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Angel Episode 6.17 127. Expiration Date

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  • Angel Episode 6.17 127. Expiration Date

    Hi, this is the seventeenth episode of Angel Season 6 by me. I hope you enjoy reading it. If you have feedback, please post it here; both positive comments and constructive criticism are welcome

    Angel Episode 6.17 127. Expiration Date

    Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters on Angel. They belong to Fox Studios and Joss Whedon. This work is fictional and is only for my and others entertainment. Therefore no infringement is intended. I do not intend to make a profit from this work. However I own all characters that have not previously appeared/been mentioned on Angel, so I can do whatever I like with them. Therefore any unauthorised usage of these characters is not permitted.

    ACT I

    Open on Gwen and Gunn's room in The Hyperion, night. The two of them lie under the covers, moving suggestively as their shallow breaths are all that can be heard in the darkness. Cut to a closer shot of Gwen on top of Gunn, their bodies fusing together in passion as they stare into one another's eyes, beyond content. There is a close up shot of Gwen's hand clutching Gunn's shoulder, the device clearly seen. However it suddenly loosens and slips a little. Gwen and Gunn don't seem to notice as they continue. However is falls from Gwen's hand and Gunn suddenly lurches in great pain. Gwen looks horrified as she realises what is happening as sparks ripple over Gunn's body, now motionless. His empty eyes stare up; their embrace shattered.

    Cut to Gunn opening his eyes looking shocked. He is in bed, and it is still dark. He sees Gwen lying next to him, sleeping peacefully. The shock fades from Gunn's face and he looks relieved. He smiles a little at Gwen. However muffled voices can be heard and Gunn looks up to see the light in the corridor still on. He quietly gets out of bed.

    Cut to him opening the door into the corridor, pulling a top down over his stomach. Angel, Fred, Connor and Illyria are talking together at the end of the corridor. They turn as they see Gunn. Gunn closes the door of his and Gwen's bedroom quietly and walks towards them.

    Gunn: You guys started some midnight club without telling me?

    No one says anything for a second.

    Illyria: Fred has had a vision.

    Gunn wrinkles his brow.

    Gunn: I'm guessing it's a little serious?

    Fred: Take out the "a little" and replace it with "pretty damn". There were an army of shape shifters. And they looked like us.

    Gunn looks shocked.
    Cut to Gwen sleeping. Her eyes flicker open slowly and she frowns slightly as she sees that Gunn isn't next to her. She sits up and notices the light in the corridor. She gets out of bed and walks towards the door. Suddenly her window smashes. Gwen turns in shock to see a creature of some kind standing before her. The darkness makes it difficult to see. Gwen raises her arm defensively as the demon lunges at her. However it is forced back by the non-violence spell that is still in effect. Gwen is also forced to the ground. The door suddenly bursts open as Gunn, followed by the others, rush in. The demon can be seen better now; it has sharp claws and fairly smooth green skin with narrow slits for eyes. Gunn goes to attack the demon but it growls and slashes at him. Again it is propelled back by the non-violence spell. It hits the wall and falls to the ground. It spies Gwen's device and glares at it. It snarls and suddenly springs towards the window and disappears as quickly as it arrives.

    Gunn looks up from the ground at Gwen who looks shaken by what has just happened. Fred, Connor and Angel look equally shocked. Gunn kneels next to Gwen looking concerned at her. He touches her hand but suddenly pulls his hand away as a spark hits him. Gwen and Gunn both look surprised as they see that the device has loosened from Gwen's hand slightly. She quickly fixes it back in place and clutches Gunn's hand gladly. Gunn still looks concerned for several reasons. Seneh and Spike appear at the doorway. They observe what has been happening.

    Spike: So much for a quiet night in.

    Angel looks serious and stares at Gwen who looks around at the others, uncertain as to what to say.

    Opening credits.


    AMY ACKER - Winnifred "Fred" Burkle/Illyria
    J. AUGUST RICHARDS - Charles Gunn
    ALEXA DAVALOS - Gwen Raiden
    PETER KRAUSE - Benjamin "Tap" Tapping

    Guest Starring:

    JACK COLEMAN - Large Demon

    Cut to Angel and Spike standing with a guard in the front courtyard of the Hyperion.

    Guard: I wish we could explain how it got in-

    Angel: Yeah I wish you could too.

    He looks angry.

    Guard: We'll uh, we'll go and have a look for any more.

    Angel: You do that.

    The guard walks away looking awkward. Spike looks at Angel.

    Spike: They wouldn't've had much luck even if they had spotted it. You saw what it nearly did to Gunn.

    Angel: They're supposed to be watching out for all kinds of things. Guess it shows that they think the things that want us dead are gonna walk in off the street.

    Angel sighs and turns to go back inside.

    Spike: Wasn't after us though was it?

    Angel turns and looks at Spike and then looks back inside. Gwen and the others are talking inside. Angel's gaze focuses on Gwen.

    Cut to inside.

    Gwen: Gunn I'm fine, really.

    Gunn: If it wasn't for that non-violence spell you wouldn't have been.

    Seneh: And you wouldn't have a face.

    Gunn and Gwen look at her. Seneh tries to look enthusiastic.

    Seneh: So it's a darn good job we cast it!

    Fred: Still?that thing looked like it meant business.

    Illyria: Its business concerned Gwen's device.

    Gwen looks awkward at hearing this.

    Gwen: Yeah?

    Connor: Why would it want it?

    Seneh: Evil things have their reasons. I mean it is mystical right?

    Gwen considers this as Angel and Spike walk back in.

    Gunn: What'd the useless army guys say?

    Angel: They're uh, gonna search for any more demons.

    Connor: And I'm really reassured?

    Gwen: Look it can't do anything anyway, not while the spell's working. So let ?em come.

    Fred: But?if there are anymore, and they're after your device they might, you know, want it.

    Gwen hesitates.

    Gwen: Well then they better have rubber armour, cause I'm still able to fry if I need to.

    Gunn smiles.

    Gunn: Hell yeah.

    Illyria: You do not question why the demon wished to obtain the device. It may serve a darker purpose.

