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Angel Episode 6.21 131. And the Winner Is...

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  • Angel Episode 6.21 131. And the Winner Is...

    Hi, this is the twenty-first episode of Angel Season 6 by me. I hope you enjoy reading it. If you have feedback, please post it here; both positive comments and constructive criticism are welcome

    Angel Episode 6.21. 131. And the Winner Is?

    Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters on Angel. They belong to Fox Studios and Joss Whedon. This work is fictional and is only for my and others entertainment. Therefore no infringement is intended. I do not intend to make a profit from this work. However I own all characters that have not previously appeared/been mentioned on Angel, so I can do whatever I like with them. Therefore any unauthorised usage of these characters is not permitted.

    ACT I

    Open on Angel putting the phone down in his office. He stares at it for a second before standing up. Cut to him walking out of his office. He looks troubled. Tap walks up to him.

    Tap: Who was that?

    Angel: Buffy.

    Tap: Oh.

    Tap says this with the tone that indicates he now knows why Angel looks troubled.

    Tap: New world stuff?

    Angel: Yeah. It's getting worse.

    Tap: Oh.

    Tap frowns.

    Tap: Can't say I'm surprised but?what's gonna be done?

    Angel: They're gonna carry on doing what they're doing over there. While we carry on what we're doing on this side. Until?

    Tap nods slowly.

    Tap: Right.

    Angel nods back and begins to walk in the direction of the stairs. Tap watches him for a second.

    Tap: She'll be ok you know.

    Angel stops and half looks round at Tap.

    Tap: I mean?you looked worried?

    Angel fully looks round now. Then he manages a slight smile.

    Angel: I know.

    Angel turns and walks up the stairs. Tap watches him and sighs, not entirely convinced by his own words let alone Angel's. Seneh walks down past Angel.

    Seneh: Hey.

    Angel: Hey.

    Angel walks on. Seneh looks behind her, a little surprised by Angel's lack of communication. Seneh looks at Tap and walks to the bottom of the stairs.

    Seneh: (quietly) Something up with him?

    Tap: Buffy just called.

    Seneh: Oh.

    Seneh looks back to where Angel was a few moments ago and then back at Tap.

    Seneh: Are we talking potential angst or something newer?

    Tap: Just the usual kind I think.

    Seneh: Ah. Well, at least that's not as bad as it could be?right?

    Tap: I dunno. From what everyone's been saying, the new world doesn't sound like it's overflowing with prosperity right now.

    Seneh: They've only been there like five minutes. If anyone thought it wasn't gonna take a while to get things organised, they forgot to take their reality check.

    Tap sighs.

    Tap: I guess people hoped it would be better than this.

    Seneh: I guess they had to.

    There is a pause.

    Seneh: Others are still out taking Drusilla across?

    Tap: Yeah. Should be back soon though.

    Seneh nods.

    Tap: How come you didn't go with them?

    Seneh: I don't like it out there. It's like?there's no life.

    Tap: Well?that's technically true.

    Seneh: You know what I mean. It's?unnerving.

    Tap: I do. And it is. Guess we're gonna have to get used to it.

    Seneh: Not for too long.

    Tap stares at her. They both know she is referring to the apocalypse. Tap nods gravely.

    Seneh: How come you didn't go either?

    Tap looks awkward.

    Tap: I feel a little weird around her. It's not that she's, you know, different. It's?

    Seneh: The fact that you gave her her soul back?

    Tap nods.

    Seneh: I don't think she holds it against you.

    Tap: I didn't wanna find out. Last thing we need is more inner con?flict.

    Tap trails off. Gwen is standing in at the front door. She stares at Seneh and Tap, who turns to see her as he follows Seneh's stare. Tap looks surprised for a second but then smiles.

    Tap: Oh, hey.

    Gwen: Hey.

    There is an awkward atmosphere. Tap realises he has to be the one to break the ice.

    Tap: How'd it go with Drusilla?

    Gwen: I wasn't there. I was helping with the power storage supplies. But I figure that they got her through ok.

    Tap: Good.

    Tap smiles. Gwen also manages a weak smile. Seneh looks awkwardly around the room.

    Tap: So?power supplies huh? How much is there?

    Gwen: Well there's not even enough for this world so it doesn't really make much difference. I gave them what I could. To be honest, it's one of the lesser problems.

    Seneh: You went there?

    Gwen looks at Seneh, a little surprised to hear her ask her directly.

    Gwen: I did.

    Seneh: What was it like?

    Gwen: Uh, green mostly.

    Seneh and Tap raise their eyebrows.

    Gwen: It's a work in progress. Better than nothing. At least while everything's still falling apart around he-

    The hotel suddenly begins to shake. Gwen, Seneh and Tap look alarmed as they struggle to keep their balance. Angel rushes down the stairs.

    Angel: Go!

    He indicates the door and the four of them rush outside.

    Cut to them running out followed by several soldiers who were on guard. They see that the whole of the city is being affected by what appears to be an earthquake. Suddenly it stops as quickly as it began. Everyone looks around. There is a pause.

    Seneh: So?I really wanna say that was a So Cal thing?

    Tap: Maybe?

    Angel: I don't think so.

    Angel is staring up at the sky. The others follow his gaze. The sky is turning a violent shade of red, as clouds twist into ugly formations. They begin to crackle red and bright orange. Everyone stares at what is happening, knowing deep down that it can only mean that something is coming.

    Opening credits.


    AMY ACKER - Winnifred "Fred" Burkle/Illyria
    ALEXA DAVALOS - Gwen Raiden
    PETER KRAUSE - Benjamin "Tap" Tapping

    Special Guest Star:

    JULIET LANDAU - Drusilla

    Guest Starring:

    STEPHANIE ROMANOV - Lilah Morgan
    RON RIFKIN - Ha-Zar
    JOAN ALLEN - Alidris
    JAMES PICKETT JR. - Suvarta
    APRIL GRACE - Naur-Veii
    JOSH HOLLOWAY - Terethys
    MORENA BACCARIN - Cescenya
    JAMES CALLIS - Jeras
    CLAUDIA KARVAN - Invidia
    ROBERT KNEPPER - Carnifex
    HELEN MIRRAN - Althanea
    RICHARD DEAN ANDERSON - General Hannes

    Cut to the sky above L.A., violent and crackling with flame. Cut to Angel, Gwen, Tap, Seneh and several soldiers walking through into the Hyperion lobby from outside.

    Soldier #1: What should we do sir?

    Angel: Guard the front of the hotel. Talk to your superiors, they'll know what this means.

    The soldiers nod and walk back out the front.

