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Broken Destiny 1.03 'Trial by Vengeance'

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  • Broken Destiny 1.03 'Trial by Vengeance'


    Open up on XANDER sitting at a table for two with an attractive brown haired hazel eyed woman, her name in DIANE. It's not that fancy of a restaurant, but nice enough for a date. It is Italian themed with a candle in a red glass jar in the middle of the table. Both XANDER and DIANE have their plates in front of them. DIANE is talking.

    DIANE: You know it's hard to find an Italian place that serves a decent fettuccini anything. The sauce is usually so... thick and crusty.

    XANDER: Mmmm, makes me want more.

    DIANE: I'm sorry, I just ramble sometimes when I get nervous.

    XANDER: [chuckles] So the tables turn.

    DIANE: What do you mean?

    XANDER: Well, it's usually me that does the rambling. I guess Africa helped me grow. It's kind of inspiring.

    DIANE: [surprised] You've been to Africa?

    XANDER: [nods] For about a year.

    DIANE: What was it like?

    XANDER: I'll tell you right now, NOTHING like the brochure.

    DIANE: [eyes widen] It's worse?

    XANDER: What? Oh. No, it's very nice. I meant the brochures make it sound like some abysmal wasteland. It's actually very nice, and so are the people.

    DIANE: Maybe I'll plan a vacation there.

    XANDER: Ghana is very nice in the winter.

    DIANE: I'll be sure to remember that.

    They take bites of their food and there is a silence for about a minute.

    DIANE: So your originally from Sunnydale, California right? [Xander nods] I'm originally from New York City. I couldn't even imagine if my hometown got swallowed by an earthquake.

    XANDER: Well every time I see a pothole I get all nostalgic.

    DIANE laughs and puts her hand on his and looks from his hand to his eye, their eyes meet.

    DIANE: Your a very funny guy. I love humor in a man. I bet you have girls chasing after you all the time.

    *Flash* to the clip from "Bothered, Bewitched and Bewildered" where Xander is laying on the floor and all of the girls are going after him.

    Cut back to the restaurant.

    XANDER: Just once. So I'm guessing by your taste in men, that your last boyfriend wasn't too humorous.

    DIANE: No, he just liked to sit around and do nothing, his idea of a good time was playing video games all day and ordering in to eat. Me, I like to get out, even if it's just to walk around and hold hands.

    XANDER: That's my idea of a good date: cheap and romantic.

    DIANE giggles at his comment.

    DIANE: So... if you don't mind me asking, how did you and your last girlfriend breakup?

    XANDER looks at her for a moment as if contemplating his answer. The DIANE looks back at him with a bit of intensity.

    XANDER: [his face grows, sadden, but not too noticeably] We, uhh, had an abrupt falling out.

    DIANE: What was she like?

    XANDER half smiles and it goes into a montage sequence.

    CUT TO:
    ANYA dropping her night gown in front of XANDER in his basement.

    FADE TO: ANYA in her bunny suit.

    FADE TO: ANYA comforting XANDER on his bed in his basement

    FADE TO: ANYA behind the cash register at the Magic Box taking money from a person

    FADE TO: XANDER holding the engagement ring in front of ANYA, and her slapping him

    FADE TO: ANYA doing the dance of Capitalistic Supiority

    FADE TO: ANYA dancing in her underwear with XANDER.

    FADE TO: ANYA sadly walking down the isle by herself in her wedding dress.

    FADE TO: ANYA as a Vengeance demon.

    FADE TO: ANYA and XANDER in Buffy's basement on the bed

    FADE TO: ANYA sleeping at the table in the night before the apocalypse

    Slowly fade back to XANDER sitting at the table with DIANE.

    XANDER: [He pauses slightly after each word] She was...uhh...interesting. [fully smiling now]

    Roll Credits

    Theme Song -
    by Jem

    ELIZA DUSHKU...............................FAITH
    AMY ACKER.................................ILLYRIA
    TINA MAJORINO..................PETRA TAYLIN
    CALLUM BLUE..................THOMAS GREGOR

    Special Guest Starring:


    ELLEN MUTH................................DIANE
    ANDY UMBERGER....................D'HOFFRYN

    Created by:
    Joseph Sessumes
    And Alexander Brown

    Written by:
    Joseph Sessumes

    Edited by:
    Alexander Brown

    A Sacred Circle Production.

