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Broken Destiny 1.04 'Insurance'

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  • Broken Destiny 1.04 'Insurance'


    Open up on FAITH running threw a cemetery at a very fast speed. She is hunting a VAMPIRE that got loose. She finally catches up with him and tackles him to the ground. She gets on top of him and punches him in the face twice.

    FAITH: Now. Are you going to tell me what I want to know or am I going to have to leave you tied up naked for the sun to come and get you?

    VAMP: Go to hell.

    FAITH takes out her stake and jabs it left to his heart, intentionally missing.

    FAITH: Not the answer I was looking for.

    FAITH digs the stake in a bit deeper. The VAMP lets out a howl of pain.

    VAMP: I already told you. I've only heard of this Drusilla chick. Nothing else.

    FAITH: See that's hard for me to believe. A high rolling vampire like that rolls into town, and you don't know where I can find her?

    VAMP: I was just made. I only heard some other vampires talking about her. Honest.

    FAITH: Well then tell me what you heard.

    VAMP: All I heard was something about slayers and demons.

    FAITH: That's all?

    VAMP: I didn't have time to hear anything else, they left in a hurry.

    FAITH: Do you know where?

    VAMP: No.

    FAITH: [cocks her fist, ready to punch] Do you know where?

    VAMP: [flinches] No. No. I swear no.

    FAITH: [sighs] This is useless.

    FAITH takes out the stake and jabs it right into the VAMP's heart. He dusts. She gets up from the ground and pats the dust off of her.

    FAITH: I need answers.

    CUT TO:


    DRUSILLA is sitting in a chair playing with her dolls.

    DRUSILLA: Like little ant's they are. Running around looking for shelter.

    She lets out a giggle.

    DRUSILLA: Drip drop, watch out for the water little ones.

    Again she giggles and then picks up one of her dolls.

    DRUSILLA: Just like the slayer you are Ms Jessica, wanting to help and protect. It's meddlesome.

    She stands up in anger.

    DRUSILLA: Mummy won't tolerate heroism!

    She throws the doll against the wall and DROM walks in the room.

    DROM: Did you just have an argument with the doll?

    DRUSILLA turns around and a big grin fills her face.

    DRUSILLA: She'll be on her way soon.

    DROM: The doll?

    DRUSILLA: No, no, silly Mr. Grape. The slayer's going to come over for a tea party.

    DROM: The slayer huh?

    DRUSILLA: It's going to be grand. I'm going to whisper secrets in her ear.

    DROM: Now don't go and give away too much, we wouldn't want to ruin the surprise for her now would we?

    DRUSILLA: Don't worry, she'll nibble but I won't snag.

    DROM: There's my girl.

    DRUSILLA smiles and goes back to her dolls while DROM walks out of the cave with a smile of his own.


    Roll Credits.

    -Theme Song-
    by Jem

    ELIZA DUSHKU...............................FAITH
    AMY ACKER.................................ILLYRIA
    TINA MAJORINO..................PETRA TAYLIN
    CALLUM BLUE..................THOMAS GREGOR

    Special Guest Starring:


    JULIET LANDAU..........................DRUSILLA
    IYARI LIMON..............................KENNEDY
    JULIAN MCMAHON...........................DROM

    Created by:
    Joseph Sessumes
    And Alexander Brown

    Written by:
    Joseph Sessumes

    Edited by:
    Alexander Brown

    A Sacred Circle Production.

    Based on:
    Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel (c) Joss Whedon, 20th Century Fox and Mutant Enemy
    And Raven and Sorceress of Crimson Falls (c) Alexander Brown, Travis Truant-Simpson, Sacred Circle Productions and Digilee Int. No money is being made off this project.
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    ACT I


    It's a madhouse. FAITH, XANDER, GILES, GREGOR, and a handful of watchers are pouring over book, charts, and maps. Books look as if they are testing how much weight the tables can take. FAITH and XANDER are at a table to themselves so that they are able to talk without getting yelled at. The rest are at random parts of the library either at a table, getting even more books, discussing, or researching.

    FAITH: [to XANDER] So you know how I kinda hate not knowing things.

    XANDER: [doesn't look up from the booking he's going threw] Mmmhmm.

    FAITH: Well I know that this Dru chick is a big time and all. And that with her more than likely being the vamp that is siring these girls, tension is a sure thing. But why is Giles acting so extra freaked?

