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Broken Destiny 1.02 'Many Happy Returns'

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  • Broken Destiny 1.02 'Many Happy Returns'


    Open up on a graveyard. FAITH and PETRA are on the prowl. FAITH has a stake in her hand and PETRA has a crossbow.

    FAITH: Are you sure you know how to fire one of those things?

    PETRA: Pretty simple. Just aim and fire. The slayer instincts kick in.

    FAITH: Yeah, suppose that helps.

    PETRA: So why didn't any of the other girls come along.

    FAITH: Well if ya remember I wanted to solo this graveyard. But a certain spaz insisted on coming along. Actually that certain someone snuck along.

    PETRA: I was bored. And plus, I like hangin with you.

    FAITH: I feel all important now.

    PETRA: This place is deserted.

    FAITH: Might be cause it's a graveyard.

    PETRA: I meant there's no vamps.

    FAITH: Kind of a good thing.

    They get to a mausoleum.

    FAITH: I'm gonna check inside. Stay out here.

    PETRA: But-

    FAITH: Hey. No backtalk.

    PETRA: Fine.

    FAITH opens up the door of the mausoleum and walks in, it's dark and she can't see anything. She pulls a lighter out of her pocket and lights it. The light is very feint and barely anything can be seen. She looks around and everything seems to be in order.

    PETRA O/S: Anything?

    FAITH: Nope. All's in order.

    PETRA O/S: Well that's -

    PETRA's sentence is cut off short by her screaming. FAITH quickly turns around and runs out of the mausoleum. A FEMALE VAMPIRE has PETRA pinned on the ground. PETRA is struggling with all of her might to get loose. FAITH runs of to PETRA and throws the VAMPIRE off of PETRA.

    FAITH: [to PETRA] You let this vamp take you?

    PETRA: [rubbing her arm] That vampire is frickin different. I think it's on steroids.

    The VAMPIRE gets up and knocks down PETRA and goes after FAITH. FAITH welcomes it by grabbing it and rolling it behind her. FAITH spins around to face the VAMPIRE. The VAMPIRE quickly jumps up and punches FAITH in the chest. FAITH recoils and goes to punch the VAMPIRE in the face but the VAMPIRE ducks down and elbows FAITH in the gut. FAITH doubles over and get's kneed in the face by the VAMPIRE. FAITH is knocked back and is against a big tombstone. The VAMPIRE goes to punch FAITH in the face when off screen we here a charging yell and we see PETRA full on tackling the VAMPIRE. FAITH regains her composure and looks down at the VAMPIRE and PETRA. Her facial expression is really confused.

    FAITH: [very loud, yet not yelling] Pet hold her down.

    PETRA: [while struggling] Okay.

    FAITH quickly goes over to the VAMPIRE and stakes it. PETRA falls to the ground and exhales. She sits up and looks over at FAITH really worried.

    PETRA: Was that?

    FAITH: A slayer? Yeah.


    Roll Credits

    - Theme Song -
    by Jem

    ELIZA DUSHKU...............................FAITH
    AMY ACKER.................................ILLYRIA
    TINA MAJORINO..................PETRA TAYLIN
    CALLUM BLUE..................THOMAS GREGOR

    Special Guest Starring:

    IYARI LIMON.............................KENNEDY
    MARK BLUCAS.........................RILEY FINN
    JULIET LANDAU ........................DRUSILLA
    SAMANTHA BELL...........................TAMMY
    BEN VAREEN...............................DOCTOR
    .......................................THE IMMORTAL

    Created by:
    Joseph Sessumes
    And Alexander Brown

    Written by:
    Joseph Sessumes

    Edited by:
    Alexander Brown

    A Sacred Circle Production.

    Based on:
    Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel (c) Joss Whedon, 20th Century Fox and Mutant Enemy
    And Raven and Sorceress of Crimson Falls (c) Alexander Brown, Travis Truant-Simpson, Sacred Circle Productions and Digilee Int. No money is being made off this project.
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    ACT I:


    GILES and FAITH are sitting down. GILES is behind his desk and FAITH is on the other side. GILES has a cup of tea in front of him.

    GILES: And your absolutely positive that this vampire was a slayer.

    FAITH: Yeah. Remember Clarissa? From Kentucky? We thought that she just got fed up and ran away. Well now we know were she went.

    GILES takes a drink of his tea.

    GILES: I just don't understand.

    FAITH: Whoa! That was weird.

    GILES: What?

    FAITH: I thought I felt hell freeze over just now. I mean you not understanding? Brrr.

    GILES just stares at her.

    FAITH: [sighs] Whatever.

    GILES: Anyway. It's very unheard of, of a vampire ever siring a slayer. They usually just... [searches for a word] gloat.

    FAITH: Well I saw what I saw.

