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Raven Episode 1.09 "Tara Untold" Part 2

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  • Raven Episode 1.09 "Tara Untold" Part 2

    *Note* As of Spring 2007, Season 1 episodes will be recreated as "Raven Remastered" episodes. The entire original run of season 1 and 2 episodes as well as 3.6 will be redone to add to the quality of the series. The purpose is to make seasons 1 and 2 to the quality of seasons 3 and 4. Look in the index for the Remastered episodes. The originals are posted for comparison*

    Episode 1.9 "Tara Untold" Part 2.


    Open to Crimson Falls. Willow and Leora sit on a park bench, looking around, still trying to wrap their heads around what is going on.

    Willow: 1997?

    Leora: Maybe we can find our old selves? I can call me, and ask me to come and save me.

    Willow: I don't think we should interact with our old? erm, younger selves. It may cause some issues with the future, cause I don't think 1997 me wants to know I turn out all? Lesbian.

    Leora: Good point. But, man, when I was 21, I had some stylish boots. And one of those push up bras? God I was hot.

    Willow: Can we focus?

    Leora: Right?

    Willow: We just need to find someone? Maybe a message to future Tara and them. I mean, would they know we were time-trapped?

    Leora: Well, Carmen and Andrew are still in the hospital. So I bet Rayne and Faith are going to try and do something.

    Willow: I kind of hope Tara doesn't find out.

    Leora: Is she still?

    Willow: Upset over the magic?

    Leora: Well, she just needs time. Tara is still dealing with life alive, I mean, trapped in hell for years? God, who could survive that?

    Willow: Angel did?

    Leora: Right, vampire with a soul?

    Willow: I just hope she can forgive me? I mean, life with out her was so hard. I mean, sure there was Kennedy and that was fun for awhile, cause, like really, I never had sex with Tara like I did with Kennedy.

    Willow giggles. Leora rolls her eyes and stands.

    Leora: Right. So. Freedom? Anyone?

    Willow: We went back to 1997, not 1797? Plus we are white. We didn't get slaved?

    Leora: Hello, breast. Woman? I don't want to be cleaning for no man.

    Willow: Again, 1997?

    Leora: Still? 1997 had some tough crap.

    Willow: What are you talking about?

    Leora: Hello, a little show about nothing! They ended, and, come on? Has anything been able to replace it?

    Willow: Why are we talking about this?

    Leora: Well? I still have hard feelings towards NBC.

    Willow: Lets just go.

    The two start walking into the park, behind a tree Diana, in full demon face, stands, a grin on her face.

    Diana: Soon? Tara will be mine.

    End Teaser.

    Roll Credits with the Theme: "Lucky Ones" by Bif Naked.

    Kate Beckinsale - Leora Byrne
    AJ Cook - Carmen White
    Eliza Dushku - Faith
    Kelly Giddish - Katana
    And Michael Vartan as Arthur Rayne

    Guest Starring:
    Alyson Hannigan - Willow Rosenberg
    Amber Benson - Tara Maclay
    Tilda Swinton - Scarlet
    Tom Lenk - Andrew Wells
    Caitlin Wachs - Caitlin Smith
    Wes Ramsey - Saffire
    Stacey Dash - Diana Hope
    James C. Leary - Terry Wilson
    Amy Adams - Beth Maclay
    Kevin Rankin - Donny Maclay
    Eva Amurri - Samantha "Sam" Maclay
    and Amy Jo Johnson as Elizabeth "Liz" Wilson

    Created by:
    Alexander Brown
    And Travis Truant-Simpson

    Executive Producers:
    Alexander Brown
    Joseph Sessumes
    And Travis Truant-Simpson

    Written by:
    Travis Truant-Simpson
    And Alexander Brown

    Based on: Buffy the Vampire Slayer ? Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy and 20th Century Fox, and The Sandman graphic novels ? Neil Gaiman and DC Comics. No profit is made from this fanfiction.

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    Act One:

    Open to:

    The Vancouver Hospital. Carmen sits in the hospital bed a Jell-o in her hand. She looks up watching a day time soap opera. She starts talking to the TV.

    Carmen: Come on Erica! No! Don't take him back!

    Carmen throws her spoon at the TV.

    Carmen: After what he did to Kendall! God! You sick whore?

    Carmen tosses her bowl at the TV. She screams.

    Carmen: No! Greenlee, get out of there! He planted a bomb! He planted a freaking bomb, you stupid bitch!

