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    A DELIVERY MAN is getting out of his truck and carrying a clipboard. He goes over to a Warehouse and bangs on the door. No answer. He bangs on the door yet again. He still receives no answer. He lets out a sigh.

    DELIVERY MAN: God, this has to be the right address; it's the only frickin' Warehouse district here.

    He looks down at his clipboard. He lets out an angry string of non suitable language under his breath.

    DELIVERY MAN: "The Warehouse"? As in the frickin' music store? Damn it!

    He starts to walk back to his truck when he hears a loud clunk coming from a nearby dumpster. He whips his head around real quick in the direction of the noise.

    DELIVERY MAN: Hello?

    He gives the area another scan and shakes off the weird feeling he had. He gets to the door of the truck when a very strong breeze come rushing past him. He whips around and standing right in front of him is a six foot SHADOW CREATURE; it is two dimensional and has the appearance of a big shadow.

    DELIVERY MAN: Oh my God!

    The SHADOW CREATURE lunges forward at the DELIVERY MAN and dives right into shadow, the MAN looks extremely confused and scared, when all of a sudden he lets out a howl of agony as he bends backwards. He becomes silent and hunches forward, suddenly his head shoots up and his eyes are filled with black, no longer able to see anything but the pupil.

    Cut to:


    The POSSESED DELIVERY MAN steps outside of his truck with a crowbar and walks up to the front door of the museum. He uses the crowbar to smash the handle on the door, using the inherent strength from the demon. He pulls the door away from the frame and it clashes to the ground. He walks into the Museum and glances around the dark entry way. He makes his way into the exhibit room where a yellow glass orb is being put on display. The POSSESED MAN walks forward when a shout is heard from behind by a SECURITY GUARD. The POSSESED MAN whips around looking at the SECURITY GUARD. His eyes begin to glow, but remain dark as coal.

    SECURITY GUARD: Freeze! Stay where you are!

    The POSSESED MAN begins to walk towards the SECURITY GUARD.

    SECURITY GUARD: What the hell?!

    The SECURITY GUARD pulls out his gun.

    SECURITY GUARD: I'm warning you, if you don't stop, I will fire.

    The POSSESED MAN continues to walk towards him and the SECURITY GUARD opens fire on him, but it does not stop the POSSESED MAN from going forward.

    SECURITY GUARD: Holy sh-

    The POSSESED MAN is suddenly right in front of the SECURITY GUARD in a flash, it grabs the SECURITY GUARD by the throat and lifts him up, he takes the crowbar that is in his other hand and stabs it in the SECURITY GUARDS stomach, he pulls it out and releases the SECURITY GUARD along with the crowbar. He turns back around and goes back to the orb. He smashes the display case around it and grabs it. It begins to glow in his hand and then the mans body begins to convulse. His body falls to the ground and the SHADOW CREATURE emerges from it, now corporeal. The man is dead on the ground, bleeding from the bullet wounds. The SHADOW CREATURE picks up the orb off the ground and smiles at it, then walks towards the doors out of the museum.


    -Theme Song-
    by Jem

    ELIZA DUSHKU...............................FAITH
    AMY ACKER.................................ILLYRIA
    TINA MAJORINO..................PETRA TAYLIN
    CALLUM BLUE..................THOMAS GREGOR

    Guest Starring:
    FELICIA DAY?.???????.VI

    EMILY BLUNT????..?.....ANITA
    ALONA TAL?????.?.....?..AMY
    LISA LONG......................CINDY

    Created by:
    Joseph Sessumes
    And Alexander Brown

    Written by:
    Joseph Sessumes

    Edited by:
    Alexander Brown

    A Sacred Circle Production.

    Based on:
    Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel (c) Joss Whedon, 20th Century Fox and Mutant Enemy
    And Raven and Sorceress of Crimson Falls (c) Alexander Brown, Travis Truant-Simpson, Sacred Circle Productions and Digilee Int. No money is being made off this project.
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    ACT I:


    PETRA is sitting on a chair across from FAITH, lying on her bed. PETRA appears to be extremely bored.

    PETRA: Seriously, this is all we're gonna do? Sit here?

    FAITH makes a grunt like noise.

    PETRA: What's gotten to you? You're all ? boring.

    FAITH: I'm not a toy Pet, I don't just entertain on command.

    PETRA: Well you could do something besides just lay there.

    FAITH: What would you like me to do?

    PETRA: Well for one you could try socializing with others. I once read that it can be very healthy.

    FAITH: Socializing was never really my thing.

    PETRA: I really don't see you as the quiet kid in High School.

    FAITH: How ?bout you go and bug Gregor.

    PETRA begins to blush a bit.

    PETRA: What're you talking about?

    FAITH: Like it's not obvious.

    PETRA: What?

    FAITH: That you have the hots for the younger Giles.

    PETRA: Please, he is nothing like Mr. Giles.

    FAITH: Still doesn't deny the fact that you wanna jump his bones.

    PETRA: Eww, gross!

    FAITH laughs a bit.

    FAITH: See, now that was entertaining.

    PETRA: Yeah, maybe for you; he's my watcher! Don't you remember what it's like to have a watcher?

    FAITH goes silent.

    PETRA: Either way, I'm leaving before you get even more gross.

    PETRA leaves her room and FAITH falls back onto her bed; back into deep thought.



    CUT TO:


    The buzzing of an alarm goes off and a hand starts to swat at it for it to shut up, until the hand finds its mark and the alarm stops it's buzzing. A younger FAITH, roughly the age of 16, gets up from under the sheets of her bed.

    FAITH: God, I so don't want to get up.

    She rolls out of bed and grabs some clothes out of a dresser and heads out of her room. She goes inside of the bathroom and shuts the door. We don't follow her in, but we hear the sound of the shower turning on.

    CUT TO:

    FAITH is walking out of the bathroom in the clothes she picked up while finishing drying her hair with a towel. She walks back into her room and tosses the wet towel onto the floor, and grabs her wallet off of the dresser and puts it in her back pocket.

    She walks into the living room and there is a man sleeping on the couch, FAITH rolls her eyes at him and takes a slice of pizza out of a pizza box sitting on the table. She takes a bite out of it as she begins to walk out of the door; grabbing her backpack before slamming the door behind her.

    CUT TO:


    FAITH is sitting on the edge of a grassy knoll, leaning back in an absorbing the sun look with her eyes closed. A GIRL the same age as FAITH walks up to her and lays flops down on the grass next to FAITH, laying down.

    GIRL: Holy crap I am so, so tired.

    FAITH opens her eyes slightly.

    FAITH: Welcome to the club.

    GIRL: So you were cramming for Burke's test too?

    FAITH: Ha! I was at this sick party at Trey's.

    GIRL: Hook up with anyone?

    FAITH: You know me Amy, use ?em then lose ?em.

    AMY: So you did hook up with someone.

    FAITH: Naw, but that's my philosophy.

    AMY laughs at her.

    AMY: So long night?

    FAITH: Yeah, then when I got home mom's new boy toy started in on me, trying to act like he owned me.

    AMY: Mitch? What an ass.

    FAITH: The biggest.

    AMY: Can't wait till your mom dumps him.

    FAITH: I dunno how soon that'll be; she seems to really dig him.

