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    GILES and XANDER are looking through some books on a table, XANDER'S head is resting on the palm of his hand looking very bored.

    XANDER: Gaah, this is so boring. Why are you making me do this Giles?

    GILES looks up from his book.

    GILES: I didn't. I was in here doing research and you came in and asked if you could help.

    XANDER: And you let me?

    GILES rolls his eyes at him.

    GILES: You can go if you want.

    XANDER: Nah, I don't have anything else to do.

    GILES: Then stop this intolerant whining and get some work done.

    XANDER straightens up and snaps his book shut.

    XANDER: I don't really see the point in all of this, I mean we've found out everything we can about these demon's, what is more research going to do?

    GILES: I'm not looking up information about the demon, but about the symbol that was on it that started to glow before it caused the demon to explode.

    XANDER: What? Why didn't you tell me that? I thought we were looking up the demon.

    He gets up and walks over to a stack and grabs a book.

    XANDER: You know, this place kind of reminds me of the library at Sunnydale High. Only, you know without blackened and charcoaled walls, and a bunch more space and books.

    GILES: Hm. I've never seemed to notice.

    XANDER: Probably because you rarely leave your office.

    GILES: I have lots important work to get through Xander, I don't have that much time.

    XANDER: You can always ask for some help. You have [how many Watchers in this place?

    GILES: I can handle it without them.

    XANDER: Giles, you need a break, like a trip to Cancun type break.

    GILES: It's not that simple Xander, things must get done.

    XANDER: Then get someone to help you! You were never scared to ask for help with research before.

    GILES: This is more than some research.

    XANDER: They why not let the load off some?

    GILES begins to raise his voice

    GILES: Because there are some things I cannot share with just anyone! I don't know who I am able to trust anymore!

    XANDER: What do you mean you don't know who you can trust?

    GILES' voice goes back down.

    GILES: For some time now, I have suspected that there is someone here who is leaking out information to enemy sources.

    XANDER: So, we have a mole?

    GILES: To put it bluntly, yes.

    XANDER: Then at least let me or Faith help you.

    GILES: I can't do that Xander.

    XANDER: What? You can't trust us now?

    GILES: I don't want you to get hurt.

    XANDER: Um, I know this may shock you Giles, but we live in a world with vampires and our line of work doesn't exactly steer us away from them.

    GILES: That's not what I meant.

    XANDER: Then please, enlighten me as to how we could get hurt from knowing things.

    GILES: There are people who that if they knew that you knew things would go to lengths to get it from you.

    XANDER: Not like I haven't ever known a secret before. Remember Dawn and Glory?

    GILES: This is different, we knew who was after the Key, and we don't know who is after this information.

    XANDER: Giles, I'm a big boy, I think I should choose what I know and don't know.

    GILES: I don't want to feel responsible for this Xander.

    FAITH O/S: What's all the commotion kids?

    GILES and XANDER turn to see FAITH walking in from the entrance.

    GILES: Hello Faith.

    FAITH: Hey. So what's goin on?

    XANDER: Oh your just in time for Giles to treat you like a child.

    FAITH: What?

    XANDER: He won't let us help him because he thinks that if people knew we knew things they would hurt us.

    GILES: I am just looking out for the safety of everyone.

    FAITH: Hey, if Oxford wants to ease us on the responsibility then I'm cool with that

    XANDER: But ?

    FAITH: Hey, cut him some slack, if he wants to do this on his own then let him.

    XANDER: Fine.

    FAITH turns to GILES.

    FAITH: I actually have something I wanna run by you.

    GILES: Yes?

    FAITH: I kinda need to leave. Like to the states kind of leave.

    GILES: Where to?

    FAITH: Boston.

    GILES: To your old home?

    FAITH: Gotta reap some oats. Er, whatever that saying is.

    GILES: You mean ?

    FAITH: I don't need to know.

    XANDER: Hey, need some company?

    FAITH: I think I'm good.

    XANDER: C'mon, it'll be fun. Plus I don't have anything else to do.

    FAITH: Fine, but you better not be one of those annoying road trip people.

    XANDER: But I love the license plate game.

    FAITH stares at him.

    XANDER: Kidding.

    She turns back to GILES.

    FAITH: So, will it be okay?

    GILES: I believe we can manage without you for a little while. I'll just have Kennedy take over some of your classes.

    FAITH: Cool. Thanks.

    GILES: Mmhm.

    FAITH: Oh, and can you do me a favor while I'm gone?

    GILES: Yes?

    FAITH: Try and stay out of danger.

    XANDER: I really don't think that will be a danger for him.

    CUT TO:


    A MAN is sitting at the bar with a pint in front of him, it is almost gone; the BARTENDER walks over to him.

    BARTENDER: Fill you up?

    MAN: Please.

    BARTENDER: I haven't seen you around here, you new to the town?

    MAN: Yes, I'm just stopping through.

    BARTENDER: You have any friends here?

    The MAN turns around and reveals himself to be ETHAN RAYNE.

    ETHAN: I don't know if you'd call us friends, but there is someone I know, an old acquaintance.



    -Theme Song-
    by Jem

    ELIZA DUSHKU...............................FAITH
    AMY ACKER.................................ILLYRIA
    TINA MAJORINO..................PETRA TAYLIN
    CALLUM BLUE..................THOMAS GREGOR

    Guest Starring:


    Created by:
    Joseph Sessumes
    And Alexander Brown

    Written by:
    Joseph Sessumes

    Edited by:
    Alexander Brown

    A Sacred Circle Production.

    Based on:
    Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel (c) Joss Whedon, 20th Century Fox and Mutant Enemy
    And Raven and Sorceress of Crimson Falls (c) Alexander Brown, Travis Truant-Simpson, Sacred Circle Productions and Digilee Int. No money is being made off this project.
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    ACT I:


    GREGOR is standing in line at the coffee cart inside the Lobby waiting to get something when PETRA comes up behind him.

    PETRA: Hey.

    GREGOR: Ah, Petra, good evening.

    PETRA: I haven't seen you since the fight.

    GREGOR: I've been quite busy.

    PETRA: More like quite avoidy.

    GREGOR: I haven't been avoiding anything.

    PETRA: Really? So when you saw me coming down the hall you didn't quickly turn around and go down the stairwell?

    GREGOR: I remembered something that I had to get done.

    PETRA: Yeah, and Illyria is gonna win Miss Congeniality this year.

    GREGOR steps out of the line and ushers PETRA over to an empty couch.

    GREGOR: Alright I have been a bit ? avoidy.

    PETRA: Gasp, he confesses.

    GREGOR: But the reason I have been is because I ? I've been ?

    GREGOR stops and pauses.

    PETRA: What? What is it?

    GREGOR: You saw me in a way I don't like people to see me.

    PETRA: Doing magick?

    GREGOR: Transforming like I did.

    PETRA: What are you talking about? That was amazing!

    GREGOR: It wasn't amazing, it's a curse.

    PETRA: A curse?

    GREGOR: It's not a curse per se, but it isn't something that is good.

    PETRA: How is it something bad? You saved my life out there.

    GREGOR: Going that far into the magicks can change me, and every time I do it, it brings me closer to a point that I don't know if I can return from.

    PETRA: Why does it do that? Why would magick do that to you?

    GREGOR: I always had a knack for magicks, but they've been shrouded in chaos magick.

    PETRA: What does that mean?

    GREGOR: Chaos magick is one of the most unstable types of magick out there.

    PETRA: So unstable equals bad, and what you did was unstable, so what you did equals badness.

    GREGOR: Um, I believe that's right.

    PETRA: So, you can't use any other kind of magick? I mean I don't do chaos, so why can't you use regular magick?

    GREGOR: Because I anything I do is infused with Chaos, it flows through my blood, which is why I don't like to do any type of heavy magick.

    PETRA: I see.

    GREGOR: So that's why I have been avoiding you lately, I'm not too proud of what I turn into.

    PETRA: But you should be, whether or not you like what you did, you saved my life. You're my hero.

    GREGOR smirks.

    GREGOR: That is probably the only good thing that came of all this.

