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Raven Episode 1.03 "Betrayal" Part 1

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  • Raven Episode 1.03 "Betrayal" Part 1

    *Note* As of Spring 2007, Season 1 episodes will be recreated as "Raven Remastered" episodes. The entire original run of season 1 and 2 episodes as well as 3.6 will be redone to add to the quality of the series. The purpose is to make seasons 1 and 2 to the quality of seasons 3 and 4. Look in the index for the Remastered episodes. The originals are posted for comparison*

    Raven Episode 1.3 "Betrayal Part 1"

    Open to: A building. There are many walking around. It appears to be a college or school of some sort. Text comes on the bottom of the screen that says "Watchers Council in England". The camera cuts to Willow looking through some files in a computer. Giles comes in.

    Giles: Any luck?

    Willow: Big zilch! I have no clue where Faith is. *She looks nervously at Giles* How's Buffy?

    Buffy:*Walking in* Still coping! I think.

    Giles: Willow, have you tried to locate them with a location spell?

    Willow: Ya. They seemed to be cloaked with some kind of spell. I can't find my way to them.

    Buffy: Willow, I need you! I don't mean to pressure you its just, what they did, it's horrible!

    Willow: Oh Buffy, I know. Don't worry, we'll get them where they need to be. Behind bars! For life! Full with fun filled nothingness! Maybe we'll put Faith into a all girls prison! Bet ya that'll make her extra hungry and horny!

    Giles: No, I feel that's too light a punishment for them! Robyn and Faith have hurt us way too deep for that!

    Buffy: That not how I want them Will, I know you think that there was some other way, we all do ,but I want them dead! For what they did to her! What they did to Dawn!

    *Last shot of Willow. Looking scared.*

    Willow: I'll do my best!

    End intro

    Opening credits song "Eternal" by Evanescence

    Kate Beckinsale - Leora Byrne
    AJ Cook - Carmen White
    Eliza Dushku - Faith
    D.B. Woodside - Robin Wood
    Kelly Giddish - Katana
    And Tilda Swinton as Scarlet

    Special guest star:
    Sarah Michelle Geller as Buffy Summers
    Allyson Hannigan as Willow Rosenberg
    Michele Trachtenberg as Dawn Summers
    And Anthony Stewart Head as Rupert Giles

    Guest Starring:
    Michael Vartan as Arthur Rayne
    Nick Sperling as Cain
    And Wes Ramsey as Saffire

    Created by: Alexander Brown
    Produced by: Travis Truant
    Written by: Alexander Brown
    Edited by: Jenn Smith
    Copyright by:
    Phoenix inc.
    Digilee inc.
    Based on Buffy The Vampire Slayer by Joss Whedon
    The characters Buffy, Willow, Giles, Dawn, Faith and Robyn Wood were created and are owned by Joss Whedon

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    Act 1: Open to Faith on the phone

    Faith: What's the stitch Willow?

    Willow:*Over phone* Not good. Giles is getting suspicious! And Buffy more cranky! I'm being forced to do things to my friends I never do! I don't like lying to them Faith! I know its not you but they might find out! I'm in as much trouble for not telling them

    Faith: Will, its ok. We can figure this out! We just have to think!

    Willow: Just hurry up on finding a way to get the real villains!

    Faith: I know who they are. It's just I can't fight them all. Theres three maybe four of them and I can't handle it!

    Willow: What about Robyn? How's he doing?'

    Faith: Not so good. He got hurt really bad in the last encounter we had with em.

    Willow: I'm going to come in town too.

    Faith: You don't have to do that!

    Willow: Actually I do. The council has been a little weird lately, asking me to do dark magicks. Something's going down here and I don't think Buffy is trusting me with what it is! Ever since Dawn went to the mental ward its been hectic, I've tried to cope but I just can't! I need out!

    Faith: What are you going to say?

    Willow: I already told them that I'll be starting the search from here because different continent may yield better results. That was a lie but I think it convinced them. Should be ok, Xander's in Africa right now looking for you there. Wasted effort but we didn't know where you were.

    Faith: What about Kennedy?

    Willow: Kennedy? We broke up. She found someone new.

    Faith: I'm sorry.

    Willow: Don't be, I was about ready to move on. The only woman I really loved was Tara.

