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Angel Episode 6.19 129. Thunder Laughs

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  • Angel Episode 6.19 129. Thunder Laughs

    Hi, this is the nineteenth episode of Angel Season 6 by me. I hope you enjoy reading it. If you have feedback, please post it here; both positive comments and constructive criticism are welcome

    Angel Episode 6.19 129. Thunder Laughs

    Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters on Angel. They belong to Fox Studios and Joss Whedon. This work is fictional and is only for my and others entertainment. Therefore no infringement is intended. I do not intend to make a profit from this work. However I own all characters that have not previously appeared/been mentioned on Angel, so I can do whatever I like with them. Therefore any unauthorised usage of these characters is not permitted.

    ACT I

    Open on Fred and Gunn sat on one of the stone benches in the Hyperion courtyard. The Sun is shining down on them. Fred is leaning back on her hands, staring at the sky, while Gunn is lying across the rest of the bench, also staring up. Fred looks over at Gunn.

    Fred: Whatcha' thinking about?

    Gunn looks up and then sits up.

    Gunn: Nothin' I guess.

    Fred: Mm me too. It's good huh?

    Gunn: Takes the edge off.

    Fred and Gunn share a smile.

    Fred: Yes it does.

    Gunn and Fred pause. Fred looks at the ground.

    Fred: You know before I felt like I was?an outsider. That you were all part of something that I couldn't understand.

    Gunn looks sympathetically at Fred. She looks at him and smiles.

    Fred: But now I see; that we're all outsiders. I'd never have thought that something like this would make me feel like I belong.

    Gunn smiles.

    Gunn: I know. When I first came here, I never thought that doing this could change me. As far as I was concerned, doing my own thing was what I knew, and that was gonna be my life.

    Fred nods.

    Fred: Couldn't keep that up huh?

    Gunn smiles and shakes his head.

    Gunn: No. ?Cause I realised that I could do way more than that if I tried.

    Fred smiles.

    Fred: I'm more than ready to try. Despite the odds.

    Gunn nods, understanding and puts his arm around Fred. She leans her head on his shoulder.

    Gunn: Well we're all gonna fight ?em together. Ain't nothing that stopped us before.

    Fred looks more than a little reassured as she listens to Gunn's words.

    We quickly cut to Fred stood in the courtyard at night, present day. A tear runs down her cheek as she stares forwards. Gwen is sobbing quietly over Gunn's body, apparently unaware that Fred, and Illyria, are stood nearby. Illyria stares at the scene of tragedy before her, uncertain of what she should do.

    After a second Fred swallows and steps forward.

    Fred: (quietly) Gwen?

    Gwen flinches slightly at this intrusion, unprepared to deal with anything other than her grief. Yet she raises her head. She stares into space bitterly, now avoiding looking at Gunn's body. Fred stares at her. Illyria looks from Gwen to Fred.

    Illyria: In what manner was he killed?

    Gwen narrows her brow looking hurt at Illyria's bluntness. Fred closes her eyes.

    Fred: It was the lightning.

    Gwen's expression changes to confusion. She looks round at Fred. Fred realises what she has revealed.

    Fred: I-I only got it a few minutes ago, we came as soon as we could, there was no time to?

    Gwen looks back round. Anger now fills her expression.

    Gwen: (slowly) Why would they show you-

    Fred: I don't know-

    Gwen: Why would they show you?if you weren't meant to stop it?

    Gwen looks round.

    Gwen: That's what you're supposed to do. You're supposed to "save the day".

    Fred doesn't know how to respond.

    Gwen: (shouting) Aren't you!?

    Illyria steps forward.

    Illyria: There was no viable means for us to return here sooner than we did. We have also encountered an attack.

    Gwen stares at Illyria, not responding. She goes back to staring at Gunn. Illyria and Fred can be seen stood in the background, out of focus.

    Illyria: Angel, Spike and Connor are in jeopardy.

    Gwen closes her eyes as tears run down her cheeks. She shakes her head.

    Gwen: I can't?I can't.

    Illyria cocks her head. She walks up to Gwen.

    Illyria: I too know what it is to lose what is most important. Yet you will feel even greater despair if harm comes to Angel, Spike and Connor.

    Gwen continues to stare at Gunn.

    Gwen: I can't leave him.

    There is a pause.

    Illyria: Then we shall go back.

    Fred looks at Illyria.

    Illyria: We are not required here.

    Fred hesitates and then nods. Gwen doesn't answer. Gunn lies still.

    Cut to the side of the road where the attack took place. Angel is lying on the grass, on the verge unconscious, apparently out of sight of the vehicles that are passing by intermittently. Suddenly he lifts his head up and stares around groggily. After a few seconds, Angel gathers his thoughts.

    Angel: Connor?

    Angel stiffly pushes himself up off of the ground.

    Angel: (more audibly) Connor!

    Angel looks around him as he stands up. There is no sign of Connor, Spike, or anyone. Angel begins to look desperate.

    Angel: (shouting) Connor!

    Cut to a dark room; it appears to be underground due to the lack of windows and rough d?cor. The room is lit with a familiar dim light. The double doors open and shape shifters appear dragging Connor and Spike, who are both unconscious. Laverica walks in from another door. She observes the others.

    Laverica: Take Connor to the laboratory. Leave Spike with her.

    The Shape shifters obey without question. Those with Connor take him back the way they came while the others follow Laverica.

    Cut to an even more rugged room. Bars can be seen, indicating this to be a holding area. The doors open and the shape shifters drag Spike into a cell, where they leave him. Laverica walks up to Spike's cage and smiles.

    Laverica: So young?for a creature that could change the world.

    Laverica turns to the shape shifters, her smile disappearing.

    Laverica: Allow them to communicate.

    Laverica smiles once more and glances over at another cage.

    Laverica: It may be the last chance they have.

    Laverica glances over at Spike and then walks away. The shape shifters take up their positions behind the only door to the room. A faint light shines upon Spike in his cage; he begins to stir slightly. The camera moves over slowly to show the figure in the second cage, also unconscious but beginning to wake up:


    Opening credits.


