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Angel Episode 6.15 125. Casualties of Law

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  • Angel Episode 6.15 125. Casualties of Law

    Hi, this is the fifteenth episode of Angel Season 6 by me. I hope you enjoy reading it. If you have feedback, please post it here; both positive comments and constructive criticism are welcome

    Angel Episode 6.15 125. Casualties of Law

    Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters on Angel. They belong to Fox Studios and Joss Whedon. This work is fictional and is only for my and others entertainment. Therefore no infringement is intended. I do not intend to make a profit from this work. However I own all characters that have not previously appeared/been mentioned on Angel, so I can do whatever I like with them. Therefore any unauthorised usage of these characters is not permitted.

    ACT I

    Open on several black and white pictures of a body. Several of the bodies are lying in pools of blood. A man picks up one of the pictures and hand it's to Angel who is sat on the opposite side of the table from the man.

    Man: These are only a few. There are a lot more teenagers just like these being controlled and then systematically killed. We've been able to contain a large number of them but?some take matters into their own hands and end it before we can get to them.

    Angel looks grave as he stares at the photo.

    Angel: I know.

    Man: You've come across this kind of thing?

    Angel: We tried to save one of them?he didn't wanna be saved.

    Man: Then you know the Senior Partners are behind this.

    Angel nods.

    Angel: How much do you know about the Senior Partners?

    Man: We know they're the enemy. Trouble is, until recently they've been acting almost exclusively within our own laws. As I'm sure you're aware?they're ruthless in the courtroom.

    Angel nods again, a hint of guilt in his eyes.

    Man: But since the fall of the LA office, everything's changed. The United Nations met two days ago?the Senior Partners are now the primary target for all of the world's forces.

    Angel: You can't physically fight the Senior Partners.

    Man: That's why we thought you might be able to help.

    Angel stares at him.

    Man: The American government knows what an asset you've been to this country, and the world, Angel. You are those that work with you have a reputation for finding a solution to even the greatest of apocalypses.

    Angel: Mind if I ask why the American government tried to have us all arrested then?

    The man hesitates.

    Man: You have to understand that we were under an enormous amount of pressure from the public. If we were seen to do nothing?we might have lost control.

    Angel: Right?it was all a bluff.

    Angel stares at the man seriously. The man looks awkward.

    Man: Angel?we trust than you will do your best to help protect the world. But, we need to know if you trust all of your people to protect it as well.

    Angel: You mean Illyria.

    The man pauses but then nods.

    Angel: You wanna know about her? She's unstable. She often does whatever she wants, when she wants. And she's a pure demon deep down. But if she weren't on our side right now?we wouldn't be having this conversation.

    Man: It's the "right now" that I'm concerned about.

    Angel pauses.

    Angel: There's more chance of me killing you than Illyria. That's what I'm sure of.

    The man hesitates and glances at the mirror on the wall. He then looks back at Angel and nods to himself.

    Man: Ok. I trust we can rely on you?all.

    Angel: I already made that promise.

    The man nods.

    Man: Well I think we should begin small; there are plans to sweep each major city, eliminate the demons-

    Angel: You can't.

    Man: Excuse me?

    Angel: The demons won't attack unless they're attacked.

    Man: And you have their word on that?

    He looks sceptical.

    Angel: I do.

    Man: Well that's all very well-

    Angel: The Senior Partners and the shape shifters are their main threat right now. And they're our main threat. The demons can help us in that fight.

    Man: So you're saying we make a deal with them?

    Angel: We don't have much of a choice.

    The man pauses.

    Angel: Demons are always gonna be here, whether you like it or not. You say you trust me, so believe this: we need as much help as we can get. You haven't seen a fraction of what Wolfram and Hart can do.

    The man looks worried.

    Angel: They're the most dangerous organisation you'll ever come across.

    Cut to a woman in a suit yawning, her arm leaning on her desk, supporting her chin. Another woman, in a similar suit, appears next to her and smiles.

    Woman: Wow, someone miss their caffeine this morning?

    She sits on the desk smiling. The other woman rubs her eyes looking tired.

    Woman #2: Oh I don't wanna talk about it.

    Woman: Guess you didn't get any huh? Or, it was really bad?

    Woman #2: No Rachel, I did not get any. I'll inform you when I do.

    Woman (Rachel): You better. Then I can keep tabs on how long this one lasts.

    She gets up off the desk as the other woman rolls her eyes.

    Woman #2: I'm not even looking. I gotta focus on this damn Parakalsis Clan case which has taken me all night to negotiate. I am so not dealing with any more nocturnal species.

    Rachel: At least you have a species to deal with. Clients are seriously not interested these days.

    Woman #2: True. Still, things can only get better right?

    Rachel: Oh that's such a cliché, you should never-

    The room is suddenly engulfed with purple light. Rachel and the other woman shield their eyes as the light gets brighter.

    Cut to outside the building. A "Wolfram and Hart" sign is clearly shown. Purple light bursts from the building and then the building folds in on itself and disappears. A small park is left where the building stood moments ago. People walk through the park as if it has always been there.

    Opening credits.


    AMY ACKER - Winnifred Burkle/Illyria
    J. AUGUST RICHARDS - Charles Gunn
    ALEXA DAVALOS - Gwen Raiden

    Guest Starring:

    IYARI LIMON - Kennedy Elisonne
    STEPHANIE ROMANOV - Lilah Morgan
    ADAM BALDWIN - Marcus Hamilton
    RICHARD DEAN ANDERSON - General Hannes

    Open on Fred walking down the stairs into The Hyperion lobby. She sees that it is empty, but then notices Illyria sitting in the courtyard. Fred opens the doors.

    Fred: Hi.

    Illyria turns to her. She is holding something in her hand.

    Fred: Whatcha doing?

    Illyria: My mind and body required cleansing. I took advantage of the calm atmosphere here.

