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  • Angel Episode 6.20 130. Incomplete

    Hi, this is the twentieth episode of Angel Season 6 by me. I hope you enjoy reading it. If you have feedback, please post it here; both positive comments and constructive criticism are welcome

    Angel Episode 6.20. 130. Incomplete

    Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters on Angel. They belong to Fox Studios and Joss Whedon. This work is fictional and is only for my and others entertainment. Therefore no infringement is intended. I do not intend to make a profit from this work. However I own all characters that have not previously appeared/been mentioned on Angel, so I can do whatever I like with them. Therefore any unauthorised usage of these characters is not permitted.

    ACT I

    Open on the L.A. cityscape, night. Cut to Angel standing on the roof, staring out at the city in front of him. Spike appears behind him.

    Spike: Anything changed yet?

    Angel turns round quickly, surprised by Spike. Angel looks a little irritated. Spike puts a hand out.

    Spike: Didn't mean to disturb.

    Angel looks at him. Spike takes out a lighter and lights a cigarette.

    Angel: Thought you gave that up.

    Spike: Yeah well, fellow gets nervous. Need something to take the edge off, and there's no booze.

    Spike walks up to Angel, taking a drag, and stares out as well.

    Angel: Dru asleep?

    Spike: Mm. Seems to be settling in. As well as she can.

    Angel: Good.

    Angel and Spike continue to stare at the city. Angel looks at Spike.

    Angel: You haven't talked about Buffy since we got back.

    Spike glances at him.

    Spike: Neither have you.

    Angel: I don't have much to say about her.

    Spike: Well then?neither do I.

    Angel frowns. There is a pause as Angel looks away from Spike.

    Angel: Why didn't you tell her?

    Spike looks at him. Angel looks back.

    Angel: Why didn't you tell her that you could die?

    Spike hesitates.

    Spike: We all could-

    Angel: Spike.

    Spike: It's the bloody truth. A lot are gonna die. Might just happen that I'm one of ?em. Besides?I already died once. I don't wanna put her through that again.

    Spike looks away taking a long drag. Angel stares at him.

    Angel: If I remember she wasn't too happy that you kept the fact that you were still alive a secret.

    Spike looks at him annoyed.

    Spike: Why exactly are you trying to give me advice about her anyway?

    Angel: Cause I don't wanna see her get hurt.

    Spike hesitates.

    Spike: Might not be able to stop that this time mate.

    Angel frowns. He looks down.

    Angel: You mean that stuff you said at the airport? Keeping things simple?

    Spike looks at him. Angel glances back.

    Spike: Did you?

    Angel doesn't respond. Spike sighs and drops his cigarette end on the ground. He looks at Angel.

    Spike: There's a lot I gotta work out. With Buffy, Dru, me. I know Gunn?Gunn's been a pretty big hint of what's to come. I'm not ignoring it. But I gotta hope Angel. I gotta hope that things aren't as set in stone as that.

    Angel nods.

    Angel: I know.

    Spike hesitates and then nods back.

    Spike: See you in the morning then.

    Angel nods again as Spike walks back inside. Cut to a wide shot of Angel alone on the roof as Spike walks away.

    Opening credits.


    AMY ACKER - Winnifred "Fred" Burkle/Illyria
    ALEXA DAVALOS - Gwen Raiden
    PETER KRAUSE - Benjamin "Tap" Tapping

    Special Guest Star:

    JULIET LANDAU - Drusilla

    Guest Starring:

    ROSE ROLLINS - Female Demon
    ERIC MABIUS - Demon Boss

    Cut to Fred opening the door to her room from inside. It is afternoon. Tap is stood on the other side in the corridor. Both of them jump slightly. Tap smiles.

    Tap: Hey, sorry I-

    Tap notices Fred is looking worried.

    Tap: What's wrong?

    Cut to Fred, Angel, Seneh and Tap in the Hyperion lobby.

    Angel: You know where she is?

    Fred: I saw a club name; "Devarax". That's not too far.

    Angel: It's also a demon club. Devarax means "pain" in a lot of demon languages.

    Seneh: Sounds?fun.

    Angel: I've been there a few times; sinister would be a better term.

    Tap: Why would Gwen be there?

    Seneh: Maybe for a drink?

    The others look at her.

    Seneh: Hey it's not that unlikely. She probably wanted some time to chill out, and a demon club's as good as any other. Although apparently not so good, so things may have become a little less chilled.

    Fred: There's no "may" about it. These guys were surrounding her.

    Angel: What did they look like?

    Fred: Tall, wearing suits. Oh and blue scales.

    Angel: Sounds like the owners. If Gwen's on the wrong side of them, we better hurry.

    Seneh: Wait. I don't think she'll wanna see either of us right now Angel. She left to get away from us.

    Angel: And now she's in trouble because of that. Fred's vision means we have to help her.

    Seneh: It doesn't mean we all have to help her.

    Angel frowns.

    Seneh: Look it makes sense. You're known at that club right? So the stealthy approach isn't gonna go down so well.

    Tap and Fred realise Seneh is right.

    Tap: And aren't you waiting for a few important phone calls?

    Angel hesitates.

    Angel: This is more important.

    Tap: Well, you know maybe Fred and me can handle it.

    Angel looks uncertain.

    Fred: Angel I know it's dangerous but Tap's pretty powerful, and I can handle myself. And I'm sure there's more than one way to get to Gwen; it doesn't have to involve violence and blood and death.

    Seneh nods.

    Seneh: Yes. Those are all bad, bad things. Which can be avoided.

    Angel still looks unsure.

    Tap: Seriously Angel, we'll be ok.

    Angel reluctantly nods.

    Angel: All right. But you should leave your cell phones on in case-

    Tap: We will.

    Fred nods.

    Fred: Better get some weapons. Discreet ones; just in case.