    PETRA: Anyway, I just wanted to tell you thanks, and that you were amazing, but you were trying to be the invisible man and I never got a chance to say anything.

    GREGOR: Well, you're welcome.

    The two are silent for, and we can hear a MAN in the background talking to the RECEPTIONIST.

    MAN: Where can I find Rupert Giles?

    RECEPTIONIST: Is he expecting you?

    MAN: More or less.

    RECEPTIONIST: He's on the second floor, instructing a class.

    MAN: Thank you Ms.

    CUT TO:


    GILES has his back to the door, and he is making some adjustments to the overhead projector, footsteps are heard approaching the door. GILES speaks, but doesn't turn around.

    GILES: Class isn't for another ten minutes, please come back then.

    The MAN O/S uses a fake girl's voice.

    MAN O/S: But Mr. Giles, I was hoping to get some extra credit.

    GILES: You know I don't ?

    GILES turns around and sees that the MAN is ETHAN RAYNE.

    GILES: Ethan.

    ETHAN: Hello Ripper. How ?

    GILES has an extreme seriousness about him.

    GILES: Why are you here?

    ETHAN: What? No friendly exchanges?

    GILES: Friendly exchanges are given among friends; you and I are far from friends.

    ETHAN: Don't say that, you'll hurt my feelings.

    GILES becomes sterner.

    GILES: What are you doing here?

    ETHAN: Always with the business. I'm just here to visit you Rupert, after all, we did leave on bad terms the last time we saw each other.

    GILES: If memory serves me, the last time we saw each other, you had turned me into a demon, and tried to have my slayer kill me.

    ETHAN: Oh, can't you ever let things go? Do you always have to hold a grudge? I did do my time after all, those Yankee Military had me captive.

    GILES: What? You're a changed man now?

    ETHAN: I wouldn't say that exactly, but I'm no longer a baddie.

    GILES: Right. So the stint in Vancouver was a good thing?

    ETHAN: That, well, I was just seeing how strong willed my son was you see.

    GILES: You haven't changed at all Ethan.

    ETHAN: Think what you will, Rupert, but I have changed.

    GILES: For the worse most likely.

    ETHAN: No, for the better.

    GILES: How? How have you changed?

    ETHAN: Well first off, I've stopped worshipping the Chaos Gods.

    GILES sits on the edge of the desk.

    GILES: What, did they get bored of you?

    ETHAN: No, actually they were becoming pretty crazy, talking about pulling away from this realm.

    GILES: What?

    ETHAN: I don't know, I just didn't want to deal with it, so I severed my ties with them.

    GILES: Just because you don't worship Chaos that doesn't make you a better person.

    ETHAN: Ah, but it's a step in the right direction, right?

    GILES: If you think that I'm going to welcome you here under any circumstances, you are sadly mistaken.

    ETHAN: I didn't expect you to welcome me with open arms Rupert; I was just hoping you wouldn't throw me out on my arse.

    GILES: Trust me, I'm tempted.

    ETHAN: C'mon, don't you wanna show me around?

    GILES lets out a sigh.

    GILES: Fine.

    CUT TO:


    XANDER: Did I mention to you how much I really don't like flying?

    FAITH: Only about twenty times on the plane. Probably didn't help that you brought your portable DVD player with ?Snakes on a Plane'. I mean, what the hell did you think it was gonna be about?

    XANDER: Well I didn't think it was going to freak me out like that.

    FAITH: Well Xander I didn't make you come, you came on your own, you insisted on it actually. What? Did you think we were gonna come here by boat?

    XANDER: Then I definitely wouldn't have come.

    FAITH looks at him questioningly.

    XANDER: Sharks. Don't like them.

    FAITH: Either way, I didn't drag your ass along, so stop bitchin at me. ?Kay?

    XANDER: So are we renting a car or what?

    FAITH: Why rent when we can take public transit?

    XANDER: Really?

    FAITH: Nah, I already have something waitin' for us.

    XANDER smiles with a bit of comfort.

    XANDER: Anything else you got planned?

    FAITH: I figured since you decided to tag along I could give you a play by play of the town.

    XANDER: Sounds fun. Hey, what kind of car did you get?

    FAITH: Who said it was a car?

    XANDER looks nervous.

    XANDER: What does that mean?

    FAITH laughs at him and begins to walk faster, ahead of him.

    FAITH: You'll see.

    XANDER: Faith. Wait. What do you mean it's not a car.

    He gulps.

    XANDER: I get car sick enough as it is, I don't need anything else.

    CUT TO:


    Two people are driving on a motorcycle; they stop at a very busy pedestrian street and park. The person on the back of the motorcycle extremely quickly, and removes their helmet to reveal XANDER.

    XANDER: Do you have to drive that insanely?

    FAITH: Calm down, it was only one wheelie.

    XANDER: That you weren't at the back end of the motorcycle for!

    FAITH: Dude, you really need to relax, this stress won't help you any.

    XANDER: I would be more relaxed in a Honda.

    FAITH: I told you before Xander, I didn't make you come along on this trip, so you gotta learn to deal.

    XANDER just grumbles at her.

    XANDER: So, why did you stop here? Not that I'm not enjoying my total having of my life.

    FAITH: Maybe ?cause the total lack of space to drive.

    She points to the very busy street, cars backed up and pedestrians walking everywhere.

    FAITH: Don't know bout you, but I can't drive through that.

    XANDER: So, what is this place?

    FAITH: It's Newbury Street, there's always a crap load of people here because of the massive amount of stores.

    XANDER: Homey.

    FAITH: Not really.

    They place their helmets in the motorcycles storage bin and begin to walk down the side walk.

    XANDER: You visit this place a lot when you lived here?

    FAITH: Not really, it wasn't really my scene.

    XANDER: Too cool to shop?

    FAITH: Never too cool for that. They are just more preppy stores, not my style.

    XANDER: Biker Chick apparel not in this district?

    FAITH playfully punches XANDER in the arm.

    XANDER: Ouch!

    FAITH: Funny Xander.

    XANDER: Just sayin'.

    FAITH: And I was just expressin'.

    XANDER: So why are we goin through here if there isn't anything you like? Why don't we go another way?

    FAITH: Hey, things change after almost eight years. Maybe they've gotten cool.

    XANDER: I think you are just having a bunch of warm nostalgic feelings.

    FAITH: Yeah, no feelings from hear are gonna be warm.

    XANDER: Aw, there has to be something that you like.

    A BLONDE WOMAN walks out of the store in front of them, she is holding a bag from the store, as she comes out she sees FAITH and stops, FAITH stops also, both with a look of shock on their face.

    FAITH: Well, there are some things.

    She gets a huge grin on her face.

    BLONDE WOMAN: Hey Faith.

    FAITH: Amy, hey.

    CUT TO:


    GILES and ETHAN enter into the library, there aren't too many people inside there, just a couple of tables have people at them.

    ETHAN: Hmm, not as big as the Council's old library, but not too shabby.

    GILES: You weren't even a Watcher Ethan.

    ETHAN: And that means that I can't know what the library looked like?

    GILES: We have a very impressive collection here, I'll have you know.

    ETHAN: I didn't mean to doubt your Library Rupert, just saying I expected bigger.

    GILES: Well, size isn't everything.

    ETHAN starts to say something but GILES stops him.

    GILES: Please, don't say what I know you are about to.

    ETHAN: You're no fun.

    GILES: And you're crass.

    ETHAN: Having a fun time is not crass, you should try having some.

    GILES: I am very tired of hearing that.

    GREGOR enters the Library and walks over to GILES and ETHAN.

    GREGOR: Ah, Rupert, I've been looking for you.

    GILES: Hello Thomas.

    ETHAN: It seems that everyone around here is always looking for you Ripper.

    GREGOR looks over at GILES questioningly.

    GREGOR: Ripper?

    GILES: Never mind him.

    GREGOR looks at ETHAN.

    GREGOR: I don't think I've met you before.

    GILES: Oh, sorry, this is Ethan Rayne an old ? Acquaintance of mine.

    GREGOR extends his hand.

