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Angel Episode 6.18 128. While Mortals Sleep

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  • Angel Episode 6.18 128. While Mortals Sleep

    Hi, this is the eighteenth episode of Angel Season 6 by me. I hope you enjoy reading it. If you have feedback, please post it here; both positive comments and constructive criticism are welcome

    Angel Episode 6.18 128. While Mortals Sleep

    Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters on Angel. They belong to Fox Studios and Joss Whedon. This work is fictional and is only for my and others entertainment. Therefore no infringement is intended. I do not intend to make a profit from this work. However I own all characters that have not previously appeared/been mentioned on Angel, so I can do whatever I like with them. Therefore any unauthorised usage of these characters is not permitted.

    ACT I

    Open on the exterior of Buffy Summers' house in Sunnydale. The caption says "May 2004". Cut to inside.

    The camera shows Buffy leaning against the porch of the house, the night before the final fight with The First. She looks pensive.

    The camera suddenly speeds away from her, and upwards, through the clouds, leaving America far below. It then speeds away across the Atlantic to England. Eventually it stops in a dark cave-like area. Two figures are stood in the cave. One of them looks up; it's Clare. The other is John. They are whispering words, never taking their eyes off of one another. Another figure is bound to a large rock between them and is struggling to escape. The camera moves around the two other figures, as it is indicated that they are performing some kind of ritual. There is a humming sound as a white light appears in between John and Clare, surrounding the third figure. It grows bigger. Clare and John continue to stare at one another, chanting, but their voices grow in volume. After a few more seconds there is a bright flash. John and Clare both shield their eyes as a light fills the entire cave and the figure suddenly stops struggling. Torches are lit around the walls. Clare looks on with wonder at the third figure who is now moving again; it is revealed that the woman's body is now a host; a host for The Judge. She looks around her, examining the area. John and Clare look pleased. They bow their heads.

    Clare: Welcome to the plane of Earth at last my ruler?Ksyaknara.

    The Judge stares at her.

    The Judge: I can no longer use that name. Enemies of the cause will suspect. I shall be?The Judge, from now on.

    Clare nods. The Judge looks at John.

    The Judge: You. You were in league with Him.

    John's smile fades.

    John: Yes. I was. I believed he was-

    The Judge: I do not care what you believed. What is important to me is that you will now follow the cause without question or waver.

    John: I swear on my soul.

    The Judge stares into John's eyes for a few seconds. John stares back intently. The Judge seems satisfied. She turns to Clare.

    The Judge: Where are the rest of your people?

    Clare: They are concerned with the Shanshu Prophecy at this moment in time.

    The Judge looks dismissive.

    The Judge: Shanshu?the obsession of my fellow Senior Partners.

    Clare: They are unwise to pursue it.

    The Judge: I assume you are wiser?

    Clare: I also swear on my soul. What is left of it?

    The Judge nods.

    John: My ruler?we have concerns of our own. The First Evil, for example.

    The Judge: The First Evil is an impotent force, incapable of anything more than manipulation and imprinting fear into the minds of weak humans. The Slayer and her witch will destroy its plans.

    John: And what of the one they call "Jasmine".

    The Judge narrows her eyes.

    The Judge: I may have severed all ties with the other Partners; but there are still some enemies we share. They will not allow her attempts to spread peace to be successful. If Angel is incapable of stopping her, they themselves will see to it that she fails.

    Clare: Then we have little in the way of competition.

    The Judge: Little, yes. But it exists. He will continue. The other Senior Partners are gathering members of The Circle. Soon will be the time to act. In the mean time; we must watch.

    Clare and John both nod.

    Clare: How shall we introduce ourselves to them?

    The Judge looks at them.

    The Judge: Through your own means. I trust you shall be?creative.

    Clare smiles. John nods.

    Opening credits.


    AMY ACKER - Winnifred "Fred" Burkle/Illyria
    J. AUGUST RICHARDS - Charles Gunn
    ALEXA DAVALOS - Gwen Raiden
    PETER KRAUSE - Benjamin "Tap" Tapping

    Special Guest Star:

    JULIET LANDAU - Drusilla

    Guest Starring:

    STEPHANIE ROMANOV - Lilah Morgan
    ADAM BALDWIN - Marcus Hamilton
    RAINN WILSON - Sebastian
    VIRGINIA HEY - Clare
    LANI TUPU - John
    MELISSA JAFFER - The Judge
    JULIANNE MOORE - Laverica
    CYNTHIA WATROS - Volariant
    RON RIFKIN - Ha-zar
    JOAN ALLEN - Alidris
    JAMES PICKENS JR. - Suvarta
    APRIL GRACE - Naur-Veii
    JOSH HOLLOWAY - Terethys
    MORENA BACCARIN - Cescenya
    MAX PERLICH - Whistler
    CLAUDIA KARVAN - Invidia
    ROBERT KNEPPER - Carnifex

    Cut to the LA Wolfram and Hart offices as they once were; proud and tall. The caption says "June 2004". Cut to inside the building, to Angel's old office. Fred, Gunn, Wesley and Angel are stood around.

    Fred: Is this gonna be our lives now? Fighting our own employees, our own clients? Are we really gonna do any good?

    Angel: Yes, we are. We're gonna change things. We came to Wolfram and Hart because it's a powerful weapon, and we'll figure out how to wield it.

    Wesley: Or kill ourselves with it.

    Fred: Yay, team?

    Angel: No, sooner or later they'll tip their hand, and we'll find out why they really brought us here.

    He picks up an envelope from his desk.

    Angel: Meanwhile, we do the work...our way, one thing at a time.

    He rips open the envelope.

    Angel: We deal...

    An amulet falls out of the envelope. The camera begins moving away.

    Angel OS: With whatever comes next.

    The camera side-scrolls slowly past the wall as Spike can be heard emerging from the envelope. Eve is seen walking into an elevator across the hallway. The doors of the list close, as she stands alone in the centre. The lift begins to move upwards. Eve stands silently, looking bored. The elevator suddenly stops moving. Eve looks puzzled.

    Voice OS: You know, it's weird.

    Eve looks surprised as she turns round. Lilah is leaning against the wall behind her, smiling pleasantly.

    Lilah: A multi-million, multi-dimensional corporation?and the elevators are still as slow as hell.

    Eve looks annoyed and turns away.

    Eve: Shouldn't you be getting tortured right about now?

    Lilah stands straight and steps next to Eve.

    Lilah: As it happens, I have an opening.

    Eve: What fun.

    Lilah: Relatively, yeah.

    Eve: And you're here, what, for the social benefits?

    Lilah: Well no, cause if I was I'd be in an elevator with just about any other person in this building. Including any of the clients.

    Eve fake smiles.

    Eve: So why don't you do us both a favour and get to the point?

    Lilah: Sure thing. Spike's in the building.

    Eve glances at her.

    Lilah: But then again, I figured that might not be a complete shock for you.

    Eve: I don't know what you-

    Lilah: Save it. Luckily for you, the Senior Partners aren't listening right now. They think I'm here to advise you on how to deal with our new arrival; with no idea that you're way ahead of them on that subject. Seeing as they're a little preoccupied right now, they aren't looking in your direction. I however, have a lot more time to look around the nitty gritty.

    Eve stares at Lilah looking a little worried.

    Eve: How'd you find out without them knowing?