    XANDER pauses from reading and looks up, but not at FAITH, he thinks for a moment, glances over at GILES and sees him helping out a watcher with a chart, and then XANDER looks over at FAITH.

    XANDER: Well things between him and Drusilla go a bit personal.

    FAITH: [grossed out look] Like dating?

    XANDER: I believe the word ?insane' justifies a good response for that comment.

    FAITH: Then what?

    XANDER: Well when Angelus was around and Spike and Drusilla came to Sunnydale, Angelus wanted questions answered about this big apocalypse thing from Giles, and of course Giles wouldn't answer them. So after Angelus tortured Giles for a long time and got nothing out of him, he got Drusilla to torture him the worst way anyone could be tortured.

    FAITH: [thinks back] Shallow cuts? Fire?

    XANDER: No Angelus covered all of that. Drusilla made torturing him special. She hypnotized him into thinking that she was his dead ex-girlfriend, Jenny Calendar, in order for him to give her the information that Angelus needed; just as Giles thought that he had a small glint of hope that he might have Ms. Calendar back, she snatched it away form him. [beat] And then later I came in and rescued him.

    FAITH: You had to throw that in?

    XANDER: Hey, I only saved the world twice, I need to get stuff like that in.

    FAITH sighs and pushes XANDER's comment out of her mind. She looks over at GILES commanding a group of Watchers on what to look for.

    FAITH: Poor Giles. I never knew.

    XANDER: He's not the type of guy that goes around saying that he was hurt, he just takes action.

    GILES notices the two of them talking and walks towards them.

    XANDER: Uh-oh.

    GILES: I hope your discussing information you've found.

    FAITH: [stands up] Actually, I've found nothing, so I figure I'll just go hit the bars. Beat some demons up for information,

    GILES: Well, your not getting anything done here, so find out as much as you can.

    FAITH: Will do. [She leaves the LIBRARY]

    XANDER: Wait! Don't-

    XANDER looks up to see GILES' not so happy face.

    XANDER: [turns back to his book and quietly to himself] Leave me.

    GILES: Could you do me a favor Xander?

    XANDER: I would love another one.

    GILES: Could you help Thomas keep everything going?

    XANDER: Can so G-Man. Where are you going?

    GILES: I still have to help Illyria out, despite our new discoveries.

    XANDER: Ah, a day with Blue Meanie. Sounds like a blast.

    XANDER pats GILES on the back as he walks towards GREGOR.

    XANDER: Good luck with that.

    CUT TO:


    Open on FAITH holding a guys shirt from on the other side of the bar and punches him in the face.

    FAITH: Come on, Charlie boy.

    The guys face transforms into a demon face. It is very hollow and looks like a skull but more fleshy.

    FAITH: There we go. Okay, so now you're gonna tell me all about Drusilla. I want location and everything else you can tell me.

    CHARLIE: I don't know where she is. Honest! No one does.

    FAITH let's go of his shirt and whips around.

    FAITH: [in a booming general's voice] Who the hell here knows where I can find Drusilla?

    No answer. Demons look at her and then go back to what they were doing before she interrupted them. FAITH gets on her pissed off face. She pulls a dagger from her belt and throws it at a nearby demon's head. A sickening gurgle can be heard and she has everybody's attention now.

    FAITH: Now, unless you want an army of slayers to come barging in here and do exactly what I did to your guy's recently departed friend, then I suggest someone in here starts giving me some God Damn answers!

    A DEMON from her left side speaks up. He looks very mossy in color and slimy looking.

    DEMON: Erm?

    FAITH turns to the sound of his voice.

    FAITH: Yes?

    DEMON: Well, it's just, I've heard rumors.

    FAITH: Such as?

    DEMON: Where Drusilla might be.

    FAITH: Okay, come on now, I don't have time to play Twenty Questions, so let's hurry it up a little alright?

    DEMON: [looks scared] I heard from someone that there is a set of caves down by a shore that is guarded by some very strong and ruthless Vampires.

    FAITH: [to herself] Slayers.

    DEMON: What?

    FAITH: Nothing. Did this someone tell you WHICH shore?

    DEMON: No? I just overheard it.

    FAITH: I guess that narrows it down some. [turns back around to face everyone] I could be back again, and if I am, I expect some type of information, or one of you will end up like him [points to the demon she killed].

    FAITH exit's the bar.

    We can hear a mumble coming form the dead demon.

