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Raven Episode 1.02 "Hauntings of the Ceperly Mansion"

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  • Raven Episode 1.02 "Hauntings of the Ceperly Mansion"

    *Note* As of Spring 2007, Season 1 episodes will be recreated as "Raven Remastered" episodes. The entire original run of season 1 and 2 episodes as well as 3.6 will be redone to add to the quality of the series. The purpose is to make seasons 1 and 2 to the quality of seasons 3 and 4. Look in the index for the Remastered episodes. The originals are posted for comparison*

    Raven episode 1.2 "Hauntings of the Ceperley Mansion"

    Open to: An art gallery, Leora and Carmen are looking at some medieval artwork involving witch burnings.

    Leora: They were so creative back then! A real witch could get away in a second and get vengeance quickly.

    Carmen: Well, I'm glad you give such great feedback. Other witches would be appalled.

    Leora: I'm not like other witches. I'm a real one!

    Carmen: Glad to know your dedicated.

    Leora: I said to myself "Hey, you can't get yourself away from real power just because your family is irresponsible and will probably end up killing us all!"

    Carmen: Good to hear it! *A girl comes up from behind Leora*

    Girl: Boo!

    Leora: Gah! Feora? What are you doing here?

    Feora: Enjoying the artwork. *She looks at the pictures of the witches being killed.* And what are you looking at? Eww! It's hideous what they did to us! How could anyone survive that? It's slaughter! *Looks at her watch* Well I got to run! Keep in touch!* She leaves*

    Leora: See what I mean?

    Carmen: Very much so. I have to go set up shop. Have fun!

    Leora: See ya. *Carmen leaves. No one else is in the gallery now. An announcement comes over the speakers.*

    Announcement: Attention fellow art lovers. The Ceperley Mansion is now closed for business night now. Come back tomorrow at six am to see out Zang Dynasties artwork!

    *Leora turns to leave. She all of a sudden has a killer headache and falls to the ground. When she gets up, she sees a woman who is semi-transparent. The woman disappears and the floor turns foggy showing a mystical screen-like instrument. On the screen is Faith being mauled by a Fyarl demon. When the screen and fog disappears Leora whips out her phone and calls Faith.*

    Leora: Hello Faith?

    Faith: Hello? Who is this?

    Leora: Bring silver on patrol *Leora then falls down again. We see Feora behind a corner. Not looking too happy.*

    End Intro:

    Credits: Theme song "Eternal" by Evanescence

    Kate Beckinsale - Leora Byrne
    AJ Cook - Carmen White
    Eliza Dushku - Faith
    D.B. Woodside - Wood
    Kelly Giddish - Katana
    And Tilda Swinton as Scarlet

    Guest Starring:
    Grace Ceperley as Herself
    Milla Jovovich As Feora Byrne
    And Wes Ramsey as Saffire

    Created by: Alexander Brown
    Based on: Buffy the Vampire Slayer by Joss Whedon
    Produced by: Travis Truant
    Written by: Alexander Brown
    Copyright belongs to:
    Phoenix inc.
    And Digilee inc.
    The Characters Faith and Wood were created and are owned by Joss Whedon.

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    Act One: Open to Faith and Wood. Faith just hangs up the phone.

    Wood: Who was it?

    Faith: I'm no sure.

    Wood: What did they want?

    Faith: She knew I was a slayer.

    Wood: What? Who?

    Faith: I don't know. She said to bring something silver on patrol.

    Wood: That's odd.

    Faith: Better do it. Just in case.*She gets up and grabs her bag. She takes a dagger from the wall.* This should do.

    Wood: Your going out now? The person might be out to get you!

    Faith: I doubt it, I can probably take em anytime.

    Wood: Are you sure?

    Faith: Don't worry! *She kisses him* I'll be back soon!

    Cut to: Leora and Carmen in the Sacred Circle discussing the ghost last night.

    Carmen: So the Ceperley mansion is haunted ,eh?

    Leora: Looks like, she creeped me out to.

    Carmen: And she gave you a vision.

    Leora: Right, it was weird.

    Carmen: Who did it involve? Anything mystical we have to find. Evil to slay?

    Leora: I don't quite remember. All I know is that I called them and there going to be fine, I hope.

    Carmen: We should check out the Ceperley mansion.

