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Raven Episode 1.08 "Tara Untold" Part 1

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  • Raven Episode 1.08 "Tara Untold" Part 1

    *Note* As of Spring 2007, Season 1 episodes will be recreated as "Raven Remastered" episodes. The entire original run of season 1 and 2 episodes as well as 3.6 will be redone to add to the quality of the series. The purpose is to make seasons 1 and 2 to the quality of seasons 3 and 4. Look in the index for the Remastered episodes. The originals are posted for comparison*

    Raven Episode 1.8 "Tara Untold pt.1"
    Based off my old series of Tara... um we are also showing two episode this week as a HAPPY SUMMER thing. So enjoy all the Tara goodness.

    The episode starts with shots of Tara through out all of season 4, 5 and 6 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. The shots play out in order of first to last. The shots are short but shots of Tara with Willow or someone else. The shots play for about minute and a half with the song Behind Blue Eyes by Limp Bizkit. As the shots and song plays Tara's voice speaks over both.

    Tara: It was funny? I left a place I hated to find a new hope, a new light. I ran from my parents and friends. From the women I loved. I ran so I can find a light? so I could find that shiny star I saw in my head. So I could find Willow.
    I went to Sunnydale. At first I went to find Terry, to ask for help. But I came into a place of hell. The day I found my light everything went silent. We lost our voices, our words, and our speech. I found Willow Rosenberg in the horror. She was the light. Time passed and we grew? We used magic and brought back the light for her friends. I was there in the dark with her; we fought with our hearts of magic. I cast my spell over you. They came back for me, my family and all, Father, Brother, Beth. She helped me back into the light I lost.
    I lost her. A god came to earth to find a key to unlock her gate. I was harmed I was lost. I lost. I lost. I lost. My mind? I was gone from her light but she found me? she turned me back, I was found. Magic was in our hearts, under her spell?memories of hell. I sang a true melody under my willow tree to find it full of bats and rats. Good Bye To You, to everything that I knew. I had to go. The magic was too strong for her? she was addicted? like drugs. The light was bright again and I found the heart.
    Bang, Bang!
    I was shot down. The darkness took her light and I was trapped in Hell. She came back; Xander renewed the light I lost. I was trapped in Hell. Under a spell not her spell! She came back for me. My red headed goddess.
    But the darkness, the hate, the death, the love? You're still under the spell of darkness. Under the hate? Under the spell!

    The shots stop with Tara lying on the ground dead. The shot changes to Tara sitting on a bed holding a small book. The book is old covered with stickers and stamps and doodles. The pages are ripped and turning yellow. Tara closes the book then lets of a gasp and the book falls through her.

    Tara: That was a lot out of me.

    Tara got up and sighed. She was still wearing her shirt from "Seeing Red" she still had the bullet wound and there was nothing she could do.

    Tara: If I had the power to become fully corporal for more then a minute or two, I could fix my self up.

    The door swung open and Tara quickly turned around. Willow joyfully prounced into the room.

    Willow: Tara! I have done something so cool.

    Tara: W-w-what?

    Willow smiled and held out a big book with a star on it.

    Willow: Rayne, he got me this book. I mean he asked Giles for it but he got it. He said it was one of those books that well? I kind of drained after I got all dark-haired Willowy.

    Tara: Should you be de-dealing with it then? I m-mean if it made you e-evil.

    Willow: No, its totally okay. I mean all I need is this one spell and it is not even really that dark. I mean it may add a little shine to my black streak but hey, cool looking Willow here.

    Tara forced a smile and Willow turned around to the closet and started pulling stuff out.

    Willow: You see the spell should work if I can find the right stuff.

    Tara frowned and lowered her head.

    Tara: What kind of spell?

    Willow turned around and looked at Tara.

    Willow: A smell to give you body, well so you're no long ghosty. But it only last for a day so we should get the best out of it.

    Tara: What?

    Willow: The spell. It should bring you back.

    Tara: Will that is dark magic. I have read those books before, I have used books like that before.

    Willow: What? When?

    Tara: Before? Before I came to Sunnydale.

    Willow: Why didn't you tell me?

    Tara: Because it is part of my past Will. Something I do not need to visit.

    Willow: We? We went through so much already and you can't tell me one spell?

    Tara: Willow please just?

    Willow: Just what?

    Tara: Please.

