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Angel Episode 6.14 124. A Life Less Extraordinary

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  • Angel Episode 6.14 124. A Life Less Extraordinary

    Hi, this is the fourteenth episode of Angel Season 6 by me. I hope you enjoy reading it. If you have feedback, please post it here; both positive comments and constructive criticism are welcome

    Angel Episode 6.14 124. A Life Less Extraordinary

    Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters on Angel. They belong to Fox Studios and Joss Whedon. This work is fictional and is only for my and others entertainment. Therefore no infringement is intended. I do not intend to make a profit from this work. However I own all characters that have not previously appeared/been mentioned on Angel, so I can do whatever I like with them. Therefore any unauthorised usage of these characters is not permitted.

    ACT I

    Open on Lilah walking down a corridor, purposefully. She walks for several seconds and then opens a door. She has now entered a well-furnished room, with antiques placed around. A man in his 60s and a woman in her 20s are stood in the room next to a desk, and appear to have just been talking. They turn to Lilah as she enters.

    Lilah: Mr Suvarta. Ms Alidris.

    She nods at each of them in turn.

    Suvarta: Good morning Lilah.

    Lilah: It certainly is sir.

    Alidris: What have you to tell us?

    Lilah: Hamilton's factions have been forced into a stalemate by The Powers That Be. Their plans to take over The Powers' domains have been thwarted.

    Alidris: For how long?

    Lilah: That all depends on whether Mr Avryx is willing to sacrifice a large proportion of his own forces to try and advance. We're assuming he isn't that stupid.

    Suvarta: Avryx is wiser than most, Lilah. You should be careful what you say about him.

    Lilah hesitates.

    Lilah: I apologise sir.

    Alidris: Is there other news we should be aware of?

    Lilah: Uh, yes ma'am. Angel, Buffy Summers and others have managed to gain a foothold concerning the revelation of the demon world-
    Alidris: We're aware of this.

    Lilah: Yes ma'am, but what you may not be aware of is that the American government plans on targeting Illyria.

    Alidris looks at Suvarta.

    Lilah: Considering our plans concerning her, I thought it would be wise to-

    Suvarta: Yes, of course Lilah, thank you. However Illyria is no longer our priority.

    Lilah looks a little confused.

    Lilah: Uh, if I'm not mistaken sir, I thought the plan was to utilise Illyria's power as a pure demon to counter those that have joined Mr Avryx's ranks?

    Suvarta: Yes. And that has not changed.

    Lilah looks confused still as Suvarta turns to a shadowed area of the room. As Lilah is about to speak again, a figure walks out from the shadows. Lilah looks surprised but after a few seconds smiles.

    Lilah: I see. I think that?certainly solves the problem.

    Suvarta: Yes.

    Lilah smiles again.

    Lilah: Well uh, if that's all, I have to get back.

    Lilah is about to turn to leave.

    Alidris: Lilah, we have all been talking. We have decided your services are wasted in the hours you spend in the hell dimensions.

    Lilah looks confused.

    Lilah: Ma'am?

    Suvarta: In other words, Lilah, we feel that it's not necessarily for you to continue your sentence in hell?you will become a Child of the Senior Partners.

    Lilah looks amazed.

    Suvarta: As you're aware they are currently in short supply due to certain?defections. Therefore this decision is indefinite for the time being.

    Lilah: I?well, thank you, thank you very much.

    Alidris: We would not grant you this consideration if you had not earned it Lilah. You may go.

    Lilah smiles, still amazed, and walks out smiling widely to herself. Suvarta and Alidris watch her go.

    Suvarta: Ah, young ones. Watching such evil grow is?exhilarating.

    He turns to the corner of the room.

    Suvarta: Don't you agree?

    Alidris also turns as the camera moves over. Invidia is stood in the corner. She looks from Suvarta to Alidris and smiles.

    Invidia: Oh yes.

    Opening credits.


    AMY ACKER - Winnifred Burkle/Illyria
    J. AUGUST RICHARDS - Charles Gunn
    ALEXA DAVALOS - Gwen Raiden

    Guest Starring:

    CLAUDIA KARVAN - Invidia
    RON GLASS - Suvarta
    JOAN ALLEN - Alidris

    Open on a man clasping his hands together and smiling in a half-hearted way in a small courtroom.

    Man: Maybe we should return to the main issue at hand.

    Illyria and Gunn are sat opposite him. Another man (the judge) is sat at the end of the table. Gunn frowns.

    Gunn: Uh, I think we are discussing the main issue. You're claiming that my client is capable of murdering innocents.

    Man: Yes, but you have killed humans before isn't that right Illyria?

    Illyria looks at him.

    Illyria: I have killed many in my time.

    The man nods.

    Gunn: But not so much recently.

    Illyria: Indeed.

    Man: Except of course, Winnifred Burkle. That incident was less than a year ago.

    Illyria hesitates. Gunn glances at her uncertainly. The men both fix her with an inquisitive gaze.

    Illyria: The host body I claimed was irrelevant.

    Man: But it would still have been a human wouldn't it?

    Illyria cocks her head at him.

    Illyria: You value human life over demons.

    The man laughs slightly in the direction of the judge.

    Man: Well you'll allow me to be a little biased.

    Illyria: Perhaps you will also me this bias also?

    The man's smile fades. Gunn looks impressed.

    Judge: I think I've heard enough for now. We'll take a break for lunch.

    He stands up, as do Gunn, the man and Illyria. Gunn and the man bow slightly to the judge. Illyria looks puzzled. The man glares at Gunn before leaving.

    Cut to Illyria and Gunn walking down a busy corridor in the courthouse. Some people stare at Illyria as she walks past. Illyria watches them as Gunn begins to talk.

    Gunn: You did good.

    Illyria looks at him.

    Illyria: I simply used his hypocrisy against him.

    Gunn: Yeah, well, I just hope it's enough.