    Based on:
    Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel (c) Joss Whedon, 20th Century Fox and Mutant Enemy
    And Raven and Sorceress of Crimson Falls (c) Alexander Brown, Travis Truant-Simpson, Sacred Circle Productions and Digilee Int. No money is being made off this project.
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    ACT I


    XANDER is laying in his bed. He has no shirt on, and the sun is starting to peek it's way into his room, slowly crawling up his bed like a spider escaping water. The covers are crumpled and spread around. We can here XANDER grumbling. We hear a banging from the other room, supposing someone knocking really hard on the door. XANDER sits up and looks around and realizes someone has knocked, or rather pounded on the door. He grabs his robe laying on the ground and quickly puts it on. Another knock is heard.

    XANDER: I'm coming, I'm coming.

    XANDER opens the door and FAITH is standing there with a box of doughnuts, looking unusually happy. XANDER notices this.

    XANDER: Why are you so chippy?

    FAITH: Oh no reason. [lets herself in] Doughnut?

    XANDER: Please, invite yourself in. [grabs the box from FAITH and opens it] Jelly?

    FAITH: Is there any other kind?

    XANDER: Hey, did you take some drugs this morning when you got up? [examines a doughnut] Are the jelly doughnuts laced with something? [sniffs the doughnut]

    FAITH: [frowns] Better?

    XANDER: [smiles] Much. [sits down on his bed and bites the jelly filly pastry] So what brings you here so early in the morning?

    FAITH: [back to smiling] Oh no reason. I was just passing by a certain Italian restaurant and saw a certain one-eyed man eating with another woman.

    XANDER looks up at her from his doughnut.

    FAITH: Oh, yeah I saw it. So seeing as she's not in here, and your not there, I'm guessing you two didn't (makes grunting noise).

    XANDER: Okay...Ewww. And this would be your business...why?

    FAITH: Well, it's not exactly my business, but hey, since I'm not getting anything, figure I might as well listen to your hook-ups.

    XANDER: [sighs] Well, if you must know...

    CUT TO:


    XANDER and the WOMAN are walking down the street, she is walking while leaning on his shoulder.

    DIANE: First dinner, then a movie. The nights been great.

    XANDER: So you liked Serenity?

    DIANE: Yeah. The crazy girl...uhm..

    XANDER: River.

    DIANE: Yeah River, she was funny. So was Mal.

    XANDER: I don't know, something about Mal always gives me the heebie jeebies.

    DIANE: [laughs] Awe, it's okay. Just remember he's not real.

    XANDER: Thanks, I feel much better now.

    They stop at a flat.

    DIANE: This is my place.

    XANDER: And what a nice place it is.

    DIANE: So..

    XANDER: So..

    DIANE: I had a good time tonight.

    XANDER: So I've been told.

    They look at each other for a moment, then they both lean in and kiss.

    XANDER: [barely pulling back from the kiss] Goodnight Anya.

    DIANE: [angrily] WHAT!?

    FAITH V/O: [laughing] WHAT!?

    CUT TO:

    FAITH: You called her Anya? I'm guessing that wasn't her name.

    XANDER: Oh that's not all.

    CUT TO:

    DIANE: Did you just call me Anya?

    XANDER: Whoa. I'm soo sorry Christie.

    DIANE: Christie?

    XANDER: Dammit!

    DIANE: My name is Diane.

    XANDER: Right. Oh course. Listen Diane, don't be mad.

    DIANE: Don't be mad? Oh ok. Your right. My mistake, let's all just forgive and forget. [she opens up her door] Don't call me again!

    DIANE goes inside her flat and slams the door shut. XANDER is standing alone on the sidewalk.

    XANDER: Son of a-

    FAITH V/O: Twice?

    CUT TO:

    XANDER: Huh?

    FAITH: You called her the wrong name twice?

    XANDER: Yep.

    FAITH: Okay, I've been out of the whole dating thing for a while now, cause I'm a widow an all. But I'm pretty sure you're not supposed to do that.

    XANDER: Well duh. It's not like I meant to. It just sorta came out.

    FAITH: That's why I've avoided dating. Not too keen on re starting sparks with anyone. Not since...

    XANDER: Robin was a good guy. I was in Africa when I heard about it. If it helps at all, a shaman did a ritual dance for him.

    FAITH: That's cool.

    FAITH plops on the bed next to XANDER and grabs a doughnut and takes a big bite of it. XANDER follows suit with his own doughnut.

    XANDER: Yep.

    The two of them are just sit on the bed looking in the distance.