    GILES: I'm not saying I don't believe you Faith, I was saying that this is new. W-Whatever vampire did this, has to be old and powerful. They would have to know about the history of the slayer.

    FAITH: Or just wanted to have a good time. I mean geez Giles, there are how many slayers now?

    GILES: I suppose you're right.

    FAITH gets a smile on her face.

    FAITH: The best thing out of your mouth all day.

    GILES: We need to find this enemy as soon as possible, before more girls go missing. I need you to go and find Mrs. Corner and ask her to pull up any girls that suddenly went missing in the past month. See if we can stop anymore girls from getting killed.

    FAITH: Will do.

    CUT TO:


    This room is different from the one from the previous episode. It is in a cave, DRUSILLA and the PURPLE CHAOS DEMON which will be called HEAD DEMON (for making the name shorter) are on a ledge and down below are about 20 of the ORANGE CHAOS DEMONS, which will be called CHAOS DEMON. The CHAOS Demon's are training variously with each other.

    HEAD DEMON: Mistress, the minions are getting antsy, they want to fight.

    DRUSILLA: Calm down, Mr. Grape. They'll get their time.

    HEAD DEMON: I wish you wouldn't call me that mistress.

    DRUSILLA: And I wish you wouldn't fail me.

    DRUSILLA turns and walks away into the room from the last episode. The HEAD DEMON follows her. DRUSILLA goes over to a stand and picks up a doll. She goes over and stands next to the large oak table.

    DRUSILLA: [stroking the dolls head] Miss Edith see's all. [she walks over and stands next to the HEAD DEMON and stands on her tiptoes and whispers in it's ear] She tells me you want over through me.

    HEAD DEMON: [backs away] I would never think such things.

    DRUSILLA: Are you calling Miss Edith a liar?

    HEAD DEMON: Uhm Madam Drusilla? It's a doll.

    DRUSILLA: [lets out a whine] Now look you've gonna and spoiled Miss Edith picnic. Little ants marching two by two. ****-Clat ****-Clat.

    HEAD DEMON: Uhm...Sorry?

    DRUSILLA: Now now, don't be naughty Mr. Grape. I won't hurt you. [gives him a look] Badly. [smile]

    HEAD DEMON: Thanks? I'm not trying to be pushing Madam, but when are we going to attack the slayers?

    DRUSILLA: You don't get it. [pauses and smiles] I can see it. I can smell it. [starts swaying her body back and forth] Like a lovely daisy swaying in the wind.

    HEAD DEMON: What? What do you smell?

    DRUSILLA: [stops swaying] Fear. [licks her lips] It tastes like cake.

    DRUSILLA goes over to the corner. A GIRL is huddled there in fear. DRUSILLA leans down next to the GIRL.

    DRUSILLA: There's so many of you now, like bunnies. You've been chosen. And now I've been chosen to set things in order. And your going to be mummy's little helper.

    DRUSILLA vamps out and bites the SLAYER's neck. The SLAYER's eyes widen in a mix of shock, fear, and pain. DRUSILLA brings her mouth away form the SLAYER's neck and cuts her wrist with her arm. DRUSILLA takes off the gag in the SLAYER's mouth and puts her bleeding wrist to the SLAYER's mouth. The SLAYER starts drinking the blood.

    DRUSILLA: There, there. All's well now.

    CUT TO:


    GILES and MR.GREGOR (see episode 1) are in an empty classroom. MR. GREGOR has a heavy English accent.

    GILES: I thank you for helping out here. Ever since the situation with the coven members, things have been hard to set straight.

    MR. GREGOR: Yes, I feel partially responsible seeing as they were under my watch. I should have known they were delving into the dark arts.

    GILES: They manipulated all of us Thomas. It wasn't just you we all should of seen the signs. I mean they even got to Althenea.

    GREGOR: I just don't understand why they made you guys give the slayers the trial.

    GREGOR: Have you told Ms. Rosenberg?

    GILES: [lets out a faux chuckle] I don't think she give me two seconds to tell her anything. [sighs] Everything is falling apart.

    GREGOR: Everything looks like it's running as a well oiled machine.

    GILES: No it's not that. Before Sunnydales demise and for a short time after I had what you would call a dysfunctional family. Now it's all fallen to hell.

    GREGOR: Care to explain?

    GILES: [takes off his glasses and takes out a cloth and starts to clean them] Buffy's in a mental ward, Willow and Tara won't let me talk to them, and Xander is God knows where. Not top mention Anya's death. [He puts his glasses back on and sits down and runs his fingers in his hair]

    GREGOR: Well that is a kink in the machine.

    GILES: I was never really one for the machines.

    GREGOR: Yes I know, but you gotta grow up some day. You know, technology is rising faster and faster each day.

    GILES: Sadly yes.