    Willow gave Tara a harsh look and stormed out of the room. Tara held her hand out yelling back.

    Tara: Will, Willow!

    The door slammed shut and Tara looked down once again.

    Tara: I don't want it to end like it did before?

    Cut to a dark cave with blue drawings all over the wall of death and pain. Saffire walks into the light with blue pain all over his hands. He makes a small grin.

    Saffire: Little witch has opened the powers of the lost arch. Stupid girl, you may think you can control the darkness in you but watch out? Evil Demon and White Goddess are hard to control.

    End of Teasers, cut to opening credits with the Theme: "Lucky Ones" by Bif Naked.

    Kate Beckinsale - Leora Byrne
    AJ Cook - Carmen White
    Eliza Dushku - Faith
    Kelly Giddish - Katana
    And Michael Vartan as Arthur Rayne

    Special Guest Star:
    Amber Benson - Tara Maclay
    Sarah Michelle Gellar - Buffy Summers

    Guest Starring:
    Alyson Hannigan - Willow Rosenberg
    Caitlin Wachs - Caitlin Smith
    DB Woodside - Robin Wood
    James Charles Leary - Terry Wilson
    Amy Jo Johnson - Elizabeth "Liz" Wilson
    Stacey Dash - Diana Hope
    Tom Lenk - Andrew Wells
    Mimi Paley - Child Fate
    With Wes Ramsey - Saffire
    And Teresa Cruz as Death

    Created by: Alexander Brown
    Produced by: Travis Truant
    Edited by: Raven
    Written by: Travis Truant.
    Based on Buffy The Vampire Slayer and Angel created by Joss Whedon.
    Copyrighted by: Phoenix inc. and Digilee inc.
    All Buffy based characters created and owned by Joss Whedon.
    The character of Death in this fanfic is based on the Death in "The Sandman Library" created and copyrighted to Neil Gaiman.

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    Act one: In Faith's living room Willow is sitting in a chair depressed. Faith walks in with a few books and a bag.

    Faith: Hey Will.

    Willow looks up.

    Willow: Oh, hi Faith.

    Faith puts down her stuff and looks over to Willow.

    Faith: What's wrong? You got lover girl back and everything. I thought you'd be like having sex with a flower or something since she can only hold stuff for moments at a time and why are you at my place? Didn't we agree you would be staying at Leora's?

    Willow: I? Faith. I know you are all good actually fighting with us and not trying to slice your jackal into me but I-

    Faith looks at her confused.

    Faith: Jackal?

    Willow: That dagger thing the mayor gave you. It's called a jackal. But that's not the point.

    Faith: Really? Man I wonder what Buffy did with it after she jabbed it into me.

    Willow: Um, well first I did a search on it to see if it contained any magical? Hey! Can we stick to the topic please?

    Faith: Oh, sorry.

    Willow: Now where was I? Jackal? Slice? Me? Oh yeah. Okay I know you're all good now but Tara and I, not something I can really talk to you about since you kind of were a total bitch to her.

    Faith: That was Buffy!

    Willow gives Faith a sort of ?sure, what ever' look.

    Faith: ?s body?

    Faith quickly adds onto it.

    Willow: I really wish Buffy were here?

    Faith: Hey, B has her own problems to deal with. She lost her sister? who was a ball of pure green energy? Strange.

    Willow: I kind of wish? Maybe even Anya? Someone who knew Tara.

    Faith: Sorry.

    Willow made a small smile. Cut to BMSS in Leora's classroom.

    Leora: Okay so does anyone else have an idea for this years English-Drama play, performance? besides a better name?
    Girl: How about Sailor Moon? Dress up in mini skirts and get wigs?

    The class looked at her. Caitlin started to laugh.

    Caitlin: Right. And then we can all go fly away and talk to cats.

    Leora: Caitlin, do you have an idea?

    Caitlin: How about? Original poems?

    Leora: That? actually would work. Original poems.

    Leora writes that on the white board and spells it out, out loud.

    Leora: O-rigin-al Po-ems. Okay anyone else?

    Leora's cell phone started to ring. Leora jumped a little not expecting that to go off. She picked up the phone and forced a laugh.

    Leora: One sec class.

    Leora answered the phone.

    Leora: Hello?

    Carmen: Le, glad you picked up!

    Leora: Carmen, I am in the middle of class.

    Carmen: So?

