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Raven Episode 1.05 "Confusion" Part 3

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  • Raven Episode 1.05 "Confusion" Part 3

    *Note* As of Spring 2007, Season 1 episodes will be recreated as "Raven Remastered" episodes. The entire original run of season 1 and 2 episodes as well as 3.6 will be redone to add to the quality of the series. The purpose is to make seasons 1 and 2 to the quality of seasons 3 and 4. Look in the index for the Remastered episodes. The originals are posted for comparison*

    Raven episode 1.5 "Confusion"

    Open to: The Sacred Circle, Leora and Carmen are looking at the map. Nothing has changed except the location of the spots. Both look bored and tired. Saffire walks in, both of them perk up.

    Leora: Hey there! All ready for another day of work?

    Saffire: Were you here over night?

    Leora: Night? There was night? *To Carmen* Why didn't you tell me there was night?

    Carmen: Yes there was night, happens after the sun goes down. Which it did.

    Leora: What time is it?

    Saffire:*looking at his watch* 7:30.

    Leora: Crap I got to go! I smell like up-all-night teacher! Student's will spread rumors about me and the janitors again!

    Carmen: Have fun!

    Leora: Ha! Take care of Astro!

    *She leaves*

    Carmen: That was a good waste of an evening.

    Saffire: Were you looking at the map the whole time?

    Carmen: She was, I slept behind the books "looking for locater spells".

    Saffire: I know this is short notice, but I need to make an emergency trip to England.

    Carmen: Oh how come?

    Saffire: My father is deathly sick. I must leave.

    Carmen: Sure, I can cover for you. Not much business here.

    Saffire: I must leave now!

    Carmen: Good luck! *Saffire turns around and walks out. Carmen looks happy.* No Carmen! Office romances equal bad!

    The camera moves towards the map, theres another black dot coming in at the airport.

    End intro


    Theme song "Eternal" by Evanescence

    Kate Beckinsale - Leora Byrne
    AJ Cook - Carmen White
    Eliza Dushku - Faith
    D.B. Woodside - Robin Wood
    Kelly Giddish - Katana
    And Tilda Swinton as Scarlet

    Guest Starring:
    Alyson Hannigan as Willow Rosenberg
    Michael Vartan as Arthur Rayne
    Tom Lenk as Andrew Wells
    Nick Sperling as Cain
    And Wes Ramsey as Saffire

    Created by: Alexander Brown
    Produced by: Travis Truant
    Written by: Alexander Brown
    Edited by: Jennifer Smith
    Copyrighted by:
    Phoenix inc.
    Digilee inc.
    Based on Buffy the Vampire Slayer by Joss Whedon
    Faith, Wood, Willow, Buffy, Dawn, and Giles were created and are owned by Joss Whedon.

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    Open to: The Sacred Circle. Carmen and Leora are watching t.v.

    Carmen: *Flicking the t.v. clicker* The world is full of stupid crap!

    T.V.:*While being changed* Next day on Survivor!*change* Do you have what it takes to be the next Bachelor?*change* Fear is not an issue for you on Fear Factor! *She turns it off*

    Leora: When will reality t.v. crawl back into hell where it came from?

    Carmen: When enough souls are sold. It's a fundraiser thing.

    Leora: Better start selling!*She glances over to the map* Oh no. Carmen, she's here!

    Carmen: Where?

    Leora: Across the street!*They look out the window. We see Willow crossing the street to an apartment building.*

    Carmen: I guess the maps wrong.

    Leora:* Seeming dazed and confused looking at Willow* Ya, wrong.

    Carmen:*Looking at Willow* Nice choice, little suspicious ,but I support you all the way!

    Leora:*Suddenly undazed* Huh?

    Carmen: That woman, what can you tell me about her? What do you feel?

    Leora: Power, lots of it. And light. Almost holy. She's like nothing I've ever felt before.

    Carmen: Go after her?

    Leora: No. *She turns around and whistles, Astro flies over.* Scout after that woman, with the red hair.*She opens the door and Astro flies out cawing*

    Carmen: What are you doing?

