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  • Raven Episode 0 "Catalyst"

    Episode 0 "Catalyst"
    Rated 14a


    Wood Voiceover Previously on Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

    Faith Voiceover: Previously on Angel.

    Cut to: Faith stabbing Allan in an alleyway of Sunnydale in "Bad Girls"

    Buffy: Faith! No!

    Faith bakes away into the wall of the alleyway, blood on her hands.

    Faith: I? I didn't know.

    Cut to: Faith and Buffy in Faith's run down apartment.

    Buffy: Faith, you don't get it! You killed a man!

    Faith: No, you don't get it. I don't care!

    Faith turns around and walks further in the room.

    Cut to: Faith and the Mayor at the Mayor's office in Graduation Day.

    Mayor: The Ascension isn't just my day-

    Cut to The Mayor and the school blowing up.

    Mayor Voiceover:- It's your day too-

    Cut to: Faith in her coma in the hospital, badly beaten up.

    Mayor Voiceover: Your day to blossom, to show the world what a powerful girl you are.

    Cut to: Faith waking up from her coma in "This Year's Girl".

    Cut to: Faith and Buffy fighting.

    Cut to: Faith leaving Sunnydale in the moving truck in "Who Are You?"

    Cut to Faith shooting a crossbow bolt at Angel in "Five by Five".

    Faith Voiceover: So who do you want me to kill?

    Cut to Faith shooting Angel in his office.

    Lindsey Voiceover: Please understand that we would never advocate the killing of another human being. - His name is Angel. - He's somewhat of a private..

    Faith Voiceover: No problem.

    Cut to Faith torturing Wesley in an apartment, holding a bottle of hairspray and a lighter to it, causing flames when she pushes down on the spray bottle top.

    Faith Voiceover: I feel that it is kind of my duty to tell you that if you'd been a better Watcher, I might have been a more positive role model!

    Cut to Faith and Angel falling out of the apartment onto the soaking wet ground.

    Cut to Faith crying, hitting Angel with no control.

    Faith: Angel please, just do it. Just do it. Just kill me. Just kill me.

    Angel hugs Faith.

    Angel: Shh. It's all right. It's okay. I'm here. I'm right here. Shh.

    Cut to: Faith in the police office in "Sanctuary".

    Faith: I have a confession to make.

    Cut to: Jail bars closing in Faith's cell.

    Cut to: Faith kicking the glass down in while Wesley is visiting her in jail in "Salvage".

    Faith Voiceover: We have to save Angel.

    Cut to: Faith and Willow leaving in "Orpheus".

    Cut to: Faith on top of vamped out Spike in "Dirty Girls". Buffy pulls Faith off of Spike.

    Faith Voiceover: Ok, catching up.

    Cut to: Faith and Wood in bed in the Summer's house.

    Wood Voiceover: I'm Robin Wood. The principal at Sunnydale High.

    Faith Voiceover: Faith.

    Cut to: "Chosen" Wood wounded on the school bus outside of Sunnydale. Faith holds his hand, almost in tears. Wood closes his eyes. Faith gets worried and squeezes his hand. Wood's eyes open.

    Wood: Surprise.

    Cut to: The last shot in "Chosen", Faith stands behind Buffy, smiling.

    Faith: Yeah, you're not the one and only chosen anymore. Just gotta live like a person. How's that feel?

    End Recaps.

    Teaser: Open to Faith and Wood, sitting on a train, not looking at each other. Faith stares out the rain spotted window onto countryside. The seat across from her holds her bag. She stares out, tired and warn. She closes her eyes.

    Cut to: Exterior of a church on a sunny day. Text at the bottom of the screen reads: England, Three weeks ago.

    Cut to: Interior of church. Faith, dressed in a white wedding dress, stands beside Wood in a tuxedo. The priest stands beside the two of them, reading from his book.

    Priest: I know announce you husband and wife. You may now kiss the bride.

    Wood moves in and kisses Faith.

    Angle: The seats of the small chapel are filled by slayers from the watcher's council. The front row is filled by Buffy, Xander, Dawn, Giles, Willow and Kennedy, all dressed formally. No one but Wood and Faith are up front.

    Close up on Faith's smiling face.

    Wood Voiceover: It's the perfect dream.

    Cut to: Text: The Watcher's Council. Two weeks later. Faith and Wood run away from the building in the pouring rain, onto an open grass field. Yelling can be heard behind them. Wood begins to slow down; Faith grabs his and guides him along on the slippery grass and into the forest.

