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    FAITH is walking through a crowded airport, no bags or luggage, just walking. She gets to the terminal she is looking for a sits down in a seat.


    A little later that day, FAITH is in the same spot but with a magazine on her lap, she is looking increasingly bored. Her eyes start to close when someone walks up to her.

    WOMAN O/S: Hey Faith.

    FAITH opens up her eyes and see's CARMEN WHITE-RAYNE standing in front of her with a small luggage bag in hand.

    FAITH: Your flight was delayed by like an hour.

    CARMEN: Really? I didn't notice.

    FAITH: Haha. So, besides that, was the flight okay?

    CARMEN: Yeah, but then there was this crying baby on the plane. I mean if you are going to be flying in a tight space around tons of people you should have the common decency to just leave them at home. I did.

    FAITH: So? annoying?

    CARMEN: Yeah.

    FAITH: Sorry we couldn't fly you out on the Council's Jet, but since Germany it's never been the same.

    CARMEN: Nazi syndrome?

    FAITH: Something like that.

    They start to walk away from the terminal.

    CARMEN: Speaking of Nazi's, you know what I had to go through to get my shotgun here? Customs was a bitch. I mean come on, it wasn't even going to go on the plane, how big of a threat could it cause?

    FAITH: You do have a permit for it, right?

    CARMEN: That's beside the point. Stupid post nine-eleven paranoia.

    FAITH: You really have Canadian-ized yourself.

    CARMEN: And I take full pride in it.

    They get to the ?Baggage Claim' area.

    FAITH: I was kind of surprised when you called and said you were coming out here. And even more surprised when it was just you, I would of thought Leora would of came with.

    CARMEN tries to ignore FAITH's comment

    CARMEN: No one better of taken my bag or I'll be pissed.

    FAITH: Ok, so I guess that's not really a topic you want to talk about.

    CARMEN: Seriously, where is my bag?!

    FAITH: I'm guessing it's really bad whatever it is if it's got you ignoring it this bad.

    CARMEN lets out a sigh and opens up her bag and pulls out a red orb and turns towards FAITH with a look of immense grief.

    CARMEN: There's something I have to tell you.



    -Theme Song-
    by Jem

    ELIZA DUSHKU...............................FAITH
    AMY ACKER.................................ILLYRIA
    TINA MAJORINO..................PETRA TAYLIN
    CALLUM BLUE..................THOMAS GREGOR

    Special Guest Starring:

    JULIET LANDAU...........?...........DRUSILLA
    JULIAN MCMAHON..........................DROM

    Created by:
    Joseph Sessumes
    And Alexander Brown

    Written by:
    Joseph Sessumes

    Additional Scene by:
    Alexander Brown

    Edited by:
    Joseph Sessumes

    A Sacred Circle Production.

    Based on:
    Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel (c) Joss Whedon, 20th Century Fox and Mutant Enemy
    And Raven and Sorceress of Crimson Falls (c) Alexander Brown, Travis Truant-Simpson, Sacred Circle Productions and Digilee Int. No money is being made off this project.
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    ACT I:


    It's later that night and CARMEN is standing alone in GILES' office, looking out the window. The door opens and GILES, FAITH, and ILLYRIA file in.

    FAITH: Brought ?em here just like you asked.

    CARMEN: Thanks.

    GILES: And this urgent matter couldn't wait until morning?

    CARMEN: I'm sorry, it's been bugging me.


    CARMEN: I've been lying to you.


    ILLYRIA: Deception from one so close to us should not be tolerated.

    FAITH: Uh?yeah.

    CARMEN: I didn't come here for an investigation on how things were running. I'm not here to see if the future of the slayers is doing alright or if you're teaching your magic properly; hell, I only finished my training, I never delved into it.

    GILES: Then why are you here?

    CARMEN: To bring news that I have been keeping from your for many months.

    FAITH: What is it? What couldn't you trust us with?

    CARMEN: It wasn't a matter of trust, Faith. It was a matter of trying to fix the problem before having to tell anybody. However, it's taken too long and I know that she was keeping some contact with Illyria. Something would have come up eventually.

    ILLYRIA: Leora-

    CARMEN: Is? gone.

    The room is filled with silence. CARMEN holds back tears. FAITH takes a seat, GILES putting his hand on her shoulder. ILLYRIA stands, looking pensively.

    GILES: What happened.

    CARMEN holds out a red orb. It fills the room with it's light. The scenery of GILES' office begins to rumble and changes to be the top of a mountain. The red orb in CARMEN'S floats up and goes into the starless sky, taking the position as a blood moon. ILLYRIA, FAITH, and GILES look around, confused.

    FAITH: The hell?

    CARMEN: This is where it happened: Where the hero took the plunge against evil.

    GILES: How did you bring us here?

    CARMEN: I didn't. That orb in the sky is a gift from the Lord of Destiny himself. I can show you events that happened. Like right here and now.

    A VAMPIRESS appears beside FAITH. FAITH and GILES move away, FAITH ready to attack. The VAMPIRESS walks to FAITH, and then walks through her. FAITH looks down at herself.

    CARMEN: This is just an illusion. Nothing can harm you.

    CARMEN walks close to the large stairwell at the edge of the mountainside. The others follow her, not sure what to think.

    CARMEN: These events lead to the change of everything.

    A beautiful WOMAN with fiery wings descends from the sky, landing in front of the VAMPIRESS with an angered look on her face.

    FAITH: Whoa, is that-

    ILLYRIA: Leora.

    CARMEN: Yes, and across from her is her sister; the biggest bitch in the world: Feora.

    FEORA doesn't respond to LEORA, and continues looking down at the ground. A jewel is imbedded in a stone pedestal in front of her.

    FEORA: Hello, sister.

    LEORA glares at her and takes a stance ready for battle.

    FEORA: I was expecting you. I waited. I waited just for you! Don't say I never had any patience!

    LEORA: Sorry, Feora, but I must underestimate you some more.

    FEORA gets angry at this remark.

    FEORA: Well, of course. That's what you have been doing all our lives!

    She turns from the pedestal with the jewel and faces her sister. She grabs the jewel and smiles at LEORA.

    FEORA: Remember our first fight, dear sister?

    LEORA: How could I forget?

    FEORA: Mother and Father's screams followed me, you know. They followed me for the rest of my mortal life!