    DEMON2: Is she gone?

    The demons all mumble ?yes'. All of a sudden the demons head splits in two and another forms, completely in tact.

    DEMON2: God, what a bitch!

    CUT TO:

    ILLYRIA seems to be looking down a long hallway, seeing nothing but a small light. She begins walking down it and discovers that there is a door. She opens it and a great light envelopes around her. She is now looking around at what is the training room at the Academy. A figure walks from behind her, she turns around and discovers that it is WESLEY. He looks just as he did from Angel "Not Fade Away".

    WESLEY: What are you doing?

    ILLYRIA: What do you mean?

    WESLEY: You act as if you belong here; as if you fit.

    ILLYRIA: I fit where I please to fit.

    WESLEY: You know that the only time you ever fit anywhere was when I was there holding your hand as if you were some sort of deranged child.

    ILLYRIA: [shouts] SILENCE! You know nothing of this. You are but a figment.

    WESLEY: Now, now, temper dear girl. I know more than you think. I know that ever since Fred came back you feel obsolete. With her absence you had meaning: you took her place in this world and now with her back you are just an extra; cast away from all those you thought as friends. How does it feel to have your kingdom taken away from you once again?

    ILLYRIA: Enough! I will not be patronized to! My place in this degrading world is here because I say so.

    WESLEY: Listen to yourself Illyria; you cannot even convince yourself. It's pathetic.

    ILLYRIA: Do not preach to me what pathetic is. I am not the useless mortal that allowed myself to be murdered.

    WESLEY: Oh, is that a sore spot? Did my death hurt you? Did you greave?

    ILLYRIA: Stop this! STOP THIS!!

    ILLYRIA sends shockwaves out from her body. They warp the area. ILLYRIA is now standing up from a chair that is across from another and GILES laying on his back with his head up. ILLYRIA stands back in shock.

    GILES: What was that?

    ILLYRIA: [Angrily] You did this!

    GILES: It was just a meditation practice. Your demonic trait's must of transformed it into something else.

    ILLYRIA holds out her hand and sees that there is static going up and down her arm. Which then starts to slowly spread throughout her body.

    ILLYRIA: What is going on? What have you done?!

    GILES: This isn't my doing. This is your emotions. Whatever is happening is do to what you saw in the vision. What was it?

    ILLYRIA: [grasping for breath] It was nothing that concerns you.

    GILES: It does concern me if you want me to make it right.

    GILES turns and goes to a shelf that has an arraignment of crystals on it. He picks a deep purple colored one up and turns back to ILLYRIA. Her whole body is now sparking. She let's out a hollow scream and in a bright flash she disappears. Giles rushes over towards where she used to stand and looks around as if there may be a clue to where she has gone to. He runs his fingers through his hair in a very stressful manor and lets out a low sigh.

    GILES: Oh damn.

    CUT TO:

    ILLYRIA fading into an empty, though not deserted, hotel. ILLYRIA does not look like herself though. She has the body of FRED though her eyes are still the blue color that only ILLYRIA had. Pan around to see that it is the Hyperion. ILLYRIA/FRED takes in her surroundings. She looks confused and darts her head in every which way direction.

    ILLYRIA/FRED: I know this place. An echo - if that; the memories are all but gone, yet I feel I remember this place: a sense of home.

    ILLYRIA/FRED looks down at her body, examining it.

    ILLYRIA/FRED: And my appearance - I am no longer able to shift into the form I please; I am stuck in this weak image of a girl.

    She looks back at her surroundings of where she is at.

    ILLYRIA/FRED: And this place should not be standing, all of Los Angeles had fallen into destruction against the battle with Wolfram and Hart.

    She starts walking around the area, examining things.

    ILLYRIA/FRED: The only explanation is -

    She gets cut off by ANGEL and CORDELIA walking through the door.

    CORDELIA: Nice to see you ditched the glasses Fred, but don't you think the Smurf blue contacts are just a tad bit over done?

    ILLYRIA/FRED: -a shift in the timeline.

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      ACT II


      XANDER: Gone?

      GILES: For the third time, yes!

      XANDER: Okay, well I'm still trying to grasp the thought of her just poofing. Was it a poof?

      GILES: No, it was more of a Zap.

      XANDER: Any idea of where she went?

      GILES: Yes, and I am just shifting through these books for my own pleasure.

      XANDER: You say that as if it's shocking.