    Angle: Buffy stops running at the edge of the field behind them. Giles and Xander follow her, weapons in hand. They stop and look to her.

    Xander: Buffy? What happened?

    Buffy: They? they did it? to Dawn.

    Giles walks in front of Buffy and puts his hands on her shoulder.

    Giles: Buffy, what did they do to Dawn?

    Buffy begins to tear from the eyes. She ignores Giles and pushes him aside. She looks out to the field, lightning flashes.

    Buffy: Faith? Wood? I can't believe it.

    Xander: Believe what Buffy?

    Buffy: They're evil.

    Thunder Crashes.

    Cut to black: End Teaser.

    Theme Song: Eternal ? Evanescence

    Kate Beckinsale - Leora Byrne
    AJ Cook - Carmen White
    Eliza Dushku - Faith
    D.B. Woodside - Robin Wood
    Kelly Giddish - Katana
    And Tilda Swinton as Scarlet

    Special Guest Stars:
    Sarah Michelle Geller
    Michelle Trachtenberg
    Nicholas Brendon
    And Anthony Stewart Head

    Special Appearances by:
    Alyson Hannigan
    And Iyari Limon as Kennedy

    Created by:
    Alexander Brown
    And Travis Truant-Simpson

    Written by:
    Alexander Brown

    Executive Producers:
    Alexander Brown
    Keara Swanson
    And Travis Truant-Simpson

    In Association with:
    SORCERESS OF CRIMSON FALLS created by Travis Truant-Simpson, RESPECT SHORES created by Keara Swanson and Alexander Brown, SHADYSIDE created by Thomas Wright, CHOSEN ONES created by Luana Roque, and SAILOR STARS: THE OUTER SENSHI created by Alexander Brown.

    Based on Buffy the Vampire Slayer created and owned by Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy and 20th Century Fox. We make no profit off this fanfiction.

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    Act 1: A dark cave, water drips from stalactites and mist sticks near the ground of the cave. In the dark void of the cave, torches are lit to show Katana and Scarlet kneeling before D'Hoffryn.

    Scarlet: Master, we have come to your call. What do you bid us to do?

    D'Hoffryn moves forward between Scarlet and Katana.

    D'Hoffryn: You have failed me. Again. I sent you on a mission and you ignorantly messed up. I am the laughing stalk of all the demon order!

    Katana: B-but master! It was no-

    D'Hoffryn: Silence little one!

    Katana bows her head down, Scarlet glances at her.

    D'Hoffryn: Your fiasco in Seattle has cost me a lot of popularity! Demons are leaving my fold; I no longer have the power I once did, and it's all due to your stupidity!

    Scarlet: I am sorry master, for we are not as powerful as you are.

    D'Hoffryn puts his hand on his chin and paces around. Scarlet arises, Katana begins to, but Scarlet pushes her back down. Scarlet whispers in Katana's ear.

    Scarlet: Know your place wench! I'll deal with this!

    She stands up and walks towards D'Hoffryn, smile on her face.

    Scarlet: Your embarrassment will not be in vain master.

    D'Hoffryn looks at her with confusion on her face.

    Scarlet: We failed before, we will make up for it.

    D'Hoffryn: And how do you suppose you will do that?

    Scarlet: I-

    D'Hoffryn: Your attempts to suck up are failed. I should kill you now!

    Scarlet springs up at this remark.

    Scarlet: Master please! Don't!

    D'Hoffryn: You know I will do it if I please. If you can't come up with an idea how to foil the Watcher's Council, then I suggest you repent. Not a lot of good it will do you, but it's worth a shot!

    Scarlet stands, mouth open, trying to speak. Katana raises her head.

    Katana: The slayer.

    D'Hoffryn looks at her, Scarlet glares at her as D'Hoffryn doesn't see her.

    D'Hoffryn: Which one my child.

    Katana: You know? the slayer. I think we can knock her down.

    Scarlet: Yes! Knock her down a peg by? by? hitting her where it hurts the most!

    D'Hoffryn: The face?

    Scarlet: No! We should attack something close to her? something very dear to her.

    D'Hoffryn: Yes? something like?

    Cut to: A school classroom, Dawn stands at the front of the room dressed in a suit. A bunch of girls walk out the door as Dawn watches them leave. Buffy walks into the classroom. A couple of girls walk by slowly and smile at Dawn, she waves.

    Dawn: Have a good day Julie! We'll go shopping later!