    Seneh: Guess we'll find out soon if it does.

    Gwen and Gunn both look a little concerned.

    Connor: In the mean time I guess we should worry about that other problem.

    Gwen: Other problem?

    Seneh and Spike also look confused.

    Fred: Oh, right?

    Angel: Fred had a vision of the Senior Partner's shape shifter army. They looked like all of us.

    Seneh's eyes widen. Gwen looks worried.

    Seneh: That's?incredibly disturbing.

    Spike: Planning to use a trick or two on us I bet. Wouldn't be the first time something's tried that one.

    Gwen: Well think what they could do. They could do just about anything and blame it on us.

    Gunn: And I aint looking forward to seeing myself shoot the President on ABC.

    Connor: Depends where.

    Everyone looks at Connor.

    Connor: Kidding!

    Angel: Gwen's right. That's probably what they have in mind.

    Seneh: But what can we do about it?

    Angel: I have the Minister of Defence's number. I can let him know before they start.

    Fred: Better hurry.

    Angel: It's a little late right now. We should get back to bed.

    Fred nods. Connor notices something.

    Connor: Where's Tap?

    The others look around also.

    Illyria: He will be unaware of what threatens us.

    Angel: I think it'd be better to leave him be right now. Probably a reason he didn't come down, even if he did hear what was going on.

    Gunn: Hard not to.

    Spike: S'pose we'll find out in the morning.

    There is a general nod of agreement. People start walking upstairs back to bed. Gunn and Gwen walk together. They look at one another and smile. As they turn to look forwards there is a hint of uncertainty in both their eyes.

    Cut to Connor sat opposite the television in the Hyperion lobby watching something. Seneh walks down the stairs and notices him.

    Seneh: Wow.

    Connor looks at her.

    Seneh: Aren't teenage boys supposed to sleep until ridiculous hours of the afternoon?

    Connor: Well as I'm no longer a teenager I guess that I'm exempt from that unwritten rule?

    Seneh smiles a little. Connor smiles back. Seneh looks serious.

    Seneh: So, about yesterday?with what happened with you, me Gwen and Gunn-

    Connor: And here's the part where you surprise me. You were like, not even admitting anything happened.

    Seneh: Well, it did, ok? The Senior Partners tried their stuff on me and yeah I was a little freaked but that's as far as it goes.

    She walks towards Connor.

    Seneh: You can't let them convince you that they can offer you anything Connor. That's what they want. When it comes down to it, they're still about as evil as you can get. So just, ignore them, ok?

    Connor looks serious.

    Connor: She talked about my parents. My?other parents.

    Seneh: I bet she did.

    Connor: She said they were waiting for me. I wanted to believe?you know? That there was some truth in what she was saying.

    Seneh looks sympathetic.

    Seneh: If wish there could be. But like I said-

    Connor: Yeah I know.

    Seneh sighs and puts her hand on Connor's arm. She then sits next to him.

    Seneh: So what wonderful daytime TV is on?

    Connor: You had time to watch TV before?

    Seneh: Hey, we had cable. At Wolfram and Hart I mean. Cause, evil, duh.

    Connor: Right.

    He and Seneh share a laugh. The camera pulls back to show Angel standing on the stairs. He looks as if he has heard Connor's revelation about his parents. He looks grave.

    Cut to Tap with Fred in his room.

    Tap: Well that's more fun to add to everything else recently.

    Fred: As always.

    Tap: Any plan of action?

    Fred: Well there may be a plan, but I'm not sure how much action it'll involve. Fighting shape shifters that look like us could get tricky.

    Tap: What about the thing that attacked Gwen?

    Fred: Angel and Spike are willing to find out how to kill it. Which is fine just as long as, you know, we can actually kill it.

    Tap: I'll lend a hand in that area.

    Fred smiles.

    Fred: You're feeling better?

    Tap: I'm feeling?able. I can't lie in bed and think about the crap I did back then. So I'm thinking forward, despite the fact forward may mean fights to the death or whatever.

    Fred: Well?good for you.

    Tap smiles. There is a short pause.

    Fred: I guess we should go downstairs, see what's happening.

    Tap: Mmhmm.

    Fred smiles and they both get up. There is a short pause as they stare at one another for a second. Fred then looks awkward and walks away. Tap looks confused about what just happened and follows her.

    Cut to Gunn and Gwen lying on their bed. They are both fully clothed and Gwen is laying her head on Gunn's chest. Gunn is stroking his fingers through Gwen's hair. There is a sudden flashback to the images of Gunn and Gwen having sex together and Gwen's device loosening. Cut back to Gunn looking

    Gwen: What are you thinking?

    Gunn looks a little startled.

    Gunn: Huh?

    Gwen looks up at him.

    Gwen: About this.

    She indicates her device. Gunn doesn't respond for a moment.

    Gunn: I think we shouldn't worry too much right now.

    Gwen sighs and stares forward.

    Gwen: I dunno?I just have this vibe, you know? Like maybe this?

    She holds up her hand with the device attached.

    Gwen: ?was asking too much.

    Gunn shuffles to look directly at Gwen.

    Gunn: This?

    He indicates them lying in each other's arms.

    Gunn: ?is something everyone deserves. We deserve it. I know I said a while back it don't matter?but we have this chance to just be, Gwen, I aint gonna let no demon get in the way of that.

    Gwen smiles. Gunn kisses her forehead.

    Gwen: Neither am I.

    Gunn smiles back. There is a knock on the door.

    Gwen: Yeah?

    Angel walks in. He looks serious. Gwen and Gunn's smiles fade.

    Gunn: What is it?

    Angel: Gwen?you need to check the TV.

    Gwen looks confused and worried.

    Cut to the TV screen in the lobby. A reporter is sat behind a news desk. A picture of Lara from "Static" is shown behind her.

    Reporter: Police reports state that Lara Roberts was a victim of demon attack, though it appears that the demons attacked with a purpose as her left hand has been removed.
    We see Gwen watching the report. She looks upset.

    Gwen: Turn it off?

