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Angel Episode 6.16 126. Out Came the Children Running

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  • Angel Episode 6.16 126. Out Came the Children Running

    Hi, this is the sixteenth episode of Angel Season 6 by me. I hope you enjoy reading it. If you have feedback, please post it here; both positive comments and constructive criticism are welcome

    Angel Episode 6.16 126. Out Came the Children Running

    Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters on Angel. They belong to Fox Studios and Joss Whedon. This work is fictional and is only for my and others entertainment. Therefore no infringement is intended. I do not intend to make a profit from this work. However I own all characters that have not previously appeared/been mentioned on Angel, so I can do whatever I like with them. Therefore any unauthorised usage of these characters is not permitted.

    ACT I

    Open on a woman on the phone in her house. She looks happily involved in her conversation.

    Woman: Oh God I know, but we're taking money issues as they come. Besides you know with everything that's happened, it's nice to indulge a little. Mm well it would be good if they were a little less expensive but Eric's job is going really well and mine?is less well, but it's enough.

    The woman walks across the room with an obvious limp in her left leg.

    Woman: Well yeah I mean I am happy, or happier at least; it's way better than how things used to be anyway.

    The woman rolls her eyes at her past.

    Woman: Thanks, you should come round soon. Bring the family we'll uh, we'll have a get-together.

    There is a knock at the door.

    Woman: Someone's at the door, I'll call you soon ok? Ok thanks Lisa. Yeah you too. Bye!

    She puts the phone down and heads to the door as fast as she can. She opens it. There is no one there. The woman looks confused and steps out on to the porch.

    Woman: Hello?

    She sighs and looks irritated.

    Woman: And he wonders why I don't want kids.

    She turns to go inside but is suddenly grabbed from behind. She screams as a vampire bites into her neck. She tries to struggle but the vampire is too strong. The camera moves round as her screaming becomes fainter. A "Home Sweet Home" mat is shown where the woman was standing alive only moments ago.

    Cut to the exterior of The Hyperion hotel. Cut to inside the lobby. Angel seems to be trying to make a TV work, with Gunn, as Connor and Illyria watch.

    Illyria: You put great effort into enabling this machine to work. Are there not greater issues at hand?

    Angel: It's a good way of seeing the news?now that Seneh hasn't got a link to The Powers, and Fred's visions are pretty sparse, we might need to rely on this more.

    Connor: With the added bonus of light entertainment.

    Gunn smiles. Illyria looks at Connor.

    Illyria: Define.

    Connor: You know, like shows. CSI, Veronica Mars, Lost?well, Lost season 1.

    Illyria: Fabrications created to suit limited mortal imaginations.

    Connor: When you get to watch properly I'm sure you'll love it.

    Illyria: I do not share your human desire for such meaningless diversion.

    Gunn: What did you do for fun when you were a demon?

    Illyria looks at him.

    Gunn: Actually don't answer that.

    Angel flicks the aerial of the television and it begins to work. Connor smiles.

    Connor: Nice one!

    Angel nods. Gunn looks at the screen.

    Gunn: Oo Desperate Housewives!

    Connor and Angel look at Gunn surprised. Gunn looks embarrassed.

    Gunn: ?Is almost finished. Goddamn show.

    Gunn starts changing the channels as Connor smiles. Tap walks down the stairs.

    Tap: Hey.

    Angel: Hey Tap.

    Tap: See ya got the TV working.

    Angel: Eventually.

    Tap: Cool, what's on?

    Illyria: If you plan to waste further time on this infernal contraption I shall leave to find Spike and the others.

    Angel: They went shopping.

    Illyria tilts her head.

    Illyria: Then I shall leave regardless.

    Illyria walks upstairs. Tap looks at the others.

    Tap: Not a fan of ABC huh?

    Connor: She'll come round.

    Tap smiles. Gunn sighs.

    Gunn: Well here's the news anyway.

    Angel and the others watch. There is a picture of the woman seen in the previous scene, smiling behind the female news reporter.

    News reporter: Carrie Sanderson, 24, was found murdered in the entrance of her home in the Redlands area of the city.

    Tap's expression changes drastically at hearing the woman's name.

    News reporter: Early reports state that Miss Sanderson was another victim of vampire attacks, which have become increasingly problematic in the area recently. Police would like to remind residents, and all the public to be cautious when allowing strangers into their home, and to keep on the look out for strange activity.

    Gunn sighs.

    Gunn: Some things don't change.

    Gunn looks at Angel but Angel is staring at Tap. Tap is staring at the television looking deeply affected by what he has just heard. Connor, Gunn and Angel look confused.

    Opening credits.


    AMY ACKER - Winnifred "Fred" Burkle/Illyria
    J. AUGUST RICHARDS - Charles Gunn
    ALEXA DAVALOS - Gwen Raiden
    PETER KRAUSE - Benjamin "Tap" Tapping

    Special Guest Star:

    JULIET LANDAU - Drusilla

    Guest Starring:

    JEWEL STAITE - Carrie Sanderson
    SIMON TAPPING - Alan Tudyk
    RON RIFKIN - Ha-zar
    RON GLASS - Suvarta
    APRIL GRACE - Naur-Veii
    JOSH HOLLOWAY - Terethys
    MORENA BACCARIN - Cescenya

    Cut back to the scene in The Hyperion.

    Angel: (concerned) Tap?

    Tap: Uh sorry, I uh?I think I knew her.

    The others look surprised, but confused.

    Gunn: Think?

    Tap: She?she looks exactly like this girl I knew?but older, obviously.

    Connor: Oh. Sorry man.

    Tap smiles thankfully at Connor but still looks troubled.

    Angel: I thought you said you were from Canada?

    Tap looks at him.

    Tap: I am. I guess she must have moved here?small world.

    Angel looks sympathetic.

    Angel: Do you wanna go to the funeral?

    Tap: Uh?maybe?I'm um, I think I need to take a walk.