    Leora: What do you want?

    Carmen: Willow, she found this book. It's like one of those dark-arch ones.

    Leora: Why does Willow have a book of the Dark-arch?

    Carmen: The Irish guy got it for her.

    Leora: Really? And what is she going to do with it?

    Carmen: Give Tara corporeal form.

    Leora: (really loud) WHAT!?

    Carmen: What?

    The entire class looked up at her.

    Boy: Ms. Byrne, are you okay?

    Leora smiled and hung up the phone.

    Leora: Sorry about that? a friend was stupid enough to call me while teaching. Now lets talk about some more ideas!

    Later that day Leora is standing outside Faith's apartment. She knocks on the door.

    Leora: Faith?

    Faith opens the door.

    Faith: Leora, what are-

    Willow: You came! Good. Tara has gone out for a tad and we only have a little time to perform this spell.

    Leora: To make Tara-

    Willow: Yep! For 24 hours. Then the gem?

    She holds up a purple gem with a silver dot.

    Willow: Will shatter and Tara will return to what she is now.

    Leora: You know Willow? the book you have.

    Willow: The book of Arch.

    Leora: Dark-Arch.

    Willow: Not you too, Tara made a big deal about this. I told her I will be fine.

    Leora: Willow.

    Willow: What?

    Leora: The magic you want to use is very strong. But I will help, for Tara.

    Willow nods. She shows Leora she has everything set up. Faith turns off the lights and the candles light up. Willow sits in the center of a star-like shape while Leora holds a picture of Tara and stands behind Willow. Willow closes her eyes and starts chanting lightly while Leora makes the photo of Tara float onto the purple gem.

    Willow: Child of strings, of twine, of life. Child of strings, of twine, of life. The string of one is faded, is lost, and is in illusions. Bring it clear.

    Willow opens her eyes and they are both black. Her hair starts to become darker as well as her white streak.

    Willow: (in a dark-deep voice) Child of life show your face.

    A small girl appears in a white robe. Her hair is blond and her eyes are white. She has gold chains all around her and she looks at Willow a little strangely and starts to laugh


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      Act 2:
      The small girl starts laughing and Willow narrows her eyes.

      Willow: What is so funny?

      Child: You request to see me? I hold your life?

      A long string appears in her hands. The string is glowing black.

      Child: Pure darkness? It took over it before. Then it was normal, and then it was white. Then it became black and white and now it is pure darkness. You are sure a strange one Witch.

      Willow: I ask a wish.

      Child: Do I look like a vengeance demon?

      Willow: A pure wish.

      Child: About Tara Maclay.

      The string changes to a purple one that is covered in blood. A not is holding it together from where it was once cut.

      Child: She is dead.

      Willow: No.

      Cut to the hospital. Carmen and Andrew are both lying down in beds watching a TV.

      Andrew: Lucky we got a room together. This way Faith and Leora can watch both of us at once

      Carmen: Yeah? lucky us.

      Carmen sighed holding back her self from smacking Andrew.

      Andrew: This is just like the time on-

      Carmen: Don't! Andrew, I don't care for your trivia right now.

      Andrew: Sorry?

      Carmen grunted and just looked at the TV. Out side their room Tara is walking into the hospital. She looks at the door.

      Tara: Andrew? Carmen. I could stay here clear my mind. But Willow? she doesn't know what she is getting herself in. I know I should tell her what happened but? It was five years ago and it was so hard to even talk to? I left the people I love so I could run away from it.

      Rayne walks up to her and trys to tap her on the shoulder but his hand goes through her.

      Rayne: Tara?

      Tara turned around and went right past Rayne. She turned around again and smiled.

      Tara: Sorry. Um? It's A-Arthur R-Rayne, right?

      Rayne gave her a small smile and a nod.

      Rayne: You can just call me Rayne if you like. I find Arthur to be a little old manish.

      Tara: I l-like it, Arthur.

      Rayne: So what are you doing here? Shouldn't you be with Willow and Leora?

      Tara: What, w-why?

      Rayne: I gave her the book that holds that spell she wanted. The spell only works if you say "yes." I don't think Willow knows that I kind of was in a hurry when she asked for it.

      Tara: I told her no already.

      Rayne: Why?

      Tara: The power it holds is too much for Willow. I don't wanna see her go back to the darkness like she did after I died. Does no one understand this?