    LEORA freezes, unable to open up to her sister, but still, some sisterly love remains in her soul.

    FEORA: You killed them, you bitch! You killed them!

    FEORA looks as though she is on the brink of tears.

    LEORA: So this is what this is all about.

    FEORA: I lived in agony! In longing! I coveted father and mother, and all I ever got were the leftovers of love they gave to you! But of course I lived on. I was a good girl, Leora.

    LEORA: Good girls don't mess with dark magic as tykes.

    FEORA: It was in our bloodline! Everything is in our bloodline, Leora! We were destined to fight; I can guarantee it; by whatever it is that writes that bloodline. It courses through my veins, and yours!

    LEORA: It's all we share, sister. For you are a monster!

    FEORA: And you are a saint.

    LEORA holds out her hand, flame comes from it into a large fireball. FEORA grabs the sun jewel next to her and holds it in front of her. It becomes a flaming double sided blade. FEORA twirls it around, LEORA takes to the sky once more and fires the first hit.

    LEORA dive bombs FEORA, fireballs flying around her as she flies. FEORA deflects each hit with the blade in her hands. As LEORA flies over, FEORA slices upward. LEORA falls to the ground, a sever cut on her stomach. She begins to cough up blood. FEORA laughs and walks to her. She kicks her sister in the face, sending her near the stairwell.

    FEORA: Gotcha!

    LEORA springs up, new flaming daggers in her hands; she slashes FEORA's arms with them, causing them to bleed severely. FEORA jumps back.

    LEORA: You awoke my power, you idiot!

    LEORA's wings disappear, she concentrates and the daggers grow into swords. FEORA lunges at her with her double sided blade. LEORA hits the blade with her swords to keep it from hitting her. They go back and forth, each lunge at each other a new deep breath in the attack. Both are evenly powerful, evenly trained, evenly injured, and evenly matched. LEORA finally jumps up and twirls around, fireballs coming from her. FEORA gets hit by one and falls back, allowing LEORA to imbed her swords into FEORA, sending the blade from her hand. It changes back into the sun jewel, and LEORA catches it in midair. She smiles at FEORA as she coughs blood and topples over.

    FEORA: You don't have what it takes.

    FEORA and LEORA both weakly fall to their knees. LEORA is bent over, blood all over her face. FEORA looks furious, but tired from the battle.

    LEORA: This jewel has the power of the sun, right?

    FEORA looks at her with a shocked look.

    LEORA: Goodbye, sister.

    FEORA: You'll kill us both!

    LEORA closes her eyes, contemplating her next action.

    FEORA: No!

    LEORA opens her eyes, in her pupils blazing fires are visible; with great contrast to the blue.

    LEORA (Struggling, swallowing down blood): Have you ever seen a sun up close Feora?

    LEORA holds up the jewel. The blood of the red moon drains down into the jewel, making it a powerful red as it sets ablaze. FEORA closes her eyes.

    FEORA: I still will never forgive you.

    LEORA: That doesn't matter to me. Not anymore.

    CARMEN (Talking over what is happening): And here is where I came in.

    A pregnant CARMEN walks up the stairwell and stops, mouth gaping.

    LEORA is on fire; as bright as a sun. FEORA is before her, actually melting. FEORA screams as the flames consume her before she finally turns to dust. LEORA looks to CARMEN through the flames, and holds out a hand and smiles at her friend.

    LEORA: It's finished.

    The light reaches an excruciating level for CARMEN to see. She puts her hand over her eyes. The light subsides with a roar. CARMEN lowers her hand, and LEORA is nowhere to be seen. CARMEN topples to the ground and holds herself from barfing. Tears run down onto the ground immediately.

    A small young man, MICHAEL, reaches the top of the stairs, limping. He sees CARMEN, crying.

    MICHAEL: Carmen? What happened? I saw a bright light! And?

    CARMEN begins to cry hysterically.

    MICHAEL: Where's Leora?

    CARMEN fully breaks down. MICHAEL reaches the realization of her fate. CARMEN tries to hold herself to tell him.

    CARMEN (Struggling with the words through tears): Leora saved us all, Michael. She? she?

    Everything pauses. The current CARMEN walks around the scene. She is holding herself, trying not to cry.

    CARMEN: She was a selfish bitch! That's what happened!

    No one speaks.

    CARMEN: She lost her boyfriend, so she decided to take the easy way out and finish Feora quickly!

    Still, silence.

    CARMEN: And I was left alone! My best friend had died! Oh, and my husband? well?

    The scene shifts to be an arena area at the bottom of the hill. The pillars of the arena come from the ground naturally, and it resembles an old Roman design. A man in his 30's, ARTHUR RAYNE, is fighting what appears to be a teenaged vampire, MATT. MICHAEL is in the background, lying on the ground, and another man, GALEN, is near RAYNE. RAYNE has cuts on his face, MATT has his shirt ripped almost off. RAYNE has a stake in his hand; going at it old style.

    RAYNE: I give you one more change because you're so young.

    MATT: Have you learned nothing, old man? I am not that boy!

    RAYNE: That's a shame.

    RAYNE takes the shotgun and shoots MATT in the stomach, sending him back. MATT, on the ground, weakened, looks up as RAYNE walks to him, stake in hand. He plunges down, going for MATT's heart.

    MATT: Stop!

    MATT unvamps his face and looks at RAYNE's face, innocent look once again present. RAYNE stops for a second, and then fights the challenge. He shoves the stake into his heart. MATT dusts. RAYNE rises and throws his stake aside. He wipes off his forehead. Galen pulls out a knife behind him and starts to quickly run up to him. MICHAEL falls back, not able to watch what may happen.

    Suddenly, out of the shadows between RAYNE, and GALEN, a large demon, THE GUARDIAN, mace in hand, appears. He swings his mace and breaks a pillar in his way. RAYNE grabs his shotgun and immediately aims it at the demon's chest. He fires and hits the demon sending him back, killing him twice in one day. GALEN moves back, stunned.

    RAYNE: So that was that. To the top of the mountain we go!

    Light floods the arena, the pregnant CARMEN and another man, HENRY appear. Galen hides the knife, MICHAEL gets up from the ground behind him. CARMEN smiles at the sight of RAYNE, and then shock shows on her face.