    CUT TO:


    GILES is walking down a corridor when GREGOR comes jogging up to him.

    GREGOR: [calling out to GILES] Rupert I've got some troubling news.

    GILES: [stops and waits for GREGOR] What is it?

    GREGOR: A couple of girls have gone missing.

    GILES: For how long?

    GREGOR: A couple of the other girls I talked to said it's been about 2 days.

    GILES: I'll have Redford go to the morgue and see if there are any of the girls there.

    GREGOR: I can handle that. Not going to the morgue, but telling Redford to. Your not looking so good Rupert. You ever think of taking a trip to the Bahamas?

    GILES: [sighs and puts his back against the wall] How am I supposed to do that with some freak vampire abducting slayers and sireing them. It's not like I can keep all these girls in the Academy all day. They have lives.

    GREGOR: Maybe we should have an assembly or something. Let the girls know that if they go out they need to travel in packs.

    GILES: I'll -

    GREGOR: Not another word. You have enough on your plate already. I'll take care of it. Just call me Giles Jr.

    GILES: I'd rather not. And when your addressing the slayers don't use the word 'pack'. I've learned from my decade of living with women that it's not the best word to use.

    GREGOR: Any suggestions on a different word?

    GILES: I haven't the slightest clue.

    GREGOR: Oh well. Don't you have someplace to be? You know before to doom and gloom.

    GILES: Oh! Yes. I was supposed to meet Illyria in the new training room I had installed. [looks at watch] And I'm now ten minutes late.

    GREGOR: Oh, sorry about that.

    GILES: No, I was already running late. [smiles] You just added to the megalomanical speech I'm going to get.

    GREGOR: No rest for the wicked. Goodbye Rupert.

    GREGOR turns back to the way he came and heads off.


    GREGOR is walking down a different corridor and we hear the feint sound of a girl working out. He looks inside the room and in there is PETRA, she is doing gymnastics and other various exercises.

    GREGOR: Good evening Miss Taylin.

    PETRA: [surprised and excited at the same time] Mr. Gregor! Hi. Uhm, what are you doing here?

    GREGOR: It's this new thing I've been trying, I believe they call it a job.

    PETRA: Oh, yeah. I forgot. Well since your here I've got a question I wanna ask.

    GREGOR: Ask away.

    PETRA: Well, you know how I'm in your Magicks 101 class?

    GREGOR: Mmmhmm. One of my best students I might add.

    PETRA: [blushes a bit] Thank you. I was wondering though if you had any spare time, is you'd maybe teach me extra stuff on the side. [But if your too busy I would totally understand.

    GREGOR: Well, I know I'm free on Thursday. So if five in the afternoon is alright with you...

    PETRA: It's perfect! Oh thank you Mr. Gregor, thank you. [she hugs him briefly and skips out of the room]

    GREGOR: Well. Isn't she just full of pep.

    CUT TO:

    GILES enters the new training room and ILLYRIA is inside already waiting for him. The room is hexagon shaped with a dome top. There are mystical objects, weapons of every sort, padding, punching bags and sparring pads adorning the walls.

    ILLYRIA: You late.

    GILES: Yes, I know. And in your time I would of been eviscerated or something to that effect. Now can we get over that bridge and start our training?

    ILLYRIA: I should-

    GILES: Training?

    ILLYRIA: Very well.

    GILES: [sighs] Thank you.

    ILLYRIA: What will we be doing?

    GILES: Well I want to study your frequency waves. See why your power fluxes the way it does. Then I want to put you in a controlled fighting environment with Faith for how your power reacts in fights with stronger opponents.

    ILLYRIA: Your hoping to figure all this out in one training period?

    GILES: No. But I hope to at least get the process started today.

    GILES pulls out a cell phone and dials a number.

    GILES: [into phone] Hello? Faith? It's Giles. Well I didn't know that you knew it was me. I didn't know you had- Forget it, I need your help. Are you here at the Academy? Oh, okay. Well could you come down to the room I turned into the training room for Illyria? Thank you. I'll see you soon.

    GILES hits the off button and puts the phone back into his pocket.

    ILLYRIA: Will we be starting anytime soon?

    GILES: [sighs] Yes Illyria. [points towards the center of the room] If you'll stand in the center of the room we'll start with your frequency waves.

    GILES walks over to the wall with the mystical objects and picks up an Amethyst and metal object shaped like an electric meter.

    GILES: [gives the Amethyst to ILLYRIA] Hold this.

    ILLYRIA takes the amethyst and examines it.