    Lilah: Just cause I'm dead doesn't mean I can't spy. The Partners know it, so I do it for them every now and then.

    Lilah steps a little closer.

    Lilah: (whispering) Don't worry. It can stay between us girls; right?

    She smiles at Eve who stares back, narrowing her eyes. She puts on a smile.

    Eve: You don't scare me, Lilah. You think you're still in the game? That boat sailed when you got stabbed in the neck. "Advising"? That's all there is for you now. You're done.

    Eve smiles condescendingly. Lilah stands back.

    Lilah: Oh honey?I haven't even started. You may have been chosen as the Partner's liaison to Angel for some unknown reason?but you'll never get to where I was. I may have been gone a while but?I'm still the bitch. You? Well, you just don't cut the mark. And when the Senior Partners do find out what you're doing, cause believe me, they will?you're gonna realise just how right I am. You'll be out of here before the year is out.

    Eve frowns.

    Lilah: Tell Lindsey I said hi, k?

    Lilah waves falsely and vanishes. Eve stares at where Lilah was standing and then turns to face the elevator doors. She then looks at the elevator's buttons. She presses several floor keys. The white button appears.

    Cut to Wesley, Fred and Wesley's "father" on the roof of Wolfram and Hart from "Lineage". The caption says "November 2004".

    Wesley: I drop this, the crystal shatters, and Angel is restored. So I reckon whether I live or die, your plan has failed.

    Roger Wyndam-Pryce: I see. Well, then... maybe if it's someone you care about-

    When his father grabs Fred, Wesley points the gun at his father and shoots it without another moment of consideration. He shoots his father in the chest until his clip is empty - nine times. The camera suddenly zooms upwards into space, as a flash of colours fills the screen, followed by a bright white light. The light fades to show Seneh staring out of a window. She is wearing a trouser suit and looks fairly formal. She is stood in what appears to be an office. A young man appears behind her. He is also wearing a suit.

    Man: You hear about Pryce?

    Seneh sighs but smiles a little.

    Seneh: I did, I did.

    The man looks cocky and puts his hands in his pockets.

    Man: Tougher than you thought huh?

    Seneh rolls her eyes and turns around to look at the man.

    Seneh: I never said Wesley wouldn't kill his?"dad".

    The man laughs.

    Man: Uh, I think you kinda did Seneh.

    Seneh: No, I said that he might not be manipulated as easily as you thought he'd be.

    Man: Well guess what?

    The man takes his hands out of his pockets and lifts his hands out. He looks happy.

    Man: He was!

    Seneh rolls her eyes and folds her arms, but it is clear that the interaction is jovial.

    Seneh: Well what if he let Fred die? Then you'd be kinda screwed.

    Voice OS: Interesting point, Seneh.

    Seneh and the man both turn to see that Hamilton has appeared nearby. They both look less than happy to see him.

    Man: And just when the day was looking better.

    Hamilton smiles neutrally.

    Hamilton: Ben. I have a message for you. From the Senior Partners.

    Ben's expression changes a little, indicating some fear in his eyes. Seneh glances from him to Hamilton, frowning.

    Seneh: Since when do you give us messages?

    Hamilton: When the messages are of a?delicate nature.

    Ben looks nervous.

    Ben: What is it?

    Hamilton pauses, smiling.

    Hamilton: Your little plan concerning the cyborgs was beneficial, but the Partners are worried that you're taking risks concerning Angel and company.

    Ben: Hey they told me to push and I'm pushing.

    Hamilton: Perhaps you should think about pushing a little more subtly, Ben. You wouldn't want a major player's death on you hands now, would you?

    Ben doesn't respond. Seneh glares at Hamilton and steps towards him.

    Seneh: So what, the intimidation routine is cause you wanna get all the gold stars from the Senior Partners right?

    Hamilton stares down at her, smiling still.

    Hamilton: I don't have to do much to upstage the both of you. Eve may be the frontrunner at this moment in time, but we all know she won't last.

    Ben: Well if it's a choice between you and Eve I know who I'd pick. At least she's not trying to backstab us.

    Hamilton: Oh I wouldn't be so sure. Nobody's spotless in this game Ben. I'd have thought you'd have realised that by now.

    Ben glares at Hamilton, as does Seneh. Hamilton looks unimpressed.

    Hamilton: Take the message on board. I'm sure our paths will cross again soon.

    Hamilton turns around and walks out of the room, without waiting for Seneh and Ben to respond. They watch him go. Seneh sighs.

    Seneh: So that confirms my theory that we're the good half of the family.

    Ben looks at Seneh. He is clearly worried. Seneh looks sympathetic as she notices.

    Seneh: Ben, don't listen to him-

    Ben: It's not just a threat though. They could get rid of any one of us. And right now is like a good time for them to be doing that what with their disagreements and everything.

    Seneh: Oh come on, they need us. You think they expect Eve to take care of Angel and company single-handedly?

    Ben: What if they replaced me? Us, even.

    Seneh doesn't respond.

    Ben: Face it Seneh. All we're doing is standing behind the stage. They use Lilah more than they use us. It wouldn't take much for them to make us disappear. At no extra cost.

    Seneh looks away.

    Seneh: I won't let it happen.

    Ben: What, you'll snark them into submission?

    Seneh: I have a few other weapons at my disposal. None of us are spotless, right?

    [I]She glances up at him. Ben stares back looking anxious.

    Cut to LA, night. The penultimate scene from the end of "Damage" plays out with Angel, Andrew, Wesley and the Slayers. The caption says "January 2005".

    Angel: You're way outta your league. I'll just clear this with Buffy.

    Andrew: Where do you think my orders came from? News flash; nobody in our camp trusts you anymore. Nobody. You work for Wolfram & Hart. Don't fool yourself... we're not on the same side. Thank you for your help... but, uh...we got it.

    He gestures to the girls to get Dana. The screen fades to white quickly, cutting to Eve walking down a corridor. She opens a door and walks in to what appears to be an office. Seneh turns to look at her as she enters. Eve smiles.

    Eve: Good news Seneh. The Partners are impressed by your little shape shifter stunt.
    Rather than looking pleased, Seneh looks worried.

    Seneh: What are they gonna do with the Slayer?

    Eve looks surprised.

    Eve: Since when is that your concern?

    Seneh doesn't respond. Eve rolls her eyes.

    Eve: The Partners don't have a use for her. She can back to her?"life", or whatever.

    Seneh closes her eyes, sighing a quiet breath of relief. Eve watches and then folds her arms. She smiles vaguely but there is a glint of malice in her eyes.

    Eve: Are you some kind of humanitarian now? Is that what you've become back here?

    Seneh stares at Eve.

    Eve: You're a Child of the Senior Partners-

    Seneh: (shouting) I do not need a goddamn lecture from you Eve! You think you're better than us just cause you got picked as liaison? You think you can act like we're beneath you!?

    Eve glares at her.

    Eve: You are. Because you're weak. You're worried that you might hurt some poor little mortal. You're not supposed to care about them. That's not our job. And the fact that I know that way more than you is why I'm the Partner's liaison to Angel and you're back here staring out the window every other hour.

    The camera focuses on Ben standing in the background behind Seneh and Eve, who go out of focus. He clears his throat causing Seneh and Eve to look at him. Seneh glares at Eve and then walks out.

    Seneh: Hey Ben.