    CARMEN: Arthur! Out of the way!

    RAYNE looks to the side. It's a young vampire, JEAN, holding the GUARDIAN's mace. He whacks RAYNE in the side of the head, sending him flying to CARMEN and HENRY. CARMEN gets to the ground and holds her husbands her. She looks up at JEAN with hate in her eyes.

    CARMEN: You killed him!

    JEAN walks slowly to Carmen, club in his hands.

    JEAN: Well, bitch, that's what you get!

    HENRY: Who is he?

    CARMEN, in tears, stands up, grabbing her shotgun.

    JEAN: You're next!

    JEAN lunges to CARMEN; she wipes up the gun and fires it at his neck. JEAN falls to the ground, missing half of his neck. She walks to him. Tears running down her face; she puts her hand on his chest as he tries to rise up. She shoots down with her handgun multiple times in the face, blood, other liquids and pieces flying everywhere. The face is no longer there. She shoots the shotgun at the remainder of his neck, and he dusts. She falls to the ground, crying. HENRY checks for a pulse on RAYNE.

    HENRY: He's alive!

    CARMEN springs up, smile on her face.

    CARMEN: What?

    HENRY: He's alive! He needs serious medical attention.

    GALEN: Then we should leave now!

    MICHAEL still remains scarce. CARMEN grabs her guns and walks to the stairwell.

    CARMEN: Do what you want. I have a world to save!

    Pregnant CARMEN runs towards the stairwell.

    GALEN walks to HENRY, caring for RAYNE.

    GALEN: Are you a friend of theirs?

    HENRY: I was supposed to be at their wedding, and you?

    GALEN kicks HENRY in the face. He falls back, not responsive. GALEN pulls his knife and goes for RAYNE's throat. MICHAEL springs up to action.

    MICHAEL: No!

    The sound of a blade being unsheathed, GALEN stands over RAYNE, knife dropped. He looks down at his chest. A blade is through it: MICAHEL's blade. GALEN falls to the ground and looks into his betrayers eyes.

    GALEN: You? you? bastard!

    GALEN's breathing becomes heavy; he closes his eyes as he breathes. MICHAEL watches him, tears streaming down his face. MICHAEL pulls the blade from GALEN's chest. He checks on HENRY, and then on RAYNE. He holds the blade and runs up to the stairwell. Everything freezes once more.

    CARMEN: As you can see, stupidity seems to be a common trait in the Byrne family.

    ILLYRIA: I've seen enough of this.

    ILLYRIA storms out of the office.

    FAITH: Carmen, you didn't have to hide this, you could of said something. At least to Illyria, I think Leora was the only person she would actually call a friend.

    CARMEN: Look, once this happens to you, then we'll talk!

    The room fades to normal and the crystal floats into CARMEN's hand. She walks out the door, tears starting to stream from her eyes.

    CUT TO:


    ILLYRIA is roaming the graveyard looking for something to kill. She reaches a mausoleum and looks inside but nothing is there. She returns to outside of the mausoleum and walks over to a gravestone with a tall Angel statue on it.

    ILLYRIA: I need an outlet for my rage yet there is nothing near to help.

    She walks down a row of graves when a hand comes out of a freshly dug grave.

    ILLYRIA: Vampire.

    The VAMPIRE starts crawling out of the grave and ILLYRIA walks closer to it to where she is at the base of it. The VAMPIRE is now all the way out of the grave and notices ILLYRIA; he lets out a growl.

    VAMPIRE: Looks like I won't have to go far for my next meal.

    ILLYRIA: Cockiness in a creature of your status is expected.

    VAMPIRE: You think you can take me blue girl?

    ILLYRIA: Your strength is minuscule compared to my most dismal of attacks.

    VAMPIRE: We'll see about that!

    The VAMPIRE lunges at ILLYRIA trying to punch her but she grabs his fist and tosses him against a tree. Still shocked he stands up but ILLYRIA is too quick for him and is already in front of him. She grabs him by the collar and begins to continuously punch him, over and over.

    ILLYRIA: You are a weak fool.

    She then throws him backwards and he hit's the Angel statue, breaking it. She walks over to the VAMPIRE and kicks him in the side while he is still on the ground.

    ILLYRIA: Beating you is causing me no pleasure.

    The VAMPIRE makes another attempt to stand up but ILLYRIA back hands him causing him to hit the statue once again.

    ILLYRIA: This attempt in solace is futile.

    She grabs the VAMPIRES head and twists it, snapping it off, dusting it.

    ILLYRIA: I told you I was stronger.

    CARMEN O/S: Like that was in danger?

    ILLYRIA turns around and see's CARMEN.

    CARMEN: So you took off pretty fast in there.

    ILLYRIA: The space was too small, it was crowding around me.

    CARMEN: Or maybe you were just feeling emotions.

    ILLYRIA: Emotion?

    CARMEN: Yeah, you know, that weird feeling you get when-

    ILLYRIA: I understand what emotion is.

    CARMEN: Okay, so then what was with the question?

    ILLYRIA: The last time I felt an emotion like this was when Wesley died.

    CARMEN: Yeah, he was a good guy. A prat, yes, but still a good guy.

    ILLYRIA: Prat?

    CARMEN: Never mind me, I was just talking.

    ILLYRIA: So you knew Wesley?

    CARMEN: Yeah, but not much, mainly just kind of mentoring him. He was so twitchy, it was real funny.

    ILLYRIA: This does no remind me of Wesley.

    CARMEN: Yeah, well the last time I saw him was?well, a long time ago. People change, it's just the way things are.

    CARMEN sits down against a gravestone.

    CARMEN: You hope and think that people won't change after not seeing them for a while, but then once you see them after all that distance, bam, everything's different. What you once knew is gone with one glance. You grasp onto the false hope that maybe, just maybe, underneath that foreign exterior that is mocking you , there is that same old person that you hoped to see.

    ILLYRIA: Sometimes it is not change, but rather adaptation.

    CARMEN: The crappy thing is, the more you want to adapt with others, the harder it is to stay at a steady pace with them.

    ILLYRIA: You cannot achieve full power without adapting at your own pace, waiting only cripples the process.

    CARMEN: If I was a demon, I think I would have the same philosophy.

    ILLYRIA: Humans are if not worse than demons when power is involved. Demons want power for reasons different than humans.