    Tap: They will? Cause I wasn't 100% sure we did. I mean I know this is all slightly apocalyptic-

    Seneh: But we're not even on a Hellmouth here.

    Angel: That might not matter. The sky on fire might be our only omen.

    Gwen: And as far as omens go?that's pretty impending.

    Angel: I gotta call Buffy. She needs to know.

    Seneh: What about Spike and the others?

    Tap's mobile phone starts to ring. He looks at it.

    Tap: Speaking of?

    Tap puts the phone to his ear. Angel walks away to his office hurriedly.

    Tap: (to phone) Hey.

    Cut to Spike looking up at the sky. Blurred figures can be seen moving in the background.

    Spike: (to phone) You seeing what I'm seeing?

    Cut back to Tap.

    Tap: Yeah we got the whole 4D experience. What's it like at your end?

    Cut back to Spike. He looks around.

    Spike: Standard panic and run plan of action. Mind you, not many left on this side.

    Tap: So you got Dru through ok?

    Spike: Yeah, just a moment ago. Suddenly got a strong urge to jump through after her.

    Cut to Gwen and Seneh stood near Tap. Tap's muffled voice can be heard as he has walked over to the door. They look from him to Angel who is on the phone in his office, apparently to Buffy.

    Seneh: We are so not ready for this.

    Gwen: Were we ever gonna be?

    Seneh glances at Gwen.

    Seneh: I guess not.

    There is an awkward moment as Gwen and Seneh make eye contact. Tap walks over to them.

    Tap: No one on their side knows what's going on either.

    Gwen: Not exactly surprising.

    Tap: Angel heard correctly about the other side too. Things are in no state to get shaken up by something like this. Which could well be why the good old Senior Partners are doing this now.

    Seneh and Gwen look worried. They turn to see Angel walking towards them.

    Gwen: Is Buffy ok?

    Angel: She's fine. But she had to go, she needed to get back to the other side.

    Seneh: Where things are what?worse than this?

    Angel: You haven't been there.

    Seneh is a little surprised by Angel's tone.

    Tap: Does she have any theories on this?

    Angel: She doesn't think it's Malachi. His hundred-day ritual hasn't finished yet.

    Gwen: And there's no possibility he got bored and skipped ahead a few days?

    Angel: I don't think so. It's a prophecy thing.

    Gwen shrugs.

    Tap: But it could still be the Senior Partners. Or, half.

    Angel: Half's enough. If they are behind this we need to prepare, now.

    Seneh: If they are, the other half'll want us to know.

    The others look at her. There is a pause.

    Seneh: I'm not saying we should ask them for help or anything

    Angel: Good.

    Angel walks towards the door.

    Seneh: So we're leaving?

    Angel: We need to get to the others.

    Tap: Angel, Seneh could be right, Lilah might know-

    Angel: I don't care what Lilah might know. She's working for the people that made Connor's life a nightmare. They worked their way in and pretended that we could help them and they could help us. I'm done with their lies.

    There is a pause. None of the others have a reply.

    Angel: I need to find my son.

    Angel walks away. The others hesitate and then follow.

    Cut to a flash of white light. The light disappears suddenly, and we see the scene from first person perspective: people rushing hurriedly around, some in military uniform. The person whose eyes we are seeing through looks up at the blood-red sky. We cut to see that it is Connor who has just travelled through from the other world. He is staring around looking surprised by what he is seeing; this was not what he expected to return to.

    Voice OS: Connor!

    Connor turns to see Fred running towards him.

    Connor: Fred! What happened here?

    Fred: Good question.

    Connor looks confused, as Spike and Illyria appear.

    Spike: Glad to see you made it back all right.

    Connor: Thanks. Though I'm not sure if that's a good thing or not.

    Connor indicates the sky.

    Spike: Fair point.

    Illyria: It is the forecast of an apocalypse.

    Connor looks serious.

    Connor: The Senior Partners?

    Spike: Apparently not.

    Connor: Then who?

    Fred: We're still working on that. Your father and the others are coming here.

    Connor nods.

    Illyria: Have your family found suitable dwellings in the alternate dimension?

    Connor: Uh, they're ok. Things are crazy over there, but they could be worse.

    There is suddenly rumbling from the sky. Everyone looks up. The clouds are parting slightly and turning back to white. Everything brightens. A calmness falls over the scene.

    Spike: Well?that makes a change-

    Fred: Oh my God.

    The others look at Fred, surprised. The camera zooms in on Fred's forehead.

    Cut to images of a man in the front courtyard of the Hyperion. He is badly injured and blood is running down his face. He is wearing brown robes. Soldiers are surrounding him but look uncertain as to what to do. The man looks up at them pleadingly.

    Cut back to Fred. She looks at the others.

    Fred: We have to get back to the hotel. There's a man?he's in bad shape.

    Illyria: Angel and the others are here.

    The others look, and sure enough Angel and co. are heading towards them. Spike looks at Fred.

    Spike: Best explain the situation then.

    Cut to everyone walking hurriedly along the eerily quiet street near the Hyperion.

    Angel: Whoever it is must have shown up pretty soon after we left.

    Seneh: Did you recognise them?

    Fred: No. But then there was a lot of blood; I couldn't see his face too well.

    Gwen: Sounds serious.

    Spike: Course it does. Not like we can have any breathing space between new problems.

    Tap: And we don't even know that our apocalyptic problem is out of the way.

    A soldier runs up in front of them. He looks out of breath.

    Soldier: Mr Angel?there's a man, at the hotel-

    Angel: We know. We're on our way their now.

    Soldier: He says it's important. About what's happening?what was happening, I mean, to the sky.

    Everyone looks concerned.

    Illyria: He knows the identity of those trying to bring about an apocalypse.

    Soldier: It seems so, but he won't tell us.

    Angel: We better hurry.

    Cut to everyone walking through into the Hyperion lobby. General Hannes is with them.

    General Hannes: We've tried to get him to go to medical unit but-

    Voice OS: Angel!

    The man seen in Fred's vision gets up from the sofa, and flinches in pain slightly as he does. He rushes towards Angel with a clear limp, and a bad cut above his right eyebrow. He has other bruises on his face and hands, but the rest of his body is covered with his robes. He speaks with an a typical English accent.

    Man: I thought I would die before I got here.

    The man looks in pain and wavers slightly. Angel reaches out to grab him before he falls.

    Angel: You need to sit down.

    Connor supports the man's other arm as they lead him back to the sofa.

    Connor: What happened to you?

    Man: I had to escape?

    Spike: From where?

    Man: The Deeper Well.

    Everyone stops as the man sits back down and breathes heavily. Illyria in particular looks interested.