    The others are revealed to be also watching.

    Connor: There might be more-

    Gwen: Turn it off!

    She stares at him. Connor complies and grabs the remote. There is a pause. Gwen realises something.

    Gwen: We?we have to find Janet.

    Angel: Who's that?

    Gwen: She was another prisoner with me?she had a device too, she-she could be next!

    Gwen looks upset. Gunn puts his arms around her. Gwen rubs her hand over her face anxiously.

    Spike: Know where she lives?

    Gwen: Uh, no but?I have a number, I'll go get it?

    Gwen breaks free of Gunn's embrace as she heads upstairs. Gunn looks a little surprised as she walks away.

    Fred: I wonder what they want with the devices?

    Seneh looks noticeably awkward. Spike notices.

    Spike: Got a theory?

    The others look at Seneh.

    Seneh: Oh, uh, no it's just?weird.

    Tap: Could have some mystical relevance I guess.

    Angel considers this.

    Angel: Think you could take a closer look at it when Gwen comes down?

    Tap: Sure.
    Illyria: Were the devices not created by a human?

    Gunn: The guy that made them was kinda insane. We don't know how he did all that stuff to Gwen and the others in the first place.

    The others look a little awkward. Gwen reappears.

    Gwen: Found it.

    Angel: Good.

    Gwen walks to the phone. She picks it up and hurriedly dials Janet's number as the others watch anxiously. Janet's voice can be heard on the other end.

    Janet: Hello?

    Gwen: Janet? Oh thank God, it-it's Gwen.

    Janet: Gwen, honey! I was just trying to find your number, I?I saw the news.

    Gwen: I know. Janet listen to me, you could be next-

    Janet: Oh Lord?

    Gwen: But it's ok, you need to get here-

    Janet: No?Gwen I think?I think it's he-

    The phone line goes dead. Gwen's eyes widen in horror.

    Gwen: Janet?

    Angel looks concerned.

    Gwen: Janet!

    Gwen looks upset and is now shouting her name.

    Gwen: Janet!! No!

    She begins to cry. Gunn walks up to her. The others look grave. Gwen shrugs Gunn off of her and shakes her head.

    Gwen: No!

    She runs to the front doors.

    Angel: Gwen!

    Gunn: Gwen the demon!

    Gwen doesn't listen as she opens the doors. She runs out into the front courtyard past two guards. The look surprised as she runs past.

    Guard #1: Miss Raiden!

    Gwen ignores them. Suddenly she is knocked to the ground. A demon similar to the one seen earlier is on top of her snarling. Gwen looks horrified as it slashes down at her. She lifts up her arms to protect her face as the demon cuts her several times. It spies the device and is about to slash downwards when it is suddenly forced off of Gwen. Illyria is stood next to her, having just delivered a kick to the demon. It skids along the ground a little and then springs up, unphased. Angel and Spike have to stay to the shadows as it is light, but Gunn rushes past to Gwen's aid. A second demon appears next to the ground and swiftly cuts their guns in half. Angel and Spike turn and attack the second demon, which tries to take them both on at once.

    The first demon slices at Illyria who dodges and then throws a punch of her own. However the first demon is equally nimble and flips over Illyria. It stabs at her back. Illyria gasps in pain as it slices through her skin. The second demon stabs Spike in the shoulder. He shouts in pain before kicking it in the face. The demon lunges at Angel who falls into the sunlight. Angel scrabbles quickly. Spike gives him a hand and pulls him back into the safety of the shadows. Tap then blasts a large energy ball at the demon who flies back into the wall of the courtyard.

    Gwen and Gunn stand together as the first demon rushes at them. A crossbow bolt suddenly flies through the air hitting the demon in the skull. The demon looks stunned and then falls back on to the ground, dead. Gwen and Gunn turn to see Fred holding the crossbow. She lowers it as Gwen and Gunn quickly rush inside, followed by the others including the two guards. The second demon, having recovered from hitting the wall, runs forwards towards the doors but one of the soldiers aims and shoots, blowing the demon's head off. There is silence as everyone recovers from what has just happened. Angel turns to look at the others. Gunn looks concerned as he sees the cuts on Gwen's arms. She looks at him, thankful for his care and then at Angel. She looks sadly at the ground, tears forming in her eyes.
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    ACT II

    Cut to Illyria sat kneeling on one of the benches in the courtyard. She has her eyes closed and appears to be meditating. Tap enters. Illyria opens her eyes.

    Tap: Oh, sorry to disturb-

    Illyria: It is no matter. I have had minimal success.

    Illyria stands up and looks in pain. Tap walks next to her and looks at her back. It is still cut, though has healed a fraction.

    Tap: Looks painful?

    Illyria: Pain is unimportant. As I can no longer heal with ease as I once did, I shall endure.

    Tap looks at her.

    Tap: You're becoming less of a demon?

    Illyria: I shall not grow weak.

    Tap: And you think that's what you'd become?

    Illyria: To be human would be to lose all that I was. While I see that humanity has its own strengths?they are not strengths I care for. I wish to retain my own.

    Tap: Well, that's understandable. Just, you might not have much of a choice?you know, if it's happening this quickly.

    Illyria considers this but doesn't respond. Tap changes the subject.

    Tap: Listen, I'm gonna go check the device in a sec. Might wanna come inside?

    Illyria: I shall momentarily.

    Tap: Ok.

    Tap turns around but then stops. He turns back to look at Illyria.

    Tap: You did good out there. In case you really are worried that you can't fight?just now was a pretty good indication that you've still got it.

    Illyria: Your own methods were also impressive?for a human.

    Tap smiles to himself and then nods at Illyria before walking inside. Illyria watches him curiously.

    Cut to Angel walking inside the lobby from this office as Tap does from the courtyard. Gwen and the others are sat inside. Gwen look tired as she looks up at Angel.

    Angel: The Minister of Defence says they'll provide us with what we need as long as we have to stay here.

    Gwen: Well it's not really you guys that have to stay here is it?

    Angel frowns.

    Angel: Gwen we're gonna stop these demons. They can't keep coming forever.