    Tap nods and follows her. Seneh looks at Angel and smiles.

    Seneh: See? All good.

    Angel nods but is still frowning. Seneh's smile fades.

    Seneh: Or?not?

    Angel looks at her.

    Angel: You think Gwen'll hold a grudge still?

    Seneh hesitates.

    Seneh: It's been less than a week?

    Angel nods.

    Seneh: If it helps, she's probably angrier with me.

    Angel looks at her.

    Angel: She'll realise that it's not your fault.

    Seneh smiles sadly.

    Seneh: I won't hold my breath.

    Angel stares at her.

    Cut to Connor in one of the rooms near the lobby. He is one the computer, typing. Illyria appears at the doorway. Connor looks over at her.

    Connor: Hi.

    Illyria cocks her head and stares at Connor. Connor raises his eyebrows.

    Connor: Everything ok?

    Illyria: No. I am?perplexed.

    Connor: Oh.

    Illyria: I have learnt that my demise may occur in little time.

    Connor frowns.

    Connor: Yeah?

    Illyria: But that is not what troubles me.

    Connor frowns.

    Illyria: I feel as though I should experience a great change?yet I feel nothing.

    Connor: Well?sometimes big things like this take a while to sink in.

    Illyria cocks her head.

    Illyria: Such as the true identities of those that were responsible for the deaths of your surrogate parents.

    Connor frowns looking grave.

    Connor: A little.

    Illyria: We can do nothing with these revelations, other than ponder them. We are not given a path to follow regarding them.

    Connor pauses.

    Connor: I think it's best not to expect one. I mean, I thought I knew who killed my parents before but I knew that I couldn't do anything about that.

    Illyria: Just as I cannot change what may be forsaken?

    Connor nods, looking serious.

    Connor: For now, at least. You just gotta be patient.

    Illyria: Patience?in my time it was a characteristic we cared little for.

    Connor smiles.

    Connor: I'm getting that. But if you learn to have it then?things might seem a little brighter. No matter how much time you have to wait.

    Illyria pauses and then looks at the computer.

    Illyria: You devote your time to this machine. What is its purpose?

    Connor: Oh, uh, here I'll show you.

    Illyria walks up to Connor and stares at the monitor. Connor clicks with the mouse and a window pops up. It is a forum, with a banner of Angel, Spike, Illyria and Gwen on the top.

    Connor: See, this is kinda cool-

    Illyria: Our images have been placed here. Why?

    Connor: Well it's a fan-site. People from all over the world can get on their own computer and come here to talk about you and stuff.

    Illyria: Talk?

    Connor: Yeah, watch?

    Connor scrolls down and types in the chat box. He presses enter and his message appears on the screen. Connor looks at Illyria and smiles.

    Connor: See?

    ]Illyria stares at the monitor, reading. She looks curious.

    Illyria: I regard human technology with pity?yet I am intrigued by this. I wish to learn more.

    Connor looks a little surprised.

    Connor: Ok, why not? Grab a seat.

    Illyria takes a chair and sits next to Connor.

    Cut to Spike sat against the wall in a room in the Hyperion. He is staring forwards silently. Drusilla can be seen in the background lying vacantly on the bed, out of focus.

    Drusilla: Your heart is screaming to me.

    The background comes into focus as Drusilla turns her head to look at Spike. Spike glances over at her.

    Spike: You should rest Dru.

    Drusilla: Rest? All I hear is deafening me, your doubts are echoing through me like pins and needles.

    Drusilla stares up at the ceiling. Spike pauses and then gets up.

    Spike: I'll leave you in peace then.

    Spike walks towards the door. Drusilla sits up.

    Drusilla: You should not run from this my Spike.

    Spike hesitates and looks round at her.

    Spike: You know what's going on?

    Drusilla nods.

    Drusilla: Dark ones have bitter tongues; they whisper of death.

    Spike looks down at the ground.

    Spike: Don't need a fortune telling right now Dru. I know about all that.

    Drusilla: Ah but the Slayer!

    Spike frowns. Drusilla gets off the bed slowly and stands up. She smiles.

    Drusilla: You pine for her, as she beckons. Part of her is locked inside of your heart.

    Spike stares as Drusilla walks up to him. She stares at his chest and places a hand on it. She looks up at him.

    Drusilla: You never truly belonged to me Spike. Even in the beginning. But you do belong to her. I feel the bright centre?burning!

    Spike considers this and then nods.

    Drusilla: You let it burn in vain.

    Spike: Believe me if I had a choice-

    Drusilla: The choice is laid before you Spike. But you must be sure of what you're looking for. You search for meaning where there is none.

    Spike frowns not truly following what Drusilla is saying.

    Drusilla: The world will be wrapped in carnage and bloodshed; torn apart around you?but you'll see her again.

    Drusilla turns around absently and goes back to lie on her bed. Spike stares at her and then into space, thoughtfully.

    Cut to Angel walking into the lobby from outside. Connor is stood before him.

    Connor: Hey. You been talking to the guys outside?

    Angel: Yeah. It's good news. The UN have elected to give the evacuation the go-ahead.

    Connor: Wow. Buffy did a good job.

    Angel nods, but looks serious. Connor notices.

    Connor: You said things went ok right?

    Angel looks evasive and starts to walk past Connor.

    Angel: They went fine.

    Connor: You know the whole "let's move on" thing kinda gives me the impression things weren't fine-

    Angel: Connor, just let it drop ok?

    Connor looks a little thrown by Angel's tone. Angel hesitates.

    Angel: Sorry. Look, I don't know where things are with me and Buffy right now. I don't even know how I feel about her. It's been a long time since anything happened?

    Connor nods.

    Connor: It's just?you never even talked about mom the way you talk about her. I know that she's important to you.

    Angel stares at him.

    Angel: She always will be. Even if she doesn't want to?