    Angel: Oh. Ok well-

    Tap is already walking towards the door and he leaves without saying goodbye. Gunn, Connor and Angel look puzzled.

    Connor: Guess he knew her pretty well.

    Gunn nods solemnly. Angel stares after Tap not looking entirely convinced.

    Cut to Tap walking through the streets of LA. He stares into space as he walks, utterly consumed by his thoughts. The voices of children laughing echo in his head and can be heard. Suddenly they are cut off by another voice.

    Voice OS: Ben.

    Tap freezes and turns around. A man is stood behind him. He smiles slightly. Tap stares at him.

    Man: How ya doing?

    Tap doesn't respond. He purses his lips together tightly, staring at the man opposite him.

    Tap: I know why you're here.

    Man: Well good that means I don't have to remind you.

    Tap: You think I could forget?

    Man: I think you might try.

    The man smiles knowingly, with a dark glint in his eyes. Tap shakes his head looking angry.

    Tap: I won't do it Simon. Not again.

    The man (Simon) smiles, amused.

    Man: You have to. It's your destiny.

    Tap: Don't give me that crap!

    Simon's smile fades.

    Simon: You realise you're insulting everything our family stands for.

    Tap: And considering what our family stands for, I don't really give a damn.

    Simon's eyes flare but he smiles.

    Simon: Come on Ben, I know you resent this but that doesn't change the fact that it's who you are. You're The First Born Son. It's meant the same thing in every generation since?you know when.

    Tap: I already did it once. I shouldn't have to again.

    Simon: Well, you haven't had any kids yet so I guess that's your fault.

    Tap looks angry.

    Tap: I'm not the person I was back then.

    Simon: Really? Cause you look pretty much the same to me.

    Tap glares. Simon rolls his eyes.

    Simon: Ok, bad joke, but seriously, things don't change that easily. This is what you're meant to do.

    Tap: If you think it's so great why don't you do it?

    Simon: Cause I respect the traditions too. And they don't say anything about a younger brother stepping in when the older one's too scared to go through with their duty.

    Tap stares at the ground looking frustrated.

    Tap: Times have changed Simon.

    He looks at Simon.

    Tap: They have hundreds, maybe thousands of Slayers now. We're not needed.

    Simon: We are gonna be needed for as long as there's demons, bro. We're saving lives just like those Slayers are. But they can't save ?em all. Hey ask Carrie Sanderson.

    Tap looks angry.

    Tap: You don't get to say her name.

    Simon: Why? She played her part. Now you gotta get back to playing yours.

    Tap looks angry still and hesitates.

    Simon: Course if don't, well, you know what happens. I'm thinking you won't choose for that to happen. You couldn't live with yourself.

    Tap doesn't respond.

    Simon: So it's either do what you have to do, or watch while the world falls apart knowing it's your fault. You choose.

    Tap continues to glare and then walks towards Simon who stares back, unblinking. Tap holds out his hand.

    Tap: You have it?

    Simon smiles looking satisfied, taking something out of his jacket.

    Simon: Sure do. Good choice bro.

    Simon hands Tap something but we don't see what it is. Tap reluctantly clutches it in his hand.

    Cut to Spike, Seneh, Gwen and Fred entering The Hyperion lobby carrying many large bags of shopping. Angel, Gunn and Connor are still by the television and look up as they enter. Spike looks irritated at Angel.

    Spike: Why'd you talk me into going with this lot?

    Angel tries to look apologetic but ends up looking amused as everyone puts down their bags.

    Fred: Thank God you did or we wouldn't have been able to get all this stuff back from the store.

    Spike: Well, next time there's a shop like this, unless it includes blood, fags or booze you can count me out.

    Seneh: Like we'll need anything else for the next ten years. We bought half the store.

    Angel: And the stuff for the spell?

    Gwen: Oh, right.

    Gwen picks up on the bags, peers inside and then hands it to Angel.

    Gwen: One DIY non-violence spell.

    Gunn: Brings back a few memories.

    Fred: Me too. Though different ones I guess.

    Gunn smiles nostalgically. Seneh looks around.

    Seneh: So where's our "Y"?

    The others look at her.

    Seneh: Tap?

    Angel: Oh, uh, he left after he heard some bad news.

    Connor: Girl he knew died.

    The others look saddened.

    Spike: Shame.

    Fred: Yeah?

    Gunn: Think he needed some time.

    Fred: Well that's understandable.

    Seneh: Mm. Also, I uh, I don't mean to sound insensitive, though I'm sure I'll be accused of that, but who's gonna cast the spell if he's not here?

    Spike: Can't we just read the instructions or something?

    Seneh: This isn't like making a table, there's no 10-step-guide. Besides if we want it long lasting, we're gonna need some pretty heavy mojo working on it.

    Connor: Is it really that important to do it right this second? Senior Partners aren't exactly here right now.

    Voice OS: Perhaps you'd like to reconsider that statement.

    Everyone stares to see a man in his 60s stood nearby, dressed in a suit. He is a Senior Partner. Everyone looks shocked.

    Cut to Tap and Simon sat on a wall together; a short while has passed. Tap is staring down, apparently at the item clutched in his hands.

    Tap: How will I know where to go? Dad told me last time.

    Simon: I guess you'll just know. These things have a way of sorting themselves out, you know that.

    Tap nods, reflectively. Simon sighs.

    Simon: You should be happier bro; some of the more intense family traditions'd probably see you giving up your goddamn life right now.

    Tap: So giving up theirs is ok?

    Simon: They won't be dead.

    Tap: No?they'll be worse.

    Tap looks Simon in the eyes.

    Tap: You didn't see their faces when I left last time?they were so excited and then, they saw me walking away and?and that was the moment they realised what was happening. The moment they realised they were gonna be alone, and that their lives weren't gonna be what they expected. A look like that should never be seen on faces that young.

    Simon doesn't respond for a few seconds.

    Simon: I saw that look. I saw it when I looked at you. I saw it when I looked in the mirror. And you know what? I'm glad I did. The kids that live a life thinking everything's gonna be great? They're the ones that are gonna get hurt the most when everything comes crashing down.