    CARMEN: Do they have you teaching at that Academy?

    ILLYRIA: I would grow weary with the insistent nagging of the post adolescent girls.

    CARMEN: Yeah, I really don't see how they do it, that's why I never wanted to be a full watcher, I just wanted to get the training so that I could open up my shop.

    They both fall silent for a moment.

    ILLYRIA: She gave her life for the world?

    CARMEN: She did.

    ILLYRIA: It was the only way in which the problem could be solved?

    CARMEN: I really don't know, it all happened really fast.

    ILLYRIA: She was a fool.

    CARMEN: The biggest.

    ILLYRIA: Anger and grief is pouring off of you, it lingers like a sickness.

    CARMEN: It's not something that you just let go of Illyria. I may not have any special old demon abilities but it's obvious that her death has hurt you too.

    ILLYRIA: How does one recover from something like this?

    CARMEN: Find out and let me know okay?

    ILLYRIA: She was a hero.

    CARMEN: I still say she was a fool.

    ILLYRIA: Without her, many of us would be dead, she was strong and courageous.

    CARMEN: And had great hair.

    ILLYRIA looks at her with a puzzled look.

    CARMEN: You know what would be great for you?

    ILLYRIA: What?

    CARMEN: Some time in front of a TV.

    A scream from some distance is heard. A woman's scream. ILLYRIA and CARMEN quickly look in the direction of where the scream came from.

    CARMEN: You still don't want to kill anything?

    ILLYRIA: Another kill would not hurt.

    CUT TO:


    CARMEN and ILLYRIA arrive at the back alley of a restaurant. Something is seen scurrying away, and a woman is lying on the ground bleeding, CARMEN rushes down to help her, she puts an arm under her head.

    CARMEN: Something ripped apart her chest, she's not breathing.

    CARMEN drags the body more into the light.

    CARMEN: Oh my God.

    She turns her face away from the body and looks up at ILLYRIA who is looking in the direction to where the thing scurried away.

    CARMEN: Whatever, or whoever did this ripped out this woman's heart.

    She gently puts the body onto the ground.

    CARMEN: What kind of sick bastard did this?

    ILLYRIA points to the other end of the alley.

    ILLYRIA: I saw something run that way.

    CARMEN: Let's go check it out.

    They walk down to the opening of the other end of the alley, and find nothing but a deserted street.

    CARMEN: Great, whatever did this got away.

    She turns around and walks back to the body.

    CARMEN: We should go and ask Giles if maybe he could figure out what did this.

    ILLYRIA: Should we bring the body?

    CARMEN: I think that we could probably just tell him what we saw, I don't think he needs a floor show.

    ILLYRIA walks closer to the body and starts to look at it.

    ILLYRIA: What is that?

    She points to something on the body's neck.

    CARMEN: A tattoo?

    CARMEN crouches down to get a better look.

    CARMEN: Ugh, that's just wrong.

    ILLYRIA: What?

    CARMEN moves the bodies head to give ILLYRIA a better view of what is on her neck: A carving. It is hexagon shaped with a small cross in the middle of it.

    CARMEN: We might not be dealing with a demon anymore.

    She stands up and looks at ILLYRIA.

    CARMEN: We could have a serial killer on out hands.

    ILLYRIA: A human.

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      ACT II:


      PETRA and FAITH are training together, sparing. FAITH punches at PETRA but she ducks and starts to come back up when FAITH sweeps her from under her and PETRA falls.

      FAITH: Had enough?

      PETRA gets back up.

      PETRA: I guess, but don't think that you won, cause I so could of kicked your butt if I wanted to.

      FAITH: By sitting on yours? Not likely.

      PETRA: Fine, but now can we do something not so violent?

      FAITH: You're a slayer, there is little in your life that isn't violent.

      PETRA: Which is why I think we should take this great opportunity to go and do something anti-violent.

      FAITH: You wanna join a Peace Corp?

      PETRA: Come on Faith.

      FAITH: Sorry, I just haven't really been myself today.

      PETRA: Is it because of that woman that you went and picked up today?

      FAITH: Carmen?

      PETRA: I guess.

      FAITH: It's not really about her, but why she came.

      PETRA: Why's that?

      FAITH: Aren't we getting a little too E! True Hollywood story here?

      PETRA: Well, it's not like you want to do anything, so why not talk?

      FAITH: Fine, what did you have in mind?

      PETRA: How about a movie?

      FAITH eyes her.

      FAITH: Which one did you have in mind?

      PETRA: How about ?The Emperors New Groove??

      FAITH: The what?

      PETRA: You've never heard of it?

      FAITH: Can't say I have.

      PETRA: Well it's about this Emperor who gets turned into a llama by this usurp ring ex-consultant and then he has to go and find her with the help of an unlikely friend to find her and get changed back.

      FAITH: Disney?

      PETRA nods enthused.

      FAITH: Yeah, not gonna work with me Pet.

      PETRA: Oh come on, I know underneath that bad ass exterior you have a chewy caramel center.

      FAITH: You want me to watch a little kids movie.

      PETRA: Just because it's Disney, doesn't automatically make it a kids movie.

      FAITH: And what universe did you com from?

      PETRA: Please. Faith, just give it a try.

      FAITH rolls her eyes.

      FAITH: Fine. I'll try it out. But I swear to God, once there's singing I am so out of there.

      PETRA gets a huge grin on her face.

      PETRA: Great! Come on, we can watch it in the wreck room.

      FAITH groans.

      FAITH: Around others?

      CUT TO:


      There are very few people in the room. FAITH and PETRA are sitting on the couch which is facing the screen that's playing the movie. PETRA laughs at a joke on the screen.

      PETRA: See, this movie is real funny.

      FAITH: Just a barrel of laughs.

      PETRA: Well with that attitude, anything would be boring.

      PETRA sees FAITH watching the movie with no real emotion, looking like she is lost in her own thoughts.

      PETRA: Who was she?

      FAITH: Who?

      PETRA: That Carmen lady. Whatever she came to tell you must have been big, I mean you're thinking and everything.

      FAITH: She's just a friend that I had before I moved here.

      PETRA: From Sunnydale?

      FAITH: No, from Burnaby.

      PETRA: Oh right, Faith: The Canada Days.

      FAITH: She actually came here to tell us that one of the people I knew while staying there had died.

