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Broken Destiny 1.01 "Guidance" SERIES PREMIERE

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  • Broken Destiny 1.01 "Guidance" SERIES PREMIERE

    Broken Destiny is written so that people don't have to read 'Raven' to understand what is going on. If and when there is something that comes up that was explained in either 'Raven' or 'Sorceress of Crimson Falls' then there will be a 'Previously on' explaining what is needed to know. This way it doesn't discourage new comers into thing that they HAVE to read 'Raven' or "SoCF' in order to read this

    Also, I posted the recap separately in this post so that if you wanted to just skip it you could (and also because it is pretty lengthy) The actual episode starts in the next post.

    Here it is, the Second Spin-off of RAVEN: Broken Destiny.


    Episode 1.01 "Guidance"

    GILES V/O: Previously on Buffy the Vampire Slayer...

    FAITH V/O: Previously on Angel...

    ILLYRIA V/O Previously on Raven...

    Cut to: FAITH stabbing ALLAN in an alleyway of Sunnydale in "Bad Girls"

    BUFFY: Faith! No!

    FAITH backs away into the wall of the alleyway, blood on her hands.

    FAITH: I? I didn't know.

    Cut to: FAITH and BUFFY in FAITH's run down apartment.

    BUFFY: Faith, you don't get it! You killed a man!

    FAITH: No, you don't get it. I don't care!

    FAITH turns around and walks further in the room.

    Cut to FAITH and THE MAYOR at THE MAYOR's office in "Graduation Day Part 1".

    MAYOR: The Ascension isn't just my day-

    Cut to THE MAYOR and the school blowing up. Flash of BUFFY stabbing FAITH with FAITH's knife.

    MAYOR V/O:- It's your day too-

    Cut to: FAITH in her coma in the hospital, badly beaten up.

    MAYOR V/O: Your day to blossom, to show the world what a powerful girl you are.

    Cut to: FAITH waking up from her coma in "This Year's Girl".

    Cut to: FAITH and BUFFY fighting in BUFFY's living room.

    Cut to: FAITH leaving Sunnydale in the moving truck in "Who Are You?"

    Cut to FAITH shooting a crossbow bolt at Angel in "Five by Five".

    FAITH V/O: So who do you want me to kill?

    Cut to FAITH shooting ANGEL in his office.

    LINDSEY V/O: Please understand that we would never advocate the killing of another human being. - His name is Angel. - He's somewhat of a private..

    FAITH V/O: No problem.

    Cut to FAITH torturing WESLEY in an apartment, holding a bottle of hairspray and a lighter to it, causing flames when she pushes down on the spray bottle top.

    FAITH V/O: I feel that it is kind of my duty to tell you that if you'd been a better Watcher, I might have been a more positive role model!

    Cut to FAITH and ANGEL falling out of the apartment onto the soaking wet ground.

    Cut to: FAITH fighting ANGEL.

    FAITH: You don't know what bad is. I'm bad. I'm bad.

    Cut to: FAITH crying, hitting ANGEL with no control.

    FAITH: Angel please, just do it. Just do it. Just kill me. Just kill me.

    ANGEL hugs FAITH.

    ANGEL: Shh. It's all right. It's okay. I'm here. I'm right here. Shh.

    Cut to:
    Jail bars closing in FAITH's cell in "Sanctuary".

    FAITH V/O: I have a confession to make.

    Cut to: FAITH kicking the glass down in while WESLEY is visiting her in jail in "Salvage".

    FAITH V/O: We have to save Angel.

    Cut to: FAITH and WILLOW leaving in "Orpheus".

    Cut to: FAITH on top of vamped out Spike in "Dirty Girls". Buffy pulls FAITH off of Spike.

    FAITH Voiceover: Ok, catching up.

    Cut to: FAITH and Wood in bed in the Summer's house.

    WOOD Voiceover: I'm Robin Wood. The principal at Sunnydale High.

    FAITH Voiceover: FAITH.

    Cut to: "Chosen" WOOD wounded on the school bus outside of Sunnydale. Faith holds his hand, almost in tears. WOOD closes his eyes. FAITH gets worried and squeezes his hand. Wood's eyes open.

    WOOD: Surprise.

    Cut to: Interior of church. FAITH, dressed in a white wedding dress, stands beside WOOD in a tuxedo. The priest stands beside the two of them, reading from his book.

    PRIEST: I know announce you husband and wife. You may now kiss the bride.

    WOOD moves in and kisses FAITH.