    Gwen: We don't even know how many there are.

    Seneh: Yeah there could be a lot?

    Gwen looks at her.

    Seneh: But probably more like?a few.

    Gwen: No?you're right. There could be a lot, and if that's the case they could be more than this spell can handle. What then?

    Spike: Can't the ever-so-helpful government give Gwen somewhere more secure?

    Fred: But we have to get Gwen there.

    Tap: What about a helicopter?

    Gwen: You don't have to act like I'm helpless ok? Cause I'm not.

    Fred: I think we should be realistic Gwen-

    Gwen: Ok, sure. These things keep coming and we can't stop them. That's the reality. But I can't run. So we should try and do something about it here.

    Gwen looks at Tap.

    Gwen: Tap can you still look at this?

    Gwen raises the device. Tap nods.

    Tap: I'll give my best shot.

    Gwen looks grateful. Spike looks at Angel.

    Spike: What about our other little problem of shape shifters?

    Angel: They know about them. And they know we're not leaving the hotel.

    Fred: Well that means we're not gonna get blamed, but they could still do some damage. You didn't see how many there were Angel?

    Angel frowns to himself.

    Angel: We'll work on it when we can.

    Seneh: That might be too late?

    Angel: Gwen's life is in danger right now. She's our number one priority.

    The others look a little surprised; even Gwen isn't quite sure that this is the right decision.

    Spike: To hell with the world?

    Angel doesn't respond to him.

    Angel: Tap, do what you can.

    Tap nods. Gwen gives him the device as Angel goes into his office. Everyone else stands awkwardly in silence.

    Cut to Connor walking into Angel's office. Angel looks up.

    Angel: Hi?

    Connor: Hey?uh, so what's going on?

    Angel: I'm uh, I'm sorting through some-

    Connor: No; I mean with you.

    Angel won't respond.

    Connor: Suddenly you're all worked up about these demons.

    Angel: Because now I've seen what they can do.

    Connor: But you said just now that-

    Angel: I know what I said Connor, can't I change my mind?

    Connor stares at him. Angel looks angry with himself.

    Angel: I'm sorry.

    Connor: It's ok?guess it's getting to you huh?

    Angel: What?

    Connor: All of this. The world knowing about everything, the Senior Partners, now the demons?and me I guess.

    Angel looks at him.

    Connor: I don't really have the average problems of a 20-year-old. So I'm thinking that it's kinda hard for you to deal. But you know, you really don't have to. I've seen enough to deal myself.

    Angel looks a little sad.

    Angel: I want to deal Connor. I want to be a father for you and ignore all the rest of this stuff.

    Connor: We both know that aint gonna happen anytime ever. But I don't care, dad. Really. Just being here, being a part of what you do, is good enough.

    Angel smiles a little. He puts his arms on Connor's shoulders.

    Angel: You shouldn't just have good enough. You should have more.

    Connor looks reflective. Angel's smile fades.

    Angel: I heard what you and Seneh talked about.

    Connor looks at him.

    Angel: She's right. Anything they say will be to manipulate you.

    Angel seems to be saying this to himself as much as Connor.

    Connor: I'm getting kinda used to being manipulated by higher beings.

    Connor smiles but Angel remains serious. He stares into Connor's eyes.

    Angel: If we go after the shape shifters?you wanna come along?

    Connor nods looking a little surprised by Angel's change of heart once again. Suddenly he looks a little surprised. Angel realises that he is still holding Connor's shoulders. He realises that Connor has seen something: the truth. Angel looks uncertain as to what to do as Connor stares at him, looking worried. Angel walks out into the lobby. Connor follows after a second. They walk out to find Fred looking shocked. Angel looks worried as he walks over quickly.

    Angel: Fred?

    Fred: I had a vision?they're gonna kill so many people?

    Fred looks clearly shaken by what she has seen. Tap puts his arm round her in comfort. Fred looks grateful. Illyria notices and looks interested. Spike turns to Angel.

    Spike: Your call mate.

    Angel nods.

    Angel: Gwen, Gunn, Tap, Seneh, you guys stay here.

    Tap moves his arm off of Fred.

    Tap: I can help you.

    Angel: You need to help here. You might be all there is to stop the demons getting to Gwen.

    Gunn: He won't be all there is.

    Seneh: This is all well and good, but the "no violence" thing isn't a guarantee that they're not gonna be able to take that thing. They could use one of those pesky non-violent ways.

    Gwen looks awkward. Angel looks at her.

    Angel: You ok with fighting hand-to-hand Gwen?

    [I]Gwen looks determined.

    Gwen: I am.

    Spike: Whereabouts is this shape shifter showdown taking place?

    Fred: Outskirts of LA, I think?

    Angel: Then we need to get going now.

    Everyone nods and Spike, Fred, Seneh and Gwen head to the weapons' cabinet. Connor glances at Angel who tries his best to avoid his gaze.

    Cut to Seneh and two guards in the Hyperion lobby. Other guards are stood around, in the relative safety of the hotel's walls.

    Guard #1: We've secured as much as the perimeter as possible.

    Seneh: Good. Now remember don't even think about taking these guys on, just tell us if you see them?or any disturbing occurrences for that matter, and we'll deal.

    Guard #2: You will?

    Seneh: Yes. We run.

    Guard #1: Well these things'd would have a pretty difficult job in-

    Seneh: Don't finish that sentence. It's just stupid to say things like that when the possibility of near-death is like, high.

    Guard #1: You're expecting the worst?

    Seneh hesitates.

    Seneh: The worst usually drops by whether it's expected or not so, yeah I guess I am this time.

    The guards glance past Seneh. She turns round and sees Gwen standing behind her looking worried.

    Seneh: Gwen! Hi?how long have you been standing there?

    Gwen: Oh, from right around "near death".

    Seneh: Oh?well that was an-an estimate.

    Gwen: Uh huh.

    Gwen doesn't look entirely convinced. Seneh looks awkward.

    Seneh: Hey look there's Gunn!?and I'm gonna see what Tap is up to.

