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Angel Episode 6.22 132. Single Hour's Rest

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  • Angel Episode 6.22 132. Single Hour's Rest

    Hi, this is the twenty-second and final episode of Angel Season 6 by me. I hope you enjoy reading it. If you have feedback, please post it here; both positive comments and constructive criticism are welcome

    Angel Episode 6.22. 132. Single Hour's Rest

    Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters on Angel. They belong to Fox Studios and Joss Whedon. This work is fictional and is only for my and others entertainment. Therefore no infringement is intended. I do not intend to make a profit from this work. However I own all characters that have not previously appeared/been mentioned on Angel, so I can do whatever I like with them. Therefore any unauthorised usage of these characters is not permitted.

    ACT I

    Open on a black screen. Heavy breathing is heard. We cut to Angel, vamped out. Blood is smeared over his face, from several cuts. He looks like he has been in a vicious fight. He is staring down at the ground. The next shot shows Spike, equally wounded and vamped out. He is lying on the ground. Cut to a wider shot of Angel and Spike; Angel is holding Spike's neck, and his knee is pressed down on Spike's chest, pinning him to the ground. Angel's free hand is holding a stake.

    They are in what appears to be the White Room. Two swords can seen cast aside in the background. Angel and Spike both stare at one another. Angel holds the stake in the air. Spike's face goes back to human form. He smiles a little.

    Spike: Can't win really, can you?

    Angel's face goes back to human form also. He looks angry.

    Angel: No. I can't.

    He brings the stake down.

    Cut to white quickly and back to a new scene. A vampire is staked in the heart. He gasps and dusts. Cut to Angel standing up, having just dusted the vampire. He is in an alleyway. It is night. He turns to see Spike roundhouse kick a vampire who falls back into a wall. Angel turns again to see Connor backflip, kicking a vampire in the face as he does. However the vampire then jumps at Connor, knocking him to the ground. Angel looks worried and is about to lend Connor a hand when Connor throws the vampire off of him and then promptly stakes her. Connor looks exhilarated and then looks at Angel. Angel smiles.

    Angel: Nicely done.

    Connor smiles back. They turn to see Spike slamming his own vampire against the wall and then staking him. Spike turns to Angel and Connor.

    Spike: Dunno if it's just these parts, but they're definitely growing.

    Angel looks serious.

    Angel: I know.

    Connor: I guess they know that the cities are the place to be.

    Spike nods.

    Spike: Makes it a little less meaningful when you think that was seven out of seven thousand that are gonna be here tomorrow.

    Angel: But not meaningless.

    Spike looks at Angel and nods.

    Spike: Yeah. Just wish they were all we had to deal with.

    Connor: At least we don't have the Old Ones to deal with any?

    He trails off. Angel and Spike look grave.

    Connor: I, uh-

    Spike: No. You're right. Lotta people are gonna live cause they're not around.

    Angel looks at Spike.

    Spike: She knew that. Wouldn't've done what she did otherwise.

    Angel slowly nods.

    Angel: Yeah.

    There is a pause.

    Connor: It's almost 2. Guess we should get some sleep. Or?try anyway.

    Spike nods.

    Spike: Long as the apocalypse doesn't come before morning.

    Angel looks serious. There is a wide shot of the three of them stood in the empty alley.

    Opening credits.


    AMY ACKER - Winnifred "Fred" Burkle/Illyria
    ALEXA DAVALOS - Gwen Raiden
    PETER KRAUSE - Benjamin "Tap" Tapping

    Special Guest Stars:

    ALYSON HANNIGAN - Willow Rosenberg
    NICHOLAS BRENDAN - Xander Harris
    IYARI LIMON - Kennedy Elisonne
    ANNA PAQUIN - Golda
    ROASMUND PIKE - Heather Marques

    Guest Starring:

    CLARE DANES - Conduit
    JAMIE BELL - Mark
    MICHELLE YEOH - Vanessa
    JUDE LAW - Joe
    JULIANNE MOORE - Laverica
    CYNTHIA WATROS - Volariant
    RON RIFKIN - Ha-zar
    JOAN ALLEN - Alidris
    JAMES PICKENS JR. - Suvarta
    APRIL GRACE - Naur-Veii
    JOSH HOLLOWAY - Terethys
    MORENA BACCARIN - Cescenya

    Cut to a close up of Fred. Cut to a wider shot, showing that she is in the kitchen of the new apartment. It is barely dawn. There is a close up of the four mugs on the counter in front of her as she pours coffee into each one. There is a close up of Fred's face, as steam pouring out of a kettle can be heard. She looks over at a kettle and picks it up, beginning to pour coffee into each of the mugs. Some of the water spills over the edge of one of the cups and splashes Fred's hand a little. Fred winces in pain and places the kettle down quickly. She examines her hand, at first looking for a mark, and then a little more closely. She slowly puts her hand under the cold water of the sink tap. She looks up. She sees her distorted reflection in the metal cupboard. She continues to stare at it. There is a close up of the water pouring over her hand. The sound of the water is very loud.

    Suddenly cut to a door banging. Fred jumps slightly and turns to see Tap walking into the room. He smiles at her.

    Tap: Hey.

    Fred smiles back, awkwardly. She turns the tap off.

    Fred: Hi.

    She looks back at the coffee. She fills the last one up. Tap walks up to her and looks happy.

    Tap: You have a vision that I wanted coffee?

    Tap puts his hand on Fred's shoulder. Fred immediately shakes him off, as if his touch caused her pain. Tap looks startled as he stares at her. Fred looks uncertain as to what to say.

    Fred: I?I'm sorry.

    Tap's expression softens. He looks understanding.

    Tap: It's fine. I keep forgetting?

    Fred looks serious.

    Fred: I wish I could.

    Tap looks serious.

    Tap: I wanna help you, but?I don't think I can.

    Fred shakes her head sadly.

    Fred: No.

    Tap wipes his hands over his face wearily. Fred sighs.

    Fred: I just feel so wrong. Everything I touch, see, hear?it's all different. Not enough for it to hurt but?almost.

    Tap stares at her.

    Fred: But then I think about Illyria?she gave me this so I could live. And here I am complaining about it-

    Tap: I think you're allowed to find it difficult. I know I would.

    Fred smiles a little; she still has Tap despite pushing him away. Connor appears at the entrance of the kitchen.

    Connor: Morning. If you can call it that.

    Tap and Fred both smile a little.

    Fred: Hey.

    Connor: The others are up huh?

    Fred: Yeah. Uh, I need to make more coffee though-

    Tap: I'll take care of it. You two go through with what's already made, I'll join you all in a second.

    Fred smiles at Tap thankfully. She passes two mugs to Connor, taking two herself and the two of them walk through. Connor notices a red mark on Fred's hand.

    Connor: Ouch. Are you ok?

    Fred looks from her hand to Connor. She smiles.

    Fred: Yeah. I will be.

    Cut to Angel and Seneh in the main room of the apartment. Fred and Connor walk through. Fred looks at Angel and Spike.

    Fred: I didn't know whether you wanted blood or coffee or both so?

    Angel: I already had some, but thanks.

    Fred nods and hands out the rest. Spike walks into the room as she does.

    Seneh: Thanks. You know it's weird, despite my two hours sleep, I'm really not that tired.

    Connor: Know what you mean.

    Seneh: Guess the adrenaline's kicking in on some level.