      PETRA: Oh my God, Faith I'm so sorry.

      FAITH: It's alight, I mean I'll be fine, I just don't know about Carmen. She looked so broken over everything.

      PETRA: Were they real close?

      FAITH: Best friends.

      PETRA: Man that sucks.

      FAITH: And then her husband is in a coma, and she has to raise their newborn child by herself.

      PETRA: My God, it's like I just walked into a Lifetime movie.

      FAITH: So, does this movie still seem so great?

      PETRA frowns and pouts.

      PETRA: No, now I'll never be able to watch this movie again without being depressed.

      FAITH smiles.

      FAITH: Good, this way you won't drag me to watch it again.

      FAITH stands up.

      FAITH: I'm gonna go then, you just sit here and watch your fun movie.

      PETRA: You suck.

      FAITH: Thanks.

      FAITH goes towards the door when XANDER comes walking through it.

      XANDER: Hey, I was looking for you.

      FAITH: Found me, whatcha want?

      XANDER: I was just wondering if you would maybe wanna go out a do something, you know get away from all the doom and gloom.

      FAITH: Sounds like fun.

      FAITH looks back at PETRA.

      FAITH: See, Xander knows how to have real fun.

      PETRA: You both suck.

      XANDER and FAITH both smile at her and leave. PETRA looks at the screen and frowns even more.

      PETRA: Disney be damned.

      She picks up the remote and turns off the TV to further pout.

      CUT TO:


      GILES is at his desk going over papers, talking to himself as he looks through them.

      GILES: The slayers keep popping up like mad. At this rate they will overturn the Slayer/Watcher ratio onto their side.

      Someone knocks on the door.

      GILES: Yes?

      ILLYRIA and CARMEN walk through the door.

      GILES: Carmen, Illyria, how can I help you?

      CARMEN: Well when we were out we came across something kind of bizarre.

      GILES: Yes?

      CARMEN: A woman with her heart ripped out.

      GILES: Did you identify the creature that did this.

      CARMEN: That's the thing, see we don't really think it was a creature. We think it's a human that did it.

      GILES: What brought you to this conclusion?

      ILLYRIA: There was a carving.

      CARMEN: Yeah, and it looked kind of serial killerish, like they were branding their victim.

      GILES: What did this carving look like?

      CARMEN: It looked sort of like a hexagon, but with a- Hey, how about I just draw it for you.

      GILES hands her a pad of paper and a pencil.

      GILES: There you go.

      CARMEN takes them and begins to sketch the symbol.

      CARMEN: There we are. It looked just like that.

      She turns to ILLYRIA showing her the picture.

      CARMEN: Right?

      ILLYRIA: Right.

      GILES: I think I've seen that before.

      CARMEN: You know, I thought that too, but it just doesn't ring a bell.

      GILES goes over to one of his book shelves and pulls off two books and then to another and pulls out three more.

      GILES: If it is occult or otherwise supernatural, the symbol should be in one of these books.

      They each take a book and start looking through them.

      CARMEN: God, I can't remember the last time I ever really did research.

      GILES: Ah, well, it comes in handy.

      CARMEN looks back down at her book and her expression saddens a little.

      CARMEN: Yeah.

      GILES looks up from his book.

      GILES: You said it looked as if the heart was ripped out?
      CARMEN: It didn't look that way, it was that way. The heart was gone.

      GILES: Yes, but did it look like whoever or whatever did this had ripped it out or simply carved it out?

      ILLYRIA: It looked as if something had ripped it out.

      CARMEN: Why?

      GILES: Well, I'm friends with one of the hospitals Coroners and he has sent me a couple of files in which victims hearts had been ripped out.

      GILES gets up from his chair and goes over to one of his filing cabinets.

      GILES: Let me just find the files and - Ah!

      He pulls out a couple of medical folders and sets them on the desk.

      GILES: Here we are.

      He starts to sift through them looking at the medical reports, when he comes across some pictures.

      GILES: I knew the symbol had seemed somewhat familiar. Look at these.

      He holds up the pictures to CARMEN, they show a couple different people, but they all have one thing in common: A carving of the symbol on their necks.

      ILLYRIA: I have found the symbol.

      ILLYRIA places the book on the desk. And the symbol is shown next to a picture of a demon. The demon is gray in color, has skinny limbs and leathery looking skin, it's eyes are yellow and has razor sharp looking claws.

      GILES: A Scavenger demon?

      CARMEN: Well at least we know it's not a human, that's a relief. Now I won't have to worry about my conscious nagging at me for killing a human.

      GILES: You're going after it?

      CARMEN: Might as well do something while I'm here. And what a better thing to do than shoot demons?

      GILES gives a soft laugh.

      GILES: When I talked to Xander last he said something about going out into the town and seeing if Faith would go along. If you see them could you let them know about this and perhaps they could help you.

      CARMEN: Sounds like a plan.

      She turns to ILLYRIA.

      CARMEN: You coming?

      ILLYRIA: I will take joy in crushing this demons skull in.

      CARMEN: Cool.

      GILES: Alright, just please be careful. The book doesn't say anything about it carving out hearts, so lord only knows why it would want that.

      CUT TO:

      INT. CAVE

      DRUSILLA is messing with a bouquet of dead roses in a vase while humming a tune to herself. A demon comes up from behind her, the SCAVENGER demon.

      SCAVENGER: I have brought you a gift my mistress.

      DRUSILLA: Did you bring me more flowers?

      SCAVENGER: Better.

      The SCAVENGER shows her a human heart, DRUSILLA's eyes light up.

      DRUSILLA: It's beautiful.

      She takes the heart from him into her hands.

      DRUSILLA: Much better than daisies; and tastier.

      SCAVENGER: I took it just for you my sweet.

      DRUSILLA: Someone has a crush I think.

      SCAVENGER: This is more than a mere crush my dark mistress, it is love.

      DRUSILLA: Silly little one, ones with crushes always think it's love.

      SCAVENGER: Call it what you want, either way I crave you.

      DROM walks into the room.

      DROM: Oh god, have some decency will you? You're like a little boy idolizing a movie star.

      SCAVENGER: No one asked you!

      DROM: No, but I have to hear it, and honestly I think I'm going to be sick if you don't stop.