    Faith: When will you be coming?

    Willow: I'm on my way now! Buffy and Giles are taking me to the airport to see me off!

    Faith: Great! I'll pick you up here later when you arrive. You have my number, give me a shout! *She hangs up the phone. Wood comes in*

    Wood: Expecting someone?

    Faith: Willow's coming to help us.

    Wood: Good. But now Buffy has a reason to come here.

    Faith: I never thought about that! Buffy'll want to visit!

    Wood: Exactly, if she comes we'll have to run. Unless we stop Scarlet and Katana now! *The window breaks and Faith and Wood look over. It's Katana*

    Katana: That's easier said than done!

    End act 1: Commercial Break


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      Act 2

      Cut to: Willow, after she hangs up the phone. Buffy comes in.

      Buffy: All set for the move?

      Willow: Umm I think so.

      Buffy: I want to thank you Will. You've been with me these last few months while were looking for a cure for Dawn. Good luck!

      Willow: Don't mention it Buffy! I know you've been going through a lot! I understand if theres certain things you have to do.

      Buffy: Willow, thanks for going to extra measures to find Faith. I know you don't want to move but you're willing to. For Dawn. And That means a lot to me.

      Willow: We better get going. Plane leaves in 3 hours.

      Buffy: Wanna say bye to Dawn first?

      Willow:*Gulps* Ok. *She looks very unsure*

      Cut to: The Sacred Circle. Carmen and Leora are sitting at a table while Saffire comes over and sits down.

      Carmen: Any luck with Feora ?

      Leora: As far as I can tell she's in Mexico right now. Ran away after the fight we had. If it wasn't for Scarlet and her bitches we'd have had her. I just hope she's ok.

      Carmen: She's a powerful wiccan, she can probably cope for herself.

      Leora: I'm not scared she'll get hurt. I'm scared she'll hurt others.

      Saffire: May I suggest a spell?

      Leora: What will it do?

      Saffire: It uses the energy of the goddess Hecate to keep track of all wiccan's in the town.

      Leora: How does it work?

      Saffire: Hecate is the goddess of dark magick. All human beings have different levels of magick that give off different colours depending on the skill undetectable to the human eye. One like your sisters would have to be pretty strong colour. The spell involves using a map of the city. When the spell is done the map will be full of colour. Most will be Light colours but there will be different ones depending on the persons level in magick. We have to keep in mind that theres you, me and Katana, Scarlet and Cain to keep in mind so we can't panic if we see 5 dark points of energy.

      Leora: 6

      Saffire: What?

      Leora: There will be 6 Faith, I think she's a slayer. I told her to get ready for a fight I could feel coming for her.

      Carmen: That's why Wood has been a no show at the highschool everyday?

      Saffire:*Looking nervous* Yes, Faith. I'll get the spell ready!

      Cut to: Faith and Wood's apartment.

      Faith: What do you want Katana. Haven't you ruined our lives enough?

      Katana: Mistress Scarlet is unpleased. She wanted you dead!

      Wood: not going to happen

      Katana: That's a shame. It hurts less if you don't struggle.

      Faith: You'll never get us! *She grabs a broad sword from beside the desk and jumps on Katana, both tumble out the window*

      Katana:*Takes a shard of glass out of her shoulder* Bitch! You're going to *Faith punches her*

      Faith: Why do you do this Katana?

      Katana:*Punches back* Because I can! *She picks up Faith and throws her against a garbage can*

      Faith:*Recovering* I don't believe that! When we fought last you didn't finish off Wood. There must be good in you deep down!

      Katana: And what would you know?

      Faith: If you don't stop, you'll find out what the people of Sunnydale knew me as!

      Katana: A slayer?

      Faith: A bitch! *She jumps at Katana*

      Katana: Wait! *Faith stops* You're right! I'm not evil! Not even remotely!

      Faith: Then why do you do it?

      Katana: Mother.

      Faith: Mother? Who's that?

      Katana: Scarlet, she's my mother.

      End Act 2: Commercial break


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        Act 3:

        Open back to the ally Faith and Katana landed in.

        Faith: She's your mother?

        Katana: And I am her daughter.

        Faith: Why does she treat you like crap?

        Katana: Because that what I am! I was raised to be crap! Her and father!

        Faith: Can I ask who that is?