    Angel: Good. You'll need it.

    Seneh nods. Connor frowns.

    Connor: Where's Gwen?

    Seneh: Uh, she went to the other side last night. I think she wanted to see Gunn.

    There is a pause.

    Connor: Right.

    Angel: She'll be back when she's ready.

    Spike: It's fair enough. Might be the last time she gets to-

    There is a crash suddenly. Everyone turns. Fred has dropped her coffee. She looks shocked.

    Angel: Fred?

    Angel and the others rush over to her. Tap appears also. Fred looks at them.

    Fred: I-I'm fine I just?I had a vision. It was kinda sudden.

    Connor: Sudden bad?

    Fred nods.

    Fred: There's some kind of ritual. A-a group of demons, they were gonna sacrifice a girl. To their God, I think.

    Seneh: Nice to know it's just another day at the office for some.

    Angel: Where?

    Fred frowns.

    Fred: They're near the cinema. The alleyway at the back.

    The others frown. Even Fred looks surprised.

    Connor: A little open for a sacrifice.

    Tap: Not exactly anyone around to stop them.

    The others realise this is true.

    Angel: How many demons?

    Fred: Not many. But enough for a fight.

    Spike: Me and Fred should stay here then. Hold the fort, case anyone tries to blow it up. And in case Gwen comes back.

    Angel consider this.

    Angel: All right.

    Tap: I can stay too.

    Fred: I think you should go.

    Tap looks surprised.

    Fred: You're gonna be needed in the fight.

    Tap nods slowly. Fred does her best to smile.

    Angel: We should hurry.

    Everyone disperses. Spike looks at Angel as he walks away.

    Cut to an empty street in L.A. Angel and co. are running down, most of them armed. A muffled cry is heard. The gang stop.

    Connor: Least we're not too late.

    Cut to a girl. A demon's hand is covering her mouth. Angel and co. appear in the background. There are seven other demons stood around also, dressed in blue robes. A small alter is before the girl, with a knife and the skull of what appears to be a sheep. The demons snarl as Angel and co. approach. Angel looks at Seneh and Tap.

    Angel: Get the girl.

    Tap nods. Angel draws a sword. They all run towards the demons. Some of the demons run forward. Angel begins fighting two, as Connor takes on another. Angel impales the demon on his sword and quickly attacks another. Tap approaches the three demons guarding the girl and moves his hands. They are flung to either side of her. Tap runs up to the girl and moves to take her hand.

    Tap: It's ok.

    The girl stares at him blankly. As Tap's hand touches the girl, he is thrown back by some invisible force. Seneh looks surprised and runs up.

    Seneh: Hey!

    The girl looks at Seneh and pushes her hand out. White light beams from her palm towards Seneh's forehead. Seneh gasps. The demons that Angel and Connor are fighting disappear. The other three demons also disappear. White light fills the screen.

    The light fades. We see Seneh blinking. She is no longer in the alleyway, instead in familiar blue/purple misty area. Seneh looks around frowning; she knows where she is. She notices something in front of her and stares forward. Azure is stood opposite her. She smiles.

    Azure: Welcome back.

    Cut to Spike taking a beer from the fridge. He walks out into the main area of the apartment and sees Gwen standing, staring out of the windows. She looks upset.

    Spike: Didn't hear you get in.

    Gwen glances at him sadly. Spike looks seriously as he notices how upset Gwen is.

    Gwen: I tried to be quiet. Didn't know if you guys were all awake yet.

    Spike: Yeah, we all got up about an hour ago. Everyone apart from me and Fred've gone out for a bit. Visionary matter.

    Gwen nods. Spike takes a swig.

    Spike: Hear you've been to the other side?

    Gwen nods slowly. Spike walks up to her.

    Spike: How was it?

    Gwen shrugs.

    Gwen: I don't know what I expected?not this, I guess. Not to fall apart again.

    Spike: Don't think there's a rule about when you have to stop.

    Gwen: I want it to stop. He's been dead more than a month.

    Spike: My mum's been dead more than a hundred years. Doesn't mean I don't get a bit teary-eyed now and again. Even when I was evil.

    Gwen smiles a little.

    Spike: S'pose you reckon this might be the last time you get to see him?

    Gwen looks at him. She nods slowly.

    Spike: Well?you know what Angel says: believe in a better world and all that. Might just help.

    Spike takes a swig of beer. Gwen looks grateful.

    Gwen: Think I'm gonna take a nap. Lack of sleep, could be a problem.

    Spike: Right. Sleep well yeah?

    Gwen nods.

    Gwen: Thanks.

    Gwen walks away. Spike takes another drink. He walks over to the kitchen.

    Cut to Gwen walking to her room. Fred walks out of her room at the same time.

    Fred: Oh, hey!

    Gwen: Hi.

    Fred: How?how are you?

    Gwen: I'm?ok, thanks. Kinda tired.

    Fred: Oh, well I'll let you sleep, sorry-

    Fred begins to walk past.

    Gwen: No it's?I mean if you wanna talk??
    Fred smiles awkwardly, pushing her hair behind her ear.

    Fred: I don't really feel in talk-mode exactly. But I?I guess I wanted to check that you're ok. Cause you're the only other person here that, that probably feels like they've lost a part of themselves.

    Gwen looks serious. She nods.

    Gwen: More than a part.

    Fred looks sad.

    Gwen: To be honest, I lied. Well, fibbed. I'm not ok. I'm barely?anything right now. It's been a long night, just sitting with him. I thought it'd help, but?it's been rough. Spike's helped a little though, I talked to him.

    Fred: Spike is good in that way.

    Gwen: He is. And you have Tap.

    Fred: Right.

    Gwen stares at Fred.

    Gwen: Seriously; don't push him away at a time like this. I can't imagine what it's like in a body that looks like your own, but isn't. All I know is that, the kind of love that Tap can give you, that's the best way to heal. You don't know when the last chance you'll get to feel him close to you'll come around. Live every minute like it's worth?everything.

    Fred listens intently. There is a knock at the door. Fred glances.

    Cut to Spike in the kitchen. He turns to look in the direction of the living area.

    Cut back to Fred and Gwen.

    Fred: I better?

    Gwen: Yeah. I don't feel in the mood for visitors right now so-

    Fred: Sure. And?thank you.

    Gwen nods, smiling kindly. She shuts her door. Fred pauses and then walks over to the door. She opens it. She looks surprised.

    Fred: Oh! Buffy, hi!

    Buffy is stood opposite her.

    Buffy: Hey Fred. Good to see you again.

    Fred: Yeah, you too! You should come in.

    Buffy: Thanks.

    Buffy walks in as Fred holds the door open. Cut to Spike in the kitchen. He has heard Buffy's voice. He takes another swig of beer and then begins walking out.
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    ACT II

    Cut to Seneh and Azure. Seneh frowns.

    Seneh: What is this?

    Azure: I know you have questions-

    Seneh: Damn right I have questions! We were in the middle of a fight-

    Azure: It wasn't a fight. Not the kind that you were expecting anyway.

    Seneh narrows her brow. She realises something.

    Seneh: You set it up. To get us here. The vision you sent Fred, the demons, the little girl?it was all fake wasn't it?

    Azure: Not all of it. We arranged this?to contact you Seneh. And your next question will be why.

    Seneh folds her arms.

    Seneh: So?tell me.

    Azure pauses.

