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Raven Episode 1.07 "The Final Showdown" Part 5

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  • Raven Episode 1.07 "The Final Showdown" Part 5

    *Note* As of Spring 2007, Season 1 episodes will be recreated as "Raven Remastered" episodes. The entire original run of season 1 and 2 episodes as well as 3.6 will be redone to add to the quality of the series. The purpose is to make seasons 1 and 2 to the quality of seasons 3 and 4. Look in the index for the Remastered episodes. The originals are posted for comparison*

    Raven Episode 1.7 "The Final Showdown"

    Rayne Voiceover: Previously on Raven

    *Shot of Angel and Harm coming into Faith apartment*

    Angel: Sorry were late!

    Faith: Angel! Glad you could make it!

    *Shot of Willow being teleported to Gelu-Terra*

    Leora: We need to get her out of there!

    Harm:*Getting off cellphone* The Senior Partners want nothing to do with her!

    *Shot of Tara being shot.*

    Tara: Your shirt!

    *Shot of Willow wakening in Gelu-Terra*

    Willow: That voice?..but it can't be?..Tara?

    *Shot of Tara and Willow hugging*

    Tara: I'll never leave you Willow! I never did!

    Willow: I know baby!

    *Shot of Anyanka*

    Willow: Anya?

    Anyanka: I'm Anyanka, goddess of vengeance! And you shall pay for your bad deeds!

    *Shot of Faith and Angel in bed*

    Carmen voice over: We need Angel!

    *Shot of Angel turning to Angelus.

    End "previously on"

    Intro: Open to Faith in the apartment. Angel falls off the bed. Faith seems to finally wake up inside realizing what happened.

    Faith: Oh my god! What happened?*She looks around and sees Angel on the ground beside the bed.* Angel? Are you ok? Did we?.

    Angelus: Why does everybody get my name wrong? Do I look like a little poof that prances around saving what should be dinner?

    Faith:*Deeply voiced.* Angelus.

    Angelus: Right kiddo! Did anyone tell you your not the machine you claim to be?

    Faith: How?what? I would never. *We see a flashback of Angel and Faith having sex from just a few minutes ago. Faith remembers what she did. And she remembers she didn't do it on purpose.* Oh lord.

    Angelus: Now comes the killing Faith!

    Faith: No?.no?NO.

    Angelus: Oh yes, your going to pay for what you did last year. Did I mention I was still pissed about that?

    Faith: When do we do this?

    Angelus: Right now. *He lunges at Faith but then rolls over her and out the window.*

    Cut to: The ally bellow the window.

    Angelus: What the hell? Why does it always seem I'm falling out of a window?

    *A figure moves towards him as he recovers from the three story drop.*

    Angelus: You.

    *Camera reveals Scarlet, standing over Angelus.*

    Scarlet: Hello, old friend.

    End intro

    Opening credits:

    Theme song "Eternal" by Evanescence.


    Kate Beckinsale - Leora Byrne
    AJ Cook - Carmen White
    Eliza Dushku - Faith
    D.B. Woodside - Robin Wood
    Kelly Giddish - Katana
    And Tilda Swinton as Scarlet

    Special Guest Starring:
    Alyson Hannigan as Willow Rosenberg
    David Boreanaz as Angelus
    Teresa Cruz as Death
    Emma Caulfield as Anyanka
    Mercedes McNab as Harmony
    And Amber Benson as Tara Maclay

    Guest Starring:
    Nicholas Sperling as Cain
    Grace Ceperley as Herself
    Michael Vartan as Arthur Rayne
    And Wes Ramsey as Saffire

    Created by: Alexander Brown
    Produced by: Travis Truant
    Written by: Alexander Brown
    Edited by: Jenn Smith

    Copyright belongs to:
    Phoenix inc.
    Digilee inc.

    Willow, Faith, Wood, Angelus, Tara, and Harmony were created and are owned by Joss Whedon

    Death was created and is owned by Neil Gaiman.

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    Act 1: Open to, Faith exiting her bedroom, she sits in a rocking chair, crying. She looks at a picture of her husband, who she just betrayed. She picks up the phone, contemplating weather to call him and tell him what's happened or what's coming. Instead she calls another number.

    Faith:*On phone* Harmony? Angelus got out. I'll explain later, get yourself, Carmen and Rayne over here as soon as possible, and tell Leora to get Willow, and fast. If anyone she can do it.

    *Cut to: Leora and Astro breaking into the Ceperley Mansion after hours.*

    Leora: Mrs. Ceperley? I need your help! Something horrible has happened.

    *Nothing happens. The camera pans around to show that the art gallery is now different and fixed from what happened in episode 1.2.*

    Leora: Guess I really messed the place up, eh Astro? *The bird perches on her shoulder*

    Mrs. Ceperley:*Materializing before her* Yes my child? *Leora jumps*

    Leora: Hi Mrs. Ceperley. I need your help.