    GREGOR: Ah, nice to meet you. I'm Thomas Gregor.

    ETHAN: Gregor? Is that your father's last name?

    GREGOR: My step fathers actually, he raised me and I took on his surname.

    ETHAN: Ronald? Ronald Gregor?

    GREGOR: Yes ? Actually. How did you know?

    ETHAN'S face has a stern look to it.

    ETHAN: I knew him.

    GREGOR: You were a friend of my fathers?

    ETHAN: Of a sort.

    GILES becomes intrigued.

    GILES: You knew Ronald?

    ETHAN: Our paths crossed more than a few times.

    GREGOR: How intriguing that you both knew him.

    ETHAN: Yes, quite.

    There is a pause.

    ETHAN: Well Rupert was jut showing me around the place and I think I've seen enough of the Library already.

    GILES: Oh right. I think we should go and see some other parts of the Academy. But there was something you needed Thomas?

    GREGOR: I was going to see whether or not you were up for some research on our current situation, but I see you're busy, so it can wait. I'll just do some looking around myself.

    GILES: I have some notes about what I have been looking up on top of my desk in my office if you would like to go from those.

    GREGOR: That will actually be really helpful.

    ETHAN: Right, so we should get going.

    GILES: I will come back and see how you are coming along in a little while Thomas.

    GREGOR: Alright.

    He turns to ETHAN.

    GREGOR: It was a pleasure meeting you.

    ETHAN: Yes. Same here.

    ETHAN and GILES exit through the Library doors.

    GREGOR: Strange bloke.

    CUT TO:


    PETRA is sitting in a classroom listening to her teacher; the room looks more dominant with girls. She is playing with her pencil at her desk, tapping it on the desk.

    TEACHER: So, be prepared for the midterm class as this will account for over twenty percent of your overall grade this semester.

    The bell rings.

    TEACHER: Alright, I will see you all next week, remember this midterm will make or break your grade.

    The students all get up and leave the class, PETRA slings her bag over her shoulder and begins to walk out of the room when TIFFANY walks up behind her.

    TIFFANY: Hey Petra.

    PETRA turns around and sees her.

    PETRA: Oh, hey Tiffany. What's up?

    TIFFANY: Well I was wondering if you wanted to study for the midterm together.

    PETRA: Um, sure. I mean we do room next to each other so, yeah that'd be great.

    They begin to walk down the hallway.

    TIFFANY: Great, I am so freaked out about it, I am so crappy when it comes to History.

    PETRA: Not a fun subject.

    TIFFANY: I mean why do we even need it? It's old, it's happened. I don't really care about what some old fat guy did in China over two hundred years ago.

    PETRA: Well they say that the only way to make it so history doesn't repeat itself is to study it.

    TIFFANY: Whatever. I just know that it is like the bane of my High School existence.

    There is a group of girls standing at the end of the hallway next to the door, with just a couple boys in the mix.

    PETRA: You know what I love about this school?

    TIFFANY: That it actually has good school colors?

    PETRA: No?well, yeah, but also how it is dominated by girls.

    TIFFANY: Well yeah, most of the slayers do go here.

    PETRA: My last school before this one had so many boys it was so annoying.

    TIFFANY: Well at least you had a choice of guys, I mean here it's like any guy that's available is either ugly or has already dated one of your friends.

    PETRA: Yeah, I guess that's a con.

    TIFFANY: Though I think I really like Xander.

    PETRA: Xander? As in the guy with the two colored eyes?

    TIFFANY: Yeah, why? Don't like him?

    PETRA: There's just something that irks me about him.

    TIFFANY: Is it because he took your private time between you and Mr. Gregor away?

    PETRA: What?! No.

    TIFFANY: Puh-lease. You ranted about it for like an hour the other day. It's obvious that you have the hots for him.

    PETRA: Oh my God, please say it isn't!

    TIFFANY: Trust me I think Mr. Gregor is totally oblivious to it.

    PETRA sighs in relief. They go outside the doors of the hallway and go into the QUAD.

    PETRA: I don't know what it is, but he always makes me feel so good.

    TIFFANY: Not to mention he saved your life.

    PETRA: Yes, that too.

    GIRL O/S: Petra! Tif! Wait up!

    PETRA and TIFFANY turn around to see a girl running at them.

    TIFFANY: Hey Alexis.

    PETRA: What's up?

    ALEXIS: I think I saw something.

    PETRA: Care to expand on that? Maybe throw in some nouns? Perhaps some pronouns if we're really lucky.

    ALEXIS: Something in the form of a demon.

    TIFFANY: What?! Where?

    ALEXIS: Behind here at that park.

    TIFFANY: Was it attacking anyone?

    ALEXIS: I just saw it coming through the park, and I had to find some backup, hence you guys.

    PETRA: Do you know what kind of demon it is?

    ALEXIS: No.

    PETRA: Then what did it look like?

    TIFFANY'S eyes widen and look upwards and points at something behind PETRA.

    TIFFANY: Maybe something like that?

    PETRA turns around and walking towards her is a CHAOS DEMON, she gets a look of fright on her face.

    PETRA: Frak.


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      ACT II:

      INT. DINER

      AMY, FAITH, and XANDER are sitting at a booth inside a little Diner with drinks in front of them, FAITH and XANDER are sitting on one side and AMY on the other.

      AMY: I never thought you would come back here.

      FAITH: I was on the page with you. Wasn't till the other day that I even thought of comin' back home.

      AMY: Well I'm glad you did. I've been thinking about you for the last while.

      FAITH: Yeah?

      AMY: Yeah, there's been some freaky stuff goin' on around town.

      FAITH: Freaky stuff made you think about me?

      AMY: Well we didn't really part on normal terms.

      FAITH: Ah, the cheerleader across the cafeteria, I gotcha.

      XANDER: Cheerleader doing what?

      AMY: The last day Faith was at school she knocked this cheerleading bimbo across the cafeteria. It was amazing.

      She turns to FAITH with an evil grin on her face.

      AMY: You were the talk of the school for the rest of my High School career.

      FAITH: Of course after I left people started to like me.

      AMY: Never said it was good talk.

      FAITH: Eh, at least things didn't change that much.

      XANDER: I am learning much.

      AMY: What? Faith doesn't chat you all up with talk of her past.

      XANDER begins to laugh.

      XANDER: Yeah?No.

      FAITH elbows XANDER in the side and his laughing is replaced with coughing as he clutches his side.

      AMY: Ashamed of us Faith?

      FAITH: The past just isn't my thing. I prefer it repressed.

      AMY: How loved I feel.

      FAITH: Amy?

      AMY: No, if I went through what you had I more than likely would repress it as too.

      FAITH: Pretty much.

      XANDER: Repression is fun.

      AMY: Yeah.

      There is silence; their eyes begin to wander but never really meeting each others. After a moment of this FAITH sits up and looks at AMY.

      FAITH: Hey, what did you mean when you said there was some freaky stuff goin' on around town?

      AMY: Oh, just that there is this really weird church that moved in like two weeks ago.

      FAITH: You're gonna have to be less vague because what kinda church isn't a bit weird?

      AMY: Well it's not really a church but more of a cult.

      XANDER: Like ?Drinking the Kool-Aide' type cult?

      AMY laughs at XANDER.

      AMY: Nice reference.

      XANDER: Thanks, I've been itching to do one all week.

      FATH: The hell you guys talkin' about?

      XANDER: Nothin'.

      FAITH: Whatever. What's up with this cult? Why do ya think it's somethin' more?

      AMY: First off the leader is like a total weirdo, but people are following him anyway, and ever since they rolled into town people have been acting really weird.

      FAITH: Weird how?

      AMY: Like they don't have any thoughts of their own.

      FAITH: So they just go around saying things this guy does?

      AMY: Not really, more like their brains are fried. Not total zombie styled brainless, but just above that.

      XANDER: You think the Godhead guy is draining there minds?

      AMY: Or something damn near close.