    Angle: The seats of the small chapel are filled by slayers from the watcher's council. The front row is filled by BUFFY, XANDER, DAWN, GILES, WILLOW and KENNEDY, all dressed formally. No one but WOOD and FAITH are up front.

    Close up on FAITH's smiling face.

    WOOD V/O: It's the perfect dream.

    FAITH: (Cries.) Robin! Don't die on me now!

    WOOD: I love you.

    He stops moving and his eyes stay open, pupils not moving. Faith grabs a lamp and smashes it into the wall. She then starts punching the wall and destroying furniture. She sees the bite marks on his neck and blood on his lips. She know what must be done. She takes a stake.

    FAITH: (Crying) I love you.(She shoves the stake into his heart, he turns to dust. She falls back and picks up the phone.) Hello? Giles? Wood, he's dead! (She burst into tears again.) Vampire got him. He was about to turn. I think I'll go to England with you after all.

    Cut to:

    WESLEY (V.O.): It's called Illyria, a great monarch and warrior of the demon age.

    Flash to:

    ANGEL: (stands up straight, surprised) Illyria, she's self-destructing. She's a time bomb.

    Flash to:

    ILLYRIA: (gasping) I possess so much grace, more grace than this bag of sticks could express. I was the immaculate embodiment of rule. (a glowing blue fracture appears in ILLYRIA's cheek; her body starts cracking apart, shooting out blue light everywhere)I blame this on the weakness of your species.

    WESLEY: Fair enough. (aims the weapon at ILLYRIA, pulling the trigger)

    The weapon shoots out a beam of light, hitting ILLYRIA in her stomach. It draws the blue light energy from her into the weapon. WESLEY continues using the weapon on ILLYRIA until all the fractures in her body re-seal themselves. When he turns off the weapon, ILLYRIA collapses to the floor, convulsing for a moment.

    Cut to:

    ILLYRIA waves her hand; the time stopping waves are emitted and SAFFIRE, IVORY and NELENA freeze. RAYNE gasps and gets out of the way. ILLYRIA falls down. Carmen puts her sword down and kneels down beside her. KATANA and RAYNE move slowly to the back of the room, watching the frozen people in the room. ILLYRIA looks up to CARMEN.

    CARMEN: I thought you couldn't do that anymore.

    ILLYRIA: It appears I can. At great cost.

    CARMEN helps ILLYRIA get up.

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    Screen Reads "One Year Ago"


    FAITH walks in the doors with a younger girl, she is a new slayer.

    FAITH: [gestures to the room] This is the lobby, it has a coffee shop [points to it] and is pretty much the central point of the whole place.

    GIRL: Whoa. It's so big.

    FAITH: It'll seem pretty small once you get settled in. Oxford filled you in on everything right?

    GIRL: Oxford?

    FAITH: Giles.

    GIRL: Oh! Mr. Giles. Yeah, but he made everything seem really...uh...

    FAITH: British?

    GIRL: [loosens up a bit] Yeah.

    FAITH: Well Petra, how about we keep going.

    PETRA: Sure.

    FAITH: Okay, so the doors next to the cafe lead to the dorms and the doors on the other side of that go to the cafeteria. But you can get into there from the dorms too. There's also a weight room and rec room in the dorms section.

    PETRA: This place has like everything.

    FAITH: Except a bar.

    PETRA: What?

    FAITH: Nevermind. To the back is the entrance to the library. There you'll find books, books, more books, and mostly more books.

    PETRA: It's big?

    FAITH: Yup. Giles insisted there be a damn big library.

    A man walks by them on his way outside.

    MAN: Evening Faith.

    FAITH: Hey Gregor.

    GREGOR leaves the Academy.

    PETRA: [overly smiling] Who's Gregor?

    FAITH: Oh he's just the local Witchy Watcher.

    PETRA: Try saying that five times fast.

    FAITH: That's okay. Well, over on the other side is the entrance to all the classes here.

    PETRA: Like school?

    FAITH: Not really. You'll be goin' to school like normal but then we have these classes here, about how to be a slayer and training and all that fun responsibility.

    PETRA: More work?

    FAITH: Hey, you signed up for it willingly.

    PETRA: I know. I just didn't know I would actually be working. I thought it would be like me just going around and saving people, like a normal superhero.

    FAITH: [laughs at PETRA] Superhero?

    PETRA: That's what we are, right? Superheroes?

    FAITH: You obviously weren't listening to Giles properly.

    KENNEDY starts walking towards them. FAITH looks at her watch.

    FAITH: Damn, is it that time already?