    Ben smiles kindly at her as she walks past. He then stares at Eve. She moves her tongue around her mouth and sighs.

    Eve: Of course you're here, cause you two are never apart for long.

    Ben slams the door behind him. Eve looks a little shocked.

    Ben: This isn't about Seneh. This is about me?and you?

    Eve looks confused.

    Ben: Cause word has it that you have something to hide.

    An element of fear is now present in Eve's eyes.

    Eve: I don't know what you're-

    Ben: Yeah well I don't either, really, but let's just say that it's true. Cause right now your expression tells me everything I need to know.

    Eve swallows and looks annoyed with herself.

    Eve: What do you want from me?

    Ben walks towards her.

    Ben: You know that the Partners are just asking for an excuse to get rid of me. Thing is?if they should find out that you're not so perfect, that might cause them to reconsider who gets the chop.

    Eve: You're going to blackmail me?

    Ben: Not exactly. I think we can help each other.

    [I]Eve stares at him, uncertainly. Ben stares back looking out of his depth but attempting to remain confident in front of Eve.

    Cut to the scene from near the end of "You're Welcome". The caption says "March, 2005". Eve is stood in the elevator as Angel and co. surround her.

    Cordelia: It's really been a pleasure. Let's never keep in touch.

    Angel: It's a new game, Eve. If I were you, I'd start thinking strategy.

    Eve: And here I am thinking revenge.

    Angel: And what do you imagine the senior partners are thinking?

    The elevator doors close on Eve who looks anxious. The screen fades to white. As the white fades we see Seneh walking into the office she, Ben and Hamilton conversed in before. A man is stood behind the desk, sorting through papers; the same man from the end of "Casualties of Law". He is wearing a suit but his jacket is hanging on the chair behind him. Seneh looks surprised. The man smiles in a friendly way.

    Man: Hello.

    He speaks politely but without emotion. Seneh smiles vaguely but looks confused.

    Seneh: Uh?hi. Um, who are you?

    Man: My name is Sebastian. You must be Seneh.

    Seneh: That's right?

    Sebastian smiles once again and walks around to stand beside Seneh. Seneh looks hesitant as he holds out his hand, but then exchanges a handshake.

    Sebastian: I'm sure we're going to get along famously.

    Seneh smiles falsely but then looks anxious.

    Seneh: Uh, yeah, where's Ben?

    Sebastian looks puzzled but continues to smile.

    Sebastian: I'm sorry, I don't know a "Ben".

    Seneh: This is his office.

    Sebastian seems to realise something and smiles sympathetically.

    Sebastian: Oh?no I'm afraid not. This is my office now.

    He continues to smile, without malice. Seneh looks horrified as she realises what has happened. She turns and rushes out. Sebastian looks confused and then turns back to sorting through his papers.

    Cut to Seneh running down a corridor. She runs faster, looking angry and upset. Cut to a close up of Hamilton placing books in a shelf. The room appears to be his office. Seneh bursts in behind him, but Hamilton doesn't look at all phased, in fact he doesn't even turn to look at her. Seneh glares angrily.

    Seneh: Where. Is Ben?

    Hamilton: Seneh. I wondered how long it'd be before you arrived here.

    Seneh steps forward menacingly.

    Seneh: Answer. Me.

    Hamilton turns to her.

    Hamilton: His position has been terminated.

    Seneh looks at a loss. She glances downwards, staring into space.

    Hamilton: It turns out that he and Eve were both less than honest with the Partners. Ben had been helping Eve hide Lindsey McDonald's whereabouts.

    Seneh looks up at him. She shakes her head slowly.

    Seneh: No. No Ben wasn't that, that stupid!

    Hamilton: Unfortunately for him; he was.

    Seneh pauses.

    Seneh: (coldly) What about her?

    Hamilton: Eve? She's currently off the radar. But she can't hide forever now, can she?

    Seneh doesn't respond.

    Hamilton: Don't worry, Seneh. It'll be taken care of.

    Hamilton smiles, but his smile is untrustworthy. Seneh glares at him and then turns around. She stops as Hamilton begins to speak once again.

    Hamilton: Oh, and I'll hope you'll make our new associate welcome. It's just the three of us from now on.

    Seneh pauses and then walks away without responding. Hamilton smiles to himself.

    Cut to Angel, Gunn, Wesley, Spike and Lorne at the beginning of "Not Fade Away". The caption says "May 2005".

    Angel: Then we're all agreed.

    Spike: Yeah, we're all one big happy Manson family.

    Gunn: We taking 'em all at once?

    Angel: Can't. Circle of the Black Thorn is the most powerful group in this plane of existence. Together, they'd vaporize us, but separated, they're just demons.

    Wesley slings his shotgun over his shoulder and walks towards to Angel.

    Wesley: When do we make our move?

    The camera speeds away from them and upwards. Light flashes several times as the camera speeds upwards. As the light fades from the screen, we see Hamilton standing in the office he and Seneh were in previously. Lilah is leaning against his desk. She smiles to herself

    Lilah: Nervous?

    Hamilton turns to her and smiles confidently.

    Hamilton: And why would I be?

    Lilah: Well it is "The End" according to just about everyone. I was just wondering whether you were ready to deal with that.

    Hamilton: We're prepared for a number of circumstances.

    Lilah: Right, like you were prepared for Seneh to jump ship? For Connor's little return to field? For Illyria?

    Hamilton's smile fades.

    Lilah: Cause, correct me if I'm wrong but your little exchange was supposed to end with her dead, right? And yet?she's not.

    Hamilton: I came for Drogyn, Lilah. Illyria is irrelevant.

    Lilah: And that's why your bosses were so keen to get her out of the way only a few days ago?

    Hamilton: Whereas yours want to use her? They're foolish if they think her kind can be controlled.

    Lilah pushes herself off the table and walks towards Hamilton.

    Lilah: We're setting up for damage limitation. Your guys think you can go all out against Angel? You can't. We won't let you destroy him.

    Hamilton: Your superiors don't have it in their power to stop us.

    Lilah: Maybe not alone. But we do have some help.

    Hamilton frowns.

    Lilah: Seems that The Powers That Be aren't so stupid after all. They know which side to choose. And believe me, they've chosen.

    Hamilton looks angry.

    Hamilton: You can't stop the Apocalypse Lilah. Nothing can.

    Lilah: Well maybe you've got your star charts upside down. Cause I'm thinking that we'll still be playing the game for a while yet.

    Lilah smiles.

    Lilah: And I think I'll be seeing a lot more of you downstairs. Have fun.

    She turns round and walks out. Hamilton swallows. For the first time, there is fear in his eyes.

    Cut to a montage of scenes from "Vendettas" and "Different Destinations". There is a shot of Clare dying. A shot of Faith killing Jake. A shot of Ksyaknara dispersing. A shot of Dawn shooting Luce. A shot of Faith, dead.

    The screen fades to white. As the white fades, we see Whistler walking down a corridor. The caption says "May 2005". He appears to come to a dead end but as he places his hand on the wall, a door is formed. He opens it and walks into the room that was seen in "Pandora's Box". And just like in that episode, Seneh is stood in the room. The door is swallowed up behind Whistler as he walks forward. Seneh stands with her arms folded.

    Whistler: She did it.

    Seneh unfolds her arms in surprise. She shakes her head.

    Seneh: No, no, you can't kill a Senior Partner.