    AMY: He's not too pretty, or rich, so hopefully it's soon than you think.

    FAITH: Let's hope.

    There's a short pause.

    AMY: Copying my notes help ya?

    FAITH gives her a little smirk.

    FAITH: A bit.

    AMY takes a binder out of her backpack and hands it to FAITH.

    AMY: You so owe me.

    FAITH: How bout I see if Peterson likes you?

    AMY: Peterson?

    FAITH: Like I don't see you drooling over him all the time.

    AMY blushes a bit.

    AMY: Fine. (beat) But don't you dare mention that I like him that much!

    FAITH: We'll see.

    AMY glowers at her.

    FAITH: Chill. I'll be Bond about it.

    AMY: Better be.

    CUT TO:


    FAITH is walking down a crowded hallway with a tape cassette walkman on, listening to it loudly, dancing to her own beat.

    INTERCOM: Faith Lehane, please come to the Principals office. Faith Lehane to the Principals office.

    FAITH doesn't hear the intercom and continues to dance to the walkman. As she continues down the hallway a teacher calls out her name.

    TEACHER: Faith!

    FAITH doesn't hear her either. The TEACHER grabs FAITH by the shoulder to stop her. FAITH is startled and whips around at her.

    TEACHER: Faith!

    FAITH takes off the headphones.

    FAITH: Hey look, I'm taking them off; they're going away ok?

    TEACHER: No, they want you up at the Principals office. If you didn't have that music blaring, you would have heard it.

    FAITH: God, what do they want now?

    The TEACHER shrugs and goes into her classroom. FAITH tucks the walkman into her backpack and heads towards the Principals office.

    CUT TO:


    FAITH walks into the office and goes up to the SECRETARY.

    FAITH: Hey Beth.

    The SECRETARY looks at FAITH sternly.

    MS.TRENOR: It's Ms. Trenor; please take a seat, Mr. Sampson will be with you shortly.

    FAITH: Damn, didn't remember it being so uptight around here.

    MS. TRENOR: Language!

    FAITH rolls her eyes at her and sits down in a chair next to the Principals office. A few moments pass and MR. SAMPSON walks out of his office.

    MR. SAMPSON: Faith, in here please.

    FAITH stands up, gives a fake smile to MS. TRENOR and follows MR. SAMPSON into his office. He gestures for her to sit down; she obliges and takes a seat.

    MR. SAMPSON: Faith.

    FAITH: (in a false serious voice) Mr. Sampson.

    MR. SAMPSON looks at her more seriously.

    MR.SAMPSON: I have received some very interesting news this afternoon.

    FAITH: Funny, I had a very boring test this afternoon.

    MR. SAMPSON: I got news that you have been accepted into a special program.

    FAITH: Special program?

    MR.SAMPSON: Yes. It seems that you have been chosen to be apart of their program.

    FAITH: What kind of program?

    MR. SAMPSON: I'm not too sure, but the woman I spoke to was British. It seems that you have certain abilities that they would like to test.

    FAITH: So? I'm special?

    MR. SAMPSON: It would seem so. Which came as quite a shock to me, I mean your GPA is well? enough to get you held back, and your classroom behavior is just tenacious. When I received this news, I was quite taken back.

    FAITH: Good to know that I've got your support there big guy.

    MR. SAMPSON: I'm sorry, I didn't mean to be that blunt; I should have phrased it differently.

    FAITH: Nah, it's okay; you just think I'm more suited for special ed rather than just be special.

    MR. SAMPSON: By no means did I mean that Faith.

    FAITH: So? when am I supposed to meet with this lady?

    MR. SAMPSON: She would like to see you later today actually.

    FAITH: Good thing that I don't already have plans.

    MR. SAMPSON: She said to meet her after classes today outside the Gymnasium. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have some other meetings to get to, so if you wouldn't mind seeing yourself out?

    FAITH: Sure.

    FAITH stands up an leaves the office.

    CUT TO:


    FAITH is outside of her school by the gymnasium. She is standing against a the wall and pulls out a pack of cigarettes, she picks one out and then lights it with her lighter and begins to smoke. After a couple drags she sees a woman in a type of business suit walking up to her. FAITH throws the cigarette onto the ground and puts it out with her foot. The woman reaches her, she has a British accent.

    WOMAN: Faith I presume?

    FAITH: You presume right.

    WOMAN: My name is Margaret Winters. I'm from a group called The Council.

    FAITH: The group that thinks I'm special?

    MARGARET: We don't think it Faith, we know it.

    FAITH: Well what do you mean by special? Like was I born with some defect I don't know about yet?

    MARGARET: No, nothing like that, well, in a way, yes, you were born with it.

    FAITH: Dude, I'm lost right now, so either draw me a map or get to it already.

    MARGARET: Have you ever felt that you are apart of something bigger than this Faith? That you were meant for more?

    FAITH: Oh God, you aren't one of those religious freaks are you? I already strongly decided against it, so you can just take your brochures and ?

    MARGARET: I assure you I am not apart of any religious organization, quite the opposite really. Some would even say we are an affront to religion.

    FAITH: Oh, well then? good. Now what the hell are you people and what do you want with me?

    MARGARET: Faith, you are a chosen one, one who alone will stand against the vampires, the demons, and the forces of evil; you are the slayer.

    There's a short pause.

    FAITH: A?Slayer?

    MARGARET: Well, rather at the time you are a potential; meaning that you have the ability to be the Slayer.

    FAITH: And I'd just have to pass some tests to be one of these Slayers?

    MARGARET: No, it's nothing like that. What happens is that when one Slayer dies, another is called. There are a group of girls who are just like you who have the ability to be chosen. The selection is pretty random as far as we know.

    FAITH: So when this Slayer dies, I might be chosen to be one? But what if she doesn't die for another twenty years? How will I know that it's my turn?

    MARGARET: The thing about the Slayer is that their lives are sadly stricken short most of the time. It's a sad, but true fact about the life of the Slayer, Faith.

    FAITH: Well that's a great way to break the ice.

    MARGARET: Now, we will need to start our training as early as possible, the sooner-

    FAITH: Whoa, whoa, whoa? training? I haven't even been chosen yet and you want to start training?

    MARGARET: The sooner we start, the more of an advantage we will be at if you are chosen.

    FAITH: And if I choose to not train? What if I don't want to be chosen? What if I don't choose to be chosen?

    MARGARET: Faith, this is much bigger than you; you cannot deny your destiny, especially one this big, just because you don't feel like it. Many lives depend on you.

    FAITH: What do I get out of being a slayer? Besides the already decided shortened life span?

    MARGARET: With the powers of the slayer you will be granted super strength, enhanced agility and senses and a faster healing rate.

    FAITH: So it's kind of being like some sort of superhero.

    MARGARET: To simplify it, yes.

    FAITH: I'm still not sold on the whole idea of me randomly being crammed with super powers and a death sentence,

    MARGARET: I understand your hesitance, I do. I'd like to start our training soon, but if you aren't in this one hundred percent then it will be useless.

    She pulls a business card out of her pocket and hands it to FAITH.

    MARGARET: Whenever you are ready to accept your destiny, I will be at that address. Come see me any time of the day, my door will always be open.

    FAITH nods and MARGARET walks back from the way she came.