    The girls leave, Dawn turns her attention to Buffy.

    Dawn: What's up? Don't you and Giles have some kind of meeting?

    Buffy: Change of plans? we're leaving for Rome in the morning.

    Dawn looks shocked.

    Dawn: What? Rome? Do they have malls in Rome?

    Buffy looks at her, not amused.

    Buffy: We're going and that's final.

    Buffy goes to leave. Dawn grabs her jacket and follows her to the door, stopping her from going.

    Dawn: But the school here in Respect Shores! This is our home!

    Buffy: No, our home is in the middle of a crater right now. This is just temporary.

    Dawn sighs.

    Dawn: But? I just got the hang of this teaching thing!

    Buffy smiles.

    Buffy: Good, then you'll know what it's like for your teachers in Rome.

    Dawn: Whoa whoa whoa! I have to go to school? That's so unfair!

    Buffy: Dawn, your education is important!

    Dawn: Not when I'm a watcher!

    Buffy: A fill in watcher until we can train ones that are more into the job than you!

    Dawn: I'm into the job! I'm so far into the job that I can't see past it!

    Buffy frowns.

    Buffy: I know? that's part of the reason we're moving.

    Dawn: What?

    Buffy walks to the door.

    Buffy: I need a break Dawn. It's getting to me here. Faith and Giles can take care of the academy here.

    Dawn: And the girls? They won't like the fact that their leader has-

    Buffy: Lived past her life expectancy and needs to retire? They'll deal.

    Dawn: But? but I won't!

    Buffy hugs Dawn.

    Buffy: You'll adapt. We all do.

    Buffy leaves. Dawn crosses her arms and pouts.

    Point of view, behind the window watching Dawn, turn around to show Katana watching her. Darkness behind her cloaking her.

    Cut to: Wood and Faith are sitting in an office, Giles across the desk from them.

    Wood: She's leaving? Retiring? That's it?

    Faith: Wow? never thought I'd see the day B would quit on us.

    Giles: Well? umm? she's not quitting exactly. She'll still fight evil.

    Faith: Wait a min? theres evil in Rome? I thought it was just a pretty tourist town with the occasional bomb threat. We don't deal with terrorism? do we?

    Giles: Well no? but theres a Wolfram and Hart there.

    Wood: Evil incorporated? you think she'd stand a chance against a giant law firm?

    Faith: Wolfram and Hart wouldn't dare hurt Buffy. Not unless Angel? but I don't think he'd turn on us like that.

    Giles: We don't know that yet. We haven't had time to access the situation yet.

    Faith gets up.

    Faith: Whoa, Angel saved me from myself. I trust him more than anything in my whole life. He won't turn on us.

    Wood: Still, will any slayers be going too?

    Giles: Yes? and Andrew.

    Faith: Andrew? You think he'll really keep her safe?

    Giles: No, but I bloody well have had it up to here with him!

    Wood: We're sending her in blindly then?

    Giles: She sent herself? she'll be fine.

    Faith sits back down and grabs Wood's hand. Giles gets up and turns around. He walks to a kettle on a tray behind him and pours tea.

    Giles: It's your fault.

    Wood and Faith look at him, lost at his remark.

    Giles: She say you? how happy you were getting married? she became envious. Now she wants to have a happy life? without all of us to remind her that she's alone.

    Faith stands up.

    Faith: How dare you put the blame on us!

    Wood grabs her arm.

    Wood: Faith?

    Faith: No, Robin, I think we've overstayed our welcome here.

    She walks towards the door.

    Giles: You have. You need to have a happier life together Faith.

    Wood gets up and follows here.

    Giles: You should be leaving, not her.

    Cut to: Scarlet and Katana standing near the window outside the classroom. The lights on, Dawn is packing her things.

    Katana: Mistress, what are we going to do?

    Scarlet: The plan, you moron.

    Katana: There are slayers all around us! How can we fight our way through them all?

    Scarlet: Have you forgotten what you are? Are you completely mad? We are D'Hoffryn's finest. All they've got here are a bunch of acne ridden females and a couple of Dungeon and Dragon nerds that decided to take it up a notch. We can take them.

    Katana nods.

    Katana: Yes mother.

    Cut to: Faith and Wood entering Dawn's classroom. Dawn jumps as they come him.

    Faith: We heard you're leaving.

    Dawn: Yeah, what's with that anyways?

    Faith shrugs.

    Faith: B knows what she's doing?l we sure as hell don't, but that didn't stop us before.