    Tap stands up and looks angry.

    Tap: Don't you dare try and justify this. It's not righteous or, or brave. It doesn't do the world a favour. It manipulates people. That's all it's ever done. We work, they dance, we tear people's lives to shreds. And for what? For the knowledge that we're upholding some thousand-year-old tradition?

    Simon stands up also, now totally serious, but he speaks slowly.

    Simon: You'll do it cause you could never live with yourself if the world turned upside down and it was all your fault. And it will be. They'll blame you, and make sure you pay. So stick with your choice, brother. Cause that's the only one you got.

    They stare at one another for a second and then Simon starts to walk away.

    Tap: Where are you going?

    Simon: (Without turning) I'm done here. You should call some time, tell me how it goes.

    Simon continues walking. Tap stares after Simon and then exhales deeply looking tormented. He stares downwards at the object in his hand. It is a wooden pipe, carved exquisitely with a floral pattern.
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    ACT II

    Open on Angel and co. stood in The Hyperion lobby, staring at the suited man who has just appeared. Seneh in particular looks shocked at his presence. The man smiles neutrally.

    Man: Angel, Gwen, Gunn, Connor, Fred, Spike and of course, Seneh?

    He looks at each of them as he says their name. His smile darkens as he stares at Seneh who looks unnerved.

    Man: I'm sorry to arrive unannounced like this, but I felt it was high time yourselves and I met face to face. And I imagine my former introduction has explained who I am.

    Spike: Senior Partner eh?

    Man: Yes, Spike, that is correct. My name is Ha-zar. I am leading the faction of the Senior Partners of which Lilah Morgan is associated with. I hope that clarifies on which side of this?divide, I stand.

    Gunn: Yeah, it means you're slightly less evil than the other guys.

    Ha-zar smiles.

    Ha-zar: I'm sure you have strong evidence to support your opinions of what "evil" is Mr Gunn, but that's not why I'm here.

    Gwen: Then why are you here?

    Ha-zar: To talk.

    Spike: And get us to help you? Make some sort of deal? Forget it mate.

    Ha-zar: Don't worry Spike, I don't plan to convert you to our way of thinking. Wolfram and Hart had that opportunity last year and failed. Some of my colleagues feel that you and Angel are no longer worth their time and interest.

    Fred: Well they may be more evil than you, but they're right. They're not gonna help you win.

    Ha-zar laughs slightly.

    Ha-zar: It's not a question of winning Miss Burkle. The reality is, we won when the first negative thought entered the mind of the first child born in the universe. So this isn't about winning. It's about retaining control.

    Gwen: What?

    Ha-zar: Allow me to explain; the other Senior Partners are intent on destroying the world utterly, leaving little to no life left. Certainly humanity will be wiped out.

    Gunn: And what, you plan on giving us all lollipops and bake sales?

    Ha-zar smiles patiently.

    Ha-zar: The Apocalypse will come. There is no "if", regardless of your efforts to prevent it. Soon it will be upon us and it is then that my own faction plans to act. The world may be broken but it will not be irreparable. It can grow again.

    Angel: And you picking up the pieces would be because you're so charitable?

    Ha-zar: You are correct to question our motives. Our grasp over the world would indeed be secured. But it would still be a world. The alternative, I've already illustrated for you.

    Illyria appears behind Ha-zar. She acts to attack but Ha-zar spins round and flicks out his hand. Illyria is sent flying back into the wall.

    Ha-zar: Ah, Illyria, I was wondering when you might make an appearance.

    The others look ready to attack also. Ha-zar looks at them, his eyes more menacing than before.

    Ha-zar: I warn you all, I don't plan on killing any of you today, but if you try to attack me?well let's just say you will lose things that you will miss, at the very least.

    The others look uncertain as to what to do as Illyria gets up.

    Seneh: He's not joking.

    Seneh glances at Angel who stands back.

    Angel: What else do you have to say?

    Ha-zar smiles as Illyria walks past him to stand with Angel and the others.

    Cut to Tap standing on a hillside, looking younger and wearing a long cape. He turns to face the camera as it races towards him, a terrible sky in the distance.

    Cut to Tap in the present, walking in the Hyperion's front courtyard. He nods at the guards and walks through a kind of sensor. A green light goes on and he walks through.

    Cut to Tap opening the door. The others are all sat around looking pensive, and they look up at Tap as they see him.

    Fred: Hey.

    Tap: Hi.

    Gwen: Are you ok? We heard about your friend.

    Tap: Uh?yeah I'll be ok, thanks.

    Tap smiles momentarily but still looks troubled.

    Tap: Did I miss much?

    Angel: Actually you did.

    Tap looks curious as he walks towards the others.

    Spike: Another visit from the Senior Ps. Well one of ?em.

    Tap looks concerned.

    Gunn: Basically a "join our team or get annihilated by the other one" kinda deal.

    Tap: What did you say?

    Seneh: We didn't.

    Tap: Huh?

    Angel: He said he'd let us think about it.

    Tap: Oh. And you're thinking about it now?

    Seneh: It's not like he doesn't have a point. The Apocalypse has a capital A for a reason. It's the actual one. Maybe?it would be better to have an actual world left.

    Angel: As far as I'm concerned, nothing's set in stone.

    Illyria: You would risk all for your own ideals?

    Angel: I'm not ready to hand over control to the Senior Partners. Not while we're still able to keep fighting.

    Illyria and Seneh look unconvinced but don't respond. Fred frowns.

    Fred: Speaking of which, I'm having a vision.

    Connor: What's happening?

    The camera zooms in on Fred's forehead. There are images of people being attacked by a large gang of vampires. There is an image of a street sign. Fred looks serious and looks at Angel.

    Fred: A lot of vampire attacks. Northbourne Trailer Park.

    Gunn: That's in Redlands.

    He looks at Tap.

    Gunn: Same place-

    Tap: Yeah, I know.

    Tap looks serious. Gunn looks apologetic.