    Illyria: Enough?

    Gunn: Like I told you?some people'd really like to see you not be around.

    Illyria: There are many in this world that pose a greater threat than I. Most are human.

    Illyria and Gunn stop in the corridor. Illyria turns to see a man shouting loudly at his lawyer at the end of the corridor. He throws some papers on the ground in anger. Illyria turns to Gunn.

    Illyria: But I am a danger because I am a demon.

    Gunn hesitates.

    Gunn: To some people.

    Illyria: Your justice system has many flaws.

    Gunn smiles.

    Gunn: Ain't that the truth.

    A family of demons enters the hallway looking around. Gunn notices.

    Gunn: Listen my next case just arrived so I gotta go.

    Illyria turns to look at the demon family.

    Illyria: They are Sokranis demons; herbivores. They are not a threat to this world.

    Gunn: Yeah, that's what I gotta convince people of. See ya back at the hotel.

    He smiles and walks away towards the family. Illyria watches him and then walks away herself.

    Cut to Seneh stood with her arms folded in The Hyperion lobby next to the counter. Connor and Fred are stood nearby looking awkward. Spike is stood nearby also and Angel is stood facing Seneh. Fred looks at Seneh.

    Fred: Why'd you leave?

    Seneh unfolds her arms and looks awkward.

    Seneh: Why'd you think? Doing their dirty work wasn't exactly my life ambition.

    Angel: So you made a career move.

    Seneh: Right.

    She smiles ironically.

    Seneh: Turns out? Everybody's corrupt!

    Spike: Including you?

    Seneh looks serious.

    Seneh: Ok, you all have every reason to be angry at me or whatever. But what I want is for the right side to win for once.

    Fred: Right side?

    Seneh: That would you. Believe me, I've seen from both sides of the field. The Senior Partners are all just interested in winning, their little feuds aren't important. The Powers That Be just want things to balance out right.

    Angel frowns.

    Seneh: You fight for them Angel but they don't really care. Except Jasmine but?yeah.

    Connor looks serious.

    Seneh: They're hypocrites. You intervene when things suit them. They told me if I did they'd kill me.

    Angel: So why aren't you dead?

    Seneh pauses.

    Seneh: I made a temporary agreement. With-

    Spike: That Senior Partner right?

    Seneh pauses.

    Spike: I don't need truth visions to tell that much.

    Seneh: Yeah, go team you.

    Spike looks annoyed.

    Seneh: I did what I had to do. But you guys?I've helped you because I knew it was the right thing to do.

    Fred: Why didn't you just come clean at the beginning?

    Seneh: Right, cause you'd all be so welcoming. I know you guys hate Wolfram and Hart as much as I do. Maybe even more.

    Seneh stares at Angel.

    Angel: I can't trust you.

    Seneh: Uh, hello, I helped you. All of you.

    She looks around at the others and then at Angel again.

    Seneh: I put my goddamn life on the line to save your son. You trust Illyria and she's technically a hell of a lot worse than me.

    Angel pauses. Connor looks at him.

    Connor: She's right, dad.

    Fred: She could have left us.

    Seneh looks glad to have their support and looks at Angel. Spike looks between them.

    Spike: Guess you don't exactly fit anywhere do you?

    Seneh: Excuse me?

    Spike: You've had a little taste of everything. Nowhere for you to feel like you belong. That's why you come to us. Cause we're all in the same boat.

    Seneh pauses.

    Seneh: Well I'm definitely here cause I want to be?not cause I have to be. So yeah, maybe I do like the fact that I'm not expected to fulfil this idealised image of good or evil here. People living, being happy?that's what I'm interested in. So just pass me a shade of grey if that's what we are.

    Angel pauses and then walks towards Seneh.

    Angel: Can you give us information still?

    Seneh: I can tell you what I already know. Which is enough.

    There is another pause.

    Seneh: I'm not gonna betray you. Why would I?

    Spike: Maybe if you got offered something better in return?

    Seneh: Like a raise? Yeah cause that's what this is about.

    Seneh gives him an irritated look. Spike remains silent. Seneh looks around.

    Seneh: You want info? Fine, here's a the tabloid exclusive: remember the demon you fought a while back? The distraction?

    Connor looks serious.

    Fred: How could we forget?

    Seneh: Right?well, he wasn't the only one. There are more.

    The others look concerned.

    Angel: From where?

    Seneh hesitates.

    Seneh: The Deeper Well. Where else?

    Angel stares seriously at her and then his gaze drops to the floor.

    Cut to Illyria walking down the street near The Hyperion. People give her strange looks as they walk past. Illyria glances from side to side, curiously examining the people around her. A car pulls up nearby and two young men get out.

    Man #1: Oh my God, dude look, it's that demon chick from TV!

    The men walk up to Illyria who turns to look at them.

    Man #2: Man you're right!

    Illyria cocks her head as the two of them look up and down.

    Illyria: My appearance is pleasing to your eyes.

    Man #1: Well yeah! Wow you are?a picture of you topless would be like?totally sought after on E-bay.

    Illyria: E-bay?

    Man #2: Dude she doesn't know about that stuff, she's a freakin' demon.

    Man #1: Yeah but she's famous!
    Others seem to be gathering around Illyria. She glances around.

    Illyria: Fame equates to desire in this world.

    Man #1: Well it equates to hotness in your case yeah!

    Man #2: Ok, man that's not cool.

    Man #1: You don't think she's hot?

    Man #2: Yeah but?demon!

    Illyria: You lust only after human beauty?

    Man #2: Well no offence but?yeah.

    Voice OS: Hey it's a demon!

    A surge of people join those already on the scene. They look angry.

    Woman #1: Stay away from her!

    Man #2: Uh, we're ok.

    Man #3: She's a murdering demon just like all the rest.

    Illyria stares at him.

    Illyria: Your generalisations are inaccurate.