    Azure: Despite your?volatile nature, the other Powers and I know that did serve us well, for a time. Obeying the rules isn't your strong point but?currently this isn't about rules. It's about something that was arranged several years ago. This is one of the last steps.

    Seneh frowns.

    Seneh: What, you guys suddenly decided to go all Jasmine?

    Azure immediately frowns.

    Azure: You know our rules about that name.

    Seneh sighs.

    Seneh: Sorry.

    Azure: Our plans involve nothing remotely as?perverted as her ethics. They involve only a few individuals.

    Seneh: Me?

    Azure: No Seneh. You are a messenger. As you always have been. There is one final message that must be sent.

    Seneh looks serious.

    Cut to Seneh gasping as the white light leaves her forehead. She is back in the alley. Angel and Connor rush up to her.

    Angel: Are you ok.

    Seneh: I'm fine.

    Tap gets up, looking pained.

    Tap: Ok little girl? Not so?here??

    Tap looks around.

    Tap: Where'd they all go?

    Seneh: They were never here in the first place.

    Tap: I probably have a pretty big bruise on by lower back by now that says otherwise.

    Seneh: It was The Powers.

    Angel looks surprised.

    Angel: What?

    Seneh: They contacted me. All this, was to contact me. To give me something.

    Connor: What?

    Seneh smiles a little.

    Seneh: One huge break.

    Cut to Angel, Seneh, Connor and Tap walking down the corridor of the apartment.

    Connor: You have any idea how you're gonna tell Buffy?

    Angel: I'll do it?when I need to.

    Angel opens the door to the apartment.

    Seneh: Yeah, it's not exactly like she's-

    Seneh quickly turns round and stops Connor and Tap from walking. They look confused.

    Seneh: (whispering) Here!

    Tap and Connor catch on. The three of them wait behind Angel who stares at Buffy.

    Buffy: A-Angel. I thought you guys were gonna be gone a while.

    Angel looks at Spike and then at Buffy, seriously.

    Angel: We were. But something's come up.

    Fred has appeared from the other room.

    Fred: What is it?

    Angel looks at her. Buffy and the others look concerned. Angel then looks at Buffy.

    Angel: Maybe our one shot at winning this.

    Buffy looks surprised. Spike does also.

    Spike: Thought there was a child sacrifice?

    Angel: It was The Powers.

    Angel walks in. Seneh glances around the door. She smiles at Buffy awkwardly.

    Seneh: Hi! I'm Seneh. We haven't met, but I'm definitely a fan.

    Buffy looks distracted by what Angel just said but smiles at Seneh. Tap and Connor walk in behind her.

    Tap: Hey Buffy. We'll uh, just walk on through while you guys?talk.

    He smiles and walks with Seneh and Connor. Connor catches Buffy's eye. She watches him for a second; it is the first time she has seen Angel's son.

    Tap and the others walk down the corridor. Fred appears.

    Fred: How did it go?

    Tap: We'll talk.

    Fred looks confused as she follows the others back into her and Tap's room.

    Cut to Buffy, Spike and Angel.

    Angel: The Powers That Be had to contact us. But they don't have any way of doing that other than through Fred. They sent her a fake vision. We went, and they were on the other end of the line.

    Buffy: What did they say to you?

    Angel: Not to me. To Seneh. She used to work for them.

    Spike: And?

    Angel frowns.

    Cut to some time later. Buffy looks pale.

    Buffy: How can I ask Willow to do this?

    Angel: If you don't who will?

    Buffy stares at him.

    Buffy: She'll die-

    Angel: If she stays on Earth.

    Buffy looks upset. Angel walks over to her, compassion in his eyes.

    Angel: I know you don't wanna lose her. I don't either. But this?this way Willow gets to live?just not in the ideal way.

    Spike: We've always gotta settle for less.

    He looks at Buffy who stares back.

    Buffy: You both think this is the only way?

    Angel: I don't see another way to close the Hellmouths. Fighting Malachi and the Senior Partners and the rest is gonna be?not easier, but maybe possible, without the rest of hell following behind. The Powers know that. And they know what Willow can do. It's not often they come through for us like this Buffy, they gotta know that if they don't then we're doomed for sure.

    Buffy looks conflicted. She sits down and rubs her hands over her face wearily.

    Buffy: We've already lost so many people.

    Angel: She won't be lost.

    Buffy looks at him. She clutches his hand. Spike watches from a small distance away. Buffy seems to come to a conclusion.

    Buffy: I have to go back.

    Spike: Now?

    Buffy nods.

    Buffy: Yeah.

    Buffy gets up, breaking away from Angel. She looks from him to Spike.

    Buffy: I guess that I don't have much to say.

    Angel: You don't have to say anything.

    Buffy looks at him.

    Buffy: You guys better not die.

    Angel manages a slight smile. However Buffy looks at Spike. Angel notices, and realises that this was probably aimed at Spike more than him. Spike stares back at Buffy seriously.

    Spike: Do our best.

    Buffy nods. She walks up to Spike and hugs him. They part and she turns to Angel. She hugs him also. She stands back.

    Buffy: See you after.

    Angel and Spike both nod. Buffy hesitates and then walks away. She opens the door and then closes it behind her.

    Angel and Spike stand in silence for a few seconds. Spike is the first to move.

    Spike: Need another beer.

    He walks away.

    Angel: So Buffy just happened to be walking in the neighbourhood, huh?

    Spike stops, looking annoyed. He looks at Angel who is glaring at him.

    Spike: Don't start Angel.

    Angel: Start what? Start accusing you of getting me out of the way so you could talk to Buffy?

    Spike: She called me.

    Angel looks surprised.

    Spike: Wanted to talk in private. All right?

    Angel: You were doing a little more than talking.

    Spike: Yeah? And how exactly does that involve you?

    Angel looks serious.

    Angel: She knows you could die.

    Spike hesitates.

    Spike: Yeah. She does.

    Angel: She's upset right now. Probably exhausted. Don't take what she said at face value.

    Angel turns away.

    Spike: What, like "I love you"?

    Angel turns to him.

    Spike: Oh you'd love to know whether she did or not wouldn't you? You know, just when I think you're not such a ponce after all, you start acting like this. Like Buffy couldn't possibly have chosen me, cause it's all about you isn't it?

    Angel: Didn't seem like she'd chosen at all. Unless you know something I don't.

    There is a pause.

    Spike: Guess we'll see.

    The two of them stand in silence.

    Angel: I need to talk to the others.

    He walks away. Spike stares after him, looking unsatisfied.

    Cut to Fred and Tap lying together in bed. It is now night. Fred has her arms around Tap. They are both lying awake, peacefully enjoying being close to another.

    Cut to Seneh sat in the main living area. Only a small lamp is illuminating the room. She looks restless as she flicks through a magazine. Gwen appears behind her. Seneh senses her presence and turns. She looks a little surprised to see Gwen. Gwen hesitates and then sits on the chair opposite next to Seneh. She manages a smile; a genuine smile. She takes a magazine and starts to read. A smile forms on Seneh's face.

    Cut to Spike staring out of the window in his room. He looks serious as he contemplates everything that has happened. Cut to Angel, doing exactly the same, mirroring Spike. There is a knock on Angel's door. He turns.

    Angel: Come in.

    Connor walks in.

    Connor: Hey. Just wanted to say goodnight and uh, sleep well.