    Fred: Oh, well if you want me to go-

    Illyria: There is no need.

    Fred looks surprised and then nods. She walks towards Illyria, sits next to her and then notices what is in Illyria's hands. She frowns.

    Fred: Is that a bird?

    Illyria: It once was. It mistook the glass for a chance at freedom.

    Fred: Oh?it's sad. Wish you could tell them to go back.

    Illyria: Indeed.

    Illyria stares at the bird's lifeless body in her hands.

    Illyria: I find it perplexing; I did not kill this creature, and would have cared little for it if I had known it in life?and yet I cannot help but mourn it in death.

    Fred looks sympathetic.

    Fred: Well I guess it seems kinda pointless?it died suddenly and that was it.

    Illyria: Yes?but I am beginning to learn that death, even as a means to an end, is as you say "pointless".

    Fred looks pensive. Illyria stares away.

    Illyria: It is almost one year since I took Winnifred Burkle's life.

    Fred turns to Illyria quickly, a little surprised at what she has said. She looks uncomfortable.

    Fred: Wow?time flies.

    Illyria looks at her.

    Illyria: Then time is not dissimilar to this bird.

    She looks at the bird once more.

    Illyria: Time travels smoothly, onwards, until it is halted without warning.

    Fred looks grave.

    Illyria: But?my time ended long ago. And yet I live on.

    She looks at Fred.

    Illyria: How can one live on borrowed time?

    Fred: Well?I guess we both are. I mean I shouldn't be here either, right?

    Illyria does not respond.

    Fred: Look?I'm not gonna pretend that what you did doesn't scare me. But you're here now, and we need you Illyria.

    Illyria: You require the strength I possess.

    Illyria stares into Fred's eyes.

    Illyria: What do you feel for the individual that I am?

    Fred smiles.

    Fred: I think I'm beginning to understand her more.

    Illyria looks away again.

    Illyria: I only wish that I could.

    Fred's smile fades. The Hyperion doors open and Fred and Illyria turn to see Angel walking through. They get up and walk into the lobby. Angel notices them.

    Fred: Uh, hi?how was it?

    Angel: Hi. And, good, I think. Illyria's in the clear.

    Illyria cocks her head. Fred smiles.

    Angel: And they're calling off the demon sweeps.

    Fred: Wow that's?weird, you got them to do that?

    Fred stares at Angel surprised.

    Angel: I can be very persuasive.

    Illyria smiles slightly.

    Illyria: Are we to conclude that we are free to attempt to save this world without interference from your primitive autocratic systems.

    Angel: Uh?yeah, I guess so.

    Fred: Great!

    Angel smiles neutrally and nods.

    Angel: There's some other stuff too. It'll be easier to tell everyone together. Where are they anyway?

    Fred: Oh we actually got a client.

    Angel: A client? Really?

    Fred: Yeah, they went to check it out and?oh?

    Fred seems to look past Angel and her expression changes.

    Fred: Um, Angel?

    Fred indicates behind him. Angel turns around. Kennedy is stood by the doors. Angel looks surprised. Kennedy smiles awkwardly.

    Kennedy: Hi?

    Cut to a close up of Gwen's head and arms. She is fiddling with something on a ceiling. Seneh comes into view, looking up.

    Seneh: No, no, no, no, I said left.

    Gwen rolls her eyes.

    Gwen: I heard you.

    Seneh: Well, why aren't you doing it?

    Gwen: I am trying.

    Seneh: You know if you screw this up-

    Gwen: Seneh, do you think you could do something else? That involves not talking to me?

    Seneh: Hey, I offered to do the difficult part up there, but-

    Gwen snaps round quickly.

    Gwen: But I'm taller, so stop being a backseat?person!

    Gwen looks annoyed and turns back round. Seneh rolls her eyes. An old male demon walks in, followed by Tap.

    Demon: Is everything all right?

    Gwen and Seneh look at the demon.

    Gwen: Uh, yeah, it's going well.

    Seneh: Sure. Gwen's doing a swell job.

    Gwen sigh and reaches back up to the ceiling. Seneh folds her arms.

    Tap: Well the others are ready. Just let me know.

    Gwen: Uh huh.

    Gwen fiddles with something and a clicking sound is heard. Gwen smiles. Tap does too.

    Gwen: There we go.

    Gwen stands down to reveal an orb attached to the ceiling. It glows blue.

    Cut to Gunn and Spike in what appears to be the back of the house. A blue orb glows.

    Gunn: Looks like we're in business.

    Spike: You sure?

    Gunn: Hey we used to do this thing all the time. A regular spell like this is a walk in the park.

    Tap appears from a doorway.

    Tap: You guys ready?

    Spike: Apparently.

    Tap nods. He walks back inside and walks out the front door and looks at a third orb.

    Tap: All's ok here.

    Cut to Gwen and Seneh in the other room. Seneh frowns as she looks at the orb, which shifts slightly. The demon looks worried.

    Seneh: Well that's not good.

    Demon: Is-is there something wrong?

    Gwen: Oh, I'm sure it's fine. We'll be done in no time.

    Cut to a sword slamming down on a demon. Spike is seen to be holding the sword and looks up. The house is wrecked, and Gwen, Seneh, Tap, Gunn and the demon are stood around. The demon looks horrified.

    Gwen: Ok so?maybe not fine?

    Demon: My?my house!

    Everyone looks awkward.

    Tap: Uh?we'll make it better. Ok?

    The demon simply looks at him, his mouth open. Gunn's phone starts ringing. He smiles awkwardly and steps over a broken chair. Seneh looks around and sighs.

    Seneh: I told you it was a little more to left.

    Gwen looks exasperated.

    Gwen: Oh right, this is my fault.

    Seneh: Well it might have been.

    Gwen: The demons were here for like, months, this was gonna happen sooner or later if we didn't try-

    Seneh: Yeah, we tried and?

    Seneh indicates the wreckage with her hands.