      CUT TO:


      ILLYRIA is alone in the room examining some of the crystals that lay on a shelf on the wall. She picks one up and holds it up in the palm of her hand, it begins to glow a bright blue. She blinks and the light quickly goes away, this intrigues her and once again she blinks her eyes but nothing happens. ILLYRIA begins to concentrate on it and the more she does so the light begins to come back. The door is heard opening but either ILLYRIA did not hear it or she is paying no attention to it. Once again she blinks and the light in the crystal fades away.

      GILES O/S: I see you have been practicing.

      ILLYRIA acknowledges him but does not turn around.

      ILLYRIA: I have.

      She turns around and sees GILES standing there with ETHAN.

      ILLYRIA: There is another. I do not recognize this one.

      GILES: Ah yes, Illyria this is an old acquaintance of mine, Ethan Rayne.

      ILLYRIA: He radiates chaos. You would bring a lesser being of chaos here?

      ETHAN: Actually I am reformed.

      ILLYRIA: It lingers on you like foul odor.

      ETHAN: She's quite the catch Rupert. What kind of demon?

      GILES: She is actually an Old One.

      ETHAN: As in one of the original demons?

      GILES: Yes, her essence possessed a woman and this is pretty much the end result.

      ILLYRIA: These power fluctuations are happening more and more now, I need them to stop.

      GILES: Her powers were drained a while ago and now she is getting power fluctuations that she cannot control.

      ETHAN: Sounds like quite the predicament.

      ILLYRIA ignores ETHAN completely.

      ILLYRIA: I am going to find a place here that can help me with these surges.

      GILES: Did you look through the yellow pages for someone?

      ILLYRIA: A Watcher told me of a place in town that would be able to possibly fix this...this?

      ETHAN: Problem?

      ILLYRIA: Virus.

      ETHAN: Alright. How about we tour another part of this place? I have the feeling that I'm not too welcome here.

      ILLYRIA: You are not too far off the mark.

      ETHAN: Right.

      ETHAN exits out the door. GILES turns to ILLYRIA.

      GILES: Do be careful alright? Use your disguise please.

      ILLYRIA: I will not draw attention to myself.

      GILES: Thank you.

      CUT TO:


      The CHAOS DEMON is coming at PETRA and the other girls fast.

      PETRA: We have to get it away from the school.

      ALEXIS: How?

      PETRA: What do you mean how? Try and get it to the park or something, we can't risk exposure.

      The CHAOS DEMON is now only feet away from the girls; PETRA takes the initiative and lunges at him full force. She takes her backpack and uses it as a weapon by swinging it across his face, it does no real damage but only pisses it off.

      TIFFANY: I don't think that's helping Petra, you're only making it madder.

      PETRA: That's the plan.

      PETRA ducks a blow from the CHAOS DEMON.

      TIFFANY: What do you plan on doing after you've got it mega pissed?

      PETRA backs away from the demon.

      PETRA: Well if I could get some help, I'm trying to get it to follow me to the park.

      ALEXIS and TIFFANY finally catch on and go up to PETRA.

      ALEXIS: So do like a first grade teasing tag?

      PETRA: Sounds good enough.

      ALEXIS runs around to the back of the CHAOS DEMON and kicks him, it quickly turns around and goes to backhand her but TIFFANY catches it's arm and hold on, ALEXIS then starts punching it in the stomach when the CHAOS DEMON shakes free of TIFFANY and swats her down. PETRA then quickly pulls a stake out of her backpack and shoves it into the DEMON'S back, it howls in pain and whips around only to see PETRA grinning at him from ear to ear.

      PETRA: Oops, did that stake go into your back?

      CHAOS DEMON: I am not a vampire foolish child!

      PETRA: Which is why I didn't go after your heart you dumb ass.

      CHAOS DEMON: Watch your tongue!

      Before she can say anything or even react he has her by the throat and up in the air, the other two girls are trying to get her down but his grip is too true.

      CHAOS DEMON: Your power is mine, and my power is hers.

      PETRA tries to scream but she can't, his eyes and amulet begin to glow when all of a sudden he is knocked back across concrete, PETRA falls to the ground. The CHAOS DEMON slowly gets up and looks at PETRA with anger.

      CHAOS DEMON: It's you!

      PETRA: Uhm, kinda.

      The CHAOS DEMON continues to stare her down.

      CHAOS DEMON: You have not seen the last of us slayer!

      With that the CHAOS DEMON quickly takes off.

      ALEXIS: Do we go after it?

      PETRA: No, I think that we should go tell Mr. Giles, this is something he would want to hear about.

      TIFFANY: Are you sure you don't wanna tell Mr. Gregor instead?

      PETRA: Shut up Tiff.

      TIFFANY: Why did he go flying back anyway? Did you use some sort of magic?

      PETRA: No, that's the weird thing; I have no idea why he went flying back.

      ALEXIS: Weird.

      The three of them go walking off of school grounds.

      CUT TO:


      It is nighttime and AMY, FAITH, and XANDER are walking in a parking lot, but it doesn't show exactly where they are.

      FAITH: This is pretty bad, even for me.

      XANDER: Oh like you've never done this before.

      FAITH: Sure I've done stuff like this, but it never involved a this for sure.

      AMY: Well there's a first time for everything right?

      FAITH: Well it's not like wasn't going to hell before was it?

      XANDER: I don't think it's really a sin.

      Pan around to see that the group is walking through the parking lot of the CHURCH.

      FAITH: No, I'm sure breaking and entering into a church is just what God wants us to do.

      XANDER: Doesn't count if it's not really a church though.

      AMY: He does have a point.

      FAITH: I guess, I don't really see why this is so weird for me though.

      XANDER: Maybe because your list of stuff you haven't done yet is getting a little short.

      FAITH: Maybe.

      They are all now at the Church entrance.

      AMY: So how are we gonna do this?

      FAITH: Um, we sneak in.

      AMY: Well duh, but how?

      FAITH: By being very stealthy.

      AMY: Faith?

      FAITH: Sorry, this whole thing is just givin' me bad vibes.

      XANDER: I say we look for a window that isn't stained glassed.

      AMY: See, he's a man with a plan.

      FAITH just rolls her eyes and XANDER gets a smug grin on his face.

      CUT TO:


      The group is standing at the side of the church where they have found a regular window. XANDER is looking around to make sure no one is watching them while FAITH and AMY are trying to open the window without having to smash it in.

      XANDER: Can you guys hurry this along?

      FAITH: Hey, but unless you know how to quickly open a window without smashing it to pieces then shut up!

      AMY: Yeah it's not as easy as it looks.

      FAITH: Wait a minute.

      FAITH pulls a switch blade out of her pocket.

      FAITH: This should do the trick.

      XANDER: You couldn't have pulled that out sooner?

      FAITH: Did you just not hear me telling you to shut up or did you want to have something shoved in your mouth.

      XANDER huffs and goes back to watching out. FAITH takes the knife and jams it into the window latch and then jerks it to the right causing the window latch to unlock.

      FAITH: Told ya I've got skills.

      AMY: Alright let's go.

      The three of them each take turns going through the window, entering the church.


      When they get into the office there is a desk placed next to the window with filing cabinets on the opposite side to where the window is. There is a bookshelf on the far side of the room with miscellaneous religious books neatly in a row.

      AMY: Looks like we broke into the head guy's office.

      XANDER: Looks like a normal preachers office to me.

      FAITH: 'Cause you've been in so many?

      XANDER: Hey I've seen what they look like in the shows.

      FAITH: Alright, lets check out the rest of this place.

      They go through the door and end up in the main Church area. There are pews that line up all faced towards the front stage where the Preach or Minister or whoever is the leader preaches. There are stained glass windows lined along the walls, the moonlight does not cast a colorful reflection into the church though.

      XANDER: Again, I say it looks like just a run of the mill Church.

      AMY: I guess, but that doesn't mean they can't be up to something.

      FAITH: Girls got a point. Let's just do some more looking alright?

      XANDER: I thought you were all weirded out by this.

      FAITH: Yeah but now that we actually did the deed we better make damn sure that it wasn't for nothin'.

      AMY: I look and see what's in that other door.

      AMY goes away from the other two and begins to go to another door. FAITH and XANDER both go up towards the front stage area.