    Angel smiles.

    Angel: You too.

    Connor smiles back and then walks out closing the door behind him. Angel's smile fades. Could this be the last time he wishes his son goodnight?

    Cut to flashes of the scenes from Buffy 9.22 "Risen" of helicopters taking off, and soldiers assembling. Anticipative music plays. Cut to flashes of Willow, Kennedy, Xander, Kelly, Golda, Mark, Dawn, Heather, Giles and finally Buffy, preparing.

    Cut to Angel and the others all stood in the main living area of the apartment. It is the day. Angel looks out of the shaded window; the same image of him we saw in "Risen". He then closes the blinds, turning around.

    Angel: We have less than an hour. All of you know what you're doing?

    Everyone nods. Angel looks satisfied. He hesitates.

    Angel: I'll keep this brief; we've been through a hell of a lot this year. To be fair, we go through a hell of a lot every year. Now we're about to go through hell. Literally. I know you're all prepared for that, because I believe in you all.

    Angel looks at Tap and Fred.

    Angel: You sure you'll be ok up here?

    Tap: Nowhere's really gonna be safe is it? Think this is as good as we're gonna get.

    Angel nods.

    Angel: Good luck.

    Fred: You too.

    Fred walks up to Angel and they hug. She then hugs Connor as Tap and Gwen hug. Everyone begins to walk out as Tap and Seneh hug. Seneh looks upset.

    Seneh: I'd say good luck too but?I prefer to put my trust in something a little more solid. Your power.

    Tap smiles. Seneh looks at Fred.

    Fred: Go get em'

    Seneh smiles, a tear in her eye.

    Seneh: Plannin' on it.

    They hug. She smiles once more and then leaves. Tap and Fred look at one another.

    Tap: Better get this started.

    As the background comes into focus we see many soldiers lined up in the streets below. Cut to Angel and co. walking out of the building. As they do the sky grows darker; the eclipse is beginning. The group stare upwards.

    Gwen: What is it with demons and eternal night?

    Spike: As a general rule, light's a big apocalyptic no-no.

    Seneh: Sure. Darkness is what they thrive on.

    Connor: Guess they're gonna get a shock.

    Angel: Yes they are.

    Angel looks determined. The five of them walk out, Angel and Spike walking to the front of the crowd, the others walking a little further back. We see a sweeping shot of the Sun fading from view.

    Cut to the Sun in another place. Avryx is staring up at it. Cut to Laverica and Detrell staring up elsewhere. Cut to Volariant and Narok staring up elsewhere still. Cut to Malachi. He begins to ascend.

    Cut to soldiers running to mount rocket launchers. It is now as dark as night. The sounds of demons approaching can be heard. Angel and co. turn. Spike vamps out. As does Angel. They raise their swords. Further back, Connor raises his own sword. Seneh takes out a crossbow. Gwen takes off her gloves.

    The demons approach. In the distance a roar is heard. Some of the soldiers turn. Avryx has ascended. Gwen stares behind her anxiously. She then turns. The demons are very close. Angel raises his sword, as does Spike. Together they swing down.

    The screen fades to white.

    The white fades. Angel and Spike look around. They are no longer in the street. They return to human faces as they lower their swords. They are in the White Room.

    Voice OS: Hello.

    Angel and Spike both turn. A young woman, or what appears to be a young woman, is stood a few metres away. She smiles neutrally. Angel and Spike both look confused; what is happening?
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      ACT III

      Cut back to the street. The soldiers that were around Spike and Angel look shocked at their disappearance. The demons meet them head on. Gwen and Connor run forward. Seneh aims her crossbow. She shoots and a demon is met with a bolt in its head. Gwen dodges a punch from a demon and blasts electricity at it. Rocket launches shoot off in the distance. The rockets hit the crowd of demons further back, blasting them aside. Gwen is punched in the face but rebounds quickly, kicking a demon back. Connor swings his sword killing a demon. Another round of rockets are released.

      Cut suddenly to the White Room, silent. Angel and Spike stare at the woman.

      Woman: Sorry for sudden teleportation. Senior Partners were anxious that you came here at a time when everything was at stake. And that time is now.

      She talks casually.

      Woman: Drink?

      As she says this, a table with two glasses of blood appear. She smiles.

      Woman: It's swan. Considered a delicacy. Or so I'm told.

      Angel and Spike stare at her angrily.

      Spike: What the bloody hell is all this?

      Woman: I'll take that as a pass on the drink?

      Angel walks towards her quickly, raising his sword. As he meets her she appears in the background, several metres away.

      Woman: Now now. Someone could get hurt.

      Angel: Who are you?

      Woman: The conduit in the White Room. I'd have thought that was pretty clear.

      Spike: So this place wasn't as completely destroyed as the rest of the L.A. branch?

      Conduit: You think we're connected solely to he L.A. branch?

      She laughs a little.

      Conduit: This place can't be destroyed. It can be removed, sure, but destroyed? It's safe to say the two of you are safe from any apocalyptic goings on while in here.

      Angel glares at her.

      Angel: Take us back.

      Conduit: Sorry Angel. No can do, at present anyway. The two of you are here for an important reason. Namely, your souls.

      Spike and Angel frown.

      Conduit: You remember what happened once Spike became corporeal again; universal alignment out of balance, people bleeding from the eyes, all that fun stuff. The Partners managed to fix that, temporarily, as you were told.

      Spike: And which Partners are you working for then?

      Conduit: I work for them all. But currently, Ha-zar has his eye on you.

      She looks from Spike to Angel.

      Conduit: And you.

      Spike: About the Shanshu prophecy.

      Conduit: Yes. Concerning who's gonna be the lucky winner of that once in a?well, ever, prize.

      Angel frowns.

      Angel: I can't.

      Conduit: So you'd think. Circle of the Black Thorn certainly made it hard for you Angel, but their agreements, signed or otherwise, aren't as eternal as they would have liked to think. They only lasted as long as both parties were still alive. And since the Circle are entirely obliterated thanks to you and your friends-

      Spike: Angel's back in the game.

      Conduit: Correct. Exciting, isn't it?

      Angel glares at her.

      Angel: Why all this now?

      Conduit: Well as I've already said, the Partners brought you here at the time when that little world needs you the most. And, as I was saying before there was a tangent, there was once a cosmic imbalance caused by the two of you existing at the same time. Or should I say, three.

      Spike frowns.

      Spike: Dru?

      Conduit: Her soul being restored did throw us off a little, but the Prophecy's pretty clear with its pronouns; "the vampire with a soul, once he fulfils his destiny, will Shanshu. Become human. It's his reward." So she can carry on living with a soul and cause utter chaos. But you two, well, you can't. Soon, very soon, not even the ascended Senior Partners can exist without being affected by this. You see where we have a problem.

      Spike: So what? One of us is gonna get this Shanshu soon?

      Conduit: That's one possible version of events. You're both eligible.

      Angel: What's the other?

      Conduit: Well?one of you could die. Then everything would be fine.

      Angel and Spike look serious.

      Conduit: You know that's the reason that all of this is happening, don't you? Spike should have died almost a year ago. And now you're late for your second appointment with the Reaper too. You're lucky, I'll give you that.

      Spike: And that's it? I die, like you lot say I'm s'posed to.

      Angel: Spike-

      Spike: I'm asking the lady Angel.

      Spike doesn't look at Angel as he says this.