    Gwen: Ok Seneh, what is your problem, have I done something to personally offend you, cause if so-

    Tap: Uh guys I don't think this is the best time for-

    Seneh: Well, ya didn't move it the left for starters. Oh, and the fact you treat me like crap.

    Gwen: I do not.

    Spike: Come on now-

    Seneh: Uh, yeah you really want me on the team.

    Gwen: Oh for fu-

    Gunn: Hey!

    Gwen and Seneh turn to see Gunn. The demon sits down in a ripped chair, looking annoyed. Tap and Spike look awkward.

    Gunn: That was Angel. We have some bigger problems than this.

    Demon: Oh! Good for you!

    He looks annoyed. Everyone else looks at him and then at Gunn. A part of the wreckage starts to move. A tiny demon jumps out. Gwen kicks it in mid air and it hits the wall and slides down, motionless. Seneh raises her eyebrows and the man sighs.
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    ACT II

    Open on Gwen and co. walking down the street near The Hyperion.

    Seneh: Is Angel always this vague about each new catastrophe?

    Gunn: He said it'd take too long to explain on the phone.

    Seneh: Well a little hint would help.

    Gwen looks frustrated.

    Tap: Well yeah, it would be nice to know if this is an imminent apocalypse or just "Fred had a vision".

    Seneh: Right, I mean when I was the messenger, I was fairly direct and to the point, you know?

    Gwen: Lucky The Powers That Be picked you as their spy then huh?

    Seneh: Ok that is what I'm talking about.

    Spike rolls his eyes.

    Gwen: What?

    Gunn: Gwen-

    Gwen: You were technically a spy, we all know. I didn't mean-

    Seneh: Oh you so did. You think I'm gonna betray you all again.

    Gwen: Well?ok, it had crossed my mind, but I'm sure I'm not alone in that.

    She looks at the others expecting them to agree. They all remain silent. Gwen's smile fades and she widens her eyes at them.

    Seneh: Maybe you could be a little more direct as well-

    Spike stands in front of Seneh and Gwen. Everyone stops walking.

    Spike: All right, you two can have this?whatever this is, out now, or later, but considering Angel's told us to get back right now, do you think it would be difficult to choose later?

    They are now outside The Hyperion. Seneh looks annoyed.

    Gwen: Hey I don't even-

    Spike glares at her.

    Gwen: Sure.

    Seneh: Fine.

    Tap: Thank the Lord.

    Tap walks forwards to the hotel. Spike looks satisfied and walks also, followed by Gunn who raises his eyebrows at Gwen and smiles awkwardly. Gwen and Seneh walk forward avoiding each other's looks.

    Cut to everyone walking into The Hyperion. Angel, Connor, Fred, Illyria and Kennedy are stood and sat around in the lobby. Spike looks shocked. Angel stands up.

    Angel: Thanks for coming so quickly.

    Gwen: Oh it's fine.

    Seneh: Gwen unleashed a bunch of demons on an old man's house.

    [I]Gwen looks angry.[/o]

    Tap: This is not defined as "later". And who's this?

    Kennedy: Um, hi I'm-

    Spike: Kennedy.

    Kennedy: Uh, right. And you're Spike. And we haven't met, right?

    Spike: Well?not in a manner of?you're not a shape shifter are you?

    Angel: She's not a shape shifter.

    Tap: Why would she be a shape shifter?

    Kennedy: A shape shifter pretended to be me a while back. Willow told me.

    Seneh: Oh you're Kennedy Elisonne right? Slayer turned Wolfram and Hart employee?

    Kennedy: Yeah, actually-

    Gwen: Wolfram and Hart?

    Illyria: I too was concerned.

    Angel: It's not as bad as it sounds. She was forced into it.

    Kennedy looks thankful for Angel's defence.

    Seneh: Uh huh. What are you doing here anyway?

    Spike: Is Buffy-

    Angel: Buffy's fine.

    Seneh: (under her breath) Knew it was only a matter of time before her name was mentioned.

    Spike: What's that supposed to mean?

    Gunn: (to Kennedy) What do Wolfram and Hart want?

    Gwen: Another fabulous deal I bet.

    Seneh: That better not be aimed at me.

    Gwen: I didn't even mention you!

    Connor: Guys!

    Everyone looks at Connor.

    Connor: Let Kennedy speak.

    Angel looks pleased. Fred smiles.

    Angel: Yeah?Kennedy?

    He looks at her. Kennedy looks awkward but smiles.

    Kennedy: Right, thanks. Well, as has already been mentioned, I do work for Wolfram and Hart. Or, I did, at least before the building vanished.

    The others look a little surprised.

    Gunn: Vanished?

    Kennedy: Like I said.

    Gwen: It's invisible?

    Kennedy: Oh, no it's completely gone. Like it was never there. And it's happening all over the world from what I hear.

    Gwen and co. look surprised.

    Angel: Apparently the Senior Partners are done with law.

    Gunn opens his mouth in shock. Seneh unfolds her arms and looks utterly confused.

    Seneh: How the hell can they be done with law? They're Wolfram and Hart, law is what they do, that's like the whole point!

    Kennedy: Not anymore.

    Angel: It seems that the Senior Partners don't have a need for clients anymore.

    Spike: Moving on to the final phase eh?

    Kennedy: Pretty much.

    Illyria: They no longer require strongholds of power in this world. Their power now lies above.

    Seneh: Well I guess it always did in a way it's just?wow?I never saw this coming.

    Gwen: But what does this mean, exactly? Cause it sounds pretty worrying if they don't think they need to be on earth anymore.

    Kennedy: Well as you guys know, the Senior Partners are split on that decision. One of them doesn't wanna go anywhere.

    Gunn: So it's Hamilton's guys that are making the offices vanish.

    Kennedy: Uh huh. And from I can tell, the other side want the employees.

    Gwen: Wolfram and Hart wanna save lives?