    GILES: Now, I just need you to hold onto that and not let go until I tell you to. When I do tell you to let go of it, just drop it.

    ILLYRIA: What is this for?

    GILES: I'm using the amethyst so that I can read your power level with this [holds up meter].

    GILES moves the meter up and down ILLYRIA's body. It crackles a bit and the point on the meter moves sporadically up and down.

    GILES: Hmmm...

    ILLYRIA: What?

    GILES: Nothing.

    ILLYRIA: What do you mean? I want answers.

    GILES: I mean exactly what I said. There's nothing, no waves.

    ILLYRIA: That's impossible. It's broken.

    GILES: It's not broken.

    ILLYRIA: I said fix it.

    GILES: It's not broken!

    ILLYRIA grabs onto the meter as GILES holds it. They are both gripping it.

    ILLYRIA: [tugs it towards her, not real hard, because if she did GILES would go flying] It needs to be fixed!

    GILES: [pulls it towards him] No it bloody well doesn't.

    ILLYRIA: It does!

    GILES: It doesn't!

    FAITH O/S: Now, now kids, don't make mommy put you two in a corner.

    ILLYRIA and GILES quickly let go of the meter and turn to FAITH who walks into the room. The meter falls to the ground.

    FAITH: I think it needs fixing now.

    GILES kneels down and picks it up.

    GILES: It's fine.

    FAITH: I'm hoping you didn't want me down here so I could side with you in a tug of war match with Blue.

    GILES: No, but I do want you to fight her.

    FAITH: [shocked] What?

    GILES: Not like that. I want you two to spar. I need to see how her power level changes while in combat.

    FAITH: [calmer] Oh. Okay. Weapons?

    GILES: Illyria?

    ILLYRIA: I don't care. I warn you though, if you pit against me with a weapon it will be destroyed in the process.

    FAITH: [to GILES] From me breaking it over her head?

    GILES: Faith...

    FAITH: Hey, I'm not the one with the twenty foot ego.

    GILES: No just an eighteen foot ego.

    FAITH: I might not of gotten far in High School but twenty is still bigger than eighteen.

    ILLYRIA: I want to fight.

    FAITH: [facing GILES she smiles and then turns to ILLYRIA still smiling] Better give her what she wants Giles.

    FAITH goes over to the wall with weapons on it and takes two daggers off the wall then walks to the center of the room where ILLYRIA is standing. ILLYRIA is taller than her so FAITH is kinda looking up.

    FAITH: You sure you're ready?

    ILLYRIA doesn't answer, she just punches FAITH across the face.

    FAITH: [soft chuckle] Bitch.

    FAITH drops the daggers and completely forgets about them as she punches ILLYRIA back across the face. ILLYRIA kicks FAITH in the chest and FAITH stumbles back a bit. ILLYRIA tries the same move but FAITH grabs onto ILLYRIA's foot and shoves and throws her back into the wall. ILLYRIA hits the wall and it indents and she falls to the floor.

    FAITH: Fool me once Blue...

    ILLYRIA quickly regains her composure. She grabs a Shurikin off of the wall and quickly throws it at FAITH. But FAITH is barely quick enough and dodges it. GILES face looks surprised.

    GILES: Illyria! Stop!

    FAITH: Nah, it's alright Giles, let her have her fun. It's only fair.

    GILES: No not because of that. The needle on the meter. It moved.

    FAITH: [pouts a bit] Oh.

    ILLYRIA: It moved?

    GILES: I told you it wasn't broken.

    ILLYRIA: What does this mean? Will I be getting my powers back?

    GILES: No it means that your power is tied to your emotions.

    ILLYRIA: Emotions are mortal. For the weak.

    GILES: Well then you must be one of the weak, because I believe that when you are in a tight situation, or angered your power starts to rise.

    ILLYRIA: This is foolish, it shows nothing. I'm leaving. Get me when you find something that you can prove.

    ILLYRIA storms out of the training room. FAITH and GILES are left there.

    FAITH: I think you hurt her ego.

    GILES: I probably should of handled it a bit better. [sighs] There's always tomorrow.

    FAITH: Well, I got stuff I need to do, and that kick really hurt [rubs chest] Next time warn me when you want me to fight her so I can take some pain killers ahead of time?

    GILES: [smiles] Sorry bout that.

    FAITH: No prob. I'm gonna head out.

    GILES: Bye.

    FAITH exits the room and GILES is left there all alone with a mess.