    CUT TO:



    GREGOR is sitting at his desk reading the morning paper, completely immersed in it, the door wide open. PETRA walks in the door and is not noticed by him. PETRA's eyes become mischievous and she slowly begins to walk to the side of GREGOR to scare him. She is now tip toeing over and as she gets halfway to him he speaks to her without looking up from his paper.

    GREGOR: Not gonna work.

    PETRA lets out a little squeak.

    PETRA: Drats.

    GREGOR puts down is paper and looks at her.

    GREGOR: Did you really think that I wouldn't notice someone just walking in my office?

    PETRA: Well, you were being all sergeant concentration with that newspaper.

    GREGOR: There is some interesting stuff going on.

    PETRA: It's the Respect Shores Daily News; it's written by people who couldn't find real jobs. How can you find anything interesting going on in it?

    GREGOR: It's not the writing that's interesting, but what is going on that is.

    PETRA: Oh?

    GREGOR: I think we may have a demon on the loose.

    PETRA's face has a look of disappointment on it.

    PETRA: Oh.

    GREGOR: A demon attacking people is not interesting?

    PETRA: I'm a slayer Mr. Gregor, demons are my life. It would be like going to Australia and talking to the locals about how exotic it is there; it's an everyday thing, not a trip to the candy store.

    GREGOR: Point taken. Maybe Faith would be interested in checking it out.

    PETRA lets out a laugh.

    PETRA: Yeah, good luck doing that.

    GREGOR: What do you mean?

    PETRA: She's been in depressionville ever since that Canadian woman left.

    GREGOR: Yes, that seems to be the case with Rupert as well.

    PETRA: Who?

    PETRA realizes who he is talking about.

    PETRA: Oh! Mr. Giles.

    GREGOR: Yes, he has been in a spell of depression too. Carmen seemed to have made a lasting impression on the two of them with her new.

    PETRA: Did you know the woman that died?

    GREGOR: No, I only knew Carmen, but they were apparently best friends.

    PETRA: That sucks.

    GREGOR: I guess you can understate it like that, yes.

    PETRA: Wow, this is depressing talk.

    GREGOR snaps out of it.

    GREGOR: Well, I guess I will have to go and investigate this demon alone.

    PETRA: I can help.

    GREGOR: But?you just said that you didn't care to.

    PETRA: I suddenly had a change of heart.

    GREGOR: Alright, I guess you can come.

    PETRA: Awesome! I'll go ahead and start getting ready.

    PETRA starts heading out of the office.

    GREGOR: Getting ready?

    PETRA stops at the door.

    PETRA: Well, I can't exactly go fighting demons in flip flops can I?

    GREGOR: If you were trained well enough you could.

    PETRA: Ha, ha. I'll meet you at the Lobby doors in fifteen minutes, okay?

    GREGOR: Sounds fine.

    PETRA: Oh, should I bring any sort of weapons?

    GREGOR: Well, actually, since you are a bit tired of the slayer routine I thought that this would be a fine opportunity to do some spell casting.

    PETRA: Like, in the battle field?

    GREGOR: Yes.

    PETRA: With real demons? not just inanimate objects?

    GREGOR: Yes.

    PETRA: And the chance that if I fail I could be killed by this thing?

    GREGOR: Petra, you will do fine. Trust me.

    PETRA looks a bit innerved.

    PETRA: Alright. I'll see you in a little bit.

    She takes off outside the door.

    CUT TO:


    GILES is sitting behind his desk (as usual) and is sifting through a large amount of papers, occasionally signing one. A knock is heard at the door, but GILES doesn't seem to notice. The knock is heard again, still no reaction. Finally at the third knock GILES notices.

    GILES: Yes?

    A MAN about the same age as GILES walks into the room.

    GILES: Yes Penner?

    PENNER: Good evening Rupert, I've come with news.

    GILES: Of?

    PENNER: It's about Tussler; he's passed.

    GILES leans back in his chair, taken aback.

    GILES: Natural or supernatural?

    PENNER: Supernatural I'm afraid.

    GILES: How?

    PENNER: It was a vampire, who was once a slayer.

    GILES: Are you sure?

    PENNER: Positive. One of his slayers witnessed it; he had told her to run to safety.

    GILES: Mmm.

    PENNER: We were able to collect his body though, it's at the morgue.

    GILES: Alright.

    GILES looks down at his papers, but not really, more of a vacant stare.

    PENNER: Is there anything I can do to help you out Rupert? You seem to have a pretty big pile there.

    GILES: Hmm? No, I have it covered.

    PENNER: You sure?

    GILES: Well, Tussler's slayers will need to be reassigned. I trust you will be able to do that?

    PENNER: Yes, no problem at all.

    GILES: Good. Thank you very much.

    PENNER: Anything else?

    GILES turns back to his work.

    GILES: No, I should be able to handle it. Now, I do have work to do so if you wouldn't mind?

    PENNER: No, not at all.

    PENNER turns to walk out the door but stops.

    PENNER: You know Rupert, there are quite a few Watchers who would be more than willing to help you out with something if you needed it.

    GILES: Thank you for your offer, but you can tell everyone else that I am fine.

    PENNER turns back and leaves.

    CUT TO:


    FAITH is sitting at a table with AMY with food trays in front of themselves.

    AMY: So I heard them call you up to the office yesterday, what was that all about?

    FAITH: Just that some chick from another school wanted to talk to me.

    AMY: About?

    FAITH: She wanted me to join her school.

    AMY: Like what kind of school? For gifted kids? See Faith, I told you that you test well. I'm jealous.

    FAITH: Well something like that, but not smart gifted?

    She searches for a proper word.

    FAITH: More like special interest gifted.

    AMY: Weird. Either way, are you gonna take up the offer?

    FAITH: I dunno, the whole thing seems just really random and the whole time I am thinking that some old dude is gonna pop out and tell me I'm on Candid Camera or something.

    AMY: You just have to accept that you are better than you give yourself credit for.

    FAITH: Eh, gifted is overrated.

    AMY: Well, if you do go, I'll miss you. You're my best friend. Hell, you're probably my only friend in this crap hole they call a school.

    FAITH smiles at her.

    FAITH: You too. But I don't think I'll go, the lady was way too British for my liking.

    AMY: Oooh, overseas. You must be really gifted if they want to take you to another country.

    FAITH: Yeah. Right.

    AMY: What did you're mom say?

    FAITH: She didn't.

    AMY: Ah, haven't told her yet.

    FAITH: I just really don't feel like adding more drama to the Lehane residence than needed; especially if I do choose not to go.

    AMY stands up with her tray.

    AMY: Well, you just made my day more interesting.

    FAITH: You're welcome.

    AMY dumps the remaining contents of her tray into the trash and places her tray on a counter and FAITH follows suit.

    FAITH: How could my life get any more complicated?

    As FAITH finishes her sentence another GIRL walks into her, she is blonde a little taller than FAITH and looks like she is very high maintenance and is being followed by a little pack of similar girls; a little clique.

    GIRL: Watch it freak.

    FAITH: Excuse me?

    GIRL: I don't think I stuttered. Maybe I should go slower.

    The GIRL slows down her words.

    GIRL: Watch. It. Freak.

    FAITH: You think you're funny?

