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Raven Episode 1.02 and ? "All in the Family"

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  • Raven Episode 1.02 and ? "All in the Family"

    *Note* As of Spring 2007, Season 1 episodes will be recreated as "Raven Remastered" episodes. The entire original run of season 1 and 2 episodes as well as 3.6 will be redone to add to the quality of the series. The purpose is to make seasons 1 and 2 to the quality of seasons 3 and 4. Look in the index for the Remastered episodes. The originals are posted for comparison*

    Raven Episode 1.2 and ?
    "All in the Family"

    Open to: Carmen walking down an ally. Everything seems to be very hot, Carmen is sweating a lot. She has her shotgun in hand, she runs down the ally in a delirious looking state. Hissing is heard behind her, she glances behind her an keeps running. The hissing gets louder and she begins to pant harder in fear. She drops her gun and runs even faster. She comes to the end of an ally and turns the corner. A man stands right in her way. She stops in surprise, almost hitting him. He grabs her and hugs her.

    Man: It's ok Carmen, it's ok. It isn't here for you.

    Carmen: Alex? I know? but I can't stand by and see it take you like that.

    Alex: Sis? it's ok. I know what I have to do.

    Alex walks past Carmen, she talks to him.

    Carmen: Wait! We can hide! You don't have to go through with this.

    Alex: You know what happens when we try that. He'll keep coming. He never stops ever.

    Carmen: But? what will I do?

    Alex: Protect her. She's next.

    The hissing gets even louder. Alex walks around the ally corner as a large snake comes to meet him. He waves back with a smile as Carmen screams.

    Cut to: Carmen violently waking up, phone going off beside her bed. She's sweating and breathing loudly. The phone continues to ring. She picks it up, takes a deep breath and talks into it.

    Carmen: Hello?


    Carmen: What? Alex?


    Carmen: I? I'm on my way.

    Carmen clicks the button and squeezes the phone. She pauses a minute. Then she throws the phone against the wall, breaking it as she breaks down in tears.

    End Teaser.

    Theme Song: Eternal ? Evanescence

    Kate Beckinsale - Leora Byrne
    AJ Cook - Carmen White
    Eliza Dushku - Faith
    D.B. Woodside - Robin Wood
    Kelly Giddish - Katana
    And Tilda Swinton as Scarlet

    Guest Starring:
    Laura Harris
    Hannah Williams
    Cory Davids

    Created by:
    Alexander Brown

    Written by:
    Alexander Brown

    Executive Producers:
    Alexander Brown
    Travis Truant-Simpson
    And Keara Swanson

    In Association with:
    SORCERESS OF CRIMSON FALLS created by Travis Truant-Simpson, RESPECT SHORES created by Keara Swanson and Alexander Brown, SHADYSIDE created by Thomas Wright, CHOSEN ONES created by Luana Roque, and SAILOR STARS: THE OUTER SENSHI created by Alexander Brown.

    Based on Buffy the Vampire Slayer created and owned by Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy and 20th Century Fox. We make no profit off this fanfiction.

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    Act 1:

    Open to: Burnaby Mountain Secondary School office. Wood sits behind his desk doing some paperwork. A buzzer buzzes, he clicks a button on the phone in front of him.

    Wood: Yes Ms. Shaw?

    Ms. Shaw: I have a student that needs to be sent into you Robin.

    Wood: Well can it wait? I'm a little busy.

    His paper turns out to be a crossword puzzle.

    Ms. Shaw: It's the girl.

    Wood sighs and puts the crossword away.

    Wood: Send the delinquent in.

    Ms. Shaw: Right away sir.

    Wood goes over to the filing cabinet behind him and bends over, he grabs his side in pain as the door opens. He looks up at a short red head with lots of acne. He stands up, now with a file in his hand. He walks around to the other side of his desk and pulls up a chair. He motions the girl to sit in it. She crosses her arms, pouts and sits down. Wood walks around to the other side and sits down slowly. The girl snickers.

    Wood: What's so funny, Angie?

    Angie: Whoever stabbed you must have hated you.

    Wood: Yeah, and whoever you beat up probably isn't so proud of you either.

    Angie: Or their friends. But I'll get to them later.

    Wood: Not in this school you won't.