    An explosion is heard on the TV.

    Carmen: Idiot? I warned you? God, I am never getting married? With all those plot twists and back stabbing and explosions! Thank god I don't have an evil twin. Though?

    Carmen wonders.

    Carmen: Lily looks a lot like me.

    Andrew knocks on the door, and slowly opens it.

    Andrew: Hey.

    Carmen looks up, with a smile.

    Carmen: Hey Andrew.

    Andrew: I-I? Just wanted to make sure you were okay.

    Carmen: I'm glad you came here.

    Andrew: I heard you yelling.

    Carmen: Oh, yeah? Well, those crazy kids from Pine Valley.

    Andrew: Ah, All My Children. I didn't know you were a soap fan?

    Carmen: I'm not a real fan, but the last couple of days I've been kind of hooked.

    Andrew: That's what happens.

    Carmen: I think I am falling in love with Stewart.

    Andrew: Really?

    Andrew walks more into the room, sitting on the bed, Carmen smiles more.

    Andrew: I didn't just? you know? come here for, um? Er?

    Carmen: Andrew, is there something you'd like to say?

    Andrew: Well, um? Ca-Carmen? I?

    Carmen grabs the collar of Andrew's shirt and pulls him into a kiss. Andrew gasps, accepting the kiss, a little shaky. He pulls back.

    Andrew: Carmen!

    Carmen laughs.

    Carmen: Well?

    Andrew quickly stands and closes the door, making sure to place a chair in front of it. Before he walks back, Carmen yells.

    Carmen: Turn the light off!

    Andrew: What?

    Carmen: Yes, I'll sex you up, but that doesn't mean I can't picture someone else in your place. Maybe that Arthur? Or Robin. Even that Giles looks like he could hold his own in the bed.

    Andrew: You mean, you're not a virgin?

    Carmen pauses, raising a brow.

    Carmen: Sure, yeah, pure hearted virgin I?

    Carmen rolls her eyes. Andrew turns the lights off, Carmen tosses the blanket to the floor.

    Carmen: Come over here big boy.

    Andrew runs over to the bed, as he jumps up, both him and Carmen are pushed, falling onto the ground. The bed snaps closed, falling onto its side, Carmen looks up to the bed, then to Andrew.

    Andrew: Did I do it right? Are you ?sexed' up?

    Carmen sighs.

    Carmen: Let me take the lead.

    Carmen rips off his shirt, Andrew lets out a girlish cry.

    Andrew: That was new!

    Carmen: Let me make it up to you?

    Carmen lowers out of screen, Andrew looks down.

    Andrew: What are you? Oh!

    Andrew pauses, he seems a bit scared at first.

    Andrew: Ouch, that's cold! Oh? O? Ohh! OH!!!! CARMEN!!!!

    Cut to:

    Crimson Falls. Willow and Leora walk into a small diner. There is not many people in the diner, a man stands at the counter, welcome the two in. He is younger looking, his name is Terry.

    Terry: Welcome to the Crash Down. What can I get your two?

    Willow: No, I'm just looking for someone.

    Terry: Oh?

    Willow: A girl named Tara Maclay.

    Terry: What do you want with Tara?

    Willow: You know her?

    Terry: She's my girlfriend.

    Willow: What?

    Leora: I thought Tara was a Dyk-

    Willow quickly covers Leora's mouth.

    Terry: What?

    Willow smiles, Leora tries to speak, but Willow presses hard on Leora's lips.

    Willow: Diner worker? Yes, I was told she worked here too.

    Terry: No, her father didn't want her working here.

    Willow: Mr. Maclay?

    Terry: Yes, her father. And Mrs. Maclay is her mother.

    Willow: Ah, yeah.

    Willow still has her hand covering Leora's mouth, Leora starts turning blue.

    Willow: Well, do you know where I can find her?

    Terry: I do?

    Willow: And?

    Terry: I'm sorry, I have to get back to work.

    Willow: Wait!

    Terry: I would check your friend.

    Willow looks up, Leora is a shade of blue. Willow gasps, letting go of Leora, Leora falls to the ground.

    Willow: Oh? Sorry!

    Cut to:

    The Maclay home, still in 1997. Tara, younger, sits at the kitchen table with Liz, the two have math books spread open.

    Liz: I still don't get it.

    Tara: Come on Liz, we've been over this for two hours now.

    Liz: Maybe Minako knows? She's Asian.

    Tara: Liz?

    Liz: And?

    Tara: That isn't very nice.