    Whistler: We don't know if that's the case. Ksyaknara might still have some conscious form?somewhere. But she's no longer an issue.

    Seneh doesn't respond.

    Whistler: The truth is Seneh?that Ksyaknara's demise wasn't simply random. It was orchestrated.

    Seneh looks confused.

    Whistler: Why do you think she went after Jakenos? He's not included in the prophecy. They were doomed to fail.

    Seneh seems to realise something.

    Seneh: They were misled?

    Whistler: Right.

    Seneh: Who told them? The Senior Partners?

    Whistler: No?their tool. You know who.

    Seneh pauses and then nods, realising something.

    Seneh: So, now they know they're not as invincible as they thought?what are the Partners gonna do?

    Whistler: As we speak, Angel and his group are launching an offensive against The Circle of the Black Thorn. Looks like they'll take them out. Avryx's faction aren't willing to let Angel get away with that.

    Seneh: This can't end well?

    Whistler: Well that depends from which side you're looking from. Ha-zar's group aren't so willing to give up on Angel just yet. They think there's still time. And so do we.

    Seneh: You can't intervene.

    Whistler: Sometimes we can.

    Seneh: What, when you're about to lose?

    Whistler stares at her.

    Whistler: You came here for sanctuary Seneh. We can take that away if you're not on board here.

    Seneh looks worried and swallows.

    Seneh: I'm on board. I just?there are things I don't understand.

    Whistler: You will. You've just been seeing things from backstage so far. We think it'll soon be time for you to step into the spotlight. That is?if you're ready.

    Seneh looks surprised by this offer. She nods once.

    Classic build up music plays as we see a montage of shots of Angel and co. fighting the Circle of the Black Thorn: Wesley dying. Angel killing Hamilton. Wolfram and Hart falling down. Angel, Illyria, Spike and Gunn standing in the alley way. Angel swinging his sword at the camera.
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    ACT II

    Cut to Whistler and Angel from "Purgatory". The caption says "May 2005".

    Whistler: Wolfram and Hart are moving out. And this time not just out of LA. I mean out of this dimension.

    Angel: They're gonna try and destroy it.

    Whistler: Yeah. And in style too.

    The screen fades to white as we cut to Avryx staring forwards, deep in thought. He is sat in the room seen at the end of "Casualties of Law". Footsteps are heard nearby. The doors open behind Avryx who does not turn round or look bothered in the slightest. It is the man from "Casualties of Law"

    Man: Sir; he's here.

    Avryx's gaze falters slightly and he moves his head slightly, glancing at the man through the corner of his eye.

    Avryx: Send him in.

    The man nods and walks away. Avryx turns back to stare as he was. In the background, a new figure can be seen out of focus.

    Avryx: Tell me?

    Avryx turns around to face the figure. It is Ha-zar.

    Avryx: What do you possibly hope to gain by coming here Ha-zar?

    Ha-zar smiles to himself and begins walking across the room.

    Ha-zar: Some assurance that we're not doomed to destroy one another, perhaps.

    Avryx gives him an icy stare.

    Avryx: You think that is what it will come to?

    Ha-zar: I had heard you are your associates are planning on?leaving this dimension. That would suggest that a certain amount of annihilation will be unavoidable in the near future, would it not?

    Avryx: What we decide is no longer your concern.

    Ha-zar: Ah but it is, Avryx, it is. Because we both know that your attempt at leaving shall be thwarted, you have too many obstacles barring your way and too many foundations in this world to leave it behind so easily. And when you realise this, with your armies torn asunder and your options limited, you will aim for the next best alternative; revenge upon Angel. And that is an aspiration I cannot allow you.

    Avryx stares, emotionless at Ha-zar.

    Avryx: It is your fixation upon that creature that has led us to this. Divided, impotent, and without purpose. The Shanshu Prophecy will not lead you to the victory you hope for. What meaning it may have had is now void.

    Ha-zar is now staring directly back at Avryx.

    Avryx: We may fail at leaving this dimension Ha-zar, but be rest assured that while Angel may still live on?he will never sway from his path. He is righteous, true?a champion. He'll never be anything more.

    Ha-zar smiles once more. He turns and begins to walk away.

    Ha-zar: We shall see.

    He leaves Avryx alone in the room.

    Cut to Angel and Illyria in "Torn at the Seams". The caption says "May 2005". Portals are exploding everywhere around them at the same time. Cut to Spike, Gwen and Gunn. Gunn looks around.

    Gunn: Somehow I think Wolfram and Hart are packed and ready to go.

    The screen fades to white. As the white fades we open on a blonde woman examining her hand. She is stood in another office like room.

    Woman: What we now are?contradicts all that we should be.

    In the background another figure appears. They come into focus; it's the Senior Partner from "Pandora's Box".

    Senior Partner: We have no access to the Higher Realms. Even if it we did what would you rather? Live with the high chance of eradication by the Powers That Be or make do with this temporary inferiority in the lower planes?

    The woman (who is clearly a Senior Partner also) doesn't respond, or look at the other Senior Partner.

    Senior Partner #2: I would have us strive for something a little less?human, Laverica.

    Laverica: For practical purposes it would be foolish to attempt to be anything else. Narok's little scheme of uniting the undead will come to nothing. We must adapt.

    Senior Partner #2: (still without looking) Perhaps.

    She pauses. The door to the room opens. Sebastian walks through.

    Sebastian: Ms Laverica, Ms Volariant, I have grave news.

    Laverica: Of what?

    Sebastian: The cursed Powers That Be?they have pushed our forces back in the higher planes. We have no way of returning to the Higher Planes and leaving this dimension.

    Laverica looks angered. The other Senior Partner (Volariant) turns round for the first time to look at Sebastian. She then looks at Laverica.

    Volariant: Tell Avryx to meet with us.

    Sebastian nods.

    Laverica: What are you planning Volariant?

    Volariant smiles.

    Volariant: Adaptation.

    Laverica looks confused by this, but Volariant smiles darkly.

    Cut to Angel and Connor in "Foundations". The caption says "August 2005"

    Angel: What did you see the other times?

    Connor: Just a bunch of images. I figured it was probably some after affect from the memories being created or something. It's nothing really-

    Angel: It's not nothing Connor, something could be seriously wrong with you.

    The screen fades to white. The white fades as we see the Senior Partner from "Once the Life is Taken". He is stood in a room similar to that which Avryx and Ha-zar spoke in before. Just like in the episode, his face is covered in dark mist. The mist however begins to fade revealing that he has slight demonic features. He frowns.

    Senior Partner: This body is temperamental.

    Voice OS: Perhaps you should have chosen a more adequate host, Detrell.

    The camera moves over to show that a blonde middle-aged woman has spoken. The male Senior Partner (Detrell) looks annoyed.

    Detrell: Your own choice of host could be criticised Narok. Angel was able to destroy it within moments. And now you must make do with the body of a human female.

    Narok looks annoyed.

    Avryx OS: This isn't the time for petty feuds.

    Detrell and Narok turn to see Avryx standing in the room's doorway. They look surprised to see him.

    Avryx: We have more pressing matters.

    Narok and Detrell nod in agreement.

    Avryx: What is the status of Angel's son.

    Narok: The effects are interesting to say the least. As of yet we don't know what is causing them-

    Avryx: We must know soon. Angel's focus on Connor is imperative. This "gift" could provide a benefit?or a hindrance.