    AMY ACKER - Winnifred "Fred" Burkle/Illyria
    J. AUGUST RICHARDS - Charles Gunn
    ALEXA DAVALOS - Gwen Raiden
    PETER KRAUSE - Benjamin "Tap" Tapping

    Special Guest Star:

    JULIET LANDAU - Drusilla

    Guest Starring:

    JULIE BENZ - Darla
    JULIANNE MOORE - Laverica
    CYNTHIA WATROS - Volariant

    Cut to an exquisitely furnished room. The caption says "Surrey, 1917". The camera moves across as Spike comes into view wearing period clothing. He smiles at Drusilla who is sitting on a four-poster bed. She grins back and gets up, as they put their arms round each other giggling.

    Drusilla: My wonderfully wicked Spike! You've been playing with the other boys and girls for much longer than usual.

    Spike: Not many boys out there Dru. They're all off fighting. Means living out there's a little less safe.

    Drusilla bites her lip, grinning darkly.

    Drusilla: Have you found a pretty flower?

    Spike: Radiant. But nothing compared to you.

    Drusilla looks pleased.

    Drusilla: Did she taste like raindrops?

    Spike: Richer.

    Spike takes something from his pocket.

    Spike: Gave me this.

    It is a white feather. Drusilla takes it and stares at it, enchanted.

    Drusilla: Such a pure gift.

    Spike: She thought I was a coward. Showed her just how much I wasn't.

    Drusilla grins again. She takes the feather from Spike and strokes it down his face and then his neck. Spike laughs a little.

    Drusilla: What did I do to deserve such a wicked heart?

    Spike: You deserve it all.

    They kiss. As they part, Darla can be seen standing in the background. She scoffs at Spike and Drusilla. They turn to look at her.

    Drusilla: Grandma-ma. You look all melancholy.

    Spike: Lonely eh?

    Darla: I don't need your pity.

    Spike: Still pining for Angel?

    Darla: Of course not.

    Spike: Reckon you should find yourself a new playmate. Gotta be some left around.

    Drusilla: We could all play together.

    Spike grins and looks at Darla.

    Spike: Wouldn't say no. Be just like old times.

    Drusilla nods smiling. Darla looks angry.

    Darla: You children. You think your foolish games are worth anything!?

    Drusilla: You miss the passion. It's floated away and left you on your lily pad all alone.

    Darla scowls.

    Darla: There are greater things at work. The Master is summoning the Order together.

    Spike looks over at her.

    Darla: We should attend.

    Spike looks at Dru.

    Spike: What do you think Dru?

    Drusilla frowns.

    Drusilla: Great Grandfather tastes darkness older than us. He doesn't know the wind and earth like we do.

    Darla: He knows more than either of you could possibly hope to.

    Drusilla frowns at Darla. Spike looks at her also.

    Spike: Sorry Darla. Looks like we're sitting out of this one.

    Darla looks disgusted.

    Darla: Fine. Go, be, whatever you want. I don't know why I've stayed anchored to you for so many years. Perhaps you'll realise what the world truly is when I'm gone. Neither of you will last. You're doomed. You'll see.

    Darla turns away and walks out. Drusilla looks sad. She makes a whimpering noise. Spike turns to her and frowns.

    Spike: Don't listen to her love. She doesn't know us like she thinks.

    Drusilla hesitates.

    Drusilla: Our family is breaking apart Spike. You won't leave me in the cold, will you?

    Spike moves his forehead so it's touching Dru's.

    Spike: Never.

    Drusilla: Promise?

    Spike: Promise.

    Drusilla smiles. Spike pushes her on to the bed, as their laughter can be heard. The feather floats to the ground.

    Cut to Spike in his cage. He raises his head as he looks around. He notices the figure of Drusilla in the cell next to him. He narrows his brow.

    Spike: (quietly) Dru??

    The camera moves over to show Drusilla is also awake but is staring forwards, not moving. She looks in pain as she hears Spike's voice.

    Drusilla: Hush. Your needles prick too sharply.

    Spike: Dru it's?

    Spike pushes himself up, and looks in pain.

    Spike: ?it's me-

    Drusilla raises her hand up suddenly as if to silence Spike. She looks in pain still.

    Drusilla: Wicked! So wicked they all are! Lying to me again, again, always!

    Spike looks confused and then looks around him.

    Spike: Dru I dunno what's going on?where we are?

    Drusilla: Mirrors came and stole us. Took us deep under the world. Where we belong.

    Drusilla looks like she is just realising what is going on. She raises her head and looks at Spike and frowns.

    Drusilla: My Spike?come back to me?

    Spike stares at her. He nods.

    Spike: I'm here. Are you?

    Cut to Angel rushing into the Hyperion. He comes to a sudden halt as he sees the bodies around him. He knows that something terrible has happened.

    Angel: Gunn?

    Angel steps forward looking around him.

    Angel: Gwen? Tap?

    Angel walks up the stairs and then something catches his eye. A body in the courtyard. Angel walks through hurriedly.

    Cut to Angel, his pace slowing as he sees Gunn's body. He stares, shocked, confused, in silence.

    Gwen OS: The others went to find you.

    Angel turns quickly to look at Gwen who is lying against the wall nearby, looking emptily at Gunn. He looks at her seriously.

    Angel: Gwen?what happened here?

    Gwen continues to stare at Gunn. She closes her eyes and then opens them again a few seconds later.

    Gwen: We ran. They came for me. We stopped them. And I killed him.

    Angel pieces together what he was just told. He looks at the ground and then at Gunn for a second.

    Angel: Gwen?I-

    Gwen: I don't need you to say anything. But the others need you.

    Angel looks serious.

    Angel: I'm not gonna leave you here alone.

    Gwen: Alone is working right now.

    Angel shakes his head and crouches down.

    Angel: Gwen-

    He reaches out to her but she shifts away.

    Gwen: Don't touch me!

    Angel frowns, pulling his hand back. Gwen looks him in the eye, bitterly.

    Gwen: I'm not safe. Do you understand that? I caused this. Can you even comprehend what that means?

    Angel pauses.

    Angel: I can.

    Gwen pauses. She looks at the ground. She shakes her head quickly, looking tearful.

    Gwen: I can't?

