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Raven Episode 1.04 "Celestial" Part 2

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  • Raven Episode 1.04 "Celestial" Part 2

    *Note* As of Spring 2007, Season 1 episodes will be recreated as "Raven Remastered" episodes. The entire original run of season 1 and 2 episodes as well as 3.6 will be redone to add to the quality of the series. The purpose is to make seasons 1 and 2 to the quality of seasons 3 and 4. Look in the index for the Remastered episodes. The originals are posted for comparison*

    Episode 1.4 "Celestial" Part 2

    A close up of the moon as sirens and dogs holler through the night, the rain starts to fall from the clouds as far off you can hear thunder and see flashes of light. You can hear chanting from far off as you get into a close up of the light. Three women are chanting each wearing a gem one their foreheads. A dark light ignites from their gems as the stop chanting.

    Male Voice: Kato, Lapis, Meena? You have served me well now finish the deed. Kill the girl and leave her as my sacrifice.

    Meena, the leader who had long black hair looked up.

    Menna: Yes master? For the one who gave us our true light, anything. Sisters shall we finish?

    The two nodded as they joined hands and started chanting again. A stroke of lightening hit the girl that was in the middle of the circle. This left odd markings all over her body as she lied their dead. The girls looked up to their master.

    Kato: We have done it. You will soon become a-

    She stops as she notices an arrow through her chest. She looked back up to the man who had vanished she turned to her sisters.

    Kato: She has come.

    She fell to the ground and the gem on her head vanishes and she quickly turned into bones. The other two look up as a women walks from the shadows. The two quickly vanish leaving just the girl they killed. The girl jumps down from a rock and kneels down to the body and notices the marks.

    Leora: W-What are those?

    She looked along the body and was up to get up but the body's eyes opened.

    Body: Leora!

    Leora jumped back and tripped into the rock and jabbed her back onto it. She winced as the body got up.

    Leora: What are you? What are you!

    The body gasped as a gem appeared on its forehead. She was about to strike but stopped. She growled.

    Body: Wh-Wh-What?

    The body vanished and Leora fell to her knees and let out a sigh. She pulled out her cell.

    Leora: Slayer? Faith Wood, right?

    Cut to a living room where Faith is standing.

    Faith: Who is this?

    Leora: You are going to need the help of the white wicca.

    Before Leora could finish speaking, a lighting bolt hit the phone line cutting Faith phones dead.

    Faith: Hello? Hello?

    Faith slammed the phone down. She looked outside.

    Faith: What did she mean by-

    She stopped and had a flash back to Willow in the final episode of Buffy. Willow's hair is turning white as she does the spell.

    Willow: Oh? My? Goddess!

    Back to where Faith is. She walked to a table and picked out an address book and flipped to the ?R' section and pointed to ?Rosenberg, Willow'.

    Faith: White Wicca? Willow.

    End of Teaser

    Credits: Theme song "Eternal" by Evanescence

    Kate Beckinsale - Leora Byrne
    AJ Cook - Carmen White
    Eliza Dushku - Faith
    D.B. Woodside - Robin Wood
    Kelly Giddish - Katana
    And Tilda Swinton as Scarlet

    Guest Starring:
    Allyson Hannigan - Willow Rosenberg
    Tom Lenk - Andrew Wells
    Sabrina Grdevich - Meena
    Anna Friel - Lapis
    Nick Sperling - Cain
    Michael Vartan - Arthur Rayne
    Wes Ramsey - Saffire
    With the voice talents of Giselle Loren - the voice of Buffy Summers
    And featuring David Boreanaz - Angel
    Along with special guest star appearance of Anthony Stewart Head - Giles

    Created by: Alexander Brown
    Based on: Buffy the Vampire Slayer by Joss Whedon
    Produced by: Travis Truant
    Written by: Travis Truant
    Edited by: Jennifer Smith
    Copy write belongs to:
    Phoenix inc.
    And Digilee Inc.
    The character of Willow, Faith and Pr. Wood, Giles, Angel, Andrew and Buffy were created by Joss Whedon.

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    In Faith's apartment Faith is on the phone and she looks mad.

    Faith: She already what!?

    Angel is standing holding a photo. The photo is facing away from the screen.

    Angel: I am sorry Faith but Willow and Andrew have already left for Canada. They left this morning and are on their way.

    Faith: But?

    Angel: Sorry Faith but there is nothing I can do for you. Now please? I have something to get back to.