    Leora:*Red eyed* Taking a peak.

    Cut to: Willow across the street from Astro/Leora's POV.

    *Willow turns around and looks directly at her*

    Willow: Hello birdie, what do you want?*She stops and holds her head for a second, she looks at the bird* Who are you? Why are you watching me?*She looks the other way, Cain and Scarlet drop down*

    Cut back to: Sacred Circle, Leora's eyes stop glowing.

    Leora: We have a little problem!

    Cut to: The street, Willow is looking at Scarlet and Cain.

    Willow: Is this the welcoming committee?

    Scarlet: I know that power! You're the white witch!

    Willow: Now that you know who I am, I can kick your ass!

    *Leora and Carmen come up from behind Willow*

    Leora: More friends of yours Scarlet?

    *Cain runs up to Willow and punches her into the wall*

    Leora: I guess not!*Leora gets out her katana* Time to end this.

    Willow: I would say that too!*Her eyes turn black, she lifts up her arm and pins Cain against the wall, Scarlet flees* You listen to me! You inform whoever it is your work for that I'm not going to take this! Go after me again and feel my wrath!* She takes her arm and puts it up, Cain flies up to, she then flings her arm forward causing Cain to fly back a few buildings, Cain scampers off.* That's better. *turning around*Now it's your turn!

    End act 1: commercial break


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      Act 2:

      Leora: Who are you?

      Willow: Could ask you the same.

      *Rayne rushes in with Faith just as Leora and Willow are about to get at each other*

      Rayne: Willow stop! These are civilians!

      Willow: They almost killed me!

      Faith: I know you! You're the English teacher at Robyn's school!

      Leora: Faith. How's it been going?

      Faith: Been better!

      Willow: You know her?

      Faith: Yup.

      Willow: And?

      Faith: I don't know yet.

      Leora: Slayer am I right?

      Faith: How do you?

      Carmen:*Coming out from behind a garbage can* Is the witch gone?

      Rayne: Carmen? Carmen White?

      Carmen: Arthur?

      Leora: You know him?

      Faith: Ok, everyone start over. I'm Faith. The Vampire Slayer

      Leora: I'm Leora and I practice magick. I'm also the english teacher at the local highschool.

      Carmen: I'm Carmen. I was trained as a watcher years ago and quit. I'm the best quick shooter from New Mexico and I own the Sacred Circle.

      Willow: Willow Rosenberg. White witch, I made the high slayer population. Also gay.

      Rayne: Arthur Rayne. Professional watcher that has yet to be corrupted by evil.

      Faith: Now that that's out of the way, what side are you on?

      Leora: The one that fights evil.

      Faith: What do you know about Scarlet?

      Carmen: That unless we act, we'll be dead.

      Wood:*Walking from behind.* Glad to see your on the right page. It's time to act.

      Carmen: How.

      Wood: Take things into our own hands. We have to get her sometime before she gets us. I say its time we stop sitting around waiting and act.

      Leora: And how do you suppose we do that?

      Wood: Katana. She's her daughter. Lets send her a message.*He takes a remote and opens a garage beside Leora. Katana's gagged and beaten inside.* Lets give Scarlet her daughters head.

      End act 2: Commercial break.


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        Act 3: *Open to England, Saffire walks into the building that Dawn is in. He snaps the guards neck and steals the key and opens the door. Dawn is looking out a window at the watchers council training facility for the new slayers. As Saffire enters the room she looks at him and cowers.*

        Saffire: Well, well Summers. Never thought you would have stayed here so long. You have something I need don't you!

        Dawn: Ah! Don't hurt me! Bad hair, bad bed hair! Blue as the crazy sky! You can't harm me! No, my sisters the slayer! She's the slayer!

        Saffire: I love the touch that fool Scarlet put on you! Makes you so much more enjoyable to drain!

        *Buffy and Giles burst into the room.*

        Buffy: Not so fast Saffire!

        Saffire: Ah, slayer. Didn't think you'd show.

        Giles: You honestly didn't think we'd avoid finding you?