    Angel pauses. Connor looks sympathetic.

    Connor: I hope your get your chance Dad. You deserve it.

    Angel smiles.

    Angel: Who knows?

    Connor nods.

    Connor: Well I better check that Illyria hasn't downloaded any viruses.

    Angel looks confused.

    Connor: She was?"excited" by the computer.

    Angel: Oh. Right, well I'll let you get back.

    Connor smiles and walks away. Angel is left alone in the lobby. He looks around, knowing that his chance to be happy may have come and gone.
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    ACT II

    Cut to Fred and Tap walking hurriedly in L.A. It is now early evening.

    Fred: I hope it's open this early.

    Tap: If not we might have to rethink our strategy.

    Fred: Do we actually have a-a strategy? I mean I know we said "stealth" before but that doesn't exactly involve details of any kind.

    Tap: Well if we can get in we'll look around and see if we can see Gwen.

    Fred: And if we don't?

    Tap: Then I may have to put some mojo to use.

    Fred looks worried. Tap looks concerned.

    Tap: It'll be ok. I can do quiet spells.

    Fred: I'm not doubting you. You're great.

    Fred smiles at Tap who smiles back. Fred looks forwards as her smile wavers.

    Fred: It's just?will she even wanna come with us? After everything last week?

    Tap's smile also vanishes, as he looks concerned.

    Tap: We won't know until we try.

    Fred look a little comforted by this.

    Fred: Right.

    Tap looks at Fred as they walk on, as Fred still looks awkward.

    Fred: I guess it's not just that that's worrying me.

    Tap: Well it's true that if you want to be worried there are about 67 different things to be worried about right now.

    Fred looks at him, not entirely sure how that was supposed to help.

    Tap: But that's not to say there aren't 67 solutions as well. And we can find them; we just have to look in the right place.

    Fred smiles. Tap hesitates and then moves his hand, clasping it around Fred's. She looks down and then at Tap.

    Tap: I'd like to think that's one down, 66 to go?

    Fred smiles wider and nods.

    Fred: You think right.

    Tap smiles back. The two of them continue walking.

    Cut to Seneh walking down a corridor of the Hyperion. Wailing is heard from a nearby room. Seneh's pace slows as she frowns and walks towards the room where the noise is coming from. Seneh hesitates and then opens the door.

    Drusilla is leaning against the bed, her fingers digging deep into her palms. She looks utterly in despair as she looks up at Seneh, tears streaming down her cheeks. Seneh stares at her, uncertain of what she should do.

    Drusilla: Their blood was still warm in my mouth?

    She turns away from Seneh and stares into space, her eyes wide.

    Drusilla: So much for such a small child?

    Seneh looks on, silently, a mixture of sympathy and horror on her face. Drusilla stares at Seneh, her lip quivering.

    Drusilla: How can they have so very much?

    Seneh opens her mouth to speak, but is uncertain as to how to help. She looks behind her slightly.

    Seneh: God where is Spike?

    Drusilla is in a world of her own and is staring into space again.

    Drusilla: I took them one by one. The youngest was the last. "Mummy, mummy" she screamed, but her mummy was gone. I'd already taken her.

    Drusilla gasps at the pain of this memory and shakes her head as more tears appear.

    Drusilla: I'd taken them all!

    Her face contorts in pain as leans her head against the side of the bed; she is crying fully now. Seneh walks over to her, resigned to the fact she must make some effort to help Drusilla. She hesitates and then kneels down, placing a hand on Drusilla's shoulder.

    Seneh: It's ok.

    Drusilla suddenly snatches Seneh's wrist with her hand and stares directly into Seneh's eyes. Seneh stares back.

    Seneh: It's ok.

    Drusilla closes her eyes as her grip on Seneh's wrist softens and her hand falls limp to the ground. She sobs quietly as she leans her head on Seneh's lap. Seneh strokes her hair softly looking relieved that she was able to get through to Dru. Spike appears at the doorway. He looks surprised to see Seneh with Dru and then looks worried.

    Spike: Is she-

    Seneh: She'll be all right, I think.

    Spike: I was just getting a smoke?

    Seneh nods. Spike walks over to them and kneels next to Dru.

    Spike: Dru?

    Drusilla opens her eyes and stares at Spike smiling slightly.

    Drusilla: I don't hear them now.

    Spike smiles back and nods. He takes Dru's hand and helps her up. Seneh stands up also.

    Spike: Think you should rest for a bit.

    Drusilla: Yes?yes I'd like that, very much.

    Spike helps Drusilla into her bed. Seneh watches and then begins to walk away. Spike looks up at her.

    Spike: Seneh.

    Seneh looks back round at him. Spike hesitates and then nods.

    Spike: Cheers.

    Seneh smiles for a second and nods. Spike turns back to Drusilla as Seneh walks away.

    Cut to Connor walking into the room with the computer from earlier. He is drinking a bottle of Dr Pepper. Illyria is still sat by the computer.

    Connor: Hey. How's it going?

    Illyria turns to look at him.

    Illyria: The machine has malfunctioned.

    Connor frowns, worried about what Illyria may have done.

    Connor: How?

    Illyria: The members of this?"forum" showed little reverence towards me, even after I had proclaimed that I was one of those they admire.

    Connor glances at Illyria and then clicks the mouse a few times.

    Illyria: I then explained where they were at fault; after that I was unable to converse further.

    Connor narrows his brow and then clicks a few more times. He suddenly realises something.

    Connor: Oh?um?you got banned?

    Illyria cocks her head looking confused.

    Connor: You can't go on the forum anymore.

    Illyria stares at him.

    Illyria: Why?

    Connor: They probably didn't believe you were Illyria?and well, when you "explained where they were at fault" you probably should have left out that they were, um, "worthless mortals". Among other things?