      DRUSILLA: I think someone's jealous. Do you want a pretty little gift Mr. Grape?

      DROM: Will you please stop calling me that? I swear if I hadn't already put so much work into this I would of left by now.

      DRUSILLA: No need to be upset.

      DROM: Don't forget what you have to do today, only a few more and everything will be complete.

      DRUSILLA: Don't worry, I'll give a visit to the little maids.

      DROM looks to the SCAVENGER.

      DROM: And if you get in the way, I'll make sure that your next love will have to dig six feet just to get to you.

      The SCAVERNGER glares at DROM and turns back to DRUSILLA who is smiling at her human heart again humming.

      CUT TO:


      PETRA is sitting cross-legged on a mat with her eyes closed. A feather begins to float in front of her. She peeks open one of her eyes and gets excited, and then the feather zooms across the room almost hitting GREGOR and causing him to jump back.

      PETRA: Oh my God! Did you see that? I did it! I made the feather float.

      GREGOR doesn't look to happy.

      GREGOR: And almost implanted it into my torso. I told you, Magicks require full mental stability, or it gets really hard for you to control it unless you have great skill.

      PETRA: I know I know, but I made the feather float, and only after like two lessons.

      GREGOR cracks a smile.

      GREGOR: You are progressing very well.

      PETRA: I know, it's so weird, it feels like, like?

      GREGOR: You're part of something bigger?

      PETRA: Yeah!

      GREGOR: And how does that feel?

      PETRA: Well I'm already a slayer, so you know, that's already a big deal, and now this. It feels kind of scary.

      GREGOR: I know what you mean.

      PETRA: Oh come on, you're Mr. Suave Magick Guy, how does it scare you?

      GREGOR: It may look like it comes easy for me, but I rarely use any real magick so that it never consumes me.

      PETRA: What do you mean?

      GREGOR: Certain types of Magick corrupt, they inflict addiction. I would like to avoid that at all costs.

      PETRA: Has it ever happened to you before?

      GREGOR: Once, but it wasn't too bad so I was able to fight it. You have to want to not be corrupted or it will just consume you even more.

      PETRA: Okay, so you just painted a real freaky picture. I never knew that Magicks could be that bad.
      GREGOR: I don't mean to scare you, but you have to know this. The Magicks are a very dangerous thing and should not be taken lightly.

      PETRA: Gotcha.

      GREGOR: I hate to cut this meeting so short, but I have to go and talk with Mr. Giles, so your welcome to stay and practice a bit more in her if you would like.

      PETRA: Yeah, I really would like to.

      GREGOR: Ok, be safe, and remember to concentrate on leveling your emotions.

      GREGOR exit's the classroom and begins to walk down the hallway and up the stairs when CARMEN and ILLYRIA comes down them he nods his head to them as they pass and then does a double take.

      GREGOR: Carmen?

      CARMEN turns around a looks at GREGOR puzzled.

      CARMEN: Yes?

      GREGOR: Oh come on, like you can't recognize me?

      CARMEN looks at him and starts to think, GREGOR raises an eyebrow. Then it hits her.

      CARMEN: Tom?

      GREGOR smiles.

      GREGOR: I was starting to think you wouldn't remember, which would be kinda tragic, seeing as you, Arthur and I were all really good friends. I mean you're not famous so you shouldn't of forgotten me.

      CARMEN: Sorry, it's just been kind of a bad day. Hell, bad year.

      GREGOR: Things not looking so great in Burnaby?

      CARMEN: Not really.

      GREGOR: What's up? Is Rayne here with you?

      CARMEN: Um, no, he's in a coma right now actually.

      GREGOR: Oh Jesus.

      CARMEN: Not really; but close.

      GREGOR: I'm so sorry, I wish I would of known, but as soon as I left the Council it had blown up and I came back to help repair it so I never got to come and visit you guys.

      CARMEN: Hey, no problem, it's a two way street.

      GREGOR: Yeah, I guess.

      CARMEN: Actually, I have to get going, Illyria and I have some stuff we have to get done, but when we're finished we should get together and talk.

      GREGOR: Alright, I guess I'll talk to you later.

      CARMEN: Sounds good.

      CARMEN and ILLYRIA continue there walk down the hall and GREGOR continues up the stairs.

      CUT TO:


      XANDER and FAITH are walking down a street in the plaza of town, there are strips of stores all up and down it, it's late afternoon.

      XANDER: Leora.

      FAITH: What?

      XANDER: That's her name right? The one who died. Leora?

      FAITH: Yeah, why?

      XANDER: I was just wondering. You two were friends right?

      FAITH: Yeah, I guess we were.

      XANDER: So how are you holding up?

      FAITH: Fine.

      XANDER: Come on Faith, I know you. You may seem like you're all cool and bad ass, but I know that it's hurting you inside.

      FAITH: God I wish people would stop saying that.

      XANDER: You don't always have to be like this, you can show emotion, I swear I won't mock.

      FAITH: Come off it Xander. I just have too much on my mind right now, and then this comes, I just don't know which thing to focus on.

      XANDER: Well what else is racking that oh so enigma of a mind you have?

      FATH: Drusilla.

      XANDER: Yeah, that's pretty much been on everyone's mind lately.

      FAITH: No, I mean I saw her.

      XANDER: Yes, we both did.

      FAITH: God Xander, be a little less dense. I mean I saw her after that, again.

      XANDER: And you've neglected to tell anyone this because?

      FAITH: Giles has so much on his plate already, I just figured why bother him with something I could handle by myself?

      XANDER: Where did you see her?

      FAITH: Down at the shores in a cave, I got there and we talked, she was being real cryptic, talking about balances a stuff like that. I went to fight her but then she escaped. I've been down there everyday since, but she's been a no show.

      XANDER: Wow.

      FAITH: Yeah, and you know she's crazier in person. Damn right crazy.

      XANDER: That's Drusilla.

      They continue walking down the street and get to a restaurant. FAITH stops in front of it, as does XANDER.

      FAITH: They have some great food in there.

      XANDER: Maybe we can go there sometime. Together.

      FAITH turns to XANDER.

      FAITH: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Hey Xander, I know you're all for the dating now, but I'm not, and I'm not to sure that if I was that it would be with you.

      XANDER: Oh.

      FAITH: No offense or anything, it's just that you and I have never had the best track record.