    Liz: It's true, she has an A in math. I mean, Asians and math are like pepper and salt.

    Tara: You need to stop talking Liz? Please.

    Liz: What?

    A younger girl, Sam, walks into the kitchen.

    Tara: Hey Sammy.

    Sam: Tara?

    Liz: Hi.

    Sam: Hello Liz? How goes life?

    Liz: Oh, you know-

    Sam: Great.

    Liz: I didn't say-

    Sam: I am having a terrible day! Tony cheated on me! Can you believe it?

    Liz: Weren't you going out with Zack?

    Sam: Yeah? last week?

    Liz: Oh?

    Tara: Men pass fast to Sam.

    Sam: I'm thinking about dating Eric Belanger. Except, you know?

    She motions something with her hands around her face.

    Tara: Beard?

    Sam: Yeah, wicked facial hair.

    Liz: Well he is twenty-one?

    Sam sighs with delight.

    Sam: I know.

    Cut to:

    Rayne driving down a road in California. Faith is next to him. She has a map out.

    Faith: The map says there should be a turn here.

    She looks up and sees just straight road.

    Rayne: Are you sure you know how to find Crimson Falls on a map?

    Faith looks at the map again and tries to look at it from a different angle. Rayne begins to laugh.

    Faith: What are you laughing at?

    Rayne looks back at the road. Faith gets fed up with the map and throws it into the back seat. Rayne laughs a little more.

    Faith: What's wrong with you.

    Rayne: Oh it's nothing?

    Faith: Seriously, I'll beat it out of you if you don't tell me. If you don't believe me we can go back and have a nice chat with Andrew about the time I put his arm in a sling.

    Rayne: Oh I was just noticing how cute you can be.

    Faith doesn't know how to respond. Rayne waits for something, but just continues to drive.

    Cut to:

    Crimson Falls high school. Willow and Leora sit in front of the doors, waiting for class to let out.

    Leora: So you sure she went here?

    Willow: Small Californian towns don't usually have more than one high school.

    Leora: I guess so.

    Willow: This is so strange, you know? Looking at someone else's school life.

    Leora: Well being a teacher in the next few years, I have to live with just that.

    Willow: I wish we knew then what we know now about it?

    Leora: And that is?

    Willow: It's all meaningless when it comes down to it. Life happens no matter what education you get.

    Leora: As a teacher I resent that!

    Willow: Well sure you get a better job with better education, but if something bad is going to happen, it's going to happen.

    Leora: Like spilling wine on the carpets? Be it expensive wine or not?

    Willow: Like being shot?

    Leora: Oh?

    Willow: Did we do the right thing? Was it right to bring Tara back?

    Leora: Well it isn't like we were left with much choice. We didn't want her to be tortured, did we?

    Willow: I guess not?

    Leora: And Death didn't exactly have anything to say against it.

    Willow: That leaves me wondering something too?

    Leora: If Death didn't protest, was it meant to happen?

    Willow: Maybe Tara and I are supposed to do something big?

    Leora: Turing hundreds of girls into a big army? Seems like you've already accomplished something big..

    Willow: But maybe there's something more for us. Something that will change the world again.

    Leora: Stopping another apocalypse?

    Willow: Maybe?

    Leora: Well aren't we a little high and mighty.

    Willow grins.

    Leora: Well whatever the reason, we'll find out soon.

    The bell rings.

    Willow: Guess its time to look.

    Cut to:

    Katana's lair. Katana is in front of the alter; incense burning. She's kneeling and meditating in front of her mothers sais.

    Cut to:

    Katana with Faith, Willow, Rayne, Leora, Carmen and Wood in the ally. She looks between them.

    Katana: Scarlet is? Scarlet is? my mother.

    Cut to:

    Scarlet and Katana kneeling before D'Hoffryn.

    D'Hoffryn: This is your last chance. Don't you or your slave fail me, Scarlet.

    Scarlet: I understand, sir.

    Katana: It wasn't our-

    Scarlet smacks Katana on the back of the head.

    Scarlet: Don't speak out to our master!

    D'Hoffryn: Make sure she knows her place, Scarlet. Or else she will turn on you.

    Scarlet glares at Katana.

    Scarlet: She would never dare.

    Cut to:

    The alter. Katana begins to sweat as these images go through her mind.

    Cut to:

    Katana with Leora, Willow, Rayne and Carmen.

    Katana: Mother has a plan in place at the mall. There is a hellmouth within the grounds that has remained inactive all these years. She means to awaken it.