    Cut to: The Ceperley mansion after hours. Leora and Carmen walk into the building to be met by the guard. They don't even stop as Leora sticks out her hand and blows some powdery substance, he falls to the ground sleeping. Leora and Carmen walk into the gallery.

    Leora: Mrs. Ceperley? Are you there?

    *A ghostly women appears in front of them*

    Carmen: In all my years of training I have never seen a ghost take form. Yet this one comes up when called. This is fabulous.

    *Mrs. Ceperley hold up her hands and makes the screen-like object again. This time it's of Carmen and Leora fighting for their lives in the gallery. The two look at each other and bolt towards the door. There stopped by?.*

    Feora: Hey sis! *Innocent smile*

    End Act 1: Commercial break.


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      Act Two:
      Open to: Faith getting punched by a fyarl demon(see Buffy episode "A New Man" for info on Fyarl demons) in the graveyard.

      Faith: Ok horny. That's how you wanna play? *the fyarl demon roars. Faith takes out a silver dagger from behind her back.* Fine by me! *She jumps onto the demon punching it over and over again until it shakes her off. Then while she's recovering it spits mucus on her shoes. Making her stand in one place unable to step anywhere. She starts pulling away at the mucus but she can't move, the Fyarl demon moves closer ready to strike Wood comes up from behind and stabs it with a sword.* Get out of here!

      Wood: No chance! *She passes him the dagger and while the demon is down she stabs it with the silver blade.

      Faith: Wow. Damn little bitch ruined my shoes. Wicked pricey!

      Wood: Well your fine at least.

      Faith: Nights still young. Demon like that must be working for somebody.

      Katana: Hahahahaha!*The camera goes to reveal Katana in a tree watching* You found my minion! I sent him here to find you and get you the way I wanted. Unable to move!

      Wood: Didn't count on this did you?

      Katana: Not what I wanted, but workable!

      Wood: We'll see.

      Katana: you know I've always liked you Wood. Ever since I made your life hell I felt close to you somehow! Maybe it was making the council blinded!

      Wood: Come fight like a bitch!

      Katana: Very funny! *She jumps down, unsheathing her katana* Lets see how fun you are without your neck!

      Faith: He'd be dead dumbass!

      Katana: We'll get to you after! *Katana and Wood start dueling with their swords. Wood slices at Katana's arm, cutting it. Green blood starts to come out. Katana takes Wood's arm and flips him over. She stands over his body ready get him. Faith, who is conveniently stuck in front of where Wood landed, punches Katana in the face sending her flying back. Faith continues to struggle out of the sticky mucus. It won't give way.*

      Wood:*Standing up* Hurry!

      Faith: I'm working on it!

      Katana: *Recovers and punches at Wood. She then grabs him as he starts to react to the beating and takes her katana and takes it and stabs him in the gut.*

      Faith: Robyn!

      Katana:*Looking at Wood and the blood on her hands* What have I done?

      Faith:*Gets free and holds onto Wood's hand* Hold on! Please Hold on!

      Katana:*Backing down* What have I done? *She teleports away.

      Faith: Oh god! *She whips out her cellphone* Hello? I need an ambulance at Kensington graveyard asap! We were walking through the park and a guy jumped out and stabbed my husband! Thank you!* She hangs up the phone*

      Cut to: Wood getting pulled into an ambulance with Faith coming in to. Faith looks around before closing the door with the paramedics around Wood.

      Saffire:*From behind a bush* Good *Evil Smile.

      End act 2: Commercial Break


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        Act 3: Open to the gallery. Leora and Feora locking looks at each other.

        Leora: What are you doing here?

        Feora:*In an obvious lying tone* Enjoying the art.

        Leora: Days over, come back tomorrow.

        Feora: You seem eager to get me gone.

        Leora: I have someone to talk to.

        Feora: Good dead Ceperley?

        Leora: Yes.

        Feora: She can't speak.

        Carmen: What?

        Feora: Little spell I did, she can't talk to you.

        Leora: Undo it now!

        Feora: Why? Don't you like witches?

        Leora: Just leave.

        Feora: Make me!

        Leora: You don't want to make me.

