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Raven Episode 1.01 "Beginnings"

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  • Raven Episode 1.01 "Beginnings"

    *Note* As of Spring 2007, Season 1 episodes will be recreated as "Raven Remastered" episodes. The entire original run of season 1 and 2 episodes as well as 3.6 will be redone to add to the quality of the series. The purpose is to make seasons 1 and 2 to the quality of seasons 3 and 4. Look in the index for the Remastered episodes. The originals are posted for comparison*

    Raven Episode 1.1 "Beginnings"

    Open to: A graveyard. Calm music is playing as it seems nothing is going on. All of a sudden we here a scream. Theres a man being mauled by a gang of vampires. We here a gunshot. One of the vampires stops and turns around. Camera reveals a woman. She has a old fashion looking shotgun in her hand, she's wearing a brown leather jacket and a cowboy hat.

    Vampire: *looking at her weirdly* Guns can't kill me!

    Woman: Are you sure? *We see the vampires gun wound, its smoking as if it had just had holy water splashed on it.* Doesn't look good to me!

    Vampire:*growls* You're going to wish you never did that! *The vampires rush at her*

    Woman: Leora!

    *A girl walks in, she has black hair with a purple streak, she's in black. She's holding a katana.*

    Leora: How's the party?* She swings her sword at a vampire's head dusting the vampire.*

    Woman: Fine *Shooting random vampires* would you mind ending this quickly?

    Leora: Umm. *A vampire jumps on the woman and bites her neck, she tries to shot it with her gun but misses* Carmen! *Her eyes glow red as she casts a spell* incendium! *A wall of fire appears and goes through all the vampires dusting them* Are you ok?

    Carmen: I'm fine. We've got more to do!

    *A raven flies above*

    Leora: Lets go.

    Cut to: Burnaby Lake, night. Theres a woman there.

    Scarlet: *Holding a vase* Get ready Katana, its almost time.

    Katana: Yes mistress Scarlet *She gets on her knees and starts chanting in Latin*

    Scarlet: As D'Hoffryn wishes, may the first murderer come to me! I summon you come! And we will ruin this world!* the vase she's holding starts pouring out dust. Its collects on the ground and materializes to a man with his mouth stitched shut.* Cain, first killer, you work for me! I like this town. It'll be fun watching it open hell!

    End intro

    Credits: Theme song "Eternal" by Evanescence

    Kate Beckinsale - Leora Byrne
    AJ Cook - Carmen White
    Eliza Dushku - Faith
    D.B. Woodside - Robin Wood
    Kelly Giddish - Katana
    And Tilda Swinton as Scarlet

    Guest Starring:
    Nick Sperling as Cain
    And Wes Ramsey as Saffire

    Created by: Alexander Brown
    Based on: Buffy the Vampire Slayer by Joss Whedon
    Produced by: Travis Truant
    Written by: Alexander Brown
    Copyright belongs to:
    Phoenix inc.
    And Digilee inc.
    The character of D'Hoffryn, Faith and Wood were created by Joss Whedon.

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    Act 1:

    Open to: The train station. Faith and Wood get off.

    Faith: New town, new start. I just hope the council stays away from here.

    Wood: Don't worry. They won't even want to think twice about coming here. Nothing evil around here.

    Faith: I can bet there wrong.

    Wood: Its ok, this time will be different. And I already have a job at the local highschool!

    Faith: I know, its just that I can't believe B would think we turned on them. Now were wanted by the watchers council of England.

    Wood: This time will be better.

    Faith: I hope. Don't you need to get to work.

    Wood: Ya, I'll see you after school ends. Meet you at the new place, you sure you know where it is?

    Faith: I can find it.

    Cut to: A shop called Sacred Circle. The outside has a sign that says "Now excepting applications". Carmen is in the inside mixing a some stuff together. Leora comes in with a raven on her shoulder.

    Leora: How's your neck?

    Carmen: Doing fine, what about you? Big spell last night.

    Leora: I can cope. Astro will look out for me!

    Carmen: I'm glad that you like that bird.

    Leora: Its brings us to trouble and violence and occasionally an orgy of death, course I like it! Besides, its my familiar!

    Carmen: Too bad you can't cast spells like that every time were in trouble.

    Leora: You know I don't want to follow the roots of my family.

    Carmen: But it would be so much more useful.

    Leora: You don't want me to end up like my father did do you?

    Carmen: I guess not.

    Leora: Well I have to go. Children need to learn something in English class.

    Carmen: Have fun!

    Leora: You too! *She walks out the door.*

    Carmen:* continues to mix the mixture the bowl* Little holy water, gunpowder and voila! Vamp today, gone?.today! *Someone comes in the door.* Oh, welcome to the Sacred Circle, were not open for business right now.

    Man: My name is Saffire, I'm here for a job.

    Carmen: I'm Carmen White, owner of the store. Do you like magick?