    Angie puts her shoes up on Wood's desk.

    Angie: Aww, come on Woody. I deserve a second chance.

    Wood: Fifth chance, actually. Your ex lawyer won't even work for you anymore. This could get you sent to juvie.

    Angie: And why does this matter to you? Won't you be glad to get rid of the likes of me at this school?

    Wood: Not when the likes of you has beaten four of the best students this school has ever had.

    Angie: What, Carlos the caring chemist? Brit the ecologist activist? They were your finest?

    Wood: Well when it comes down to gpa, they beat you by *Opens the file in front of him* well, they at least have something other than zero before the decimal.

    Angie: What, so I'm not motivated to be academically wonderful and that makes me a bad person?

    Wood: It's bad when you leave a nice young girl with no teeth.

    Angie: They were crooked anyways, I think I did her a favor.

    Wood: She has dentures at 15 years old.

    Angie: Had to happen sometime!

    Wood sighs.

    Wood: You're expelled.

    Angie gets up and grasps her hands over her heart.

    Angie(sarcastically): Oh whatever will I do?

    Wood pushes the buzzed.

    Wood: Edna, will you get the constable in here please?

    Ms. Shaw: Right away, sir.

    Wood: Whatever you do, it won't be done here.

    The door opens, a police officer walks in.

    Wood: Now be a nice kid and take the car ride away from here well. I'm sure you've met the police liaison many times.

    Officer: A few too many sadly.

    Wood crosses his arms.

    Wood: Bye Ms. Bell.

    Angie walks out, officer in front of her. The door closes and Wood sits back down. Suddenly the officer get sent through the window of Wood's office right beside the desk. Wood is startled, but gets up. Angie is in the front office, she hits Ms. Shaw, sending her flying and onto the ground. Angie runs for the exit. Wood looks in awe.

    Cut to: The Sacred Circle. Carmen is sitting behind the cash register. Drink in hand. She looks in a general bad mood, mascara smudged on her face from crying. Country music plays softly in the background. The door opens, Leora comes in, rushing.

    Leora: Carmen, I just got your message. I'm sorry about Alex.

    Carmen doesn't respond.

    Leora: is there anything I can do for you?

    Carmen still doesn't respond. Leora looks slightly flustered. She backs away from Carmen turning around. And then, with a weak voice?

    Carmen: We have to kill him.

    Leora stops.

    Leora: Kill who?

    Carmen: The assassin.

    Leora: Theres an assassin?

    Carmen: That's who killed him. An assassin.

    Leora: How do you-

    Carmen: He killed my parents. They're dead because of him. And he won't stop until he gets all of us. God, it's been five years since my parents were killed. I can't believe he chose to kill Alex after this many years. I bet you Lily will be next? and then me.

    Leora: Are you sure that it's an assassin?

    Carmen: Yes. Lily found this.

    Carmen throws down a large card with a snake on it in front of Leora.

    Carmen: I got it from her earlier.

    Leora looks confused.

    Leora: What does this mean?

    Carmen: Mark Vermont. He was a friend of my fathers.

    Leora: What happened?

    Carmen: Mark got jealous. He loved my mother you see.

    Shot of a man, about late fifties kissing a woman. Another man is in the background, watching.

    Carmen: He could summon animals out of cards. He chose to kill my father first.

    Shot of the man in the background summoning a giant bird out of a card. The man has blue eyes, graying hair and a long beard.

    Shot of the bird clawing up the man (Carmen's father).

    Shot of the man (Mark) raping the woman (Carmen's mother) and then summoning a tiger from a card.

    Carmen opens the desk of the cash register and pulls out two cards, one of a bird and the other of a tiger. She places them in front of Leora.

    Carmen: His trademark are the cards he summons demons out of.

    Leora picks them up.

    Carmen: Lily is in town. He's here too? I know it? I felt him here when she came to the shop. He's watching her.

    Leora: Then that means we stop him now.

    Carmen gives a small smile to Leora. Pan over to the window, Leora and Carmen can't see, but a dark figure is looking in through the blinds.

    End Act 1: Commercial Break.


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      Act 2:

      Faith (V.O): So you mean she threw the police liaison through the window?