        Feora: You couldn't do it if you tried! I was always the better witch when we were young. But dad always took pride in you! "Oh look! Leora made macaroni art in grade two! Hey, Leora made the honor roll in grade 6. Wow! Leora got top marks in her graduating year from university!" And what was I doing during this time? Calling on the forces of lost souls. Trying to bleed together dimensions! But I never got praise! Oh no never! Cause I'm not Leora! And you know what pissed me off the most? *Leora punches Feora.*

        Leora: Don't know and don't care! Besides, mom liked you better! We both know it!

        Carmen:*Backing away* I see you two have things to work out. I'll just help Mrs. Ceperley *See looks to Mrs. Ceperley who starts to wander away* Hey! Come back! *She starts to be followed. The door burst open. Scarlet come in, sais ready.*

        Scarlet: Hey bitch! Remember what you did to my little pot? *She whacks Carmen in the face, making her dazed.* Time for vengeance!

        Carmen: You!

        *Cut: into the other room with Leora and Feora.*

        Feora: Well, got to handle this somehow!

        Leora: What do you suppose we do?

        Feora: *Lifts up her hands.* Morpheus! King of dreams! Allow us access to your realm! *The area around them begins to change. Colours start to fly by them until the room is dark. Leora and Feora can see only each other and themselves.* Well, little sister. I say we have a little magick fight.

        Leora: Just like old time eh?

        Feora: You bet! *She holds up her hands and she starts to glow. Leora does the same. They then float up and ram into each other face on. Pulling at each others hair and punching at each other.*

        *Cut to: Carmen and Scarlet. Scarlet kicks Carmen into a glass showcase table of medieval weapons. Carmen recovers as Scarlet goes at her with her sais. Carmen takes the now broken table and flips it over, weapons falling off just in time that Scarlet jabs both sais right through the table, both almost hitting Carmen's face. Scarlet starts to struggle to get them out as Carmen rolls away from the table and picks up a flail from beside her as she gets up. Scarlet recovers her sais from the table and turns around at Carmen just in time to get the flail to her face. Carmen stands over Scarlet, who is now on the floor, swinging the flail ready for the next move. She looks over to the other room where the Byrne sisters were to see there gone.*

        *Cut to: A now bloody nosed Leora underneath Feora.*

        Feora: See sis? Look what happens! *She holds a little pendant over Leora's head.* This is where your little ghost friends voice went to.

        Leora: Good! *She rips it out of Feora's hand and smashes it on the ground. The room returns to normal and Mrs. Ceperley is now there with them. Mrs. Ceperley, looking angry, lifts up her left and pins Feora to the wall. Leora then gets up. Carmen and Scarlet, who are still in the middle of fighting both turn to see Mrs. Ceperley. *

        Ceperley: Get out of my house! *The room becomes very windy with everything flying around. Papers rip off the wall and glass gets shattered. Feora is unpinned from the wall. She runs away.*

        Leora: Feora! We have to go after her! *Carmen restrains her.* Wait!

        *Scarlet looks around supremely pissed off. She teleports away fingering Carmen.*

        Carmen: Oh that was mature!

        *The wind comes to a stop. Leora and Carmen get ready to fight Mrs. Ceperley. She just laughs.*

        Ceperley: Thank you for saving my voice!

        Leora: Umm, your welcome?

        Ceperley: You have a question. Do you not?

        Leora: What you showed us. Is it like visions of what will come?

        Ceperley: Yes. It is your job to stop them from coming true. And I thank you for it, now I can speak and the world is safe for the night.

        Carmen: Who was in the first one?

        Ceperley: Leora will remember in time. And then she will decide to tell you. Till she does, leave.

        Leora: But theres more we need to do. Stuff to discuss and everything.

        Ceperley: Child the gallery will open soon. Leave before you get the blame.

        Carmen: But?

        Ceperley: Go!

        *Cut to: Faith walking to Wood in his hospital bed.*

        Faith: Hey! How are you?

        Wood: Glad to be alive! So should you.

        Faith: Well we have a guardian angel out there somewhere.

        Wood: Thank god Katana didn't finish the job.

        Faith: She looked shaken up at the end though.

        Wood: A demons a demon. We'll get her some time soon.

        *Theres a long pause.*

        Wood: What's wrong?

        Faith: I wish I knew who it was. I want to say thank you!

        Wood: I guess we'll never know.

        *Cut to: Leora, lying in her bed at the end of the night, trying to sleep. All of a sudden it dawns on her.*

        Leora: Faith!

        End episode