    Seneh: Maybe this is your chance to get even?

    Tap stares at her.

    Tap: Maybe it is.

    Fred: But uh, we still need to do the non-violence spell?

    Everyone looks at Tap.

    Tap: No, I uh, I need to go and follow up on the vision lead.

    Seneh: I thought you said the spell was tough?

    Tap: I think you can handle it. Maybe if you, Connor, Gwen and Gunn stay here Fred can show the rest of us where to go.

    Illyria cocks her head.

    Illyria: You seek vengeance for your fallen friend. I too would seek this if I were in your position.

    Tap nods, but receives her support graciously.

    Tap: Thank you Illyria.

    Spike: Mm, I'd do the same.
    Tap looks thankfully at Spike. Angel looks at Tap and then seems to come to a conclusion.

    Angel: Well I guess we have some vampires to kill.

    Tap: I guess we do.

    After a second, everyone heads off to prepare. Tap looks down at his pocket. The pipe can be seen just below the rim.

    Cut to the same "Northbourne Trailer Park" sign seen in Fred's vision. A black car pulls up past it. Angel, Spike, Tap, Illyria and Fred get out.

    Angel: Are we in the right place Fred?

    Fred: Uh, yeah, it looks exactly like it did.

    Growling is heard. A girl is being attacked.

    Spike: Spot the big clue.

    Angel and Spike run over instinctively. Fred stands back as Illyria heads towards the fight more patiently. Tap looks troubled as he looks on. Spike pulls one of the vampires off the girl and kicks him in the stomach. The other punches Angel who quickly retaliates with a hard punch. The vampire stumbles backwards into Illyria who places her hands on the vampire's head and swiftly snaps his head off. He dusts as the other vampire attempts to escape in fear. Spike throws a stake, which hits the vampire who falls into dust also. Fred walks over to the scene.

    Fred: Nice.

    Illyria: It is probable there are others.

    Fred: Well?yeah?

    The girl looks up at Angel and Spike thankfully.

    Girl: You're?you're them! Angel and-and Spike! You saved me!

    Spike: Don't mention it.

    He and Angel help her up.

    Angel: You should get home. And stay inside.

    The girl shakes her head quickly.

    Girl: It won't make a difference! Most of the people they've turned are our neighbours, they can get in easily.

    Spike: Maybe Tap could?

    Spike looks around puzzled.

    Spike: Where is Tap?

    Angel, Fred and Illyria look around also, and find that Tap has vanished.

    Cut to the inside of a trailer. There is a sharp knock at the door. The inner door is opened by a Hispanic man in his late 40s. Through the translucent frame, Tap can be seen standing outside. The man looks angry.

    Man: Go, go away vampire!

    Tap: I'm not a vampire!

    Man: Liar!

    Tap shifts the outer door open. The man stands back in fear as Tap lashes out?and grabs the man's crucifix around his neck. Tap squeezes it and the man stares in surprise as Tap opens his hand to show that he is indeed human. The man stares at him.

    Man: What do you want?

    A Hispanic woman also in her late 40s appears.

    Woman: Augusto what is going?oh my!

    The woman grabs a baseball bat ready to attack but the man (Augusto) puts his hand out.

    Augusto: It's all right Anahid. He is not a vampire.

    Augusto looks at Tap still with suspicion as the woman (Anahid) lowers the bat and stares at Augusto.

    Anahid: Who is he?

    Tap looks at her.

    Tap: I'm the man who's gonna get rid of your vampire problem.

    Augusto and Anahid stare at Tap looking surprised but hopeful.

    Cut to Seneh, Connor, Gwen and Gunn stood in a circle in the centre of The Hyperion lobby. A statue of some kind is stood in the centre. Seneh kneels down. She looks at the others expectantly.

    Seneh: That was a hint?

    The other realise and kneel down also.

    Seneh: Ok good now for the slightly more technical part.

    Gunn: Don't we need wires or something?

    Seneh: Well yeah if we had wires we could use them, but I don't see any wires do you? This is an alternative method.

    Connor: Will it work?

    Seneh: Let's find out.

    The others look sceptical.

    Seneh: We'll be fine.

    Seneh closes her eyes and sprinkles some dust in front of her. She opens one eye.

    Seneh: Your turn people.

    Connor catches on and closes his eyes sprinkling the dust also. Gunn and Gwen do the same. Even though their eyes are closed the dust forms a perfect circle. It glows. Seneh and the others appear to feel a rush of energy and begin breath heavily.

    Gunn: Is this norm-

    Seneh: Ssh!

    Gunn stops talking. A moment passes and then Seneh places her hand outwards towards the statue. The statue's eyes glow. Connor, Gunn and Gwen do the same, without seeing Seneh do it. Energy from the circle is absorbed by the statue. It then is shot upwards to the ceiling and spreads down the walls to the ground and back to the statue. The statue's eyes continue to glow as Seneh and co.'s eyes open and they support themselves with their hands on the grounds.

    Gwen: Whoa?

    Connor: Shouldn't we check that-

    Gunn touches Gwen's arms but is shocked. Gunn and Gwen look at one another surprised. Seneh looks at them.

    Seneh: I don't think electricity counts or we'd all be in the dark right now.

    Gunn and Gwen look disappointed.

    Connor: You still have the hand device though.

    Gwen: Yeah, yeah it's fine.

    Gunn: Worth a shot?

    Gwen smiles weakly. There is a pause. Seneh raises and eyebrow at Gunn who then taps Connor on the shoulder slightly. However his hand rebounds from a wall of blue/red energy. The others look at Seneh who smiles.

    Seneh: Go team!

    Gunn looks around.

    Gunn: Sure it'll hold?

    Seneh: It did in the past right?

    Connor: Yeah?

    Seneh: Well then it will here too. I mean, apocalyptic waves of fury might be a problem, but until then we're ok.

    Connor: As long as we stay in here.

    Seneh: I think the idea was that we don't get killed in our sleep. Of course we'll go others places and have every chance of getting killed, but we can't do much about that.