    KENNEDY gets to FAITH and PETRA.

    FAITH: Hey Kenn. What's up?

    KENNEDY: Just finished with Giles. How bout you?

    FAITH: Actually, I have training with him right now.

    KENNEDY: [loosk at PETRA] You're new.

    PETRA: Hi, I'm Petra.

    KENNEDY: Kennedy.

    PETRA: I'm guessing you're a slayer too.

    KENNEDY: You'd be right.

    FAITH: [to KENNEDY] Hey, can I get a favor from you?

    KENNEDY: Sure.

    FAITH: Well, we've got a newb here who has the superhero idea. Could you fill her in and finish the tour.

    KENNEDY: Sure. Giles doesn't let me do much of the tour guide gig. It'll be a nice change of pace.

    FAITH: Thanks. Well I've gotta go so...later.

    FAITH heads to the door she was just showing PETRA. She turns around just before getting to it to face PETRA.

    FAITH: Hey, your welcome.

    FAITH exits through the door.

    PETRA: Thanks?

    CUT TO:


    Open up to see FAITH and GILES sitting in his office. It is very bare, there are plenty of boxes though, some opened and others that have been opened and looked through, most of the open ones have books in them. There is a rather large cabinet on the opposite side of where his desk is placed. To the other side of it is a corkboard with random pictures of the old gang, the scoobies. It looks rather out of place but GILES wouldn't have it any other way.

    FAITH: So Big Blue's comin' to town.

    GILES: Yes, she should be arriving soon. The Academy's Jet should be here at around 4:00.

    FAITH: Why?

    GILES: I beg your pardon?

    FAITH: Why is she coming here, I thought she was all buddy buddy with Le.

    GILES: Well, Illyria seems to have gained some of the power she lost with Angel when he was over at Wolfram and Hart. When she used this power, it drained her. So Leora has sent her here so when can help her, since they have no resources to.

    FAITH: So is she like gonna help with the slayers?

    GILES: Do you really think that that would be wise?

    FAITH: Depends, does she have anything to offer these kids?

    GILES stands up and walks around his desk to a box with lots of books, he picks up a very large book with a demon's head on the front of it.

    GILES: I've been looking up everything I can about her and come up short everytime, all that I know about her is that she is what we call an 'Old One' and blue with an errm... more than eccentric personality.

    FAITH: That's one way to put it.

    Shift in conversation.

    GILES: I trust that Leora or Carmen filled you in?

    FAITH: About the urgent matter at hand? Yeah, I'm going as soon as the plane gets here. I just wish we knew about this before we sent Vi and Rona off to go retrieve two new slayers. I remember when I did that, going off to go get slayers. But, now that B is...sick? I guess that's an alright way to put it. I'm doing the whole Lead Slayer act.

    GILES: [Not wanting to touch the last subject FAITH brought up] That's the thing about emergency's, you don't always know there going to happen.

    FAITH: [overly happy smile] You're just FULL of sarcastic Watcher today, aren'tcha?

    GILES: [soft smile] Yes. Uhm, let's start walking out to the car for you to go to the airport shall we?

    FAITH: Guess so.

    The two walk out of his offices and down some stairs, they are now in a large hall way with doors placed along the way, some are open and other are not. They walk past a door with about 10-15 girls training, they're slayers.

    GILES: How are you doing Faith?

    FAITH: You know me five by -

    GILES interupts her.

    GILES: I'm going to have to ask you to NOT finish that sentence... I still don't even know what it means.

    FAITH: Ahh, come on Oxford it's signature phrase. Kinda like you and 'Dear Lord'.

    GILES looks over at her with little amusment in his face.

    FAITH: Now if I asked you to stop using that phrase, then I don't think we'd ever get to fighting the baddies.

    FAITH bumps GILES with her should and he lets out a weak smile.

    FAITH: I'm fine, sure it takes some adjusting to, I mean I have so many girls lives that are depending on me, I just don't wanna screw it up like last time.

    GILES: Last time?

    FAITH: You've forgotten? Remember? Trap. Bomb. Explosion. Death. You know, all that stuff.

    GILES: Faith, that wasn't your fault, it could have just as easily happened to Buffy.

    They get to the end of the hall to find more stairs. GILES steps down one step and pauses.

    GILES: Besides, you never got proper training, and I think that's what's filling your head with so much doubt.

    FAITH: But now I got you. But I gotta warn you, father figures aren't keen to staying around me.

    They start walking down the stairs, we can't hear what they are saying, the camera pans down to black till we see the two of them again.