    Detrell: It could indeed. I would also suggest leading the opposition to believe that we are in control of what is happening to Connor. We do not want Angel to learn otherwise, should they send Lilah or another liaison.

    Avryx considers this and nods.

    Avyrx: Do it.

    Avryx looks at Narok.

    Avryx: Keep a close eye on Ha-zar's movements.

    Narok nods. Avryx hastily leaves. Narok's gaze flickers over to Detrell.

    Narok: You might think, Detrell, that I don't notice your attempts to muster power. You think you can overthrow Avryx and take Ksyaknara's position.

    Detrell: I think that would be a goal more suited to your endeavours, Narok.

    He narrows his eyes. Narok however smiles. She steps towards him.

    Narok: You shall fail.

    The screen fades to white. Cut to Lilah and Angel in the Hyperion from "Here Comes the Rain Again". The caption says "September 2005".

    Lilah: Oh right. Well you remember that little deal you made with Hamilton? Looks like you're paying your half off right now. Or rather Connor is.

    Angel: You mean his visions are dangerous.

    Lilah: Couldn't say for sure. All I know is that he'll be the one paying the price at the end of the day.

    The screen fades to white. The white fades and cuts to Hamilton in the White Room. Laverica is stood nearby. Hamilton frowns.

    Hamilton: Lilah has lead Angel and his friends to believe we are involved.

    Laverica: It doesn't matter greatly?we don't require their trust. Ha-zar's faction will only have greater to fall when they discover the truth.

    Hamilton: We should tell him?

    Laverica: At some point they will find out. For now?whatever attack Ha-zar has planned could be used to our advantage.

    Hamilton: They have access to the Deeper Well. Angel and his friends may have difficulty in fighting an Old One, even in a weakened form.

    Laverica: I have no doubt that Ha-zar is willing to put that to the test. Their methods are certainly?underhanded.

    Laverica smiles. Hamilton looks confused.

    Hamilton: You know of something else Ma'am?

    Laverica: They are planning an attack on Connor's forged family. Doubtless we shall be blamed, when it is they who truly wish for Connor and Angel to be separated.

    Hamilton: How??

    Laverica: Their own shape shifters. It might be wise to be rid of those?sooner, rather than later.

    Hamilton: Of course.

    Laverica: Very good. I shall see you again.

    Laverica smiles and then walks away. Hamilton nods and stares into the nothingness of the White Room. Cut to a high shot of Hamilton standing alone in the room. The screen fades to white.

    The white fades upon a second scene from "Here Comes the Rain Again".

    Fred: Um actually there's a black limo out the front. I was kinda wondering how it got there.

    Angel looks surprised and walks towards the door. Cut to him walking up to the limo, followed by the others. There is a note stuck to the windshield. It says: "You know where to go from here" and is signed "Lilah". Angel frowns. The screen fades to white. We see Lilah smiling looking pleased with herself.

    Lilah: It's done sir. Angel knows where to go.

    The camera moves round to show Ha-zar smiling.

    Ha-zar: Good work Lilah.

    Lilah: Thank you sir.

    Lilah's smile falters for a second.

    Lilah: Uh, sir if you don't mind me asking?how will Avryx gain access to an Old One? I was under the impression that security surrounding the Deeper Well was infallible.

    Ha-zar smiles and pauses.

    Ha-zar: You have every right to ask such questions Lilah. However?you may not like the answers.

    Lilah: With all due respect Sir, I think by now I'm aware of what Wolfram and Hart are capable of doing.

    Ha-zar nods.

    Ha-zar: Of course. Lilah, Avryx is not going to obtain an Old One. We are.

    Lilah's smile fades. Ha-zar notices but doesn't respond.

    Lilah: We're setting Angel up?for the attack.

    Ha-zar: Yes. I trust you understand that Connor and Angel's relationship is important to test.

    Lilah: Of-of course, sir. I'm just a little surprised. I didn't think we'd be taking such a?direct role in this.

    Ha-zar: If we're not direct Lilah, we will fail. Angel shall not learn of this for the time being.

    Lilah: Yes sir. I'll be going.

    Ha-zar: Yes Lilah.

    Lilah nods and begins walking away. Despite her general cold attitude she does look a little troubled. Ha-zar watches her leave as the screen fades to white.

    The white fades upon a third scene from "Here Comes the Rain Again". Spike, Angel and Connor are stood in Connor's old house.

    Spike: There's no need to panic Angel. They're long gone.

    Angel doesn't seem to listen. He just stares at Connor sadly. A bite wound is seen on Connor's dad's neck. Connor turns round slowly. He looks at Angel, tearfully.

    Angel: Connor. Please. Let me in.

    The camera zooms upwards and cuts to black. The camera moves out showing the pupil of an eye. As the camera moves out more we see that this belongs to Seneh. She is stood with her arms folded looking sad.

    Seneh: How can you just watch this Azure?

    A woman (Azure) is stood next to Seneh. She smiles kindly.

    Azure: It gets easier.

    Seneh looks at her incredulously.

    Seneh: How?

    Azure sighs.

    Azure: When you learn?that trying to do the right thing can cause everything to be lost.

    Seneh: How could we lose from saving them? They're innocent.

    Azure: They are. But their death is not as meaningless as you might think Seneh.

    Seneh looks confused. Azure smiles.

    Azure: The factions of Wolfram and Hart may believe that driving a wedge between Angel and Connor is the key to Angel's undoing. In truth?this is the very thing that will bring them closer than they have ever been. It will be the Senior Partners' undoing.

    Seneh looks away.

    Seneh: You know which faction did this.

    Azure: Of course.

    Seneh: Then why won't you tell me?

    Azure: Because you would tell Angel and Connor, and Connor would seek revenge and most likely die in the process. You know the rules Seneh.

    Seneh: But I want to do something! I can't just stay up here forever admiring the cumulonimbus. Whistler's never around anymore cause of the war, why can't I do his job?

    Azure looks at her.

    Azure: Your moment will come.

    Cut to a scene from "A Place Called Hell". The caption says "October 2005". The two demons from the episode are present.

    Demon: She's gone.

    The other demon seen in Here Comes the Rain Again appears and smiles.

    Demon #2: You get it?

    Demon: I sure did.

    The demon walks over to the desk and opens the top draw. He is holding a jar of pale blue mist, which is gently swirling inside. He smiles as he holds it up.

    The screen fades to white. We cut to Naur-Vei, the Senior Partner seen in "Once the Life is Taken" opening a door. She is stood in what appears to Ha-zar's base of operations. She looks serious.

    Naur-Vei: Is it true?

    The camera moves round to show Alidris.

    Alidris: The shape shifters?

    Naur-Vei: Of course.

    Alidris: Yes?those fighting for us have been annihilated.

    Naur-Vei: Avryx?

    Alidris: Who else?

    Naur-Vei looks serious.

    Naur-Vei: We require forces with higher durability.

    Alidris: You have little need of worry, Naur-Vei. Firstly thanks to Lilah?we have the aid of the employees.

    Naur-Vei looks pleasantly surprised.

    Naur-Vei: She convinced them?

    Alidris: Yes?they were impressed by her speech, as opposed to Hamilton's more threatening methods.

    Naur-Vei smiles.

    Naur-Vei: The benefits of speaking for a living?we were foolish to think that a Child would be of more use than a lawyer.