      GILES glares.

      XANDER: Helping!

      XANDER grabs a book and starts looking through it. He reads and shifts through it , then stops and looks up.

      XANDER: Okay, and I would be looking for?

      GILES: Actually I'm not too sure about this. There aren't any texts on Old Ones that could help us.

      XANDER: So why are we looking through the books?

      GILES: [stops] I don't know. [pauses and places down the book he has in his hand] I don't know what we're going to do.

      GILES slumps into a chair.

      GILES: My books are useless.

      XANDER: Hey, that's no way to look at it. Think of it as an opportunity to use other resources.

      GILES: I suppose.

      XANDER turns around and picks up a laptop from the desk right behind him. He holds it in anticipation for GILES to take it.

      GILES: What?

      XANDER nudges it in GILES' direction.

      GILES: I bloody hell think not!

      XANDER: Hey, you even said that this was great opportunity for you to expand your horizons in resources, right? And what better way than to use the internet?

      GILES just stands there and continues to glare at XANDER.

      XANDER: I guess it's true what they say: you can't teach an old dog new tricks.

      GILES: Oh just give me that [exasperated] machine.

      XANDER hands GILES the laptop and smiles triumphantly. GILES looks at the laptop and begins searching around on it. GILES looks up at XANDER.

      XANDER: What?

      GILES: How do you turn it on?

      XANDER'S smile quickly fades and he lets out a huge sigh.

      CUT TO:


      ILLYRIA/FRED is walking around examining everything around her while ANGEL and CORDELIA are talking to each other behind the Lobby Counter. She begins to walk over to them when the door opens again, but with WESLEY and GUNN coming through it. ILLRIA/FRED'S eyes open wide.

      ILLYRIA/FRED: Wesley!

      WESLEY: Ah, Fred, it's nice to see you out of your room. How has your day been?

      ILLYRIA/FRED: Wesley.

      WESLEY: Yes, Fred?

      ILLYRIA/FRED: [to herself] In this timeline it appears that Wesley has not died. Nor has Gunn.

      GUNN: This timeline? Fred are you feeling okay? (pause) And what's up with the blue eyes?

      ILLYRIA/FRED: Everything is different.

      GUNN: [clearly misunderstanding what she said] Yeah, I guess sometimes change is a good thing.

      ANGEL: Did you guys get any leads on the demon Cordy had in her vision?

      WESLEY: No, I'm afraid our search came up empty.

      CORDELIA: Well I hope we can find him, that demon I saw was a whole new kind of ugly, not to mention the power that it had. It ripped apart three vamps with one swing.

      GUNN: We really can't have that running all around L.A.

      WESLEY: Well, I guess I can check out some of the books I have back at home: see if anything turns up in those.

      ILLYRIA/FRED: I can help.

      Everyone turns to the not so quiet anymore ILLYRIA/FRED.

      ANGEL: Alright, you two go to Wes' apartment and see what you can find. Gunn and I can do another sweep of the streets. Cordelia, you can stay here and keep on the phones and flip through some f the books we have here.

      Everyone nods or voices their confirmation to ANGEL.

      ANGEL: Alright, let's go.

      CORDELIA turns to go to the books on the shelf, ANGEL and GUNN go over to the weapons cabinet and look at the weapons and WESLEY and ILLYRIA/FRED head out the door.

      CUT TO:


      WESLEY is searching through his books on the bookshelf while ILLYRIA/FRED is wandering around the living room. She stops at the dining room table and picks up a glass ball paper weight.

      ILLYRIA/FRED: You are much younger than I remember. Less hostile in appearance.

      WESLEY: [looking rather hurt and sad] Fred, I can't express to you how sorry I am about the Billy situation. You know I would never intently hurt you, right?

      ILLYRIA/FRED: [cocks her head] You would never harm this shell, I know this.

      WESLEY: [raised eyebrow] Ok.

      WESLEY pulls a book from the shelf and starts looking through it. ILLYRIA/FRED picks up a book also and just stares at the cover, it has the same cover as the one in GILES' office from ?Guidance'. ILLYRIA/FRED does not recognize this though and starts to look through it. WESLEY lets out a triumphant HA! and ILLYRIA/FRED turns to look at him.

      WESLEY: If the description that Cordelia gave us is correct, then this should be the demon that she saw in her vision.