    Angel hangs up the phone and placed the picture down. The camera does a close up of the picture and it turns out to be a picture of Dawn, Buffy, Willow, Xander, Tara and Anya. Dawn in the picture starts to flicker and starts to fade away. Angel looks at it. He turns and sees Giles standing behind him.

    Giles: What ever is going on with Dawn, it is changing the fabric of time? It is going back to when she wasn't here. Before the monks turned the key human.

    Faith hangs up the phone and sighs. She looks outside the window and lets out a small smile. She was glad Willow was coming she needed some help. Wood walks in and places his hands on her hips.

    Wood: So, is she coming?

    Faith: Yeah. She knew to come before I phoned.

    Wood: She is pretty powerful.

    Wood starts to kiss Faith's neck. Faith pushes away and moves out of his grip. Faith turned around to see no one. Her mind was playing a trick on her again.

    Faith: I should really get ready for when they come. I am sure they will be staying with us. Willow and Andrew. Willow can stay in the guest room and Andrew can crash on the couch. Buffy told me that is where he usually stays anyways.

    Faith opened the door and left. At an airport Willow is walking holding a small bag and talking on a cell phone. While behind her is Andrew pulling a cart of suitcases. Andrew struggles to keep up the pace of Willow.

    Willow: Buffy, How is she?

    Buffy: She is no better then before you guys left. I am really worried.

    Willow: I am sure we will find a way to help her. The coven told me that there are some magical herbs here that may help.

    Buffy: But Willow. Giles showed me a picture of us all and well? Dawn is fading away from them. All of the pictures we have of Dawn are starting to fade. This thing that is making her act this way is taking her away.

    Willow: As if? She had never been turned human.

    Buffy: The key.

    Willow: But if she had never come human then Glory? You-

    Buffy: -would of never died.

    Willow: Buffy?

    Willow stops walking and notices Faith sitting in a seat at the airport. She turned to Andrew and pointed to Faith. She mouthed ?Go' to him and he did. She continued her conversation with Buffy.

    Willow: Buffy, I am not going to let this happen. I will make sure Dawn stays alive but I have to go now I'll talk to you later. Bye.

    Willow hung up her cell and stuffed it in her bag. She walked up to Faith and Andrew. She smiled and hugged Faith.

    Willow: It's good to see you again.

    Faith: Yeah. It's been awhile since? well since everything. How is Buffy?

    Willow: No-

    Andrew: Horrid!

    Andrew jumped in and started to fill in the details.

    Andrew: You see, something has turned Dawn crazy and she can't control herself.

    Faith: What?

    Willow pushes Andrew aside.

    Willow: A spell has been cast and we have come to find some answers. We also heard from Giles you have some of your own troubles. But no fear the Wicca-

    Andrew jumps in again.

    Andrew: And her Super Seyian Warrior Andrew are here!

    Willow sighed. She smacked Andrew on the head with her mind. She started walking with Faith while Andrew tried to pull the bags. In a dark cave Saffire stands on a giant rock platform. He looks down at the two remaining mystics.

    Saffire: Meena, Lapis you are the only two I have left. Together we will make sure that stupid witch doesn't fool my plan.

    Meena looks up at him.

    Meena: Which one?

    Saffire: What do you mean?

    Meena: The pure one has come. She is staying with the slayer. She has come for an answer to her problems and it might invade your plan.

    Saffire: That's all I need right now. That stupid witch will not fool my plan. Lapis get the gems read. We will lift the night.

    Lapis: Yes Master. I will get them ready along with the spell. We will take the dark sky and open up your world and feed it to this one.

    Saffire: Good? All we have to worry about is?

    As he speaks it cuts to Leora and Carmen with his voice over. Leora and Carmen are looking at some books and trying to research what Leora had seen.

    Saffire(vo): That girl? The witch who saw the spell being cast and the dead body? She is trying to find an answer but by the time she does it will be far too late. Now let us get started.


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      Act.2: At Faith apartment Willow, Faith and Andrew are talking about Dawn. Willow is sitting in a chain reading while Andrew is lying on the floor asleep.

      Willow: You see, a few years back Dawn was put on this earth as the key. Following her was this god named Glory who drained peoples brains for energy?

      She paused and remembered it happened to Tara.

      Willow: She did it to Tara.

      Faith: Tara? Oh! I met her when I was Bu-

      She stopped and smiled.

      Faith: Go on with the story.