    Seneh exaggerates her smile as she walks away. Gwen smiles in a futile way and looks at Gwen as Seneh walks up the stairs behind them in the distance.

    Gunn: You worrying again?

    Gwen sighs.

    Gwen: Seneh thinks it's gonna be bad.

    Gunn: Seneh usually thinks it's gonna be bad.

    Gwen: And she usually has good reason to be.

    Gunn frowns.

    Gwen: I mean face it Gunn, we're all in trouble right now; Senior Partners, shape shifters, the guys after me now?when do they stop coming?

    Gunn: Maybe they don't.

    Gwen looks discouraged.

    Gwen: You know you were supposed to say something like "when we kill ?em all".

    Gunn and Gwen both smile a little at one another.

    Gunn: Well it aint a question of killing. Evil won't die.

    Gwen: But we can.

    Gunn: Aint worked on me so far. In fact, only person who ever killed me was you so?you're my nemesis.

    Gwen: Damn straight.

    Gunn smiles. He kisses Gwen on the forehead, who also smiles. They then kiss more passionately on the lips. They part after a few seconds. Gwen's smile fades a little.

    Gwen: You know earlier I was thinking I could lose this.

    She looks at the device. Gunn looks confused.

    Gunn: Why?

    Gwen: Cause of all the trouble it's causing. I don't have this and?I don't have those demons after me.

    Gunn: Evil demons usually want things to do evil stuff with, so I'm thinking it's a pretty good job we got it.

    Gwen: It is. Cause I could never give it up. I could never give you up.

    Gunn: I'll still be here either way.

    Gwen: You know what I mean.

    Gunn: Well?yeah.

    Gwen: So?bring ?em on. Just, not too many.

    Gunn: Never know. Could be six for all we know.

    There are screams from outside; but they are demon screams, not humans. Gwen, Gunn and several soldiers who have just appeared rush towards the windows of the lobby. Gwen's eyes widen as she sees around fifty demons all banging repeatedly against the magical barrier that Tap has presumably set up. Gunn looks very worried.

    Gunn: Give or take a few?

    A demon smashes through the magical barrier.

    Cut to Angel, Fred, Connor, Spike and Illyria getting out of a military vehicle. Several people from the military are also present. They have arrived at the entrance of an industrial estate. It is fairly late in the evening. Angel looks around anxiously. Fred stands next to him, also looking.

    Fred: They're here somewhere?

    Spike: Well if they were planning on an ambush they-

    Shape shifters suddenly appear from all angles, surrounding Angel and co. who immediately face them, defensively. They stand around looking worried as the shape shifters surround them completely.

    Spike: ?did a pretty good job.

    Angel looks worried. He stares into the crowd. Another Angel stares back, darkly.
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      ACT III

      Cut to Seneh walking up to the open door of Tap's room in the hotel. He is getting up from the floor. He notices Seneh.

      Seneh: Spell?

      Tap: Spell.

      Seneh: Good one.

      Tap: Mm thought a little extra protection might be in order.

      Seneh: It all helps.

      Seneh looks worried.

      Tap: You ok?

      Seneh: Yeah, just this friend of mine, you might not know her, controls electricity and has these demons after her, it's kinda tragic?

      She raises an eyebrow. Tap rolls his eyes smiling a little.

      Tap: Sarcasm is your forte Seneh.

      Seneh: Isn't it?

      Tap: Well I figured you'd be thinking the worst.

      Seneh: Yeah, I know I'm usually the mistress of pessimism and logic, but hey?the logic part is the key part of that title.

      Tap: Currently we have a magical barrier which, if I do so myself, is pretty damn effective, and a non-violence spell. What more do you want?

      Seneh: Bears with laser beams on their heads?

      Tap: Well I could probably arrange that.

      He smiles, as does Seneh. However she looks worried.

      Seneh: Ok, so, there is a reason why I'm still on the doom and gloom side of hopeful.

      Tap: And that would be?

      Seneh: I?I was told something pretty, uh, pretty scary.

      Tap: Who told you?

      Seneh: Well that's the fun part-

      The screaming of the demons is heard, as it was previously with Gwen and Gunn in the lobby. Seneh and Tap look very worried and run towards the stairs.

      Cut to them running down the stairs into the lobby and finding Gwen, Gunn and the guards stood by the windows. They suddenly turn and start running from the windows. Seneh and Tap look worried.

      Gwen: They're coming!

      As she says this the doors of the Hyperion burst open as demons pour through. Seneh and Tap's eyes widen. Seneh turns to Tap as they turn to run.

      Seneh: Pretty damn effective huh?

      A knife suddenly spins through the air and stabs Seneh through the chest. Seneh gasps and looks down as blood trickles from her wound, down her jacket. Tap looks horrified and then pushes his hand forward causing the demons to hit yet another magical barrier. However they don't seem very interested in Tap and Seneh and go round the barrier that surrounds the two of them. The guards begin shooting from the vantage point of the top of the stairs and some of the demons fall. Others nimbly jump over the bullets and rush past the guards. Some demons rebound from the non-violence spell, but they soon adapt and manage to pass the soldiers and continue their pursuit of Gunn and Gwen.

      Gwen and Gunn run down the first floor corridor. Gwen looks at Gunn, upset.

      Gwen: Seneh?she?she was-

      Gunn: She has Tap. He'll do what he can.

      Gwen looks worried as they run onwards, the sound of gunfire behind them.

      Cut to Angel and co. surrounded by the shape shifters. The military people with them aim their guns.

      Angel: Don't shoot.

      They comply as lower their weapons slightly. There are a few seconds of silence. Angel stares at the shape shifters.

      Angel: What do you want?

      Voice OS: What do they want?

      Angel and co. turn to see Avryx standing behind them, dressed in a suit. He smiles a little.

      Avryx: Whatever I tell them they want.

      Angel and co. stares at him. He begins walking past the circle of shape shifters.

      Avryx: The important thing to know about shape shifters like these, is that they have no free will of their own. It's not something life force can recreate. However they will obey their creator without question. And that happens to be me.