      Conduit: If things were that simple, you'd already be dead. Unfortunately, things like to be complicated. The reason you've stuck around is because of this day. See, the fact you're meant to die is overruled by one thing. The Shanshu Prophecy. It's been around about a thousand times longer, and it's tired of waiting. It'll be fulfilled, one way or another. Soon.

      Angel and Spike frown.

      Cut to a pure demon smashing a building. We see Kelly and Xander fighting in Darkley. Heather shooting Alethea. Willow walking into the shack to perform her spell. Buffy fighting onward. Fred watching Tap as he concentrates on a spell.

      Cut back to the White Room.

      Angel: How?

      Conduit: Well let's see. On the one hand we have you, Angel. Champion for the Powers. On a mission to help the helpless, usually succeeding. The guy who sacrificed a relationship with his son so he could be happy. But also the one who ended world peace, worked for his sworn enemies for a year, and can turn into something more evil than me in a heartbeat. Tricky.

      She looks at Spike.

      Conduit: And then there's Spike. Relatively new to the business of doing "good", but that doesn't mean the intention's not there. Earned yourself a soul, and saved the world by actually trying. Points. Of course, Angel's history of noble acts far exceeds yours, and then there's the fact that you should be dead.

      She looks between them both.

      Conduit: Volariant thought she'd found the answer when she took a peak inside your son's head.

      Angel looks surprised.

      Conduit: Thing is, she was asking the wrong question. She found out who deserved Shanshu more. Weighing up everything. And that would be you: Spike.

      Angel looks at Spike. Spike frowns, perhaps a little surprised.

      Conduit: But that doesn't necessarily mean, you're gonna be the one to get it.

      Spike and Angel both look confused.

      Conduit: Ha-zar wanted to keep you both around; if one of you Shanshus, the other'll die. Or even better, fall into darkness. And with no Champions left, that'd leave the Powers in a pretty bad position. Of course, Avryx has taken matters into his own hands, making things even dimmer for those fighting the good fight. It's at times like this that I take comfort in the fact I'm built out of darkness.

      Angel: You know how to stop Avryx.

      Conduit: "Stop". That's an interesting word to use. Considering you know, Angel, that the Senior Partners can't stop. They're as old as The Powers That Be. Just as powerful. Their decision to take human form in this dimension has limited that power lately, yes, but diminished it? Never. One way or another, they're gonna continue doing what they do. Of course, what you wanna know, is whether Avryx can be stopped from destroying all of your friends, and the rest of the humans that still remain on earth. The answer is yes, but it's not like I'm going to tell either of you how. But I think you'll find out.

      Angel looks confused.

      Conduit: Now, back to business. This problem we have has to be resolved. One of you has to live. One of you has to die. And you can decide this now.

      The camera moves away to show Angel and Spike facing one another, a weapons table between them and the conduit. Angel and Spike both look at it. Angel looks angry.

      Cut to Tap staring upwards, his eyes white. Cut to Althanea, her eyes equally white. Cut to Willow kissing Kennedy as she ascends. The Sun returns. Cut to Buffy swinging the scythe in slow motion.

      Angel: We're not gonna fight.

      Conduit: Oh you'll fight. And you'll fight to win. Because if you don't, the world will end. And while I may be evil, I don't lie.

      Angel and Spike look uncertain.

      Conduit: In your own time. Remember, every second you wait, some innocent person dies fighting to save your world. Maybe Gwen, Seneh. Or Fred, Tap?or Connor.

      Angel looks at her, rage in his narrowed eyes.

      Spike: Angel can have it.

      Angel turns to Spike, surprised.

      Angel: What?

      Spike: We gotta end this Angel.

      Angel: You heard what she said. You deserve more.

      Spike: That's bollocks. What have I done that you haven't?

      Angel: You tried to do good; even without a soul. I could never do that. This should be your reward.

      Spike frowns.

      Conduit OS: How sickening.

      They both turn to her.

      Spike and Angel: Shut up.

      Conduit: Don't you wanna hear the best part? Whoever gets Shanshu?gets the girl.

      Spike and Angel turn to the conduit. She smiles.

      Conduit: Now doesn't that make things more interesting?

      There is a pause.

      Cut to Tap leaning back breathing heavily. Fred is by his side.

      Fred: Are you ok?

      Tap pushes himself up slowly.

      Tap: Yeah just?took a lot out of me.

      Fred: I noticed.

      Tap notices the Sun shining outside. He looks at Fred and smiles. However a pure demon then comes into view, smashing a building in the distance. Helicopters are zooming past.

      Tap: I need to get out there. Can you-

      Fred: Fight? You bet.

      Tap: Fred-

      Fred: I'm not gonna wait here until some pure demon destroys the place. I woulda gone to the other side if I didn't want to see this through to the end.

      Tap smiles at her. They kiss and then get up looking ready to fight.

      Cut to Angel, staring at the camera. Cut to Spike, doing the same. Cut to the conduit looking from one to the other.

      Conduit: I thought it was always obvious. The story about the vampires with soul and the Slayer is nice and poetic. But it's time to face reality. Only one of you can be with her. And you can only be with her as a human.

      Angel and Spike look from the woman to each other.

      Conduit: We all want resolution. The sooner we get it, the better for everyone you hold dear. Let the best soul win.

      She vanishes. Angel and Spike stare at another.

      Angel: Spike-

      Spike: Don't say anything Angel. You wanna try and work this out some other way? Thing is?I don't think we can this time. Don't think we beat the system.

      Angel stares at him.

      Spike: Everything's been leading up to this. We can't run away from it now.

      There is a pause.

      Angel: You really wanna fight?

      Spike stares at Angel.

      Spike: No. But we haven't got another choice.

      Spike suddenly runs toward Angel with his sword. Angel holds out his sword to block Spike's attack. The camera moves around them.

      Cut to Gwen and Connor fighting. A rocket launcher zooms past them and hits a pure demon. It crashes down on a building. Connor runs a demon through.

      Gwen: Duck!

      He does so and Gwen blasts electricity at a demon behind him. The ground is clearer now as soldiers run past them towards more demons in the distance. Seneh is among them. She joins Connor and Gwen.

      Seneh: Nice shot.

      Gwen: Thanks.

      Fred and Tap join them.

      Seneh: And nice shot from you too.

      Tap: Wasn't just me. Willow did most of it.

      He looks serious.

      Gwen: What is it?

      Seneh suddenly notices a demon approaching her. She shoots a crossbow bolt at it.

      Tap: There's not enough time to explain right now. We just need to find Angel and Spike and get rid of the rest of these bastards.

      Connor: You haven't seen them?

      Tap and Fred look surprised.

      Fred: Haven't you?

      Cut to Angel and Spike struggling as Spike pushes his sword against the blade of Angel's. Their swords suddenly slip and Angel punches Spike in the face. Spike falls back next to the table of weapons. Angel walks round to the other side, on guard. Spike stands. He glances at a line of stakes. Angel notices this.

      Angel: You think you're ready to use one of those?

      Spike: Think you are?

      Both of them look like they are waiting for the other to make a move. Suddenly Spike jumps over the table, grabbing a stake in his free hand. He drives it forwards but Angel turns to his side and Spike misses. Angel grabs Spike back the shoulders and knees him in the stomach. However Spike is quicker than him this time and grabs his waist. He throws Angel back into the weapons table, breaking it in half. Angel moans in pain and rolls aside. Spike grabs a dagger and throws it at Angel. It spins through the air. Angel backflips, dodging it. He stares at Spike.