    GILES: ... you've exceeded far more faster than I thought you would have, there's not much more I can teach you, but your training is not over.

    FAITH: Yay for me then.

    They are in the lobby of the academy, there are girls floating about, there is a cafe', and a receptionist's desk. The two walk out of the doors of the building and there is a black car waiting for them.


    GILES: Call me as soon as you get there.

    FAITH: [annoyed] Alright.

    GILES: and-

    FAITH: Hey. I don't need a babysitter.

    GILES: I was going to say, be safe.

    FAITH looks embarrassed.

    FAITH: Sorry, just the bitch coming out of me.

    GILES: It's all right. Good luck.

    FAITH: Thanks, I think I might need it, to handle Big Blue.

    FAITH gets in the back of the car and GILES shuts the door. He steps back and the driver takes off. GILES looks around at his surroundings as if this was the only peaceful moment he was going to get in a while. He snaps back into reality and decides to walk back into the Academy. The camera pans up to show the name of the academy, just above the lobby entrance doors. "Summers Memorial Academy".

    Fade to:


    ILLYRIA steps off of the plane at an airport. The CO-PILOT steps out from behind her.

    CO-PILOT: Uhm, uh..Miss? Ma'am?....Sir?

    ILLYRIA doesn't even acknowledge him. She just keeps walking.

    CO-PILOT: Uhm, I got strict instructions to have you wait until Miss Faith is finished with business on the plane.

    The CO-PILOT is now right behind her.

    ILLYRIA: [she holds out her hand behind her] Stop. I do not take orders from lower beings such as you. It is degrading enough just to step foot into this abyss you call Earth. Now I am stuck here.

    Pan out to see a sign that says "Welcome to Respect Shores, England"

    ILLYRIA morphs into FRED'S body.

    ILLYRIA/FRED: [FRED'S voice, very chipper] I'm so lucky.


    Roll Credits

    - Theme Song -
    by Jem

    ELIZA DUSHKU...............................FAITH
    AMY ACKER.................................ILLYRIA
    TINA MAJORINO..................PETRA TAYLIN
    CALLUM BLUE..................THOMAS GREGOR

    IYARI LIMON..............................KENNEDY
    FELICIA DAY.......................................VI
    INDIGO..........................................RO NA
    KAYLA RINGELBERG.........................LILIAN

    Created by:
    Joseph Sessumes
    And Alexander Brown

    Written by:
    Joseph Sessumes

    Edited by:
    Alexander Brown
    and Andrew Sutherland

    A Sacred Circle Production.

    Based on:
    Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel ? Joss Whedon, 20th Century Fox and Mutant Enemy
    And Raven and Sorceress of Crimson Falls ? Alexander Brown, Travis Truant-Simpson, Sacred Circle Productions and Digilee Int. No money is being made off this project.
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      ACT II:


      FAITH is walking down the hallway towards the staircase to go down a level. Suddenly she hears someone calling her name.

      GIRL: FAITH! FAITH! Wait up!

      FAITH turns around to see who is calling her name.

      FAITH: Whoa, Petra, where's the fire?

      PETRA: [confused] Huh? [realise's what FAITH meant] Oh no fire, I was just wondering, well since I have a free hour, if you...well ya know, wanna hang out or something?

      FAITH shrugs her shoulders and gets into a more relaxed pose.

      FAITH: Sure, beats workin.

      PETRA: Well if you have something else you're supposed to be doing, for like Mr. Giles or something, I don't wanna get you into trouble with him or anything, so I'd understand.

      FAITH: Oxford? Nah. Listen, I said we could hang, so let's hang.

      PETRA: Cool.

      They walk some more towards the stairs. No one has said anything.

      PETRA: Soo...

      FAITH: Hmm?

      PETRA: What did you wanna do?

      FAITH: Oh!....I dunno. I thought you had something in mind.

      PETRA: No...I sorta thought you did too...

      FAITH: Ok. Well, wanna go train or something?

      PETRA: Not really, I get enough of that during classes.

      FAITH raises an eyebrow.

      PETRA: [eyes widen] Oh! Not that I don't like your class or anything, it's just that I'm tired, I wanna hang out in a relaxing sorta way.

      They get to the stairs and stop.

      FAITH: [laughs] Man you're a spaz, you need to chill out a bit.

      PETRA: Sorry.

      FAITH: S'okay. So what do you think we should do?

      PETRA: Hmm, let me think.

      They walk down the stairs and get to the bottom.


      They start walking down the wing.

      PETRA: We could watch a movie..