    Man #3: Oh yeah? I read about you! That isn't your body! You murdered the woman who it belongs to!

    He looks at the rest of the crowd.

    Man #3: They'll try and take us too! But we won't let them.

    Man #2: You don't seem to know what you're talking about dude-

    As he puts his hand on the man's shoulder the man punches him to the ground. The first man looks worried but does nothing.

    Man #3: You're just as dangerous as they are.

    Illyria grabs him by the neck.

    Illyria: Incorrect.
    Illyria throws him across the street. Some of the crowd rush over to him as he lies in the road spluttering. The woman from before looks at Illyria with pure hated on her face.

    Man #1: Whoa?extreme.

    Woman #3: You shouldn't be allowed to live!

    A loud bang can be heard nearby. Everyone turns. A hand suddenly grabs Illyria's arm and drags her aside. Illyria looks angry but then sees it is Gwen.

    Gwen: Come on!

    Illyria hesitates but then follows Gwen who is joined shortly by Tap as the angry crowd follows.

    Cut to Tap, Gwen and Illyria walking into the front courtyard of The Hyperion. Gwen stops.

    Gwen: What the hell were you doing?

    Illyria: My destination was here.

    Tap: So you walk out in the open?

    Illyria: The world is aware of my existence.

    Gwen: That doesn't mean you should show that you're a demon in public.

    Illyria: Because you choose to conceal your own power?

    Gwen looks a little wounded by Illyria's remark.

    Tap: No it's cause there are a lot people, like you just saw, that want you dead.

    Illyria: I am aware of the situation.

    Tap: Well good, then just try and keep a lower profile from now on. You can not be blue right?

    Illyria: I can?modify my appearance to appear human.

    Tap: Right.

    There is a small pause. Gwen sighs.

    Gwen: Let's just go inside.

    Gwen heads inside. Tap follows and Illyria does also, after a moment.

    Angel and co. turn see Gwen, Tap and Illyria enter.

    Gwen: Hey-

    She notices Seneh.

    Gwen: Oh.

    Seneh: Hey to you too Gwen.

    Gwen hesitates. Angel looks at them.

    Angel: Uh, while you were gone Seneh gave us some information.

    Tap: Legit?

    Seneh: Of course.

    Tap: Well you know recent events might make someone a little suspicious.

    Seneh: Ok, let's not do this again right now. The news they've all just heard is that The Deeper Well is open thanks to Wolfram and Hart.

    Gwen and Tap look surprised. Illyria cocks her head, her own look of surprise emerging.

    Gwen: Lilah never told us about that.

    Spike: Her lot are the ones that opened it.

    Gwen looks confused.

    Angel: The other side are only using the Old Ones they can get their hands on.

    Seneh: Lilah's guys have got the main menu. And I think Illyria might know a few of ?em.

    Seneh looks at Illyria, as do the others.

    Illyria: I have known many demons in ancient times.

    Seneh: How about Invidia? Word has it that that meeting wasn't so ancient.
    Illyria hesitates. The others look puzzled.
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    ACT II

    Open on the same scene.

    Angel: (to Seneh) What are you talking about, who's Invidia?

    He looks at Illyria who hesitates.

    Illyria: She is an Old One. A demon from my time.

    The others look surprised. Illyria looks at Seneh.

    Illyria: I had thought she was not present in this dimension.

    Seneh: Well?she is. A lot of them are. But they're not making that fact big news right now.

    She looks around at the others.

    Seneh: Both factions of Wolfram and Hart are trying to harness their power.

    Tap: To use against each other.

    Seneh: Of course. And us.

    Gwen: There's an "us" now?

    Seneh sighs. Angel looks as if he wants to get back to the other subject.

    Angel: Illyria did you know about this?

    Illyria: I was summoned by Invidia.

    Angel frowns.

    Angel: When?

    Gwen seems to realise something.

    Gwen: Back when we were fighting the shape shifters a few months back. It was then wasn't it?

    Illyria hesitates.

    Illyria: Indeed.
    Gwen: You said you didn't remember.

    Illyria: It was not the time.

    Spike: So when was the time?

    Illyria: If it must be discussed at present?then so be it. Invidia attempted to coerce me into joining her forces.

    Seneh: Well that makes sense. No offence to the rest of you, but your survival rating decreases severely without her.

    Connor: That's fair.

    Illyria looks at Seneh.

    Illyria: I declined.

    Spike: It's all right. We assumed.

    Angel: So the pure demons are choosing sides. Like the shape shifters.

    Fred: And the regular demons right?

    Spike: Vampires an' all.

    Seneh: And there's your merry little apocalypse in a nutshell.

    There is a pause.

    Connor: So?how do we prepare for something like that? I mean they're gonna be fighting each other, but we're a target too.

    Angel: I know.

    Angel turns to Seneh.

    Angel: When are they coming?

    Seneh: Wish I knew. But this is about the extent of my knowledge for now?I'm not supposed to actually know, let alone tell you.

    Fred: What will happen? Now that you have, I mean.

    Seneh: Uh well I'm sure there'll be some revenge issues somewhere along the lines but they're all a little too preoccupied with each right now to worry about me.

    Gwen: So you think you'll be ok here?

    Seneh: Well I have you guys right?

    Seneh looks uncertainly at Angel hesitates and then nods.

    Angel: Yeah.

    Seneh smiles.

    Tap: I guess until we know at least roughly when they're all gonna be an issue we should concentrate on more immediate problems. Like trying to sort some of those disturbances.

    Seneh: Disturbances?

    Spike: Group o' shape shifters still around down town. Angel told the Minister of Defence we'd handle it.

    Spike gives Angel a look.

    Angel: I offered.

    Seneh: Wait?the Minister of Defence?

    Fred: The one and only.

    Seneh: Oh. Well I mean you can handle it, right?