      XANDER: So we just look for a certificate that says ?We are authorized to be a cult disguised as a church' or what?

      FAITH goes over to the podium and looks at the surface of it when she sees a weird symbol carved into it.

      FAITH: Or what.

      XANDER starts to make his way over to her.

      XANDER: Huh?

      The front doors to the Church suddenly burst open and standing at the entrance is a COP.

      COP: Hold it right there!

      FAITH and XANDER look over at the COP with a look of both shock and surprise on their faces.

      XANDER: Oh Jesus?


      PETRA comes rushing through the doors while TIFFANY and ALEXIS come up behind her.

      PETRA: We've gotta find Mr. Giles!

      ALEXIS: Quick, go ask the Receptionist.

      PETRA goes over to the RECEPTIONIST'S desk.

      PETRA: Can you tell me where Mr. Giles is?

      RECEPTIONIST: I believe he is showing around an old friend.

      PETRA: And you have no idea where that might be?

      RECEPTIONIST: Well you see I'm not a GPS tracker so no I ?

      PETRA turns and stops listening as she sees GREGOR walking through the doors.

      PETRA: Gregor! Er?Mr. Gregor!

      She runs over to GREGOR.

      GREGOR: What is it Petra?

      PETRA: There's been an attack up at the High School.

      GREGOR: What? When?

      PETRA: Like five minutes ago, we ran down here as fast as we could, we were looking for Mr. Giles and couldn't find him.

      GREGOR: I believe he is showing a friend around the place.

      PETRA: Yeah, that's what she said. Do you know where he was last?

      GREGOR: I believe the Classrooms.

      As he finishes his sentence GILES and ETHAN come out of the Classroom wing.

      PETRA: Mr. Giles!

      GILES looks towards where he heard his name yelled, and sees PETRA and ALEXIS running up to him.

      GILES: What is it girls?

      ALEXIS: There was an attack up at the High School about five minutes ago and we think the demon may still be up there.

      GILES: Do you know what kind of demon it was?

      PETRA: It was orange, with three horns and a strange symbol on its chest.

      GILES: Oh no.

      ALEXIS: What, what is it?

      GILES: Did you see it attack any of the girls, one that is a slayer?

      PETRA: No, it attacked us and ran.

      ALEXIS: Well not really.

      PETRA turns to ALEXIS and mutters under her breath.

      PETRA: Shut up Alexis.

      GILES: What do you mean?

      PETRA: Nothing, she's just being ?

      ALEXIS: The demon grabbed Petra and then for no reason it flew off of her and started running away.

      PETRA: An idiot.

      GILES: Did you use any magic on it Petra?

      PETRA: No sir.

      GILES: That's odd.

      He looks over at GREGOR who is talking to TIFFANY.

      GILES: Thomas can you come over hear please.

      GREGOR nods and walks over to the group.

      GREGOR: Rupert, from the sound of it, it seems like the same demon that you brought back a while ago.

      GILES: Yes, it seems to be the same demon that has been extracting the slayers of their powers and then killing them.

      GREGOR: I think these girls are very lucky that none of them were killed.

      ETHAN: Ripper, I think you guys are after a Chaos Demon of sort.

      GILES: Yes Ethan, we have already figured that out, it's just what kind that we cannot seem to pinpoint.

      ETHAN: You say it has three horns, is orange and has a strange symbol on it? What kind of symbol?

      GILES: It's circle and looks as if some thorns spiraling out of it.

      ETHAN: The symbol seems to be a sort of marking on whoever has hired them. You see the demon you describe sounds like a henchman, but not an ordinary one, one that only works for higher powers.

      GILES: How high?

      ETHAN: I'm talking big league. Like above and beyond.

      GREGOR: How do you know all of this? Are you a watcher as well?

      ETHAN: No, I just know my way around chaos.

      GREGOR looks at him more intrigued.

      TIFFANY: Sorry to brake up this nerd fest, but there is a demon still running around loose at the High School.

      GILES: Right. Thomas, Ethan, would you both accompany me to the High School to attend to the situation?

      GREGOR and ETHAN nod.

      ETHAN: What a great way to show you how much I've changed.

      GILES rolls his eyes.

      GILES: If I had a pound for every time I heard that.

      GILES and the others start walking and ETHAN is left standing there.

      ETHAN: What? It hurts me to think that you can't trust me, after all we've been through.

      GILES turns his head to look at ETHAN as he's walking.

      GILES: That's exactly why I can't trust you.

      ETHAN starts walking fast to catch up.

      ETHAN: That's an unfair use of judging. You know you weren't always the stiff upper lip man that you are now. I've got stories.

      GILES: Ethan?

      ETHAN: I could tell them things that would make their hand stand on end about you mate.

      GILES: Ethan!

      ETHAN: Fine?

      CUT TO:


      ILLYRIA is walking around the town disguised as FRED, everything looks like her except for the eyes, they are as blue as ILLYRIA'S are. She is searching for a particular place but cannot seem to find it. As she is walking down the street she stops a MAN, she speaks in FRED'S voice.

      ILLYRIA/FRED: Excuse me sir, could you tell me where the Shamans place is?

      MAN: It's down the road on the left. I'd stay clear of there though, that lady is off her rocker.

      This time ILLYRIA/FRED speaks in her own voice.

      ILLYRIA/FRED: Do not deny that of which you do not understand.

      The MAN freaks out and starts walking away rather quickly. ILLYIA/FRED smiles smugly at herself.

      CUT TO:


      ILLYRIA/FRED knocks on the door, it appears the door was already open and opens when she knocks so she walks into the house. She is back to using FRED'S voice.


      ILLYRIA/FRED: Hello? Is anyone here?

      She gets around corner and sees the SHAMAN where she is sitting on the ground throwing bones at the coffee table.

      SHAMAN: You can drop the act, I know who you are Illyria.

      ILLYRIA/FRED cocks her head and she morphs back into her regular form.

      ILLYRIA: How did you know?

      SHAMAN: Oh honey, I've been expecting you for some time.

      CUT TO:


      FAITH and XANDER are sitting on the cell bed staring at the wall. XANDER is twiddling his thumbs and humming while FAITH looks increasingly annoyed.

      FAITH: Dude.

      XANDER continues with the humming, not paying attention to FAITH.

      FAITH: Dude!

      She nudges him with her shoulder causing him to sway almost off of the bed.

      XANDER: What?

      FAITH: You don't notice how annoying you're being?

      XANDER: I'm bored and I can't exactly play the license plate game in here.

      FAITH: So you have to hum?

      XANDER: Seems so. You know Giles told you not to get in trouble, you just have to be the little rebel don't you?

      FAITH sighs and rolls her eyes.

      XANDER: And hey, it's your fault we're in here.

      FAITH: My fault? The hell you figure that?

      XANDER: You wanted to help your friend.

      FAITH: Please, you were the one flirting with her the whole time, going on with your little pop culture references.

      XANDER: I was not flirting with her.

      FAITH: You were practically floating around her.

      XANDER: I was not ? wait ?

      XANDER grins mischievously at FAITH causing her to look at him with confusion.

      FAITH: What?

      XANDER: You're jealous.

      FAITH: I'm what?!

      XANDER: You're jealous. You are jealous that I might be flirting with your friend.

      FAITH: You were flirting with her!

      XANDER: Ooh, avoiding the subject, a sheer sign that I'm right.

      FAITH: Come off it you actually think I'm jealous? Of her liking you?

      XANDER: Hostility, yet another form of ?

      MAN O/S: Keep it down.

      The MAN is the COP that had busted them in the church from before. He walks in the room and sits at the desk next to the cell. His badge reads: SHAWN GRIFFS.

      SHAWN: Breaking into a church? Really?

      FAITH: In all fairness I did it in the name of Jesus.

      SHAWN: I think it's pronounced Jesus.

      He pronounces it as (hay ? zeus) as in the Spanish name.

      FAITH: Aren't you just a funny cop.

      SHAWN: I try.

      FAITH: Look, when can we go? We didn't hurt anybody.

      SHAWN: Seriously why did you break into a church?