    GILES: Lucky me. I get to pick up.

    CUT TO:


    XANDER is rummaging threw some of his stuff in one of his suitcases when he comes across a small coin.

    XANDER: [examining the coin] This is the coin Willow gave me. But why?

    He flips it between his fingers and is trying to figure out what it does.

    XANDER: I wish I knew what you did.

    All of a sudden XANDER is ripped out of his room and thrown into a dark place, nothing but darkness, yet he can see.


    XANDER stands up and makes himself stable.

    XANDER: [to himself] Where am I?

    XANDER sees' something move in the dark.

    VOICE O/S: So many questions.

    Out of nowhere D'HOFFRYN steps forward into view.

    D'HOFFRYN: You are in Arashmahar Mr. Harris.


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      ACT II:

      XANDER: Where?

      D'HOFFRYN: Are you telling me Anyanka never told you of this place? Frankly, I'm rather hurt.

      XANDER: She did mention it, but why am I here?

      D'HOFFRYN: Did you not make a wish on the talisman?

      XANDER: You mean the one Willow gave me?

      D'HOFFRYN nods.

      XANDER: Well, yeah but I didn't know I was gonna be sent to?(looks around, beat) black.

      D'HOFFRYN: Oh, it is much more than this Mr. Harris, but I am afraid you won't be getting the grand tour this visit. For you see, I believe you are here for other reasons.

      XANDER: I don't suppose you're just gonna tell me them?

      D'HOFFRYN: No.

      XANDER: Of course not. Why make things easier?

      D'HOFFRYN: Not all things are meant to be laid out in front of us.

      XANDER: Okay, so how do I find out what I want?

      D'HOFFRYN: Well, there are a number of ways, but I think I have one that will suit you just fine.

      XANDER: Oh goodie.

      D'HOFFRYN: But this trial requires another person. Your choice of course. Though, no slayers. I have grown rather increasingly annoyed with them.

      XANDER: Uhm, I'm not really sure. I mean saying no slayers kind of cuts my list (pause) a lot.

      D'HOFFRYN: Would you care for a suggestion?

      XANDER: I guess it wouldn't kill me. (beat) Would it?

      D'HOFFRYN: You are much too tense, honestly, it is sometimes a wonder what Anyanka saw in you.

      XANDER: Don't call her that. Just tell me who!

      D'HOFFRYN: I was going to suggest your witch friend, Ms. Rosenberg.

      XANDER: Willow? I guess, though she -

      D'HOFFRYN: Done.

      D'HOFFRYN snaps his fingers and WILLOW appears. It looks as if she was doing something before hand, because she has her eyes closed and kisses Xander on the lips. She notices that those aren't the right lips and opens her eyes, they widen and then she pulls back.

      WILLOW: Xander!?

      XANDER: [just as wide eyed] Hi?

      WILLOW looks around and spots D'HOFFRYN. She quickly starts to glare.

      WILLOW: You.

      D'HOFFRYN: Honestly Ms. Rosenberg, it wasn't me who placed my talisman in Mr. Harris' possession, I am rather certain that it was you.

      WILLOW: Why did you bring him here?

      D'HOFFRYN: He asked for it, not me.

      WILLOW: You twisted things.

      D'HOFFRYN: [smirks] Maybe a little.

      WILLOW: [turns to XANDER] What is he having you do?

      XANDER: I have no clue. He just asked me to pick someone to go with me somewhere, and when I couldn't decide, he did for me.

      WILLOW: What does he have to do.

      D'HOFFRYN: Now, now I didn't invite you here to cause trouble. I am going to send to Mr. Harris on a vision quest. What he comes up with is up to him.

      WILLOW: Then why do you need me?

      D'HOFFRYN: I never said he would be out of harms way. There are many monster's that are lurking out there, I thought he would be safer with someone with?power.

      XANDER: Hold on. (looks at himself and then at them) Yeah, I'm still here. I was getting worried for a moment since you two are talking about me like I'm not even here.

      WILLOW: [looks sad] Sorry Xander. It's just, you know D'Hoffryn.

      XANDER: I noticed.

      D'HOFFRYN: Ok, this babble is starting to annoy me. Grab each others hand if you are going together.

      WILLOW: [to XANDER] Are you sure you want to do this?

      XANDER nods. WILLOW looks back at D'HOFFRYN and then grabs XANDER's hand.

      WILLOW: [weak defeated smile] Let's do this.