    GREGOR: Ah, come on Rupert, life's no fun when your sad. Everything will work out, trust me. You just have to take it one step at a time. Like the monster of the week thing. You have the unknowable Chaos Demon and some sadistic vampire that's siring slayers. No biggie, we'll just get the Calvary and hack n' slash away.

    GILES: [laughs] Do you mind if we take this to the lobby? I have to talk to the receptionist.

    GREGOR: No problem.

    CUT TO:


    GILES and GREGOR are walking through the door from the Slayer/Slayer training room wing into the lobby.

    GILES: I have done some correlating and I believe that whoever is controlling the chaos demons is also in alliance with the vampire or vampires that sired the slayer.

    GREGOR: Gotta give whoever it is credit, they have connections.

    GILES: I'm glad your having your fun.

    GREGOR: Oh bully Rupert.

    GILES and GREGOR reach the RECEPTIONIST's desk.

    RECEPTIONIST: Good afternoon Mr. Giles. How may I help you?

    GILES: Good afternoon Tammy, uhm could you let me know as soon as Faith arrives.

    FAITH O/S: How bout I tell you? Faith's here.

    GILES doesn't turn around but smiles.

    FAITH O/S: I picked up some hitchhikers on my way back.

    GILES quickly turns around.

    GILES: You did wh-.

    His sentence is cut short upon seeing XANDER [with two very real eyes] and RILEY.

    XANDER: [waves] Hey.

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      ACT TWO:

      INT. LOBBY

      Continue from where we left off.

      GILES: Xander? Riley? What are you two doing here?

      XANDER: Nice to see you too.

      RILEY: Hey Giles.

      GILES: I'm glad to see you too, It's just I haven't heard from you in so long.

      XANDER: Yeah, I was Japan for a while. I've learned to like the many ways of raw fish.

      RILEY: I was in Japan too but for other reasons.

      GILES: How about we all go up to my office and talk there. [turns and sees GREGOR] Oh. Thomas, I'm sorry, could we continue our conversation at another time?

      GREGOR: No problem Rupert. [faces XANDER and RILEY] Nice to meet you guys. I think.

      XANDER and RILEY wave. GREGOR exits the academy.

      GILES: Follow me.

      CUT TO:


      KENNEDY is in an empty classroom punching a punching bag. ILLYRIA walks by the door and KENNEDY spots her.

      KENNEDY: [in a serious tone] Hey! Illyria.

      ILLYRIA stops and turns to face KENNEDY.

      ILLYRIA: What?

      KENNEDY: I was uh... I was wondering if you maybe wanted to train with me.

      ILLYRIA: I train with Giles.

      KENNEDY: I know that. But maybe you'd wanna get physical. [pauses] Not sexually though. [looks ILLYRIA up and down] Cause well, that would be just weird.

      ILLYRIA: Very well. I'll beat you.

      KENNEDY: Your so sure you think you can beat me.

      ILLYRIA: Not think. Know.

      KENNEDY: Well come in here and show me what your made of.

      ILLYRIA starts walking into the room.

      CUT TO:


      FAITH and PETRA are in PETRA's dorm at the academy. There are two beds in the dorm and a dresser separating them. Each side of the dorm is decorated differently. Petra's side is decorated with posters from the latest pop-culture trends (use you imagination people), a bright green bed spread, her desk has an I-Book and papers and school books scattered around. The other side has taken a more darker look. There are posters of Goth bands, and a black bed spread, her whole side of the room is very neat compared to PETRA's. PETRA is shuffling through papers.

      FAITH: [walking around and looking at the room] Do you ever pick up?

      PETRA: When I feel like it, mother.

      FAITH: Hey, I ain't no ones mother. But damn, I'm not even this messy.

      PETRA: I haven't gotten any chance to clean up. Cause, Hey! Senior now.

      FAITH: [looks over at the other side] And Goth chick over here has lots of free time?

      PETRA: Ha, ha. No, she's always out with the wannabe wiccan's. But she's still in grade 9. Not so hectic.

      FAITH: And yet you still have time to sneak along on patrolling?

      PETRA: I needed to blow off some steam. [frustrated] Where is it!?!

      FAITH: [looks at PETRA] The hell you lookin for?

      PETRA: I have a 5 page essay that I printed out on the transition of the dark age and the middle age. I pulled like two all nighters on it.

      FAITH picks up a group of papers from the ground next to the desk.

      FAITH: This it?

      PETRA: [turns to face FAITH and her eyes widen with glee] Oh my god yes. [grabs the papers] Thank you!

      FAITH: Hey it was no prob. But seriously, and this coming from me, you need to get a bit more organized.

      PETRA: Yeah, maybe later. Lets go do something.

      FAITH: What? I don't know. Giles wanted me in his office soon, said we had some visitors. Though I don't know why that should include me. Everyone I know is gone. Or crazy.