    Leora: A hellmouth?

    Katana: There are two in this city as it is.

    Willow: Sunnydale couldn't handle he one it had.

    Leora: Is that what made it?

    Willow holds her hands out, fingertips touching. She makes the centre fall down and makes a crashing noise.

    Katana: I know how we can stop her.

    Cut to:

    Katana turning on her mother as Rayne and Faith stand ready for battle across from the two of them.

    Katana: No, mother. This is something you can't do.

    Cut to:

    Katana beginning to tear during her meditation.

    Voice: Don't worry too much about it.

    Katana opens her eyes and looks around. Scarlet leans at the lair's entrance.

    Katana: Mother? Aren't you-

    Scarlet: Long gone.

    Katana looks away.

    Katana: I'm? sorry?

    Scarlet: For what, dear?

    Katana: For? for? causing you to?

    Scarlet: Oh you stupid child. You really think that you could cause my demise? How na?ve I raised you to be.

    Katana: But? the mall?

    Scarlet: Collapsed on me much after I died.

    Katana: Then?

    Scarlet: Give me your hand.

    Scarlet holds out her hand. Katana grabs it and closes her eyes.

    Cut to:

    Saffire standing over Scarlet's beaten body. Saffire wipes her head with a napkin.

    Saffire: Oh my dear, it seems that we've come to a place we've been at before.

    Scarlet: Saffire?

    Saffire: I can't say that I'm surprised to see you grasping on for life, to be honest. You never thought much for yourself; just followed orders.

    Scarlet: Katana?

    Saffire: Yes, it seems she had in her what you lacked. She turned on you it seems.

    Saffire gets up and lights a cigarette.

    Scarlet: Did she really-

    Saffire: Oh she betrayed you good and proper. I think I'm a little proud of her.

    Scarlet: Don't you dare go near her.

    Saffire: Well there isn't much you can do about that right now, is there.

    Scarlet: Don't you touch my daughter!

    Saffire: Funny? thought you called her your slave.

    Scarlet: Saffire, don't you dare!

    Saffire kneels back down over her.

    Saffire: She's my daughter too, you know.

    With this he kisses her forehead and then snaps her neck.

    Cut to:

    Katana screaming in pain as the vision ends. Scarlet puts her hand on Katana's shoulder.

    Scarlet: It's ok, Katana.

    Katana: I? I didn't?

    Scarlet: No, you didn't kill me.

    Katana: Saffire?

    Scarlet: He holds an important role in your life to come.

    Katana: I'll? I'll kill him!

    Scarlet: You can try. But it's better to get your father onto your side. Trust me on that.

    Katana: But?

    Scarlet: Don't question me about that, Katana.

    Katana: Alright?

    Scarlet: There's something you need to do that I didn't finish.

    Cut to:

    A large lake. Below the surface deep down lies a large metal seal.

    Scarlet (Voice Over): A little favor to mother before I disappear.

    Cut to:

    Katana now at the lair's entrance. She looks out the cave to the lake.

    Katana: You mean?

    Scarlet nods.

    Scarlet: We have some work to do? daughter.

    End Act One: Commercial Break.


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      Act Two:

      Carmen is sleeping her hospital bed, snoring loudly. Andrew stands in the entrance, looking a little nervous. He flicks on the light and Carmen groans and turns over. He then slowly walks and stands over her as she sleeps. Carmen opens an eye and looks at him. She closes it until she realizes what is going on. She jumps almost out of her bed in surprise.

      Carmen: Jesus, Andrew what's wrong with you?

      Andrew: I was just wondering how you were doing, you know?

      Carmen: I'm tired! No don't you have some Star Trek convention to be at or something?

      Andrew: There isn't one till next month?

      Carmen: You're kidding me?

      Andrew: There's nothing wrong with meeting Leonard Nimoy? again. He has really nice hands.

      Carmen: You're a freak.

      Andrew sits on the corner of Carmen's bed. She looks down at him.

      Andrew: But you like freaks, don't you?

      Carmen: What? Eww! Andrew!

      Andrew: Well last night?

      Carmen: Was a one time thing only!

      Andrew: But I thought we could?

      Carmen hits him off the bed with her pillow.

      Carmen: I was horny, ok?

      Andrew: You mean for my first time I was-

      Carmen: First time? You mean I took your-

      Andrew: My innocent little white flower?

      Carmen: I was going to say virginity, but ok?