      Fred: You're a Senior Partner.

      Avryx: Sharp, Miss Burkle. You'll need that.

      Fred glares.

      Angel: What do you want then?

      Avryx: Why, to continue as we have always done. What more does anyone want?

      Connor: Then why leave Earth?

      Avryx: Of course, it's difficult for mortal beings to imagine that life is not simply dependant on their own dimension. There are many others that we control, and co-exist in. This planet will soon be dead to us.

      Spike: Then do us all a favour and leave, eh?

      Avryx: As I said?"soon". You will know when the time comes.

      The others look worried.

      Spike: Then what's all this?

      He indicates the shape shifters.

      Avryx: A precaution. It's true what you've been told by the other Senior Partners; we have no interest in pursuing a cooperative relationship with you any longer, Angel. But we aren't as immediately destructive as they'd like you to think. Or at least, they are no better than us.

      Angel: I don't need you to tell me that.

      Avryx: I think you do. It's all very well allowing them to fight your battles for you, and drive us away; but what happens when we're gone? You think they'll gracefully step down and hand over the world to the likes of you? Their army of Old Ones will likely pose you a great problem.

      Illyria stares as Avryx glances from her to Angel.

      Angel: We're not doing a deal with you.

      Avryx: You're right, you're not. This is simply a word of warning. You may want to be careful with how far you ally yourselves with my co-workers.

      Angel seems to consider this despite of himself.

      Fred: What are you gonna do with the shape shifters?

      Avryx: These are the last. We have enough for when we need them.

      Fred: But my vision?

      Avryx: Told you exactly what you needed to know so you'd hurry here. And now, we're finished.

      Avryx disappears. The shape shifters suddenly disperse and start walking away. Angel and co. watch.

      Illyria: We could eliminate a fair proportion now if we strike.

      Angel: It's not time yet.

      Illyria: We are not governed by the Senior Partners' whims.

      Spike: I think we might be, you know?

      Illyria looks at him.

      Illyria: To allow your enemy to dictate the terms of battle is weakness.

      Fred: I don't see how we have a choice right now; we probably wouldn't escape with all limbs intact if we tried anything right now.

      Connor: If that.

      Fred makes an expression in agreement.

      Angel: You're right.

      He stares around him in silence.

      Angel: We need to get back.

      Fred nods and they start walking away. There is a long shot of the last few shape shifters disappearing into the night.

      Cut to Seneh lying on the ground gasping and choking as Tap kneels over her looking horrified. The sounds of the demons running above them can be heard. Seneh looks in pain as she pulls the knife from her stomach, as blood spurts out, soaking into her clothes. Tap looks scared as he places his hands over Seneh's wound.

      Seneh: But it's?I'm not supposed?to die?like this?today.

      Tap stares at her as she stares back, tears running down her cheeks. She gasps as the bleeding gets worse.

      Tap: No?you're not.

      Tap looks determined as he closes his eyes and raises his hands above Seneh's wound. Seneh's head falls to one side, as she breathes weakly, her face extremely pale. White energy passes from Tap's hands to Seneh's wound with heals neatly as the energy swirls around it. However Seneh has still lost a lot of blood and is still weak. Tap looks drained from the spell and quickly picks Seneh up in his arms. He looks towards the first floor where noises can still be heard; but Seneh needs him. He looks at the front door and takes Seneh out, quickly.

      Cut to Gunn slamming one of the doors shut in the Hyperion. Gunfire can be heard from the corridor. Gwen stands nearby looking anxious.

      Gwen: We can't just leave them out there.

      Gunn: The demons can't do that much damage.

      Gwen: They already did to Seneh! And if they get a hold of one of the guns?

      Gwen looks upset. Gunn approaches her and hugs her, putting his hand over the back of her head.

      Gunn: We will get through this.

      Gwen: How?

      The break away. Gwen shakes her head sadly.

      Gwen: They won't stop till they have it.

      Gunn: Then they aint stopping.

      Gwen: It's not enough for you to just say that. We're not enough to stop them.

      Gunn hesitates.

      Gunn: We can get out of here.

      Gwen: And go where?

      Gunn: I aint got that far yet, but anywhere's better than here right now.

      Gwen: But we're on the third floor, how are-

      Gunn cuts her off by opening the balcony doors. He looks down.

      Gunn: We need something to climb down.

      Gwen: There's nothing like that here.

      Gunn: Then why don't you suggest something huh Gwen?

      Gwen looks a little surprised as Gunn stares at her angrily.

      Gunn: Can't you see I'm trying to save you here?

      Gwen stares back sadly.

      Gwen: Maybe you can't.

      They stare at one another helplessly for a second. Then there is a large bang at the door. Gwen and Gunn turn in shock. Gunn quickly runs to the door and starts pushing a chest in the way. Gwen hesitates and then helps him. The two of them manage to move the chest across the door fully. Gunn gives Gwen a look and then moves his hand over hers slowly. The two of them share a look.

      Suddenly there is movement from the balcony. A demon slips down from the floor above and growls. Gwen and Gunn's eyes widen in horror.

      "Muscle Museum (Soulwax Remix) by Muse begins to play as Gwen and Gunn's eyes widen in horror. They begin to move the chest as the music plays. The instrumental introduction plays.

      Cut to Tap running with Seneh in semi-slow motion. The desperation in his eyes is clear as Seneh lies limply in his arms.

      She had something to confess to
      But you don't have the time so
      Look the other way

      Cut to a close up of Angel sat in the military vehicle as it drives back to the Hyperion. The camera pans out slightly to show Connor next to him. Connor glances over. The camera suddenly speeds past them both to show another Angel and Connor watching from the roadside.

      You will wait until its over
      To reveal what you'd never shown her
      Too little much too late

      Cut to Avryx turning around smiling to himself. As he walks past the camera, the female Senior Partner from "Ricochet" smiles darkly to herself also.

      Cut to Illyria and Spike sat side by side also. The figures of the shape shifters can be seen nearby?approaching.