    Dawn smiles.

    Dawn: Here to say bye? ?Cause I'm not leaving for a week.

    Wood and Faith look at each other.

    Wood: Well? we are.

    Dawn blinks.

    Dawn: So this is how the group crumbles huh? Willow and Kennedy just split up? Willow's off visiting a friend in Seattle. You guys are leaving us? Xander's leaving for Africa to solve a certain eye problem soon? Buffy and I are going too. That leave the real group Giles and a bunch of teenage girls.

    They all share a small smile. Dawn hugs Faith.

    Faith: Had to happen sometime?

    Dawn: Yeah? but did it have to be now? Things were just getting good.

    Wood walks to the window.

    Wood: Do you hear something?

    Faith and Dawn look at him.

    Faith: Duck.

    Wood gets down, the window crashes open and Scarlet and Katana appear beside the broken glass, weapons out. Scarlet has a purple stone in her hand.

    End Act 1: Commercial Break.


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      Act 2:

      Cut to: The hallway. Three girls walk by the classroom, the windows glass shatters, they drop their books and rush into the room.

      Cut back to the classroom. Three slayers join Faith and Dawn in a line.

      Dawn: Who're you?

      Scarlet smiles.

      Scarlet: Your last image!

      Katana jumps to the slayers in front of her, Faith swings a punch at her, she deflects it with a kick to Faith's stomach, it sends her flying into the classroom wall. Wood gets up behind Katana and grabs a statue beside him, he charges and she ducks, not looking back. She trips him, the statue flies from his hand and hits one of the girls in the forehead, cutting her and knocking her to the ground. Scarlet moves to Dawn. Katana holing the slayers and Wood off of her.

      Scarlet: Little one fall to the ground.

      The noise of rushing wind can be heard as Dawn falls to the ground. She tries to get up, grabbing and hitting her legs.

      Scarlet: See this stone little one?

      She holds it in front of Dawn. Dawn looks at it in fear.

      Scarlet this is part of what made you.

      A slayer with her throat slashed slams into the wall, Scarlet ducks as she flies over her.

      Scarlet: I paid a visit to an old friend and got this nifty gift just for you.

      Dawn: Wha- what are you going to do to me?

      Scarlet laughs.

      Scarlet: Well I'd like to kill you? but then you wouldn't suffer! Oh no? this stone will make you like one of her minions. Insane.

      Katana does a black flip kick with her sword out to her side, she slashes a slayers head off and kicks Wood in the forehead. Wood, Faith and the last remaining girl are all that's left. Katana smiles, she jumps up towards Faith, elbows her in the nose, kicks Wood in the gut and the grabs the last remaining slayer. She laughs as she takes her sword and stabs it into her, she tosses the body aside, nearly hitting Scarlet, the body lands on the floor. Scarlet stops talking to Dawn to yell.

      Scarlet: Will you be more careful? I'm trying to get through some exposition here!

      Katana nods, she kicks Wood in the face again.

      Scarlet keeps advancing on Dawn, who's beside the dead slayer.

      Scarlet: So, you see? I'm going to make you see things? many things. You'll see it all. Just not these things.

      Dawn grabs a stake from the dead slayers boot and jams it into Scarlet's leg. Scarlet yells and then grabs the stake, Dawn moves back a few inches.

      Scarlet: I was going to tell you the greater parts of my plan! But it seems that it doesn't matter to you anyways.

      She closes her eyes and holds out the purple stone. The stone floats out of her hand and toward Dawn, Dawn screams.

      Dawn: Faith! No!

      Faith looks over to Scarlet, Wood blocks Katana's sword from hitting Faith in the back, he punches her in the nose as she tries to get her blade away from him. Dawn screams as the stone goes right in front of her forehead, a small beam of light emits from it and hits Dawn's head.

      Cut to: Buffy, Xander and Giles sitting in an office. They hear the screams of Dawn. Buffy stands up.

      Buffy: Dawn?

      Buffy runs for the door, kicking it down as she runs into the halls.

      Cut to: Dawn's screaming dying out. The purple stone turns black and the light stops emitting from it. Scarlet smiles, Dawn is now unconscious. Scarlet turns around, Katana kicks Faith right next to Dawn. She doesn't get up.

      Scarlet: We're done!

      Katana sheaths her sword and kicks the upcoming Wood again.

      Katana: I had fun.

      Katana smiles. Scarlet laughs as they both vanish. Wood runs over and helps Faith up. They look at Dawn, who doesn't move. Buffy rushes in the room. Xander and Giles follow. Buffy's jaw drops.