      FAITH: I wanted to pour my soul out to God, now is that a crime?

      SHAWN: If you do it by breaking into a locked church, then yeah it is.

      XANDER: How long are we gonna be held in here?

      SHAWN: Until you make bail or whenever the judge gets back to me.

      FAITH: Great.

      SHAWN: Actually I took the liberty and looked into each of your records.

      FAITH: Yeah?

      SHAWN: Seems that there are quite a few black mark here and there.

      FAITH: Seems like I got excused then.

      SHAWN: Just seems weird that you have all these crossed out records and here I find you breaking into a church.

      FAITH: What can I say? I'm a die hard catholic that'll break the rules just to worship.

      SHAWN smiles at her.

      SHAWN: You're cute when you get defensive you know that?

      Before FAITH has a chance to answer the door opens and AMY walks through.

      AMY: Faith!

      Everyone turns quickly and see AMY.

      FAITH: Amy! Finally!

      AMY: I found something while I was in there after you two got captured.

      FAITH: Yeah, I found something just before we got captured.

      AMY: Would it happen to be a long staff thing with a talisman attached to the top?

      FAITH: More like a weird voodoo marking etched into the podium.

      SHAWN: Whoa, whoa, wait you mean you broke into the church too?

      AMY: What? No. I uh ?

      FAITH: Listen we don't have much time you have to let us out of here before they hurt anyone else.

      SHAWN: Who?

      AMY: The people leading that church, they are sapping people's minds for whatever sick reason they have.

      SHAWN: And that's the reason you all broke in there?

      XANDER: Pretty much sums it up.

      SHAWN: So I guess I'll release you all after the meth goes through your system then.

      FAITH: You have to believe us, these people are up to no good, they have satanic carvings in the church how is that right?

      SHAWN: And with these carvings they are sucking people's minds?

      FAITH: I don't know. Look, just let us out ok, and we can show you.

      AMY: Haven't you noticed all the weird brain drained people walking around town.

      SHAWN looks down at the ground thinking.

      AMY: All I'm asking is to give us a chance, I mean why else would we break into a church of all places? You're a cop you have to have notices something weird like that going around town.

      There is a pause where you can feel the tension and suspense in the air. SHAWN looks up from the ground and at FAITH.

      SHAWN: Show me.


      END ACT II.
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        ACT III:


        ALEXIS, ETHAN, GILES, GREGOR, PETRA, and TIFFANY are walking through the campus looking for the CHAOS DEMON. GILES has a duffel bag in his hand.

        GILES: Now where did it run off to?

        ALEXIS: Around the park area I think.

        PETRA: Yeah, after it attacked us it ran off over to that area.

        A GIRL'S scream is heard.

        ETHAN: I'm guessing that that's a sign.

        GREGOR: I'm guessing so.

        They head over to where the scream came from.


        We can see the CHAOS DEMON holding a GIRL, a slayer, by the throat in the air.

        PETRA: Hey!

        The CHAOS DEMON whips his head around and sees all of them.

        CHAOS DEMON: You!

        It throws the GIRL down onto the ground and heads over to them.

        PETRA: Uh-oh.

        GREGOR: I'll stop him.

        GREGOR raises his arms out in front of him and starts to chant. TIFFANY turns her head to ALEXIS.

        TIFFANY: What's he doing?

        PETRA: Shh!

        When GREGOR finishes his chant a green force field forms in front of them, the CHAOS DEMON tries to go through it and gets enraged even more.

        CHAOS DEMON: What have you done Sorcerer? Why are you delving in Chaos?

        GREGOR is trying to concentrate on the barrier, and ETHAN gives him a strange look.

        GREGOR: Can you guys do something? Quickly? I can't hold this thing up forever.

        GILES pulls two swords out of the duffel bag and hands one to ETHAN, he takes it.

        ETHAN: You know I can do magic.

        GILES: If you use chaos it will drag you back into it, you wouldn't want that would you.

        ETHAN: He gets to do Chaos Magic.

        GILES: That's because he hasn't used it for evil.

        GREGOR: People, c'mon!

        GILES: Right, sorry! Girls, we're gonna need your help, grab an axe or a crossbow or something.

        ALEXIS, PETRA, and TIFFANY go over to the duffel bag and grab some weapons. ALEXIS grabs an axe, PETRA a dagger, and TIFFANY a crossbow.

        GREGOR: Just tell me when to let it down.

        GILES: Three?Two?One?Now!

        GREGOR lowers his arms and the six others run over to the CHAOS DEMON. TIFFANY readies her bow, while the others charge at it. ETHAN and GILES start attacking it with their swords but it doesn't seem to be phasing it. It swats at ETHAN and knocks him down, giving ALEXIS an opening to hack at it with her axe, hitting him right in the shoulder blade. The CHAOS DEMON lets out a roar and comes at ALEXIS, she starts backing away but gets saved by TIFFANY who shot the crossbow and hit him in the back of the head with an arrow. Another roar is heard, but this time filled with pain, PETRA and GILES now go after him their weapons, PETRA goes to stab him in the stomach while GILES goes after its injured shoulder. ETHAN starts to get up and begins to chant. GILES sees this and gets distracted while raising his sword.

        GILES: Ethan, no!

        The CHAOS DEMON sees this opportunity and backhands GILES in the face where he falls to the ground, knocked out.

        ALEXIS: Mr. Giles!

        She runs over to his unconscious body and tries to wake him up. PETRA sees and opening and takes her dagger and stabs the CHAOS DEMON into the side of the neck. The CHAOS DEMON begins to choke, he grabs the dagger from his neck and stabs PETRA in the stomach. GREGOR looks extremely shocked, and his eyes begin to glow green from his rage.

        GREGOR: You will pay for that!

        He takes ETHAN'S sword from him and it becomes engulfed in a green flame, with it he charges at the demon and stabs it in the gut and thrusts the sword upwards splitting it in half. Everyone looks at GREGOR in awe, as he drops the sword and the green flames from his eyes die down. He rushes over to PETRA who is holding her wound.

        GREGOR: Are you alright?

        PETRA: Yeah, it only got the side, I think I should heal just fine.

        GREGOR: Good.

        PETRA: Mr. Gregor?

        GREGOR: Yeah?

        PETRA: Thank you.

        They both smile, sharing a special moment together.

        ETHAN: Well, I think that that issue has been resolved.

        He looks over at ALEXIS.

        ETHAN: How is he?

        ALEXIS: Still breathing, I think that he was just hit pretty badly.

        ETHAN: Looked like it.

        TIFFANY picks up a red pendant that fell from the CHAOS DEMON'S neck.

        TIFFANY: It dropped this.

        She holds it up to show everyone. ETHAN comes over and observes it.

        ETHAN: We should take this back, I think once Ripper wakes up he'll want to see this.

        TIFFANY: What are we gonna do with the body?

        As she finishes her sentence, as if on cue it body starts to be engulfed in electricity just like the last one was and disintegrates away.

        ALEXIS: I guess that takes care of it.

        TIFFANY: Self cleaning demons?nifty.

        ETHAN: That is definitely the work of a Higher Power.

        GREGOR: Another question for another time I think.

        GILES comes to and mumbles.

        GILES: I second that.

        CUT TO:


        ILLYRIA: How did you come about expecting me?

        SHAMAN: Honey, I'm a Shaman, I know things you would never know.

        ILLYRIA: Then you know why I am here; you can answer this enigma that surrounds me.

        SHAMAN: You want to know why your powers are all jumbled.

        ILLYRIA: For a lesser vocabulary, yes.

        SHAMAN: When your powers faded ?

        ILLYRIA: They were stripped of me against my will.

        SHAMAN: When they were taken away they disrupted your aura surrounding you, and over time it built up until your powers started to recharge.

        ILLYRIA: This is when I was able to use them again.

        SHAMAN: Yes, and then with the splitting of you and that young girl, it caused yet more chaos to your body and powers.

        ILLYRIA: So all of these fluctuations are happening because of the split?

        SHAMAN: It was a heavy factor in the cause.

        ILLYRIA: How do I fix this? How can I stop these surges?