      WESLEY let's out a sigh and looks up at ILLYRIA/FRED from the book

      WESLEY: Also that we're screwed.

      CUT TO:


      ANGEL, GUNN, WESLEY, CORDELIA, and ILLYRIA/FRED are standing in a circle-like huddle with swords in hand, minus GUNN who is carrying his axe. WESLEY is talking to them in a ?before battle' type tone.

      WESLEY: It's called a Tintrep Demon. It is a very skilled assassin like demon, this means that fighting it won't be like our average hack n' slash; we will have to be two steps ahead of it the whole time. I think it would be best that Cordelia and Fred stayed behind.

      ILLYRIA/FRED: I will not back down from this battle.

      CODELIA: When was the last time I held out? We're a team Wes. And we'll fight like one.

      WESLEY looks over at ANGEL.

      ANGEL: Hey, if you want her to stay, you try to. I think that if Cordy wants to go, then she should be able to. Same with Fred.

      WESLEY: Alright. So, the Tintrep. It can detach it's claws and throw them as weapons and then re-grow them almost instantly, along with that, it is extremely agile and has great cloaking abilities.

      GUNN: Alright, so watch where you step and don't get stabbed; sounds like a plan to me.

      WESLEY: There aren't many of these demons around the world, and there's a reason they have never died off; they are extremely cunning demons, so?be careful.

      Everyone nods. They head out the front door of the Hyperion.

      CUT TO:

      GREGOR in an empty classroom. There are a couple magic books and a variety of crystals next to them. PETRA walks into the classroom in a semi rush with a backpack on her shoulder.

      PETRA: Hey Mr. Gregor, you're early.

      GREGOR: I had to get everything prepared. One of the big things they teach you in the Watchers Council: Preparation, preparation, preparation.

      PETRA: So England breeds a whole bunch of overly prepared humans. No wonder people say British as if it's a crazy thing.

      GREGOR gives her a small chuckle.

      GREGOR: Alright I thinks that's enough of the Brit Bashing; you are in England after all.

      PETRA: Okay.

      GREGOR: Now today I just wanted to start off with some of the basics: some meditation and maybe some crystal and herb recognition.

      PETRA: But they already teach us meditation in our slayer courses.

      GREGOR: Yes, but you see meditation for the magicks is slightly more complex.

      PETRA: Like?

      GREGOR: Well with slaying you're supposed to unleash all of your emotions in able to fight adequately. However, with the use of magick you have to learn how to control them even in the most intense of situations.

      PETRA: So, if you're bad under stress you're -

      GREGOR: Screwed? Yes.

      PETRA: As long as it nothing like Mr. Templan's History exam I should be fine.

      GREGOR: Alright, I'm gonna need you to get into the mediation position and for you to close your eyes, breath in and out very slowly and then clear your mind.

      PETRA: How very Karate Kid of you.

      GREGOR: Petra, I need you to be serious; now focus.

      PETRA: Alright, alright I'm sorry.

      She closes her eyes and begins to focus.

      GREGOR: Now I need you to take all the emotions that you are feeling right now and push them down. Push them out of mind.

      KENNEDY O/S: You know, it's not good to bottle your emotions like that, trust me. They always end up amplifying way out of proportion.

      PETRA's eyes open up.

      KENNEDY: Sorry to interrupt the magick fest, but my class is about to start Petra, and I thought you would like to come in on it. Maybe help out with some demonstrations.

      PETRA: I'd love to Ken, but I'm working with Mr. Gregor right now on my magicks.

      GREGOR: No, no, that's alright, you can go along with her, I can just get started on my lessons for my next class.

      PETRA: Aw, but we didn't even get into anything. I wanna continue with this, and I'm sure Ken would understand?

      PETRA looks at KENNEDY with determined eyes.

      PETRA: Right Kennedy?

      KENNEDY looks at PETRA for a second longer and catches on.

      KENNEDY: Oh, right.

      She lets out a smirk.

      KENNEDY: Sure that's fine, you can continue your training with Mr. Gregor. But I gotta class to teach.

      PETRA looks back at GREGOR and gives a smile. KENNEDY starts to walk down the hall again until she gets to the classroom she was looking for. She goes inside and there are about fourteen teenage girls standing around talking.

      KENNEDY: [puts on drill sergeant voice] Alright! Listen up everyone of you! I won't tolerate any fooling around. Most of you who are taking this class know that I'm not a pushover and that I won't accept any horseplay.