      Angel: Look at us. We're doing exactly what the Senior Partners want. By fighting, we're doing their work for them.

      Spike: Isn't that what we do best?

      Angel glares at him.

      Spike: C'mon Angel. This isn't about them. It's about us. We might have been pals recently?but you know at the end of it, it's always gonna be you versus me. Cause we're one and the same.

      They begin to circle one another.

      Spike: Ever notice that we have the same name. Human name I mean.

      Angel considers this, realising it's true.

      Spike: Something bigger than us brought us here, but it's only one of us that can get us out. Either you're gonna kill me, or I'm gonna kill you. But I gotta know Angel. I gotta know whether I die today. Or if I live.

      Spike charges at Angel. He swings his sword, cutting part of Angel's arm. Angel growls and swings his sword back, hitting Spike's.

      Angel: I'm not gonna let you give in that easily.

      Spike swings his sword round. Angel jumps to the side to avoid it. He gets up, staring at Spike.

      Voice OS: Angel.

      Angel turns, surprised. Facing him is a figure in a white dress. It's Willow. Angel turns to Spike. Spike is frozen in time. Willow smiles.

      Cut to the others fighting still. A demon slashes at Connor, scratching his face. Connor cries out as blood streams from the three claw marks across his face. He charges at the demon. Behind him Fred kicks a demon in the face and swings her sword around. A demon grabs her. Tap blasts it away with magic. Gwen punches a demon nearby. Several soldiers shoot at the remaining demons around them. Seneh looks hopeful but then sees a demon approaching in the distance. It appears bigger than the others and kicks people aside as if they were stones. Seneh's eyes widen.

      Seneh: It's Avryx.

      The others turn.

      Tap: You're sure?

      Seneh: Just believe me.

      Everyone looks anxious as Avryx smashes his way down the street?closer and closer.

      Cut to Angel staring at Willow.

      Angel: Willow?

      Willow: Yeah. It's me.

      Angel: But I thought you?

      Willow: Would be ascended by now? Well?I am.

      Angel: How is that possible?

      Willow: No human's ever ascended like this before. To become part of the Powers That Be?it's not something that's really been conceived of before. But there was a space. Because of Jasmine.

      Angel looks serious.

      Willow: Aren't you gonna ask me why I'm here? Cause I have a pretty wise and rehearsed reply.

      Angel: I think I know.

      He looks at Spike's frozen image.

      Willow: Yeah?it does involve Spike. In an almost entirely sort of way.

      Angel frowns.

      Angel: I can't kill him.

      Willow: You have to.

      Angel looks serious.

      Cut to Avryx. He is close to the gang now. They begin to back away. Seneh notices a rocket launcher and heads towards it. Connor notices, and follows suit.

      Cut back to Angel and Willow.

      Willow: You were right Angel. Fighting to the death would be fulfilling the Senior Partners' plans. One of you would be dead; the other would be human?but dark. Because you killed the other. Then they'd strike, and mould you into their own weapon. As they've always tried to do with you.

      Angel: But you're telling me I have to kill Spike?

      Willow pauses.

      Willow: To let him live.

      Angel frowns.

      Willow: Angel, if you kill Spike, knowing that you're letting him live?it won't be the murder that the Senior Partners want it to be. It'll be your own sacrifice.

      Angel looks at Spike, beginning to piece things together.

      Angel: The Shanshu Prophecy?it's talking about Spike isn't it?

      Willow walks up behind him.

      Willow: It's not clear who it's talking about. But you have to make it end this way.

      She looks at Spike.

      Willow: You'll kill the vampire within Spike?and it'll be dead, like it should be. But his humanity will live on. And both prophecies are resolved.

      Angel looks serious. Willow looks back at him.

      Willow: I know what it means for you. And I'm sorry, I wish there was something more?but the Powers haven't had the chance to intervene like this before. But because part of me is still human?I can. And they and I both know that this has to happen. Because you'll still be our Champion. You'll be able to fight on.

      Angel continues to stare at Spike.

      Angel: What about Buffy?

      Willow hesitates. Angel looks at her.

      Willow: I think you already know the answer.

      Angel closes his eyes, defeated. He has come so close?only to lose everything once again.

      Willow: Please Angel. Be the man I know you can be.

      Angel looks at her. There is a long pause.

      Angel: All right.

      Suddenly Willow is gone. Spike charges at Angel. They hit the ground.

      Cut to the fight in L.A. Avryx towers above the gang. Seneh aims the rocket launcher. However Avryx slams a fist down upon it. Seneh barely jumps out of the way. She and Connor are knocked to the ground by the force of the punch. Avryx roars. He punches forward at Fred, Tap and Gwen. Tap pushes his hand out, creating a magical barrier. He is obviously struggling with it. It soon fades and Avryx aims to punch at them again. They begin to run. Seneh and Connor get up and begin to follow.

      Cut to Angel and Spike. They roll several times. Spike has a stake in his hand. He aims to stake Angel, looking determined, yet regretful. Angel struggles, holding Spike's wrist as the stake comes closer and closer to his heart. He stares at Spike. Then he notices his own sword lying two feet away. He glances at it and then grabs it, hitting Spike on the back. Spike's stake narrowly misses Angel. Angel gets up. Spike punches Angel hard. Angel roundhouse kicks Spike. Spike falls. He grabs his own sword and swings it, cutting Angel's forehead. Angel growls and swings his own sword. The two fight with their swords, Angel pushing Spike back with each swing.

      They are suddenly both vamped out. They growl at one another as they exchange punch after punch, sword blow after blow. Soon they are both smeared with blood, from cuts across their faces and bodies. They both look weak. However, Angel kicks Spike in the stomach. Spike is thrown back and lands on the ground, sliding a few feet. Angel realises this is his moment. He grabs a stake and kneels on top of Spike. He raises it. Spike stares up at him.

      Spike: So?this is it eh? The end.

      Angel stares down at Spike. Spike laughs a little.

      Spike: It's funny; you trying to be the noble one, who couldn't possibly kill me. Ends up doing it anyway. In trying to be a Champion, you've become a killer again.

      Spike's face goes back to human form. He smiles a little.

      Spike: Can't win really, can you?

      Angel's face goes back to human form also. He looks angry.

      Angel: No. I can't.

      He brings the stake down. It hits Spike in the heart. Spike gasps and closes his eyes, expecting to dust. However he begins to glow. Angel stands up and backs away as Spike rises slowly and becomes upright. He looks at the stake still protruding from his body and stares at Angel.

      Spike: Well this is unexpected-

      Suddenly he gasps, whether in pain it is unclear, but light pours out of his eyes, from his hands, his chest, his entire body. Angel watches, almost blinded by the pure light. The White Room is almost grey compared to it. The light begins to fade. As it does we see that the stake has disappeared. Spike falls and barely support himself with one hand on the ground.

      Angel: Spike-

      Suddenly the White Room is gone. They are back in L.A. Soldiers run past them. A helicopter zooms overhead. Angel looks around surprised. Spike looks up as well, looking weak. He then looks to his right. The form of Avryx smashes through the building next to him. Spikes's eyes widen. Debris begins to fall towards Spike and Angel.

      Spike: Boll?ocks!