    Gwen: She has a point.

    Seneh: Thank you Gwen.

    Gwen smiles as if to say "ok?". Seneh sighs.

    Seneh: Well I guess I should put the rest-

    Seneh suddenly freezes in mid-speech. Connor frowns.

    Connor: Seneh?
    He looks at Gwen and Gunn and is about to speak but notices that they too are frozen in time.

    Woman's Voice OS: Hello Connor.

    Connor turns to see a young woman wearing a light blue dress stood nearby. She smiles.

    Woman's Voice: It's nice to finally meet you.

    Connor looks uncertain.

    Cut to Angel, Spike, Illyria and Fred walking through the trailer park hurriedly.

    Illyria: Tap will not survive if he attempts to defeat the vampires without assistance.

    Angel: He has enough magic to handle himself for a while.

    There is a flash suddenly from nearby.

    Fred: Maybe he didn't need a while?

    They rush over. As they enter a different area, they see a large crowd of people. Fred looks at Angel and Spike.

    Fred: Are they human?

    Spike looks confused.

    Spike: They are?

    Angel begins to make his way through the crowd followed by the other three. The people in the crowd look at them, some of them happy, others confused. Angel exits the crowd to see Tap standing with his back turned to him, the pipe in his hand. He is talking to Augusto.

    Tap: You have to give me what you promised me.

    Augusto: But?but she's my only daughter!

    Anahid appears from nearby looking tearful.

    Anahid: You cannot take her from us! Please!

    Tap looks grave and upset.

    Tap: Give me to her, it'll be a lot better for you.

    Augusto: No! You did what did so easily, we are grateful, we'll give you whatever else you want, but not-

    Angel: Tap?

    Tap turns to see Angel and co. in front of the crowd. Tap stares at him.

    Tap: You shouldn't be here.

    Angel: What are you doing?

    Tap: It doesn't matter-

    Augusto: He wants to take our daughter?

    Fred frowns and looks disturbed.

    Fred: Why would you take their daughter?

    Illyria: He holds a darker purpose.

    Tap stares at Illyria in turmoil, and then at Angel. He closes his eyes and then looks at Augusto.

    Tap: Will you give me your daughter or not?

    Augusto looks serious and shakes his head. Tap looks grave.

    Tap: So bet it.

    Tap takes the pipe out of his pocket. Angel and the others look confused.

    Angel: Tap what-

    Tap holds up his hand. Angel and everyone else present suddenly freezes where they are but they can still talk. There is a general murmur of fear among the crowd.

    Angel: Tap!

    Angel and the others look at him, confused at what he is doing, and why. Tap gravely puts the pipe to his lips and starts playing. A bittersweet melody plays as all over sounds fall silent. The melody passes through the air as children start running from the houses looking excited. Tap stares at them while continuing to play. Their laughter can be heard echoing quietly, but the tune from Tap's pipe is still the only prominent sound heard.

    Tap turns and starts walking forwards. The children form a line behind him smiling happily, ignoring the cries of their families in the background, which are evident by the expressions on the faces of the adults. Angel and co. can also be seen shouting. Tap pays none of them any attention but continues to do what he must. A portal suddenly opens. A flash of light similar to that seen before by Angel and the others shines. Suddenly Illyria appears to break free of Tap's spell. She rushes towards Tap and knocks the pipe from his grip. It falls to the ground. Other sounds can now be heard again. Tap stares at Illyria as the portal vanishes. He looks angered.

    Tap: You don't know what you've done!

    Everyone can suddenly start moving again and the children look around confused as their families rush towards them and embrace them as if for the first time. The girl who Angel, Spike and Illyria saved before is seen at the back of the crowd limping slightly due to the previous vampire as Anahid and Augusto hug her tightly. Tap looks on gravely. Fred, Angel and Spike rush next to Tap and Illyria.

    Fred: Tap what were you doing?

    Fred looks incredibly disturbed. Tap tries to respond but can't find the words.

    Angel: Who are you?

    Tap: I'm?

    Spike: I reckon I might know.

    The others look at Spike.

    Illyria: Elaborate.

    Spike sighs. The camera begins to zoom in slowly on him as he talks

    Spike: When, lo, as they reached the mountain's side,
    A wondrous portal opened wide,
    As if a cavern was suddenly hollowed;
    And the Piper advanced and the children followed,
    And when all were in to the very last,
    The door in the mountain-side shut fast.
    Did I say, all? No. One was lame,
    And could not dance the whole of the way.

    Tap stares at Spike surprised at his knowledge.

    Spike: Am I right?

    Tap looks serious.

    Tap: You are.

    Angel stares at Tap, as he realises the extent of what is happening. Suddenly vampires appear all around them. They look around confused but then smile, as they have returned to the feeding ground that they once were.
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      ACT III

      Cut to Connor and the woman in the Hyperion lobby. Connor stares at the woman.

      Woman: My name is Cescenya. I'm a Senior Partner, part of Ha-zar's faction.

      Connor stares at her darkly.

      Connor: You're gonna try and make me join you or something?

      Cescenya smiles and walks towards him. She is about to speak but Connor stands up.

      Connor: Don't come any closer.

      Cescenya: Connor you couldn't hurt me if you tried. I'm not here to hurt you though.

      Connor: I don't care. Get out of here.

      Cescenya: I can't do that just yet. There are things you need to know. Things I can tell you.

      Connor: Like what?

      Cescenya: Well, like the fact that your parents, your guardians even, miss you.

      Connor looks shocked.

      Cut to Gwen in the Hyperion lobby. From her perspective Connor, Gunn and Seneh are frozen in time.

      Gwen: Ok, was this part of the spell?

      Suvarta appears next to her.

      Suvarta: No Gwen.

      Gwen looks shocked and stands up.

      Gwen: Who the hell are you?

      Suvarta: My name is Suvarta.

      Gwen's eyes narrow.

      Gwen: You're a Senior Partner aren't you?