      The girls closest to her stand up more straight to try and act like they are giving more attention.

      KENNEDY: When you are going up against a demon, horseplay won't be the thing that saves your lives. It's your ability to react to certain situations that will help you with the decision of whether you're the killer or the one who gets killed. It's what stands in your -

      A cell phone goes off and KENNEDY looks pissed off.

      KENNEDY: Shit.

      She reaches in her pocket and pulls out the cell phone. She looks at it and then looks at the girls.

      KENNEDY: I've gotta take this.

      GIRL: But what about our training?

      KENNEDY: Just spar with each other until I get back.

      She rushes out the door and into the hallway and gets a pretty good distance away form the doors and answers the phone.

      KENNEDY: Yes?

      MUFFLED VOICE: I take it they got her message?

      KENNEDY: You mean the sewer sighting? Yep, they got it loud and clear.

      MUFFLED VOICE: And your task?

      KENNEDY: My little coup is coming along just fine. I've got a nice following on my side. Mainly some of my old friends from before.

      MUFFLED VOICE: Good, good. You cannot fail us Kennedy, that is not an option.

      KENNEDY: I know, I know. But does it have to go down like this? Can't we just talk to them?

      MUFFLED VOICE: Are you having second thoughts? Maybe thinking you can have a good deed by going to them?

      KENNEDY: No, it's just that I think if we explained everything to Gi-

      MUFFLED VOICE: The answer is no. Now if you would like out of this then I can see to it that you are out. Permanently.

      KENNEDY: I'm fine. Everything is under control. Now can I go? I've got a class to teach.

      MUFFLED VOICE: Fine. I will be in contact with you again.

      The other line hangs up with a click. KENNEDY backs into the wall and put both of her hands into her hair and lets out a long breath.

      KENNEDY: God, I hate them.

      CUT TO:


      The gang is on an empty street over a manhole cover.

      GUNN: Man, why do all the demons have to live in sewers?

      WESLEY: The Tintrep lives in the sewers so that no other demons can sniff out their trail. It's a very clever demon instinct.

      Everyone looks at ANGEL.

      ANGEL: What? I - I never lived in the sewer [quick change in the subject] So! Who wants to kill a demon?

      CORDELIA: Come on champ, no one is judging you here.

      ANGEL smiles weakly.

      WESLEY: Aright, Angel I think you should go first.

      ANGEL gives a nod and then jumps down into the Sewer.

      GUNN starts to climb down the sewer ladder.

      GUNN: Man, we need to start finding some cleaner demons.

      CORDELIA: I was always under the impression that Mr. Clean was a demon; maybe we can find him and kill him. Wes?

      WESLEY: I think we should just stick with the demon at hand for the time being.

      CORDELIA: Fine. Fred and I will go after you.

      WESLEY nods at her and climbs down the ladder after GUNN. CORDELIA and ILLYRIA/FRED follow after him.

      INT. SEWER

      When every one has gotten to the bottom CORDELIA sees that ANGEL is not moving, he is standing stunned.

      CORDELIA: What is it Angel?

      WESLEY too notices something, he backs up against CORDELA and ILLYRIA/FRED.

      WESLEY: Cordy, Fred, stay back.

      CORDELIA: Wesley what's going on?

      As she finishes her sentence she sees what ANGEL and WESELY see, The TINTRAP demon. It is about the same size as ANGEL, only more lean. It's skin is almost like black silk and its eyes glow yellow.

      GUNN: I think we found our demon.

      ANGEL lunges towards it with his sword but the TINTRAP dodges it with ease and retaliates with a backhand sending Angel back to the others. CORDELIA goes over to ANGEL to help him up, ILLYRIA/FRED just stands where she is watching GUNN and WESLEY charge at the demon but they too are too slow for it. The TINTREP throws one of it's claws at GUNN and it punctures him in the back, he falls to the ground limp.

      CORDELIA lets out a scream and ANGEL rushes forward to the demon attempting to again attack it, WESLEY goes over to GUNN to check if he is alive and ILLYRIA/FRED still just stands there watching as the events unfold.

      ANGEL lunges at the TINTREP and barely slices him in the midriff, it again throws one of its claws but misses ANGEL and instead hits CORDELIA in the chest. ANGEL looks over at her in absolute shock as she falls to the ground bleeding extensively. WESLEY sees what the demon has done and goes into a blind charge at it.