    Spike: Well it's a little fatal out there right now for me and Angel.

    Tap: We were on our way before uh?we got a little caught up.

    Angel: What happened?

    Tap: Uh?

    Illyria looks round.

    Illyria: My better judgement was?misplaced.

    Angel frowns.

    Cut to later on in the lobby. Gunn has arrived and is sat on the sofas with Gwen, Fred, Connor and Tap. Spike, Angel, Seneh and Illyria are stood around the sofas.

    Gwen: So how bad can it get?

    Gunn: Uh?

    He looks at Illyria.

    Gunn: You really threw him across the street?

    Illyria: Indeed.

    Gunn: Ok, well?that's not good.

    [I]Angel looks angrily at Illyria.[/I[

    Angel: Did you even think about what this could mean?

    Illyria: My actions were spontaneous. The crowd were hostile towards me.

    Seneh: Well throwing people to the ground isn't usually the ideal option.

    Illyria: I regard your approval of my actions with minimal importance.

    Seneh looks irritated.

    Seneh: Just trying to help. Besides, you should be worried about how your actions are gonna look.

    Gunn: She's right Illyria. The people that want you out of the picture will use stuff like this against you.

    Illyria: Once again you address me as if I am a child. As if I am the only individual to whom these measures are relevant.

    Spike: You're still learning.

    Illyria cocks her head.

    Spike: And yeah right now you are the one who those lot are gonna target, cause while we at least can pass for being human?you can't.

    Illyria: I-

    Angel: You're the only one here who's not playing like they're part of the team. Still.

    Illyria stares at him.

    Angel: You do what you want, when you want. But you can't Illyria, especially now you need us to help you.

    Illyria glares.

    Illyria: I do not require your assistance. But you do require mine.

    Illyria walks towards the door. The others look confused.

    Gwen: Where are you going?

    Angel: You can't go out there again-

    Illyria: (without turning round) I shall not draw attention to my presence.

    She slams the front door behind her. Tap gets up.

    Tap: Want me to go after her?

    Seneh: I could go too.

    Angel sighs.

    Angel: No?she'll come back.

    Spike: Best to leave her to let off some steam.

    Fred: Yeah?I think that cut her pretty deep.

    Angel: Fred I'm trying to help her.

    Fred: I know?but Angel you gotta remember she's trying to fit in somewhere that she'll never really belong to. And she's being reminded of that now more than ever. It was hard for me?God knows how she's handling it.

    Cut to Illyria throwing a vampire in a pile of crates. She swiftly snaps a piece of wood off one of the crates and dusts the vampire. Illyria turns round to look at a woman who has been bitten by the vampire, kneeling on the ground, clutching her neck and sobbing. It can be seen that Illyria is stood in an alleyway and that it is now dusk. The woman looks at Illyria, still crying slightly.

    Illyria: Your injuries are not serious. You will heal.

    Woman: You?you're a demon! You're just like him!

    The woman gets to her feet and looks terrified and then runs down the alley. Illyria watches her for a few seconds and then stares at the ground. She notices the vampire dust near her feet. She kneels down and pinches some of it between her thumb and index finger. It is swept away by a small gust of wind. Illyria pauses and then slowly stands up. She seems to have come to a conclusion. She leans her head back slightly and her hair shortens in length, now above her shoulders. It also turns black. The outfit Illyria wore in Once the Life is Taken appears over her shell suit and her skin loses its blue tinge. Her face now resembles Fred's. She looks at her hand for a second and then walks down the alley.

    Cut to Illyria walking down another street in LA. It is now evening. She sees a group of women dressed up across the street, apparently heading to a bridal shower, laughing and joking among themselves. She sees a man and a woman getting out of a black Mercedes, both of them dressed sophisticatedly for a night out. As the man walks around to the passenger side of the car where the woman got out, they kiss. Illyria watches as she walks past them for a few seconds. Suddenly Illyria walks into a man and he drops a bag he is holding. Several bongs and a few packets of weed fall out on to the ground. The man quickly kneels down to pick them up as the couple laugh a little. Illyria cocks her head and then kneels down also to help.

    Illyria: I apologise.

    She hands him one of the bongs and looks at it curiously. The man laughs awkwardly.

    Man: Uh it's ok.

    The man quickly scoops up the remaining items into the bag as the couple walk away laughing at him. The man looks at them annoyed.

    Man: (quietly) *******s.

    Illyria cocks her head. The man looks at her. He can't help looking her up and down.

    Man: Listen thanks for helping me.

    Illyria: It was no inconvenience on my part to aid you.

    Man: Uh, yeah?

    The man and Illyria stare at one another for a second.

    Man: I'm Zack.

    Illyria: I am?

    Illyria looks at the travel agency she and Zack are stood next to.

    Illyria: ?Paris.

    Zack: Cool.

    Illyria stares at him.

    Illyria: Yes. Cool?

    Illyria continues to stare and Zack looks awkward.

    Zack: Something tells me you're not from around here.

    Illyria: I have not ventured into this area of the city before.

    Zack: Right. You need directions or?

    Illyria: I wish to experience life.

    The man hesitates looking a little surprised.

    Zack: Life, huh? Ok, well uh?you wanna go somewhere?

    Illyria: Do you have a suggested destination?

    Zack: Well, actually, I'm headed back to a party at my place right now. You could?come along, if you wanted.

    Illyria considers this.

    Illyria: I consent.

    The man smiles.

    Zack: Great! Just?don't say that too much.

    Illyria: I do not comprehend.

    Zack: Uh, never mind. Let's go.

    Illyria nods and walks with him.

    Zack: So?where you from?

    Illyria looks at him as they continue to walk.

    Cut to Seneh, Fred and Connor in The Hyperion. Seneh is staring around looking confused.

    Seneh: Ok?this is bad.

    Fred: What?

    Seneh turns to look at her.

    Seneh: I can't teleport.