    Fred: Then?then you're-

    Man: I am not an Old One. You should know what one looks like?

    He glances at Illyria.

    Seneh: Then who are you?

    Man: My name is Jeras. I was Keeper. Until they-

    Angel: Were released.

    The man looks at Angel.

    Jeras: Yes. I knew that you were aware of their release. But you need to know what they are doing now.

    Seneh: I have a really bad feeling about this?

    Jeras: You should. Enraged by Wolfram and Hart's efforts to undermine them, the pure demons have taken matters into their own hands.

    The others pause, perhaps knowing what they about to be told, but not wanting to be the one who says it. The man looks around at them and then looks directly at Angel.

    Jeras: They're trying to end the world. Completely.

    Angel looks serious as he contemplates this.
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    ACT II

    Cut to The Hyperion lobby again. Jeras is still sat on the sofa. Tap appears to be healing a wound on his arm, as best he can. Everyone is sat or stood around, indicating that some time has passed since the last scene.

    Jeras: The Senior Partners broke through the protective barrier of the Well. I was helpless against their might; they took thousands as easily as one was taken before.

    He glances at Illyria once again.

    Illyria: I am not responsible for the actions of others of my kind.

    Jeras' expression softens a little.

    Jeras: I know, Old One. I am aware of your allegiance to Angel.

    Illyria does not respond.

    Jeras: Unfortunately the others' humanity has not been so influential.

    Fred: So you were trapped there all this time?

    Jeras: Yes. As they broke from the Senior Partners' hold, they weakened the magics surrounding the Well. I escaped?barely.

    He smiles to himself.

    Jeras: Ironically, I was escaping from my own jail.

    Angel looks serious.

    Angel: I always assumed that after Drogyn?

    The Jeras stares at Angel.

    Angel: I didn't think there'd be a replacement.

    Jeras sighs.

    Jeras: Angel?I know what you did, was necessary. I can't deny that it doesn't invoke fear for my own life. But I knew when I escaped that you were the one I must find. The Slayer has her own war to face. While you will share the burden of that?the time for you to fight your battle has come.

    Angel looks serious. Tap moves his hand away from Jeras' arm. It is mostly healed. Jeras nods in thanks.

    Tap: You're welcome.

    Fred looks impressed. Gwen looks at Jeras.

    Gwen: Do you have a plan?

    Jeras looks awkward.

    Spike: That a yes?

    Jeras: I may have an idea.

    Gwen: But it's risky?

    Jeras: Not so much a risk?as a certainty of sacrifice.

    The group look a little alarmed at this. Jeras sighs.

    Jeras: The Old Ones belong in The Deeper Well. There is a way to send them back. Permanently. If we go there, I can perform a spell.

    Some of the others look confused.

    Fred: But when?when it was Illyria in the other Fred's body?

    Jeras: The lives of all those she affected were in danger. True. But this was because the process had not yet finished. The removal of the human host's soul prevents this side-effect.

    Illyria looks around at the others; reminders of what she took resurfacing.

    Jeras: With help?I would be able to do what was necessary to reseal them within the Well.

    Seneh: What's the catch?

    Jeras hesitates.

    Jeras: The spell will not focus on the individual Old Ones. It will take them all.

    Everyone slowly realises what this means. They look at Illyria. She stares past them, contemplating the implications of this.

    Cut to Lilah sitting down in a chair. She is sat in the room seen in "A Life Less Extraordinary" where she was made a Child of the Senior Partners. Alidris is sat opposite her. Lilah looks confused.

    Alidris: You seem surprised.

    Lilah: I uh, I suppose I am, ma'am. I thought this was the kind of thing we'd help Angel to prevent?

    Alidris: Angel will do just fine on his own. Besides, our help is something he probably won't receive graciously considering what his son learned recently.

    Lilah: With all due respect ma'am; the Old Ones are formidable. More so than the shape shifter army, which Angel couldn't have defeated without-

    Alidris: Lilah, listen to me. Soon a great many things will come to light. Many of which will include Angel's continual existence. You know in your heart that he will survive. As we have always known.

    Lilah doesn't respond, but neither does she look entirely convinced.

    Alidris: If Avryx was worried, he would have done something by now. He hasn't. We have greater things to prepare for than whatever force the Old Ones are mustering. Now?shall we meet with the others?

    Lilah hesitates at first but then nods.

    Lilah: Yes ma'am.

    Alidris smiles and Lilah gets up. Alidris' smile remains on her face as she and Lilah walks towards the door.

    Cut back to the scene in the Hyperion. No one speaks for a few seconds. Gwen shakes her head.

    Gwen: No. No, no this-this can't happen.

    Jeras: If there were another way-

    Gwen: There has to be!

    The others look at Gwen.

    Gwen: We can't lose anyone else.

    There is silence once again.

    Illyria: It would appear that the Senior Partners' analysis was correct.

    Illyria speaks with her usual monotonous tone. The others look at her. Illyria looks around at them.

    Illyria: I am to die.

    Angel: No you're not.

    Angel speaks resolutely. Jeras sighs, expecting this opposition, but weary of it nonetheless.

    Jeras: The Old Ones are vast in numbers; we cannot possibly hope to defeat them in battle-

    Angel: The Senior Partners won't let them succeed.

    Jeras: Are you willing to bet everything on that?

    Angel glares. The others look uncertain as to what to say.

    Seneh: What if?if the Senior Partners are letting us deal with this.

    The others look at her.

    Seneh: They've done nothing to stop the Old Ones. We've had no Chance Card like Lilah sent our way. So maybe they're relying on us. And if we rely on them?then I don't know what's gonna happen.

    There is a pause.

    Tap: We still have time-

    Jeras: No. We don't. You've seen the sky. That's the beginning. I'm sure I don't have to remind anyone what happened the last time it happened.

    Angel and Connor share a look. Those that didn't experience it still seem to know what Jeras means. He looks at Angel.

    Jeras: I was sent here to tell you how to save the world. You can't throw it aside for one life. You know this. And by the sound of it, you've known that this is coming.

    Angel stares back.

    Angel: I can't accept it's all we can do.

    Jeras: So you'll wait until it's too late?

    He looks down, exhaling and then looks at Illyria and shakes his head.

    Jeras: You know this is where your path leads.

    He gets up and walks into the back courtyard. Everyone stands in silence.

    Connor: What are we gonna-

    Angel: I don't know!

    Connor is silenced by Angel's tone. Angel immediately looks apologetic. Illyria's gaze falls to the ground.

    Illyria: I must depart.

    Illyria swiftly turns and runs upstairs. Fred steps after her.