    Connor scrolls through, looking awkward. Illyria considers Connor's words to herself.

    Illyria: I have been outlawed.

    Connor looks at her.

    Connor: It's ok. It's just one website, I'm sure you find another-

    Illyria: That is not my concern.

    Illyria looks at him as she says this. Connor looks puzzled.

    Illyria: I was once worshipped as a God. My name alone was enough to send mortals running in the fear that they and I might cross paths. And now?

    Illyria looks away.

    Illyria: Now my name is nothing. Those that appear to hold me in esteem do so from afar, and write meaningless fabrications concerning my existence. My power is all but spent.

    Connor frowns at her.

    Connor: But at least people still see you as a hero. That's gotta be worth something, right?

    Illyria stares at him.

    Illyria: To become a "hero" was never a goal I saw fit to fulfil. Heroes sacrifice what they have in the hope to preserve some greater good. In my time, there were no greater ends than preserving one's own continuation.

    Connor: Well I guess it's a good job it's no longer your time, huh?

    Illyria considers this. Connor realises it might not have been the best thing to say.

    Connor: Look, besides all that; you're still important.

    Illyria: I see little of value besides that which I fight for.

    Connor: Then maybe you need to look harder. We all have to.

    Illyria considers this to herself; perhaps Connor is right.

    Cut to Fred and Tap walking up to a building. It is now dark. They look up to see the name "Devarax" written in large red letters, but they look old and dingy. The exterior is also similarly rough looking, with spikes lining the two small windows than can be seen. The double doors have a large demon head as the doorknocker in the centre of them. Most of those walking past seem to be avoiding the building. Tap and Fred look unenthusiastic.

    Tap: Well Angel did say it meant pain.

    Fred nods anxiously. Tap raises his eyebrows and walks forwards. Fred follows.

    Cut to them walking inside. The interior is similarly shifty, with very little light entering. A few demons sat at the bar, and others scattered around the various table areas. Some of them give Fred and Tap glares at they walk in, but most continue their business. Fred steps forward and Tap goes to follow when, apparently from nowhere, a hand grabs his arm. Tap looks up, surprised, as Fred turns round equally taken-a-back. A demon wearing a suit, like the one Fred described in her vision, is holding Tap's arm. The demon gives him a piercing glare.

    Demon: You're human.

    Tap hesitates but then nods slowly. The demon snarls.

    Demon: This ain't a place for your kind.

    Tap pauses but then raises his free hand. A small burst of energy erupts from his palm. The demon looks surprised, as Tap stares at him. The demon growls but then lets go of Tap and lets them pass. Tap straightens his jacket and then walks on. He and Fred keep close to one another. Fred speaks to him without turning round as they walk to the bar.

    Fred: That explains how Gwen got in.

    Tap: Just doesn't explain why she wanted to.

    Fred considers this, frowning. She looks around the club and realises it is quite long; there are several doors on the far wall; could Gwen be behind one of them? Unfortunately, each has a demon stood next to them.

    Fred: There's no way we're gonna get past them.

    Tap: How ?bout we stay at the bar. Maybe we'll see something.

    Fred nods as they draw up seats at the bar. The female demon behind the bar walks up to them. She looks them up and down.[/I]

    Female Demon: Well. You two aren't exactly what we usually get.

    Her eyes flicker green as she stares at Fred, who looks unnerved by her glare.

    Tap: Appearances can be deceiving.

    The female demon glances over at him and smiles slightly.

    Female Demon: Drink?

    Fred: Just, uh, water please.

    Tap: Same for me.

    The female demon nods and walks away. Fred looks at Tap.

    Fred: What are we gonna do? We can't just sit here all night.

    Tap considers this. Fred looks to the end of the club.

    Fred: I'm gonna check down there.

    Tap frowns.

    Tap: You sure?

    Fred: It's ok. I can do subtle too.

    She smiles and gets up. Tap smiles a little also as he watches her walking away. The female demon returns with their drinks and watches Tap for a second.

    Female demon: So what brings you and your girlfriend to this place then?

    Tap turns to her.

    Tap: Oh, she's not-

    Female demon: Honey I'm an empath demon. And even if I weren't, it wouldn't be difficult to tell that you're wild about that girl.

    Tap looks a little embarrassed.

    Female demon: And you didn't answer my question.

    She smiles. Tap hesitates.

    Tap: We're here?to look for someone.

    Female demon: People usually are. I just hope you don't find more than what you bargained for.

    Tap looks a little anxious and looks to the end of the club. Fred is walking into what appears to be the toilet. Tap takes a sip of water and then turns his head at the sound of loud voices from another door that has just opened. A smaller demon than those we have already seen is walking out of the door, followed by two others. Stood next to him is Gwen. Tap looks surprised, and is about to begin a spell of some kind when he realises that Gwen is nodding in agreement with what the demon has just said.

    Demon: But I'm sure you're up to it. You always used to be.

    Gwen: I can handle it.

    Tap realises they are getting closer and panics. He closes his eyes and suddenly turns invisible as Gwen and the demons walk past.

    Demon: I don't doubt that Gwen. Good to have you back.

    The female demon notices and looks intrigued. Gwen and the demons walk out of the club and after a few seconds Tap turns visible again. The female demon smiles to herself.

    Female demon: Well you won't find anyone like that.

    Tap looks serious and then looks to see Fred walking towards him.

    Fred: Nothing.

    Tap: Not at this end.

    Fred looks interested.

    Fred: You found her?

    Tap: She's outside.

    Fred: Then what are we still doing here?

    Tap: She wasn't exactly in a difficult situation. They were talking like they knew each other.

    Fred looks confused. The female demon looks interested as she cleans a glass.

    Female Demon: That's cause they do.

    Tap and Fred look at her, surprised.

    Female Demon: Not that electric Gwen's been around here some time, seemed like she found another calling.