    Connor: You sure?

    Seneh: I'm still here aren't I?

    Fred frowns.

    Fred: Maybe if you?think a little harder?

    Seneh: Somehow I doubt that, but thanks.

    Seneh looks irritated. Fred shrugs.

    Fred: Well I don't know!

    Seneh sighs.

    Seneh: Sorry.

    Connor: What do you think it means?

    Seneh: Well?I guess since I'm technically no longer working for The Powers they decided to take away all the nifty benefits.

    Connor: But! Not kill you, which is a plus right?

    Seneh: True. Just means we're severely limited on the information department.

    Fred: Right now I think the main trouble is the shape shifters?after Angel and the others get back from them we can see what else needs to be done.

    Seneh: Yeah. Guess we'll have to.
    Cut to Angel, Tap, Gwen, Spike and Gunn in another part of LA, in a large alleyway. Gwen has removed her device and Gunn is holding an axe.

    Gunn: And you two were gonna go down here alone?

    Tap: Well apparently there aren't too many.

    Gunn: Yeah, too many seen.

    Angel: It was still light out then. We might have a few more to deal with now.

    Various demons and vampires suddenly appear from the buildings surrounding Angel and co. Everyone looks worried.

    Gwen: Uh, yeah?

    The demons approach.
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      ACT III

      Open on Illyria and Zack walking into an apartment. People are stood around in the hallway. Many other voices can be heard from nearby rooms, and mellow rock music can be heard giving off the atmosphere of a party. A man walks in from one of the other rooms with a bottle in his hand.

      Man: Hey Zack!

      Zack: Hey!

      The man puts his arm around Zack and slaps him in back. He then looks at Illyria.

      Zack: Oh, Ryan this is Paris.

      Ryan: Really?

      He smiles at Zack and then at Illyria who nods.

      Zack: It's ok for her to be here right?

      Ryan: Zack any woman this beautiful is welcome in my apartment any time they like.

      As he says this he winks at Illyria who stares back. He looks a little unnerved.

      Ryan: She already there?
      Zack: Uh, to be honest I'm not sure.

      Ryan: Oh, right, well if she's not already she soon will be!

      Ryan walks over to an ice box.

      Ryan: Beer?

      Zack: Sure.

      Ryan throws Zack a beer and then looks at Illyria expectantly. She pauses.

      Illyria: I am unfamiliar with your beverages.

      Ryan looks at Zack and then at Illyria. He takes another beer and hands it to her.

      Ryan: You'll love it.

      Illyria takes it.

      Illyria: I am grateful.

      Ryan: Good! You guys bring pot?

      Zack: Oh, yeah-

      Zack grabs inside the bag and takes out several packets of weed. Ryan takes one of them and sniffs.

      Ryan: Hm. Interesting. Well think we've got enough to last. Come on through.

      Ryan walks through to another room. Zack and then Illyria follow him.

      Cut to Gunn's axe hitting the wall as he swings it at a demon. The camera pulls back as Angel punches a demon next to him and then shows Spike staking a vampire on the ground. The camera pulls back further showing Gwen punching a vampire to the ground and then Tap lighting up a vampire in flames with a small fireball.

      Spike kicks a vampire away and looks at Angel.

      Spike: How many of these buggers are there?

      Angel looks to see more vampires and demons entering the alley. He stakes a vampire and then runs to Tap.

      Angel: Tap!

      Tap turns to see the new wave approaching.

      Tap: Right?

      He pushes his hand outwards and a line of fire takes out some of them. Tap looks weakened by the amount of energy it took out of him and Angel punches off an oncoming demon. Gunn is hit to the ground by a demon that slashes him across the chest. Gunn cries out and Spike grabs Gunn's axe. He swings it down and decapitates the demon who falls to one side turning back into a shape shifter form as it does. Gunn smiles thankfully at Spike and Spike helps him up, but Gunn winces as he tries to walk. However a vampire approaches and Gunn grabs the axe back and slices the vampire's head in half.

      Tap leans against the wall looking weak as the rest of the new wave start to attack Angel. Gwen blasts electricity at a vampire who spins in the air and Angel promptly stakes him and he explodes in his shape shifter form. However several more vampires take their place. Angel stakes one but then looks at Tap and Gunn and sees Spike and Gwen struggling. A large group of demons suddenly appear from the other side of the alley. Gwen's eyes widen as the run towards the fight. Gunn raises his axe to kill one of them but they start attacking the shape shifters. Angel looks confused as the demons kills shape shifters around him. Spike stabs one of them for good measure as others fall around him and disappearing. Tap looks up and also looks confused as a shape shifter evaporates into white liquid next to him. Gwen ducks a vampire shape shifter's punch as a demon swiftly kills it. Another demon kills a shape shifter and then looks up at Angel as the last few shape shifters are dealt with swiftly. He smiles at Angel and it is revealed it is the same demon that spoke to Gwen and Gunn in A Place Called Hell.

      Demon: Lucky for you we dropped by.

      Gwen recognises him. He smiles slightly at her and then looks at Angel.

      Angel: What are you doing?

      Demon: Killing the shape shifters. And inadvertently saving you from a pretty tough battle.

      Angel: We could have handled it.

      Spike: You reckon?

      Spike looks unconvinced. Angel looks back at the demon.

      Angel: Why did you-

      Demon: Want them dead? The shape shifters have been stealing our turf for a while now. Places like this belong to us. No shape shifters, politicians or even you are gonna take that away from us.

      Angel stares at him.

      Demon: So here's the deal: we continue living our lives, you continue living yours. You gotta agree the world worked a hell of a lot better before everyone tried to change things. There's never been a such a big unbalance?until now. Thing is, we don't want the world to end, pure demons are frankly none of our concern. But we don't wanna see humans try and wipe us out either, obviously. If they try, things are gonna get a hell of a lot more difficult for everyone. See what I'm saying?