      He gets up and he and Angel begin to run. Thy run past several demons who attempt to attack. Angel punches one. Spike attempts to punch another but as he does he pulls his fist back looking in pain. He stares at it. Blood is seeping from in between his knuckles. He stares into space as he runs, putting the pieces together. He soon becomes out of breath. Spike's eyes widen: breath?

      Connor turns to see Angel running towards him, followed by Spike.

      Connor: Dad!

      Seneh turns to look. Gwen, Tap and Fred appear from nearby.

      Gwen: Where'd you disappear to?

      Angel: Long story.

      Spike: Angel?

      Angel turns to see Spike facing him. He is breathing. Angel stares at Spike, who looks serious, even afraid. Seneh turns to him, frowning.

      Seneh: We have to get out of here.

      Spike grabs Seneh's hand and places it on his chest. Seneh looks confused at first, as do the others, except Angel. Seneh's eyes suddenly widen. The shouting, gunfire, and other noises of the battle are muffled as we, and Seneh, hear Spike's heartbeat. Seneh's mouth opens in shock. She stares at Spike.

      Seneh: H?how?

      Spike looks just as perplexed and then glances at Angel. Tap seems to catch on. A crash breaks the silence. Avryx appears close behind them. Most of the gang look worried. Avryx spots them and roars.

      Gwen: We need to go!

      Avryx however has already begun to swing his arm down in their direction. The screen goes into slow motion. Gwen begins to turn to run, followed by Connor. Fred and Tap begin to run too. Angel grabs Seneh's arm and pulls her back. He reaches out to Spike but Spike simply stares at him, utterly lost. Angel looks up as Avryx's giant fist swings down towards them. Angel closes his eyes bracing for impact.

      As Avryx is about to hit Angel and Spike, he suddenly lurches back in pain, roaring. Angel and Spike both look surprised. Gwen and the others look confused also. Avryx's eyes glow red. He holds out his hands. They begin to disfigure.

      Cut to Buffy in London. She is staring at a pure demon. Suddenly it lurches in the same way Avryx did. Buffy looks surprised, trying to understand what is happening.

      Cut to Dawn in Sydney. A winged pure demon swoops nearby but cries out and crashes down to the ground. She stares in awe.

      Cut to a montage of pure demons, all roaring with the same unfamiliar, alien pain. Their forms begin to change. Their claws shortening. Their skin turning paler, softer. Their very bodies growing smaller and smaller.

      Cut to Avryx. Angel and co. watch, stunned, as he reverts back to his human form. He gasps, as he loses everything that he was only moments ago. He stares at his hands as he stands naked, blood dripping from various cuts on his body, he looks up at Angel and co. The hundreds of soldiers behind them. He looks angry. As he steps forward, Seneh suddenly lifts her crossbow and shoots. An arrow hits Avryx in the heart. He gasps and looks at it before falling back. As he does, black mist seeps from his body: his essence, which could never be trapped in the mortal coil. It speeds away into the ether, leaving its host behind. Seneh lowers her crossbow. She turns to Spike. Angel looks at him also. The crowd explodes with cheers. But Angel and co. do not cheer. They all stare at the new human among them: Spike.
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        ACT IV

        Cut to a wooden microphone stand. The camera moves up it slowly. The caption says "Two weeks later". A figure steps towards it. It is Tap. He clears his throat. Cut to a wide shot behind him; a huge crowd is stood before him. They are in the new world. Tap looks around at them, from his pedestal.

        Tap: My name?is Benjamin Tapping. Some of you will know me as "Tap". That's the name people have used for me, on the television. The radio. And if you don't know who I am?I'm one of the people who's been fighting alongside Angel. Not for long?but for long enough.

        He hesitates. We cut to Avryx's body. Tap's VO continues.

        Tap VO: In the end?the demons that wanted to destroy our world were beaten back.

        Cut to the bodies of demons strewn across the streets of London.

        Tap VO: We survived.

        Cut to Heather and Giles stepping out of the helicopter in London. They make their way toward a lone figure: Buffy. Buffy looks relieved and hugs Giles tightly. Giles smiles looking equally relieved to see her alive.

        Tap VO: Those of us that have?should be grateful.

        Cut to Golda and Buffy hugging inside a building. Golda however looks upset. Buffy frowns. Golda begins to talk. We see Buffy's expression change to horror, as she learns about Xander and Kelly. Her eyes shimmer with tears.

        Tap VO: It was the efforts of those that give their lives?that saved us all.

        Cut to Buffy turning. Kennedy stands at the entrance to the room they are stood in. She looks wounded, but stable. Tears run down her face. Buffy stares at her, not wanting to believe she has lost Willow as well.

        Tap VO: And they won't be forgotten.

        Cut to the remains of Lincoln. The camera sweeps over them slowly.

        Tap VO: In the end?it was Malachi's confidence that was his downfall. He never thought he could be destroyed. When he was?the power behind his, and the others' Ascension began to wane.

        Cut to Volariant's face. Her eyes stare blankly forward, a single line of dried blood across her cheek from a bullet wound in her temple.

        Tap VO: Before long?their power was gone.

        Cut to Angel and co. walking away from the battle.

        Tap VO: The Senior Partners' aren't dead. They can't die. But they're no longer a threat. Not in the way they were before.

        Cut to a helicopter flying over Angel and co.

        Tap VO: And what do we now? We pick up the pieces.

        Cut to the helicopter landing. Buffy jumps out. Spike stares at her, surprised.

        Tap VO: There are so many reasons to build, from what we've lost.

        Buffy stares back at Spike. It appears she knows that the prophecy has been fulfilled. She knows he is human.

        Tap VO: And what we've gained.

        Buffy runs towards Spike. She throws her arms around him. Angel watches from behind. He looks neutral as they embrace. Spike smiles a little as he feels Buffy hug him. Tears stream from Buffy's closed eyes.

        Tap VO: The evil is still out there. It's still strong. But if anything?we've proved that we are too.

        Cut to Buffy and Spike pulling back. Buffy looks past him to Angel.

        Tap VO: Because we're human. And it's the choices we make that save everyone. Or just a single life?that change the world.

        Buffy walks up to Angel slowly. She smiles at him and they hug. Angel looks serious as they do, but appears glad that Buffy is alive.

        Cut back to Tap.

        Tap: And we're going to keep on changing it.

        The crowd begin to applause and cheer. Tap does not smile, but simply nods once and walks away.

        Cut to Connor. He is stood looking out at the valley in the new world, where the original UK settlement was founded. It is twilight. Angel stands next to him.

        Angel: Good view huh?

        Connor looks at him.

        Connor: Yeah. Figure I might come here more often.

        Angel nods.

        Connor: Are you going back soon?

        Angel: Yeah, just gonna make one stop.

        Connor: Right. Uh, can I come too?

        Angel: You want to?

        Connor: Sure. I mean?we've not really had much time to be just, you know, father and son. It'd make a nice change.

        Angel smiles.

        Angel: It would.

        Angel puts his hand on Connor's shoulder. The two of them stare out at the valley one last time and then head down.

        Cut to Gwen with Fred, Tap and Seneh. Various other people are stood around. They are in the area where everyone first arrived in the New World.

        Gwen: See you guys in a week or so I guess.

        Fred: Yeah. And I hope you, uh?I hope you find what you're looking for. With him.