    Fred: More like use them in the oncoming battle.

    Kennedy: The Senior Partners that wanna leave earth? They have a lot of pure demons going for them. More than the other side.

    Seneh: Which is ironic considering who opened it.

    Kennedy: Yeah. So the other side need as many employees as they can get.

    Gwen: Why don't they get them?

    Angel: They're in a holding dimension.

    Gunn looks uncomfortable. Gwen seems to realise something.

    Gwen: They were in the buildings when they were taken.

    Kennedy nods solemnly.

    Spike: But you weren't?

    Kennedy: Luckily no.

    Spike: What about the clients?

    Kennedy: I don't know.

    Fred: What if they come back for you?

    Kennedy: I don't think they're worried about me. But they should be.

    The others look at her.

    Kennedy: I wanna get them back. Before either side can do anything with them.

    The others look concerned.

    Gwen: Um?I think I speak for maybe everyone, when I say why?

    Kennedy exhales.

    Kennedy: Look I know you probably think they deserve whatever they get, because unlike me, they chose to do what they do. But they're not all bad people. They have people they care about?people that care about them. No on should be used like this.

    The others look reflective. Connor stands up.

    Connor: I know I haven't said much?but I think she's right. Besides if we don't, it means more power for Wolfram and Hart.

    Kennedy smiles at him. Seneh looks serious and shakes her head.

    Seneh: No, we shouldn't.

    Angel: Seneh-

    Seneh: No it's not that I don't care?well I don't really, but uh, if one side of Wolfram and Hart has a bunch of pure demons, and the other has a significantly less, and they're fighting one another, the side with the advantage is gonna, you know, annihilate the other side, and then everything else that's left. And we're talking about the side that hasn't been semi-working with us lately.

    Angel looks serious. Kennedy looks grave.

    Seneh: If Lilah's side get the employees?it might even it up a little.

    Gunn: How many employees does it take to kill one pure demon?

    Seneh: Well there are a lot of employees. And they can create effective killing machines which could be a problem even for pure demons.

    Kennedy looks anxious.

    Seneh: Look, I know you've worked with these people, but they knew what they signed up for. At least this way they're doing some good.

    Kennedy: They could fight with us-

    Gwen: Why would they? I mean, apart from the handful of them that you know, why would any of them feel they had to be loyal to us over the people they've signed their souls away to work for?

    Kennedy looks grave.

    Gwen: I agree with Seneh.

    Seneh smiles a little knowingly.

    Gwen: Which isn't something I thought I'd be saying today, but I do.

    Kennedy: Ok, well I'm so glad for you.

    Gwen sighs. Kennedy looks at Angel.

    Kennedy: There's no guarantee Lilah's forces will be able to get the employees out of the holding dimension easily.

    Tap: Maybe not easily, but how about at all? I mean we could still go. Make sure they don't get massacred too early.

    Kennedy: Uh?yeah, we could.

    Kennedy looks a little freaked out by Tap's phrasing but looks at Angel. Angel looks in thought.

    Gunn: Aint like we got anything else to do right now.

    Seneh: Except-

    Gwen: Except some other less important things that will be done at some point.

    Gwen looks annoyed. Angel looks at Kennedy.

    Angel: You can get us to the holding dimension?

    Kennedy: Wouldn't be here if I couldn't. But it's dangerous.

    Gunn: If it's anything like the other one, I don't doubt that.

    Spike: Bloody right. Bulletproof jackets all around

    The others look worried.

    Gunn: Long story.

    Spike: But, true.

    Seneh looks at Kennedy.

    Seneh: You have a limo?

    Kennedy: The right kind.

    Seneh: Right?ok.

    Seneh looks apprehensive.

    Seneh: Guess we should start assembling the arsenal.

    Angel nods and walks towards the weapons cabinet, followed by Spike and Gunn. Fred and Connor look anxious.

    Connor: Are we coming?

    Angel hesitates and looks at him as Spike and Gunn begin sorting through the weapons cabinet.

    Angel: I'm not so sure.

    Fred stares into space. She looks serious. She then looks at Angel.

    Fred: I am. We can handle it. We've handled worse.

    Angel: I?

    Fred: Angel, this isn't a discussion.

    The others, even Connor, look surprised. Seneh looks impressed and looks at Angel.

    Seneh: Guess they're coming then.

    Connor: Guess we are?

    Fred looks awkward. Angel stares at her but then nods and walks back to the cabinet.

    Cut to Illyria examining a sword. The voices of the others can be heard in the background. Spike appears next to Illyria.

    Spike: You all right there?

    Illyria looks at him.

    Illyria: This weapon will suffice.

    Spike: Not quite what I meant.

    Illyria stares at him. Spike raises his eyebrows.

    Illyria: It was a moment of weakness.

    Spike: You reckon? Doesn't hurt to cry every once in a while. We all have those moments.

    Illyria: I do not.

    Spike: Beg to differ. Anyway you gonna tell what got you in that state?

    Illyria looks away. Spike is about to say something else when Angel appears.

    Angel: You two ready?

    Spike: Uh, yeah just about.

    Angel: Good.

    Illyria glances at Spike and then follows Angel. Spike sighs and picks up a sword and several stakes.

    Cut to Fred walking out of her room. Connor walks out of his also. Fred avoids his gaze and continues walking. Connor stares after her.

    Connor: You had a vision didn't you?

    Fred stops walking but doesn't turn around.

    Fred: You don't need to know.

    Connor: Uh, if it involves us then yeah I kinda do. And so should the others.

    Fred turns to him. She looks worried.

    Fred: All I know is we can't stay here. Or?people are gonna die.

    Connor: Fred-

    Fred: I don't wanna talk about it.

    Connor grabs her arm. He suddenly receives a truth vision from her. The camera zooms in on him and there are several flashes of Fred, Connor, Gunn and Tap lying on the ground in The Hyperion courtyard. Their eyes are closed, and a trickle of blood from Fred's mouth can clearly be seen.