    Fred: Illyria!

    Spike: Let her go.

    Fred looks at Spike; perhaps he is the only one who can truly understand what Illyria is feeling currently. Angel stares into space, gravely.

    Angel: Whatever happens?I don't expect everyone to understand.

    Gwen narrows her brow.

    Gwen: You're actually considering this?

    Angel: I don't have a choice.

    Gwen shakes her head.

    Gwen: There's always a choice.

    Seneh: Gwen I don't think-

    Gwen: Don't.

    She stares at Seneh and then walks upstairs in disgust. Seneh looks upset. Everyone is left to contemplate what is to happen. The scene fades.

    We fade into Tap sitting in his room looking anxious. His hand is covering his mouth, supporting his chin. Fred sits on the edge of the bed facing away from him. She looks upset. She stares into space blankly.

    Tap: Jeras?

    Fred looks over at him. Tap glances at her.

    Tap: He wants me to help with the spell. If?

    There is a pause. Fred looks sympathetic but also concerned.

    Fred: What did you say?

    Tap: What could I say?

    Fred has no answer to this. Tap looks back at the ground.

    Tap: I spoke?to my mom.

    Fred looks surprised to hear this.

    Fred: You never told me-

    Tap: I didn't tell anyone.

    Fred hesitates and then waits for Tap to continue.

    Tap: She's the only one in my family, apart from me, who hated all the Pied Piper crap. She always told me that you're as free as you want to be.

    Tap looks directly at Fred.

    Tap: She's staying on this side.

    Fred frowns looking sympathetic.

    Fred: Why?

    Tap: Because she is free. To stay. To fight.

    Tap exhales.

    Tap: She's strong. But if the Old Ones?if they do what they're trying to do?she won't have a chance in hell. And neither will anyone else whose just trying to be free.

    Tap looks at Fred once more.

    Tap: If I have the chance to save her, and them. I'm gonna take it.

    Fred hesitates and then nods. She gets up and sits next to Tap and looks at him.

    Fred: I had a vision.

    Tap frowns.

    Tap: What hap-

    Fred: I saw you. And you were?doing a spell. It was powerful.

    Tap considers this.

    Fred: And I knew it was what you had to do.

    They stare at one another. Tap puts his arm around Fred and she closes her eyes as she leans against his shoulder. A tear streams down her cheek.

    Cut to Illyria walking down the stairs into the Hyperion lobby. She sees Angel, Spike, Seneh and Connor talking through the door into Angel's office. She can't hear their voices but she knows they are talking about her. She glances to see Jeras in the courtyard. He appears to be performing some kind of ritual as he is kneeling down, his hands placed in front of him, palms upwards. Illyria looks between her friends and Jeras and then walks through to the courtyard.

    Cut to her walking up to where Jeras is knelt. He is staring forwards at the gap between his outstretched hands.

    Jeras: (without turning round) I knew you'd come.

    Illyria cocks her head. Jeras slowly turns to look at Illyria.

    Jeras: I have asked?again, and again for more guidance from the Powers That Be. I have no other answer.

    Illyria: Perhaps there is none.

    Jeras frowns.

    Jeras: I'm surprised?that you don't fear death.

    There is a pause.

    Illyria: It is relative. To the greater good.

    Jeras slowly stands up.

    Jeras: An Old One?talking of such things. You truly are a dichotomy Illyria.

    Illyria: I have learnt to live as one. It does not strike me as strange that I shall die as one also.

    Jeras hesitates.

    Jeras: As Keeper of the Well?no, as a human?I should hate you. And yet I cannot?

    Illyria stares at him.

    Jeras: I almost feel pity-

    Illyria: Do not. To be pitied is to be seen as helpless.

    Jeras: Perhaps, in the greater scheme of things?you are.

    Illyria considers this and stares at Jeras. Something new has appeared in her eyes.

    Illyria: All who walk this earth may be. But I have learnt?free will is persistent. And I must now choose whether to sacrifice my life?or the lives of those who have given me life. Either way; I shall lose.

    Jeras: If you truly believe that; then you know what you must do.

    Illyria hesitates. She goes out of focus as we see Gwen standing near the doorway to the courtyard. She looks over at Illyria and then sees Seneh, Spike and Connor walking out of Angel's office. She walks towards them.

    Connor: Hey.

    Gwen nods. There is still an awkward atmosphere in the air. Angel's voice can be heard in the background.

    Gwen: Who's he talking to?

    Spike: Government again. They wanna know what's happening.

    Gwen: Oh.

    Connor: Not really much he can say right now.

    Gwen doesn't respond.

    Seneh: He's gonna have to commit to something sooner or later.

    Gwen: Like you have?

    Seneh looks at Gwen who stares back.

    Seneh: There's a lot at stake here.

    Gwen: Yeah. Greater good and all, right? I'm glad it's so easy for you.

    Seneh looks angry.

    Seneh: It's not easy.

    Connor: Gwen-

    Gwen: Sure it is. It's not your life on the line, is it?

    Seneh: Oh and you're so self-righteous that you'd let the world fall apart for one life?

    Gwen is about to retort.

    Spike: There ain't room for this. We don't know everything yet.

    Gwen and Seneh don't respond. Connor turns to see Angel standing at the doorway to his office. It appears he heard the end of the argument.

    Connor: Dad?

    Angel looks at him.

    Angel: I told them I'd get back to them.

    Connor nods.

    Angel: I need to speak to Illyria.

    He begins to walk.

    Gwen: And tell her she has to die?

    Angel turns and looks annoyed.

    Angel: You wanna tell her she doesn't have to, Gwen?

    Gwen: I'd tell her that we'd keep trying to find another way.

    Angel: Yeah? Well it might be too late by then.

    Angel looks around at the others.

    Angel: We've got information. Before anyone's gotten hurt. It's not often that happens.

    Spike: Don't make it all right though.

    Angel sighs, knowing Spike has a point.

    Angel: I just?

    The others are looking past Angel. Illyria is stood by the entrance to the courtyard.

    Illyria: I have searched for meaning in my life. Perhaps I shall at last find it.

    Angel: Illyria-

    Angel steps towards Illyria. Suddenly bright light shines from outside. Everyone shields their eyes. The light fills the screen. As it fades everyone looks around. Gwen frowns.

    Gwen: Where are Angel and Spike??

    As everyone looks, they see that Angel and Spike have indeed vanished from where they were standing.

    There are screams from outside. Everyone turns anxiously.

