurt you.

        Tara: Willow?

        Willow: I lost you once and I won't lose you again, I just couldn't let her know. I-

        Tara: -I understand Willow.

        Willow: Good. Cause, I can't lose you again.

        Tara: You won't have to.

        Willow sits down across from Tara, she places her hands on her legs and the two close their eyes and start to meditate. Tara holds out her hand, Willow takes it and the two hold each others hand. Close up on the hands. Cut to Ophelia standing before Cain. Ophelia kneels down before him, her head hung low.

        Ophelia: I am sorry? My plan was suppose to work. I didn't think they would find a spell to drain the slayers power.

        Cain holds up a hand, in it a small red bottle, which looks like a perfume bottle.

        Ophelia: Please, forgive me!

        Ophelia looks up to the bottle, her eyes widen as she recognizes it. She stands up, and takes a few steps back.

        Ophelia: Please, not that! I'm sorry I failed but please!

        Cain tosses the bottle at Ophelia's feet. Ophelia lets out a loud scream as the bottle breaks open releasing a viscous fire, which engulfs her.

        Ophelia: Fool!

        Ophelia and the flame fade to smoke. Katana walks towards Cain, making sure to step on top of the left over pile of dust. Cain nods. Fade to black.