    Cut back to Connor looking shocked. He releases his arm from Fred who looks shocked that Connor would do something like that. Fred walks off hurriedly. Connor waits for a few seconds, both regretful at what he just did, and worried about what he just saw.

    Cut to Fred walking into the lobby. Connor appears behind her a few seconds later. Fred avoids his gaze. Angel is the only one left in the building.

    Angel: You still wanna-

    Fred picks up a crossbow.

    Fred: Yeah.

    Angel nods. She heads outside. Angel looks at Connor.

    Angel: Is there something going on?

    Connor hesitates and then shakes his head. Angel hesitates also but then seems satisfied. He then hands Connor a sword.

    Connor: Cool, thanks.

    Angel: It's not cool.

    Connor: I was just-

    Gwen OS: Uh, Angel.

    Angel and Connor turn to see Gwen in doorway.

    Gwen: You might wanna come out here.

    Angel looks confused and he and Connor head out.

    Cut to them walking into the courtyard. The others are stood around, with a group of men, wearing military uniforms.

    Man #1: Hello Mr Angel, I'm General Hannes.

    Angel: Um, hello.

    General Hannes: I'm sure you probably weren't expecting us, but it's been made a national priority to have this building guarded at all times.

    As they talk, Fred looks anxious to be standing in the place she saw herself and the others unconscious in her vision.

    Spike: Um, no offence mate but I doubt your lot'll have much luck against the kind of things that want us dead.

    General Hannes: Oh we have magic at our disposal also.

    Spike looks surprised.

    Illyria: We do not require protection. I was to believe it was our duty to protect you.

    General Hannes: Be that as it may, the President's orders were very clear. You have to sleep sometime right?

    The others don't really have a response to this. General Hannes turns to his men.

    General Hannes: Begin the operation.

    They begin walking inside.

    Angel: Wait, they need to go inside?

    General Hannes: Well you're going out somewhere, probably to fight evil, which I wish you luck with, but that's not my concern. What is my concern is that this place is fully guarded when you get back. So you do your job, and I'll do mine.

    Angel hesitates.

    Seneh: Just say ok already.

    Angel looks annoyed.

    Angel: Fine. Do what you have to do.

    General Hannes nods and walks away. Kennedy turns to the others.

    Kennedy: I'll show you to the limo.

    Angel nods. He, Kennedy and the others begin to walk out of the courtyard. Fred and Connor stay behind for a second. They look relieved. Connor looks at Fred.

    Connor: It could still happen?

    Fred: Don't. Just be thankful it hasn't yet.

    Fred walks towards the direction the others went. Connor follows her looking sombre.
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      ACT III

      Cut to everyone sat in the limo. There is apparently a chauffeur driving. Seneh, sat in the middle, sighs.

      Seneh: So, this is cheery.

      Tap: Did you expect I-Spy?

      Seneh: No, but, it's not all doom and gloom you know.

      Fred and Connor glance at one another anxiously. Kennedy looks worried.

      Seneh: Or maybe it is. Does this limo have champagne?

      No one replies.

      Seneh: Or marshmallows? Wow?you people are exciting.

      Gwen: Seneh you talking like this actually contributes to self-harm feelings.

      Seneh: Yeah knew it wouldn't last. Just had to get a little dig in there didn't you-

      Angel: Hey! What is with you two?

      Tap: It's a thing.

      Gunn: An annoying thing.

      Gwen: Hey I so was not the only one who was thinking that?

      Seneh: But you're the only one that said it, and that's because you have a friggin problem with me.

      Gwen: I never said that.

      Seneh: No but maybe you should.

      Angel hesitates. He then looks at Gwen.

      Angel: Gwen?

      Gunn: If you do have a problem?you should say it.

      Gwen looks annoyed.

      Gwen: Gunn! How can you take her side? I'm not the bad guy here.

      Seneh: Neither am I!

      Kennedy: God! And I thought I could be annoying.

      Gwen and Seneh look at Kennedy, surprised.

      Kennedy: We're headed on the way to do something that could potentially kill us all.

      Connor and Fred look serious.

      Tap: Yeah, I'm not sure "later" has come yet. That should be when the rest of us can escape.

      Seneh and Gwen look embarrassed. There is a pause, and then Kennedy lowers one of the darkened windows slightly.

      Kennedy: We're nearly here.

      Open on the limo driving into a deserted street. There is a building seen in the background, as the limo pulls up to the curb. Everyone gets out. Tap is carrying a bag. Angel and Spike wince slightly but then look at one another.

      Angel and Spike: Alternate dimension.

      Fred smiles.

      Fred: Nifty.

      She then turns to where the others are looking: at a large building in front of them, at least ten storeys high.

      Spike: Must be a bit cramped if they're all in there.

      Gunn: Um, I'm thinking space aint really a problem.

      Gunn is staring down the road. Spike and the others turn and look surprised to see many more buildings on either side of the road, stretching into the distance.

      Fred: Wow?

      Connor: These are all prisons?

      Seneh: I doubt it?

      Gunn looks uneasy. Illyria notices.

      Illyria: Those that are imprisoned within the buildings are unaware of their plight.

      Kennedy: There's probably a glamour inside each one.

      Gwen: So it's not so much that they can't leave?time's actually looping for them.

      Tap: Ignorance is bliss.

      Gunn: Not really.

      Tap looks confused.

      Kennedy: We should probably check inside.

      Some of the others look a bit surprised by this suggestion.

      Fred: Are you sure?

      Tap: I thought it was a one-way deal in terms of getting in and out.

      Seneh: That's the actual dimension. The separate parts should be ok. We're just visiting the building so-

      Connor: Wait, wait, wait?we could be stuck here?

      Kennedy: As long as we have the limo we're fine.

      Connor looks awkward.

      Connor: Someone wanna stay with it?