    Seneh: That does not sound go-

    Seneh stops as she feels something rush past her. There is a blur across the screen. Everyone suddenly looks shocked. An Old One, his hair bright green, his skin tinged with similar coloured pigment is stood next to Illyria. Illyria glares at him, but he does not make to attack. Illyria's eyes widen as she realises something: the Old One has a bomb strapped to his stomach.

    Tick, tick, tick.

    The Old One smiles darkly and clenches a crystal in his hand; obviously what he used to speed past the others. Gwen, Seneh and Connor suddenly see the bomb too.

    The screen falls into slow motion. No music plays. Illyria turns swiftly into the courtyard. Seneh, Connor and Gwen turn and beginning running towards the front door. As Illyria runs into the courtyard the Old One explodes behind her. Illyria is blasted forwards as the outer doors of the courtyard are blown apart. Seneh and the other two reach the door as fire explodes throughout the lobby. The round sofa is turned on its side as it burns. The counter area is engulfed. The outer wall of Angel's office is blasted inwards. The chandelier falls downwards into the flames. The fire hits the main entrance and burst through the doors as Seneh, Connor and Gwen are thrown into the air from the force. They land on the ground, hard, but having avoided the fire, which is still burning throughout the lobby. The guards on duty stare open-mouthed at the burning building. Connor, Seneh and Gwen stare from where they fell, horrified.

    The camera suddenly speeds away from them and out of that area of L.A. Eventually it stops on a hillside. The explosion can be seen in the distance as a tiny orange dot. The camera moves around to show Invidia. She smiles.
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      ACT III

      Cut to a close shot of burning wreckage close to the camera. It goes out of focus as we see the remnants of the main stairway of the Hyperion lobby in the background, splintered and burnt.

      Cut to one of the upper corridors; the camera moves along it slowly, showing that the blast reached here also, as charred wallpaper can be seen lining the walls, part of the floor is still on fire.

      Cut to the outer courtyard, which is almost unrecognisable. Rubble is scattered across the floor, fires still burning nearby. The singed petal of one of the plants floats down sadly on to the broken ground. Part of the rubble begins to stir. A shoulder appears from beneath it, followed by the head of Illyria. Her face is blackened and bruised, but she seems alert. She raises herself up looking around. She notices that there is more rubble covering her lower body. She manages to shift it aside with little effort and stands up, comprehending the extent of what has happened. She notices something across the courtyard. She steps over some debris, walking towards what she has seen.

      She looks down. Jeras is lying in front of her. His face is badly burnt, most of his body buried beneath the wall. Illyria knows he is dead. A figure appears in what's left of the doorway to the courtyard. The come into focus in the background. It's a soldier.

      Soldier: We've got someone back here!

      Illyria turns to see the soldier, perhaps wondering to herself whether she is the only one alive.

      Cut to Illyria walking out of the front courtyard of the Hyperion. Burnt shrubbery surrounds her. The road in front of her is occupied by an ambulance and an army truck. Gwen, Connor and Seneh are nearby. They look relieved to see Illyria.

      Connor: You're ok.

      Illyria nods once.

      Illyria: My injuries are minimal. What of your own?

      Gwen: Nothing too bad. We got out, but we didn't think you?

      Illyria: I was?lucky.

      Gwen smiles despite the situation.

      Seneh: Where's Jeras?

      Illyria: He did not survive.

      The others look serious.

      Connor: And Fred? Tap?

      As Connor says "Tap" we cut to a close up of Tap lying face down on the ground. His eye opens slowly. The reflection of flames can be seen on his face and in his eyes. Ash and dust are smeared over his body and hair. He looks confused for a second as he surveys the scene and then pushes himself up off the ground, wincing in pain as he does so. He looks around at the remains of his room; the wall has been blown into the room and there is a large hole in the floor to the room below. Tap looks around frantically.

      Tap: Fred! Fr-

      Tap is cut off as he stares down the hole. The camera pans away from him, downwards. As it reaches the floor below, we see the body of Fred lying on burnt debris. Tap's eyes widen.

      Cut to smoke emerging from the shattered windows of the Hyperion. The scene is in semi-slow motion. Soldiers are running surrounding the building, some walking out shaking their heads. From the smoke a figure emerges. Cut to Gwen sat with Connor, Seneh and Illyria. The other three are talking. Gwen turns her head and notices the figure. Her mouth opens slightly as she sees it is Tap. He is carrying Fred in his arms. Gwen gets up and hurries over. The others notice. Soldiers surround Tap and take Fred from him. He releases her loosely, looking empty. The soldiers rush her to the ambulance. Gwen watches looking horrified. She looks back at Tap, unable to ask the question she can't bear not knowing the answer to. Tap manages to move his gaze away from Fred in the distance and looks at Gwen.

      Tap: She's alive.

      White light fills the screen. It fades upon Spike, shielding his eyes from the light. As he gets his sight back, he looks around. He is stood in what appears to be a chapel. Angel is stood next to him, staring forewords. Spike looks to see Willow standing in front of them. She smiles looking pleased. Althanea is stood next to her. Several other women, who appear to be of Althanea's order, are also stood around.

      Willow: It worked!

      She moves foreword and puts an arm around both Spike and Angel. They look confused, as Willow stands back.

      Spike: Right, um, dunno about Angel but I'm lost?

      Willow looks like she has just realised something.

      Willow: Oh! Right?

      Angel: Why are we here? What's happened?

      Willow: Well, we're not sure, but something bad. This is Althanea.

      She indicates her. Althanea smiles at Spike and Angel.

      Althanea: It is?remarkable, to meet such champions.

      Spike looks awkward but nods in response. Angel however looks from Althanea to Willow.

      Willow: She knew you were in trouble.

      Spike: That right? Got your own link to the vision express eh?

      Althanea: Nothing quite so grand. But I do know when I must intervene.

      Willow: So we brought you here.

      Althanea: Knowing Willow's ability, I knew that she would succeed.

      Willow smiles, looking embarrassed.

      Willow: I just knew that with major bad around, it was worth coming back across for you guys.

      Spike: Oh. Right. Cheers.

      Willow smiles. Althanea does also. Angel however, does not look as happy.

      Angel: The thing you saved us from?what was it?

      Althanea: I do not know for certain. But you were in grave danger. The place you were, was not safe.

      Angel looks at Willow looking worried.

      Angel: We were in the hotel.

      Spike has already realised what Angel means. Willow is just beginning to.

      Spike: The others?if something all that bad's happened-

      Angel: Why didn't you bring them here too?

      Althanea: I only saw the two of you. I knew you had purpose here.

      Angel doesn't respond. Althanea looks slightly defensive at the lack of gratitude, but appears to understand nonetheless. Willow looks uncertain as to what to do. Spike looks at Althanea.