      Open to night, Faith and Wood are cutting across a park. Wood has Faith's head resting on his shoulder; holding a large drink from the movies, sipping on it slowly. They walk very slowly, almost not moving at all.

      Wood: Yeah, I was sitting in my office after sending her rebellious ass out the door, and then-

      Faith: The rebellious ass sent stuff back right at you?

      Wood nods. Faith slurps down her drink.

      Wood: I think that she may be? well a slayer.

      Faith shakes her head.

      Faith: No way, she couldn't be a slayer. Willow would have located her.

      Wood: Well it's not like the council knows about this place anyways. If the really tried hunting us down they don't even know this place exists.

      Faith: Well maybe there's some? I dunno, mystical energy around here shielding them from this place.

      They stop on the side of the street beside a garbage can. Faith tosses her drink container in and they continue around the edge of the park, coming into a more bushy area.

      Wood: Are you trying to play "smart slayer" on me to get me all hot a sweaty?

      Faith*Rushed*: Why, is it working?

      Wood stops and kisses her.

      Wood: Smart gals are hot too.

      Faith: Willow's for you then. But you may have some issues with that. She's a little busy with the little girls.

      Wood: Whacko Jacko in a woman.

      Faith: Except red headed, and not a chaser of little boys.

      Theres rustling in the bushes ahead. Faith and Wood look at each other and move slowly towards it. Faith bends down and grabs a stake that's strapped to the side of her boot as they casually continue to talk.

      Faith: So a slayer huh?

      Wood: A real rebellious one.

      Faith: Sounds a little-

      Faith gets to the bushes and puts her hand in front of her.


      Faith grabs something and pulls back.


      Faith pulls Angie out of the bushes, Angie gets up as a vampire jumps out after her.

      Cut to: Leora and Carmen in front of a hotel door. Carmen is looking down, appearing closed; Leora knocks on the door lightly, some noises can be heard behind the door, and then nothing. Some sobs are heard, and then a deep sigh. The door opens. Before Leora stands Lily White. Carmen's younger sister looks like a younger version of her sister, her hair slightly lighter, she's slightly shorter, her eyes are blue and her hair is cut mid-length just above her shoulders. Makeup is blotched on her face, ruined from tears under her eyes. She smiles when she sees the closed down Carmen and gives a few more sobs.

      Lily: C-come on in. Please.

      Cut to: Lily sitting Leora and Carmen down on a loveseat sofa, she sits across on a single sofa, stirring coffee. Carmen looks away, Leora appears to be the only one in the room paying much attention. Lily seems dazed.

      Leora: So, you're Carmen's sister?

      Lily nods slowly. Leora smiles.

      Leora: You look younger than she is, she looked like you back in the days of being thirty.

      Lily smiles.

      Lily: I'm turning thirty one soon.

      Leora: I never would have gues-

      Lily: Of course I always did look better than Carmen did. She's always been less pretty tha me.

      Leora: Oh?

      Lily: Sometimes I don't know how she managed to have a fianc? those many years ago.

      Leora glances at Carmen, in shock.

      Leora: You had a fianc??

      Carmen doesn't answer, she sits and looks away from Leora and Carmen.

      Lily: Of corse she wouldn't tell you. I mean, it was utterly embarrassing what happened. Leaving him a day before the wedding with all the guests there. She shamed our family.

      Carmen sobs a bit. Leora just fakes a smile.

      Leora: Well?that's interesting.

      Lily goes to her coffee in sorrow again. Carmen doesn't move. Leora watches as the two sisters don't react to each others presence. Obviously the girls haven't spoken to each other for quite some time. Leora pities the two with her gaze.

      Leora: Carmen, you going to say anything?

      Carmen just stares forward.

      Lily: Of corse not, she insulted our family.

      Carmen*mutters*: What, insulting you is that bad?

      Lily glares at her.

      Lily: No, you insulted me! And mom, and dad, and Alex too!

      Carmen stands up, Leora backs off.

      Carmen: And look where they are now, Lily. They're dead! So shut the **** up about me and my failures of the past!

      Lily looks at her, very bitterly.

      Lily: How dare you insult them like that!

      Carmen: Insult? How can I insult them when they're dead?