    Gwen stares at Gunn, her eyes wide, horror filling her face. Angel looks uncertain as to what to do. Fred and Illyria appear behind Angel. Angel looks up. They stare at him.

    Fred: You're ok?

    Angel nods and then looks at Gwen. Illyria stares around.

    Illyria: Grief shall swallow you whole if you allow it.

    Gwen looks annoyed.

    Gwen: (slowly) I do not need a lesson on humanity from you.

    Illyria cocks her head.

    Illyria: Spike and Connor cannot wait.

    Angel shifts at the mention of Connor's name. He looks awkward. He stands up and walks a few feet away with Fred and Illyria

    Angel: The Senior Partners could have taken them anywhere by now.

    Fred frowns.

    Fred: And they could be doing anything to them.

    Angel looks worried.

    Angel: I don't know what to do here.

    He glances at Gwen.

    Illyria: What of Tap and Seneh? Their whereabouts are still unknown.

    Gwen: Seneh?

    The others turn to look at Gwen.

    Fred: Gwen?

    Gwen looks awkward. Cut to flashes of Seneh being stabbed, as if Gwen is just remembering.

    Gwen: She?she was hurt. There was blood

    The others look serious.

    Angel: Where is she now?

    Gwen shakes her head.

    Gwen: Tap took her?I don't know where.

    Angel looks serious and turns to Fred and Illyria.

    Angel: Fred do you have his cell phone number?

    Fred: I do, it's on mine, I'll uh, I'll go get it.

    Fred walks hurriedly up the stairs. Illyria cocks her head.

    Illyria: Misfortune pursues us. It will not rest.

    Angel considers this as he glances over at Gwen. She continues to stare, emptily.
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    ACT II

    Cut to Seneh lying in a hospital bed, looking bored. A doctor is next to her looking at a chart, frowning. Seneh rolls her eyes.

    Seneh: Are you gonna stare at that thing all day?

    The doctor glances at her.

    Doctor: You have to understand this is?not what I'm used to.

    Seneh: It's magic. It works like, well, magic. Go with it.

    The doctor raises an eyebrow.

    Doctor: I'd still like to keep you in for observation-

    Seneh: Oh, you're so not. You have been staring at that thing for like the last three hours, you know as well as I do that it says I'm fine. More than fine. And I have things to do. You know Angel right, you watch television or you know, talk to other people? Our friends are in trouble. As in real trouble. The kind of trouble that I'm not in right now.

    The doctor is about to respond when Tap walks through the curtain. He looks grave.

    Tap: Seneh, that was Fred-

    Seneh: I thought you said you couldn't reach her?

    Tap: Yeah she uh, she called me.

    Seneh looks serious.

    Seneh: What is it?

    Tap looks down.

    Tap: Gunn is dead.

    The camera zooms in quickly on Seneh as she looks shocked.

    Cut to a bright light. The light fades to show Connor lying down on his back. He squints as the light shines down from above him.

    Voice OS: Hello Connor.

    Connor looks a little more alert and frowns.

    Connor: Who?

    He narrows his brow, looking like he is in pain.

    Voice OS: Don't focus on the pain. Just relax.

    Footsteps can be heard. The light is adjusted so it is shining away from Connor. He looks up at the figure standing next to him. It's Volariant. She smiles.

    Connor: Who are you?

    Volariant: Essentially I am your enemy. But I could also be your destiny.

    Connor frowns. He tries to get up but finds he is chained up. He pulls at the chains.

    Volariant: I should warn you that this room is guarded, and even if you were to break those chains you would get no further.

    Connor looks angry.

    Connor: You're a Senior Partner.

    Volariant: That's correct.

    Connor: You?you attacked us, my dad-

    Volariant: Angel is none of our concern currently. As far as we're aware he awoke a few hours ago, and is with the rest of your friends.

    Connor glares at her.

    Connor: Why am I here?

    Volariant smiles.

    Volariant: You were created to fit into the logistics of an ultimate design. While that plan may have failed, you have other purposes. That much is clear.

    Connor continues to stare at her.

    Volariant: We'd like to find out what those purposes are.

    She places a hand on Connor's chest, menacingly, still smiling.

    Cut to Spike and Drusilla. Drusilla gets up on her knees. Spike is trying to move the bars of his cell but is having no luck. Drusilla stares at Spike through the bars that separate them.

    Drusilla: I see you now. A shimmer. Brighter than I ever knew before?

    Spike looks at her.

    Spike: I see you too love.

    Spike smiles a little. Drusilla grabs hold of the bars. She closes her eyes as if remembering something awful.

    Drusilla: The world shut me away. All the things I heard were broken and wretched. I could see what I tore. All of them.

    Drusilla looks tearful. Spike puts his hand over hers on the bar. Drusilla opens her eyes and stares at Spike.

    Drusilla: Is it really you, my Spike?

    Spike nods.

    Spike: It's me Dru.

    Drusilla looks glad.

    Drusilla: We're the same again. I feel the same pain that you do. Always.

    Spike: It's not just pain Dru. It's more than that.

    Drusilla nods.

    Drusilla: I thought I could never feel like this again. Could never feel the way I did before my Angel ripped me from the world.

    Spike looks sadly at Dru.

    Drusilla: Like I ripped you.

    She looks at the ground.

    Drusilla: I thought your heart had let me fall Spike. I was lost under the cruellest shadows.

    She looks at him, ashamed.

    Drusilla: You should never forgive me for what I did to you.

    Spike shakes his head.

    Spike: I'm the last person who needs to forgive anyone Dru. Besides that doesn't matter now.

    Drusilla: Of course it does! You were the first creature I made. I took your light away.

    Spike: No Dru. Look how things turned out. In a funny sort of way you gave me life. At least I'm worth something now.

    Drusilla stares at him.

    Drusilla: Life was always something we could extinguish?until now. Is there a life that I can be given?

    Spike stares back looking pensive.

    Spike: I'll give you what I can Dru.

    He looks around him.

    Spike: Right now I don't know how long either of us has.

    Drusilla looks upwards.

    Drusilla: Are we alone?

    Spike looks at her.

    Drusilla: Will Angel come for us?

    Spike frowns.

    Spike: I hope so.