      Angel hesitates.

      Angel: You're still gonna kill people aren't you. And the vampires.

      Demon: We need to live as much as you. And as much as I hate to admit it?so do they. That's how it works. So we agreed?

      Angel pauses.

      Angel: I'll do what I can.

      Demon: Good. We're leaving.

      The demon walks away with the others.

      Spike: But don't expect every single human to listen to us. Some of ?em aren't gonna listen.

      The demon turns to him.

      Demon: Unlucky them.

      The demon walks away. Angel and co. are left watching them. Tap walks up to Angel.

      Tap: Wow. Did we just negotiate with them?

      Angel: I think so.

      He looks at the others.

      Angel: We should get back.

      They begin walking away.

      Cut to Illyria standing over the icebox. She is searching through it. Zack appears next to her. He looks slightly drunk.

      Zack: Hey!

      Illyria turns to him.

      Illyria: There is a severe lack of alcohol. I require more.

      Zack: Oh don't worry about that, there's more in the other room!

      Illyria: We must find it.

      Zack: Lead the way baby!

      Illyria cocks her head and then walks through to the other room. Zack follows and takes a swig of beer.

      Cut to Illyria sat in a circle with other people including Ryan and Zack. She is downing a bottle of Smirnoff Ice.

      Others: Chug, chug, chug, chug!

      Illyria finishes the bottle and looks a little overcome. The others all cheer.

      Ryan: Nice!

      Ryan takes the bottle from her and places it in the middle of the circle. Illyria stares at it and then at Ryan.

      Illyria: What is the logic in this?

      Ryan: You've never played spin the bottle?

      Illyria: I have not. Does it involve further consumption of alcohol?

      Zack looks surprised.

      Zack: Uh?not usually. You spin the bottle round-

      He does so. It points towards a girl who giggles.

      Zack: And then again!

      He does it again and it points to Ryan who is lighting a bong. Illyria watches curiously.

      Zack: Dude you're up!

      Ryan exhales and smiles vaguely at the direction of the others. The girl indicates him to come forward with his hand and he looks happier.

      Ryan: Sweet!

      He kisses the girl on the lips. Illyria cocks her head as she watches. Zack looks at her.

      Zack: And that's how it works.

      Illyria pauses.

      Illyria: Your recreational activities are most puzzling.

      Zack smiles awkwardly.

      Zack: You game?

      Illyria: I shall participate.

      Zack: Cool!

      Zack spins the bottle again. Illyria watches.

      Cut to a short while later. Ryan is lying on the ground now, staring at his hand as he moves it slightly. A girl spins the bottle. It points to Illyria who is examining a burnt out joint.

      Zack: Paris!

      Illyria turns. A blonde girl smiles and leans forward. She kisses Illyria and then bites her lip smiling. Illyria remains silent. The girl's smile fades slightly.

      Illyria: Your lips are soft?

      Girl: Uh, thanks!

      She laughs. Illyria smiles curiously. Zack notices her holding the joint.

      Zack: You want one of those?

      Illyria looks at it. Zack rolls a joint for her and then passes it to her. Illyria takes it and looks at it curiously.

      Illyria: I am unfamiliar with this substance.

      Zack: Seriously? Well?here's your chance to get familiar.

      Zack lights the joint for her.

      Zack: Inhale gently, but don't swallow.

      Illyria hesitates and then does so.

      Zack: Now let it out.

      Illyria does so. Zack smiles.

      Zack: Good huh?

      Illyria's eyes look bloodshot. She looks spaced.

      Illyria: Indeed.

      Zack laughs and then takes another swig of beer. Illyria looks around the room. The people begin to blur slightly. "Daylight Robbery" by Imogen Heap starts playing. Illyria watches her hand. Cut to people dancing. Illyria watches them. Zack appears next to her.

      Zack: Having fun?

      Illyria: My hands are rotating in a most peculiar fashion.

      Zack: I'll take that as a yes!

      Zack laughs and his face turns strange colours. Illyria stares at him looking confused. She looks across the room and sees other strange colours floating around. She begins walking forward.

      Don't mind me, just cruising by
      By the girl with the balloon
      Good, it looks like we're the only ones around

      She walks past the circle of people still playing spin the bottle. Illyria finds herself in the middle of the dance floor. She turns around and begins spinning on her own, watching colours and shapes blur past.

      Caught on CCTV
      Heading towards the city lights
      Winking diamonds at me
      Arms stretched out now

      A hand grasps hers gently. Illyria sees that it is Zack. She sways slightly and he smiles and dances with her. Zack leans forward and the two of them kiss, still spinning.

      It gets me every time
      It gets me every time

      Their kiss ends and Illyria looks mesmerized. Zack says something but only sees his mouth move. He begins to lead Illyria through the crowd.

      Sexy Baby
      Happiness and silhouettes
      Revolving in the deep water indigo
      It's high tide, night sky

      Zack and Illyria begin walking up the stairs. Illyria watches the crowd as they disappear from view. Zack opens a door and he and Illyria stand looking at one another.

      Pleasure moment
      Thinking big
      Thinking positive
      And itching to get on with it
      It's all stops out

      Zack lifts Illyria's shirt up. She instinctively begins unbuttoning his shirt.

      Is the new moderation

      Illyria and Zack fall back onto a bed and begins to kiss as Zack unbuckles his belt and unzips one of Illyria's boots.

      Get dressed up
      To the power of ten

      Illyria kisses Zack passionately, allowing the moment to overwhelm her. The room sparkles as she looks around and Zack kisses her neck. Zack moves as if he's pulling his boxers down and then Illyria's eyes widen slightly and her mouth opens.

      Raise glasses
      On repeat and again again again
      Again again again again again again
      Illyria kisses Zack and leans her head back as the two of them embrace passionately. Illyria's hands falls limply on the side of the bed and her fingers move slightly. There is a long shot of both of them together. Then a close up of Illyria's face where the image of Illyria lags several times.