    GIRL: Hilarious.

    FAITH: You better wipe that smirk off your face before I do it for you; with my fist.

    AMY: Just back off Cindy!

    CINDY: Ah, isn't that cute, the little lap dog decided to pipe in.

    FAITH: You really don't want to go there.

    CINDY: Whatcha gonna do miss trailer trash? Hit me? You do that and you know they'll expel you.

    The girls behind her start to laugh.

    FAITH: I warned you.

    FAITH backhands CINDY and force that appears to be that of not her own is used and CINDY goes flying halfway across the cafeteria.

    FAITH: Oh shi-


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      ACT II:


      TEXT READS: ENGLAND ? 1997

      GILES is sitting at a large oak table with other Watchers filling the seats around him. QUENTIN TRAVERS leads with the front seat.

      TRAVERS: And for our next order of business, one of quite high importance would be that of the open position of watcher over the Summers girl.

      Everyone's attention is even more focused on him.

      TRAVERS: Inside information tell us that she is now moving to Sunnydale, California. Which resides on a Hellmouth.

      WOMAN: A Hellmouth? The slayer is going to live on top of one?

      TRAVERS: It would seem so. So we will need one of our very best to go to her.

      Everyone starts to straighten up, except for GILES who seems to be doing his own thing.

      TRAVERS: Which is why I would like Mr. Giles to go and watch over her.

      GILES looks up at him in bewilderment.

      GILES: Me?

      TRAVERS: Yes you. That is, if you are willing to leave that museum of yours.

      GILES: Yes, yes, of course.

      TRAVERS: It would require you to leave almost immediately, I would rather her not arrive on the Hellmouth unprepared.

      GILES: Well I'm sure Merrick trained her well enough to cope.

      TRAVERS: Yes, well she will be dealing with a lot more than a few vampires.

      GILES: Right, right. Are you sure I am the one for the job? I mean there is probably a handful more qualified than me.

      TRAVERS: As right as you are, you quite possibly have the most amount of field time clocked. I believe she needs more than just the knowledge of some books, especially if she is going to be situated where she is.

      GILES: I'm sure that there are others who have clocked the same amount of field time.

      TRAVERS: Yes, but you and Merrick practically became Watchers at the same time, you have very similar experiences and for this Slayer I would rather not have her have to make a complete readjustment in terms of training, so you are indeed the best choice.

      GILES: Well I'm quite honored by this.

      TRAVERS: And that you should be. This is a huge responsibility and should not be taken lightly by any means.

      GILES: I wouldn't dream of it.

      TRAVERS: Good. Well your flight arrangements have already been made. You are to leave in two days.

      GILES gives a big grin.

      GILES: Great.

      TRAVERS: Alright, so I think if we're finished with this, we can all leave.

      CUT TO:


      There is a long wooden conference table with nine Watchers seated all around it. GILES is at the head of the table with GREGOR and KENNEDY to his left and right sitting opposite of each other, XANDER is seated next to GREGOR; VI and RONA are next to KENNEDY.

      GILES: Alright so I think that if we're finished with this, we can all leave. I have a very busy schedule to attend to.

      FAITH stands up.

      FAITH: Finally. I can barely stay awake during these meetings anymore.

      SINROY: Well actually there is one more thing we would all like to address.

      GILES looks around the table and no one meets his gaze.

      GILES: This should be interesting.

      SINROY: Well we were all wondering what you are doing about the Illyria situation.

      GILES: Situation? What situation Sinroy?

      SINROY: W-w-well we all think that -

      FAITH: Hey Sinroy, either you need to grow some balls or the rest of the ?we' you're talking about needs to.

      SINROY clears his throat.

      SINROY: We believe that she has become increasingly unstable and that it may become a liability to the Academy.

      GILES: I really don't believe that it's anyone's business about what happens with Illyria.

      A WOMAN stands up, her name is ANITA.

      ANITA: Except that it is.

      GILES: And how is that exactly Anita?

      ANITA: If she were to revert to her once former self, she could go hostile, endangering everyone in the building.

      GILES: She won't.

      ANITA: And how can you assure this?

      FAITH: Because he said so, okay?

      SINROY: And we're just supposed to take that?

      XANDER bangs his fist on the table and stands up.

      XANDER: You guys followed that Travers guy for how long, blinded? Giles always lets everyone in on pretty much all of the goings on around here, and he wants you guys to trust him on one thing and you go all Brutus on him? Now I see where the stuffy British stereotype comes from.

      All the other watchers look around at each other sheepishly.

      GREGOR: Oh, I um, never was in on the whole coup.

      GILES smiles at him.

      GREGOR: Well, I'd say meeting adjourned for good this time.

      Everyone except for GILES, FAITH, XANDER, and GREGOR leave the room. GILES turns to XANDER.

      GILES: Thank you Xander.

      XANDER: I figure that I give you enough crap , why should you take it from them?

      FAITH: Yeah, c'mon, not like you need even more stress put on you.

      GREGOR: Though you know we would all be willing to help you with anything.

      XANDER: Yeah, just say the word and we'll all be your little toy soldiers.

      GILES: I would say you guys already do enough. Thank you though for your offering.

      FAITH: No problem, but hey, I gotta take care of something so just holler if you need anything.

      GILES nods.

      FAITH leaves the room.

      GREGOR: Yeah, I have some perilous danger that needs attending to, so I think I might go and take care of that now.

      XANDER: Ooh, did I hear perilous danger? Got room for one more?

      GREGOR laughs.

      GREGOR: Sure, why not.

      GILES face grows worried.

      GILES: Is it anything that I should be aware of?

      GREGOR: Don't you worry your graying head, we've got it taken care of.

      GILES doesn't look too impressed with GREGOR's comment.

      XANDER: Right, so we should get going.

      GREGOR: Yes, I think that's for the best.

      Both of them exit the room.

      CUT TO:


      GREGOR and XANDER are walking out of the conference room.

      XANDER: Did you just say that Giles' hair was graying?

      GREGOR: Yeah, why?

      XANDER: Just didn't know you wanted a death sentence over your head.

      GREGOR: What do you mean?

      XANDER: Giles doesn't like being called old, it makes him feel obsolete.

      GREGOR: You think I should go tell him I don't think he's obsolete? Maybe that he's anti-obsolete?

      XANDER laughs.

      XANDER: Naw, I'm just messing with you.

      He puts his arm around GREGOR's shoulder.

      XANDER: So tell me about this perilous danger.

      CUT TO:


      XANDER and GREGOR are walking down the hallway talking when XANDER stops at a pathway.

      XANDER: Hey, you wouldn't mind if I met you down in the lobby in about five minutes would you?

      GREGOR: No, why?

      XANDER: Oh nothing, just have to see a girl.

      GREGOR: Alright, no problem.

      XANDER starts walking down the other Hallway.

      CUT TO:


      FAITH hasn't moved an inch on her bed from the last time we saw her. There is a knock on the door, she isn't too enthused about this.

      FAITH: Yeah?

      XANDER walks in the door.

      XANDER: I always like it when my woman are so happy to see me.

      FAITH: What is it Xander?

      XANDER: Just checking to see if you were okay.

      FAITH: Yeah. I'm fine, okay? Why can't everyone just leave me alone?