      Spike: You got a phone?

      Althanea nods and looks at one of the other women.

      Althanea: Take him to it.

      The woman nods and looks at Spike who immediately follows her. Willow and Angel watch him go and look worried. Angel suddenly seems to have an idea. Willow looks back at him and frowns.

      Willow: What?

      Angel looks at Althanea.

      Angel: You said we had a purpose here.

      Althanea considers this.

      Angel: Are we in England?

      Althanea: Yes.

      Angel: What part.

      Althanea: Devon. Why?

      Angel pauses, looking conflicted.

      Angel: The Deeper Well is near here?

      Willow looks confused.

      Willow: The Deeper Well?? Isn't that where Illyria-

      Angel: Yeah.

      Althanea looks serious.

      Althanea: So it's true.

      Angel looks at her.

      Althanea: The Old Ones have risen against the Senior Partners.

      Angel nods.

      Althanea: My sisters and I knew of their release by Wolfram and Hart. We had hoped they had been returned?

      Angel: Not yet.

      Althanea looks surprised.

      Althanea: You plan to do this?

      Angel hesitates; he knows the price is still the same.

      Angel: I do.

      Movement is seen out of the corner of Angel's eye. He looks and sees Spike standing at the front of the chapel. He looks serious.

      Spike: It's bad.

      Angel looks worried.

      Cut to Fred lying on a stretcher. Paramedics are hurriedly working on her. The others watch from a distance looking anxious. She is lifted into an ambulance. The doors are closed.

      Seneh: I can't believe this is all they have.

      Connor looks at her.

      Connor: All the other doctors are already on the other side.

      Seneh: They could come back!

      Gwen: They're doing what they can.

      Seneh looks at Gwen. She realises that it is true, but it does not help. Illyria notices Tap sat a few metres away. He is staring at the ground, transfixed. Illyria walks over to him. The others watch, looking awkward. Illyria stops next to Tap.

      Illyria: You are weary. You should rest.

      Tap looks up at her.

      Tap: I can't do that.

      Illyria: Tormenting your mind will not help her.

      Tap looks upset.

      Tap: I can't help her at all. I'm useless.

      Seneh: You're not. You saved me, remember? I'd be dead?if it wasn't for you.

      Tap looks to see Seneh staring at him from nearby.

      Illyria: Your strength wanes. It is not your fault.

      Tap looks away, not wanting to respond. Nearby, Connor looks at the burning hotel. A fire engine has arrived and rescue workers are trying to put out the flames, in some places succeeding. Connor notices two soldiers carrying a body bag. He looks grave. He is about to turn away when he notices a soldier walking behind them carrying something. Connor frowns and walks over to him.

      Connor: What is that?

      The soldier looks up.

      Soldier: Oh, uh, one of the only things left pretty much untouched. Belong to you?

      He holds it out. Connor takes it.

      Connor: I guess.

      The soldier nods and walks away. Connor turns and walks to the others, while looking at the object. It is metal, with a white stone in the centre.

      Seneh: Something's intact?

      Connor looks at her.

      Connor: Apparently. I dunno what it is though.

      Connor is about to put it on his hand.

      Gwen: Don't.

      She looks at him seriously. Connor looks at her and realises that she probably does not trust such devices after her own experiences. Connor is about to place the object down.

      Tap: Wait.

      Everyone looks over. Tap is walking towards them slowly. The others look a little surprised to see him up.

      Connor: You know what it is?

      Tap stares at the object, picking it up.

      Tap: It's a magical inhibitor. You instil it with a spell and then pretty much anyone can use it.

      Seneh: How?potentially lethal.

      Tap: They can be. Depends?

      The ambulance doors burst open suddenly. Paramedics rush out. Tap and the others watch looking very worried. Tap places the inhibitor down and rushes over. The camera focuses on it. A mobile phone can be heard ringing. It's Connor's. He takes it out of his pocket; it is cracked slightly but still working. The screen says "Dad calling". Connor smiles a little.

      Cut to Angel and Spike sat in the back seat of a car. Willow is driving the white car. All three of them look tense. Spike looks over at Angel.

      Spike: Could be worse-

      Angel: I know.

      Angel looks irritated.

      Spike: They'll be all right. Got each other. And Fred she'll?she'll pull through, she's strong.

      Angel doesn't respond. Spike sighs, knowing that a little more than a year ago he was saying the same thing, while heading to the same place. Angel looks out of the window and then looks more alert.

      Angel: We're nearby. We can get out here.

      The car comes to a halt by the edge of a wooded area, reminiscent of that seen in "A Hole in the World". Angel, Spike and Willow get out. Willow looks ambivalent.

      Willow: You really think this is the only way? I mean?Illyria?

      Angel looks at her.

      Angel: Only one-way to find out.

      Willow hesitates and then nods. The three of them walk further into the area?towards The Deeper Well.

      Cut to Connor walking up to Illyria. She is watching the ambulance intently.

      Connor: Anything new?

      Illyria looks at him.

      Illyria: No. Tap is with her?but they have not emerged for some time.

      Connor nods. He looks very awkward. Illyria notices.

      Illyria: You are troubled.

      Connor looks her in the eye. He exhales.

      Connor: My dad just called. Seneh and Gwen are waiting to see if he calls again.

      Illyria looks interested.

      Illyria: He and Spike are-

      Connor: They're fine. Willow, uh, she teleported them. Apparently someone knew the explosion was coming. They just didn't know about the rest of us.

      Illyria considers this.

      Illyria: Where are they now?

      Connor: England.

      Illyria looks at Connor.

      Illyria: One of the locations of The Deeper Well.

      Connor doesn't say anything; Illyria already knows what is coming. Illyria looks over at the ambulance with Fred in. She clearly looks conflicted.

      Illyria: Such destruction?cannot be left uncontrolled. But we have larger aquatic creatures to cook in oil.

      Everyone looks at Illyria oddly. She cocks her head, curiously. Suddenly there is a menacing crash from further down the street. Connor and Illyria turn immediately.

      Connor: What was that?

      Seneh and Gwen walk over to them, looking in the direction of the crash. A second one follows. Nearer.

      Seneh: That does not sound good.

      A third crash follows, this time from the opposite end of the street. A scream is heard. Everyone looks concerned. Illyria walks forwards slightly. She narrows her eyes. The camera speeds forwards in the direction she is looking and stops on Invidia marching forward, followed by many other Old Ones. Illyria looks alarmed. She turns to the others.

      Illyria: It is them.

      Cut to Angel, Willow and Spike walking into the Deeper Well.

      Spike: Bit of a different welcome. Coulda done with a fight.