        SHAMAN: You can't.

        ILLYRIA: What do you mean? I have the power to stop this so tell me how.

        SHAMAN: The problem is that you have this power, it is not a gift it's a burden.

        ILLYRIA: There has to be a way. There must be a solution.

        SHAMAN: I'm sorry dear, but there isn't, as long as you have this power it will be the end of you.

        ILLYRIA: What?

        SHAMAN: If these fluctuations continue, you will die, and take everyone with you.

        ILLYRIA: Just like before. It's this body that I harbor it cannot withstand my power.

        SHAMAN: Also a factor. But in the end you will be the end to this entire city.

        ILLYRIA: I will find a way to put a stop to this apparent destruction.

        SHAMAN: For the sake of everyone, I hope you to do too honey.

        ILLYIRA morphs back into FRED'S appearance and leaves the house.

        SHAMAN: That poor, poor girl.

        CUT TO:


        SHAWN and AMY step out of the front seats on his police car, SHAWN opens the back door where FAITH and XANDER get out of the back seats.

        FAITH: First time I ever got out of a cop car without being cuffed.

        SHAWN: I don't think I needed to know that.

        FAITH: The more you know.

        AMY: We'd better hurry, we need to take care of this while there's no one around they can hurt.

        SHAWN: Right.

        CUT TO:


        SHAWN unlocks the front door to the church and they begin to walk in.

        XANDER: So they give all you cops a master key to the city?

        SHAWN laughs a bit.

        SHAWN: Just to certain buildings, mainly ones funded by the city.

        FAITH: Cool, and a little creepy.

        SHAWN: Hey, the more you know.

        FAITH gives him a little smirk.

        AMY: Just don't ever come barging into my apartment uninvited, okay?

        SHAWN: No problem.

        XANDER: Where do you think they are?

        AMY: I found this other door in the room that I was hiding in when ?

        SHAWN: I knew you were there!

        AMY: Fine, whatever, I was. Either way there was this door, and I think that is where they stay after hours.

        SHAWN: Lets check it out then.

        AMY leads the way to the door that she was hiding in and opens it up, there is another door on the other side. SHAWN takes the lead and takes out his gun.

        XANDER: You're gonna shoot them?

        SHAWN: If their up to what you say they are then it isn't a bad idea going in their armed right?

        XANDER: Touch?.

        SHAWN: Alright, I want you all to stay back until I say it's okay.

        FAITH: You may be the guy with the gun, but I'm sure as hell not staying at the sidelines.

        SHAWN: Not saying that, just don't come barging in until I say it's safe alright?

        FAITH: Fine.

        SHAWN: Thank you.

        SHAWN begins to turn the handle of the door and stealthily opens it up and slides in. He begins to walk in the door and in front of him is an empty room with a doorframe with a shawl in the doors place. A light can be seen on the other side of it and he waves for the others to come in. They quietly begin to follow him. As they get to the shawl SHAWN barges in on the other side with his gun raised and ready to fire. There is a group of hooded people surrounding a symbol that is the same one FAITH saw from before all chanting in a foreign language, they all quickly turn and look at SHAWN but continue with what they are chanting, there is a man in a different colored robe, the GODHEAD, in the middle of the circle holding a man by his shoulders with a knife against his neck, getting ready to slit it. There is a woman on the other side of the room bound and gagged who looks extremely scared and distraught.

        SHAWN: Put down the knife. NOW!

        The other three come into the room as SHAWN begins to walk towards the GODHEAD.

        SHAWN: I said drop the knife!

        The GODHEAD looks up with him, his eyes are glowing an eerie yellow color. He raises his hand and SHAWN goes flying against the wall, dropping his gun and becomes unconscious. FAITH goes charging after the GODHEAD when he does the same to her as he did to SHAWN

        GODHEAD: You will not interfere little girl.

        FAITH starts to stand up as she regains her composure.

        FAITH: I'm not your average girl.

        XANDER is going around the side of the wall over to SHAWN and checks his pulse also grabbing his night stick.

        FAITH: I say you put down that knife and let that man go.

        GODHEAD: You have no right to meddle here.

        FAITH: I'm not one for doin' the right.

        She starts to go after him and he raises his hand once again, but before she can be knocked back he is hit on the head by the nightstick, XANDER had thrown it at him.

        FAITH: Thanks Xand.

        XANDER: Just doin' my best.

        FAITH continues toward the GODHEAD and picks up the guy that was about to get his throat slit and tosses him out of the circle. She then picks the GODHEAD up by the robe and punches him in the face. The other robed men are witnessing this and have become frightened; they all group together and try to make a dash for the door.

        AMY: I don't think so.

        AMY blocks the exit and XANDER quickly runs over to help her out by blocking the doorway.

        XANDER: I would stay where you are if I were you. Well actually if I were you I wouldn't have joined up with senior ?slit your throat'.

        PAN OVER TO:

        FAITH is still holding onto the GODHEAD.

        GODHEAD: You are going to regret this.

        FAITH: Actually I think I'm gonna enjoy this.

        The GODHEAD's eyes begin to grow and a look of panic comes across FAITH's face, from behind her the knife that fell to the floor begins to levitate and about to stab her.

        XANDER O/S: Faith! Behind you!

        FAITH turns her head to see the knife only inches away from her, as it begins to stab at her she ducks away and let's go of the GODHEAD.

        PAN OVER TO:

        XANDER and AMY have their hands full with trying to keep the other robed men from trying to escape, as one comes at XANDER, XANDER punches him in the gut and then in the face making the robed man fall to the floor. AMY kicks one in the shin and when he doubles over she knees him in the face.

        XANDER: Ouch.

        AMY: Not my fault he didn't listen.

        XANDER: Consider me at full attention then.

        They smile at each other but then AMY's face quickly changes to scared as a robed guy is about to punch him.

        AMY: Xander!

        As XANDER turns around and the robed man is at his face, SHAWN comes from off screen and has already slammed his elbow into the back of the robed man's head.

        XANDER: Thanks man.

        SHAWN: No problem.

        SHAWN pulls out his gun and points it at the group of robed men.

        SHAWN: I want all of you guys against the wall right now.

        They follow his orders and are now against the wall. SHAWN picks up his radio and speaks into it.

        SHAWN: I need immediate back up at the "INSERT CHURCH NAME" Church. There are a group of vigilantes and an attempted murder.

        PAN OVER:

        As the GODHEAD tries to make his attempt at escaping FAITH grabs onto his leg and trips him. She grabs the knife and stands up and has a hold of the neck of his robe. She raises the knife over his head.

        GODHEAD: Go ahead, kill me, and show me your power.

        FAITH: I have more power than you could ever dream of.

        GODHEAD: Use it, over power me and stab me.

        FAITH: I wouldn't waste it on you.

        She raises the dagger but instead of stabbing him she grips it in her hand and backhands him across the face, knocking him out. SHAWN walks over to her.

        SHAWN: Glad you didn't kill him.

        FAITH: Yeah, I'm over that.

        CUT TO:


        AMY, FAITH, and XANDER are all standing outside, and there are about five or six police cars outside with officers surrounding the place. They are escorting the robed men into the police cars, handcuffed. SHAWN walks over to the group.

        SHAWN: They're all gonna be charged with attempted murder and kidnapping.

        FAITH: What about the cult? Are they gonna be charged with having one and hurting all those people?

        SHAWN: Separation of Church and State, they really can't do anything about it. Also, I think they might think I'm a bit insane if I brought up mind-sucking Godheads.

        AMY: So you believe us then?

        SHAWN: Well it would explain a lot of what I see around her. I mean, there is some freaky voodoo stuff going around.

        XANDER looks at FAITH.

        XANDER: Think it might be another Hellmouth?

        FAITH: Nah, that's just Boston. Plus Giles has located pretty much all of them remember? I'm sure one in a urban place like this woulda popped up.

        XANDER: So L.A without all the plastic surgery?

        FAITH: Pretty much.

        SHAWN turns away from them to AMY.

        SHAWN: What the hell are they talking about?

        AMY: I have no idea.