      It gets me every time
      It gets me every time
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      Buffy Season 8 & 9 & Angel Season 6


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        ACT IV

        Open on Angel walking down the stairs into The Hyperion lobby, morning. Gwen is sat on the floor leaning against one of the sofas, reading a magazine. She looks up.

        Gwen: Hey.

        Angel: Morning. What are you doing up so early?

        Gwen: Oh I thought I'd see Gunn off and then wait up to see if Illyria was coming back from her night of rebellion. But no.

        Angel frowns.

        Angel: She's not back?

        Gwen: Nope. But I wouldn't be too worried. A mugger versus Illyria? Know who I'd back to win.

        Angel still looks concerned.

        Gwen: I'm sure she just?got lost or something. It'll be fine.

        Gwen smiles optimistically. Angel pauses and then nods. Gwen looks more serious.

        Gwen: So?what that demon said last night?you gonna take that on board?

        Angel: I don't see any other option.

        Gwen: Yeah?I mean, it's good to know they're not hell bent on absolute destruction. Just?minimal destruction. Which we can basically cope with.

        Angel: Mm. I'm just not sure the government will see it that way.

        Gwen: Guess it's our job to make ?em see.

        Angel nods. The phone rings. Angel walks over to it.
        Angel: Hello?

        Angel's face looks serious as he listens.

        Cut to Illyria's eyes opening slowly. She lifts her head but then looks in pain. Zack walks in from nearby looking equally hangover.

        Zack: Morning.

        Illyria looks around.

        Illyria: I feel as if I have endured a great battle.

        Zack: Oh, something like that.

        Illyria looks at him.

        Illyria: I do not recall my actions.

        Zack: Well I can tell you your actions were very, very well received.

        He smiles and sits next to her on the bed. Illyria looks confused. There are flashes to her dancing, flashes of her drinking and then flashes of herself and Zack. Illyria looks down at her naked chest and then at Zack.

        Illyria: We have shared?intimacy.

        Zack: That we have.

        Illyria: But not love.

        Zack looks taken a back.

        Zack: Whoa, love?

        Illyria: I have vague recollections. An innate sense of what love is.

        She looks him in the eyes.

        Illyria: I did not experience this last night.

        Zack: Right. Well good. Cause you know, I mean it was good but-

        Illyria: I comprehend. My body was overcome with lust.

        Illyria begins putting her clothes on.

        Zack: Pretty much.

        Illyria clutches her head still in pain somewhat.

        Illyria: This pain is?inconvenient. My mind is heavy and my body is numb.

        Zack: Yeah that's often a problem. But it'll get better.

        Zack puts his hand on Illyria's shoulder. She looks at it and then at him. A scream is suddenly heard. Zack looks shocked. Illyria looks alert and rushes downstairs.

        Cut to Illyria running into the main room of the house. The girl Illyria kissed last night is being bitten by a vampire. She is struggling to get away. There are several other vampires feeding around the apartment. They all look up at Illyria as they see her. Zack appears on the stairs behind Illyria and looks shocked.

        Zack: Oh God!

        Illyria looks at him quickly and then at the girl. One of the vampires smiles at her.

        Vampire: Fresh meat!

        Illyria pauses and turns to Zack.

        Illyria: Do not attempt to aid me.

        Zack looks confused. Illyria turns to the vampire who is approaching her and puts her head back. Her hair changes back to blue and long and her shell suit returns. She stares at the vampire who now looks worried. The vampire holding the girl drops her to the ground and she clutches her neck and also looks shocked. Zack looks speechless as he stairs at Illyria from behind, open-mouthed. Illyria cocks her head and steps forward, punching the vampire across the room as she does so. Some of the other vampires start to run out the door. Illyria catches a vampire's punch and breaks her arms swiftly before throwing her into a patch of open sunlight in the kitchen area. She dusts.

        Illyria kicks another vampire into the wall and nimbly hooks another vampire who falls into one of the others. A vampire grabs a bottle and smashes it at Illyria. She flinches slightly but then grabs him. She flings him through into the hallway. He gets up and looks scared and runs out, as do most of the others. There is one left. He looks up at Illyria who holds him up by his neck. She holds him in the sunlight and he bursts into flames. She lowers her arm and then looks at Zack who stares at her confused.

        Voice OS: Nicely managed, Illyria.

        Illyria turns to see Invidia standing near her. The camera zooms in on her face. Invidia smiles.

        Cut to Connor walking into the lobby of The Hyperion. Tap, Gwen, Seneh and Fred are sat on the sofas, with Spike standing near them.

        Connor: Don't you all look cheery this morning?

        Fred turns to see him.

        Fred: Hey?

        Connor: What's up?

        Spike: Angel's gone to see the big guys.

        Gwen: Apparently we're in a state of national crisis.

        Connor: Oh. So?he's gone to talk?

        Seneh: Something like that. But as uplifting as all these new amendments are, etc., I doubt they'll accept what those were talking about. Loss of human life is a big no-no. Period.

        Gwen: Well like I said to Angel he has to make ?em see that not everything can be fixed so easily.

        Spike: Glad I'm not in his position.

        Gwen looks serious. Connor looks at Seneh.

        Connor: So I guess you still can't teleport.

        Seneh: I wasn't expecting that to change. But I'm willing to put my personal woes to one side right now as we travel further towards the exciting prospect of being in the middle of yet another war.

        Connor and the others look at one another anxiously.

        Cut to Illyria staring at Invidia. Zack looks between the too of them looking perplexed. The girl on the floor backs away from Invidia and Illyria towards Zack.

        Zack: What?what is this?

        He looks at Illyria angrily.

        Zack: Who are you?
        Invidia: Do you not pay attention to your world's news? She's a demon like myself.