      Suvarta: Correct.

      Gwen: Which side?

      Suvarta smiles.

      Suvarta: It's interesting to think that less than a year ago these "sides" as you call them did not exist. I can tell you that I work for Ha-zar.

      Gwen doesn't respond.

      Suvarta: What do they mean to you?

      Gwen: Means I have a little less to worry about than if you were one of the others.

      She looks at Gunn, Seneh and Connor and then back at Suvarta.

      Gwen: What do you want from me?

      Suvarta: I want to know what you feel about the offer to help us fight the other faction of the Senior Partners.

      Gwen: We already told you guys that there's no chance in hell.

      Suvarta: No, Angel told us. I want to know what you think.

      Gwen stares at him, unsure how to respond.

      Cut to Angel, Tap and co. in the trailer park. The residents cry out in fear as the vampires advance. Angel looks at Tap.

      Angel: Will you fight?

      Tap hesitates. Angel doesn't wait for an answer as he runs and punches a vampire. Illyria and Spike also follow and start fighting as well. A vampire grabs a woman but Illyria swiftly kicks the vampire in the stomach. She falls to the ground as the woman backs off. Illyria stamps on the vampire's neck snapping her head off and she dusts. Spike fights hand to hand against several more vampires but gets grabbed by one as another punches him. More people are getting attacked. Fred looks worried and turns to Tap.

      Fred: They need you!

      A vampire suddenly attacks Fred. Tap blasts energy at it instinctively. The vampire falls vamp and Fred grabs a stake and dusts it. She looks at Tap. Tap nods and goes to fight vampires with her.

      Cut to Gunn standing up in The Hyperion lobby. He looks at Gwen, Connor and Seneh stuck in time. He feels a presence behind him and turns round. A woman is stood behind him.

      Woman: Hello Charles. My name is Naur-Veii.

      Gunn raises his eyebrows.

      Gunn: Original.

      Naur-Veii stares at him with piercing eyes. Gunn seems to realise who she is.

      Gunn: You're a Senior Partner.

      Naur-Veii: Yes I am. And I work with Ha-zar.

      Gunn: Figures. But to save you the time and bargaining lingo, I aint interested in whatever you're selling.

      Naur-Veii: Oh I think you will be, Charles. You've been made tempting offers before and accepted them.

      Naur-Veii walks towards him, but in an unthreatening manner. Gun frowns at her.

      Gunn: And I paid the price.

      Naur-Veii: We're also aware of that. However you might want to consider the price you'll have to pay if you don't accept this offer.

      Gunn stares at her.

      Naur-Veii: The fate of this world is unchangeable?but it can be restored. Help us, Charles?and we can rebuild it.

      Gunn looks uncertain.

      Gunn: I can't do that.

      Naur-Veii: Why? Because of your loyalties to Angel?

      Gunn: Because I know where I stand.

      Naur-Veii: On the brink of losing everything? Because believe me?you will.

      Gunn stares at her, unnerved.

      Cut to Angel staking a vampire. Several are attacking Illyria at once. She gives a roundhouse kick and they fall to the ground. She then stakes one and darts back to stake another as he gets up. Spike stakes the third as she falls back into him. Only a few vampires now remain. They begin to run. Tap stares at them and then sends fireballs after them. They all explode into flame and then dust. The end of the battle causes silence. Most the crowd have dissipated, fleeing to safety. Anahid, Augusto and their daughter are still nearby. Augusto stares at Tap.

      Augusto: They are gone?you could have used your magic to kill them?but you wanted our daughter?

      He looks confused and angry. Anahid gets up.

      Anahid: Why would you take her!

      Angel looks seriously at Tap and then at them.

      Angel: I'm sorry about what you've had to go through tonight.

      Augusto: You are?Angel?

      Angel: Yes I am.

      Their daughter smiles at him.

      Girl: They saved me.

      Augusto looks from her to Angel and then smiles.

      Augusto: Thank you.

      He gives an angry look at Tap who looks ashamed.

      Fred: We uh, we should probably go.

      Spike: Got that right.

      Augusto nods and he, Anahid and their daughter head back to their trailer. Their daughter stops for a moment.

      Girl: And they're really gone now?

      Illyria: They are.

      The girl looks at Illyria and nods, smiling. She then turns to leave. Angel turns to look at Tap but Tap has already started to walk away.

      Angel: Tap wait!

      Tap: (without turning round) Why?

      Spike: Cause I know what's going on here.

      Tap stops and looks serious. He glances at Spike.

      Tap: You think you do.

      Fred: That rhyme?it was The Pied Piper of Hamelin.

      Illyria: I am unfamiliar.

      Spike: Pied Piper came to a town called Hamelin crawling with rats. He was the only one that could get rid of ?em?for a price.

      Tap looks away.

      Spike: Anyway after he did it, the village mayor wouldn't pay up so the piper took the children away like he did with the rats.

      Illyria considers this.

      Illyria: A cautionary tale designed to stimulate moral growth?

      Spike: Something like that. Only this aint so much a tale.

      Fred: Wait so?Tap, you're?him?

      Tap sighs.

      Tap: No. But one of my ancestors was.

      Angel: But you're trying to recreate that?

      Tap: I don't want to?I have to.

      Spike: Something about a family tradition eh?

      Tap looks grim and nods.

      Illyria: Then you must fulfil this role to gain acceptance amongst your family.

      Tap: No I?I don't care about them. I'm only doing this because if I don't?it'll bring about what we just saw.

      Angel: What do you mean?

      Spike: He means that his family's been doing this for a long time. And if he doesn't continue doing it, everything gets reversed. Am I right?

      Tap nods surprised at how much Spike knows about his family.

      Fred: You sound pretty much like an expert.

      Spike: Yeah well?last time I was there.

      Angel and the others look surprised.

      Cut to a small town. The caption says "Chiere, France, 1922". Several buildings are seen to be on fire. A man and woman walk out of a building together laughing, wearing period clothing. It is Spike and Drusilla.

      Spike: Where next Dru?