      Willow: Glory was after Dawn to open this portal to Hell so she could return to her right place. When she drained Tara I went after her in bloody vengeance and I actually got some good hits on her but she was still to strong. I got away but she came after me. In the end I got Tara's brain back and Buffy sacrificed herself to stop the gate from opening and saving her sister. Giles killed Glory's other, Ben, which killed her.

      Faith: So Dawn isn't?

      Willow: She is real? but she didn't become human when we think she did.

      Faith: So all the memories I have of her, of when I first came to Sunnydale are all?

      Willow: Sadly, they are all fake illusions planted into our heads.

      Faith: And you are here to help so she stays alive. And you have no idea of what is going on with her? do you?

      Willow: No.

      Faith stood up and looked out the window, looking over other buildings.

      Faith: We will find away. We should call Buffy and see how she is.

      Faith picks up a phone and dials a number. The phone starts to ring and the answering machine answers it.

      Buffy: Hi, this is the Summers-

      Andrew: And Wells!

      Buffy: Andrew, you are only a guest!

      Andrew: So, I can still be in the message.

      Buffy: Fine? Just leave your name and number and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

      The message finishes and Faith puts down the phone.

      Faith: No one is home.

      Willow: Well then. We just should? Should go patrolling! It is getting dark and Vampires will be up soon.

      Faith: Okay? Andrew!

      Andrew quickly got up.

      Andrew: I was just resting me eyes. Just resting? My-my, my eyes!

      Andrew looks at the two girls and shakes his head. Willow gets up and hands Faith a bag.

      Willow: I will stay here just incase okay?

      Faith: Right. Come on Andrew we got some dead guys to dust.

      Faith and Andrew walked out. Willow took a seat then paused and felt something. She closed her eyes and saw a quick look at Saffire's face and his mystics using magic. She fell to her knees and saw a women screaming in pain and A blond girl, with her hair covering her face, being hung.

      Willow: What was that? Who was that man??

      She looked down at a book with a picture of a man that looked like the one she saw. The picture was a hieroglyphic from the book of ?Petra'. She picked up the book and read the text beside it.

      Willow: What was that?

      Willow looked at a clock and then got up and started running out of the apartment. She ran down stairs and went to try to find Faith and Andrew. In a forest Faith and Andrew come across a dead body. Andrew is about to walk over to it but Faith pushes him aside and from nowhere an arrow comes firing at them.

      Faith: Andrew, run on. I will take care of this.

      Andrew nodded and started running. Faith looked around and tried to sense the on coming arrows.

      Faith: Come on now, where are you?

      She turned and fired a small axe up and hit a man in the face. He fell out of his tree. She walked over and noticed the body had already been dead before she attacked. It had bullet wounds all over it. Over somewhere else Andrew is running.

      Andrew: Okay Andrew, just calm done. No need to get ov-

      He trips over a branch. He lands on another dead body and screams.

      Andrew: Dead body, dead body, dead body!

      He quickly stood up but something grabbed his leg. The dead body had awakened and had a nice grip on his foot.

      Andrew: Let go of me!

      Leora: Let him go?

      Both Andrew and the dead body looked up to see a girl's silhouette in the moonlight. He hair was blowing in the night wind. Two other dead bodys rose from their spots. Each one had shiny red eyes.

      Leora: I will not repeat myself for a few dead bodies. Let go of that man or I will have to make you? What is your choice?

      No one moved or let go. She smiled and held out her hand.

      Leora: What a shame? You, human, better hold on tight.

      She started to wave her hands over her head. The small wind that had already been going started to get stronger. The silhouette's hair was going wild as did all the trees and leafs. A bolt of lighting stroked and a large gust of wind fired at the zombies and broke them into pieces. Andrew looked up.

      Andrew: Willow?

      Leora shook her head and jumped down infront of him.

      Leora: My name is Leora.

      Andrew's eyes widened.

      Andrew: You would make such a cool comic book hero!

      Leora looked at him funny. The cracked a smirk.

      Leora: Thank you?

      Andrew was about to speak but something stabbed him in the upper right shoulder. He looked at Leora then fell into her arms. Leora looked up and saw another few more of those walking dead. She tried not to fall while holding Andrew's body.

      Leora: Damn? um?

      She closed her eyes and made another gust of wind. She then quickly ran off holding Andrew's body.

      Leora: I have to get to the hospital. I can't let him die.

      She ran out of the forest and onto the street. She tripped and fell to her knees. She looked up as a car is about to hit them. She gasp and looks up at the speeding headlights. She closes her eyes and holds onto Andrew's body.