      Angel: There's nothing left to guard. No point for them to be here.

      Spike realises this is true. Willow looks around in wonder, having never been in the Well before. She looks over the edge of the bridge. The light of the Well shines up.

      Angel: This is it.
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        ACT IV

        Cut to soldiers rushing into their van. The camera moves across to show the ambulance. A paramedic is with Seneh.

        Paramedic: She's not in a fit state to travel anywhere.

        Seneh: In a few seconds, none of us are gonna be. Move it!

        The paramedic looks annoyed but hurries into the back of the ambulance followed by Seneh. Gwen clambers into the back of the van followed by Connor.

        Connor: Illyria!

        Illyria is watching the approaching Old Ones. She turns and rushes in. The van, ambulance and fire engine accelerate down the road, away from the sounds of the oncoming crashes. A man begins to run from near the hotel. He is waving to be picked up. Seneh notices from the rear window and is about to say something but then looks at Tap and Fred. No one else has noticed the man. She slowly sits down on the bench.

        The man stops running, out of breath. The three vehicles have driven out of sight. He looks scared as he looks behind him. There is a blur, followed by a hand grasping his neck. It is Carnifex. Carnifex snaps the man's neck and then looks in the direction of where everyone else has driven.

        Cut to inside the ambulance. Tap holds Fred's hand. She is still unconscious, an oxygen mask over her mouth. Her eyes slowly begin to open. Tap's eyes widen.

        Tap: Fred?

        Fred narrows her brow, clearly in pain. Blood is covering her top and the top of her jeans also. She coughs slightly.

        Tap: Easy?

        Fred looks at Tap.

        Fred: (almost silently) Tap?

        He smiles, tears in his eyes. Fred closes her eyes and then opens them again.

        Fred: Am I?am I ok?

        Tap's smile freezes. He looks at one of the paramedics. The paramedic looks grave. Tap's expression stiffens but then he manages a smile again as he looks at Fred.

        Tap: Yeah. You're doing good.

        Tap smiles. A tear streams down his cheek. Seneh watches looking upset. The ambulance comes to a halt.

        Cut to Gwen, Connor and Illyria in the army van. They look confused.

        Gwen: Why have we stopped?

        Driver: Uh, you might all wanna take a look.

        Gwen clambers to just behind the front seats and looks through the windscreen. A crowd is before them including General Hannes. Gwen frowns.

        Cut to Gwen and Connor rushing towards General Hannes who is walking towards them more calmly.

        Gwen: You need to get these people out of here!

        General Hannes: Don't worry.

        Gwen: Worry!? Do you know what's coming?

        General Hannes: We do. And we've found some help.

        Gwen looks past him and notices that figures in black cloaks are surrounding the crowd and are walking a few metres away. Gwen looks confused.

        Seneh: Mystics.

        Gwen turns to see that Seneh has got out as well. Seneh looks at General Hannes. The mystics have begun chanting.

        Seneh: You think they can hold them off.

        General Hannes: These are some of the best in the world. I might not like magic but?there's no where left to turn.

        Gwen nods slowly. General Hannes walks past her.

        General Hannes: Everyone get into the circle.

        Soldiers and rescue workers alike start to get of their vehicles and run towards the crowd.

        Seneh: We have someone with an injury. It's bad.

        General Hannes: I'm sure these men and women are doing the best they can.

        Seneh looks annoyed.

        General Hannes: I'm sorry. Too many people are at stake here.

        He walks away. Seneh and Gwen make eye contact. Seneh gathers herself and turns to help the paramedics with Fred. Gwen walks over to Illyria.

        Gwen: Illyria?

        Illyria is staring into the distance. She looks at Gwen.

        Illyria: This must end soon.

        Gwen isn't sure how to respond. Illyria turns and walks with her. As they do the camera moves over to the ambulance. Tap and the paramedics move with Fred. Seneh walks behind and then notices something. The magic inhibitor. She frowns and then picks it up. She runs to catch them up.

        Cut to Angel, Spike and Willow. Willow is concentrating.

        Spike: Do we need to do anything?

        Willow: Just stand where you are. You're gonna be my anchors.

        Spike and Angel look at one another. Willow slowly opens her eyes.

        Cut to one of the mystics chanting. She places her palms facing each other. The camera moves past to show Seneh holding the inhibitor. She walks up to Tap.

        Seneh: Tap, I think this could help.

        He looks at her and then at the inhibitor. After a second he shakes his head.

        Tap: I don't think I can-

        Seneh: Isn't it worth a try?

        Tap hesitates. He takes the inhibitor and places it on his hand slowly. Suddenly the paramedics start working much more urgently behind Tap and Seneh. Tap turns to see a blood stain growing larger across Fred's top. His hand drops, his hope draining. Seneh too looks defeated.

        Gwen, Connor and Illyria watch from nearby. They look grave. Suddenly the mystics all look up. A magical force field rises up from their circle and meets high above the crowd. Everyone is now surrounded by the dome of magic. Gwen looks up at it and then over at Fred once again. Connor stares also.

        Connor: Come on dad?

        Cut to Angel, Spike and Willow in the Deeper Well. Willow's spell has started. She speaks Latin as she stares forward. The camera moves around her as Angel and Spike watch. She begins to breathe more heavily, as she stretches out her arms towards Angel and Spike on either side of her. They stretch out one of their own arms. Willow suddenly clasps both their hands tightly.

        Willow: I'm ready.

        Cut to the crowd of people. There is a lot of shouting. People are clearly afraid. Illyria stares at them. She looks at Gwen and Connor, watching the oncoming Old Ones. She looks at Seneh, trying to comfort a woman nearby. She looks at Fred, surrounded by paramedics, frantically trying to save her. She looks at Tap, stood nearby, helplessly. She notices the inhibitor on his hand. She stares into space. She comes to a conclusion.

        She walks over to Tap. He looks terrible.

        Tap: She's gonna die?

        Illyria: Not this day.

        Tap looks at her. Illyria holds out her hand.

        Illyria: Give me the inhibitor.

        Tap: What?

        Illyria: Trust what I say. Give it to me.

        Tap looks confused, but takes off the inhibitor and hands it to Illyria. Seneh notices from nearby.

        Illyria: Imbue it with a spell.

        Tap: What spell?

        The camera moves closer to Illyria.

        Illyria: Draconis Katra.

        Tap looks shocked.

        Cut to the Old Ones. They casually destroy anything in their way; the few cars that are left on the street are thrown aside with ease. Invidia's eyes narrow; soon they shall have won.

        Cut back to Illyria and Tap.

        Tap: Illyria-

        Seneh: What's going on?