      Drusilla: Somewhere exciting!

      Drusilla frowns slightly and puts her hands on her temples. Spike looks concerned.

      Spike: Dru?

      Drusilla: Something wicked's here.

      Spike smiles slightly.

      Spike: That'd be us Dru.

      In the background a vampire feeds on a man but Spike and Drusilla don't pay any attention to them. Drusilla shakes her head quickly.

      Drusilla: Something else.

      Drusilla stares at Spike.

      Drusilla: Something we should fear, Spike.

      Spike looks confused but seems to believe Drusilla.

      Spike: Right, well we better be off then.

      Drusilla: Yes, yes.

      Spike and Drusilla hurry down the street when suddenly the familiar melody of the Piper is heard. Spike and Drusilla turn to the direction it is coming from. From around them vampires start walking towards the tune. Spike starts to walk too but Drusilla doesn't. She grabs his hand as he walks forward. She frowns.

      Drusilla: No my Spike. You must not dance to this tune.

      Spike pulls against her grip but stares intently at the direction of the melody. Drusilla frowns and vamps out. She releases Spike and then picks up a large crate. She smashes it over Spike's head. Spike falls to the ground unconscious. Drusilla stares at him but then smiles as she picks him up in her arms. She begins walking away in the opposite direction of all the other vampires who walk transfixed. Fire burns around the image of Spike and Drusilla.

      Cut back to the present day. Angel and the others look at Spike.

      Spike: Village burnt down soon after, but the survivors said that after the demons were summoned away he sent the kids soon after.

      Tap considers this.

      Tap: My great-grandfather. It must have been.

      Spike frowns to himself.

      Fred: Only one particular person per generation has to do it?

      Tap: The first-born son. That would be me.

      Fred: Wait I still don't get why you have to do this now. And aren't you just echoing what you great-times-a-hundred grandfather did? I mean there's no point now, you don't need to.

      Tap: I know, I wish I didn't have to, but it still works the same way. I ask them for something they can't give me, but they promise anyway?I get rid of the demons or vampires or whatever and then they don't give it to me and I take the children. And then there's always one that doesn't make it.

      Angel: Because they're lame?

      Tap: Yeah. And when they die?it starts all over again.

      Angel: The woman on the news report?

      Tap: Right.

      Fred: How many times have you done this?

      Tap: Just once?and well today but?

      He looks at Illyria.

      Illyria: You will be grateful for my intervention in the future.

      Tap: Maybe I will, but right now I have to find another community to save.

      Spike: "Save" eh?

      Tap: If I don't, all the demons that my ancestors sent away? They'll come back.

      Fred: What about the children?

      Tap hesitates.

      Tap: They lived their lives?in the places I sent them.

      Fred looks saddened.

      Angel: Even the ones you sent away last time?

      Tap: I guess they could be alive still?

      Fred: Then you could bring them back.

      Tap: Did you not hear me say that all the demons would come back too?

      Illyria: Perhaps that is how it should be.

      Tap stares at her annoyed. He then shakes his head.

      Tap: No, no I can't live with that.

      Angel: But you can live with tearing families apart?

      Tap stares at him.

      Tap: It's what I was born to do. The way I understand it, my family were made to keep the balance between good and evil?we take a little from each and that way things don't get out of control.

      Spike: There are other ways.

      Tap: I have to be who I am.

      Tap turns away.

      Angel: No. You can be more.

      Tap looks at him. Compassion appears on Angel's face.

      Tap: How?

      Angel: You can be what you can be. What you should be.

      Tap: How do you know I can be that?

      Angel: You helped us. You helped my son. That's more than enough.

      Tap looks glad to hear this.

      Angel: Listen there are enough Slayers around now to fight whatever's brought back.

      Tap considers this but still looks uncertain.

      Fred: We'll help you.

      Tap looks at her. Fred smiles as best she can. Tap smiles back weakly.

      Tap: Thank you?

      Angel smiles. Illyria surveys the interaction interested in what she sees. She then looks past Tap. Tap notices and looks also. His eyes widen as he sees Simon stood nearby. Angel, Spike and Fred notice Tap's reaction.

      Simon: Gotta say bro?I'm disappointed.

      Simon narrows his eyes looking sincere.

      Cut to Seneh standing in The Hyperion lobby staring at Connor, Gwen and Gunn frozen in time. A man appears behind her.

      Man: Well aint this a happy little reunion?

      Seneh turns slowly and looks at him. She looks unimpressed.

      Seneh: This is the part where you try and get us all on our own huh Terethys?

      The man (Terethys) smiles.

      Terethys: Still sharp huh Seneh?

      Seneh: You know it.

      She says this with a cold tone.

      Terethys: Yes I do.

      Seneh: So?your work here's done. Bye.

      Seneh glares at him. Terethys walks next to her.

      Terethys: My work here, Seneh, is to inform you of what will become of you. We don't have time for vendettas?the other Senior Partners aint so forgiving.

      Seneh looks worried. Terethys smiles darkly.

      Terethys: So you have a choice?you do something for us and we take care of your problem.

      He leans over to whisper in her ear.

      Terethys: Or you better start running.

      Seneh stares worriedly in front of her. Suddenly Terethys is gone. Seneh looks to see that Connor, Gunn and Gwen are no longer frozen in time. They look at one another, considering their individual experiences.

      Cut to Angel, Tap and co. on the edge of the trailer park with Simon staring at Tap intently. Tap looks seriously at his brother.

      Tap: It's over Simon.

      Simon stares at him darkly.

      Simon: And you're willing to live with the consequences?

      Tap: I am.

      Simon stares at him. He looks at the ground.

      Simon: It's too bad you'll be dead already then.

      He suddenly blasts energy at Tap who flies in the air and hits the ground several metres away, his clothes burned from the energy. Angel, Spike and Illyria rush towards Simon but he flicks his wrist and the three of them fly back also. Fred runs towards Tap to help him as Simon approaches.

      Simon: I wouldn't get in my way girl.