      PETRA: [looks kinda sad but if FAITH noticed she didn't say anything] Oh. ok. Yeah. Sure, whatever. Uhm, so I'll see you later I guess [she turns around and starts sorting through papers on her desk].

      FAITH: [shuffles a bit] Later. [she exits].

      PETRA is standing in her room all alone. She plops down on her bed with her face in the pillow.

      CUT TO:


      KENNEDY and ILLYRIA sparing. KENNEDY jump punches at ILLYRIA, ILLYRIA grabs onto KENNEDY while she is midair and throws her against the wall.

      ILLYRIA: Is that all you have to offer?

      KENNEDY: I'm just getting started.

      KENNEDY quickly regains her composure and lunges at ILLYRIA with a kick to her chest. ILLYRIA stumbles backwards and KENNEDY takes the opportunity and punches ILLYRIA with the front side of her forearm in the face three times and follows up by attempting to trip ILLYRIA to the ground but ILLYRIA has different plans and grabs KENNEDY's leg and flips her onto her back. KENNEDY flips back up and takes a sword from the wall nearby her, ILLYRIA does the same but with an axe instead of a sword.

      KENNEDY: Time to take it up a notch.

      KENNEDY gives the sword a downward slash at ILLYRIA and it counterattacked by ILLYRIA's axe blocking and breaking the connection, ILLYRIA then hits KENNEDY with the blunt side of the axe in the gut making KENNEDY collapse to the ground.

      ILLYRIA: You are nothing but words.

      We can see FAITH walk into the doorway but she doesn't enter the room all of the way, she just leans against the door frame. ILLYRIA holds the axe ready to deliver another blow. FAITH takes notice of this and walks hurriedly towards ILLYRIA and takes the axe in her hand.

      FAITH: Whoa there Blue, I'm pretty sure Oxford would frown on you killing brat here.

      ILLYRIA: [she turns towards FAITH, the axe is still in both of their hands] She is the one who challenged me.

      FAITH: [yanks the axe completely into her control] Yeah, but I'm sure she didn't say "Hey, if I lose, go ahead and take off my head." What's up with you blue? [she walks over towards KENNEDY and crouches down beside her] You alright brat?

      KENNEDY: [still a little winded] Yeah sure. I didn't know we were going all Roman though. [stands up] Not that I'm not thankful or anything but why are you here?

      FAITH: Giles wanted me to come get you, says he has someone here to see us.

      KENNEDY: Who?

      FAITH: Okay, if I wanted you to know don't you think I would of told you?

      KENNEDY: Moody?

      FAITH: Come on. [starts walking towards the door] We're already late.

      KENNEDY: Fine. [starts walking with FAITH and then turns her head to ILLYRIA] Rematch later. Okay? Cept, you know, without the death.

      ILLYRIA: You have not had enough?

      KENNEDY: [head now faced in front of her] Later.

      ILLYRIA is left alone in the room. She picks up the axe and throws it ay the wall. It sticks in there

      CUT TO:


      GILES, XANDER and RILEY have all taken a seat in GILES' office. GILES is sitting behind his desk and RILEY and XANDER are in two chairs opposite of him. There are also two other empty seats.

      GILES: So what brings you two here?

      XANDER: Well we were in the area and thought we would visit our English pals.

      RILEY: Also I needed to talk to you and Buffy about some recent disturbances throughout England.

      GILES' face falls grim, and he sighs.

      XANDER: That's not a good face. What's the matter Giles?

      GILES: Buffy...she uhm...she-

      XANDER: Giles!

      GILES: She's in a hospital.

      RILEY: What?

      XANDER: Willow never mentioned that. [stands up] What the hell? Why did I just find out about this?

      GILES: I would of told you, if you ever told me where you were, or how to contact you.

      XANDER: Wow. I'm sorry Giles. I'm sorry that I didn't tell Mr. Slayer Trials, where I'm at all the time.

      GILES: [stands up and looks furiously back at XANDER] Well than how the HELL was I supposed to tell you then? Hmm?

      XANDER: Willow told me you've changed.

      GILES: Don't change the subject on me Xander.

      XANDER: What? Can't handle the truth? Have you almost killed anymore slayers lately?

      GILES: You know nothing of what went on.

      XANDER: Oh yeah. Cause Willow made it really clear that you had Andrew and another watcher put their slayers threw the trial. I could of sworn that your big rule of the new council was that we were doing away with stuff like that. But hey guess not.

      GILES: It's not that easy.

      RILEY finally steps in.

      RILEY: Hey, hey. Guys come one. we have bigger things to deal with than this. Let's just sit down.

      GILES and XANDER look at each other and then sit down back in their chairs. Just as they do FAITH and KENNEDY walk in the door.