      Kennedy: It'll be back when we need it.

      Gwen: You never said anything to the driver.

      Kennedy: Well that's because?

      She opens the driver's door of the limo. The seat is empty. The others look surprised.

      Angel: Right?forgot the one I had did that.

      Connor: You had a car that drove itself and never told me?

      Tap: Would you have wanted to end up here?

      Connor: I guess not?

      Illyria: We delay.

      Angel: Right.

      He looks at Kennedy.

      Angel: You better go first.

      Kennedy: Sure. But it's probably a good idea not to show the weapons unless we have to.

      Tap: We'll I'll take ?em then.

      Tap opens the bag and the others put their weapons in. The limo drives away. Everyone watches for a few seconds and then they start walking towards the building.

      Tap: This feels unsettlingly satisfying.

      Spike: Not if they have guns it won't.

      Tap: Well, guess that's my moment of relative safe feelings gone.

      Cut to everyone walking into the building. They have walked into what appears to be the lobby of a Wolfram and Hart office. Employees are walking around as the rest of a city can be seen through the glass walls of the building. Angel and co. look serious.

      Gwen: Guess you were right Kennedy.

      Fred: They all still think they're in Wolfram and Hart?

      They see several employees talking together near the reception. They see a woman running, perhaps late for a meeting.

      Cut to an upstairs office room. Rachel and the other woman seen earlier are seen.

      Rachel: Wow, someone miss their caffeine this morning?

      She sits on the desk smiling. The other woman rubs her eyes looking tired.

      Woman #2: Oh I don't wanna talk about it.

      Cut back to the lobby. A man enters from "outside". He sees Angel and co. in his way.

      Man: Um, excuse me, some of us have jobs to do.

      They let him past and he walks away hurriedly. Tap opens the door himself. He sees the empty road where they were previously. Angel looks at him.

      Tap: Just checking.

      Kennedy walks forward.

      Kennedy: This is New York's office. I've been here?

      Angel walks forward also.

      Angel: I don't see any clients.

      The others look around and see that it was right.

      Illyria: They were not required.

      Voice OS: No they're not.

      Everyone turns to see Hamilton stood nearby. They look shocked. He smiles. They realise the employees have suddenly frozen in time.

      Hamilton: I wondered if you'd make an appearance Angel. I didn't expect for you to bring to entire family along. Which now includes the delightful Seneh I see.

      Seneh glares at him. He then looks at Kennedy.

      Hamilton: And Miss Elisonne. It's no surprise you felt you had to take part in this.

      Kennedy: I'm not gonna let you get away with this.

      Hamilton: I'm sure you have every intention of stopping us. Unfortunately for you that's not really feasible at this point.

      Hamilton takes a device from his pocket.

      Hamilton: One press of this button and every being with a soul in this building will be instantly eradicated.

      Everyone looks worried.

      Gwen: The devoted themselves to you. And you're just gonna kill them?

      Hamilton: They're expendable. I'm afraid the Senior Partners don't have much time for sentimental value.

      He looks at Kennedy.

      Hamilton: But you, Miss Elisonne?you weren't taken. It wasn't that you were outside the building; you're the only employee that wasn't brought here among the many thousands across the world. Haven't you stopped to think why?

      Kennedy looks serious. The others look between her and Hamilton.

      Hamilton: Your mother blackmailed you into working for us. And that is because you may have a higher purpose.

      Kennedy looks shocked.

      Kennedy: What do you mean?

      Hamilton: Oh you'll find out soon enough. But for now I suggest you leave while I carry out what's necessary.

      Seneh: You could kill us all now. Why don't you?

      Hamilton smiles at her.

      Hamilton: While I'd certainly take great pleasure in that, the prophecies prevent me from doing so. You're still a part of the apocalypse Angel, we know that for sure. The other Senior Partners still think you can be manipulated into fighting for them?we have more realistic aims. But be rest assured that when that day comes, you will all know.

      He lifts the device.

      Tap: I'm sensing this guy isn't messing around.

      Gwen: Yeah, we should go?

      Voice OS: Hold it.

      Everyone turns to see Lilah stood on the other side of them. Hamilton's smile falters slightly, but he doesn't lose his composure. Lilah smiles at him.

      Lilah: Well hello there Marcus. It's been a while.

      Hamilton: Lilah.

      Angel and co. look unsure as to what to do.

      Lilah: And thanks for coming Angel. You all don't have to worry about leaving, I have this habit of crashing the party, and I couldn't resist.

      Lilah looks mock apologetically at Hamilton. A flicker of anger can be seen in his expression, but then he looks more relaxed.

      Hamilton: I'm afraid your efforts have been in vain Lilah. I'm the one in control here.

      Lilah: Is that a fact?

      The employees suddenly start moving again. Some of them look surprised to see Hamilton and Lilah. Hamilton looks surprised. Lilah freezes them in time once again.

      Lilah: Once upon a time maybe you were. But now I'm a Child of the Senior Partners, and you're just?dead. Funny how things change, huh?

      Angel and co. look surprised.

      Seneh: You're a Child of the Senior Partners? How?how the hell did you manage that?

      Lilah: It's a wonder what signing forms can do. And you should know Seneh, you signed your immortality away to do the "right" thing.

      Angel and the others consider this, perhaps realising for the first time that this is what Seneh had to do. Seneh narrows her eyes at Lilah.

      Seneh: And Hamilton's all the proof you need to show how overrated "immortality" is.

      Lilah looks unimpressed.

      Lilah: Oh please, as if I'm relying on it. I'm well aware of the limitations. But then again?alive or dead, our employees still have their uses. That is if they're not obliterated entirely.

      Lilah eyes the device.

      Lilah: Wow?that is big button. You gonna press it?

      Hamilton doesn't reply.

      Lilah: Come on now Marcus?where's that ruthless streak you always show?

      Hamilton glances from Lilah to Angel and co. Lilah looks at them.