        FAITH: Sorry, just talkin' shop.

        SHAWN: Well, your shop is safe, I told them that you guys gave an anonymous tip and just tagged along.

        AMY: What about holding them in jail? Don't they think that that's kinda suspicious?

        SHAWN: I never filled out all the paper work so they won't know a thing.

        XANDER: Sweet.

        SHAWN: Hey, did you hit that one guy with my nightstick?

        XANDER: Yeah.

        SHAWN: Damn good aim.

        XANDER smiles.

        XANDER: Thanks.

        FAITH looks over at SHAWN.

        FAITH: So are you gonna be alright? Knowing what you do now?

        SHAWN: I think I've always known, I've just kinda not thought about it, ya know?

        XANDER: Ah, Sunnydale syndrome.

        SHAWN: The place that sunk into the earth?

        XANDER: Yeah, they had the same problem.

        SHAWN: Is that why?

        XANDER: Somethin' like that.

        SHAWN: I need a vacation.

        FAITH: Cancun sounds like helluva fun time right now.

        AMY: Girls in bikini's, boys doing the twist.

        FAITH and AMY share a laugh.

        CUT TO:


        FAITH, XANDER and AMY are right before the security gate.

        AMY: It was great seeing you again.

        FAITH: Yeah, it felt like old times. Only this time with cult leaders and freaky sacrificial magic.

        AMY: Okay, not so much, but it really was great.

        FAITH: I'm sorry that I didn't visit. I really wasn't able to though. I was kinda in prison.

        AMY: What? Prison?!

        FAITH: How bout I save that story for next time.

        AMY: Damn well better be a next time.

        FAITH: There will.

        XANDER: I'll even insist on it. Maybe even tag along again.

        AMY: Definitely, it was great meeting you Xander.

        XANDER: Likewise. I haven't been able to make a Veronica Mars reference since Andrew left.

        AMY: Glad I could help.

        XANDER: I'm gonna go ahead and leave you two to your goodbyes.

        XANDER goes over and gives AMY a hug.

        XANDER: Hope to see you again.

        He picks up his luggage and continues on through the security check point.

        AMY: Quite a catch you got there.

        FAITH: Xander? He isn't my ?

        AMY: I know. Don't know why, but I know you two aren't together.

        FAITH: It's Xander, he's? I dunno; Xander?

        AMY: Really great explanation.

        FAITH: Plus there are other things.

        AMY: Like? I mean he's cute, funny, and a pretty tough guy.

        FAITH: Like my husband dying.

        AMY: HUSBAND?!

        She says this so loud that people around her begin to turn and look.

        FAITH: I get a loud shout for husband, but not for prison?

        AMY: You were married?

        FAITH: Yeah, he was a pretty decent guy and could put up with my crap.

        AMY: Why wasn't I invited to the ceremony? Or even told?

        FAITH: The wedding was really small; it was in England and shortly after the wedding a whole mess of stuff happened causing us to head to Vancouver and then eventually his death.

        AMY: Whoa.

        FAITH: I just don't want to rush into anything. I mean I thought I found the one and he ends up dying. You know me, I've never had much luck with men. Why put that onto Xander?

        AMY: I still think you're being stupid, you know that don't you?

        FAITH: Yeah.

        AMY: But, as my best friend, I support you on your decision and call dibs if you never decide to go with him.

        FAITH laughs at her.

        FAITH: You're still a little slut.

        AMY: Hey, the wardrobe may change but the girl never does.

        FAITH: I don't know about that.

        AMY: I'm gonna really miss you.

        FAITH: Yeah me too. But hey, this time I won't just not visit, I will definitely call you when I get back.

        AMY goes in and hugs FAITH.

        AMY: You effing better.

        FAITH: I will.

        They let go and FAITH picks up her bags.

        FAITH: I guess I'm off now.

        AMY: See ya.

        FAITH makes her way to the security checkpoint. AMY is left behind looking at FAITH leaving.

        FADE INTO:


        GILES and ETHAN are in his office with GILES nursing his head with an ice pack.

        ETHAN: You okay?

        GILES: It's never a real fight unless I'm unconscious.

        ETHAN: Sunnydale blues?

        GILES: At times I miss it; but then I remember the clans of Turok-Han and it quickly fades away.

        ETHAN: So?

        GILES: Yes?

        ETHAN: Did I prove myself today?

        GILES: Not exactly.

        ETHAN: What do you mean? I only helped today, no Chaos.

        GILES: Only because I yelled at you not to, which did in turn lead to my concussion.

        ETHAN: I don't see why you wouldn't let me do magic, it was for good, not evil.

        GILES: Using Chaos would only lead to more Chaos, which wouldn't help you in your quest to quit it.

        ETHAN: Quest? It's not a journey Ripper.

        GILES: You know what I mean.

        ETHAN: I mean you let that boy use it.

        GILES: Thomas is a trusting man; evil does not run through his veins like it does yours.

        ETHAN: Not exactly.

        GILES: What do you mean, this is the first time you have met him.

        ETHAN: I know because we share the same blood line.

        GILES: He's a relative of yours?

        ETHAN: He's my son.

        GILES: I thought Arthur Rayne was your only son.

        ETHAN: I had Thomas, as he calls himself, just before I left Carolin, I only ever found out that she was pregnant from Thomas' step-father.

        GILES: I see. Have you told him?

        ETHAN: I think that it would be better for him not to know that his father has that kind of evil tendency running through his veins. When I saw him use his magic today, he had fear in his eyes, fear that he could turn at any time. Having this knowledge would only make him fear it more.

        GILES looks at ETHAN in a new way.

        GILES: You have changed Ethan.

        ETHAN: Oh really?

        GILES: The Ethan I knew would have used his son to gain power for himself rather than protect him.

        ETHAN: I might as well to right by one of them right?

        GILES: Right.

        There is a pause of silence; ETHAN is looking out the window at the sun setting.

        ETHAN: Well Ripper, I think I'm gonna leave tonight.

        GILES: Already? Time sure does fly when you're having fun.

        ETHAN: I thought that maybe I could fit in around here, but no, I think I'm going to head elsewhere.

        GILES: It was interesting seeing you again.

        ETHAN: Blast from the past, eh?

        GILES smiles and gives a soft laugh.

        FADE TO BLACK and OPEN TO:

        INT. LOBBY

        GILES is watching ETHAN leave the ACADEMY, he is getting into a taxi as XANDER and FAITH come up to the door. XANDER glances over at ETHAN getting into the taxi and raises an eyebrow and looks at GILES.

        XANDER: Was that ?

        GILES: Yes.

        XANDER: What was he doing here?

        GILES: Trying to show me that he was reformed.

        XANDER: By not turning people into costumes or you into a demon?

        GILES: Precisely.

        XANDER: Right.

        FAITH: Wait, you were turned into a demon once?

        GILES: Unfortunately, yes.

        FAITH: Wicked. What kind?

        GILES: I don't think that it is very important.

        FAITH: What are you talking about? You turning into a demon is a perfect thing to talk about.

        XANDER: Yeah especially if it takes away from the fact that Faith got arrested.

        FAITH: Xander!

        XANDER grins from ear to ear and starts walking away.

        FAITH: Xander!

        GILES: You got arrested?!

        She turns to GILES.

        FAITH: Only a little.

        FAITH starts chasing after XANDER.

        FAITH: You are so gonna pay for that.

        GILES calls out to her.

        GILES: Faith, Faith!

        FADE TO BLACK.

        GILES V/O: It's like looking after four year olds, I swear.

        END EPISODE.
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          - Longest ep yet...though I have been informed that I should decrease the number of pages so that they aren't all this long, so I am gonna try that!
          - The Father/Son thing is being set up for something even bigger, it will play a role in Season 2 and especially with what courses through Gregor's veins.
          - Petra finally got some alone time without Faith, which I thought was really needed to add to her character.
          - We may or may not see more of Shawn and Amy in the future...only time will tell.
          -Also, is Ethan a reformed man? Or still a naughty naughty Chaos Worshipper?
          - The next ep will be a crossover with SOCF.
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