      FAITH: Sorry to interrupt the yelling but I was invited to it. Sorry I didn't RSVP, sorta wish I could of been here sooner. I kinda felt like yelling. [looks over at XANDER] Hey X-man. [puts one arm on his shoulder and looks over a RILEY] And you are?

      RILEY: [stands up and stretches out his arm, FAITH takes it and shakes his hand] I'm Riley. We uh, kinda met before. Except you weren't really you.

      FAITH: Oh yeah the body swap. I get that a lot. Sorry by the way.

      RILEY: Oh it was nothing. I only thought I was talking to Buffy when I told you that I love you.

      FAITH: [laughs] Woops.

      KENNEDY: I'm Kennedy.

      RILEY: Huh? Oh! Hey. [shakes her hand] Riley. So your a slayer I take it?

      KENNEDY: Of the recent. [looks at Xander] Ahoy there Xander.

      XANDER: You know Ken, pirate jokes are so four years ago, plus, no eye patch.

      KENNEDY: I know, but seriously though, nice to see you.

      XANDER: Your awfully chipper since we last talked. Or heard about you.

      KENNEDY and FAITH sit down.

      KENNEDY: The Willow thing.

      XANDER: Now it's a thing?

      KENNEDY: Not so much. But thanks to Willow's approval and Mr. Gregor and Giles' help, I'm able to get my destiny and powers back. All I have to do is control my anger problems and not kill anyone.

      XANDER: So Giles enjoys controlling the slayers?

      RILEY: [warningly] Xander.

      XANDER: Whatever.

      XANDER stands up and storms out the door.

      FAITH: What did I miss?

      GILES: That I am apparently the scum of the earth.

      FAITH: He lived with you for what? Seven? Eight years? And he just figured this out? [ GILES looks shocked and his mouth slightly opens, RILEY and KENNEDY also look over at her] Just messing with you Oxford. I wouldn't stay here if I didn't think you were a cool guy.

      GILES: Believe me. I'm over exasperated with joy.

      FAITH: Awe. Thanks. [looks over at the door] I'm gonna go check on Brawny. I'll catch up with you guys later. [she exits the room]

      PAN TO:


      FAITH sees XANDER and follows after him, it doesn't take her but 2 or 3 seconds to catch up. They are walking and talking.

      FAITH: Ok, so what was that all about?

      XANDER: It's none of your business Faith.

      FAITH: Well actually it is. See you come in this place and start something. That kinda automatically makes it my business.

      XANDER: Well I'm glad your in the loop.

      FAITH: Your throwin' this tantrum cuz no one sent you e-mails? If I remember correctly it was you that went away. Not the other way around.

      XANDER: And that's a reason for no one telling me my best friend was in the hospital?

      FAITH: Hey, looks to me like your anger should really be directed to Red, you talked to her last right? You should be asking yourself why she didn't tell you anything. Attacking Oxford really isn't gonna do anything.

      XANDER: Oh yeah lets all protect Saint Giles, on his slayer purging brigade.

      FAITH: Whoa, okay first off you know NOTHING about what happened. You, Red and Glinda all think you have it figured out, about what happened with the trials.

      XANDER: [stops, turns to FAITH] Why don't you enlighten me then.

      CUT TO:


      GILES, RILEY, and KENNEDY are left in the office.

      GILES: The coven is a group of witches and seers. They have served the council for quite some time. And up until the last year there have been no problems. Mr. Gregor my friend and assistant here at the Academy ran the council for two years, up until the incident.

      RILEY: The incident?

      CUT TO:

      FAITH and XANDER are sitting on the ground in the hallway with their backs against the wall.

      FAITH: A couple of rogue wicked witches of the west, decided that they wanted power. So they drained some evil voodoo books and picked up some wicked manipulation tricks. They started with Giles and then worked their way to the head slayers of the school. They -

      CUT TO:

      GILES: - wanted to get power and decided that if they got the top slayers, they could make an army of substantial power. But first they needed a way to find out which slayers were stronger than the others. They dug into the council records and found -

      CUT TO:

      FAITH: - the trials. A right of passage the council used back when , to decide if the chosen one was worthy to be chosen. Strip her powers and have her face a vamp in an uncontrolled environment.

      XANDER: Yeah I know all that. Buffy did that Senior year. What does it have to do with Giles using it?

      FAITH: Have you been listening to me? Giles didn't do this himself. He was brainwashed, you dolt. I do tell the truth sometimes ya know.

      XANDER: So why doesn't Will know about this?

      FAITH: Oxford feels that if Red found out then she wouldn't trust them anymore. He doesn't want that, he would rather her be mad at him than the coven, he's afraid it might cause a rift in her magick.

      XANDER: And you?

      FAITH: What about me?

      XANDER: You don't care if Willow hates you?

      FAITH: Me and Will? We were never really buddy buds in the first place. I've lived without friends for half my life. Me minus one. Won't really do too much damage to me.