      FAITH: Not really in the movie watchin kinda mood.

      PETRA: Me either, it was just to get the ball movin really.

      FAITH: We could go play pool in the rec room.

      PETRA: Billiards? Are you sure? Cause I don't know if I feel up to beating you.

      FAITH: Ohh, you so know you ain't better than me.

      PETRA: Oh, we'll see.

      FAITH: You just went from spaz to cocky. Not gonna be good for your game.

      PETRA: You keep thinking you're gonna win, though it's really gonna hurt when you find out you lost.

      FAITH: We'll see.

      CUT TO:


      GILES and ILLYRIA are in his office. GILES is crouched down by a box and ILLYRIA is standing near his desk, she doesn't look to happy to be there.

      GILES: Sorry about our first meeting having to be in my office, our next session should be in a designated room.

      ILLYRIA: Either way it does not bother me.

      GILES: Well I guess not, but I would like it.

      ILLYRIA: Whatever you wish, I am just a prisoner in this hell.

      GILES: I think first we'll work on your attitude.

      ILLYRIA: Does my attitude not please your ears?

      GILES: As well as others.

      ILLYRIA: I'm not here to please others.

      GILES stands up with a book and walks over to his desk.

      GILES: Which is why we are going to work on your people skills before we work on harnessing your power.

      ILLYRIA: Leora and I have already worked on that.

      GILES: Yes, but that was before your separation with Ms. Burkle. I believe that all of your...erm, people skills have diminished quite radically since the separation.

      ILLYRIA: You believe that, that is why I have grown less tolerant with the human race?

      GILES: It's a theory.

      ILLYRIA: The human race is pitiful.

      GILES: Yes, well we all have our flaws.

      There is a pause.

      GILES: I would like to start by taking notes on you. I will ask you questions and I would like it if you answered them.

      ILLYRIA: Proceed.

      GILES sits down at his desk and fishes around in a drawer for something. He pulls out a pad of legal paper and a black pen.

      GILES: Origin?

      ILLYRIA: The Demon Age.

      GILES: What kind of powers did you have?

      ILLYRIA: I was able to manipulate time, rip through dimensions, extreme strength, and I was able to communicate with the greens.

      GILES: Quite a resume.

      ILLYRIA: Now I only hear a faint whisper from the greens.

      GILES: How were you destroyed?

      ILLYRIA: I was ambushed by Saffire's army.

      GILES: Saffire?

      ILLYRIA: Saffire of The House Of Glandren. He was head Priest of my enemies court.

      GILES: Ah, yes I think I've read about him before.

      ILLYRIA: Most likely, he was well known.

      GILES: And after your downfall, you were placed in the Deeper Well?

      ILLYRIA: Yes.

      GILES: And how exactly did you escape? I happen to know the Guardian Drogan, and I would think none of his sarcophagi would have been able to escape.

      ILLYRIA: My arrival was pre-destined. I would have been stuck in the that prison even longer if it wasn't for Charles Gunn.

      GILES: Who?

      ILLYRIA: He was a follower of Angel, until he died in the battle against The Wolf, Ram, and Hart.

      GILES: One of Angel's friends? I thought that the body you invaded was also one of Angel's friends.

      ILLYRIA: This has nothing to do with me, why do you press on?

      GILES: Oh yes, uhm, how did you lose your powers in the first place?

      ILLYRIA: Wesley drained me of my power in order to save Los Angeles from being destroyed.

      GILES: Why did he have to drain you of your powers in order to save LA?

      ILLYRIA: The shell I'm in could not sustain my great power so it was going to explode and wipe out the city.

      GILES: When was it that your powers returned?

      ILLYRIA: I was battling Saffire and two of his henchmen.

      GILES: And after using your powers it drained you?

      ILLYRIA: Pitifully yes.

      GILES: Pitifully?

      ILLYRIA: I was once able to rip through dimensions all day without even losing an ounce of my strenghth.

      GILES: Well you can't always have your cake and eat it.

      ILLYRIA: What?

      GILES: It's an expression.

      GILES puts down his pad of paper and pen and looks back up at Illyria.

      GILES: I've asked Faith to go to town and pick some things up for me, I'd like it if you'd accompany her.

      ILLYRIA: She is a slayer, she can handle herself.

      GILES: I want you to go with her to interact with people more. I know Faith is more than capable to take care of herself.

      ILLYRIA: Very well.