      Lilah: You wanna keep Angel alive? Well I suppose?wait a minute.

      Lilah smiles at Kennedy.

      Lilah: Kennedy Elisonne?

      She looks at Hamilton.

      Lilah: You think she's the one?

      Kennedy looks anxious at this reference.

      Lilah: Wow, interesting theory.

      Hamilton: You know it isn't?

      Lilah: If you put that toy down and start thinking a little more rationally maybe we can share notes?

      Hamilton: You can't manipulate me Lilah.

      Lilah: We'll see about that.

      Time suddenly begins again. Most of the employees look at Lilah and Hamilton.

      Lilah: Wolfram and Hart employees. My name is Lilah Morgan. Some of you may have heard of me.

      There is some murmuring amongst the employees.

      Lilah: You may be wondering why I'm interrupting your day like this. Well I think there's something you'll be interested to see.

      Lilah takes a gun from her pocket suddenly and shoots at the glass surrounding the walls. People duck for cover, and Angel and co. look worried. However they then see that the cracks in the glass are causing the image of New York to flicker. Employees look on looking confused. The whole interior of the building begins to fade as black, generic, stone walls replace it. Hamilton looks angry, as the room grows darker, with only a few windows high up allowing light to pour in. The employees look shocked at what has happened. Lilah looks at Angel.

      Lilah: Angel would you mind?

      She indicates the door. Angel hesitates and then makes his way to the door. Hamilton looks angry and wavers his thumb over the device. Lilah suddenly shoots Hamilton in the wrist, causing the device to fall to the ground. Hamilton exclaims in pain and clutches his wrist as everyone else in the room stares in shock. Lilah lowers the gun and looks at Angel once again.

      Lilah: I'm sorry Angel, please continue.

      Angel looks from Lilah to Hamilton but then begins to open both doors. Sunlight from the holding dimension floods into the room as Angel pushes the doors open. The employees gather forward past Hamilton who is still clutching his wrist.

      Lilah: You may all not be aware of the internal conflicts between the Senior Partners. This sparked a division, and we all have to choose our sides. And so will all of you. But you are now aware that one half lied to you, and tried to keep you trapped. The other has shown you the light. Keep that in mind, and if you choose to follow myself and those who recognise your loyalty?then walk out with me now.

      More employees are now coming down the stairs from the upper floors, looking confused. Rachel from earlier can be seen listening to Lilah. Lilah looks at Angel and co.

      Lilah: Well it's been a pleasure but I have work to do, other places like this to visit. Until next time.

      Lilah walks out of the building. Some of the employees begin to follow her, and then more.

      Spike: Um, reckon now might be a good time to leave.

      Gwen: What about?Hamilton?

      They look around but Hamilton has vanished. Employees file past out of the door.

      Tap: He's gone.

      A gunshot is heard from outside. Everyone looks worried as some screams are heard. Angel, followed by Spike and then the others rush through the crowd of employees outside.

      Lilah is stood in the foreground, as the now fairly large crowd of employees stares in her direction. Angel and co. appear and stop next to the crowd. Hamilton is seen kneeling on the ground, his unwounded hand clutching his ear; blood is seeping from it and Lilah is seen once again pointing her gun in Hamilton's direction.

      Lilah: There won't be another warning Marcus.

      Hamilton gets up and stares at the blood on his hand and then at Lilah.

      Hamilton: You expect me to walk away Lilah?

      Lilah: Up to you really. But I can't allow you to get in my way.

      Hamilton: I haven't even begun. You may have saved these few?but there are many others.

      Hamilton suddenly takes out a second device. Angel looks serious as Hamilton presses a button on it. The buildings nearby and in the distance begin to collapse. Even the building everyone was just in begins to fall as employees rush out. Everyone, Kennedy especially look shocked. Hamilton smiles as he sees what is happening. There is a third and final gunshot. An exit wound appears in Hamilton's chest. He turns to Lilah and then falls back. Before he hits the ground he disappears into thin air. Lilah lowers her gun and looks angry. She turns to Angel and co.

      Lilah: What a waste.

      One of the employees looks at her.

      Employee #1: What happens to us?

      Lilah stares at her.

      Lilah: You're not enough. Do whatever the hell you want.

      She glances at Angel who stares back.

      Angel: Will he be back?

      Lilah: I honestly don't know. But if he does, that'll be your problem.

      Lilah vanishes, looking bitter. Angel and co. are left with the employees. Dust from the collapsed buildings fills the air. A noise however can be heard from the distance; it is the limo. Angel turns to the others.

      Angel: We can take them back.

      Another employee speaks out.

      Employee #2: You're Angel. Champion of The Powers.

      Angel turns to them.

      Angel: I guess I am.

      Employee #2: We don't want your help.

      Angel: You don't want it? The alternative is staying here for eternity. You were never anything more than tools. And you don't have a use for either side now. Maybe it's time to live your lives.

      The employees consider this. There is a wide shot of the desolation surrounding the small group.

      Cut to inside the limo, apparently driving to The Hyperion. Kennedy looks forlorn, and everyone is silent. Illyria looks at her.

      Illyria: You could not have prevented Hamilton's actions.

      Kennedy looks at her.

      Kennedy: I know that. I'm not blaming myself. But they're all gone?blaming people doesn't change that. You can generalise and say they deserved it?but who knows what they were really like? Whether they were really evil?or just doing their job. No one's going to now?

      Everyone in the car looks reflective.

      Spike: What about your apparent significance eh?

      Fred: But Lilah said she wasn't "the one"?whatever that means.

      Kennedy: I don't know?I don't really care.

      Tap: Maybe the fact Wolfram and Hart want you alive, at least for now, is a good thing.

      Angel: If it's for a prophecy ?I wouldn't count on it.

      Kennedy looks at him and looks worried.
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        ACT IV

        Cut to the limo pulling up to The Hyperion. It is late at night. Angel and co. get out and so does Kennedy. A man appears from the Hyperion courtyard.