    Alidris: Quite.

    Naur-Vei pauses.

    Naur-Vei: By your use of "firstly" I presume that we have other allies.

    Alidris smiles darkly.

    Alidris: We do.

    Naur-Vei: The Old Ones?have they joined our fight?

    Voice OS: We have.

    Naur-Vei turns. She smiles as she sees Invidia facing her. Invidia smiles darkly.

    Cut to a scene from "Once the Life is Taken". The caption says "November 2005".

    Angel: Scott?please, look, it doesn't have to end like this.

    Scott smiles sadly and nods.

    Scott: Everything ends like this.

    He pulls the trigger. The screen fades to white. The white fades as we are shown Detrell once again. He turns round to look at Terethys. They are both stood in an office-like room.

    Detrell: What do you hope to achieve from this Terethys?

    Terethys: I'm only here to warn you. Ha-zar felt it respectful considering we were once allies.

    Detrell: Your condescension is very amusing Terethys. You truly feel you've triumphed.

    Terethys: Happened the day your impatience overcame you.

    Detrell: And you would wait forever for Angel to fulfil your little prophecy.

    Terethys: Or Spike.

    Detrell: Either way?your lives revolve around a lower being.

    Terethys narrows his eyes.

    Terethys: And what have you to believe in? More of your shape shifters are killed everyday. We have all of Wolfram and Hart?and the Old Ones.

    Detrell: We have someone far greater. You may control the Old Ones Terethys?but not all pure demons lie in the Deeper Well.

    Terethys' confident look fades a little. Cut to Avryx looking up at the screen. Laverica, Volariant and Narok are stood nearby. However Avryx looks not at them but at the other side of the room.

    Avryx: We're glad you could join us again. There is a lot to discuss.

    The camera moves round slowly. A figure turns round. He smiles.

    Malachi: That we do.
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      ACT III

      Cut to a flashback from "Screw Loose". The caption says "London 1953".

      Elliot: Who are you?

      Spike: That's a very good question little mate.

      Spike vamps out. So does Drusilla as she turns to the woman. Elliot gasps.

      Spike: This answer it?

      The screen fades to white. Cut to a pair of black high-heeled boots. The camera follows them as the owner of them walks down a corridor casually, yet also gracefully.

      Voice OS: You've very punctual?

      The camera moves up slowly. We see the identity of the occupant of the black boots.

      Voice OS: ?Drusilla.

      Drusilla smiles.

      Drusilla: Couldn't let the game start by itself. All the best toys would've been taken and no one left to play with me.

      The camera moves over to show it is Avryx who has been speaking.

      Avryx: You shouldn't worry. You'll have the perfect opportunity to play as much as you want. You know why we wanted to you be involved in this.

      Drusilla looks troubled and turns away. She puts her left hand to her brow.

      Drusilla: Precious Spike. His heart and mind all covered in lost thoughts.

      Avryx: Yes. We can make him right again. Together.

      Drusilla glances at Avryx.

      Drusilla: You have all the boys and girls on strings. Puppets dancing for you. The act is half way through. Why do you want me to join them?

      Avryx: Because we both know Drusilla that Spike will respond to you. My rivals believe that Spike could be used to their advantage. Because of a prophecy about soul.

      Drusilla's face grows venomous.

      Drusilla: Wretched thing! Scratching at his heart like rusty nails. The stars whispering to one another won't let me know their plan. They mustn't take him!

      Avryx: They won't. The soul can be removed. Spike can join us.

      Drusilla pauses and then smiles.

      Drusilla: A family?again?

      Avryx: Of course.

      Drusilla looks pleased.

      Drusilla: I shall dance under the moon for all to see.

      Avryx: You will dance like never before.

      Drusilla grins wickedly. Avryx smiles darkly.

      Cut to Gwen and Connor in "Screw Loose". The caption says "January 2006".

      Gwen: You know if it's that bad maybe you should go to the doctor.

      Connor: Oh no need for that, I'm sure it'll clear?

      Connor looks confused as he closes his eyes slowly. He begins to sway.

      Gwen: Connor!

      Gwen rushes to Connor's side as he begins to fall. She grabs him. Connor looks in pain, but stares at Gwen's hand clutching his bare arm. He looks at her surprised. Gwen looks hesitant and hides her hand with the device attached to it behind her back. Gunn enters.

      Gunn: What's happened?

      The screen fades to white. The white fades to show Narok and Hamilton in Avryx's HQ.

      Narok: Thank you Hamilton. You may go.

      Hamilton nods and walks away. Volariant is seen standing nearby. Narok looks at her.

      Narok: What would you suggest?

      Volariant pauses.

      Volariant: We must experiment.

      Narok: You think that's wise?

      Volariant: Vail would not leave Connor in such a jeopardised position. He knew how important Connor's preservation is.

      Narok: Nevertheless?we're hardly experts of the human mind. We could cause damage, unintentionally.

      Volariant: We could also cause something very interesting. Connor and Spike are the most important dynamics to Ha-zar, other than Angel. We have the opportunity to attack them both at once.

      Narok considers this.

      Narok: We will consult Avryx.

      Volariant glances at her.

      Volariant: Will we?

      Narok looks confused.

      Narok: Why would you not tell him?

      Narok frowns and smiles at Volariant mockingly.

      Narok: Are you attempting a seizure of power like the rest?

      Volariant: I would not be surprised to learn of your own attempts to ascend the chain of power.

      Narok glares at Volariant who stares back calmly, knowing she has touched upon a hint of truth.

      Cut to a scene from "Endlessly". The caption says "January 2006". Gunn looks at Drusilla.

      Gunn: So I think I missed something.

      Lilah walks up to Drusilla. She stares at her seriously. Spike turns his head and looks at Dru who stares back looking upset.

      Spike: She's got a soul.

      The screen fades to white. Cut to Ha-zar sat at a table, his fingers rubbing his lips thoughtfully.

      Voice OS: Avryx continues to generate life force but at a much slower rate than before.

      We see that it is Cescenya speaking. She is also sat at the table, as are Terethys, Alidris, Naur-Vei and Survata.

      Survata: Then more attacks are presumably planned.

      Naur-Vei: Yet their forces wear thin. The Powers That Be have a distinct advantage in the Higher Realms from what we are told. Avryx has no kind of foothold there.

      Terethys: But he does on Earth.

      Terethys pauses. The other Senior Partners seem to know what he means and look anxious.

      Ha-zar: Malachi?may be a distinct problem. He intends this world to perish as much as Avryx does. Their combined efforts give them a tight grip upon human and demon society alike. We must try and counter this.

      Naur-Vei: How?

      Ha-zar: I have several proposals. However, the more pressing matter currently at hand is Drusilla.

      Cescenya: She cannot possibly be the vampire spoken of?

      Alidris: Oh yes she can. Just as Darla was a threat to our plan?so is Drusilla now.

      Terethys: Then we eliminate her-

      Ha-zar: No.

      Survata: Ha-zar?

      Ha-zar: If Drusilla is the Shanshu's legacy?then she could be as vital as Angel or Spike. And who, would you think, is more likely to fulfil a shade of grey should the opportunity arise? The Champions? Or the newly turned?confused vampire. Lost and alone. Without anything?until we show her the way.

      The other Senior Partners consider this.

      Alidris: What about Angel's son?

      Ha-zar: What of him?