    Tap: You know what they were talking about just now?

    Female Demon: Sure. Gwen always was a master thief. She's here to do the boss a little favour. Just like old times.

    Tap and Fred look shocked.

    Cut to Angel putting down the phone in his office. He looks annoyed. Illyria appears at the doorway. Angel looks up at her.

    Illyria: You are troubled.

    Angel sighs.

    Angel: There've been riots. Protests, stuff like that.

    Illyria walks towards him.

    Illyria: Concerning the plan to evacuate those that cannot defend this world?

    Angel nods.

    Illyria: They may soon lose all that they have ever known.

    Angel frowns and looks at Illyria.

    Angel: And they'd rather play it safe than survive?

    Illyria considers this.

    Illyria: That is the human solution.

    Angel pauses and then nods.

    Illyria: But they shall be overruled.

    Angel doesn't reply. Illyria looks at Angel.

    Illyria: You are content to pursue the preservation of good. That is your purpose.

    Angel looks confused but considers this anyway.

    Angel: I guess so, yeah.

    Illyria: But you require something more; a reason to live. The Shanshu Prophecy is beyond your grasp, yet you still yearn for comfort.

    Angel frowns.

    Angel: Where's this heading?

    Illyria cocks her head.

    Illyria: I too yearn for it.

    Angel isn't sure what to say.

    Illyria: I have only ever experienced it once?yet as quickly as I gained such a sense of fulfilment, I lost it.

    Angel hesitates.

    Angel: Are you?saying what I think you're saying?

    Illyria stares back.

    Illyria: I have shared intimacy with another human. Is it so wrong for me to search for that which all humans aim to feel?

    Angel: No. No I guess it isn't. I just didn't really expect that you would have?had the chance to-

    Illyria: It matters little. I learnt from my experience that intimacy can be discarded as one would a broken weapon. I doubt I shall ever find that which I am looking for.

    Illyria turns to walk out of the office. Angel hesitates.

    Angel: Illyria, wait?

    Illyria slowly turns as Angel stands up and walks over to her.

    Angel: You're still?pretty new to this world, if you think about it. Maybe you didn't find meaning in what you experience before, because you weren't ready.

    Illyria pauses.

    Illyria: I may have little time left to become "ready".

    Angel frowns, realising this to be a good point.

    Angel: Even if you do?there are a lot of people out there who are looking for the same thing. And maybe the first time, you didn't find someone worth sharing yourself with. That doesn't mean that you can't find someone who can give you a better sense of meaning.

    Illyria considers this.

    Illyria: Have you found such a companion?

    Angel sighs.

    Angel: I did.

    Illyria: But they were lost?

    Angel nods.

    Illyria: How did you live on?

    Angel hesitates and then smiles slightly.

    Angel: You realise you have to.

    Illyria stares into space.

    Illyria: And hope?that you can still be surprised?

    She looks at Angel who, after a second, nods. Illyria looks satisfied with this conclusion. Angel's phone begins to ring. He walks over to it and picks it up.

    Angel: Hello?

    Cut to Fred on her phone outside "Devarax". Tap is stood in the background nearby.

    Fred: Angel, hi. We have a slight problem.

    Cut to Angel frowning as he listens to Fred explain the situation with Gwen. In the background Illyria walks away into the lobby.
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      ACT III

      Cut to Angel, Connor and Seneh in the Hyperion lobby.

      Angel: Tap and Fred found out where she's going from one of the staff.

      Seneh: And that would be where?

      Angel: A museum not too far from here; whatever she's gonna steal is there.

      Connor: And they got this from someone who works for the same person Gwen's working for?

      Angel: Apparently she's not too loyal.

      Connor: Or, lying?

      Angel: They seem to think she's telling the truth. They're heading back here, then we can go together and try and get to Gwen before she does the job.

      Seneh frowns.

      Seneh: Why do you wanna stop her so badly? I mean she's doing this out of choice.

      Angel looks surprised that Seneh would ask this.

      Angel: She's stealing. Probably something valuable. That might have worked when she was on her own, but I don't think I can swing a "special treatment" case for something like that. Besides; Gwen put all this behind her. I don't wanna think we pushed her back into it.

      Seneh pauses.

      Seneh: She might not be so keen on that plan.

      Angel: Maybe. But she'll regret going through with the job even more.

      Seneh sighs and nods. Angel looks around.

      Angel: Illyria was here before.

      Connor: Oh, I saw her heading out just now.

      Angel looks concerned.

      Connor: What about Spike?

      Seneh: I think he's a little too busy with Drusilla right now. She was kinda bad earlier.

      Angel looks at her worriedly.

      Angel: She was?

      Seneh: I think she's still adjusting to the soul, and all. But as long as she's got someone with her?

      Angel nods. He looks at Connor.

      Angel: Do you wanna come Connor?

      Connor looks surprised for a second and then nods smiling a little.

      Connor: Sure.

      Angel smiles back and then looks at Seneh.

      Seneh: Please don't expect me to say, "Ok yay let's go!" The minute she sees me things could get very screwed.

      Connor: If she realised you were trying to help-

      Seneh: I think as far as Gwen's concerned, I've done enough. Look, like you said Angel, maybe in time there'll be a moment, and I can try and make amends, but this isn't that day. Not yet.

      Angel sighs but nods.

      Angel: All right. Fred and Tap should be here soon, so we should get some weapons ready.

      Angel begins walking to the weapons' cabinet.

      Connor: You expecting a battle?

      Angel continues walking.

      Angel: I always do.

      Cut to Illyria walking along the streets of LA, purposefully. As she walks, her hair turns to dark blonde and her outfit changes to a short red dress. She turns a corner and walks a little way before she slows. She notices a couple ahead of her, walking hand in hand. They are talking but they are too far to be heard coherently. Illyria stares at them as they laugh with one another and then kiss passionately for a few seconds. The couple then part and walk on, and out of view as they turn a corner. Illyria stares into a space for a second when she then changes back to her blue hair and shell suit. She turns around and begins walking back the way she came.