    Mrs. Ceperley: The witch?

    Leora: How did you know?

    Mrs. Ceperley: She's being tortured. I am connected to the hell she is in, I was meant to go there but held back.

    Leora: How do we save her?

    Mrs. Ceperley: The question isn't how, it's when. If you do not save her now, she may be stuck there forever. I believe you can help her get out. And I'm not going to sit around watching my only good company in a long time die.

    Leora: Why can't she be saved after?

    Mrs. Ceperley: Because she needs to save you.

    Leora: What?

    Mrs. Ceperley: Your fates are, at the moment, tied. You and I can travel to Gelu-Terra together and get her out.

    Leora: How can I, a mortal go there?

    Mrs. Ceperley: Astro, he will serve as a vessel for you. Make any preparations you need, I'm afraid you'll need to do it fast. *She holds up her hand as a screen again like in 1.2. This time Angelus is talking to Scarlet with Cain and Katana in the background.*

    Angelus: Scarlet, Katana. Why have you brought me back?

    Scarlet: It was not us my dear. I am unsure who did this but what is the matter with saving you?

    Angelus: I need to know who to thank for there unholy deeds. A night out with me catching some virgins to slaughter like innocent lambs is in order.

    Katana: we will have our time to party later. For now we must get the plan in order. What shall we do mother?

    Scarlet: You and Cain shall guard the entrance to the mall as Angelus and I raise hell.

    Angelus: How will I help? Can't be assured I won't kill you.

    Scarlet: *Unsheathing a white blade with a white handle.* This is the instrument that will kill me. You must keep it from them at all costs.

    Angelus: How can you be sure they'll be there?

    Scarlet: They have a way of knowing. Is it clear?

    Katana: Yes mother!

    Scarlet: Meet here at the school in an hour.

    *Katana, Scarlet and Cain all teleport away, leaving Angelus to walk out.*

    Angelus: Ungrateful tramps.

    *The screen closes.*

    Mrs. Ceperley: You know what you need to do. Make the call and then go up to the janitors closet, not one goes there anymore. *She disappears*

    Leora:*Whipping out a phone* Carmen? Is Katana there? I won't be joining you for the fight. If were lucky I'll be able to get Willow.

    Carmen:*Over phone* Leora, Angelus is back.

    Leora: I know, I'll get her back and make it all right. See you soon! *She hangs up and turns off the phone.* Ready Astro?* The two head up the stairs.

    Cut to: Gelu-Terra. Tara and Willow are sitting in a small shack. Both in rag-like clothing and messed up hair.

    Willow:? and then I turned all the potentials into slayers, saving the world. Spike and Anya both died in the fight, guess you know Anya did. But Spike came back and works with Angel. After the fight we went to England where Giles started the council again. I tried to give Xander a new eye, almost took the other one out in the process. He went to go get a new one. Then everything went wrong and I told you about that stuff.

    Tara: You left out a few parts.

    Willow: What?

    Tara: Kennedy.

    Willow: Oh?.. That part.

    Tara: I understand Willow. If you ever go back, I want you to make it right with her.

    Willow: But?I don't love her. I only love you. I only ever did love you and I always will only love you. And I won't leave you!

    Tara: That I understand too *She slips in a kiss*

    Anyanka:*Coming into the shack* Guess what time it is? Torture time!

    Willow: Anyanka, you don't have to do this!

    Anyanka: Whatever you and I had, red, we lost. I'm queen of vengeance and I have a job to do! *All of a sudden Anyanka seems to fade. Hair changing from the long blond hair she has as Anyanka to the brown hair she had before she died.*

    Anya: Willow? Tara? Where are we? Am I dead?

    Willow: Anya?

    Anya: What? How? *She fades back to Anyanka*

    Anyanka: Witches! What have you done?

    *Shot of Mrs. Ceperley holding up her hand with a white ball of energy.*

    Anyanka: You!

    Mrs. Ceperley:*To Willow and Tara* Run children, help is on the way!

    End Act 1: Commercial Break


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      Act 2: Open to The Sacred Circle. Faith, Katana, Carmen, Harmony, and Rayne are around a table. Faith looks distressed. *Wood comes in*

      Wood: I came as soon as I could. What's up? Did you find Willow?

      Rayne: Leora's on it, that's not why we needed you.

      Wood: What is it?

      Rayne: Angelus has escaped.

      Wood: How? *The rest of the group looks uncomfortable, not making eye contact with Wood. He looks at Faith, who seems to be avoiding him more than the others.* Faith? What's going on?

      Faith: I let Angelus free.

      Wood: What? That's impossible! He could only get free if you...*It dawns on him.* oh my god. You and Angel?how can this be happening?