      XANDER: Nah, it's cool, I just thought that you would maybe wanna start easing into it a bit.

      FAITH: Xander, Robin died. My husband, that's not something you just get over.

      XANDER: Are we forgetting Anya? She died too.

      FAITH: Yeah, and you got closure, I didn't.

      There is a period of silence as they continue to walk on down the street.

      XANDER: I'm sorry, that was wrong for me to say. I shouldn't compare you and me. Different lives, different stories.

      FAITH: In the most sense.

      XANDER: We good?

      FAITH: Peachy.

      XANDER: Cool.

      FAITH: So, do you think I should tell Giles?

      XANDER: Not yet. I would wait until you really have to tell him.

      FAITH: Yeah, but then he'll do that whole huffy thing and get angry that I didn't tell him.

      XANDER: How bout I take half the lashings if he gets angry.

      FAITH: Sounds fair.

      XANDER: So, how was it?

      FAITH: What?

      XANDER: Meeting her. Drusilla.

      FAITH: Oh. It was kind of intimidating. I mean if she was a regular vampire it would have been nothing, but she has that whole crazy thing going for her.

      XANDER: Yeah, that would give her the edge.

      FAITH: And the cryptic talk didn't help at all. She was going on about how someone has started a betrayal or something, I don't know.

      XANDER: Betrayal?

      FAITH: Yeah, I -

      CARMEN O/S: Faith! Wait up!

      FAITH and XANDER turn around to see CARMEN with shotgun in hand and ILLYRIA, though she is in FRED's form.

      CARMEN: Hey, did you know that Illyria could change her appearance?

      FAITH: Yeah I did, but what's with the stampede? I'm sure it wasn't about that.

      CARMEN: No, it's about a demon.

      FAITH: Something to pound, sounds fun. What about it?

      CARMEN: It's going around and ripping out people's hearts.

      XANDER: Ok, ouch.

      CARMEN: Giles sent us out here to find you for help with dealing with the demon.

      FAITH: Sounds good, so where are we heading?

      CARMEN: I thought we might go through some alleys, that's where most of the killings happened.

      FAITH: Alright, we can start with one over hear.

      They go towards the alley when they hear a MAN screaming.

      FAITH: Or maybe we can try on the other side.

      They start running towards the street and try crossing it without getting hit by any cars. They get to the other side and run through the back alley ways of a bunch of stores when they find the SCAVENGER pinning a MAN to the ground. CARMEN shoots her shotgun near the SCAVENGER and it looks up at them.

      FAITH: Looks like you got it's attention.

      END ACT II
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        ACT III:

        EXT. ALLEY

        The SCAVENGER lunges towards CARMEN trying to get her shotgun away from her when FAITH grabs the SCAVENGER and throws it against the wall it tries to get up but CARMEN puts her shotgun against its throat.

        FAITH: Okay, you're gonna tell us all we wanna know.

        SCAVENGER: Never.

        CARMEN: Do you think I have this gun against your throat for laughs? I will blow you to pieces if you don't talk.

        The SCAVENGER swallows hard.

        SCAVENGER: Fine.

        CARMEN: Why are you stealing hearts? Scavengers don't do that, so what makes you so special?

        SCAVENGER: They are for my mistress, she likes them as gifts.

        FAITH: Your mistress?

        SCAVENGER: Yes, mistress Drusilla.

        XANDER: Drusilla?! What are you doing with her?

        SCAVENGER: She is my love, and the more hearts I bring her the more she loves me.

        XANDER: I don't see why I'm surprised, but wow, I am.

        FAITH: Where is she? I found her in a cave once, but she never came back.

        SCAVENGER: Maybe you haven't looked hard enough.

        CARMEN presses the shotgun harder against it's throat.

        CARMEN: I don't think she asked for cryptic, I believe the lady wanted an answer.

        The SCAVENGER lets out a smile a laughs a bit.

        CARMEN: I don't think your in the position to laugh little guy, now where is this Drusilla at?

        SCAVENGER: Why don't you ask one of her minions.

        CARMEN: What?

        From behind them a CHAOS DEMON backhands CARMEN to the ground. ILLYRIA kicks him in the stomach and he stumbles backwards. FAITH starts to punch him repeatedly and then XANDER throws a garbage bin at him causing the CHAOS DEMON to turn around and hit him, knocking XANDER down.

        FAITH goes to punch the CHAOS DEMON again when he head butts her making her disoriented and he punches her in the face. Before he can punch her again ILLYRIA grabs his arm and twists it around his back delivery a head butt to him.

        CARMEN O/S: Illyria move!

        ILLYRIA lets go of the demon who is still a bit out of it and she steps away. CARMEN fires her shotgun at it twice, cause it to stumble backwards and fall to the ground. ILLYRIA grabs the CHAOS DEMONS head and snaps it's neck.

        FAITH: Okay, a bit of an over kill but I think it got the message.

        She see's XANDER lying on the ground.

        FAITH: You okay Xander?

        XANDER: Yeah but I think Gollum got away.

        FAITH: What?

        She looks around and notices that the SCAVENGER got away.

        CARMEN: Shit, that little creep got away. I had him right where I wanted him too, until that overgrown orange sucker punched me.

        FAITH: Yeah, I'm gonna have a headache for a weak. How bout you Illyria, how are ya feelin after that head butt?

        ILLYRIA: Victorious.

        FAITH: Yeah I figured.

        XANDER: Should we head back and report to Giles?

        CARMEN: Yeah, he seemed to kind of want updates on this.

        FAITH: He wants updates for everything.

        XANDER: Seriously, the guys a crazed omnificent watcher.

        CARMEN: But who isn't nowadays?

        CUT TO:

        INT. LIBRARY

        GILES, XANDER, FAITH, CARMEN, and ILLYRIA, back in her normal appearance, are all next to each other at a table in the library discussing the events that happened earlier.

        FAITH: And then after the Chaos Demon was killed, we realized that the scavenger had gotten away.

        GILES: Well, I guess I can send some slayer in round around the town to make sure that it doesn't appear again.

        XANDER: Oh I don't know, but I think that Carmen's shotgun with leave a lasting impression on it's throat.

        CARMEN laughs a bit.

        CARMEN: I would of left a permanent impression too if that demon didn't hit me.

        GILES: At least none of you got hurt.