      Cut to Fred, Angel, Connor and Tap walking towards their destination. Fred has a bag on her back.

      Fred: What are we gonna do if the police get involved?

      Angel: Gwen might not've done this for a while but she's still a professional; they're gonna have no idea.

      Connor: But if she's that subtle how are we gonna know whereabouts she is?

      Angel: I should be able to track her once we get closer.

      Connor: Oh, right.

      Fred: But she could already by inside right?

      Tap: Then I guess we're gonna have to go inside too.

      Fred: Well it's a good job we all brought our suspension wires and harnesses.

      Fred raises her eyebrows. Angel looks at her.

      Angel: If Gwen's already in? We won't have much to do.

      They carry on walking as Angel looks up at the building they are approaching; the camera zooms towards the roof quickly and on to Gwen. She looks calm as she presses her bare palm against the security lock on the door. It unlocks.

      Cut to Spike sat in a chair in Drusilla's room, staring into space. Drusilla appears to be sleeping. Seneh appears in the open doorway. She waits there in silence for a second.

      Seneh: Hey.

      Spike looks around and then smiles and nods in recognition. Seneh steps forwards.

      Seneh: How's it going?

      Spike: Not too bad, thanks.

      He looks back at Drusilla.

      Spike: Think she'll be all right till morning.

      Seneh is now next to Spike. She nods. Spike looks up at her.

      Spike: Angel and the others still out?

      Seneh: Oh, yeah, I don't think they'll be back for a while. Gwen might be?

      Seneh looks awkward.

      Seneh: Well you know.

      Spike nods silently, staring at Drusilla.

      Spike: I don't hold anything against you, you know?

      Seneh looks at Spike but he continues to stare at Drusilla. Spike glances up at her after a moment.

      Spike: Not much point is there?

      Seneh: I?

      Seneh glances away, looking for the words.

      Seneh: I'd understand if you did-

      Spike: Just told you I don't, Seneh. I couldn't; I'm the last person that should hold anything against anyone. Truth is it's all the same. If we were perfect we wouldn't be here. So you shouldn't have to deal with being the "outsider", cause you're not.

      Seneh looks glad to hear Spike say these things. He looks back at Drusilla, his expression softer. There is a pause.

      Seneh: You've been here like all day?you should let me watch Drusilla for a while.

      Spike looks at her.

      Spike: You sure?

      Seneh nods.

      Seneh: I'll be fine. You should take some time outside this room.

      Spike hesitates but then nods and smiles a little in thanks. He gets up and walks away. Seneh sits down in the chair as he leaves the room. She stares at Drusilla, looking more at peace now than before.

      Cut to Spike walking down the corridor. Illyria appears from around the corner. Spike stops looking surprised. Illyria stares back.

      Spike: Thought you'd have gone on the Gwen-brigade.

      Illyria: I was preoccupied with my own thoughts.

      Spike smiles a little.

      Spike: Well I find that easy to believe.

      Illyria walks towards him. Spike's smile wavers slightly.

      Illyria: I request that we communicate elsewhere.

      Spike frowns a little but nods.

      Cut to Angel and co. approaching the back of the building. Angel sniffs the air as the walk up to a small door.

      Angel: She's here.

      Tap: Sure?

      Angel nods.

      Angel: She's probably already cut the alarm.

      Fred: Probably?

      Tap: Guess we gotta take the chance.

      He looks at Angel who nods. Tap places his hand on the door. An unlocking sound is heard. Fred and Connor flinch slightly as it happens, but as they hear no alarm they relax. Tap smiles.

      Tap: Thank you Gwen.

      He opens the door and walks through followed by the others.

      Cut to Gwen turning on a light revealing a small room with various artefacts on several shelves, each behind glass. She raises her hand cautiously. As if from nowhere, security beams rise up and appear to dissolve into thin air. Gwen looks satisfied and walks past the shelves, looking from side to side for something in particular. She then seems to notice something in particular: a small triangular tablet with many symbols on it. Gwen walks up to it and places her hand on the metal section of the shelf. Sparks run up and down as we cut to a circuit fusing in the foreground of the screen. Gwen comes into focus, staring at the circuit. She then shifts the glass panel and removes the tablet. She smiles to herself and then walks across the room back to the door. She opens it and then looks shocked as she sees Angel and the others nearby.

      Gwen: W-what the hell are you guys doing here?

      Angel steps forward looking anxious.

      Angel: Stopping you from making a mistake.

      Gwen looks annoyed.

      Gwen: This?this is nothing to do with any of you.

      Voice OS: It is now.

      Everyone turns in surprise to see the smaller demon that was with Gwen earlier, surrounded by his henchmen. He smiles.

      Cut to Illyria and Spike in what appears to be Illyria's room in the Hyperion. Spike looks around.

      Spike: Not done a lot with it have you?

      Illyria: Decoration is irrelevant.

      Spike: S'pose so.

      Spike looks at her. There is a pause. Spike hesitates.

      Spike: So you got something you need to chat about?

      Illyria: I have?something of great importance to tell you.

      Spike nods.

      Spike: All right. I'm all ears.

      Illyria looks awkward as Spike sits down on her bed.

      Illyria: I have been contemplating my future.

      Spike looks a little more serious.

      Spike: Yeah?

      Illyria: Indeed. I have come to realise that I must define my existence, if I am to expire soon.

      Spike stares at her seriously. He sighs.

      Spike: You shouldn't think about that too much.

      Illyria cocks her head.

      Illyria: To ignore it would be to deny its relevance. You also face the possibility of its truth.