    Cut to Angel sat in the passenger seat of Fred's car. Fred is driving. Seneh and Tap are sat in the back seat; Seneh staring out of the window while Tap stares forwards. Everyone is silent. Seneh raises her head slightly.

    Seneh: Shouldn't the army guys be rushing to see what's wrong? I mean they must know, right?

    Angel: I don't know. Maybe they have while we were gone.

    Tap: You think Gwen and Illyria can handle that on their own?

    Angel pauses.

    Angel: I don't know.

    They drive on.

    Cut to a sheet being placed over Gunn's body. He is lifted up on a stretcher by several men. Illyria and General Hannes from "Casualties of Law" are stood nearby. They watch as he is taken away.

    General Hannes: I thought you had a non-violence spell over this place?

    Illyria looks at him.

    Illyria: Other methods were at work. He did not die by physical means?

    General Hannes: What about my men? Was there a loophole around them as well?

    General Hannes looks annoyed.

    Illyria: They fought bravely. Their deaths were noble.

    General Hannes: But in vain, right?

    Illyria: I was not present. I cannot say. However I am sure that further damage would have been caused had it not been for their efforts.

    General Hannes sighs.

    General Hannes: What about Miss Raiden, is she still a threat?

    Illyria cocks her head.

    Illyria: She is not.

    General Hannes pauses and then nods.

    General Hannes: All right. We'll uh, clear up the rest. When Angel gets back?tell him we'll be in touch.

    Illyria nods. He walks back into the lobby.

    Cut to Connor chained on the table. More of the room can now be seen and it appears, as Laverica described, to be a laboratory. Muffled voices can be heard from nearby.

    Cut to Volariant and Laverica talking in a much smaller room nearby.

    Volariant: Dig too deeply and you will simply kill him.

    Laverica: We need to know as soon as possible.

    Volariant: And we shall, if you allow me to continue without further interference.

    Volariant stares, smiling very slightly. Laverica looks unimpressed but nods.

    Laverica: Fine.

    Volariant nods back and walks past Laverica. Laverica folds her arms.

    Cut to Volariant walking into the laboratory. Connor looks up as Volariant walks into view from behind him. He stares at her.

    Connor: What are you gonna do to me?

    Volariant starts to sort though things, and doesn't turn round.

    Volariant: Some tests.

    Connor looks worried.

    Connor: Something tells me they're gonna hurt.

    Volariant continues what she is doing and then turns to face him holding an opaque jar. She smiles pleasantly.

    Volariant: Not really. Not everything we're involved in includes pain.

    Connor: Want me to spread the word?

    Volariant walks up to Connor, still with a slight smile on her face. She stands next to Connor and opens the jar. A stone lands in her hand. Connor looks anxious.

    Volariant: Kun'ati belek sup'sion. Bok'vata im kele'beshus. Ek'vota mor'osh boota'ke

    Connor looks even more worried as the stone becomes almost liquid, as in "Lies My Parents Told Me". Volariant places her hand under Connor's chin. Connor stares down at the stone as it travels from her hand and on to his face. It climbs up his cheek and under his eye. Connor suddenly flinches in pain slightly. He looks at Volariant.

    Volariant: Perhaps?some, pain.

    Connor looks annoyed but then stares forward. The camera zooms towards him. Cut to a Montage of images. Shape shifters. Seneh. Fred. All the times Connor has seen the truth. The camera zooms away from Connor. He looks unnerved.

    Connor: What was that!?

    Volariant: Your memories.

    Connor frowns.

    Connor: You're looking for something.

    Volariant: Yes.

    Connor: You could always ask.

    Volariant raises an eyebrow.

    Volariant: This is something you wouldn't be aware you knew.

    Connor looks confused.

    Connor: Is this to do with my visions?

    Volariant: Is that what you call them?

    Volariant pauses. Connor looks serious.

    Connor: You know how I got them.

    Volariant: We do.

    Connor: How?

    Volariant doesn't answer. Connor looks angry.

    Connor: Tell me!

    Volariant looks down and then at Connor.

    Volariant: They are a fail-safe built into your mind?by Cyvus Vail.

    Connor looks shocked.

    Cut to Angel, Fred, Tap and Seneh walking into the Hyperion lobby. Illyria is standing before them. The bodies have been removed and the wreckage from the fight cleaned up somewhat. Angel looks at Illyria.

    Angel: They came?

    Illyria nods once. She looks at Seneh.

    Illyria: You are not hurt?

    Seneh: Oh I was but uh?Tap's amazing.

    She smiles at Tap weakly. Tap smiles back in the same way.

    Fred: Where's Gwen?

    Illyria: She is resting above.

    Angel: On her own?

    Illyria: My assistance was not required.

    Tap: Mm but uh, something like this?it can tear you apart. And she's only got that to think about up there.

    Seneh: I'll go check on her.

    Angel: Ok. Let us know if she needs anything.

    Seneh: Like what?

    Angel pauses.

    Seneh: What could we possibly do to make this not completely suck for her?

    Angel doesn't respond.

    Tap: We'll do what we can.

    Seneh looks at Tap. After a few seconds she nods and heads upstairs. As she goes she glances at Illyria. The others watch her go. Angel sighs and looks tired. Fred looks at him.

    Fred: Angel, we'll get them back.

    Illyria looks over at them.

    Illyria: The Senior Partners took Connor and Spike for a specific purpose.

    Fred: Maybe they knew that Angel would come for Connor.

    Tap: Then why take Spike?

    Fred looks puzzled.

    Tap: I dunno, I have a feeling that this is something to do with the Shanshu Prophecy.

    Angel looks at him.

    Angel: What do you know about the Shanshu Prophecy?

    Tap: Same as you. Vampire with a soul's gonna get rewarded after the apocalypse. And it looks like that's pretty near.

    Angel hesitates.

    Fred: The Senior Partners?at least one side, don't think it's you anymore Angel. Maybe they think it's Spike.

    Illyria: Or Drusilla?

    The others look at Illyria realising she might be correct.

    Voice OS: That's a good point Illyria.

    Everyone turns to see Lilah standing nearby. She smiles.

    Lilah: And you're not too far from the truth. That's an improvement.