      D'HOFFRYN claps his hands and the two are sent into a forest. It is very thick with tree's, it looks as if the place is a hybrid of mysticism.

      XANDER: Nope, definitely not Kansas. [looks at WILLOW] What do you suppose we do?

      WILLOW: I guess walk around until we find whatever Mr. Pointy face wants us to. [beat] Creep.

      The two begin walking through the forest, taking in their surroundings very carefully just in case what D'HOFFRYN said about the monsters was true.

      WILLOW: So, how have things been since?you know [she points to his eye].

      XANDER: Things are easier I guess. (chuckles) I forgot how weird it was to have to squint to hold a crossbow.

      WILLOW: That's the biggest change since getting your eye back? Holding a crossbow?

      XANDER: Well you know, other stuff, but it's mainly just no more people staring and thinking when my next showing at Disney Land will be.

      WILLOW: I actually always thought it made you look macho. Like Johnny Depp. (sees XANDER's face) Oh, right, Pirate.

      They continue walking down the path, up ahead there is a light shining through a clove of tree's.

      XANDER: Evil light?

      WILLOW: Wouldn't put it past them.

      They get to the clove and see that it is a big pond shimmering that is making the light.
      WILLOW: I've never heard of evil ponds. Evil swamps yeah, but ponds?

      WILLOW goes closer and inspects it. She sees a reflection of herself about ten years older. She looks at the pond even more curiously.

      XANDER: Will. What's going on?

      Pond reflection WILLOW is joined by TARA, she too looking about ten years older. She puts her arm around her WILLOW and the two kiss. Real WILLOW smiles and a sense of understanding crosses her face.

      WILLOW: Oh! I get it now. Xander, look into the pond, tell me what you see.

      XANDER: Huh?

      WILLOW: Come on, stand over next to the pond.

      XANDER: Ok.

      XANDER walks over and stands next to the pond. He looks into it and only sees his reflection.

      XANDER: Well?

      WILLOW: What do you see?

      XANDER: Nothing, just my reflection.

      WILLOW: I knew it.

      XANDER: What? Knew what?

      WILLOW: Xander, this pond is a sort of magical truth telling pond. It show's us our desires.

      XANDER: So, I desire me?

      WILLOW: No, your reflection didn't change, it did nothing.

      XANDER: (looks back at the pond with disappointment) I don't desire anything.

      WILLOW: Xander, Anya's gone. I know this is kind of blunt but get over it. Remember when I lost Tara? It hurt me so bad that I didn't think it would ever stop. But I dealt with it. Maybe not in the best way at first, but I ended up dealing with it. I never fully got over her, and you won't of Anya either, but this thing you're doing, this void you have created, it's going to kill you.

      WILLOW walks over to him and hugs him.

      WILLOW: You saved me once, now it's my turn, to save you.

      WILLOW kisses him on the cheek and he looks at her like she has lost it.

      WILLOW: Good luck. Tell me how it all works out for you.

      XANDER: What? Good luck on what?

      Without any warning WILLOW shoves XANDER into the lake, it makes no splash, but only ripples as he falls through it. The screen brightens with a white light.

      END ACT II
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        ACT III


        The white light subsides and we see ANYA. She is in all white and a glow that holds all that is perfect is surrounding her. XANDER is looking at her in awe. Everything that he has waited for from his last day in Sunnydale is standing right in front of him.

        XANDER: [smiles] Ahn.

        XANDER reaches his hand out towards ANYA's face. She accepts and takes his hand and holds it against her cheek.

        ANYA: [there is impatient-ness in her voice] Xander, what are you doing here?

        XANDER: [his smile quickly fades] What? I came here for you. [pause] Anya your dead.

        ANYA: [chuckles] And here comes Captain Obvious to the rescue. I'm guessing this is D'Hoffyrn's doing?

        XANDER: He said if I completed the trials I could have you again, that I'd be able to feel you again.

        ANYA: [sympathetic] Xander...

        XANDER: I haven't stopped thinking about you.

        ANYA: I know.

        XANDER: I hate feeling empty all the time.

        ANYA: You have to move on Xander. Your killing yourself slowly day by day.

        XANDER: I can't Anya, not while your dead.

        ANYA: And you could while I was alive? We were in love Xander. But you've got to know when to let go. as long as you remember that we were in love, you shouldn't hate yourself.

        XANDER: [getting angry] No! It's not right, it's not fair. Everyone got back who they wanted. Buffy got Angel, Willow got Tara. But what about me? I'm just supposed to go around as happy Xander and act like nothing is wrong? When do I get a break? Huh? When is it my time.