      Naur-Vei: You speak as if he is lost to us.

      Ha-zar: He is. The Powers That Be knew that this would occur?our attempts at weakening their bond have strengthened it a thousand times over.

      Terethys: What if Avryx has plans for Connor?

      Ha-zar: Then I wish him luck in tapping into the power of a meaningless being.

      The other Senior Partners look a little surprised. Ha-zar stares forward looking bitter.

      Cut to people shouting in city streets. The caption says "February 2006". Cut to various other scenes of the chaos following the demon revelation. There is a shot of Buffy as she sees her friends unconscious and wounded around her from "Pandora's Box". The screen fades to white. The white fades upon Avryx watching a large television screen, which is showing live News coverage of the impact of the revelation, without sound. Malachi is stood behind him.

      Avryx: It has been too long time since I saw such chaos thrust itself upon the Earth.

      Avryx turns to Malachi.

      Avryx: And you didn't even need an apocalypse to do it.

      Malachi: Well that all depends on what you mean by apocalypse.

      Avryx: You know what I would mean by it.

      Malachi: All in due time.

      Avryx: I would never doubt your intent to bring it about.

      Malachi smiles.

      Malachi: What do you plan for your rival faction? They too have some power do they not?

      Avryx: They will never be without power. Whether they have a more potent weapon remains to be seen?

      Malachi: They will not be spared in the ritual. It is not possible.

      Avryx: I'm aware. The battle that follows will be?most interesting.

      Malachi nods once.

      Malachi: I must. This has never been attempted before.

      Avryx: Of course. We have adequate facilities for you to remain?unnoticed.

      Malachi nods once. He then begins to walk away. Avryx watches him go and then turns back to the television screen. He smiles.

      Cut to Whistler and Seneh from "Ricochet". The caption says "February 2006". Whistler has Seneh by the throat

      Whistler: Think you're getting out of here alive?

      Seneh looks worried.

      Voice OS: Do you?

      Whistler turns round. A woman with piercing green eyes (Laverica) is seen smiling at him for a split second as her hand darts forward and a ripping sound is heard. Seneh looks surprised as a strange crackling sound fills the room. The walls disappear. There is a close up of Seneh's eyes only. They widen as fire is reflected in them.

      The Higher Planes appear to be burning as far as the eye can see. Corpses of demons and what appear to be humans are littered around randomly. Seneh looks shocked to be seeing such devastation. Laverica appears beside her, looking interested rather than shocked.

      Laverica: Mesmerising, isn't it?

      Seneh looks at Laverica. Her face freezes. There is a pause.

      Seneh: What?do you want?

      Laverica: I want to make a deal with-

      Seneh: No.

      Laverica: Or I can leave you here.

      Seneh glares at her.

      Seneh: I thought you couldn't be here.

      Laverica: Well, yes, but as you can see, my presence is probably not the Powers That Be's biggest worry for the time being. I risked coming here because we wanted to save you, Seneh. Your connection with Angel could be?useful to us.

      Seneh: You think I'd help you hurt him? Never.

      Laverica: I think you might whatever you try.

      Laverica suddenly freezes. Seneh looks confused. She looks round to see Alidris. She smiles pleasantly.

      Alidris: Take this?

      Alidris hands her a small crystal; a crystal similar to those that were on Illyria's coffin.

      Alidris: It will aid you when you need to take flight.

      Seneh looks confused. We cut to a flash-forward of Seneh and Laverica standing in the crowd at the end of "Ricochet". Seneh squeezes the crystal and she and Laverica vanish. Cut back to Seneh and Alidris.

      Alidris: Laverica's army will reach Angel shortly. You should warn them. It's what you always did best, Seneh.

      Alidris smiles, darkly, and vanishes. Laverica unfreezes. Seneh pauses and then looks at her.

      Seneh: If I help you?will you let me live?

      Laverica: Of course. You have my word. Do I have yours?

      Seneh pauses once again.

      Seneh: Yes.

      There are flashes to Seneh telling Angel the truth about Laverica; breaking their agreement. Laverica reveals her true appearance. Seneh teleports them using the stone. The camera speeds upwards as they vanish. We quickly cut to the devastated Higher Planes as they reappear. Laverica hesitates and then looks angrily at Seneh, grabbing for her throat. However a terrible sound is heard in the distance. Laverica turns, true fear in her eyes. Avryx appears. He nods at Laverica and she seems to realise something. She turns to Seneh and gives her a look of disgust as she and Avryx vanish. Seneh stares after them but then looks in the direction of the roaring. A shadow looms. Seneh's eyes widen as she drops the crystal on the ground. Behind her, a figure can be seen out of focus.

      Woman's voice: You can't stay here.

      Seneh turns around. Azure is stood behind her looking grave. Seneh looks confused.

      Seneh: Why are you helping me?

      Azure: Because you still have a path to choose Seneh. This?

      She looks around at the wreckage?her home.

      Azure: This is not it.

      Seneh is about to speak but the roaring grows, closer. Azure looks worried.

      Azure: You must go.

      Seneh: What about you?

      Azure: My fate is irrelevant. Go!

      Seneh picks up the crystal hurriedly. She turns to see the shadow of something terrible appearing from the mist. The screen fades to white.

      Cut to Illyria, Lilah and Invidia in "A Life Less Extraordinary". The caption says "February 2007". Lilah stares at Invidia. Illyria does also. Invidia breathes heavily and looks at Lilah from the corner of her eye.

      Invidia: You have stolen my power!

      Lilah: No, I've neutralised you so you don't obliterate LA. That'd be Mr Ha-zar's orders by the way.

      Invidia looks angry and then gets up and is about to punch Lilah when Lilah flicks a stone in her head, similar to that from Illyria's sarcophagus. Invidia falls into slow motion as Lilah steps aside. The screen fades to white.

      Cut to Invidia looking enraged. It is only a short time after the evens of "A Life Less Extraordinary". Lilah stares at her.

      Invidia: You manipulated me!

      She moves towards Lilah.

      Lilah: What do you intend to do? I'm already dead.

      Invidia swiftly grabs the device Lilah was holding and smashes it against a nearby wall. Lilah stares, generally not phased.

      Lilah: Is this a tantrum or what?

      Invidia: You consider yourself so superior. You are nothing! A child playing amongst infants. You think you know what evil is. You have no concept of what you are trying to control!

      Lilah: Hey, you work for us now. I'm sorry to break it to you Invidia but the world isn't your playground anymore. You can't go around as you please destroying continental shelves. You have to stick to our rules.

      Invidia: In my time evil was not handicapped by such weakness.

      Lilah: Well if "weakness" means logical thought then I'm afraid we're going to have to agree to disagree.

      Invidia: You have been amongst humans for too long. Even your superiors are mere shadows of what they were.

      Lilah: I don't see you as a particularly awe-inspiring influence right now.

      Invidia: The Higher Planes are already suffering our wrath, and soon this world shall too. This world?this human world will never come to close to what we once were.

      Lilah: Maybe not. But we certainly have. I think that's something you're going to have to get used to.

      Invidia narrows her eyes.

      Invidia: And I think otherwise.

      She suddenly punches through Lilah's chest. Lilah gasps.

      Cut to Detrell looking contemplative. Invidia and another Old One are stood opposite him.

      Detrell: I realise that you're angry-

      Old One: You realise nothing! You mock our very essence with your science and your reason.