      Carmen shakes her head.

      Carmen: I thought you were just playing a game when you were pretending to have no experience.

      Andrew: Screaming is a game?

      Carmen: My God? I'm a little surprised with you, Andrew!

      Andrew: You are? What did I do?

      Carmen: Well? that was not the thrust of a virgin!

      Andrew perks up.

      Andrew: Really?

      Carmen: Definitely not.

      Andrew: Well? I do watch a lot of-

      Carmen: Do not finish that sentence, please.

      Andrew stops and smiles. Carmen looks away after this. Andrew's smile disappears with a sigh. Carmen moves aside a little.

      Carmen: Come on? sit down.

      Andrew does so, still not happy.

      Carmen: You know, Andrew, I don't really think that way of you.

      Andrew: I? I figured?

      Carmen: I mean up till earlier today I swore you were gay! Which would have scored me a lot of points against Le-

      Andrew looks at her funny. She gives a little laugh and keeps going.

      Carmen: Pretend you didn't just hear that.

      Andrew: I'll try my best?

      Carmen: The point is? if you promise you'll never whisper a peep of it ever again I will ride your ass so hard you won't know what hit you!

      Andrew is taken back by this.

      Andrew: You mean?

      Carmen: I am beyond horny still! I've been in a hospital bed for two weeks now!

      Andrew: So?

      Carmen: Close the door.

      Andrew perks up and goes to the door.

      Cut to:

      Rayne and Faith leaning against Rayne's car.

      Rayne: Feels good to be stretching our legs, huh?

      Faith: We've been stuck in that car for the last thirty hours. I don't think you even need to ask that question at this point.

      Rayne: Touch?.

      Faith stretches a little bit. Rayne discretely checks her out, looking down to her breasts. Faith looks up and notices. Rayne smiles at her. Faith sighs.

      Faith: Look, Rayne. You're a nice guy and all? but

      Rayne grabs her and kisses her. Faith struggles a little bit, taken back. But then gives in. Rayne pulls back after a moment.

      Rayne: But?

      Faith: But you're very good with your tongue!

      Rayne smiles at her. Suddenly Tara appears between them. Rayne jumps back.

      Faith: Tara? How did you get here?

      Tara: Turn back. You're wasting your time.

      Tara floats down the road and holds her hand up. Two large trees fall down to block Rayne and Faith's way. Rayne and Faith look in awe as she does this.

      Rayne: Well? I guess she did say she had her own way.

      Cut to:

      Willow and Leora waiting in front of the school. Students go their ways. Willow looks anxiously for Tara. She finally steps out of the school building with Liz and Terry beside her. Terry has her arm over Tara. Willow looks a little disappointed when she sees it.

      Terry: So that wasn't so tricky was it?

      Liz: We spent way too much time studying for that exam last night.

      Terry looks Tara in the eyes, Staring her down.

      Terry: Someone could have been spending some quality time with me.

      Tara: Oh? wouldn't you just love that.

      Terry kisses Tara. Liz pushes her way through them.

      Liz: Alright? didn't need to see my brother and my best friend doing that.

      Tara: Doing what? This?

      Tara kisses Terry once more. Liz seems to gag. They both laugh as the three make their way down the front steps. Leora and Willow wait for them at the bottom. Tara stops upon seeing them.

      Liz: Can we help you?

      Terry: Hey? you're the girls from the diner the other day.

      Willow: We're here to talk to Tara.

      Tara: And you'd be?

      Leora: People that know you're a witch.

      Terry and Liz look at Tara.

      Cut to:

      Rayne and Faith driving back home. Faith is looking out the window at the ocean. Rayne looks over to her and grins. He takes his hand and puts it on her upper leg. She jumps when he does this and pushes his hand off.

      Rayne: Sorry? I'm? sorry.

      Faith: Rayne, you're a cool guy and all, but I just got left by my husband three weeks ago.

      Rayne: I know, I'm sorry? I just?

      Faith: It would be too soon for me. You don't have to say sorry.

      Rayne: I thought I had the right signals.

      Faith: Apparently that's an aura left over from my years as a slut.

      Rayne: I bet you had fun with that in an all girls prison.

      Faith laughs at this.

      Faith: There are some things I ain't sharing with anyone.

      Rayne: Taking it to the grave?

      Faith: Oh yeah.

      Rayne smiles at Faith once more.

      Cut to:

      Tara, Leora, Willow, Liz and Terry. Willow hits Leora.