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        Act. 3:
        The car stopped right in front of the two. The door swung open and Carmen looked out.

        Carmen: Leora?

        Leora: Carmen! Hurry we have to get to the hospital.

        Leora picks up Andrew's body and gets into the car.

        Carmen: Who is that?

        Leora: Just go!

        Carmen hit the petal and the two where off.

        Off in the forest Willow was looking for Faith. She could feel the slayer aura and walked in that direction.

        Willow: I really should not be doing this? I need to help Dawn.

        She stopped and noticed two women doing a spell. It seemed to be a big spell cause she could feel big power. She was scared to go closer, incase it was a trap. She noticed the two women as they where the ones she saw in her head.

        Willow: What is going on?

        Saffire: Nothing?

        From behind her she was tied in a magical bind even before she could turn. She felt it push onto her and she started to scream but something covered her mouth. The man had vanished and Willow was now in the middle of the spell that was going on.

        Meena: You must be the White Witch.

        Lapis: Is this the one who helped kill our sister?

        Meena: No? She had nothing to do with that.

        Lapis: The other one?

        Meena: We need to finish the spell?

        Lapis: Can we play with her?

        Meena: The spell!

        Lapis smiled and sat back down and started chanting again. Meena looked up at Willow.

        Meena: Sit back and relax? It's going be a wild ride.

        Willow tried to break out but she was unable to. She closed her eyes and tried to get a connection to Faith.

        Willow: Faith? I need your help.

        Faith: Willow?

        Willow: I am trapped. There are two witches who have me captured and I need you to come and, well kick some witch ass!

        Faith: Where are you?

        Willow: Somewhere in the forest, you should be able to see the bright lights.

        Faith: I am on my way!

        Faith started running and saw the lights.

        Meena: Darkness of the light I call on your to rise the dead. I call on you to bring forth our wish to call on the ones who have lost their hearts. Darkness open our spirit.

        Lapis: I call on you to help us. I request the vision of the night to kill the light and bring forth what is truly ours. Bring on the Night!

        Before Lapis could finish the same axe that went into the dead man went into the back of her head.

        Lapis: Sister?

        Lapis fell dead. Meena looked up.

        Meena: Bitch.

        Faith: I am not scared of some solo witch!

        Meena laughed.

        Meena: You should be.

        Meena held out a dark blue ring.

        Meena: Let my spell be done. Rise.

        Faith looked around and noticed from nowhere an army of dead appeared.

        Faith: Oh shit. People and the dead?

        Faith turned around to hit Meena but she was gone. Up in a tree Scarlet sat looking down. Beside her was Cain who was standing.

        Scarlet: What a shame? It would not be fun if she were dead?

        Cain nodded and grunted.

        Scarlet: She would give her a little help?

        Cain nodded and grunted.

        Scarlet: Okay.

        Scarlet blew a silver/pink dust over the army of zombies. Half of them blew up but their was a still a good number left.

        Scarlet: Okay now, this should be fun to watch.

        Cain nodded and grunted.

        Scarlet: You are so right.

        Back down Faith had started fighting. She only had a sword with her and it wasn't doing that good.

        Faith: Damn these are the times I wish B was here.

        She kept fighting. One grabbed her arm and broke it. She stepped back. She was right infront of Willow as the dead closed in on her.

        Faith: Any help Willow?!

        Willow was thinking really hard of something she could do. She then closed her eyes.

        Willow: There has to be something?

        She then opened her eyes. Her hair then started to change from Black to White to Red over and over again. She started to glow yellow and white. She looked up at the moon and the stars started to glow more. She started to pant. Faith looked up at her.

        Faith: Willow?

        Willow's hair went to normal then a streak of black ran along her left side while a streak of white went along the other. A bright light hit her and started to turn all the zombies into mush.

        Willow: All evil in my ray? Celestial? Celestial? Celestial!

        Willow screamed as the entire forest started to glow. Up in the tree Scarlet started to screech.

        Scarlet: Lets get out of here!

        Scarlet waved her hands and her and Cain teleported away. All the zombies and other demons in that park turned to mush or dust. The light started to fade and Willow became free out of the barrier. She fell to her knees panting.

        Willow: What? The power?

        Faith: What was that?

        Willow: The power of darkness, the light and me are now one.

        Faith: So now?

        Willow: I am eternal.

        At the hospital Andrew is laying in a hospital bed still unconscious. Leora walked into the room and looked at him.

        Leora: Andrew? I am sorry.

        Cut to black.

        End of Episode.