        Saffire: I suppose not. You own the building.

        Buffy: You will never have my sister!

        Saffire: Why take your sister? When I can take your friends!

        *Theres a big explosion across the street at the councils. The whole building is in flames. No one gets out. While Buffy and Giles just freeze and go to the window. Saffire puts his hands on Dawns face. She stops moving and turns white as snow. His hair stands on end and gets a green tint. He lets go and turns back to normal.*

        Saffire: Sorry slayer. Got to go. Have fun! *He smiles and teleports away*

        Giles: Buffy.

        Buffy: No, this can't happen! Not after all the things that we've done!

        Giles: Buffy.

        Buffy: I can't, we can't do this.

        Giles: Buffy, Dawn is dead.

        Cut back to: Wood, Faith, Leora, Willow, Carmen, Rayne and Katana in the ally. Faith is by her and has taken the cloth off Katana's mouth.

        Faith: Wood, what do you mean?

        Wood: I mean we should get back at Scarlet this way!

        Rayne: Now that's inhuman!

        Wood: She's not human Rayne.

        Carmen: I agree with Wood, we need to gain the points.

        Faith: Katana's good!

        Katana: Please don't hurt me!

        Rayne: We aren't doing anything!

        Wood: To hell we aren't!

        Carmen: Were going to get back at what Scarlet's done somehow. And this seems like a good way to do it!

        Faith: Your all insane! *Shot of Willow and Leora behind everyone. Willow looks like she's in pain. She holds her head and Leora holds onto her arm.* I don't think you thought of the consequences!

        Carmen: Get vengeance?

        Katana: Very much like not to die!

        *They all start arguing. Willow falls down in agony.*

        Leora:*To everybody* Shut up! *To Willow helping her up* Are you ok?

        Willow: No!*She screams in agony*

        Faith: What's wrong?

        Willow: The council! It's gone!

        Wood: What?

        Willow: An ancient power, sacred and very evil. Whatever it is got them.

        Faith: And B?

        Willow: I'm not sure. No, she's alive. But barley.

        Rayne: Good.

        Willow: They got Dawn.

        Faith: Oh god, theres nothing that we can do to make it better now. I can't imagine what she's going through.

        Katana: I think it's time.

        Carmen: For what?

        Katana: To meet the end. We have to face mother. Now!

        Leora: Yes. No more games. This is it.

        Wood: We'll take the battle to her. It's the only way.

        Rayne: Nothing can stop us.

        *They all start to walk away planning on the way.*

        Katana: Umm, will you untie me please.

        Cut to: Leora and Willow walking away from Faith's after the meeting they had.

        Willow: Thanks for letting me stay at your place, I feel safer around wicca's.

        Leora: Well my old roommate left a few months ago so to be honest i need help with the rent. Can we stop somewhere first?

        Willow: Sure.

        Cut to: The hospital. Willow and Leora walk into a room where Andrew is lying on a bed.

        Willow"*Running up to the bed* Oh my god Andrew! Are you ok.

        Leora: You know him?

        Willow: He came with me to talk to Faith. I can't believe we missed checking the hospital!

        Andrew: *Weakly* Hey Willow.

        Leora: You doing good Andrew?

        Andrew: Not much going on. At least you paid for cable. Theres a Star Trek special on t.v.

        Nurse:* Walking in* I'm sorry but you have to leave know.

        Leora: Bye Andrew!

        Willow: I'll visit tomorrow!

        Andrew: Don't worry about it! If you see any of the gang, tell them I'm ok!

        Cut to: Leora and Willow walking away from the hospital.

        Willow: Well, working with magicks at The Sacred Circle will be good.

        Leora: I'm just glad your safe. Someone of your power.

        *Willow starts to glow*

        Leora: I get it, great power. Do you have to show off?

        Willow: It's, not me.

        *The camera turns up and we see Saffire standing on the roof. Also glowing, stealing the power out of Willow.

        Leora: Willow? What's wrong?

        Willow: *Angrily* My power. It's gone!

        End episode.