      Leora: Ow! I was just being blunt?

      Tara looks to Liz and Terry.

      Tara: Would you guys please wait for me at the bus stop?

      Terry: Su-sure?

      Liz: See ya?

      Liz gives her one more look and the two move on.

      Tara: Who are you?

      Leora: We're from the future.

      Willow hits Leora again. She winces.

      Willow: Stop it!

      Tara looks down at the two of them.

      Tara: The future?

      Cut to:

      Crimson Falls present time. Tara stands in front of her broken down old house. The wind blows violently. Something rustles in the tree.

      Tara: Diana?

      From the tree jumps down Diana.

      Diana: Well hello there. Long time no see.

      Tara: What are you doing?

      Diana: What needs to happen!

      Tara: What did you do to Willow?

      Diana: I granted her wish!

      Tara: Where is she?

      Tara holds her hand out, a small energy ball forms.

      Diana: Calm down, Tara. She's just in the past!

      Cut to:

      Leora, Willow and Tara.

      Tara: So you're telling me I die?

      Willow: Yes?

      Tara: And that I come back as a ghost?

      Leora: And that you and Willow get together!

      Tara: Get? together?

      Willow: Leora?

      Leora: What? It might help. She probably has feelings for that Liz right now!

      Tara: Am I really supposed to fall for this trick? Nothing you can say will prove you know me.

      Willow: Your father beats you...

      Tara: What? Who told you that?

      Willow: You told me that no one else has ever learned that secret. Ever!

      Cut to:

      Tara and Diana.

      Tara: You have to bring them back!

      Diana: No I don't. I don't have to do anything!

      Tara: Please!

      Diana moves closer to Tara. She puts her hands on Tara's shoulder.

      Tara: How? how did you do that?

      Diana: I have the ability to touch you Tara. Please? come with me! Forget Willow.

      Tara: You can touch me?

      Cut to:

      Tara: So what do you want me to do?

      Willow: Stop Diana. Please!

      Tara: Diana?

      Leora: Vengeance demon. You know? veiny face?

      Tara: I know what they are? but Diana?

      Cut to:

      Tara and Diana.

      Tara: You can touch me?

      Diana hugs Tara. Tara grabs at Diana's amulet and pulls away.

      Diana: Tara?

      Tara holds the amulet in her hand and it lights it on fire with magic. Diana begins to scream.

      Cut to:

      Willow, Leora and Tara. Willow grabs Tara and hugs her. Tara is taken back.

      Willow: Tara? I love you. Please help us.

      Tara: Could you please get off of me?

      Leora: Something's happening?

      Willow looks to Leora. Leora is now her adult self. Willow looks down, also her adult self.

      Tara (Off Screen): Willow.

      Willow looks around and Tara is also her adult self. The scene has also changed to The Sacred Circle. Willow, Leora and Tara are in the centre room.

      Leora: Well? let's never do that again.

      Willow looks at Tara and tries to hug her. She falls through Tara.

      Willow: Tara?

      Tara: Willow, its ok.

      Willow is on the floor, tearing up.

      Tara: Don't worry, it'll be ok.

      Cut to:

      Katana standing on a peer out to the middle of the lake. Right below is the opening to the hellmouth. Scarlet is behind her.

      Katana: What do I do?

      Scarlet hands Katana one of her sais.

      Katana: Use this?

      Scarlet: There's magic in that weapon. Use it well.

      Katana: What do you want me to do?

      Scarlet: I think you know.

      Katana stares down the lake, sai in hand. A whirlpool of water begins to move and exposes the bottom of the seal.

      Katana: What now?

      Scarlet: Throw the sai down and instruct the seal to open!

      Katana: Open hell?

      Scarlet: It was our mission.

      Katana looks from the sai, to her mother, to the hellmouth. She throws the said down the whirlpool with all her might. Scarlet smiles. The seal glows with the sai.

      Katana: I command you to?

      Scarlet: Yes! Yes!

      The seal begins to open.

      Katana: I command you to? close.

      Scarlet: What?

      It begins to pour rain. Thunder crashes.

      Katana: I command you to close! And never open!

      The seal closes itself. The sai looses its glow as well. The whirlpool disappears. Katana falls to her knees. Scarlet walks over to her as Katana is crying. Scarlet pulls her daughters head up to look at her.

      Scarlet: You did what you were good at daughter.

      She disappears.

      Scarlet (Off Screen): What I was bad at.

      Cut to:


      End Episode.