      Spike pauses.

      Spike: This ain't set in stone Illyria. Just cause Gunn's dead doesn't mean-

      Illyria: Regardless; whether I am to die tomorrow or many ages from now, I know that my experiences have not concluded. I have yet to experience a defining moment that I can cherish as important. As a human.

      Spike listens to what Illyria is saying.

      Illyria: I?I have nothing of value.

      Spike frowns and stands up.

      Spike: You got it better than some.

      Illyria: And yet worse than many.

      Spike doesn't respond for a second. Illyria stares at him.

      Illyria: I have to gain a greater understanding of the physical connection human beings experience. I wish to grasp this understanding?with you.

      Spike suddenly realises what Illyria means.

      Spike: Um?Illyria, I'm uh, I'm flattered but-

      Illyria: Do you not find my body physically appealing?

      Spike smiles awkwardly.

      Spike: No, no, you've uh, you've got a lot going for you.

      Illyria: Then why do you act as if such an idea repulses you?

      Spike suddenly realises that Illyria is truly baffled by what is happening. His expression changes to sympathy.

      Spike: It doesn't. You know maybe, maybe at one time I might have done. But it doesn't work like this Illyria. I've got?I've got someone I love.

      Illyria cocks her head.

      Illyria: Drusilla??

      Spike hesitates. Illyria seems to realise something.

      Illyria: Buffy?

      Spike hesitates and then nods. Illyria looks defeated and sits down on her bed.

      Illyria: Then my search is unfulfilled.

      Spike frowns and sits next to her. He hesitates and then reaches out his hand, touching Illyria's cheek. Illyria looks at him, tears forming in her eyes. Spike stares at her and then leans in. Their lips touch for a moment, and then more fully as they share the tenderness of the moment. After a few seconds more, Spike moves back, and lowers his hand. Illyria stares at him. Spike smiles for a second.

      Spike: Maybe that'll lead you in the right direction.

      Illyria hesitates but then, for the first time, a smile appears on her face. A smile not relishing the pain of others, but a smile of substance.

      Illyria: I believe it shall.

      Spike smiles and stands up. Illyria continues to sit on the bed as he walks out of the room, looking content.

      Cut to the museum. The demon boss is smiling at Gwen.

      Demon Boss: I'm glad to see you haven't lost your touch, Gwen.

      Gwen stares at him.

      Gwen: You were watching me??

      Demon Boss: Of course. I do own this museum after all.

      Gwen looks shocked. Angel and the others also look confused.

      Angel: Then why all this?

      The demon boss smiles at Angel.

      Demon Boss: Ah, Angel. I feel?honoured, to finally meet you.

      Angel glares.

      Angel: Wish I could say the same. But you didn't answer me.

      Demon Boss: Well, I don't really see the need to tell you, as you'll be dead in a few minutes.

      The others look anxious. Gwen glances at Angel and then glares at the Demon Boss.

      Gwen: Then tell me.

      The demon boss looks over at her.

      Gwen: I've done everything you asked. And for what? Is this some kind of joke?

      Demon Boss: Hardly. I didn't enjoy deceiving you Gwen, but it was necessary. I needed to know that you'd do what you were told. I needed to know that you were still capable of doing what you had to do. You've been acting under Angel's orders for some time; I wasn't sure whether you'd been tainted.

      Gwen stares at him.

      Demon Boss: Unfortunately I'm still unconvinced. You may have done what I asked, but I can see that the ties between you and Angel are still strong. Luckily, the opportunity for you to prove yourself further has presented itself rather timely. Don't you think?

      He looks at her expectantly. Gwen opens her mouth, glancing at the others, looking worried. She then looks at the demon and shakes her head.

      Gwen: No.

      Demon Boss: No?

      Gwen: This?this isn't about them. It's about me. I came to you, because stealing is the one thing that I knew I could do on my own. Cause that's who I needed to be around: me. And now, now I can't even do that without there being all, all this.

      She looks upset as she carries on.

      Gwen: This was only ever gonna be one last job. One last thing I could do to try and help me to move on with my life. I guess I was a fool to think it'd be that easy huh?

      Gwen has tears in her eyes as she glares at the demon boss. He stares at her uncaringly.

      Demon Boss: Yes, you were.

      He raises a gun suddenly. Gwen looks shocked as he pulls the trigger. However Angel is quicker and dives in front of Gwen suddenly. The bullet hits him in the shoulder. He lands on the ground, grunting in pain it. The demon boss isn't giving up however and signals his hand. The other demons behind him rush forward. Tap immediately pushes his hand out causing some of the demons to fall back. Fred quickly takes the bag off of her back and takes out a crossbow. Angel flips up as a demon approaches Connor, despite his injury, and punches the demon across the face. The demons that Tap caused to fall have now gotten up. The demon boss watches from behind them as they approach Fred. Tap blasts some energy against another demon who smashes through a cabinet. Fred fixes a crossbow bolt hurriedly as a demon swings it arm back to hit her. However it never has a chance to as Fred shoots the bolt. He falls back with a gasp.

      Gwen notices Connor dodging a demon's attacks. She looks resolute and then walks over. She grabs the demon by the throat, electrocuting him as she throws him to the ground. Connor looks at her gratefully but then has to dodge another demon. Angel meanwhile kicks another demon aside. He is punched by a second, but then recovers himself. He dodges another punch and then grabs the demon's neck snapping his neck. Gwen looks to the demon boss who looks apprehensive. His eyes widen as Gwen stands before him. He raises the gun again.

      Demon Boss: Well Gwen. You've made your point.

      Angel and Connor look over as they deal with the last demon attacking them. Fred also pulls a crossbow bolt out of a demon's body and looks up, as does Tap next to her. The demon boss narrows his eyes.

      Demon Boss: Let me help you move on.