      Close up on the three dead slayers and the unconscious Dawn. Dawn's eyes open.

      Buffy: Dawn!

      Buffy rushes past Faith and too Dawn.

      Buffy: What happened here?

      Faith and Wood look at each other.

      Wood: We were here talking to Dawn and then we got attacked by some demons?

      Giles: And where are they?

      Faith: I? I don't know.

      Xander: Well come on Faith, they couldn't just vanish, could they.

      Dawn breathes heavily, Buffy looks over her.

      Buffy: Dawn? Dawn? What happened.

      Dawn looks at Faith and screams, she points at her.

      Buffy closes her eyes, she hears the voice of Dawn in her head.

      Dawn(Off Screen screaming): Faith! No!

      Buffy opens her eyes and stands up.

      Buffy: Faith? Robin? you? you.. did this to her!

      Faith and Wood look at each other.

      Buffy: I'm going to kill you!

      Faith and Wood run to the window and jump out, Buffy follows, Giles and Xander look at each other and follow.

      Cut to: Faith, sitting in her seat in the train, looking out the window at the scenery around her.

      Faith(Voice Over): So that's the catalyst that lead to this event.

      The train enters a tunnel, whistle blowing.

      Faith(Voice Over): Wood and I ran until there was no end. We made it to the airport and got on, buying minimal luggage when we got to Toronto Canada. We set out our plans and decided to settle in a small city near Vancouver called Burnaby; with hopes of a brighter future. We called Willow? Giles and her can't convince Buffy into thinking it wasn't us? apparently Dawn is now in a mental institution.

      The train exits the tunnel, the fields that were beside the train before are now high mountain peaks.

      Faith(Voice Over): Scarlet and Katana, the bitches that attacked us, are our next targets? we hope. We need them alive to prove our innocence... at least till Willow can get us free. She plans on meeting us there eventually. Regardless, we ride? we ride to our hope. To a town they'll never think to look, we ride.

      Faith cracks a small smile.

      Faith(Voice Over): I hope there are asses to kick in this small town we're going to! I have some? problems I need to work out.

      Cut to: Scarlet and Katana in D'Hoffryn's lair. D'Hoffryn smiles.

      D'Hoffryn: Good, you have done well. She is now blind to all else other than her emotion. She is lost and reckless. We will continue to fight the evil fight; to make The Council's life much harder.

      Scarlet and Katana smile.

      D'Hoffryn: Now? I have a task for you in a small town called? Burnaby.

      D'Hoffryn smiles.

      Cut to: The Sacred Circle. Carmen pulls out a bunch of books from a box and places them on a bookshelf to her right, beside the door. She smiles back to Leora, sitting at the table with Astro on her shoulder. Carmen flips a sign around on the door.

      Carmen: The Sacred Circle? officially re-open for business!

      Leora looks at her watch.

      Leora: At 11 at night in a Thursday?

      Carmen blushes and sits down next to Leora.

      Carmen: Why not. I don't intend on sleeping.

      She places the box down and pulls out a bottle of champagne and pops open the lid. She begins to chug it. Leora looks at her, Carmen puts the bottle down and burps.

      Leora: Charming. I'm sure mister right will love your obnoxious behaviour.

      Carmen: Oh shut up! I had a hard day, let me drown out my back ache with my best friend here the hangover causer.

      Leora raiser her eyebrow.

      Leora: We still have to go patrolling.

      Carmen sighs.

      Carmen: You sound like a slayer when you say patrolling.

      Leora laughs.

      Leora: Think how lucky we'd be with a slayer around. I think we'd both take less a physical beating.

      Carmen: Yeah? and look like little woosies while we're at it. Just perfect.

      Leora rolls her eyes.

      Carmen: Hey! I know what'd be better! You working on your magic.

      Leora goes quiet and looks at Astro.

      Leora: You know I only like using it in emergency.

      Carmen: Which is half the reason my head throbs every morning.

      Leora sighs and gets up.

      Leora: Let's go.

      Carmen smiles, puts the bottle down and grabs a weapon.

      Carmen: First day with a new fully operation base!

      Leora:?Yeah? a base for two people!

      Carmen: I call commander!

      Leora: No fair!

      Leora and Carmen leave The Sacred Circle.

      As they reach the street Carmen snaps her fingers, turns around, opens the door and flips the "Open" sign, she exits again and locks up with her key.

      End Episode.