      ILLYRIA goes towards the door and opens it, she walks out and GILES is left alone in his office. He sits down and opens up the bottom drawer of his desk and pulls out a bottle of scotch and a glass. He opens up the bottle and pours a little into the cup. He drinks it and places both items back into his bottom drawer. He shuffles through some papers and writes some stuff and there is a knock on the door. GILES sighs and asks who it is, the person opens the door.

      GILES: Ah, Mr. Gregor, please come in, I'm glad you made the appointment.

      CUT TO:


      There are some girls lounging around, some are watching T.V and others are playing fooseball, others are playing games. FAITH and PETRA are playing pool. There are some speculaters around watching the two play the game.

      FAITH takes a shot and sinks a ball in. There are only a few more balls on the table.

      FAITH: Hey Petra. Did that ball go in? I wasn't sure. Did it?

      PETRA: Ha ha Faith. You know it went in.

      FAITH: Well I was just wonderin', since you said I wasn't going to be able to make it in. Hmm.

      PETRA: Just go.

      FAITH shrugs and takes another shot, this time she isn't so lucky and misses the hole.

      PETRA: Well looks like it's my turn.

      FAITH: Finally.

      PETRA: Ugh.

      PETRA crouches down eye level with the table and looks at her options, she takes a couple seconds.

      FAITH: C'mon spaz, haven't got all day.

      PETRA's eyes widen in glee.

      PETRA: Whatever you say.

      PETRA takes her shot, she sinks two balls in, in one shot. She jumps up and down very excitedley. The crowd of people begin to talk about the amazing shot just made by her. FAITH has a frown on her face.

      PETRA: Whoa! Did you see that?

      FAITH: [speaking through her teeth] Good job.

      PETRA: What? I'm sorry I didn't hear that.

      FAITH: You damn well did, now go.

      FAITH hops onto the other pool table and sits on the rim.

      PETRA: [more to herself, but FAITH can hear] Party pooper.

      PETRA takes another shot and makes it but keeps her WOOTS! to herself. She is just about to go for the final ball...the eight ball. When someone calls FAITH name.

      ILLYRIA O/S: Faith!

      FAITH whips around and sees Illyria.

      FAITH: Yeah?

      ILLYRIA doesn't move from her position at the doorframe.

      ILLYRIA: Giles wishes for me to accompany you to the store.

      FAITH: Let's get going then.

      PETRA: Wait. What about the game?

      FAITH: [looks at the pool table] Guess there's no winner.

      PETRA: What? Since I was kicking your butt?

      FAITH hops off the un-occupied pool table and walks towards ILLYRIA.

      FAITH: See ya later spaz.

      FAITH and ILLYRIA leave. PETRA is standing there with her arms crossed looking very annoyed but not really mad.

      CUT TO:


      FAITH and ILLYRIA/FRED (ILLYRIA is in FRED's form) are in a Magick Shop.

      ILLYRIA/FRED: [FRED's body and voice] This place reminds me of the Sacred Circle.

      FAITH: Sorta, yeah.

      FAITH looks at her list to check if she needs anything else.

      FAITH: Oh, and I need Braindrik Root.

      The SHOPKEEPER walks up to FAITH with a name tag on that read 'Lilian'.

      LILIAN: Brandrick Root?

      FAITH: I guess.

      LILIAN: Ok, so it's 5.20 pounds an ounce. How much did you need?

      FAITH checks her list.

      FAITH: Uh, 6 ounces.

      LILIAN: Alright. Is that all?

      FAITH: Yeah.

      LILIAN: Alright so your total comes to 84.40.

      FAITH digs in her pocket and pulls out a 100 pound note and gives it to LILIAN. LILIAN gives FAITH her change back.

      LILIAN: I'm guessing you're not a practicing Wiccan.

      FAITH: How'd you know?

      LILIAN: Well you pronounced Brandrick wrong, it's a common herb to even the most novice of practicioners.

      FAITH: I was never one for the whole Voodoo scene.

      LILIAN: Oh, well [smiles] have a nice day.

      ILLYRIA/FRED: [FRED's body and voice] Thank you for the items.

      LILIAN: No problem.

      FAITH and ILLYRIA/FRED walk out of the shop and start walking down the street.


      FAITH: Well that was very new of you.

      ILLYRIA/FRED: [FRED's body but ILLYRIA's voice] Giles wishes for me to interact decently with others.

      ***Note: While Illyria is in Fred's appearance, she only uses Fred's voice in front of regular people, and her own voice in front of everyone else, also Illyria is in Fred's appearance when 'Illyria/Fred' is typed unless otherwise noted of course.***

      FAITH: Well good for you Blue.