      Fred looks at him and he punches her as he walks forwards.

      Simon: Warned ya.

      Tap looks angry and blasts energy at his brother who stumbles backwards but then retaliates with his own energy. Tap struggles against his power.

      Tap: Why are you doing this?

      Simon: Cause I can't let you destroy everything. Dad gave his whole life for it!

      Tap: Maybe dad didn't have anything better to believe in!

      Tap increases his power and blasts Simon backwards. Simon lands on the ground and looks up at Tap angrily. Tap walks towards him looking exhausted.

      Tap: I do.

      Simon: What?

      Simon looks over at Fred who has gotten up, her lip bleeding. He looks at Angel, Spike and Illyria who have run over.

      Simon: Them?

      Simon stares at him with rage in his eyes. Tap stares at Angel.

      Tap: And nothing else besides?

      Simon laughs at Tap. He gets up. Angel is about to intervene.

      Tap: No.

      Angel complies. Simon looks amused shakes his head at Tap.

      Simon: Are they enough?

      Tap stares at Simon and takes the pipe from this pocket. He stares at it and then at Simon again.

      Tap: I'm thinking yeah, actually.

      He snaps the flute in two. Simon looks horrified. The sky rumbles slightly as the changes come into effect. Tap looks resolutely at Simon who looks enraged. Simon aims magic at Fred suddenly. Tap stands in the way and rebounds the magic with huge force. Simon smashes against a large tree and falls to the ground. Tap looks grave, even though he knew it would come to this. Tap walks over and stares down at Simon who appears to have several broken bones. Blood trickles from his mouth. He glances up at Tap.

      Simon: Guess I'll?see you in hell?bro?

      Tap looks sadly at his brother as he dies. Angel, Spike, Illyria and Fred walk up behind Tap quietly. They stare at his body also.
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        ACT IV

        Cut to later on. It is now quite late at night. Tap is in his room alone, lying on his bed and staring up at the ceiling. There is a knock at the door. Tap exhales.

        Tap: Who is it?

        Illyria OS: It is I.

        Tap sighs and sits up.

        Tap: Come in then.

        Illyria walks in.

        Illyria: It is customary to knock, is it not?

        Tap's expression softens.

        Tap: It is. Thanks.

        Illyria nods once, slowly.

        Illyria: I thought it unlikely that you had been able to sleep.

        Tap: Yeah?yeah you thought right.

        Tap smiles confusedly at her.

        Tap: What about you do you actually sleep?

        Illyria: I require only a short length of time to recuperate my strength. I have seen humans require far more?unless troubled.

        Tap's smile fades. He nods.

        Illyria: You mind is plagued with what you have done.

        Tap looks at her.

        Tap: I don't need you to tell me that.

        Illyria cocks her head.

        Illyria: Perhaps, however, you require validation for your actions.

        Tap: Angel and you guys already told me it's ok.

        Illyria: And yet you still doubt that you are "ok".

        Tap stares at her. Illyria stands next to him.

        Illyria: Your brother would not have forgiven you. And you could not return to a life that you no longer belonged to.

        Tap: Yeah, well, he may have been corrupted but he was still my brother. I still killed my brother.

        Illyria: Indeed. And the factor beckoning for you to return to the way you were has gone. You are now free.

        Tap considers this. He and Illyria remain in silence.

        Cut to Angel and Spike stood in the inner courtyard of The Hyperion. Spike is smoking a cigarette.

        Spike: Got the feeling something happened while we were out?

        Angel: I do.

        Spike: Whatever it is?they aint talking.

        Angel: Maybe they will.

        Spike looks at him and frowns.

        Spike: Might be important for us to find out.

        Angel: We will.

        Spike shrugs and inhales from his cigarette.

        Spike: Fair enough.

        Spike exhales. Angel looks at him.

        Angel: How about you? You gonna talk?

        Spike looks at him.

        Spike: Eh?

        Angel: What you told us earlier. That wasn't the full story was it?

        Spike looks surprised that Angel caught on to this. He doesn't know what to say.

        Spike: Doesn't matter now.

        Angel pauses.

        Angel: Ok.

        Spike glances at him.

        Angel: Don't tell Tap.

        [I]Angel gets up and goes inside as Spike looks at him and then stares at the ground.

        The haunting melody of Tap's pipe starts playing. All other sounds can't be heard.

        Spike looks grave as there is a flashback to Chiere. Spike vamps out. Drusilla giggles to herself as Spike bites a man. The man gasps in pain as his body begins to weaken. He drops something on the floor?the pipe. It rolls away.

        Cut to Chiere the next morning. People are surveying the damage from the fire. A small boy picks up the pipe. Cut back to Spike in the present day. He stamps on the cigarette butt and goes inside.

        Cut to Gwen and Gunn lying together in bed. Gwen has the device strapped firmly to her hand lying in Gunn's arms. Gunn is stroking her hair. Both are staring into space, considering they encounters with the Senior Partners.

        Cut to Seneh looking worriedly out of the window in her room. She looks indecisive as there if a flashback to Terethys whispering to her. She closes the window.

        Cut to Fred and Connor talking in the corridor. Fred smiles at Connor and Connor smiles back. However there is a flashback to Cescenya talking to Connor. In the present day Connor looks seriously as Fred walks by.

        Fred walks past and sees Illyria exiting Tap's room. Illyria looks serious, considering her own life as a reflection of Tap's. Angel appears at the end of the corridor. Connor smiles at him and Angel smiles back. However Angel looks at Fred whose expression has changed.

        Fred suddenly frowns as she has a vision. There is a flash as we cut to what Fred sees: the huge army of shapeshifters we saw at the end of 6.15. Fred's eyes widen.

        Cut to Tap lying in bed, shirtless. He stares at the ceiling. Cut back to Tap stood on the hillside. Children are entering the portal as he plays the flute. Carrie Sanderson stares into his eyes, as Tap cannot wait for her. He stares at her briefly before walking into the portal. It closes.

        THE END
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