      ANGEL: [cries out] WESLEY! NO!

      ANGEL's call out goes unheard as the TINTREP digs its fist into WESLEY's gut, ripping it apart with it's claws. ILLYRIA/FRED rushes forward towards the TINTREP but doesn't get there before ANGEL starts to again attack it with his sword still not landing any worthy blows. The TINTREP quickly disappears and appears behind ANGEL and unleashes a slash against the back of ANGEL's neck, severing it, causing him to dust. Again it disappears.

      Just as ILLYRIA/FRED gets over to WESLEY's body the TINTREP appears in front of her. It raises it's hand and just as it comes down ILLYRIA/FRED lets out a scream and a giant flash comes and she once again disappears.


      END ACT II
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        ACT III


        ILLYRIA/FRED fades back into the Hotel in the same location as last time, she is panting from exhaustion. In walks CORDELIA and ANGEL from the front door just as they did last time.

        CORDELIA: Nice to see you ditched the glasses Fred, but don't you think the Smurf blue contacts are just a tad bit over done?

        ILLYRIA/FRED: What is happening? I should have been slaughtered.

        CORDELIA: Ok, morbid much? What's up with you today Fred?

        ILLYRIA/FRED starts glancing around the Hyperion looking for something when WESLEY and GUNN walk in the other door.

        ILLYRIA/FRED: Wesley.

        WESLEY: Yes Fred?

        ILLYRIA/FRED: The day is repeating, it didn't play out as it was supposed to and now I have to fix it or again they will all die.

        As she continues to talk WESLEY looks at CORDELIA and ANGEL.

        WESLEY: What is she talking about?

        CORDELIA: I don't know. She's been schizo girl ever since we got back.

        ILLYRIA/FRED: I must set the line right or then I would cease to exist or continue looping through this chain of events.

        CUT TO:


        FAITH is searching around for any clues that may lead her to DRUSILLA. She goes down some more rocks and gets to a cave. She looks around outside real quick and then enters into the cave.

        INT. CAVE

        As FAITH goes deeper and deeper into the cave it begins to grow more and more dark. Up ahead she can hear the voice of a woman and a feint light. FAITH creeps ahead a bit more for closer inspection and peeks around the corner and sees DRUSILLA by herself talking to some dolls in front of her. FAITH is unsure whether or not she should confront DRUSILLA or not

        DRUSILLA: Come out and play? I won't hurt you?

        FAITH comes into DRUSILLA's view and walks closer to her.

        DRUSILLA: Yet.

        FAITH: So you're the one who's been turning all the slayers into vampires? Messing everything up?

        DRUSILLA: I'm fixing things. It was that girl who ruined my favorite dolly that ruined everything.

        FAITH: What?

        DRUSILLA: The stars keep screaming out to me; fix what's broken, fix what's broken, again and again. She played with the scales and it only looks like she's won.

        FAITH: Who the hell are you talking about?

        DRUSILLA: She tore apart my Spike, she made him get his soul.

        FAITH: Spike? What are you talking - Oh! Buffy. You're talking about the spell she had Red do on the scythe.

        DRUSILLA: She's gone and cheated the scales and has to be punished.

        FAITH: Looks like all the bad guys are a little hurt that now the favor is turned for the good guys.

        DRUSILLA: You have no idea how much she has changed things, how bad everything can go.

        FAITH: Seems like things are doing pretty fine as far as I can see it.

        DRUSILLA: One of them has already started the betrayal: gnawing at the strings and trying to get away, I can see it.

        FAITH: That's enough.

        FAITH takes out a stake from her back pocket and punches DRUSIILA in the face. DRUSILLA stumbles back and then kicks FAITH in the stomach, knocking her to the ground. When FAITH falls DRUSILLA runs away. FAITH gets up and goes after her, but when she comes to the exit she sees that the sun is shining and DRUSIILA is no where to be seen.

        FAITH: Now how the hell did she do that?

        CUT TO:

        EXT. SEWER

        GUNN, WESLEY, CORDELIA, and ILLYRIA/FRED are standing around a manhole about to go down. WESLEY nods and starts to head down the manhole.

        ILLYRIA/FRED: Wesley! Wait!

        WESLEY stops going down and looks at her.

        WESLEY: What is it Fred?

        ILLYRIA/FRED: Let me go before you.

        WESLEY: What? No. It?ll be safer if I go first.