      Too long trying to resist it
      You've just gone and missed it
      Its escaped your world

      Cut to Gunn and Gwen and the demon throwing a knife, which narrowly misses Gwen. Gunn stands in between the demon and Gwen but then another demon appears with one of the soldier's guns. Gunn and Gwen look worried as they duck down, with Gwen opening the door.

      Gwen and Gunn begin running down the corridor amongst the bodies of both demons and soldiers alike, in slow motion, as more appear behind them. They both duck as bullets spray around them. Gunn is hit in the leg. Gwen turns back to see.

      Can you see that I am needing
      Begging for so much more
      Than you could ever give

      Cut to the military vehicle skidding to a halt as the crowd of shape shifters stand it in its way. Angel and co. get out hurriedly. Spike is suddenly hit by a dart, as is Connor. Angel runs to Connor's side as Illyria looks down at Spike. The soldiers in the vehicle get out but are also hit by darts.

      And I don't want you to adore me
      Don't want you to ignore me
      When it pleases you

      Angel looks worried for Connor but is then hit by a dart in the neck. He gasps as it begins to affect him.

      Yeah and I'll do it on my own

      Cut to Gwen running to help Gunn. As she kneels down a soldiers shoots over them. Gwen turns and looks as some of the demons fall. She then helps Gunn, as more soldiers appear.

      Cut to the shape shifters approaching the van, still shooting darts. Illyria narrowly avoids one, which hits Fred behind her. She begins to fall to the ground. Illyria runs to her aid.

      I have played in every toilet
      But you still want to spoil it
      To prove I've made a big mistake

      Cut to the camera zooming through a hospital ward to an emergency operating table where doctors are working on Seneh. Tap watches through a gap in the curtains looking worried.

      Too long trying to resist it
      You've just gone and missed it
      Its escaped your world

      Cut to Gwen helping Gunn up as the bullets continue to fly. A demon suddenly rips the device off of Gwen's hand. Gwen pulls away from Gunn, scared she might shock him. The demon reaches down for the device when Gwen blasts electricity at him angrily.

      Gwen grabs the device and in slow motion runs towards the camera, with Gunn next to her as the array of bullet stops. Demons continues to follow them however, as several other bullets fly past from behind.

      Can you see that I am needing
      Begging for so much more
      Than you could ever give

      Cut to Illyria with Fred. She looks around at Spike, Connor, Angel and the soldiers and realises she can't help them. She lifts Fred up and starts running, determination in her expression. Angel watches her out of the corner of his eye as he slips into unconsciousness.

      And I don't want you to adore me
      Don't want you to ignore me
      When it pleases you

      Cut to Gwen and Gunn emerging into the lobby in semi slow motion, the soldiers following them. Another solider helps support Gunn from the other side as they hurriedly make their way down the steps. The demons follow. Suddenly more appear at the front door. Gwen looks worried.

      Yeah and I'll do it on my own

      However yet more soldiers appear behind them and begin shooting. The demons have no chance against the bullets, but suddenly a electricity flies around at the soldiers, knocking them to the ground. Gwen looks horrified. She clutches Gunn defensively as he too looks horrified by what is happening.

      I'll do it on my own

      In slow motion a pair of demonic feet walk forwards. The camera pulls up to show a larger demon, which apparently attacked all the soldiers, walking forwards. It is more human-like than the others and smiles darkly at Gwen and Gunn. Gwen stares, in shock and confusion as the demon stands before her.

      Cut to Spike lying unconscious. Hands appear, dragging him away.

      Cut to Seneh lying on a bed. The heart monitor behind her flatlines. Suddenly she opens her eyes.

      Cut to Illyria running with Fred still.

      Cut back to Gwen. She stands up, parting from Gunn, who looks up at her and then the demon. The device slowly slips off of Gwen's hand, landing on the ground with a thud. Gwen looks angry. "Muscle Museum" ends.
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        ACT IV

        Open back on the Hyperion lobby. Several of the demons who survived rush at Gwen, who promptly blasts electricity at them. The large demon smiles.

        Large demon: Impressive.

        Gwen glares at him.

        Gwen: Who are you?

        Large demon: Ah, of course. All this damage and you need someone to blame.

        Gwen steps towards him.

        Gwen: And that's you, isn't it?

        Large demon: I'd keep your distance. I could kill your friend there.

        He glances at Gunn who looks in pain, and also angry. Gwen looks at him and then back at the demon. She reaches down quickly and grabs the device. She clutches it, looking upset.

        Gwen: Why do you want this so badly?

        Large demon: The question is, why do you? You would hide your power with it?

        Gwen: I have the right to hide it. I didn't ask for it.

        Large demon: Neither did you ask for the device you now hold. You stole it.

        Gwen looks confused.

        Gunn: What do you mean?

        Large demon: It isn't yours to take. It's ours.

        Gwen stares at him.

        Gwen: You made it?

        The large demon laughs.

        Large demon: You think they were made? What you hold is far greater than you could possibly imagine.

        Gunn: Why don't you enlighten us then?

        Gwen looks unnerved despite Gunn's tone. The large demon smiles.

        Large demon: What you hold in your hands?is part of the soul of a God.

        Gwen's eyes widen. She looks at the device. The camera focuses on it.

        Cut to Illyria with Fred in her arms. She looks behind her. After a moment she seems satisfied that the shape shifters have gone. She looks down at Fred and kneels down, resting her gently on the ground.

        Illyria: Fred?you must awaken.

        Fred dose not stir, but is still breathing slightly. Illyria looks uncertain as to what to do. She stands up and looks around at the dark alley she is in. There is no one to be seen. No one to help.

        Cut back to Gwen looking shocked.

        Large demon: Pieces of his soul encapsulated?but they were lost to us for years. Until we found you?and others. Using them for your own pitiful needs. No longer shall he suffer your servitude.

        The large demon raises his hand and points at Gunn. Gunn looks anxious. Gwen stares between the two of them.

        Large demon: You will give me the device?or I kill him.

        Gwen looks shocked but quickly walks towards the large demon with the device. Gunn stares at her, and looks uncertain whether to be happy or sad. The large demon smiles as Gwen holds out the device. He snatches it from her.