      XANDER: Wow. Don't I fell like a grade 'A' ass.

      FAITH: Finally. I was wondering how long it was gonna take. Damn.

      XANDER: [laughs] Yeah. I'm kinda slow.

      FAITH: Are you gonna tell me something I don't know? [stands up and extends her hand to him] Come on. Let's go see Giles. Minus the yelling though.

      XANDER: Yeah.

      XANDER and FAITH stand up and start walking in the direction FAITH came from.

      CUT TO:

      GILES: Thomas Gregor has seen to it that the witches have been dealt with.

      RILEY: You guys didn't - Like kill them did you?

      GILES: What? No. Good Lord no. We have them in a rehabilitation center.

      RILEY: How do you keep them contained without them breaking out?

      KENNEDY: Magick.

      RILEY: What?

      GILES: There is a magick dampener set around the facility so they can't break free.

      RILEY: Well that's better than I thought.

      GILES: Actually, I was wondering why you were with Xander in?China was it?

      RILEY: Yeah. And that's kinda secret.

      GILES: Oh, well I see. [starts rambling] Uhm I guess we were never that close anyway. I understand. So -

      RILEY: [chuckles] I didn't mean secret from you because your you. I can't tell you cause it's a military thing.

      GILES: [smiles foolishly] Right. So you met Xander in China. I would ask him what he was doing there but he seems rather mad at the moment.

      RILEY: Yeah, he can get pretty heated easily lately. But he was there traveling. He gets around a lot. From what he tells me anyway.

      GILES: Yes, after the spell to invoke the slayers he wanted to go somewhere new. He came back once for Faith and Robins wedding, and for [barely spits out the words] Dawn's funeral.

      RILEY: [looks at GILES in horror] Dawn's....funeral?

      GILES: [solemnly] Yes. Two assassins had made her insane and then an ancient demon finished the job by draining her of her power.

      RILEY: Oh my God.

      GILES: I actually think he was out sick that day.

      RILEY: And Buffy lived through it?

      GILES: That's the thing about Buffy that confuses me. While she was here she was unstable. A moving train wreck. Then I told her to go to Italy, clear her head, try and sort things through.

      RILEY: What happened? How did she end up in the hospital?

      GILES: That's what I don't know. When she got there, a couple days later she called and told me she met someone and that everything was fine.

      RILEY: And that didn't sound suspicious?

      GILES: Yes I did. But I'm not her father, and she is old enough to make her own decisions. So I stayed clear.

      RILEY: Okay, but you still haven't told me why she's in a hospital.

      GILES: Well a little while back. Willow found out that Spike was back and then that he had died again in the apocalypse at L.A. He never told Buffy that he had returned though. Willow did a spell and did something with Spikes remains and sent them to Buffy. After this, she was back to the way she was when Dawn had died. This time though, she has remained in a catatonic state.

      RILEY: I know she had a thing for Spike and all, but I hardly think he's catatonic state worth. She was fine the first time he died, right?

      GILES: [grins] That's what I thought too.

      RILEY: Another Spike hater?

      GILES: Not so much hate, as never trusted.

      RILEY: So what are your thoughts on what really happened?

      GILES: I think that when she got to Italy and met the Immortal, that he did something to her, to make her forget her pain, maybe a spell. Then when Willow cast the spell and sent it to Buffy, whatever the Immortal did to her, Willows spell counter acted it and Buffy was hit with two deaths at once. Thus causing her present state.

      RILEY: Is this Immortal guy still around?

      GILES: He stays around and keeps watch over her.

      RILEY: Does he love her?

      GILES: I couldn't say.

      RILEY: So Buffy's-

      RILEY is interrupted by the door opening up. XANDER and FAITH are standing there.

      XANDER: Just the girl I wanna see.

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        ACT THREE:


        XANDER, GILES, RILEY, FAITH, and a DOCTOR are walking down a hospital corridor. There are many doors down the hallway. We can hear screaming, not from pain but screaming.

        FAITH: God I hate hospitals.

        The DOCTOR turns his head to FAITH.

        FAITH: [smiles] No offense.

        DOCTOR: That's alright, not many people are fans of hospitals. [hint of sarcasm] Can't see why.

        XANDER: Ah, Faith here just holds a grudge.

        FAITH: Forgive me for holding a year long coma as a grudge.

        DOCTOR: A year?

        FAITH: Of the best Freudian dreams ever.

        DOCTOR: I'm surprised there's no long term damage.

        XANDER snickers. FAITH hears this and elbows him in the gut.

        FAITH: What can I say. I'm a toughie.

        XANDER: [gasping] That she is.

        GILES: Now, now children. Don't embarrass yourselves in front of the nice Doctor.

        RILEY: You two just got scolded.

        The DOCTOR stops at a door with the number 1460.