        ILLYRIA/FRED: Angel is down there, I will be fine. Now let me go.

        WESLEY hesitates for a moment.

        WESLEY: Fine.

        WESLEY steps aside and ILLYRIA/FRED starts going down the ladder. She gets to the bottom and walks over to ANGEL.

        ILLYRIA/FRED: We must be careful, the demon could be anywhere.

        ANGEL: I think I might of just seen it in the shadows.

        The others can be heard coming down the ladder. ILLYRIA/FRED's head shoots over to the manhole and then back at ANGEL.

        ILLYRIA/FRED: Quickly, we have to destroy it.

        ANGEL: Kind of hard to kill something you can't see.

        There is a movement in the shadows that ANGEL had spoken of and both of them quickly turn to it. The Tintrep steps forward and disappears. The others have gotten to the bottom of the ladder and are looking around the sewer.

        The TINTREP appears in front of Wesley with it's arm raised. ILLYRIA/FRED quickly grabs ANGEL's sword from his hand and rushes over to the TINTREP and impales it in the back. The demon stumbles back and before it can do anything else ILLYRIA/FRED uses all of her might and takes the sword and rips upwards causing the demon to split apart.

        GUNN: Whoa. Please tell me I'm not the only one who saw her do that.

        WESLEY takes off his glasses and starts to wipe blood off of them.

        WESLEY: No; I got a pretty good front row seat of it.

        CORDELIA: So, mission accomplished, the demons dead. Go us! Or?Go Fred!

        ILLYRIA/FRED's body starts to sparkle with energy once again.

        CUT TO:


        GILES and XANDER are talking by the front desk as slayers and watchers go about there day.

        GILES: We have to find Illyria and soon, God only knows what's become of here.

        XANDER: Hey, we'll figure it out. I mean we're in a huge building filled with watchers. I'd hate to think of the day when not one of you could answer a question.

        GILES: Xander, this is serious, with everything going on, Illyria's disappearance only complicates things further.

        XANDER: I'm being serious. Serious is me. If serious could take corporeal form, it would be a twin me.

        GILES takes no notice in what XANDER is saying or that FAITH has entered the building and has started walking up to them

        GILES: Each day we lose more and more girls to Drusilla, and now one of the only people she wouldn't take vanishes out of thin air.

        FAITH walks up to the two men.

        FAITH: Who's disappeared?

        CUT TO:


        FAITH, XANDER, and GILES are looking closely around the room.

        FAITH: Okay, look, we just have to look for clues.

        She turns to look at GILES.

        FAITH: Maybe something that can help you in your research?

        GILES: I really don't think anything in here can help us. Besides, I've already been up here and looked for clues.

        FAITH: You know what they say about looking again with more people don't you?

        GILES: What's that?

        FAITH: Oh, I thought you might know. You usually answer those types of questions for me.

        A flash of light emits from the room and ILLYRIA falls from it onto the ground.

        XANDER: I think I found a clue.

        CUT TO:


        FAITH, XANDER are standing a bit from the door when GILES walks out of the training room and towards them.

        FAITH: Well? What happened?

        GILES: She won't say. She's being rather stubborn about it actually.

        XANDER: She won't tell you anything?

        GILES: She's being very discreet about it all. Though I think that whatever did happen to her, it's given her a new aspect.

        FAITH: What do you mean?

        GILES: How she perceives us and life I think has been affected by whatever happened to her while she was gone.

        XANDER: If she's so nice now then why won't she tell you anything.

        GILES: I didn't mean it quite like that. I believe that whatever did happen wherever she was has made her more tolerant and open to being a greatly needed ally.

        XANDER: Go team us.

        CUT TO:


        ILLYRIA is standing looking at the weaponry on the wall.

        ILLYRIA: Humanity and emotions plague this world as they see fit and even I am infected by it. They cause weakness, and only bring more pain.

        ILLYRIA looks down from the weaponry at the ground.

        ILLYRIA: There are things worse than walls. Terrible... and beautiful. If we look at them for too long they will burn right through us. Truths we couldn't bear. Not every day.

        She brings her head back up.

        ILLYRIA: If I were to just let these things happen, then it would all of been in vain.

        She starts to walk towards the door.

        ILLYRIA: And I don't intend for it to be.

        CUT TO BLACK.

        END ACT III


        Executive Producers:
        Joseph Sessumes
        Alexander Brown

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