        Man: Welcome back. I'm Major Foster.

        Angel: Hi.

        Major Foster: Everything's been quiet tonight.

        Spike: Usually is.

        Major Foster: Well we don't wanna take any chances now. Are you expecting anyone between now and 9am?

        Angel: Not as far as I'm aware.

        Major Foster: Ok well if that changes let me know, otherwise?have a good night.

        He smiles and walks back into the courtyard. The others watch him walk away.

        Gwen: I guess if we do get attacked by assassins or something then we'll be more grateful.

        Angel smiles slightly and then looks at Kennedy.

        Kennedy: I'll um, call you if anything happens.

        Angel: Right.

        Fred: What are you gonna do now?

        Kennedy: I have a few ideas.

        Spike smiles, perhaps a little knowingly.

        Spike: Take care. Send my regards if you?

        Kennedy smiles back.

        Kennedy: I will.

        Kennedy looks at everyone.

        Kennedy: I know it didn't go as planned?but thanks. All of you. You tried to help me and you had no reason to.

        Angel: We help?the helpless.

        Kennedy smiles sadly.

        Kennedy: Hope to see you again.

        Gwen: You too.

        Tap: Take care.

        Kennedy: Thanks, bye.

        Kennedy smiles one last time and gets into the limo. It drives off leaving Angel and co. staring at the empty road it left behind.

        Tap: Well?long day.

        Gunn: Right.

        There is a pause and then everyone begins heading inside. Fred and Connor look noticeably worried as they pass through the courtyard. The catch the eyes of a guard. There is a shot of Fred's foot stepping on the ground. There is a shot of Gwen turning her head oblivious. Everyone reaches the door. Fred and Connor look relieved as they pass into the building.

        Cut to Seneh in her room. She is sorting through some clothes. There is a knock at the door.

        Seneh: Yeah?

        Gwen OS: It's Gwen.

        Seneh looks at the door surprised.

        Seneh: Uh?ok, come in.

        The door opens and Gwen walks in. She smiles awkwardly.

        Gwen: Hi.

        Seneh: Hi?

        Gwen walks forwards.

        Gwen: Um, listen, I was harsh before.

        Seneh: You think?

        Gwen: I know. I never really thought about what you did?it's a big sacrifice.

        Seneh: Yeah well, had to be done.

        Gwen: Right. So, I'm sorry. And it's not that I don't trust you-

        Seneh: You don't. I can see it in your eyes.

        Gwen's smile fades and she pauses.

        Gwen: I'm beginning to.

        Seneh: Ok. Well, I guess that's good for how well we know each other.

        Gwen: Look it's just in my experience what people say and what people do don't always follow.

        Seneh exhales.

        Seneh: What can I do to prove that I'm not gonna betray you?

        Gwen: You don't need to prove yourself to me Seneh?you just need to not do it.

        Seneh hesitates.

        Seneh: Well ok then. Because I know that nothing could make me do that now. And if I do you have my permission to kill me or whatever-

        Gwen: I won't need your permission.

        Seneh looks serious. Gwen looks a little awkward. Suddenly gunfire is heard from outside. Seneh and Gwen look worried and rush out. Cut to them joining the others in the lobby, hurriedly walking towards the courtyard.

        Connor: You think someone actually tried to attack?

        Angel: Sounds like they coulda done.

        Angel opens the front door. Several soldiers are stood about. One of them takes of a hood to show it is Major Foster.

        Major Foster: Uh, seems like a good job we arrived when we did.

        Angel and co. stare at the courtyard looking shocked. Fred, Tap, Gunn and Connor's bodies are lying in exactly the same position as in Fred's vision. Fred's expression is a mixture of shock and relief. Connor looks at her. Major Foster stares at the bodies also.

        Major Foster: Looks like the shape shifters haven't stopped yet.

        Gunn: How'd you know it wasn't us?

        Major Foster: We have ways to check. Besides the fact they tried to attack us was a bit of a hint.

        Everyone looks serious.

        Major Foster: If any more come along we'll let you know.

        Tap: Uh the gunfire was enough really. But thanks.

        Angel: Yeah.

        Major Foster: Hey, it's what I do.

        Angel nods and turns around as do most of the others. Connor and Fred follow at the back of the group.

        Connor: Well?guess that's over with.

        Fred: I guess so.

        Connor: I?about before-

        Fred: It doesn't matter anymore. Just promise me you won't do that to me again.

        Fred looks serious. Connor pauses and then nods.

        Connor: I promise.

        Fred: Good.

        Fred smiles slightly and then walks away. Connor follows her.

        Cut to a bald man stood in a dark room. Another man appears at the entrance.

        Man #2: Uh, sir.

        The bald man turns to the other. He speaks with an English accent.

        Man #1: News?

        Man #2: Uh yes Mr Avryx, Marcus Hamilton was quickly disposed by Lilah Morgan.

        Man #1 (Avryx): Hamilton?such a shame?he had promise.

        Man #2: I take it we won't be retrieving his soul again sir?

        Avryx: No?we won't. We have others now.

        Man #2: Yes sir.

        Avryx: What about the preliminary strike.

        Man #2: They were taken out. Angel's home is now guarded by humans.

        Avryx: Humans? How pathetic.

        Man #2: Quite.

        Avryx: Well, make sure the others are ready to strike when needed. And inform the other Senior Partners of the next phase.

        Man #2: Yes sir.

        The man leaves. Avyrx stares down. The camera moves out past some glass to show he is staring down at a large warehouse type room. Gwen comes into view?yet it isn't quite her. Then another Gwen, and another. Then an Angel, perhaps ten in a line, then four more lines. The camera pans out to show lines of Freds, Gunns, Connors, Taps, Spikes, Illyrias, Senehs, all walking in lines, out of the room.

        THE END
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