      Invidia: Carnifex?

      She looks at the Old One (Carnifex).

      Invidia: We have no reason to continue this.

      Carnifex: Agreed.

      They turn to leave. Detrellstands up.

      Detrell: Please?

      Invidia and Carnifex pause.

      Detrell: Ha-zar was a fool; he thought he could control you. He was mistaken. We can offer you so much more.

      Carnifex and Invidia turn slowly.

      Carnifex: Yes?you can offer us the guarantee of satisfaction when we triumph.

      They leave. Detrell looks worried; the Old Ones are back.
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        ACT IV

        Cut to a scene from "Casualties of Law". Lilah and Hamilton are facing off in the holding dimension. The caption says "March 2006".

        Lilah: Kennedy Elisonne?

        She looks at Hamilton.

        Lilah: You think she's the one?

        Kennedy looks anxious at this reference.

        Lilah: Wow, interesting theory.

        Hamilton: You know it isn't?

        Lilah: If you put that toy down and start thinking a little more rationally maybe we can share notes?

        Cut to Narok turning around looking irritated.

        Narok: Then if it is not her, who is it?

        Naur-Vei is stood opposite her looking calm.

        Naur-Vei: We have our suspicions.

        Narok narrows her eyes.

        Narok: Hiding such information will grant you no favours.

        Naur-Vei: Yes I'm sure. However, sharing our information with our rivals would also be unwise.

        Narok: This has nothing to do with that.

        Naur-Vei: Oh yes? And what would you plan to do with the Slayer if you found the one the prophecy speaks of? You would fight us for her. That, if I'm not mistaken, makes you our rival.

        Narok: Her role could change everything. We have more adequate resources to deal with her.

        Naur-Vei: I doubt that. But if you truly wish to pursue this...then I suggest you look a little harder.

        Narok looks angry and walks away.

        Cut to the last scene of "Casualties of Law".

        Avryx: Well, make sure the others are ready to strike when needed. And inform the other Senior Partners of the next phase.

        Man #2: Yes sir.

        The man leaves. Avyrx stares down. However instead of showing the new shape shifter army like in "Casualties of Law" the camera stays in the room. Volariant walks in. Avryx smiles without looking at her.

        Avryx: Such a lesser race?playing such an important role.

        Volariant: They always do.

        Avryx looks at her.

        Volariant: We kings and queens could never emerge victorious without our pawns.

        Avryx nods slowly in agreement. Volariant pauses. She shows little concern in her tone.

        Volariant: What have you planned, should they fail?

        Avryx: They won't.

        Volariant: You are that certain?

        Avryx: I am.

        Volariant: Angel has bound the human world. We will have no means to create another army.

        Avryx: Oh yes we shall. He has almost finished.

        Volariant smiles looking surprised but pleased. Avryx stares down at the shape shifters. Volariant goes out of focus in the background.

        Avryx: Besides?they are only needed for one more attack.

        Cut to Cescenya and Connor in the Hyperion from "Out Came the Children Running". The caption says "March 2007".

        Cescenya: There are things you need to know. Things I can tell you.

        Connor: Like what?

        Cescenya: Well, like the fact that your parents, your guardians even, miss you.

        Connor looks shocked. The screen fades to white. Cut to Cescenya opening her eyes. She appears to have just reappeared in Ha-zar's base. Ha-zar is nearby.

        Ha-zar: Did he believe you?

        Cescenya: Of course not.

        Ha-zar: Good. He has no hope to find them.

        Cescenya: He told me that Angel was all the family he would ever need.

        She and Ha-zar share a dark smile. Survata and Naur-Vei appear.

        Ha-zar: And what of Gwen and Gunn?

        Survata: They will never fall from Angel's die.

        Naur-Vei: They would not falter in the truth that their deaths may be soon?some sooner than others.

        Ha-zar nods once.

        Ha-zar: Perhaps that shall change after recent developments?we shall wait for Terethys.

        Cut to Terethys and Seneh together in the Hyperion lobby.

        Terethys: So you have a choice?you do something for us and we take care of your problem.

        He leans over to whisper in her ear.

        Terethys: Or you better start running.

        Seneh looks worried. Terethys leans back, unlike in "Out Came the Children Running", revealing that we did not see the entire scene unfold in that episode.

        Seneh: What?

        Terethys smiles.

        Terethys: The Powers That Be are pretty smart. They thought they could change things as easily as they did back last year. They were wrong.

        Seneh frowns.

        Seneh: What does this have to do with me?

        Terethys: Not much?yet. You see Seneh; Angel was meant to survive that battle?but he was the only one. Gunn, Illyria and Spike?they're living on borrowed time.

        Seneh looks worried.

        Terethys: They're not meant to live.

        Seneh: No?

        Terethys: Sorry. Not much we can do about the laws of nature now is there?

        Seneh looks angry. She then looks upset.

        Seneh: When?

        Terethys: Who knows? But your job Seneh?is to say nothing.

        Seneh looks horrified.

        Terethys: You manage that?and we'll help you.

        Seneh: Why?if you want them dead-

        Terethys: We would kill them. You're right. Thing is, this is about The Powers That Be too. We'd like to make it clear that they can't meddle in such things and get away with it. You understand?

        Seneh looks at a loss for words.

        Terethys: I'll take that as a yes.

        The screen fades to white. Cut to a scene from "Expiration Date". The caption says "March 2006".

        Illyria: Its business concerned Gwen's device.

        Gwen looks awkward at hearing this.

        Gwen: Yeah?

        Connor: Why would it want it?

        The screen fades to white. Avryx and Laverica stand together.

        Laverica: The first will be soon?I can feel it.

        Avryx: Yes.

        Laverica: We should strike now.

        Avryx: Soon. I shall see that the shape shifters are in place.

        Laverica nods. She begins to walk away.

        Avryx: Oh and Laverica.

        Laverica turns to look at him.

        Avryx: Those loose ends we talked of?I think it's time that they be tightened, somewhat.

        Laverica smiles and nods, looking pleased at hearing this. Avryx stares after her.

        Cut to Seneh a little later in "Expiration Date". She sees Gunn standing before her, comforting Gwen. She sees Illyria examining a weapon. She sees Spike talking with Angel. She closes her eyes, the information that she has been told heavy in her mind? as is the conflicting question of whether or not it was true.

        The screen fades to white. Drums start playing. Cut to a shot of the demons attacking the hotel in "Expiration Date". The shots get faster as the drumbeats quicken. Cut to a shot of Angel and the others surrounded by Avryx's shapeshifters. Cut to a shot of Gwen fighting the head demon. Cut to a shot of the shape shifters attacking Angel and co. The shots are now quicker so that it is harder to distinguish between them. Various shots of fighting are seen, as well as Connor being taken and Illyria and Fred running. Finally we see Gwen looking devastated and Gunn's body. The last drum beat is louder than the others and sounds as we cut to?

        ?a pair of feet in blue slippers walking along a bathroom floor. The camera moves up to show a dressing gown of the same colour. The figure has stopped walking and has opened a cabinet. The camera moves up further to show that the figure is a woman with long brown hair. She shuts the cabinet door, which is also a mirror. We see that the woman is Eve. A man is stood behind her. It's Sebastian. He smiles as Eve looks shocked.

        Sebastian: Hello Eve.

        Cut to black.

        THE END
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