        Large demon: Love governs your entire lives. How could you ever hope to overcome it?

        Gwen: I don't need to.

        Large demon: No?now you must overcome what you have done.

        A sharp piano note plays. Gwen looks worried suddenly.

        Gwen: What??

        Large demon: All the pieces are collected. Now?he shall rise. Absorb the power of this world?it shall return to where it was born. And he shall inflict a new kind of darkness upon the world that stole it.

        Gwen looks entirely shocked. She raises her hand and tries to blast electricity but the large demon blasts back. Gwen falls to the ground and slides along the floor. She blasts back once more and their bolts collide in mid-air, pushing against one another. Gwen looks like she's struggling. The demon pulls his arm back and then blasts harder at Gwen who is overpowered. Gunn reaches for a gun but as he lifts it is blasted out of his hand by the demon who approaches him. He smiles wildly as he is about to kill Gunn when Gwen stands between them. The demon growls and attempts to hit her but is blasted back into the courtyard by the non-violence spell. Gwen smiles a little as her idea worked. She turns to Gunn and is about to lend him her hand when she realises she cannot. She turns to the courtyard and runs out.

        Cut to Fred lying on the ground. Slowly her eyes open. Illyria turns and looks at her. She looks glad.

        Illyria: I feared you were lost.

        Fred smiles a little, but looks groggy.

        Fred: No just?tired.

        Illyria: The drug is still affecting you.

        Fred: Drug? Wait?

        She looks around.

        Fred: The shape shifters?what happened to Angel and-

        Illyria: I do not know. I fear they may have been taken.

        Fred looks worried.

        Fred: We have to find them.

        Illyria: Your physical condition is lacking. I suggest we return to the hotel where we may gain assistance?

        Illyria cocks her head as she looks at Fred who is staring into space frowning. She looks up at Illyria, her eyes wide with fear.

        Fred: You're right. We have to go now!

        Illyria: You have seen a tragedy?

        Fred looks at her but can't find the words. She makes her way forward as best she can. Illyria walks to help her, quickly.

        Cut to Gwen walking towards the demon. She throws it against the wall. The demon looks impressed.

        Large demon: There is strength there.

        Gwen: Yeah and more where that came from.

        Gwen goes to punch down at the demon but he catches her fist and pushes her. She falls to the ground as the demon clambers up. It begins to rain. The demon looks upwards as the clouds in the sky seem to swirl and lightning twists and turns. It looks at the device in his hand, which glows. Gwen looks up from the ground.

        Gwen: No?

        Yellow light begins to shoot upwards, from elsewhere in L.A., evidently from where the demons were keeping them.

        Cut to Tap and Seneh looking out of the window of a hospital at the sky as it shines with lightning and the grey light.

        Cut to Illyria and Fred looking up at what is happening also. They halt only momentarily and then carry on towards the hotel.

        Cut to Gwen getting up. The demon looks at her smiling.

        Large demon: Lights out?

        Gwen looks angered and flips upwards. The demon looks a little surprised as she punches him with great force. The device falls. The demon looks hopeful as the device appears that it is about to smash. However Gwen dives and catches it. She fastens it to her hand, as usual. The demon looks angry and is about to slash down at her when it is hit by several bullets. Gunn is stood, limply, at the courtyard doors with a gun in his hands. The demon splutters and looks at Gwen. She is looking up at the sky which is faltering slightly. The storm is dispersing.

        Large demon: More will come?

        Gwen looks at him. They share one last look of contempt as the demon falls back on the ground; dead. Gwen breathes heavily as the rain grows gentler, no longer fierce and foreboding. Gwen turns to Gunn and looks upset. He limps towards her. Gwen supports him as best she can.

        Gunn: It's ok.

        Gwen: I know. But that's all it's ever gonna be.

        Gunn looks sad despite himself. Gwen looks at the device. She and Gunn part as she takes it off.

        Gwen: He wasn't lying. More will come. This is all they need for that.

        She looks Gunn in the eyes. They both know what has to be done. Gwen lowers it on to the ground. She puts her foot over it and slowly crushes it beneath her weight. A tear runs down her cheek, intermingling with the rain, as she destroys her second chance at a normal life. Gunn looks sad also. He raises his hand to her cheek. She shakes her head.

        Gwen: Don't tempt fate.

        Gunn realises she is right and lowers his hand. They stare at one another for a few seconds as the rain stops entirely. They both look upwards at the clear night sky. Gunn looks back at Gwen. He smiles a little.

        Gunn: Well?at least the rain's-

        A bolt of lightning suddenly burst down hitting Gwen. It bounces from her hitting Gunn. Both of them are forced in opposite directions across the courtyard. Gwen hits the wall and lands looking surprised but otherwise unharmed. She looks across at Gunn. Her face freezes. She gets up slowly and walks forwards. As she does so the camera moves around very slowly?revealing Gunn lying on the ground opposite her. He does not move.

        His eyes stare at an odd angle at the night sky. Gwen's bottom lip quivers as her brow narrows a fraction. She shakes her head to herself.

        Gwen: Gunn?

        She speaks with more urgency.

        Gwen: Gunn?

        She steps forwards but her legs give way.

        She crawls forward, her expression turning to horror as she realises what is happening.

        Gwen: No?no, no, no, no Gunn?Gunn!

        She is crying now, tears running freely down her cheeks. She looks at her hand suddenly and then rips Gunn's shirt open. She presses her hand against his chest hard, desperately trying to revive him. Fred appears behind Gwen at the doorway, followed by Illyria.

        Gwen: Come on! Come on Gunn! Gunn come on!!

        Gwen cries freely, as her rage and grief pour out. She continues to slam her hand against Gunn's chest repeatedly, not giving up for a second. Fred looks overwhelmed with shock as she stares at Gwen and Gunn, tears running down her cheeks. Illyria also stares, looking grave.

        Gwen cries over Gunn's body. Her efforts grow less as she loses strength and her head collapses on his torso as she cries bitterly. The camera pans upwards?and away.

        THE END
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