    Angel glares at Lilah.

    Cut to Gwen lying on her bed. Her face is stained with tears. She is putting her gloves on, which she does slowly. She finishes and looks in pain. There is a knock at the door. Gwen closes her eyes wearily and then opens them again.

    Gwen: What is it?

    Seneh OS: It's Seneh.

    Gwen raises her head and then slowly sits up.

    Gwen: Come in?

    Seneh walks in. She stares at Gwen sadly.

    Seneh: Hey.

    Gwen nods very slightly.

    Gwen: You're all right.

    Seneh: Yeah, yeah I'm fine.

    Gwen: I wasn't sure whether you?

    Seneh: Tap worked his stuff. Hospital did the rest.

    Gwen nods. Seneh looks awkward and then sits next to Gwen.

    Seneh: I'm so sorry-

    Gwen: Please don't.

    Seneh frowns. Gwen looks at her.

    Gwen: You can't say sorry, for this. It's not like I lost him. I let this happen?

    Seneh looks serious and shakes her head.

    Seneh: No. No you didn't-

    Gwen: I've been struck by lightning before. There was a storm. I should have known that?that?

    Seneh: Gwen you cannot do this to yourself. You couldn't have done anything.

    Gwen looks angry.

    Gwen: You weren't there!

    Gwen closes her eyes and sighs. She opens them again as she speaks.

    Gwen: I'm sorry.

    Seneh: It's more than fine.

    Gwen wipes her hands over her face.

    Gwen: I'm just?if one little thing had been different, he'd still be here?

    Seneh looks at Gwen. She looks uncomfortable.

    Seneh: Maybe not?

    Gwen doesn't really register this and continues staring at the floor. Seneh exhales deeply and seems to come to as conclusion.

    Seneh: Gwen?

    Gwen: I don't need you to say my name in that way. Everyone has-

    Seneh: I need to say this.

    Gwen looks at her.

    Seneh: I don't expect you to understand what I'm about to tell you?

    Gwen frowns looking confused. Seneh hesitates.

    Seneh: But you need to hear it.

    Gwen stares at Seneh, uncertain of what she is about to hear.
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      ACT III

      Cut to Lilah, Angel, Tap and Fred in the lobby.

      Lilah: You know this is the part where you ask me more about what I just said.

      Angel hesitates. Lilah raises her eyebrows.

      Lilah: Well you're a little less hack n' slash than I thought you'd be Angel. Connor could be in a lot of trouble.

      Angel: And you're about to tell me he isn't.

      Lilah smiles.

      Lilah: Well?not in life threatening circumstances anyway.

      Fred: But?

      Lilah: Avryx is using him to try and find the truth about the Shanshu Prophecy.

      Cut to Volariant and Connor. Connor looks in a trance as Volariant observes.

      Lilah VO: He thinks Connor's little trick'll give it away.

      Cut back to the Hyperion. The others frown.

      Tap: It hasn't worked like that before. It's been random.

      Lilah: Hence their experiments. Which could lead to some interesting, if not damaging, side effects.

      Lilah looks at Angel. Angel looks troubled.

      Illyria: What use will this knowledge be to the Senior Partners?

      Lilah looks at her.

      Lilah: Well once they know who's turning human, they'll know who's playing the biggest role. And we can't forget the non-clarity concerning whether the vampire's gonna be fighting for good or evil.

      Fred: But it could still be Angel.

      Lilah: Wrong, honey. Our champion signed away that right a while back.

      Angel looks angrily at Lilah. Fred looks ashamed.

      Fred: I forgot?

      Lilah: That's why they've got Spike and the newly ensouled Drusilla tucked away.

      Angel stares at Lilah.

      Angel: And you want us to stop them.

      Lilah: Well it would be mutually beneficial. You get to save Connor and to a lesser extent Spike and Drusilla, and Avryx is stopped from running the show.

      Illyria: Allowing you an advantage.

      Lilah glances at Illyria.

      Tap: She's right. What makes you think we trust you anymore than them?

      Lilah: Out of them, and us, who has kidnapped two of your friends recently?

      Angel: Yeah you let them do all the dirty work and come out of it looking like the good guys.

      Lilah smiles.

      Lilah: We've sent a limo for your convenience. It'll take you where you need to be. But by all means ignore that and let things get out of hand. Tell me how that works out for ya.

      Illyria: Your superiority is misguided. Despite your greater resources you still require our assistance to attack your enemy. This is weakness.

      Lilah stares at Illyria still smiling.

      Lilah: Interesting that you're all so worried about what we might do then isn't it?

      She turns to Angel.

      Lilah: Besides I think you have bigger problems right now.

      A bang is heard from upstairs. Everyone turns to look. Angel looks at Lilah who raises an eyebrow, smirking, and waves mockingly as she disappears.

      The others waste no time and run up the stairs to see Seneh backing away from Gwen. Gwen looks angry and attempts to hit Seneh but is thrown back into the wall by the non-violence spell..

      Angel: Gwen!

      Gwen continues to glare at Seneh who looks worried.

      Gwen: Go away!

      Tap: What the hell are you doing?

      Gwen: What does it look like?

      The others look confused as they continue to approach Gwen. Angel rushes up to her and grabs her. He is shocked slightly as Gwen struggles. Gwen lunges at Seneh again but is forced back once more. Angel grabs Gwen's arm, being careful to avoid contact with her skin.

      Angel: You need to stop!

      Gwen turns to him sharply.

      Gwen: (screaming) She knew!

      Seneh stares at Gwen in silence. She looks ashamed. The others look confused. Gwen stops struggling quite as much and looks tearful.

      Gwen: She knew what would happen to Gunn?

      Gwen is crying now. Angel looks serious but keeps his firm grip on Gwen as she is still struggling slightly. Fred, Tap and Illyria star at Seneh, who doesn't deny what Gwen has said. Fred narrows her brow in disbelief.

      Fred: Oh my God.

      Gwen shoots Seneh another look of hatred. Angel looks uncertain of what to say. Tap looks at Seneh.

      Tap: How?

      Seneh looks up at him.

      Seneh: One of the Senior Partners told me?

      Tap frowns and looks away from Seneh. Seneh looks upset to see him this way.