        Katana: D'Hoffryn, he has no respect for mother and me. They had me and father made me her slave. That is why I must do her bidding.

        Faith: But you don't. You seem to have a soul.

        Katana: I am human! Mostly. Mother was made demon after she and D'Hoffryn had me. I get my demon from him.

        Faith: Will you help me? You two hurt a girl.

        Katana: Is she ok?

        Faith voiceover as we cut to a mental ward room: No, you made her mad.

        *Willow, Buffy and Giles open the door too a room. Theres a girl sitting on a bed wearing white with her long brown hair messily hanging over herself**

        Buffy: Dawn, we have a visitor. Willow's going to find a cure. Dawn?

        Dawn:*Looking up at Willow* Liar! Dirty! They will find out. Rap you in plastic till you can't breath! No breath no soul! No soul no reason. No reason, they'll kill you!

        Willow:*Nervously* Hey Dawnie, doing better today?

        Giles: Willow, I have a question.

        Willow: Ya?

        Giles: What makes you think Faith and Robyn will be in North America?

        Willow: What makes Xander think there in Africa?

        Giles: Point taken. What do you plan on doing when you find them?

        Willow: Umm, attack them till the sun don't shine on them?

        Dawn: Betrayer! Lies all lies! Going to join you're friends!

        Buffy: Dawn, it's Willow. Don't treat her like that! She's going to help her.

        Dawn:*Looking scared while she stairs at Buffy* Can't see! Everything's dark! Theres no light at the end of the tunnel and you won't make it! *Looking at Giles and pointing at him* You neither! He's coming and when he does! *She starts crying and cowers her face in her hands*

        Willow: I better go. Big flight and it leaves in an hour!

        Giles: Keep in touch.

        Buffy: Willow, I appreciate this

        Willow: I know, you told me many times. *She turns away and starts walking quickly looking scared* I'll call you!

        Cut to: The airport. People are scurrying around Willow's sitting waiting for her flight when a man comes up to her.

        Rayne: Not a nice place for a sexy red head like you.

        Willow: *Looking up at him* Rayne?

        Rayne: That would be me!

        Willow: Wow! What are you doing here?

        Rayne: I just landed from Cleveland yesterday. Slayer said you were going to Canada. Thought I'd join.

        Willow: Umm ya, about that.

        Rayne: Wood and Faith are innocent.

        Willow: How do you know?

        Rayne: I met up with them on the way. Had a nasty go with a few buggers.

        Willow: You didn't tell Buffy did you?

        Rayne: Not a word.

        Willow: So I'm not alone.

        Rayne: Not yet, unless the council gets to my head too.

        Willow: You think that's all this is?

        Rayne: I hope so.

        Cut to: Saffire, setting the spell up.

        Saffire: Hecate, goddess of the darkest magicks, give us the eye to see all power. In return I give you sacred blood *he takes a knife out and slits his hand over the map, blood dribbles on the map and scatters. The blood takes different colours on different areas of the map. There are 6 black spots* Well, there you are, if she comes in town you'll see another black spot on the map.

        Leora: thank you Saffire. If theres anything we can do to help you, just ask.

        Saffire: it was my pleasure! *He smiles evilly and exits the door.

        Carmen: Glad I hired him?

        Leora: Oh ya.

        Carmen: For the magick.

        Leora: Among other things. *They both watch him walk away, his long, braided blue hair bouncing as he walks*

        Carmen: I call him!

        Leora: No fair! You're old!

        Cut to: Faith and Katana in the ally.

        Faith: Here's the plan. You come here every week and we will plan what to do. The only way to cure Dawn is to kill your mother.

        Katana: Then the debt I owe you will be paid.

        Faith: Yes, and we can go back to living normally.

        Katana: Funny, this isn't how I thought I would turn out, killing my mother.

        Faith: Strange how things turn out.

        Katana: It is agreed, I will see you soon slayer.

        Faith: Good luck.

        *Camera moves up and we see Robyn looking out the window, extremely pissed. Camera moves up further and we see Saffire on the roof, smiling evilly*

        Saffire: Not anticipated, but workable. Scarlet will loose the mouths of hell to me. And I will claim the throne to hell. And all shall tremble before me in an unstopable darkness!

        To Be Continued.