        DOCTOR: Ah, here we are. [He unlocks the door with his keys] Just buzz for me when your ready. [he points to a button a door away]

        Everyone's face goes solemn in less than a second. They slowly walk in the door.


        Everyone is inside now. BUFFY is lying there in the bed. She doesn't even notice them come in. All that's in her eyes is emptiness as she stares in the distance.

        XANDER: It's just like [gulps] The time Glory took Dawn.

        GILES: Willow can't save her this time though.

        XANDER: [turns away from BUFFY and looks at GILES] She's tried?

        GILES: Well, not Willow exactly, but a member of the coven-

        XANDER: A member of the coven? Was this before or after the brain surgery they did on you?

        GILES: It wasn't one of the dark witches. It was a close friend of mine. You've met him. He helped bring down those witches.

        XANDER: [heatedly] He didn't even know Buffy. How would he even where to start? We need Willow! Dammit! [He slams his hand against the wall]

        FAITH: Okay Ace how bout we calm down a bit, huh?

        XANDER: [head down, quietly] I wanna be alone with her.

        GILES: Xander..

        XANDER: [looks up at GILES, teary eyed] Please...

        GILES: Alright. Faith, Riley. [gestures towards the door]

        GILES, FAITH, and RILEY leave.

        XANDER turns towards BUFFY. He goes over to her bed and sits on it. BUFFY hasn't moved an inch, she just stares into nothingness.

        XANDER: Hey Buff. [smiles] Long time no see, huh? In uh, in my mind when I pictured seeing you, it was much more Brady Bunchy than this. Well that was before I found out that you...that you uh...[his sentence fades]

        XANDER stands up and walks around the room absent mindedly. Still no response from BUFFY.

        XANDER: So this Immortal guy. You love him? Well of course you do, he's a vampire. You would drop everything for a vampire. Including Dawns death.

        BUFFY blinks. XANDER notices this.

        XANDER: So that's what it takes to get a reaction out of you? Well good, cause at least I know you can hear me.

        XANDER walks closer to BUFFY.

        XANDER: What happened to you Buffy? This isn't like you. I know you had...feelings for Spike. But more than Dawn? I saw you after the funeral, you could barely speak. But then you go to Italy and live up your life through partying with a vamp? What did he do to you Buff?

        BUFFY doesn't give a response, just stares.

        XANDER: Come on Buffy. I can help you. I just need to know how. I've brought you back to life twice now, a little comatose should be a cinch.

        XANDER's head slumps down. He stands up and walks toward the door. He opens it up and walks outside to the others.


        XANDER: I got a blink.

        GILES: That's more than I ever got from her.

        RILEY: I'm gonna go in there.

        GILES puts his hand on RILEY's shoulder. They meet each others eyes and nod. RILEY enters the Hospital Room.

        XANDER: Poor guy.

        GILES: He was never around when this happened to Buffy before was he?

        XANDER: Nope. It was horrible. When I see the guy who out the whammy on her.

        FAITH: Speak of the vamp.

        They all turn towards the entrance of the hallway and see THE IMMORTAL. He has a heavy Spanish/Italian accent.

        IMMORTAL: What tis wrong? Is it Buffy?

        XANDER: I don't know, why don't you tell us.

        IMMORTAL: [looks confused] What do you mean? I got a phone call saying that a bunch of people were visiting Buffy, and I came, I thought something bad might of happened.

        XANDER: Your right aomething bad did happen. You.

        IMMORTAL: I have done nothing of the sort. And I would appreciate it if you stop accusing me of such things.

        FAITH: Cut the crap. Did you or didn't you put the whammy on B?

        IMMORTAL: The what?

        FAITH: Don't play stupid. Your how frickin old? What did you do to Buffy when she went to Italy?

        IMMORTAL: I helped her.

        XANDER: How?

        IMMORTAL: I did nothing wrong. She was in an extreme amount of pain and I simply subsided it.

        XANDER: You took her ability to feel away?

        IMMORTAL: Just her ability to feel pain.

        FAITH: You sick son of a-

        FAITH is unable to finish her sentence due to GILES bumping her on his way to pinning THE IMMORTAL to the wall with his forearm to THE IMMORTAL's throat. The wall shakes.

        GILES: [his pissed off GILES voice, but not yelling] You are going to leave here, and never see or go near Buffy again. If you come near her or any of my friends again...I have a hundred some odd slayers at my call.

        FAITH: No need Oxford, I could take him. Immortal my ass.

        GILES releases THE IMMORTAL.

        IMMORTAL: You people know no etticate. Give my respects to Buffy.

        THE IMMORTAL walks away, towards the exit of the hospital corridor.

        XANDER: Yeah right.

        THE IMMORTAL turns just before exiting and then leaves.

        CUT TO:


        RILEY is in the room alone with BUFFY. He is sitting down on the bed stroking BUFFY's leg.