      Seneh: But he didn't say how, or when, or anything. And he told me that-

      Gwen: Shut up!

      Angel releases Gwen and stands between her and Seneh.

      Angel: Gwen-

      Gwen: You wanna listen to her lies?

      Angel stares at her.

      Angel: I just think there's more to it than this.

      Gwen looks angry. She shakes her head in disgust.

      Gwen: And what if it was Connor huh, Angel? Would you be so ready to listen then? Would you?

      Angel hesitates.

      Angel: If you knew. What would you have done?

      Gwen opens her mouth to respond but realises she doesn't know. The others watch, looking awkward.

      Angel: Seneh couldn't stop this. No one could.

      Gwen looks like she is refusing to listen. Seneh looks at the ground but then up at Gwen. She gets up.

      Seneh: The Senior Partner that told me?he made it pretty clear that this was planned. Gunn wasn't meant to survive.

      Gwen screws up her eyes, not wanting to hear this.

      Fred: Why?

      Seneh looks at Fred who is waiting for an answer. Angel looks at the ground and turns round. Seneh hesitates.

      Angel: I think I might know.

      Seneh looks at Angel, surprised. Gwen's expression changes to uncertainty once again; what else has been hidden from her?

      Cut to Drusilla lying against the wall of her cell. Spike is leaning against the wall of his.

      Drusilla: Perhaps we are meant to remain in the dark.

      Spike looks up. Drusilla continues staring forwards.

      Spike: They?they'll find a way to get to us Dru. Lilah'll do her magical appearance trick or something; let ?em know where we are.

      Drusilla looks over at him.

      Drusilla: Do you miss the sun, my Spike?

      Spike frowns.

      Spike: A little.

      Drusilla looks away again.

      Drusilla: I remember it used to tell me such pretty things. Things I could be.

      Spike smiles sadly.

      Spike: Remember ?em that well do you?

      Drusilla smiles and nods.

      Drusilla: Every wonderful word.

      Drusilla's eyes flicker over to Spike.

      Drusilla: Did it ever tell you such things?

      Spike sighs.

      Spike: Don't really remember the sun Dru.

      Drusilla stares back at the ground.

      Drusilla: Pity. I'm sure it remembers you.

      Spike stare at her. The two of them continue to sit in silence.

      Cut back to the scene with Angel and the others. They are waiting for an explanation from Angel.

      Fred: Angel?

      Angel hesitates.

      Angel: Connor had a vision. He saw one of the Senior Partners talking about the battle last year. The one that the Powers That Be prevented.

      Seneh seems to be realising something.

      Fred: What does that have to do with Gunn?

      Angel looks at her. Cut to Terethys in the Hyperion from "Out Came the Children Running".

      Terethys: Angel was meant to survive that battle?but he was the only one. Gunn, Illyria and Spike?they're living on borrowed time. They're not meant to live.

      Cut back to the present day. The others look shocked to hear this news. Illyria stares forwards, considering what she has just heard. Gwen stares at Angel and shakes her head in disbelief.

      Gwen: You knew as well? A-and Connor?

      Angel: I didn't know what was gonna happen-

      Gwen puts her hand out to silence Angel. She stares at him, not with anger, but looks betrayed. She looks pale. She looks at Fred.

      Gwen: You got a vision. How about you Tap? You get a heads up too?

      Tap shakes his head sadly but this does not seem to help Gwen. A tear runs down her cheek. She stares at the people before her bitterly; the people she trusted with her life.

      Gwen: I can't be here.

      She walks past Angel and the others. They watch her go, sadly, knowing that nothing they say can help. Gwen walks round the corner and is gone. There is a pause. Illyria looks at Seneh and then at Angel.

      Illyria: If this is true?then I too, am to die.

      Seneh and Angel don't respond. Illyria cocks her head and stares at the ground. Fred stares at Illyria looking sad. There is a pause.

      Illyria: We must?aid Spike and Connor.

      Tap looks at her, surprised that she is saying this when she has just heard that she is likely to die. Illyria however stares at Angel.

      Illyria: We have the means to do so. We should make haste.

      Seneh frowns.

      Seneh: We do?

      Angel looks at her and nods.

      Angel: Lilah.

      Seneh looks cautious.

      Seneh: And you trust her?

      Fred looks at her. Seneh realises that trust is perhaps something she shouldn't talk about currently.

      Seneh: Well let's go.

      Angel nods. He starts walking down the corridor.

      Tap: You think Gwen'll-

      Angel: I don't know.

      Angel turns. He looks at Tap, then Fred, then Illyria.

      Angel: But I need you guys to understand that even if I?

      He looks at Seneh.

      Angel: Even if we had told Gwen or Gunn?it wouldn't have changed anything.

      Angel looks at Illyria, knowing what this means concerns her.

      Illyria: We comprehend.

      Illyria begins walking away. Angel watches for a few moments and then follows. Then Fred does. Tap hesitates and looks back at Seneh.

      Tap: Come on.

      Seneh looks glad that he is not ignoring her and the two of them follow the others. Seneh still looks ashamed.

      Cut to a montage of images including Connor and his parents, Fred, Spike, Illyria, Drusilla. Cut to Connor blinking repeatedly. Volariant smiles.

      Volariant: Looks like we're close.

      Connor looks serious.

      Connor: What are you gonna do after you find it?

      Volariant smiles.

      Volariant: There may be more that you have to offer. The truth is something that is scarcely unearthed concerning the greater events of the world. What you have?could prove vital in what's to come.

      Connor looks anxious but then looks more resolute.

      Connor: I'm guessing the other Senior Partners aren't gonna let you get away with that.

      Volariant looks amused.

      Volariant: Oh? And what would you know of them?

      Connor looks angry.

      Connor: At least they didn't murder my parents.

      Volariant laughs. Her laugh seems to pass through Connor and he flinches in pain as it echoes through him. Volariant smiles.

      Volariant: Poor deceived child.

      Connor looks confused.

      Volariant: We may be stand for evil?but we don't pretend to be anything other than that which we are.

      She moves closer to Connor.

      Volariant: We did not kill your?"parents", Connor. The other Senior Partners blamed us, because they wished to manipulate you and your father. They were responsible for the attack.