      ILLYRIA/FRED: Why do you call me that?

      FAITH: What? Blue?

      ILLYRIA/FRED: Yes.

      FAITH: I dunno. Just my way.

      ILLYRIA/FRED: Should I have another name for you?

      FAITH: Nah, Faith is fine. Though sometimes people like to call me Homicidal Maniac, but that's in the past and a whole 'nuther story.

      ILLYRIA/FRED: Faith is easier.

      They get to the entrance of an alley way.

      FAITH: Lets turn down here, it's shorter.

      They turn down the alleyway.


      FAITH: Kinda like a scary movie out here.

      ILLYRIA/FRED: I have never seen one, I would not know.

      FAITH: Eh, not really missing anything, they are all pretty lame if you live our lives.

      ILLYRIA/FRED stops. FAITH doesn't realise this and keeps walking a few steps until she does realise that ILLYRIA/FRED has stopped. FAITH turns her head.

      FAITH: What's wrong Blue?

      ILLYRIA/FRED: Silence.

      FAITH: Okay...

      ILLYRIA/FRED cocks her head and listens. There is a pause.

      FAITH: What are we listening for?

      ILLYRIA/FRED: I thought I heard something, it must be my weakened sta-

      ILLYRIA/FRED's sentence is interrupted by something pouncing on her from a rooftop. The creature stands up and and it is the same DEMON from before that drained the SLAYER. FAITH becomes alert and runs over to ILLYRIA/FRED.

      The DEMON sniffs the air and is pleased.

      DEMON: I smell a slayer!

      END ACT II
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        ACT III:


        FAITH tries to help ILLYRIA/FRED up but is interrupted by the Demon. It backhands FAITH into the wall opposite of where ILLYRIA/FRED is laying. The demon looks down at ILLYRIA/FRED.

        DEMON: You are nothing but a little girl.

        The DEMON turns towards FAITH.

        DEMON: But you! You're a slayer. I can smell it.

        ILLYRIA/FRED: Wrong.

        The DEMON turns it's head to face ILLYRIA/FRED, when she transforms back into her ILLYRIA appearance. The DEMON is stunned and ILLYRIA delivers a harsh roundhouse kick to its face. The DEMON goes crashing into the ground.

        ILLYRIA: I am no girl. I am Illyria. Great Monarch and Warrior of the Demon Age. You shall bow to me insolent creature of chaos.

        FAITH slowly gets up and wipes some blood off of her lip.

        The DEMON is not finished until it gets what it came for. It quickly stands up and goes after FAITH.

        FAITH: That's my girl, my turn though.

        He punches her, but she is ready for it this time and puts up her arms to block the blow. She throws her arms down and kicks the DEMON in the stomach, making it stagger backwards. She follows up with a couple of punches to the chest of the DEMON. It is becoming more and more off balance by the onslaught of attacks, but finally sees an opening and uppercuts her into the wall.

        DEMON: Foolish slayer, you should watch you underarm punches, they are easy to block.

        FAITH: [still on the ground] Dammit Giles.

        ILLYRIA steps foward.

        ILLYRIA: Enough. I shall put an end to this nonsense.

        ILLYRIA gets behind the DEMON and punches it in the back of the head. It turns around and looks really pissed.

        DEMON: YOU! I will finish you off first. Then the slayer is mine.

        ILLYRIA: Your talk means nothing.

        ILLYRIA dodges every puch he throws at her with much grace. Finally she grabs his arm when he throws a punch and snaps it, she then proceeds and flips it on it's back. she places herself over his chest and snaps his neck. She steps away from it and goes over to FAITH and helps her up. She transforms back into FRED's appearance.

        FAITH: Damn Blue, I wish you would of left some for me.

        FAITH pulls out a pack of cigarrettes and lights one up.

        ILLYRIA/FRED: I was growing tired of the nonsense. Also, the fighting enthralled me.

        FAITH: My kinda person. [thinks] Being. [thinks] Blue thing. [is confused and just gives up]

        ILLYRIA/FRED: I am Illyria.

        FAITH: Right. So do you think Oxford would like a demon to examine?

        ILLYRIA/FRED: He enjoys those things, I believe we should take it to him.

        FAITH: Alright, let me pick up the stuff from the shop first [she goes over and picks up the bag of items] Man, I hope none of this stuff is broken, I really don't wanna take another trip back to the voodoo shop. [she walks back over to the DEMON] Here, help me lift this big guy up.

        They pick up the DEMON and start carrying it down the alley towards their original direction.