        RILEY: Oh and another big change. Sam and I are no longer married.

        RILEY looks at BUFFY, hoping that maybe he would of gotten a reaction out of this, but he comes out empty handed.

        RILEY: Yeah, she went kinda of insa- [chooses not to use that word] Uhm, hostile. The only thing she cares about now is killing demons. [laughs] Sounds kinda like me when I was apart of the Initiative, huh? I tried talking with her about it, but she just thought I was going soft and blamed you for it.

        Still no response.

        RILEY: Deep down I think I agree with her. After seeing you in Sunnydale again, nothing was the same. I think... I think I'm still in love with you.

        Bingo. RILEY gets a blink. He smiles. All of a sudden he hears a bang against the wall.

        FAITH: [faintly from the other side of the wall] Immortal my ass.

        RILEY: What?

        RILEY continues to listen. And this time hears, XANDERS voice.

        XANDER: [faintly from the other side of the wall] Yeah right.

        RILEY stands up and looks at BUFFY, but then goes outside into the hallway.

        RILEY: What's going on.

        XANDER: We just got to the bottom of things.

        FADE TO:


        FAITH, GILES, XANDER, and RILEY are sitting and talking in GILES' office.

        GILES: So what's next for you two? Are you going to travel some more?

        XANDER: Well, I don't know about Sergeant Bilko here, but I think I might stay here. Maybe I could help out a bit. Or even find it homey enough to live here. That is, if you can find it in your English heart to let me stay.

        GILES: Of course, your always welcome. Though you may want to ease up on the English jokes, your not surrounded by Americans anymore. You in the homeland.

        XANDER: Ah, it won't be so hard. I can blend in, all I have to do is drink tea and say 'pip pip' and 'cheerio' a lot.

        FAITH: You'll learn fast like I did. Keep your mouth shut about the Brits. They're worse than most demons. And scarier.

        GILES: I'm glad my culture is found so humorous to you two.

        XANDER: Me too.

        GILES: And what about you Riley?

        RILEY: I think I'm gonna stay in Italy, watch over Buffy. Maybe since The Immortal is gone, I can make some progress with her.

        GILES: I thought you might do that. I think it would be good for both of you. I can have the Academy's Jet take you there whenever your ready.

        RILEY: Thanks. I think I wanna leave later today.

        GILES: Alright, I'll make the call right now.

        RILEY stands up.

        RILEY: Thanks Giles. I'll come and visit whenever I can. [turns to FAITH] Nice seeing you again. In a non-homicidal way that is.

        FAITH: You too. Hope you can make a breakthrough with B.

        XANDER: Me too. And thanks for bringing me here. I really needed it. And I demand that you pay lots of social visits on the grounds that I don't wanna be lonely.

        GILES: Am I invisible?

        FAITH: Kinda transparent, but other than that. Nope.

        RILEY: Well I'll be seeing you guys around. Man, it feels good not to have to salute to people after I have a conversation with them.

        RILEY walks out and leaves.

        FAITH: So Brawny, where are you gonna stay?

        XANDER: Until I find an apartment., I have no clue.

        GILES: I could always set up a place for you here, until you find a place.

        XANDER: Thanks. And I'm sorry about everything. I shouldn't of lashed out at you like that. Not until I knew everything.

        GILES: I probably would of done the same thing.

        FAITH: Hell, I know I would of done the same thing.

        XANDER and GILES share a laugh.

        GILES: I'm sure there's an empty dorm room on the top floor. I don't recall putting anybody there yet.

        XANDER: Cool. I guess I'll just go and lay down for a bit. Jet lag is the Devil's stuffed animal of death. It may look like fun on the outside, but deep down it's really just a soulless creature.

        FAITH: See ya later.

        XANDER leaves the room.

        FAITH: Well wasn't today just a barrel of not so much fun.

        GILES: It was exaughsting, but at least we were able to help Buffy.

        FAITH: Yeah you really laid a smack down on The Immortal.

        GILES: It's a side I don't let out too often.

        FAITH: Well you may have to. Cause with all of the stuff going on, we may need more than slayers.

        GILES: I hope it doesn't come down to that. We just have to take things one step at a time.

        FAITH: You've been talking to Gregor?

        GILES: Of course.

        FAITH: I guess he's right though. With everything going on, we're just gonna have to take things as they come, or else everything will just fall apart.

        FADE TO:

        INT. DORM ROOM

        XANDER is in a empty dorm room. There is nothing in it except for two luggage bags, along with the two beds, desks, and night stand. XANDER is sitting on the bed with his wallet out, he is looking at a picture in it. The picture is one of him, and Anya kissing at her birthday party with Dawn, Buffy, Willow, Tara, and Giles all looking festive with Birthday party hats on.

        XANDER: When did it all go wrong?



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