      Connor looks shocked. He shakes his head.

      Connor: You're lying.

      Volariant smiles darkly once more.

      Volariant: I'm afraid you have me confused with my associates.

      She turns around and gets back to what she was doing. Connor stares forwards looking shocked?anger emerging across his face.

      Cut to a limo driving up to a suburban street similar to the one seen in "Underneath". It slows to a halt outside one of the houses. Cautiously Angel gets out. It is just getting light. He looks at the sunrise in the distance and then walks forward. It can be seen that he is holding a sword. The others get out one by one. Illyria and Seneh have swords also. Fred has a crossbow. Illyria looks around.

      Illyria: I have a memory of this place.

      Tap: You do?

      Angel: Yeah, Gunn was held in one of these?last year.

      Tap looks away.

      Tap: Oh.

      Illyria: He was retrieved.

      Angel nods. Seneh exhales.

      Seneh: So, uh, which house do you guys reckon they're in?

      Fred: Maybe we should start with the one we're next to.

      Angel: They had a lot of guns last time, could get lethal.

      Seneh looks around frowning.

      Seneh: I don't know, I mean I know it's still kinda early but?I don't think anyone's here. At least not on the surface. It looks abandoned.

      Illyria looks at her.

      Illyria: Each one of these structures would hold a captive of Wolfram and Hart.

      Fred: Where did they all go?

      There is a long shot of the gang standing in the deserted neighbourhood looking around.

      Tap: Perhaps Wolfram and Hart decided it was time to clear out here too.

      The others look grave as they consider how many people could have died if this is true.

      Angel: Let's try this one.

      Angel walks forward. Tap and Fred follow. Seneh and Illyria are left by the limo. They begin walking.

      Seneh: Uh, Illyria-

      Illyria: We shall not speak of this now.

      She says this while walking away from Seneh. Seneh stares at her sadly and then follows.

      Cut to the basement door of a house opening. Angel begins walking down the stairs followed by the others. A light is switched on. Angel turns round surprised and looks at Tap who has his hand on the light switch. Tap shrugs.

      Tap: Not gonna get too far in the dark.

      Angel realises this is true and continues down. Illyria glances at tools scattered on the floor; torture implements. She remembers well what she did the last time she was in such a place.

      Fred: Well this doesn't look too promising.

      Illyria: It does indeed appear to be a single room.

      Angel frowns.

      Angel: It's gonna take too long to check all these houses.

      Angel looks annoyed. He rubs his hand over his mouth anxiously. The others look sympathetic but don't really know what to say. Seneh notices something.

      Seneh: Wait.

      She notices that one of the tools is still hung up neatly in its place on the wall. She cautiously reaches for it. As she touches it, it unfolds into a long bar which then elongates further as it decreases in width. The gang watch curiously. It then stretches horizontally and then vertically downwards creating a door shape in the wall. It then seems to cut inwards through the wall. As it does so the stone of the wall moves to each side. An opening is created. Seneh looks back at the gang.

      Seneh: The Senior Partners are suckers for things like this. I know how they think-

      There is an awkward moment. Seneh realises the implications of what she has just said and sighs.

      Seneh: They should be through here.

      Seneh heads through. The others hesitate and then follow.

      Cut to Drusilla and Spike. Drusilla looks up suddenly.

      Drusilla: My Angel?he calls to me?

      Spike looks alert.

      Spike: He's here?

      Drusilla nods looking hopeful. Gunfire is heard. Spike and Drusilla stare at the doorway looking worried.

      Cut to Angel and the others taking cover behind a corner.

      Seneh: Ok so maybe "abandoned" was a little presumptuous.

      Angel frowns.

      Angel: I'll draw their gunfire.

      Fred: Angel-

      Angel: I'm the only one that it won't kill.

      Tap: Not entirely true.

      Angel looks at Tap.

      Cut to Tap walking round the corner. Bullet speed towards him but Tap is prepared. He holds his hand up. The bullets hit an invisible wall in front of him. Tap closes his eyes and mutters words under his breath. Angel and the others watch from behind the corner. The camera zooms towards Tap slowly and he opens his eyes. They are black. Tap pushes his hands forward and fire swirls forward throughout the tunnel. Screams are heard as the shape shifters are incinerated. Tap closes his eyes and looks weakened. Fred hurries to his side as does Angel.

      Fred: Are you ok?

      Tap nods smiling but he is breathing deeply.

      Tap: Thanks.

      Fred smiles back. Seneh watches them together. An alarm suddenly blares.

      Tap: Think that might have blown our cover.

      Angel looks at Tap.

      Angel: Can you walk ok?

      Tap: I'll be fine.

      Angel nods. He starts running down the burnt corridor. The others quickly follow.

      Cut to Volariant and Connor. They can hear the alarm and further gunfire in the distance. Connor glares at her.

      Connor: My dad's here.

      Volariant smiles at him.

      Volariant: Naturally.

      Connor: Looks like you're screwed.

      Volariant hesitates.

      Volariant: Your father's appearance was expected, Connor. As you yourself noted?the other Senior Partners would not want us to get away with this.

      Connor looks serious. Volariant stares at him as he suddenly flinches in pain once again. There is another montage of images.

      Cut to Spike and Drusilla.

      Spike: (shouting) Hey! We're here!

      Footsteps can be heard. The door bursts open. Tap and Fred stand before them. Spike smiles.

      Spike: Cavalry at last.

      Fred smiles a little as Tap walks towards the bars. He looks at them and then looks like he is pulling at midair. His face contorts, indicating this is taking great effort. The bars of Spike's cell begin to bend slightly and then snap. Drusilla stands up. Tap begins to do the same for hers. Drusilla stares at Tap.

      Drusilla: You?

      Tap opens his eyes and looks at Drusilla.

      Drusilla: You took me from the shadows.

      The bars break.

      Tap: Allow me a repeat performance.

      Drusilla hesitates. Spike looks at her.

      Spike: Dru?

      Drusilla stares at him and then at Tap. She walks through the bars, looking awkwardly at Tap. He doesn't know what to say to her. Spike looks at Fred.