      XANDER: Well maybe because everyone just cares about you.

      FAITH scoffs.

      FAITH: Yeah.

      XANDER: God Faith, can't you just accept it that people care about you? Does everything have to be so crappy?

      FAITH: You know what, I'm fine, so you can go off and do whatever alright?

      XANDER: Whatever.

      XANDER turns and leaves when all of a sudden he doubles over clutching his left eye.

      FAITH: Xander?!

      FAITH grabs him and picks him up.

      FAITH: Hey, you okay?

      XANDER: Yeah, yeah, I'm good.

      XANDER straightens up and shakes it off.

      FAITH: The hell was that?

      XANDER: Nothing.

      FAITH: I'm sure you just doubled over in pain for the fun of it. Now what's up?

      XANDER: I thought you didn't like feeling sharing time.

      FAITH looks at him warningly.

      FAITH: Xander?

      XANDER: It's my eye; lately it's just been acting really weird. I've randomly having sharp pains in it.

      FAITH: You talk to one of those eye guys about it?

      XANDER: No, I don't think the whole I got possessed and now I have an eye story is something I wanted to bring up with the optometrist.

      FAITH: Well you should at least talk to Giles about it?

      XANDER: Yeah. But I think I already know what's going on with it.

      FAITH: Huh?

      XANDER: It feels like it's fading, like it's slowly disappearing. I think my eye is going away.

      FAITH: What, so you think the magic on it or whatever is like fading?

      XANDER: Pretty much.

      FAITH: Dude?

      XANDER: Yeah.

      There's a pause.

      XANDER: Well, I better get going; Gregor is probably waiting in the lobby for me right now.

      FAITH: You two goin' somewhere?

      XANDER: Demon hunting.

      FAITH: Fun.

      XANDER: Big ?ol amounts.

      XANDER starts to leave the room.

      FAITH: Hey Xander ?

      XANDER: I know.

      FAITH smiles at him as he leaves.

      CUT TO:

      INT. LOBBY

      GREGOR is standing next to the front desk , XANDER is coming from the east side doors and PETRA comes out of the west side doors. She has on a belt that has a spot to hook in a stake and the letter ?P' as the buckle. As she walks towards them she puts a stake into it.

      XANDER: Nice to see that there is a store full of slayer wear.

      PETRA: The belt? No, there are a couple girls who are really into fashion and make accessories to make slaying easier.

      XANDER looks at her with a questioning look and then turns to GREGOR who gives him a ?it's true' look.

      XANDER: (grumbles) Now why couldn't Buffy have known any people in fashion when we slayed together?

      PETRA: Ready to go Mr. Gregor?

      GREGOR: Yes, and Xander has volunteered to help us with our cause.

      PETRA blankly stares at GREGOR.

      PETRA: So it's not just gonna be the two of us?

      GREGOR: Nope, so we should find this demon sooner rather than later.

      PETRA turns to XANDER and glares at him without GREGOR noticing and turns around and heads towards the door.

      GREGOR: I guess she's ready, lets go.

      GREGOR takes off towards her, then XANDER begins to walk behind him.

      XANDER: When did I stop being the likeable one?

      Just as PETRA gets to the door a GIRL comes running through the doors. She looks pretty injured and is breathing pretty heavily. She runs over to PETRA, who looks shocked.

      PETRA: Oh my God! Tiffany? what happened?

      TIFFANY: I was attacked. In town. I was just leaving the market when I heard a scream, I went to investigate it.

      GREGOR steps towards them.

      GREGOR: You know you aren't supposed to go fight things on your own, not with what has been going on.

      TIFFANY: And just let whoever is being attacked get killed?

      GREGOR: Then you find someone to help you, and if you can't you don't go into battle, you wait until help arrives.

      TIFFANY: Yeah, well I tried that but things didn't go as I wanted. What I was saying was that when I went to go check it out I saw this shadow demon thing holding this lady by the neck against a wall. It looked like it was about to kill her so I had to do something. I yelled after it and it dropped the lady, then I told her to run as it started to come at me, and then I tried to kill it.

      PETRA: I'm guessing that didn't go as planned either.

      TIFFANY: Pretty much. I went after it, but my punches didn't even phase it, it was like it went through it, but it was solid at the same time.

      GREGOR: Some demons are immune to physical attacks; they are rare, but they do exist.

      TIFFANY: Well then that sucks for the slayer trying to kill it.

      PETRA: Yeah.

      XANDER: Then how do you kill an untouchable-touchable demon?

      TIFFANY gives an overly giddy laugh.

      TIFFANY: That was so funny Xander.

      XANDER gives her a little smirk while PETRA rolls her eyes in disgust at her.

      GREGOR: Well in most cases usually magicks is the only way to kill those types of demons, or some types of mystic objects can also be used.

      XANDER: So let's go lay the voodoo on this shadow creep.

      GREGOR: Yeah, I suppose we should go. Thank you Tiffany for that information, it'll help us greatly.

      TIFFANY: No problem; glad my ass getting kicked helped.

      PETRA: Let's get going.

      PETRA looks over at XANDER and frowns a bit.

      PETRA: All of us.

      The three of them head out the door, TIFFANY calls out to them as they leave.

      TIFFANY: Be careful.

      CUT TO:


      GREGOR, PETRA, and XANDER are walking down the street, no one is talking, it seems like a very awkward walk, but GREGOR doesn't seem to notice.

      XANDER: So, how much longer until we get there?

      GREGOR: Only about a block or so.

      XANDER: Cool.

      Silence yet again comes. XANDER tries to break the silence.

      XANDER: So?uh, Petra, you're not from around here are you?

      PETRA: What a great detective you'd make.

      XANDER: So? seeing as that's the case, where did you come from?

      PETRA: My mother. You?

      XANDER: I meant, where did you live?

      PETRA sighs.

      PETRA: I'm from Hartford, Connecticut. And before you go on, if you've seen one town then you've seen mine; nothing to have follow-up questions on.

      XANDER: Right.

      Even more awkward silence follows. They reach an alley way and GREGOR stops.

      GREGOR: Ah, here we are.

      PETRA and XANDER: Finally.

      They both look at each other and roll their eyes.

      GREGOR: Hmm? this isn't good.

      PETRA: What is it?

      GREGOR: Well, nothing.

      XANDER: What's so bad about nothing?

      GREGOR: Well there is no evidence that the demon was here, I don't know how we will be able to track it.

      XANDER: Is there anyway we could find it?

      GREGOR: I think the only way we'll be able to find it I believe is if it attacks someone.

      XANDER: Would it be weird if I start hoping for that.

      GREGOR: Sort of, but at least the thoughts in the right place.

      PETRA: We should split up.

      GREGOR: What?

      PETRA: Yeah, like say one group, you and me goes and checks out one side of town and then everyone else goes on the other side of town.

      GREGOR: And if one group finds the demon?

      PETRA: Cell phones! Just call the other group and wait until they get there to attack.

      GREGOR: Xander?

      XANDER: Sure, why not. I'll just take team me and head over to the west side of town.

      GREGOR: Alright, but be careful and under no circumstances should you attack the demon without us with you.

      XANDER: Wouldn't dream of it.

      XANDER turns around and goes back out the alley. PETRA now has a very chipper voice.