      Cut to: View from someone outside the window. A card with a giant eagle is held up in front of view. Whispers can be heard.

      Cut back to Carmen and Lily arguing. Leora gets up and walks to the side of the couch, staying away from the White sisters.

      Lily: Fine, you shamed them.

      Carmen: Stop shouting at me right now you arrogant whore!

      Lily draws back, shocked from the comment.

      Lily: Don't you dare say that to me again!

      Carmen: I'll say what I please! It's all you ever do anyways.

      Leora rolls her eyes, she's had enough.

      Leora: Will both of you just please shut up! We've got a possible emergen-

      The window crashes over. A large bald eagle, larger than Leora, flies through the glass. Glass showers on Leora, Carmen and Lily as they duck down, eagle swooping at them. Mark Vermont, in a dark cloak, comes in through the window as well, grey hair blowing in the wind. He smiles.

      Vermont: You've been expecting me?

      Carmen and Lily look at each other in shock.

      Cut to: Faith, Angie and Wood. Wood has a stake out, he throws it to Faith and pulls Angie back. Angie struggles and hits him out of her way. The vampire kicks Faith in the face.

      Angie: Run away! He's mine!

      Faith stops the vampire's next punch, she grabs onto his arm and pulls it behind his back, popping his shoulder. From behind she sends the stake through his heart. Angie gapes at what she sees. Faith walks to Wood, helping him up as she looks down at Angie.

      Faith: Acne ridden slayer. Huh? seems like Sunnydale all over again.

      Angie: Who? who are you? How do you know what I am?

      Angie sees Wood more clearly.

      Angie: What's my principle doing here?

      Wood catches his breath as he holds his side where he was stabbed.

      Wood: Trying to help you.

      View from behind the bushes, someone's watching Faith, Wood and Angie. The slow sound of a sword being drawn is heard.

      Cut to: Normal view. Angie sits on top of a large tree root, Faith and Wood standing together beside her.

      Angie: You mean, I'm not the only one?

      Faith shakes her head.

      Wood: No, there are thousands upon thousands of young girls out there fighting the good fight.

      Angie holds her hands up.

      Angie: I ain't fighting no battle between good or evil. I'm hear for myself!

      Wood: Suit yourself, I think you'd make a good addition to the council.

      Angie: Really?

      Wood: Well? you wouldn't be able to just push a bunch of nerds around anymore.

      Angie smiles.

      Faith: I don't think the council will have her.

      Wood looks at Faith.

      Faith: We're on the run, remember?

      Angie: Oh my god! Principle Wood has been a bad boy!

      Wood rolls his eyes.

      Wood: We'll train her ourselves then.

      Faith: Whoa! I don't want anymore teenagers around me!

      Angie: Hey! I can look after myself!

      Faith: See, she can look after herself.

      Wood raises his eyebrow.

      Wood: And that really turned out well for you.

      Faith smiles.

      Faith: Girls got to learn right from wrong somehow.

      Cut to: Lily cowering behind the turned over couch. Papers and furniture are ripped and broken everywhere. Carmen stands over her, protecting her little sister. Leora is behind the corner, watching as the big bird swoops down. Lily screams, Carmen closes her eyes and tenses up. The bird slices open her shoulder.

      Lily: Carmen!

      Leora whistles, the bird looks to her. Vermont stands across from Leora; the bird flying towards her.

      Vermont: Stop!

      The bird freezes and turns towards him.

      Vermont: Finish the job, finish the White family!

      Leora glares at him.

      Vermont: Nothing you do, little girl, can stop my demons!

      Leora smiles.

      Leora: Little? witch!

      Leora holds her hands to her side. She closes her eyes and her hair flies up, along with debris from the floor.

      Point of view of Carmen. The bird swoops down at her. A lightning bolt crashes into it as the bird almost reaches Carmen. She grabs for her shot gun, but the bird is gone? a card falls down. She grabs it and looks at it.

      Normal view. Vermont smiles and holds out more cards. He faces Leora.

      Vermont: A challenge, eh witch?

      Leora: Leave Mark. Leave my friend alone!

      Vermont: Aww, you care.

      Vermont's eyes go black. He pulls his arm back, ready to toss the cards when BANG!