      Rayne: Tara?

      Tara turned her back to him and started walking off.

      Tara: No one cares for her safety do they? You just don't understand what hell she has gone through.

      Rayne: I am her best friend!

      Tara: And I am her everything.

      Rayne: I may have been her best friend for only a few months but I still care for her.

      Tara: It doesn't seem like it.

      Rayne: Let her figure it out on her own!

      Tara: And watch her die?!

      Tara storms off walking through the sliding doors before they even open. Cut to a giant room with black walls and white pentagrams all over them. A woman is standing holding a gold ring and a strand of hair is wrapped around it.

      Diana: You left. Now I will get you back.

      Diana holds out the ring and it starts to glow. A close up of her face that is normal, it then changes into a vengeance demon face.

      Diana: Using the ring of Aya, I wish Tara Maclay had never left Crimson Falls!

      The ring glew brighter then cracked. Nothing happened, the strand of blond hair burnt up.

      Diana: That was not what I wanted. She just had to dye her hair?

      She broke the ring in her hand.

      Diana: I'll find a different way?

      Diana makes the window curtains open and she closes her eyes.

      Diana: Witch.

      Diana sees Willow performing the spell. She grins.

      Diana: That's Anyanka's friend. Tara was in love with that? This should be even easier then I hoped.

      Back to Faith's apartment Willow is still all dark haired and talking to the little girl.

      Willow: She is not dead.

      Child: By this she is? you brought her back and tied a not hoping it would hold.

      Willow: She was in hell!

      Child: Just like the slayer?

      Willow: Tara was in a real hell. I went there and met Death!

      Child: Death?

      The child tilted her head and Death appeared behind her.

      Child: This Death?

      Death: Hey Red.

      Willow: I wish I could just go back to do this on my own.

      Diana poofed into the room but had a veil covering her face. Everyone looked at her and she turned to face Willow and Leora. Faith pulls an axe off the counter.

      Diana: Done witch.

      Willow panics and started stuttering.

      Willow: D-d-done? What? W-What's done?

      Faith: Willow?

      The spell Willow was doing exploded and everything went white. All you can hear is the little girl giving off a very loud scream. The white fades to Willow and Leora lying down in a grassy park. It is very sunny out and kids are playing in the background. Willow's hair is now a dark red color. She looks up at the kids playing. Leora is sits up and looks around as well. Willow quickly looks to see if she still has the book. Leora stands up and looks down at Willow.

      Leora: What kind of wish is this?

      Willow: Could this be like Cordelia and her whole "I wish Buffy had never come to town" ordeal? I hope I don't have to meet me again. Man what foreshadowing that little event was? Why didn't I see it?

      Leora: Cordelia? You? See what?

      Willow stood up and turned to face Leora.

      Willow: Cordelia Chase, Uber-Cheerleader Bitch turned higher power turned demon-mother turned coma-ie. Real long story there, you should talk to Giles really or even Xander.

      Leora: Check.

      Willow picks up the spell book and starts looking around again.

      Willow: Something? Something odd is going on here.

      Leora: Where is here?

      Willow stops and points to a large green and white sign. Leora reads it out.

      Leora: Welcome to?

      Leora/Willow: Crimson Falls CA.

      Willow's jaw drops.

      Willow: Opps.


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        Act 3:
        Still looking at the sign, Leora looked at Willow.

        Leora: Opps?

        Willow forced a smile.

        Willow: Well? You see. Tara, Tara told me that she lived in Crimson Falls?

        Willow starts to speak over a shot of a house. Tara walks outside with short brown hair.

        Willow VO: She grew up here. She lived her for 18 years of her life before she left.

        Tara meets up with a girl and guy. The girl has brown hair tied in a ponytail while the guy has short blond hair. Tara and him share a kiss.

        Willow VO: My wish came true. I went back.

        Cut back to Leora and Willow.

        Leora: Back?

        Willow: Someone? A demon was watching. I made the wish-

        Leora: That you could back!

        Willow: Here we are. Crimson Falls?

        Leora: What year is it?

        Willow snapped her fingers and a calendar poofed in front of her. In bold black print the calendar said 1997.

        Willow: Crimson Falls, 1997. We might revert.

        Leora: Revert?

        Willow: Like turn back to our teen selves. What we looked like at this time. Oh god.