      PETRA: Good luck!

      XANDER just waves his hand in the air behind him.

      XANDER: Yeah, yeah.

      PETRA turns back to GREGOR.

      PETRA: So, should we head out now?

      CUT TO:


      GREGOR and PETRA are walking down a park path looking for the demon.

      GREGOR: So I'm guessing by your conversation with Xander earlier that you don't care for your home town.

      PETRA: Ah, no I like it fine. I mean Gilmore Girls is based there so it has that cool factor.

      GREGOR: Gilmore Girls?

      PETRA stops dead in her tracks.

      PETRA: You're kidding me, right?

      GREGOR: Is it a television show?

      PETRA: You're not kidding. It's only the best show on TV!

      GREGOR: Okay, so apart from a TV show? the best TV show being set there, is there anything else that you liked about it?

      PETRA: Well there's my family.

      GREGOR: You're a big family person?

      PETRA: Yeah. I love them a bunch. I have a little brother and even if he always drove me crazy, I miss him a whole bunch.

      GREGOR: That's sweet. How did they handle the whole, you're a slayer thing.

      PETRA: I don't think they really did.

      GREGOR: Did you not tell them?

      PETRA: I did, it's just that they never really got the whole supernatural aspect of life.

      GREGOR: I see.

      PETRA: What about you? What's your family like?

      GREGOR: Well I never really knew my dad, he left before I was born, and my mum passed when I was four and I went and stayed with my step-dad. I had a brother as well, but I hardly remember him.

      PETRA: I'm so sorry.

      GREGOR: Nah, don't be; I hardly remember any of it and I had a pretty good childhood. My step-father is a great guy.

      PETRA: Well I guess that's nice.

      GREGOR: Not too shabby.

      They continue to walk down the path.

      PETRA: Looks like we aren't having that much luck here.

      GREGOR: Nope.

      PETRA: Well we can check over by the library, there are usually people over there walking this time of day, perfect for the demon.

      GREGOR: Alright.

      CUT TO:


      PRINCIPAL FLUTIE is sitting at his desk with GILES in the chair across from him.

      FLUTIE: To be honest Mr. Giles, I'm really intrigued as to why you would quite such a high profile job at the Museum to be a? a? school librarian at a High School.

      GILES: Just looking for a change of scenery is all.

      FLUTIE: Quiet some change from England to good ol' Sunnydale, California.

      GILES: Just the kind I was looking for.

      FLUTIE: Now, before I give you this job I will have to require you to sign some waivers.

      GILES: Waivers?

      FLUTIE: Yes, just some standard papers stating that if you were to die at the school, your family is unable to sue us.

      GILES: That hardly sounds standard.

      FLUTIE: Well here at Sunnydale High, there seem to be an odd amount of occurrences that lead to deaths.

      GILES: And there hasn't been any attempt to help stop these?

      FLUTIE: It's nothing planned, they just seem to happen. Pretty randomly most of the time, but it seems to be heavier towards the end of the school year.

      GILES starts to mumble to himself.

      GILES: It could be a type of cycle, to where the energies are released more at that time.

      FLUTIE: What was that?

      GILES: Hm? Oh nothing, just talking to myself.

      FLUTIE: Yeah, well some of the kids will try and tell you that this school was built on an ancient Indian Burial ground and that's why this all happens, but that's just a bunch of malarky, it has been checked and nothing like that happened.

      GILES: Right, right.

      FLUTIE hands GILES a stack of papers.

      FLUTIE: There's a map of the school to help guide you around, but it's all real basic. Also are the forms I will need you to sign before you get started.

      GILES: And I would have access to all of the students schedules right?

      FLUTIE: Why would you need that?

      GILES: Oh, um, you know, just in case they keep a book overdue.

      FLUTIE: Ah, good to see that you're already preparing for these things. You'll be able to get all of the students' schedules on the computer roster.

      GILES: Excellent. I think I'll go and explore the library now.

      FLUTIE: First.

      FLUTIE points at the papers.

      GILES: Right,

      GILES picks up a pen and signs the forms.

      FLUTIE smiles and shakes GILES' hand.

      FLUTIE: Great to have you aboard, I can assure you that you'll never have a dull moment hear at Sunnydale High School.


      END ACT II.
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        ACT III:


        FAITH is sitting on the steps of the mall, AMY comes up to her.

        AMY: You got out of there pretty fast.

        FAITH: Yeah, I really didn't want to be there when Mr. Sampson came to expel me.

        AMY: I haven't heard anything about expulsion.

        FAITH: So, is she alright? Cindy?

        AMY: I don't know, that was a pretty mean backhand.

        FAITH: Amy?

        AMY: If you're asking whether or not she is still alive, then unfortunately I'm gonna have to tell you yeah, she is.

        FAITH: She may be a royal pain in the ass, but her being dead wouldn't really be that great.

        AMY: Yeah, I guess.

        FAITH: You know I'm gonna have to go there don't you?

        AMY: I know.

        AMY looks down, upset.

        AMY: You know I don't want you to, right?

        FAITH: It's just a great ball of sucks.

        AMY: Amen sister friend.

        FAITH laughs at her.

        FAITH: I hate that phrase.

        AMY: Why do you think I use it?

        FAITH: You're the best friend I've ever had, you know that right?

        AMY: Know it? I force it.

        FAITH: Don't take anyone's shit okay?

        AMY: After what you pulled just a bit ago, I don't think anyone is gonna give me anything.

        FAITH: Good.

        AMY hugs FAITH, she is unsure how to react, her arms are held out not really embracing the hug. AMY lets go of FAITH and looks teary eyed.

        FAITH: I should go.

        AMY nods at her.

        FAITH: Bye Amy.

        CUT TO:


        It's nighttime and FAITH comes into the house, she is walking from the living room to her room when someone calls out to her.

        MAN O/S: Faith!

        FAITH turns around real quick to face him, he is a tall muscle built man, who smells heavily of whisky.

        FAITH: What do you want Mitch?

        MITCH: Where have you been?

        FAITH: Out. And what's it to you?

        MITCH: You know you aren't supposed to be out this late.

        FAITH: Leave me alone Mitch.

        MITCH begins to raise his voice.

        MITCH: You need to show me some respect little girl!

        FAITH: Little girl? And why should I show you respect? Just because you're my mom's bang of the week?

        MITCH: Shut your mouth you little bitch!

        FAITH: You better get the hell out of here. Now!

        MITCH: I said, SHUT THE HELL UP!

        MITCH smacks FAITH across the face, she falls to the ground from it. MITCH is over her with his fist raised.

        MITCH: You will obey me!

        FAITH looks up at him, tears welling up in her eyes, and her right side of her face is already showing a bruise.

        FAITH: Go to hell.

        She kicks him in the leg and he bends over to grab his leg, she stands up quickly and clinches a fist and with all of her might she uppercuts him. He goes flying into the wall and falls to the ground, being knocked unconscious. FAITH just glares at his body with malice filling her eyes. She then rushes into her bedroom, where she grabs a duffle bag from under her bed and throws a bunch of clothes and into it.

        FAITH takes the bag and begins searching around the room again, she can barely choke out any words.

        FAITH: Where is that damn card?