        ILLYRIA/FRED: Why do you consume those sticks? They shorten your already doomed mortal life.

        FAITH: Eh, it's better than gum.

        CUT TO:


        GILES, FAITH, ILLYRIA, VI, and RONA are in the library inspecting the DEMON which is lying on a table. They are the only ones in there.

        GILES: Where is Kennedy?

        VI: She, uh, took some girls out to...patrol.

        Giles: Alright.

        GILES turns to face FAITH

        GILES: And it knew you were a slayer without you even fighting it?

        FAITH: Yup.

        RONA: Weird.

        GILES: There are some demons that are able to sense power through scent. I'll have to research some.

        ILLYRIA: It was no match in a battle.

        FAITH: [rubs her back] Speak for yourself.

        GILES: Do you know of this demon Illyria?

        ILLYRIA: It is a hybrid of chaos.

        GILES: [concernered] Hmm.

        VI: That wasn't a good 'hmm' was it?

        FAITH: Didn't sound like it. What's up Oxford?

        GILES: [observing the DEMON] Well, there are few known demons of chaos and this one looks like none I've read about. [turns towards ILLYRIA] Are you sure it's a hybrid of chaos?

        ILLYRIA: The scent of chaos is distinct, and it rolls off of this being heavily.

        ILLYRIA turns around and browses the books.

        FAITH: So does this mean you get to name it or something? Like 'Gilasasaurus'?

        GILES: I really don't think so.

        GILES goes back to inspecting the DEMON,

        GILES: Hmm. I wonder what this is. [He points at the Black Thorn symbol]

        Just as he points to it purple electricity starts surging in the middle of the symbol and then gradually starts spreading throughout it's body, and electrifying it.

        FAITH: This isn't just isn't me is it? You all see the fireworks show too. Right?

        GILES, VI, and RONA all in unison: Yes.

        ILLYRIA turns and looks also. The DEMON continues to electrify and finally poofs away.

        GILES: That was interesting.

        VI: Wow. Ok. I think I'm gonna go to bed now.

        RONA: Really didn't need to see that.

        VI leaves the library and RONA decides follow.

        FAITH: What the hell is going on Giles?

        GILES: I have no idea. Do you know anything like this Illyria?

        ILLYRIA: I have not witnessed such a thing before.

        GILES: I suppose I have to do even more research. How about you two go off to bed. We can discuss this in the morning. The girls will be in school.

        FAITH: Alright. You hitting the sack too?

        GILES: I just have to catalog the ingridients you picked up for me and I'll rest.

        FAITH pats GILES on the shoulder once.

        FAITH: Don't stay up too late. C'mon Blue.

        FAITH heads out the door and ILLYRIA goes to follow.

        GILES: Illyria, may I have a word with you?

        ILLYRIA: [stops and turns around] Very well.

        GILES: Faith told me about how you acted at the shop, and I have to say 'Good job'. I'm glad you were kind. Maybe you're not fully devoid of humanistic traits.

        ILLYRIA nods and continues to walk out the door. GILES is left alone and picks up the bag of items from the shop and walks through a different door. No one is left in the library.

        CUT TO:

        INT. DARK ROOM

        The room is darkened but a little light is given by the torches on the walls, yet only some are lit. A TALL CREATURE, of the humanoid type is standing next to a long oak table, we cannot make out any special features of the creature. It is waiting for someone. A WOMAN walks through the door, we also cannot make out any features except that she isn't really tall but she isn't short either, she also has long dark hair she also has an english accent.

        TALL CREATURE: [deep growling voice] Mistress. One of your minions was killed by a slayer and an accomplice.

        WOMAN: [hushed] I know.

        The TALL CREATURE steps foward and more into the light. We see that it looks exactly like the DEMON that FAITH and ILLYRIA fought, except that it is a purple color instead of orange.

        DEMON: The slayer has taken it back to the Academy. It may pose a threat for us...and them.

        WOMAN: [hushed] You keep telling me things I already know.

        DEMON: I'm sorry my mistress.

        WOMAN: I know. Put your paws down like a pretty little kitten.

        The WOMAN pulls a strand of hair from her head and dips it into a goblet with red liquid in it. She pulls the strand of hair out and it glows purple in color and straightens out. The WOMAN takes a pair of scissors from the table a snips the strand of hair. The glow dies and the strand falls to the ground. The WOMAN steps foward and looking very angry. It's DRUSILLA.

        DRUSILLA: [angry voice] Mummy's very displeased.



        Executive Producers:
        Joseph Sessumes
        Alexander Brown

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