    Saffire: Very much. *He smiles evilly*

    Carmen: Good, I'll just get you to sign a few papers.

    Cut to: Burnaby Mountain Secondary School. Leora walks in the front doors and goes to greet Wood.

    Leora: Welcome to Burnaby Mountain Secondary School, you must be the new principle.

    Wood: Thank you. I'm Robyn Wood. Nice school you got here.

    Leora: Thanks. I'm Leora Byrne, an english teacher here. I hope you fare as well as the last principle.

    Wood: Thanks, I think I'll manage.

    Secretary:*getting off the phone* Mr. Wood, someone tried to burn down the gym again.

    Leora: Good luck! *Walks off*

    Cut to: A hallway in the school. Its afterschool hours and a girl is walking to her locker to get her homework. She hears giggling and looks around.

    Girl: Is anyone there?

    No reply

    She goes and opens her locker. A bunch of books fall out.

    Girl: Oh shit! I hate sharing lockers! Can't Mike keep anything clean?

    *She bends down and picks up the books. She stands up and we see Katana behind her. She turns around*

    Girl: Oh I didn't see you coming.

    Katana: Good. She grabs the girl and brings out a knife. She slits the girls throat and cuts a pentagram shape on her forehead. She then gets a bowl (this the same shape on it, she drains the blood into it) not long now! When we raise hell, not even the slayers will stop us! *She teleports away*

    End Act 1: Commercial break


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      Act 2: Open to where the girl was murdered. Faith and Wood are sitting at a table discussing what happened as police are currently looking for clues.

      Wood: I can't believe it, my first day and already 7 deaths on the school property after hours.

      Faith: I guess someone really hates janitors.

      Wood: No, there was a girl there too. Just grade 8 starting out here like I was. I don't think I can take this much death in our jobs anymore!

      Faith: Hey, listen. I know you didn't ask for this but its what you got. You have to deal. So You were raised by a watcher confronted 24/7 with things that bump in the night. I think its time we bump back. Without B or any of them!

      Wood: Ya I know. I just need a break. *A police officer comes up*

      Office: Mr. Wood, I need to show you something. *he leads Faith and Wood to the young girl* They had this sign on all of the bodies. Do you know anything about it?

      Wood: *looks at it in shock, he looks over to Faith who also looks surprised* Umm no, maybe it was a student. I'll check into it. Do a locker check, find out who missed school and who the councilors think it may be. *The officer leaves*

      Officer: Thank you.

      Wood: That sign looks deathly familiar.

      Faith: I can't believe they followed us here. After breaking us from the council don't you think they've done enough by making us hunted?

      Wood: No, they didn't come for us. Theres something here they want.

      *Leora comes up to them*

      Leora: I'm so sorry Robyn. I Can't believe this happened on your first day!

      Wood: Oh, Leora this is Faith, my wife.

      Leora: Oh hey Mrs. Wood. I doubt this is how you wanted to see the school.

      Faith: That's ok. I'm used to it. *They shake hands. Leora senses something about Faith*

      Leora: Listen, I dismissed classes for the next few days until everyone settles down a little. I got to go check something out.

      Faith: Bye. Be seeing you soon!

      Leora: Ya.

      Cut to: The Sacred Circle. Leora and Carmen are talking at a table, Saffire is inspecting the inventory behind the counter.

      Leora:*Putting down a piece of paper with the pentagram on it* Here! This is what it looked like. Not like a normal pentagram.

      Carmen: Ah yes. I've seen that before.

      Leora: Is it bad?

      Carmen: I'm not sure. The sign is related to D'Hoffryn, Lord of vengeance.

      Leora: So were dealing with vengeance demons?

      Carmen: Not exactly. This certain sign is used for his top assassin. Scarlet and her slave Katana. Had a little conflict with them before in New Mexico. Nasty little buggers, had most of my group gone before our teacher warded them off.

      Leora: Are we out of the woods yet?

      Carmen: Oh no. D'Hoffryn has sent these 2 along. It must be important.

      Leora: What would they want with the janitorial staff and a student?

      Carmen: Blood. There must be some kind of ritual.

      Leora: Is it possible that Robyn's wife could be associated with them?

      Carmen: I don't know. Probably not. Scarlet has a thing against mortals. We should investigate her later. We have to go. Saffire, I'm leaving the shop for a while!

      Saffire: Yes misses! *Smile evilly*

      Cut to: Burnaby Lake. Night. Katana, Cain an Scarlet are standing around a pentagram much like the one on the victims.

      Katana: With the blood of man, sheep and wolf we wish to open the portal.

      Scarlet: We come bearing D'Hoffryn's wishes. Let hell arise! Cain! Bring the sacrifices.

      *Cain walks over with a the blood of mixed blood. He adds it to some sand-like material and pours it over the pentagram, its ignites on fire and disappears*

      Scarlet: On the 4th new moon after summer solstice, tomorrow. This will end! And hell will be ours!