        She starts searching through the dresser drawers and looks around it on the floor; she starts feeling around under the dresser and finds it. She grabs it and rushes out of the room. She looks down at MITCH'S unconscious body and just glares.

        FAITH: I'm done with this.

        CUT TO:

        EXT. HOTEL ROOM #87

        FAITH is standing outside of the door, not sure as to what to do. She shuffles her feet a bit and goes to knock on the door when it opens up, MARGARET is standing there. She sees FAITH'S bruises, a look of sorrow appears on her face.

        MARGARET: Faith?

        FAITH: I'm ready?I'm ready to learn.

        MARGARET nods and ushers her into her room.

        CUT TO:


        GILES walks into the Library, it seems to be completely empty, he begins to walk around the place. He goes behind the desk and looks in the office, he has a sarcastic great look on his face. He walks out of the office and sees a caged area, and follows along there to the stacks. He looks around up there and then looks down off the balcony of it.

        GILES: This place seem rather dead for a ?

        GIRL O/S: Hey!

        GILES: Oh! Dear lord.

        The GIRL comes around the corner, she has long red hair and is not dressed trendy at all, its WILLOW ROSENBERG.

        WILLOW: Are you the new librarian?

        GILES: Yes, and you are?

        WILLOW: I'm Willow, Willow Rosenberg.

        GILES: Right. Well, hello Ms. Rosenberg.

        WILLOW: Do you have a name? Well of course you have a name, I mean most people in a civilized society do, and well you sound British, and I'm assuming that the British are civilized ?

        She takes a deep breath.

        WILLOW: And I've been rambling, sorry about that, I just ramble when I'm nervous, or even sometimes when I'm not.

        GILES just smiles.

        GILES: I'm Mr. Giles.

        WILLOW: Nice to meet you Mr. Giles.

        GILES: As well as you too.

        WILLOW: I'm just hoping you'll last longer than our last librarian.

        GILES: What happened?

        WILLOW: All I know is that now she's in a mental institution.

        GILES: Oh.

        WILLOW: Yeah, and plus it'll be cool having someone here from another country. Wait, you are from England right?

        GILES: Yes I am.

        WILLOW: Alright, good.

        GILES: Is it always this empty in here?

        WILLOW: Yeah, unless of course a banquet or something is being held here, then there are usually more. But other than that, only a couple ever come in here.

        GILES: How terrible.

        WILLOW: I like it actually; I can get a lot done in here.

        GILES: Well I'll be sure to call on you should I need any help.

        WILLOW: Really? Because I would love to help! My friend Xander thinks I'm a total doofus for wanting to help out around the school.

        GILES: You will be the first one I call.

        WILLOW: Neat. Hey, why did you come here all the way from England?

        GILES: I was? chosen.

        WILLOW: By who? The Elite Librarian Squad?

        She chuckles at her joke.

        GILES: No, see one of my close friends passed, so I took his place.

        WILLOW: I'm sorry about your friend.

        GILES nods.

        WILLOW: I'm sure you'll be able to do just fine, fill in his shoes nice and tight.

        GILES: Thank you for your confidence.

        The bell rings.

        WILLOW: Well, I gotta go or I'll be late for class. See ya around Mr. Giles.

        GILES: Goodbye.

        As WILLOW starts to leave, GILES calls out to here.

        GILES: Oh! Do you by any chance know a girl by the name of Buffy Summers?

        WILLOW: No, why?

        GILES: Uhm, she just has a book out that someone else needs and I wanted to get it from her.

        WILLOW: Oh, well I'll be sure to look out for her.

        GILES: Thank you for your help.

        WILLOW blushes.

        WILLOW: No problem.

        She leaves the Library with a huge smile on her face. GILES glances around the library again.

        GILES: Well, wasn't that pleasant.

        CUT TO:


        PETRA and GREGOR are walking by the library, it's getting rather dark.

        PETRA: God, this is getting so boring.

        GREGOR: It seems that things never really happen when you want them to.

        PETRA: True that.

        All of a sudden a scream comes from down the way.

        GREGOR: I think that's our bad guy.

        The two go rushing towards where the scream came from. They stop before they get to the demon, and GREGOR turns to PETRA.

        GREGOR: Call Xander.

        PETRA: What?

        GREGOR: Call him. Now!

        PETRA: But we can handle this ourselves.

        GREGOR: Petra, now!

        PETRA: Fine, fine.

        She pulls out her cell phone and dials XANDER'S number.

        PETRA: We found the demon. We're by the library. Hurry.

        She hangs up her phone.

        PETRA: He said he'll be here in ten minutes.

        GREGOR: Damn it. We can't just let it kill that guy, we're going to have to attack it.

        PETRA: Great.

        PETRA: Okay, but what about my training?

        GREGOR: We'll try it, but if it doesn't go well I want you stand back and let me handle this.

        PETRA: Fun stuff.

        GREGOR and PETRA turn around the corner and see the SHADOW CREATURE standing there about to chase after a man who is running away, he appears to now be corporeal and the orb that it stole is now embedded in it's chest.

        PETRA: Hey! Big and creepy, over here!

        The SHADOW CREATURE turns around and sees the two of them, it roars at them.

        PETRA: That didn't sound good.

        She looks nervously over at GREGOR.

        PETRA: Um, now what do I do?

        GREGOR: Just concentrate, remember your training. Anything with a flash should work.

        PETRA looks nervous.

        PETRA: Alright.

        GREGOR: You can do this.

        She nods and hold out her hands.

        PETRA: Incente Lumines!

        A small stream of light emits from her hands, it falls short just before reaching the demon.

        SHADOW CREATURE: Foolish child! Your parlor tricks will not harm me.

        He rushes her and backhands her behind GREGOR, who then runs in front of the demon.

        GREGOR: You've made a big mistake my friend.

        SHADOW CREATURE: You do not scare me.

        GREGOR lets out a scream and his body becomes engulfed in a green fire, it quickly fades leaving his eyes to glow with a green fire. His voice changes to sound like an echoing silence.

        GREGOR: I believe I may change your position.

        GREGOR backs up to where PETRA is laying.

        GREGOR: You're going to regret hurting all of those people.

        The demon just laughs and charges at him, GREGOR holds both hands out to his sides, green flames ignite around them.

        GREGOR: Prepare to die!

        He shoots the flames out at the demon, it stops in mid-charge engulfed in flames, shrieking in pain. An energy ball begins to form in his hand and he throws it at the demon, hitting it right where the orb is embedded causing the demon to completely incinerate leaving no trace behind that he was ever there.

        GREGOR collapses to the ground, the fire in his eyes gone. PETRA gets up and rushes over to him.

        PETRA: Oh my God, that was amazing.

        XANDER comes running around the corner, he sees PETRA next to GREGOR who is still lying on the ground, he picks his head up to look at XANDER.

        XANDER: Why do I always miss the exciting moments?

        GREGOR chuckles at him and lays his head back down.

        CUT TO:

        INT. LOBBY

        XANDER, PETRA, and GREGOR walk into the Lobby of the Academy. GREGOR is kind of limping, with XANDER supporting him. GILES is down at the front desk, he turns and sees the three of them.

        GILES: Oh, where have you three been?