      View: The cards falling down slowly, blood drips down Vermont's jacket.

      Normal view: Carmen stands up, shot gun smoking. Lily gets up beside her, wincing as she sees the blood from Vermont. Leora stands gaping at what Carmen just did. BANG! Vermont grabs his arm and begins to fall down. BANG! Carmen takes steps closer to Vermont slowly. BANG! Vermont falls to the ground. Carmen begins to yell. BANG! She drops her gun and runs to him. Leora and Lily follow behind her, Leora grabs her back as she begins to kick Vermont's smoking corpse, fury burning through her.

      Carmen: Leave my family alone!

      Carmen kicks him one last time when Leora grabs her back. Carmen, crying, grabs onto Lily. The two sisters cry together, Leora looks at the ground and moves back.

      Leora: Uhh? Carmen.

      View: The cards snap with small charges of electricity. The fly up, hundreds of them, in the small room. Carmen and Lily scream and hug onto each other. Leora puts her arm in front of her face. The room begins to get bright.

      Fade to white.

      Fade back in. Vermont's corpse is gone. All that remains are his cards of demons, scattered on the floor; and a little bit of blood.

      Cut to: The rock. Faith and Angie laugh at Wood, sharing a joke.

      Point of view from the bushes. Someone gets up quickly and yells, charging at an unexpected Faith.

      Normal view. Faith stands, not ready as Katana, sword out in front of her, thrusts in front of her.

      Slow motion: Faith tries to move back in shock, too late. Katana smiles, the bloodlust clear on her face. Angie jumps in front of Faith.

      Normal time: Angie collapses as Katana removes the blade. Wood punches Katana in the face she seems shocked that Angie jumped in front. Angie gasps and falls to the ground. Katana slashes at Wood, missing. Faith kicks Katana back into the bush. Katana lowers her weapon, bows and teleports away. Faith pulls out her cell phone and moves beside Angie.

      Faith: Hello? I need an ambulance right away!

      Cut to: The Sacred Circle. Carmen sits at a chair, watching the street lights turn on in the summer evening. Leora stands beside her, hand on her shoulder. Carmen's face is still red. She looks outside, concentrating on greater things. Leora tries to comfort her.

      Leora: Sure was some great magic I pulled back there huh?

      Carmen pauses, as if comprehending the situation.

      Leora: I mean, one second it's Astro's giant mother, next it's cooked duck!


      Leora sighs and pulls on Carmen's sleeve. Carmen gets up and turns around, facing Leora. Leora grabs her and hugs her. Carmen doesn't return the hug. Leora pulls back, serious look on her face.

      Leora: Look. I understand Carmen. I know what you're going through.

      Carmen: How can you. You've never killed the man that killed your family and been guilty about it.

      Leora: No. But we all have guilt Carmen, it's a fact of life. It makes you human.

      Carmen looks into her eyes.

      Carmen: Then take it away. I don't want to feel like shit anymore! All these emotions! Is it really worth it? Is it worth it being human?

      Leora sighs and looks straight into her eyes.

      Leora: Look? there's only one thing you can be sure of Carmen. And that's you. Your emotions are only an indicator of what happens around you. They make you who you are. They are you.

      Carmen: Then right now I don't like me.

      Leora: No? Can't you see? There is no heaven without hell.

      Carmen: I know? and I can't see the bright without the dark. But it hurts Leora. It hurts!

      Leora sighs.

      Leora: I know. Listen. Friends may die.

      Shot of Wood and Faith, hugging each other as morgue workers carry away a body bag.

      Leora(Off screen): Things will change. Enemies will come.

      Shot of Katana, cleaning her weapon, look unsatisfied with herself.

      Leora(Off screen): And friends will come and go.

      Cut back to The Sacred Circle. Powerful, sad music begins to play.

      Leora: I don't have a family Carmen. Not really. And that's ok. Because I'm here, and I can enjoy? well, me.

      Leora pats her on the shoulder and walks past her.

      Leora: Thought you'd want to know. Stay yourself Carmen. Be you. Don't let this stop you.

      Leora opens the door, gives Carmen one more smile and then leaves.

      Close up on Carmen's wet face. She smiles.

      Carmen: Thank you.

      End Episode.