      He is about to shoot when Tap flicks his wrist. The gun flips out of the demon boss's grip. He looks surprised, as does Gwen, but she doesn't waste a second more. She quickly punches him in the face. He grasps in pain at the electricity from her punch. She then pushes him to the ground, but doesn't make contact with his skin. He looks up at her, breathing heavily.

      Demon Boss: These people betrayed you Gwen. You told me so yourself. You can't possibly expect them to provide what you're looking for.

      Gwen hesitates. She looks back at Angel for a second, her grip on the demon boss's coat still strong. She looks back at the demon boss and glares.

      Gwen: I expect nothing.

      She suddenly narrows her eyes and grasps the demon boss around the neck. She chokes him as electricity flows freely between the two of them, the demon boss crying in pain. Angel and the others watch, cautiously. After a few moments the demon boss lies still. Gwen moves her hands away and stands up staring down at him. The others stare at her in silence.

      Connor: Well?at least we won't have to explain all this to the owner.

      Gwen turns round to look at him. She isn't smiling. Connor avoids her gaze. She then looks at Angel. They stare at one another amongst the remnants of the battle that just took place.
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        ACT IV

        Cut to Tap and Fred in Fred’s room in the Hyperion. They are lying on their sides on Fred’s bed together, in silence, Tap’s arm around Fred. Fred is gently stroking Tap’s hand with her thumb as they both stare into space. Fred smiles to herself.

        Fred: Why didn’t we do this sooner?

        Tap glances down at her next to him.

        Tap: I guess with near apocalypses and all the drama…we didn’t get much chance.

        Fred: Yeah…

        Fred clutches his hand a little tighter. Tap smiles.

        Fred: You know I didn’t think I ever would…after Wesley…

        Tap’s smile fades a little. Fred closes her eyes looking annoyed with herself, even though she is looking away from Tap.

        Fred: Sorry, I shouldn’t bring him up-

        Tap: No. No I know he was important to you.

        Fred pauses but then nods.

        Fred: He was.

        Fred turns round and looks Tap in the eyes. She smiles.

        Fred: But so are you. You kinda remind me of him actually.

        Tap smiles. He wraps his arm around her more.

        Tap: Well I’m glad. Can’t say you remind me of any of my exes…cause they were all awful.

        Fred laughs a little.

        Fred: Then I guess I’m glad too.

        They stare at one another smiling.

        Cut to Illyria walking into the hotel lobby. Angel is standing at the desk writing something. He looks up.

        Angel: Hey.

        Illyria nods.

        Illyria: Has Gwen chosen to remain alone?

        Angel hesitates and nods.

        Illyria: I suspected so. She will require time. Time she has at her disposal.

        Angel looks serious.

        Angel: How’d you get on? Last we spoke you seemed to come to terms with things a little more?

        Illyria hesitates.

        Illyria: I have found what I was looking for.

        Angel smiles.

        Angel: I’m glad.

        A slight smile forms on Illyria’s face. Spike walks down.

        Spike: Well that’s Dru sorted.

        Angel: Good.

        Spike: Was asking after you though. Might be an idea to see her tomorrow.

        Angel nods.

        Angel: I shoulda done already.

        Spike: S’all right. Before today she wasn’t really here or there. Not that she ever will be probably but…she’s getting better bit-by-bit.

        Angel looks glad to here this.

        Illyria: She shall need to be.

        Angel and Spike look at her.

        Angel: What?

        Illyria: She now has a soul. She may now be seen by the Senior Partners as a candidate for Shanshu. As the prophecy dictates; the chosen vampire shall have many trials to overcome.

        Angel and Spike consider this, having not truly considered the possibility that Drusilla could be the vampire in the prophecy.

        Cut to Connor walking down one of the Hyperion corridors. He walks past Gwen’s open door. She is sat on her bed staring at something in her hands. He walks in and taps on the door quietly. Gwen looks up. Connor smiles a little.

        Connor: Hey.

        Gwen nods and smiles back awkwardly.

        Connor: Whatcha doin’?

        Gwen: I’m um, I’m just looking at-at this…

        Connor looks curious. Gwen looks at what she is holding and smiles. She raises it up slightly without looking at Connor.

        Gwen: It’s a copy of the New Testament. Gunn said his mom gave it to him when he was little.

        Connor looks serious. He walks over to her and sits down. Gwen looks at him.

        Gwen: I guess it’s kinda stupid to hold on to it.

        Connor: No. Not at all.

        Gwen nods and looks at New Testament looking tearful.

        Gwen: I just know he’d want it to be kept safe. He didn’t have much that meant something this important to him.

        Connor: He had you.

        Gwen smiles, but hr smile begins to fade as quickly as it emerged. Connor sighs.

        Connor: I, um, I know that things were bad before-

        Gwen: I don’t wanna talk about before.

        Gwen looks at him.

        Gwen: I know, deep down, that no one could stop what happened. I’m not angry with anyone. Not anymore. Can we just leave it at that?

        Connor hesitates but then nods.

        Connor: Ok.

        Gwen looks grateful for this. They sit in silence for a few seconds.

        Connor: Well. I guess I’ll let you rest. It’s been a weird day.

        Gwen smiles and nods.

        Gwen: Thanks.

        Gwen gets up and walks with Connor to the door.

        Gwen: It means a lot that you came to help me. You should know that.

        Connor smiles.

        Connor: What can I say? We’re family.

        Gwen smiles with a hint of sadness. He walks out of the room. Gwen stares into space. As Connor disappears from view something else catches her eye in the other direction of the corridor. It’s Seneh. She looks uncertain as to what to do, seeing Gwen for the first time since Gwen left. Gwen also looks uncertain, and unready to deal with reconciliation. She hesitates and then walks back in her room, closing the door quietly behind her. Seneh is left standing in the corridor alone.

        THE END
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