        XANDER: The wall didn't exactly feel too great against the back of my head.

        FAITH: Aw, poor Xander got a boo-boo?

        XANDER: Do not mock the injured. It's rude and tacky.

        FAITH rolls her eyes at him.

        GILES: So all the demon told you, was that Drusilla was in a cave somewhere?

        FAITH: Uh, yeah. That's what he told us.

        GILES: Well, I want you to go and check out these places; maybe it's not too late to find out exactly where she is located.

        FAITH: Sure, I'll get right on that.

        GILES: Thank you.

        FAITH: It'll be so quick, it'll seem like I've already been there.

        XANDER clears his throat.

        XANDER: So, uh do you want help with rounding up a surveillance team G-Man?

        GILES: If you'd like, it would be rather helpful.

        XANDER: No problem, I'll get right on that.

        XANDER gets off of the table and exit's the library.

        CARMEN: I think it's almost time for my departure too. I don't know how much longer I can leave Michael in charge of babysitting.

        GILES: I'm sorry we can't lend you the Council's Jet but-

        CARMEN: Nazis, yeah, I know.

        GILES: What?

        FAITH: Nothing. I'll help you bring your bags down.

        CARMEN: Thanks.

        INT. CAVE

        The SCAVENGER enters the cave and goes straight to DRUSILLA.

        SCAVENGER: Good evening my sweet mistress.

        DRUSILLA: Yes it is. The sky is full of little whispers tonight, just waiting to be heard.

        SCAVENGER: I'm sorry to say that I haven't a present for you tonight.

        DRUSIILLA: No pretty bows?

        SCAVENGER: Not tonight I'm afraid. But don't fret, I will get you two presents tomorrow to make up for tonight.

        DROM walks over to him.

        DROM: Oh no, no, no, that just won't do. You see those hearts made Dru here happy, and without them well all you are is an annoyance: A burden to us all.

        SCAVENGER: Surely my mistress does not have the same feeling.

        DRUSILLA turns away from the SCAVENGER.

        DROM: Oh, I'm sure she does.

        SCAVENGER: But, but -

        DROM takes his hand and puts it through the SCAVENGERS chest and rips out it's heart, the demon falls to the floor dead.

        DROM: Ah poetic justice, who doesn't love it?

        DROM gives the heart to DRUSILLA.

        DROM: Here you go, something to play with.

        DRUSIILA: It's wonderful.

        DROM: Yeah it is, but you owe me something.

        DROM points DRUSILLA over to the glowing chalice we saw before.

        DROM: You see that there? We just need one more slayer and it'll be complete, and you've yet to get me that last slayer.

        DRUSILLA: All in due time. I have a special guest in mind for that one. She'll make the perfect dolly; make the others mad it will.

        DROM: As long as you keep on schedule I could care less who you do it to, just get it done.

        DRUSILLA: You're very impatient, it's not good.

        DROM: I'll be patient when this is all done with. I have an army of demons just itching for a battle and then I have you who want to frolic in the damn daisies.

        DRUSILLA: That sounds terribly wonderful. I'm going out now, I feel peckish.

        DROM sighs.

        DROM: Just don't you forget your bindings.

        DRUSILLA giggles and leaves the cave.

        DROM: She'll be the death of me.

        CUT TO:


        CARMEN is near the door with her bags next to her. FAITH, ILLYRIA, GREGOR, and GILES are around her.

        CARMEN: Aren't I just the popular one?

        GREGOR: You won't be if you don't keep in contact with your friends.

        FAITH: Yeah, you need to call more often.

        CARMEN: I'll try.

        GREGOR gives her a look.

        CARMEN: Fine. I will.

        GREGOR: Good. And please let me know about any updates concerning Arthur.

        CARMEN: Okay.

        She turns to ILLYRIA.

        CARMEN: I want you to give these guys a helping hand, they need it. Leora would of wanted that.

        ILLYRIA: I will do my best.

        GILES: Let's hope.

        FAITH laughs.

        FAITH: Yeah, cause I really don't feel like taking you out, it'd be too much effort.

        CARMEN: Alright, I better go, I got a plane to catch.

        FAITH: Are you sure you don't want anyone to take you there?

        CARMEN: Hey, I got a taxi, that's all I need.

        FAITH: Alright.

        CARMEN: Thanks for letting me crash here.

        GILES: Thanks for helping with the demon.

        CARMEN: Ah it was nothing. More pleasure than work anyway,

        GILES smiles at her.

        GILES: Take care, Carmen.

        CARMEN: I'll try.

        CARMEN turns and exit's the Academy and gets into a taxi, it drives off.

        CUT TO:


        XANDER is reading a comic book on his bed when there is a knock on the door. He gets up and opens up the door to see FAITH.

        FAITH: Hey.

        XANDER: Hey.

        FAITH: I just thought that maybe you would wanna hang out and talk or something.

        XANDER gives her a smile.

        XANDER: Sure.

        XANDER moves out of the doorway motioning FAITH to come in, she does and goes over to the chair at the desk positioned next to his bed and sits down.

        XANDER: Carmen leave?

        FAITH: Yeah.

        There is a bit of silence.

        XANDER: Cool.

        More silence.

        XANDER: So, tell me about this Leora.

        FAITH poorly represses a smile.

        FAITH: Leora was pretty cool. She even had the purple bit of hair thing which was pretty wicked.

        XANDER sits there listening as FAITH talks about LEORA; FAITH's voice starts to mumble as it starts to -


        END EPISODE.



        RAVEN Episode 3.16 ?Sans Sol'


        CORY FAUCER??????.FEORA
        ALEX HART .???????MICHAEL
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          >>This is the longest episode written so far, beating the others by 11 pages.
          >>This is Alex Browns first time writing for this show, he wrote the scene where Carmen shows everyone what happened. The orb was also a concept thought up by him, which was really genius
          >>If you are also a reader of 'Raven', then you will have noticed that the flashback scene isn't exactly how it was on 'Raven', that is because this one is shown through what Carmen remembers, which is not always what exactly happened.
          >>The Big Bads will be on a break for a bit more than likely, seeing as the have some schemeing to do So they won't be dominant for a couple episodes to come...
          >>Who is Drusillas talking about? Who is it that she wants? .... well you will just have to keep reading to find out...
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