      Faith: I can explain!

      Wood: You better or in two seconds I'm leaving!

      Faith: It wasn't me! I swear! It was a spell.

      *Everyone but Faith and Wood walk off to a backroom*

      Wood: Faith, I don't need this.

      Faith: I love you Robyn!

      Wood: But I don't love you. I can't believe I'm saying this but lately it's been a little hectic. I wish I could be with you, but this turns the scale completely. You won't be seeing me for a while.

      Faith: What? Wait! Where can I find you?

      Wood: I'll tell you after I'm done figuring things out.*He turns and goes. Faith just sits in a chair, crying. The camera moves to Katana and co. watching the situation.*

      Katana: Of all my years of death and torture only one thing outdid my job the whole time. Love.

      Faith: *Turns around and stands up, now angry* Willow or no Leora needs to hurry. I'm aggravated and annoyed. We start the assault now!

      *Cut to: Katana and Faith opening a map of the mall and the area surrounding it. Carmen, Harmony, Rayne sit down in the chairs next to the table.*

      Faith: According to Katana, there is a hellmouth under the mall. Scarlet intends to make it active again.*She points to a part of the mall circles in red on the map.* This is where it will happen.

      Carmen: What can we expect?

      Katana: Scarlet will probably have some guards their. Cain and I are supposed to guard the entrance to the mall.

      Rayne: What about security in the mall?

      Katana: Scarlet is taking care of that as we speak. The security guards will be taken care of along with all the power in the mall.

      *Cut to: Scarlet inside the security headquarters of Lougheed Mall. The steel door is kicked open in the room. All the guards get up to attack her. She simply blows magic powder on them and they fall to the ground. She then sits at a computer chair and takes down the power to the mall.*

      *Cut back to Katana and co.*

      Harmony: How are we going to do this? I mean, boss'll probably be raping and pillaging woman like he does when he's had too many victims to eat.

      Katana: He's guarding a dragon tooth blade. The only type of blade that can kill D'Hoffryn's minions.

      Rayne: What do you have in mind as an attack?

      Faith: Rayne, you and I will sneak into the mall past Cain. Katana will join us after. Carmen and Harmony will keep Cain and any other guards that come busy.

      Harmony: So this is the plan?

      Faith: So far. If Leora can get Willow out then we'll have reinforcements. Let's move out.

      *They grab weapons and starts going out the door. Rayne stops Katana before they leave.*

      Rayne: I myself have a dragon blade. I will pick it up before we leave. I don't wish to kill your mother unless it's your wish.

      Katana: It is. Anything that evil to their child, even for a demon, deserves to be massacred.

      Cut to: Gelu-Terra. Willow and Tara are running as far away as they can from a bunch of demons that are following them. As they run, Astro/Leora, flies above them. Soon a hourd of demons run to them from the front. They try to change direction but are trapped.

      Tara: Oh god. Willow.

      Willow: It's ok baby! I won't let anything happen to you!*They hold on to each other. As this happens, Astro/Leora glows yellow. Leora falls down from where Leora/Astro was.* Leora?

      Leora: Hey! *Sees the demon closing in on them.* Willow! I have an idea!

      End act 2: Commercial Break


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        Act 3: *Cut to: The mall entrance. Harmony holding an axe and Carmen with her shotgun just walk up to Cain and Katana. Cain holding a claymore and Katana with her katana. Cain runs to Carmen, now shooting at him. Her shots don't affect him but make him pause for a second. Katana teleports in front of Cain and uses the same powder on him that Scarlet did the guards.*

        Katana: See you inside later.

        *Carmen puts her shotgun down and takes a long knife out of its scabbard. Three demons, two male and one female. One of the males have katars, another a rapier and the female has a staff.*

        Carmen: Ready to go? *She attacks the female demon with her knife. Harmony attacks the two males, swinging her axe at their heads. They duck and try to get blows on her. They continue to dodge each others attacks. Cain perks up behind Carmen.*

        *Cut to: Katana, Rayne and Faith coming to Angelus and Scarlet.*

        Scarlet: Katana! What are you doing here?

        Katana: Goodbye mother!*She unsheathes her katana. Angelus eyes Faith.*

        Angelus: Ah, Faith. How was that sinking feeling the morning after? For me it was a little less than I expected! *Sees Rayne.* A new toy I see. Looks like Wes. Reminds me of the time you and him tried to kill me. Let me return the favor! *Angelus fights Faith and Rayne. Rayne and Faith dodging blows from him and Angelus blocking attacks from them. Angelus gets a blow on Faith that sends her into a store. Faith lays there, not moving.* Your turn Wes junior!*

        Rayne: I've faced more hideous things than you!

        Angelus: How do you say we do this?