        ANYA slaps XANDER on the arm.

        XANDER: Hey! [beat] Ow.

        ANYA: [growing even more irritated by her dumb founded ex] Xander! You don't get a break cause your not letting yourself have one. You think that magically one day all your problems will be solved. Well news flash Xander, things don't always work that way.

        XANDER: It's just hard.

        ANYA: Well life isn't supposed to be easy, or I never would of became a Vengeance Demon.

        XANDER: Well I'm making it better and you get to come with me. [holds out his hand and tuns his body ready to leave] Come on.

        ANYA: [softly] No.

        XANDER: [turns back to face ANYA] No? What do you mean no? I passed the trials. Me and Willow. And your my prize, so lets get going.

        ANYA: [not changing her tone in the least bit] No. It doesn't work that way. I've done too much, caused so much pain. It would throw the Cosmic Balance...well, off balance.

        XANDER: The hell with the Cosmic Balance. We were destined for each other.

        ANYA: Well then bravo cause you just killed everyone who you called a friend. Willow, Buffy, Giles, Tara, Faith. If I were to come back, lots of people would die. I don't know who, but they would be people with strong influence on the world.

        XANDER: I need you.

        ANYA: Do you really think that? Or is that what you tell yourself every time you start to like another woman?

        XANDER: How can I love another woman? Every time I get close I'm reminded of you.

        ANYA: So I'm to blame?

        XANDER: Whoa. [to himself] Okay, Xander bad choice of words. [to ANYA] It hurts me to be with anyone else.

        ANYA: Well you need to get over it.

        XANDER: I don't think it's that easy Ahn. Contrary to popular belief, feeling can't just go 'poof'. They can subside for a while and then be unleashed in a violent behavior at a socially crippling time, but they don't just go away.

        ANYA: I know. That's why I think you should date..

        XANDER: And you would be who exactly? Cause the Anya I knew would kill any woman trying to come within 10 feet of me.

        ANYA: I hate saying it. I want you to never be alone again. I want you to have someone that will be able to stand all of your annoying quarks. Someone who will stay up with you all night to watch that far fetched space show. Someone who will feed you chicken and stars when you get sick. Someone who...[she looks down with sadness] Someone who will do everything you and I never got to do.

        XANDER: [tears flowing down his face, he pulls ANYA over to him and holds her in his arms and whispers] I love you.

        XANDER kisses ANYA.

        ANYA: I know. But it's time to let go. If your not happy then I can never be happy. I hate being dead so the least you can do is make me happy.

        XANDER smiles for the second time.

        XANDER: I won't ever forget you.

        ANYA: And don't. I don't have much time left Xander. I've got to go.

        The two look into each others eyes one last time. They kiss very passionately, kissing like they won't ever see each other again. Cause truth is, they won't. XANDER starts to fade away. XANDER is gone. ANYA is left in the dark room.

        ANYA: I love you too.

        D'HOFFYRN steps out of the shadows as if he has been there the whole time but concealed by darkness.

        D'HOFFRYN: You were a bit harsh on the boy don't you think? He completed the trials for you.

        ANYA: It would of been harder if I got too close.

        D'HOFFYRN: Ah, yes I see. I'm sorry I couldn't of been more help.

        ANYA: I know.

        D'YHOFFYRN snaps his fingers and the magnificent white glow that surrounds ANYA dissipates and the white clothing along with it. It is replaced with a torn up brown gown, ANYA has burn marks on her and looks the complete opposite of what she appeared to XANDER.

        ANYA: Thanks for the cover up. I didn't want him to know that I was in a hell dimension, I don't think he would of left if he knew just the half of it.

        D'HOFFRYN: You know if I had any control over those hell dimensions I would save your soul.

        ANYA: I know.

        D'HOFFRYN: You were like the daughter I never had, I was very upset when you denounced your Vengeance to become human.

        ANYA: I could tell that you hated me by you sending demons to attack me non-stop.

        D'HOFFRYN: Hate? Anyanka I thought you knew me better than that. I could never hate you. Be very upset, well that's another thing.

        We here a low keyed siren sound.

        ANYA: Looks like my time is up.

        D'HOFFYRN: If only you stayed a Vengeance Demon, I could of kept you with me if you died.

        ANYA: But then I would never of known the love of Xander Harris.

        A giant flame comes from the ground and engulfs ANYA and takes her away.