        Gwen smiles, a hint of sadness in her eyes. It is clear Fred is talking about Gunn, the reason that Gwen wishes to remain in the new world for some time. She and Fred hug. Gwen looks at Tap.

        Gwen: And who knew you were a public speaker at heart.

        Tap: Just told ?em what they needed to hear.

        Gwen: Well you were great.

        They hug. Gwen looks at Seneh.

        Gwen: Seneh, I-

        Seneh: Hush. Seriously. As long as we're ok I mean?it's good enough for me. I don't want you to apologise for acting like anyone would. Ok?

        Gwen smiles. She and Seneh hug also. As they part Angel and Connor can be seen walking towards them.

        Angel: We're good to go.

        The others nod. Angel looks at Gwen.

        Angel: See you soon.

        Gwen nods, smiling.

        Voice OS: Angel.

        Angel and the others turn. Buffy is walking towards him. She looks distressed. Angel looks at the ground and then walks over to her.

        Angel: Buffy, I said all I needed to-

        Buffy: I didn't.

        Buffy puts her hand on Angel's cheek. She kisses him gently on the lips.

        Buffy: Thank you.

        Angel stares at her as her hand falls away from him. Buffy smiles to break the tension.

        Buffy: Don't be a stranger.

        Angel smiles back.

        Angel: I won't be.

        Buffy looks pleased. She looks at the others and waves. They wave back. Buffy looks at Angel one last time and walks away. Angel watches her go. Connor walks up to Angel.

        Connor: Ready?

        Angel continues to stare at Buffy, as she gets further and further away.

        Angel: Yeah.

        He finally turns away.

        Cut to white light growing larger and larger. Angel, Connor, Fred, Tap and Seneh appearing back on Earth. The white light disappears behind them. Golda is stood nearby. She smiles and walks up to them.

        Golda: Hey.

        Angel: Golda, hi.

        Golda: Was thinking you guys might not show.

        Tap: You know how it is; these things always take longer than you think.

        Fred: How's everything going on this side?

        Golda: Not too bad. Obviously, we're a long way off from complete but?little by little.

        Seneh: Only way to work.

        Golda nods.

        Golda: So I uh, gotta be back soon but-

        White light appears once again. Angel and the others look a little surprised. People start running through, terror in their eyes. They run past Angel and co., who look worried.

        Fred: What??

        Angel stops a woman who runs past.

        Angel: What's happening?

        Woman: A-an attack! A terrible attack!

        Angel looks shocked and looks at the gateway, people still running through.

        Cut to the new world. Newly built houses are in flames. Men and women in suits are shooting at people. Lawyers.

        Gwen stares around her in shock. A lawyer points a gun at her. She quickly blasts electricity at them. Cut to Buffy and Spike running down the street too. Buffy turns to Spike.

        Buffy: Stay out of the firing line!

        Spike: You too.

        Buffy doesn't have time to argue back as a lawyer shoots near her. She runs over and kicks at them. Spike runs up to another and punches them; despite being human he still has strength. Buffy looks over to make sure he is all right. Dawn appears near her.

        Dawn: Buffy!

        Buffy turns. She looks relieved to see that her sister is safe.

        Dawn: Who are they?

        Spike: Wolfram and Hart's lot. The dead ones by the looks of it.

        Buffy: I thought they were gone?

        Voice OS: Not gone.

        The three of them turn. Ha-zar, and his faction are stood nearby. He smiles.

        Ha-zar: Just forgotten.

        Spike looks shocked.

        Cut back to Angel and co. People are still running past them.

        Man: It's Wolfram and Hart!

        Woman: Run!

        Angel and co. all look shocked at this. Angel turns and makes run through the gateway but more people begin to rush through.

        Cut back to Spike, Buffy, Dawn and the Senior Partners. Gwen appears from nearby. Her eyes widen as she sees Ha-zar and the others. Ha-zar smiles.

        Ha-zar: It's just a pity that Angel couldn't be here for this moment. Ah well?all in good time.

        Spike: What are you doing here?

        Ha-zar: We're taking over, of course.

        Naur-Vei: The majority of your race is here. Therefore, we follow.

        Buffy looks angry.

        Buffy: Your old buddies didn't win like this. I'm sure as hell not gonna let you guys win either.

        Ha-zar: My my?still concerned with words such as "winning". The only winner here is Spike. But may I be the first to say?how unfortunate for you.

        He raises a gun and aims it at Spike. Buffy's eyes widen.

        Buffy: No?

        Suddenly green light bursts from Dawn. Buffy turns looking surprised. Dawn herself looks utterly confused. Gwen watches also as the green light fills the nearby area, still growing larger. Ha-zar looks mildly annoyed and pulls the trigger.

        "Your Hand in Mine" by Explosions in the Sky begins to play.

        Buffy's eyes widen as she clasps Spike's hand. Cut to Angel trying to make his way to the gate. Cut back to the bullet flying through the air towards Spike. He stares forwards at it. However it suddenly begins to slow in the air. Ha-zar's smile fades a little. The other Senior Partners also seem unnerved. The bullet stops in mid-air, a few inches away from Spike. Ha-zar looks to see that Buffy, Spike and Dawn are also frozen. As Ha-zar opens his mouth to say something, he too becomes still in time.

        Cut to Angel making his way through the crowd still. The gateway widen, showing part of the new world through it as people run.

        The green light that emerged from Dawn grows larger and larger, engulfing more of the new world. Gwen steps back and away from it but suddenly finds herself frozen like the others. The music quietens a little.

        Woman VO: In darkness, The Key of old shall rip through wood, stone and flesh-

        Cut to Giles and Heather in a nearby street. They turn, only to become as still as the others.

        Man VO: -her protectors watching without hope-

        Cut to Angel running towards the gateway which grows bigger.

        Woman VO: -as the ancient power arises, the gateway shall open-

        Cut to more and more people, more and more buildings becoming caught by Dawn's power.
        Woman, Man #2, Woman #2: -bringing forth utter devastation.

        Angel stands at the edge of the gateway and looks through. He sees what is happening. As a few more run towards the gate in the new world, they become frozen. Angel turns to Tap.

        Angel: Close it!

        Tap frowns but follows Angel's command. He pushes his hand out. Golda, Fred, Seneh and Connor look confused.

        Magic from Tap's hand speeds towards the gateway. One the other side, Dawn's power also gets closer and closer. Tap's magic hits the gateway and it begins to shrink. Angel watches looking worried. The green light can be seen from their side now. The gateway grows smaller and smaller and then finally?

        ?it is gone.

        White light shines over Angel and co., who shield their eyes.

        Cut to the bullet in the new world. Cut to Ha-zar, Naur-Vei, the other Senior Partners. Cut to Heather and Giles. Mark and Kennedy. Joe and Vanessa. Oz and Nina. Spike, Buffy?Dawn. Buffy and Spike's hands closed around each others. Cut to the buildings, the thousands of others, as the green light begins to extend across the sea, soon to engulf everything. Leaving only, a frozen world.

        Angel and co. stare forward, taking in what has happened, the music still playing. All of them, and the crowd around them look shocked.

        The music is softer as the camera moves away. The scene fades to black, and to another scene. A morgue. Black mist seeps through the ceiling and enters a body underneath a cloth. The body rises up. It is a woman, a bullet wound in her head. The wound begins to heal. She smiles, darkly.

        Cut to black.

        THE END
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