        XANDER: Oh, you know, the usual. Demon comes to town, demon attacks people, we fight demon, demon kicks our ass, we find the upper hand and kick its demon ass back to hell.

        GILES: What?

        GREGOR: Shadow demon.

        GILES is intrigued.

        GILES: Oh? Why wasn't I informed of its arrival? I would have really liked to have seen it.

        XANDER: You're kidding, right?

        GILES: What do you mean?

        XANDER: Besides the fact that you've been ?all work and no play makes Giles a dull boy' all week?

        GILES: What?

        PETRA just sighs.

        PETRA: You're always in your office Mr. Giles, you hardly ever come out unless its work related. Even the other girls have noticed. You really should get out more often; mix in a little fun maybe?

        GILES: Well there is a lot of work that has to get done, I cannot simply just leave it unfinished.

        GREGOR: I have been constantly telling you that you have a team of people who would help you in the snap of your fingers.

        GILES: I have reasons of why I must do these things myself.

        GREGOR: What would those be?

        GILES: Well ? I ?

        FAITH O/S: Hey, what's everyone up to?

        Everyone turns to face FAITH.

        FAITH: About face soldiers.

        XANDER: Good to see you all up and about.

        PETRA: Yeah, that room was seriously starting to get a weird smell in it.

        FAITH: Funny because the smell left as soon as you left the room. Hmm.

        PETRA: Hardy har har.

        FAITH: So, how'd the hunt go?

        XANDER: We aren't dead are we?

        FAITH: Keep up with the sarcasm and that might change.

        XANDER smiles sheepishly at her, he notices her not smiling and clears his throat and his smile fades.

        GREGOR: We killed the demon.

        FAITH: Oh? What kind?

        GREGOR: It was a shadow demon, it possessed people into doing things for it until it found this orb I assume which made it corporeal because typically shadow demons are well?not.

        FAITH: How does it possess people?

        GILES: Well it's a sort of urban legend. You see in some cultures they believe that your shadow is the gateway to your soul, so the demon would go into your shadow and make it's way into your body.

        FAITH: Freaky.

        PETRA: Totally.

        XANDER: Well, it's toast now thanks to the Green Lantern, Human Torch hybrid over here.

        He pats GREGOR on the back and gives XANDER a weak smile.

        PETRA: He saved the day.

        GREGOR: Well I just want to thank my adoring audience, and to tell them that I need to take a very long shower.

        GREGOR walks away from the group.

        FAITH: Well, I've got some stuff that I've got to get done, so I'm outta here.

        GILES: I'm afraid I'm in the same boat.

        PETRA: I'm with Mr. Gregor; I need a long hot shower.

        XANDER looks at her with a raised eyebrow.

        PETRA: Not with him. I just need a shower?alone.

        The three of them leave XANDER just standing alone.

        XANDER: Go team me.

        CUT TO:

        INT. LIBRARY

        KENNEDY is in the library sitting on top of one of the tables flipping through a magazine, she looks up at the entrance to the library, no one is there, she becomes more antsy and begins jittering her leg and goes back to looking at her magazine, A couple moments pass and RONA and VI come walking fast into the library.

        VI: Sorry! Sorry!

        RONA: We couldn't get out of our training class as soon as we though, Mr. ?Dumbass' thought it would be fun to do more laps around the academy.

        KENNEDY: Whatever. Just keep your voices down, alright?

        The two nod at her.

        KENNEDY: Alright. So you both know that the plan is getting closer and closer, which means there will be no room for mistakes from here on out.

        RONA: Like there were before?

        KENNEDY: That's not what I meant. Just that now, if there is even the slightest of a slip up everything we have worked towards could be compromised.

        RONA: I don't know why you are the one lecturing us about screwing up. You're the one who misses all of Giles' meetings he calls for and we have to cover up for you.

        KENNEDY: Don't you ?

        VI cuts her off.

        VI: C'mon guys, now is not the time for a bickering contest. We have serious things to discuss.

        RONA: Fine.

        VI: Okay; now.

        She turns to KENNEDY.

        VI: You are absolutely positive that no one suspects a thing?

        KENNEDY: Unless this is just a great big trap on us, then yeah, they don't suspect ?

        KENNEDY cuts herself off when a GIRL and a WATCHER walk into the library. She watches them as they stop near them to browse at the books.

        KENNEDY: I think we should take this to the back where we can have a more private chat.

        The three of them head to the back of the library where there is no one around them and once again seat themselves around a table.

        RONA: Well then if they aren't onto us, then why did you call this little meeting?

        KENNEDY: Because they asked me to do something and I can't do it without you two.

        VI: Oh no, you have remorse face. Nothing can be good when you are wearing remorse face.

        KENNEDY: They want us to deliver her someone.

        Rona blanches out.

        RONA: To change them?

        VI: I thought they had that area all covered, that they didn't need us to feed her anyone.

        KENNEDY: Yeah, well they feel that if they get this person it can help in tiding over the battle into their favor.

        RONA: Will this be our last trial? Get this person to her and all will be fine?

        KENNEDY: I don't know.

        VI: Well we can't just go around practically killing innocent people, especially if we don't know if it will serve a greater purpose.

        RONA: But, if we don't do it, then they will think we are just double siding.

        KENNEDY: Exactly. So we really don't have a choice.

        There is a moment of silence.

        VI: So, who is it? Who do they want us to deliver to them?

        KENNEDY pulls out a candid photo she had stored in her magazine and show it to them, they are the only ones who can see it.

        KENNEDY: The one in the middle.

        When they see who she is talking about streak of fear goes across their faces.

        VI: No. No, no, no.

        RONA: Are they kidding me? We can't give her to that monster.

        KENNEDY: So you see how it could help them in winning the battle?

        VI: Are they sure it wouldn't just fuel more hate? Giving them an even better edge?

        KENNEDY: Hey, I just take the orders from them, it may not be in my nature, but it will get them to trust me. To trust us.

        RONA: They damn well better trust us after this, this is huge.

        She places the picture on top of KENNEDY's magazine, when a bunch of slayers start bustling into the library.

        VI: Looks like its study time for the slayers.

        KENNEDY: Alright I guess we can plan more on this later, in a much more secure place.

        RONA: Yeah, sure.

        They all start to leave, as KENNEDY grabs her magazine, the picture falls off the top and slides under the bottom of the table, showing just part of it, the picture has a group of people in it, FAITH towards the middle of them.

        CUT TO BLACK.

        END EPISODE.

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        • #5

          - This will not be Amy's (Alona Tal) last visit on Broken Destiny, I have much bigger plans for her.
          - So, we get a first glimpse at Gregor's magic abilities?you wanted more, and you got it. This will also play into a big plot in the next episode.
          - I made Petra's birthplace where it was for a reason, it's near a city that will be used quite heavily in the upcoming eps/seasons (here's a hint: Faith will go there next season)
          - Even more mystery to the Kennedy storyline, and now Vi and Rona are involved, for what or whom do they work for?
          - The idea to have Giles' flashback about when he came to Sunnydale and his first meeting with Willow was Travis' (Sorceress of Crimson Falls creator) idea. I was originally going to go in a different direction but this ended up fitting with the episode better. Plus I get to save those ideas for another episode.
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          Unapologetic Mockers: BACK WITH AN ALL NEW LAYOUT!