        Leora: Please no. The perm I had that year was? Well lets just look for Tara.

        Willow: What?

        Leora: She can help us.

        Willow: But it will change the fabric of time.

        Leora: Just standing here could. I mean for all we know Tara could walk right into us and-

        Leora gets knocked over by the girl with brown hair. The girl flips over and lands on her hands and knees. The girl gets up and helps Leora up.

        Girl: Sorry, sorry!

        Leora looks and her and makes a small smile.

        Leora: It's okay? nothing broken.

        Girl: My name is Liz, Liz Wilson.

        Willow holds out her hand to shake it.

        Willow: Hi, I am-

        She pauses and widens her eyes. She has a flash back of her and Buffy speaking. They are both sitting on a bed with Willow recharging herself from having some of her skin peeled off.

        Buffy: While you were gone a girl named Elizabeth Wilson stopped by.

        Willow: Elizabeth?

        Buffy: Yeah. She looked about our age. Short sandy hair, she had cross tattoo on her right shoulder blade.

        Willow: I don't know anyone like that.

        Flash back ends and Willow holds her hand back.

        Willow: Liz, short for Elizabeth.

        Liz: Um? yeah.

        Willow pulls Leora and waves to Liz.

        Willow: We gotta go.

        Leora: We do?

        Willow drags on Leora and starts walking off. Liz looks at them strangely and turns around and continues walking. Leora looked at Willow and pushed her off.

        Leora: What are you doing?

        Willow: That girl, she came, I mean her future self came to Buffy's house!

        Leora: What?

        Willow: After Tara died and I went evil, while I was in England with Giles. Buffy told me that a girl named Elizabeth Wilson came to see me. She could be a friend of Tara's who heard she died!

        Leora: Ex-lover?

        Willow: Maybe.

        Leora rubs her shoulder that was hit.

        Leora: She was strong, very strong for her size.

        Willow: You don't think?

        Leora: Slayer?

        Willow: Potential! ?Cause Buffy was, IS the current slayer and this is few years before Faith.

        Leora: So Tara was a friend with a slayer?

        Willow: So she already knew about slayers, before even coming to Sunnydale.

        Cut to Faith's apartment. Wood knocks on the door, which opens. He steps in and looks at the giant mess and Faith passed out by the door. The axe right beside her. Wood kneels down and turns her onto her back.

        Wood: Faith? Faith!

        Faith slowly opens her eyes and looks at Wood.

        Faith: Robin?

        Wood: What happened here?

        Faith looks over to where Willow and Leora were.

        Faith: Willow? Leora.

        Wood: They are not here.

        Faith: Yes. They did a spell and then a girl, in all black.

        Wood gets up and helps Faith up. Faith walks to the burnt circle on the floor.

        Faith: What? This isn't right.

        Wood: Faith?

        Faith turned around and walked past Wood.

        Faith: I don't have time for you.

        She walked out of the room leaving Wood just standing there. At the hospital Carmen, Andrew, and now Rayne were all watching TV. Carmen looks over at Andrew and Rayne.

        Carmen: I hope? I hope it works out with Willow and Tara.

        Andrew: Me too they were always so happy before, well before Tara was killed and Willow went all "Grr-Arg" on us.

        Rayne: Tara was pretty upset.

        Carmen: You don't think Willow is still going to do the spell, do you?

        Rayne: Why not?

        Carmen: Hello! Tara said NO~

        Andrew: That kind of spell is dangerous.

        Rayne: We have to have faith that Willow can handle a dark spell like that.

        Faith walks into the room with a worried look on her face. Everyone looked up.

        Rayne: Faith?

        Carmen: What are you doing here?

        Faith: Willow? and Leora.

        Andrew: What happened?

        Faith: They sort of went POOF.

        Tara: What?

        Faith turns around to see Faith standing right behind her.

        Faith: Tara.

        Tara: She did that spell didn't she? And now she is gone.

        Faith: Tara we-

        Tara: I told you! I told you all that it would happen but none of you want to listen cause Willow could handle her self, well now she is GONE!

        Rayne: Tara!

        Tara looked and Rayne and held out her hand.

        Tara: Stop.

        Rayne's mouth was shut. He tried to open it but the spell has locked.

        Faith: Tara! We all want to save Willow.
        Tara: I have my own way.

        Tara walks out of the room and vanishes. Fade to black.

        End Episode