      Spike: Angel and the others here?

      Fred: They've gone after Connor. Looks like he's being held a little deeper than you guys.

      Spike looks a little surprised but then remembers.

      Spike: Right. Connor.

      Tap: We should go.

      Spike nods. Tap and Fred walk out of the cell hurriedly. Drusilla doesn't move. Spike looks at her.

      Spike: It's all right.

      Drusilla: I'm scared Spike. Scared of what will happen if I leave the shadows.

      Spike hesitates but realises they must go.

      Spike: I'll be here. We'll leave ?em together.

      Drusilla forms a slight smile and nods. Spike takes her hand. They leave the room.

      Cut to Seneh attacking a shape shifter. It falls to the ground dead. The alarm stops. Seneh looks around her, a little surprised. Illyria and Angel can be seen searching rooms behind her. Seneh looks at the door next to her and opens it. Connor is inside, still strapped to the table. Connor looks up at her. Seneh looks relieved.

      Seneh: Connor!

      Angel sees her run into the room and rushes forwards. Illyria follows. Angel rushes up to Connor, past Seneh. He too looks very relieved. He clutches Connor's hand tightly. Connor smiles.

      Connor: Hey dad.

      Angel smiles. He starts untying Connor's hand. Seneh begins untying the other. Illyria stands in the doorway.

      Angel: Are you ok?

      Connor: Yeah I think so. Now that stone's outta my head.

      Angel looks worried.

      Connor: Less weird than it sounds.

      Angel still looks concerned.

      Illyria: You have undergone experiments.

      Connor nods.

      Connor: Well yeah there's that.

      Angel: Where are they now?

      Connor: It was only one. And I don't know, she left before you guys arrived.

      Seneh frowns.

      Seneh: She find what she wanted?

      Connor looks at her.

      Connor: I dunno.

      Connor still looks quite stiff.

      Angel: We should get outta here.

      Angel and Seneh help Connor off of the table.

      Cut to the two groups meeting in the basement. Angel sees Drusilla. She smiles.

      Drusilla: Angel?

      Angel: Dru. You're ok?

      He looks at Spike as well as he says this.

      Spike: We're all right. How bout Junior?

      Connor: I'm good.

      Spike nods. The door that was created before disappears as quickly as it appeared.

      Tap: Something tells me it's time to go.

      Angel nods. Everyone begins to head up the stairs.

      Cut to them outside. Everyone starts to head into the limo. The sun shines down; as it is a different dimension, Angel, Drusilla and Spike walk in it freely. Drusilla stares towards it.

      Drusilla: Look Spike.

      Spike stares at the sunlight also. Drusilla smiles as she is bathed in the light.

      Drusilla: Do you remember now?

      Spike nods. Angel watches them, as they are the only three not in the limo now.

      Spike: I remember Dru.

      Drusilla turns to him and smiles. She looks at Angel.

      Drusilla: The shadows have lost their words.

      Angel stares at Drusilla. Spike looks at him. Spike guides her to the limo. They get in.
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        ACT IV

        Cut to Angel, Spike, Connor, Tap and Fred in the Hyperion lobby. There is a grave atmosphere.

        Spike: Where's Gwen now then?

        Angel: I think she needs some time.

        Spike: Not really surprising.

        Connor looks at Angel.

        Connor: We could have changed things.

        Angel shakes his head.

        Angel: No. I know what the Senior Partners wanted. They told Seneh that something bad'd happen if she told us about Gunn. They knew she'd keep it to herself and they knew how Gwen would react when she found out. It was all to divide us.

        The others consider this. Spike seems to come to a conclusion.

        Spike: Well. Me and Illyria best keep our wits about us then eh?

        The others look grave at this prospect.

        Fred: There's gotta be more we can do.

        Fred looks at Angel, wanting him to agree.

        Angel: I'm not sure what.

        Spike: Bloody prophecies.

        There is another pause.

        Spike: Speaking of which?

        Angel knows what he means.

        Angel: They might not've had time to find out.

        Connor: She said she was close. She didn't say anything else after that.

        Angel considers this.

        Tap: Guess we'll find out soon enough.

        Angel nods.

        Cut to Seneh in her room. She is sat on her bed, looking alone. There is a knock on the door. Seneh looks surprised.

        Seneh: Hello?

        Illyria opens the door. Seneh looks surprised to see her.

        Seneh: Oh, hi?

        Illyria cocks her head.

        Illyria: If you wish?we shall now converse.

        Seneh nods and stands up. She still looks awkward.

        Seneh: Sure.

        Illyria looks into space.

        Illyria: I recognise why you did not speak of what you knew.

        Seneh stares at her.

        Seneh: He told me something bad would happen if I did.

        Illyria stares back.

        Illyria: That is not all.

        Seneh looks confused.

        Illyria: Truths only become apparent when they are spoken aloud. Until then they are only possibilities.

        Seneh considers this.

        Illyria: This?is not your fault.

        Seneh avoids eye contact with Illyria.

        Seneh: No. But, it might as well be.

        Seneh looks up.

        Seneh: You saw how they looked at me. I'm the outsider again.

        Illyria pauses.

        Illyria: The wounds driven by this knowledge are still fresh. In time?they shall adjust. Not one of us is innocent of retaining a hidden truth.

        Seneh considers this and realises she is right.

        Illyria: When you wish?you should rejoin us.

        Illyria hesitates and then walks out leaving Seneh to ponder over her words. She sits back on the bed, and exhales deeply.

        The screen fades to a familiar dark corridor. Laverica walks down it suddenly, looking angry. She pushes a pair of double doors open. Avryx and Volariant are stood in a room. Laverica glares at Volariant. Avryx smiles a little.

        Avryx: Laverica.

        Laverica looks at him.

        Laverica: You realise the vampires are free?

        Volariant nods.

        Volariant: They are.

        Laverica looks at Volariant.

        Laverica: Angel has thwarted our efforts.

        Avryx: Perhaps. But you see Laverica?all is not lost.

        Laverica looks confused for a second but then sees Volariant smiling.

        Laverica: You mean??

        Volariant: Yes. We now have?what we need.

        She smiles darkly. Laverica begins to smile also.

        THE END
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