      End act 2


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        Act 3: Open to Leora and Carmen in Carmen's car looking for a place for a good blood ritual to be cast.

        Leora: We've looked all over. I haven't felt a thing. Maybe they haven't done anything yet.

        Carmen: That wouldn't make sense.

        Leora:*her eyes glow red* I can feel something! *she opens the car window and Astro flies out* Astro, lead me to them! *Astro flies off, Leora motions for Carmen to stop her car* Wait, we shall find them! *She closes her eyes. Then she suddenly points in the direction of the lake* That way! *Her eyes stop glowing and she falls back into her seat as if she was tired* What happened?

        Carmen: You were in a trance.

        Leora: Are we almost there?

        Carmen: *Stops the car* Yup. Are you ready?

        Leora: More than ever.

        Cut to: Faith in a graveyard. Seemingly waiting for something to happen.

        Faith:*To herself* New town, no rep and no vampires! How did this happen?*she gets up* Guess I better head home. At least in Sunnydale they believed in evil. The lone slayer gets no action here.

        Cut to: The graveyard a few minutes earlier. Faith gets slammed on a tombstone by a vampire.

        Faith: Spoke to soon! *She kicks the vampire off of her and picks up her axe* Here we go!

        Cut to: Burnaby lake. Katana, Scarlet and Cain are still sitting around the place where they did the spell. Leora and Carmen come behind a bush and sees them.

        Carmen:*Turning away from the bush* What are we going to do? Theres three very powerful demons there!

        Leora: Three?

        *We here a groaning sound from behind them, its Cain, he kicks Carmen through the bushes*

        Leora: Ummm, help?

        Cut to: The graveyard. Faith dusts 2 vampires as we cut to her.

        Faith: 5 in one night! Not such a bad town after all.

        *She looks across from the graveyard, it's the lake. She sees some kind of purple flame being made in the woods. She starts running over to it*

        Cut to: The lake again. Leora retreats to Carmen after trying to set Cain on fire, blinding him for a second. Cain walks off to a different part of the forest. Leora draws her katana and stands in front of Carmen.

        Leora: Don't come close unless you want to loose an arm!

        Scarlet: Hahahahaha! Did you really think you could prevent us from ending the world? Katana!

        *Katana jumps on Leora sending them both to the ground. They both get up and separate from each other. Katana unsheathes her katana as well. The get in fighting stances and start attacking each other, blocking each others hit*

        Katana: You train well young one. But you cannot defeat me! I am the original user of these blades!

        Leora:*Eyes glowing* Well just see about that! Flamma! *Her sword engulfs with fire.*

        Katana: Impressive witch!

        *They continue to fight*

        Cut to: Carmen and Scarlet

        Scarlet: What's your move, mortal?

        Carmen:*Brings out a shotgun* Shoot your head off! *She shoots Scarlet many times, the bullets dissolve before they hit her*

        Scarlet: Silly mortal, you really think guns can hurt me? *She pulls out a pair of sais* Time to mingle!

        Cut to: Faith running to the woods, axe in hand. Cain walks out of the forest and greets her.

        Faith: You must be trouble. I'm Faith. The vampire slayer! And this *She holds up her axe* is your doom! *She lunges at Cain with her axe out. He just simply stands there. She chops at his armor but the axe just bounces off* Well stitches, looks like I'm going to have to do this the hard way! Now I'm hungry and horny right now so you probably don't want to keep me waiting long! *She jumps on him and starts punching him. Her punches do nothing and Cain picks her up and throws her across the clearing* Right, super strength.

        Cut to: Carmen and Scarlet. Carmen is holding her shotgun up and keeping Scarlet's sais from getting her.

        Carmen: Uh, Leora. Help? *We see Leora and Katana still fighting. Carmen notices a vase with pentagrams on it* Screw it! *She lets go of her gun and jumps for the vase. Scarlet grabs her gun and try's to shoot her. She misses and hits the vase instead, shattering it*

        Scarlet: You bitch! You broke it! I'll be back! *She teleports away. We cut to see Katana teleport away too and Cain getting off a Faith and disappearing*

        Cut to: Leora and Carmen in Carmen's car.

        Carmen: That was fun.

        Leora: Wasn't it? Nothing like closing hell to end an evening! But, I have a feeling they'll be back.

        Carmen: Probably, Scarlet always did have a knack for annoying appearances. I feel this isn't the last we've seen yet!

        Cut to: The area of the forest by the lake that Scarlet was raising hell. A demon teleports out of a yellow portal that materializes and disappears right after. The demon has 3 heads, each with many horns. It has 4 claws and a massive tail. All of a sudden, someone breaks its main heads neck. The beast dies and disappears.

        The camera pans to reveal it was Saffire.

        Saffire:*Smiling evilly* Not in my town Scarlet!

        End episode.