        Rayne: I've got something in mind. *He unsheathes his dragon blade.*

        Angelus: Ah. It all makes sense now. *Holds up his dragon blade. The two of them clash at each other. Moving around the mall together.*

        *Cut to Scarlet and Katana fighting.*

        Scarlet: Katana! What do you think your doing?

        Katana: Doing the right thing! You left me with a soul!

        Scarlet: Well, lets do this then. Mother versus daughter. Demon versus demon. I say this will be quite the..*Katana swings at her mother. The two of them start dueling.*

        *Cut back to: Carmen and Harmony. The two of them defeat their foes one by one. They teleport away. Cain then gets up from behind Carmen and stabs her through the stomach. Cain teleports away, leaving Carmen holding her stomach in pain.*

        Harmony: Carmen? Oh shit!

        *Cut to: Gelu-Terra.*

        Tara: What's the plan?

        Leora: Demon bane.

        Willow: Demon bane?

        Tara: Will it work?

        Leora: There are three of us, I'm sure it will.

        *The three of them hold hands and close their eyes as the demons close in.*

        Willow: Spawn of darkness. Full of evil.

        Tara: Be gone from my mind for good.

        Leora: We repeal thee with the power of all that is good.

        Willow: Spawn of evil.

        Tara: Seeds of darkness.

        Leora: BE GONE! *Nothing happens for a moment. Leora, Tara and Willow open their eyes and are teleported to the mall. They see what's going on around them. Leora rushes to help Faith. Tara looks lost and confused as Willow casts a spell.*

        Willow: The ritual isn't right but I'll give it a shot! Not dead?nor not of the living I call. *Angelus opens his eyes wide to see Willow, restoring his soul.* Spirits of the interregnum, I call. God, bind him! Cast his heart for this evil realm! Return! I call on! Te implor, Doamne, nu ignora aceasta rugaminte. Nici mort, nici al fiintei... Lasa orbita sa fie vasul care-i va transporta, sufletul la el. Asa sa fie! Asa sa fie! Acum! Acum! Acum!

        Angelus: No! *He reverts to Angel. Rayne almost stabs him but stops in time.*

        Rayne: Katana! *Throws his dragon blade to her.*

        Katana:*Takes the blade and stabs it into her mother.*

        Scarlet: Katana?*She falls over slowly. A puddle of blood comes from the chest wound.*

        Katana: Goodbye mother.

        Tara: How the? *Willow turns around to see Tara.* Willow? *They to hug each other but instead Willow just runs right through her.* Willow? What's wrong with me?

        *Faith wakes up. She sees Leora over her and smiles.*

        Faith: Did we do it?

        Leora: Yes.

        *Harmony bursts in.*

        Harmony: We have a problem!

        *Cut to: The hospital. Leora, Faith, Angel, Harmony, and Rayne are standing around Carmen. Carmen wakes up smiling.*

        Carmen: *Weakly* Hey.

        Faith: How are you?

        Carmen: Felt better. Guess I'll be ok.

        Leora: Guess I should have been there to help you. Heard you put on quite a fight.

        Carmen:*Smiling* Ya.

        Harmony: Umm, not to be a mood damper but Angel, we got to go.

        Angel: Right. *Turns to Faith.* I have no clue what happened between us, but It wasn't real. It was magic.

        Faith: I know. I'm glad to have you back.

        Angel: See you around. I'll keep in touch.*Harmony and Angel leave.*

        Faith: I guess it's time to go too.

        Leora: You guys go ahead. I'll stay here over night.

        Rayne: If you need anything. Call.

        Leora: Thanks. *Faith and Rayne leave.*

        Leora: Carmen. I need help. I got Willow back and her past lover Tara came with her. Only thing is. She's dead.

        Carmen: That s weird.

        Leora: Only thing is, she's a ghost.

        *Death comes out of the corner of the room.*

        Death: Is that really so strange?

        Leora: Who are you?

        Death: Long story I don't want to get into.

        Leora: Well, what do we do?

        Death: The key to Tara, lies in her past. Tell Willow this and say it's from?a friend. *She fades back into the shadows.*

        Carmen: What a day.

        *Cut to: Scarlet with the sword in her chest. She lays in the middle of the mall weakly, She stairs up at a person, breathing heavily. We here footsteps coming toward her. It's Saffire.*

        Saffire: Poor Scarlet. Dearest daughter betrayed you. *Scarlet looks at him, scared.* Well, *He kneels down next to her.* I guess this answers some questions. It was I that brought back Angelus. It was I that has the witches power. All these things that you didn't know. *He takes the sword out of her chest.* Silly mortals, takes more than a chest wound with this thing. *Wipes blood of Scarlet's face with a cloth.* One more thing you didn't know. I killed you! *He slices her head off with the sword.* Well, shows just started!

        End Episode