        EXT. CAFE

        Some cars pass by on the street. As they go by we see FAITH and XANDER sitting outside a cafe called 'Coffee Grind' each with Styrofoam coffee cups in hand.

        XANDER: When did you find this place? I mean there's a cafe in the Academy.

        FAITH: I like to get away from the Junior slayers. There's only so much hovering you can take you know?

        XANDER: Awwe, poor Faith, being idolized must be so hard.

        FAITH: You're just jealous.

        XANDER: Jealous? Me? I could get those girls to swoon whenever I want.

        FAITH: Gross.

        XANDER: Pfft. Jealous.

        There is silence for a minute, then FAITH looks up from from her cup at XANDER.

        FAITH: So...How'd it go? With Anya.

        XANDER: Bad... [beat] Good.... [beat] Both.

        FAITH: Would you care to explain in more than one word?

        XANDER: It's complicated. Like, it was great seeing her, but at the same time it made things even harder, to move on you know.

        FAITH: You're preaching to a widow. I think I know what your talkin' about.

        XANDER: Yeah, I'm sorry bout that. The wedding was beautiful.

        FAITH: [staring into memories] It was great. [back to earth] I thought we would be together forever. You know, at one moment I even thought about kids.

        XANDER: [smiles] I thought I knew you Faith. You've changed. And I like it.

        FAITH: Only on the outside. I'm still a bad girl at heart.

        XANDER: Or so you say.

        FAITH: I've got sides you haven't seen.

        XANDER clears his throat and rubs his neck.

        FAITH: [eyes widen] Oh! I forgot.

        XANDER: It's alright, it's in the past.

        XANDER takes a drink of his coffee and looks in the distance. FAITH feels uncomfortable in her chair.

        XANDER: But I think what I've learned is I can't keep living in the past. I 've gotta start looking forward.

        FAITH: It's just I've never been able to really say sorry.

        XANDER: [raises his hand] Hey. I said it's alright. The future remember?

        FAITH: [little smile] Okay.

        XANDER raises his cup up to toast with FAITH. She sees' this and raises her cup also.

        XANDER: To the future, and whatever it may hold.

        They 'clink' their cups together.

        FAITH: The future.

        They sit there on the outside of the cafe when XANDER looks over at a building and in the shadow of it DRUSILLA is standing there watching them.

        XANDER: [completely surprise with his mouth gaping] Oh God.

        FAITH: What is it?

        XANDER: Drusilla.

        FAITH: Who?

        XANDER: [stands up really quickly] Forget it, she's a super evil vampire, you've gotta go after her.

        DRUSILLA is standing there in the shadows smiling.

        FAITH: Are you sure?

        XANDER: Yes! We've gotta kill her. Now!

        FAITH gets up and jumps over the railing that blocked the cafe from the rest of the sidewalk in one smooth motion and starts chasing after DRUSILLA. XANDER jumps over too, but not so gracefully. He starts chasing after FAITH. DRUSILLA sees them coming after her and turns around. At first she is just walking but then she breaks into a run. FAITH sees this and adds even more speed to her run. DRUSILLA takes off the man hole cover and drops into the sewers as a bunch of people are coming by and FAITH tries to get through but she's having a hard time without knocking anyone down. She gives up on not trying to hurt people and makes a mad dash for the sewer. She bumps into people but nothing more than a few people staggering to the side. XANDER follows threw apologizing as he bumps people. FAITH gets to the sewer and jumps in.

        INT. SEWER

        FAITH looks left and right trying to figure out which way to go. She decides to go left. She is running down the sewer and get to a 3 way convergence. She stands there unable to know which way to go.

        FAITH: Damn!

        FAITH turns back around and heads back to the way she came. Before getting there though, she meets XANDER. FAITH looks upset.

        XANDER: You didn't possibly get her did you? And this face is just to trick me, cause I'm telling you right now: Not funny.

        FAITH: No, the sewer splits into three back that way, and god knows how many times after that. The sewers are a freakin maze.

        XANDER: We gotta get back to the school.

        FAITH: So is Giles gonna be as freaked about this as you are?

        XANDER: If only you knew.

        FAITH and XANDER go up the ladder. The sewers are empty, save the water that is running threw. All of a sudden we can her a soft giggle. DRUSILLA emerges from the opposite side that FAITH ran to. She is standing away from where the light is shining from the top of the sewer. She looks positively delighted.

        DRUSILLA: [stops giggling] Let the games begin.


        We can here DRUSILLA giggling softly.


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