        Seneh has appeared next to them.

        Illyria: Fred and I shall exchange bodies.

        Seneh looks perplexed.

        Seneh: How-

        Illyria: This.

        She clenches her fist, holding the inhibitor. It can now be seen to resemble the device Faith wore in "This Year's Girl"/"Who Are You?"; except it is missing something. Tap stares at Illyria.

        Tap: You?you would do this for her?

        Illyria looks from him to Seneh.

        Illyria: My life is soon to end regardless. As we speak Angel and Spike are performing the spell to drag my kind back to the Well.

        Seneh and Tap look awkward.

        Illyria: It would be a waste?for Fred to die also. She has so much more to give this world. This body has served me well. But it is not truly mine. Nor hers. Yet, it is fitting that she should now receive it.

        Tap stares at Illyria sadly. It is clear that Fred is getting worse. Tap opens his mouth.

        Illyria: Enough. Perform the spell.

        Tap hesitates. Cut back to the scene between him and Fred in his bedroom.

        Fred: I saw you. And you were?doing a spell. It was powerful.

        Tap considers this.

        Fred: And I knew it was what you had to do.

        Cut back to the present day. Tap moves his hand over the device. Illyria stares at him. Seneh watches, in awe.

        Cut to The Deeper Well.

        Willow: Beings of old. I command thee. Thy place in this world is unfounded.

        The ground begins to shake. Spike and Angel look uneasy.

        Cut to Illyria and Tap. He appears to have just finished the spell. Illyria flexes her fingers, newfound power in her hands. Gwen and Connor walk over as Illyria heads toward Fred. Tap and Seneh watch for a second.

        Connor: What is she doing?

        Tap swallows and doesn't take his eyes off of Fred.

        Tap: Saving her.

        Gwen and Connor look a little surprised and somewhat alarmed. The four of them walk up to where Illyria is. She stares at the paramedics.

        Illyria: Your efforts are no longer required.

        They look surprised.

        Illyria: Stand back.

        Despite their instinct to help Fred, they do so. Fred looks pale on the stretcher. Illyria stands over her. Fred opens her eyes weakly.

        Fred: T?Tap?I?

        Illyria: Do not resist.

        Illyria takes her hand and clasps her own around it. Fred and Illyria's bodies both glow.

        Cut to the Deeper Well.

        Willow: Return to thy place of slumber. Return to thy place of rest. Return to dream once more.

        Willow's eyes turn white. Energy swirls around her. Angel and Spike seem absorbed in the spell now.

        Cut to Illyria and Fred. The katra spell is midway through. The others watch, open-mouthed at what is happening. Others from the crowd have come to watch including General Hannes. The paramedics also watch in silence. Illyria and Fred make eye contact. The glow begins to fade.

        Illyria steps back; except she is no longer Illyria. Tap stares at her. She looks round at him. She is now Fred. Tap looks overjoyed and embraces her tightly. She looks taken-a-back and simply allows him to. The others look happy for them but they turn to the stretcher. Illyria is lying there. Blue tinges have appeared on her hair and face, but there has not been enough time for her soul to truly adapt to this new body. There will never be enough time. Seneh, Gwen and Connor step towards the stretcher. Illyria looks up at them. She looks a little stronger than Fred did in this body, but still wounded badly. Fred and Tap look over at her. Tap walks over to her, Fred by his side. He strokes her hair gently.

        Tap: Thank you.

        Illyria looks up at him. She looks weak.

        Illyria: Fred?where is?Fred?

        Fred looks tearful. She steps close to Illyria and clasps her hand tightly. Tears run down her face but she smiles.

        Fred: I'm right here.

        Illyria looks at her. She nods very slightly.

        Illyria: Then I believe?we are done.

        Fred weeps. Tap holds her closely looking sad also. Seneh looks over. The Old Ones are next to the barrier. Invidia smiles darkly. She raises her fist, about to punch at the barrier. Seneh closes her eyes, bracing for impact.

        Cut to The Deeper Well.

        Willow: Beings of the ancient earth. I command thee. Return to thy place of rest. Return. Now!

        Energy bursts from the well and through the walls, but does not affect them.

        Cut to L.A. Rumbling can be heard. The Old Ones turn, as do everyone else. The energy that has erupted from the Well can be seen approaching in the distance. Invidia turns to look at the group. Fred stares at her with angry tears falling down her face.

        The energy begins to strike at Old Ones. It snatches at their bodies, and as it does so, their souls are torn from them. They have no time to gasp as this occurs to one after the other. Their soulless bodies fall to the ground. Invidia stares as the energy approaches her. It takes Carnifex. He falls near here. She screams in anger and frustration. Then she is gone.

        But the energy does not stop there. It takes the last few of the Old Ones and then hits Illyria. Her body shudders slightly and then is still. Fred stares at her and then cries more fully. She falls to her knees over Illyria's body. The others stand around her.

        The scene fades to show Ha-zar sat at a table. He smiles at the other members of his faction who are sat around him.

        Ha-zar: Well. How wonderful. Now?I believe it's time to vote. You all agree?

        The others nod. Lilah is stood nearby watching the scene.

        Ha-zar: All in favour of the proposal. Sign.

        The camera moves to Alidris. She dips her pen into a pot of blood. She writes her name on a document.

        Cut to the crowd in L.A. talking amongst themselves; how were they saved?

        Cut to Terethys. He signs his name.

        Cut to the bodies of the Old Ones. Their unique colours draining quickly.

        Cut to Cescenya. She signs her name.

        Cut to the magical barrier fading as the mystics walk towards the group around Illyria's body. Everyone is still.

        Cut to Naur-Vei. She signs her name.

        Cut to Willow, barely supporting herself on the ground. She looks out of breathe. She looks over at Spike who looks equally exhausted.

        Spike: Did it work?

        Cut to Suvarta. He signs his name.

        Cut back to Willow. She nods. Spike and Angel make eye contact. They look grave.

        Cut to Ha-zar. He hesitates for one second. Lilah holds her breath. Ha-zar then lowers his pen. There is a close up of the document. Ha-zar signs his name.

        Cut to black.

        Cut back to the scene in L.A. The crowd are dispersing now they have no longer have a reason to gather. Seneh, Gwen and Connor are talking. Fred and Tap are sat nearby, as Illyria's body is taken away. Fred watches it go. She suddenly gasps. The camera zooms towards her.

        Cut to flashes of fighting; swords clashing, blood spilling; white light blinding the screen. We see the identities of the two fighters, both vamped out.

        Angel and Spike.

        Cut back to Fred. She breathes quickly and looks at Tap.

        THE END
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