        Invidia smiles at Illyria as she says this. Zack looks horrified and stares at Illyria. Illyria avoids his gaze and stares ay Invidia.

        Illyria: I am not like you.

        Invidia: Yes I suppose that's true. You're weak, a pathetic comparison to what you once were.

        Illyria: You have also sacrificed your own body for that of a human.

        Zack looks even more shocked at hearing this.

        Invidia: We must all make sacrifices at this time Illyria. But unlike you, I have not tried to live alongside these creatures as their equal. I have not tried to act like one of them. You have lost all that you were.

        Illyria steps towards her.

        Illyria: I have gained more than you could ever know.

        Zack stares at her.

        Zack: Ok this is just-

        Invidia: Silence mortal. Your words are meaningless.

        She doesn't look at him as she says this.

        Invidia: The Senior Partners no longer require your presence in this world Illyria. Or any world for that matter. You are as irrelevant as these humans. And now it is time to end your pathetic existence.

        Invidia flings her arm outwards and causes time to slow in the room. From Illyria's perspective Invidia suddenly appears beside her and grabs her by the throat. Invidia throws her across the room. Illyria flies through the wall landing in the hallway of the apartment. Zack and the girl watch, afraid. Illyria brushes the rubble off of her and stands up as Invidia approached.

        Illyria: The human body you now possess cannot inhibit your power indefinitely.

        Invidia slows time again and Illyria suddenly finds herself smacked to the floor again. Illyria looks up at her, her nose bloody.

        Illyria: Heed my words Invidia.

        Invidia: And what end would that serve?

        Invidia slows time and picks Illyria up and throws her back through the hole in the wall. Illyria hits the opposite wall hard and lands on the ground. She looks weakened and looks up at Invidia as time returns to normal.

        Illyria: My own power was almost unleashed. You will experience the same fate.

        Invidia cocks her head.

        Invidia: Whenever I die?it will be with the satisfaction that you have lost.

        Illyria stares at her as Invidia punches her with utmost force. Her fist goes through her skull. The girl looks horrified and looks away as Zack stares open-mouthed. Invidia stands up slowly and stares at Zack and the girl. She smiles darkly and walks towards them when suddenly she double over in pain and clutches her stomach. Zack and the girl move back uncertainly as Invidia stares at where Illyria's body is lying. She gasps in further pain as blue light erupts from within her and the screen is filled with an explosion.

        Cut to Invidia standing in the apartment with Illyria, Zack and the girl. She looks confused. Illyria stares at her.

        Illyria: I have gained more than you could ever know.

        Zack stares at her.

        Zack: Ok this is just-

        Invidia: Silence mortal.

        Invidia still looks unsettled and this time stares at him.

        Invidia: Your words are meaningless.

        Invidia looks at Illyria.

        Invidia: The Senior Partners no longer require your presence in this world Illyria.

        Voice OS: Sorry Invidia.

        Invidia turns to see Lilah standing behind her. Illyria cocks her head. Lilah is holding a device similar to that which Wesley had in Time Bomb.
        Lilah: Another time maybe.

        She blasts Invidia with the machine. Invidia cries out as energy fluctuates around her. Illyria moves back away from the energy, as do Zack and the girl. After a few seconds the wave of energy stops and Invidia falls to the ground. Lilah stares at her. Illyria does also. Invidia breathes heavily and looks at Lilah from the corner of her eye.

        Invidia: You have stolen my power!

        Lilah: No, I've neutralised you so you don't obliterate LA. That'd be Mr Ha-zar's orders by the way.

        Invidia looks angry and then gets up and is about to punch Lilah when Lilah flicks a stone in her head, similar to that from Illyria's sarcophagus. Invidia falls into slow motion as Lilah steps aside. She smiles at Illyria.

        Lilah: Nifty little things huh?

        Illyria stares at her.

        Illyria: Your actions have saved many.

        Lilah: Yeah I'm a real good Samaritan. Please, my team did what was necessary to stop Invidia going into meltdown. A precaution we might have to make with all of the old ones apparently.

        Illyria: Then your plan to kill me-

        Lilah: Relax. When we really want you dead Illyria, you'll be dead. This was more of a test run to see how they work on the field.

        Lilah looks at Invidia.

        Lilah: And there are a few adjustments to be made.

        She looks at Illyria.

        Lilah: So I better get back to that. Toodles!

        Lilah takes hold of Invidia's arm and the two of them vanish. Illyria stares at them for a few seconds. The girl on the ground looks scared and cries to herself. Zack stares at Illyria with fear in his eyes.

        Illyria: I have deceived you.

        Zack: You think?
        Zack stares at Illyria in disbelief.

        Illyria: I am?sorry.

        Zack: Sorry!? You're?you're a demon, you?just, just get out.

        Illyria: My feelings for you were-

        Zack: Get out!

        Illyria stares at him for a second and then at the girl who stares back, terrified. Illyria walks into the hallway as Zack and the girl fall out of focus.

        Cut to Spike at in the front courtyard of The Hyperion, smoking a cigarette. The Sun appears to have set and it is now dusk. Illyria appears at the entrance of the courtyard. Spike looks up and smiles slightly.

        Spike: Well hello there.

        Illyria walks towards him.

        Spike: Where've you been?

        Illyria: I have established my place in this world.

        Spike looks confused as he takes a drag from his cigarette. Illyria sits beside him.

        Spike: Journey of self-reflection eh? Well that's all very well but we could have used you last night what with the bloody shape shifters-

        Illyria: I am sorry.

        Illyria says this with a sad tone. Spike frowns.

        Spike: Illyria?

        Illyria looks at him. A tear runs down her face. Spike looks surprised. Illyria begins to cry gently. Spike throws his cigarette down and moves closer to her. He puts his arm around her in a comforting way.

        Spike: It's all right.

        Illyria leans her head on his shoulder and continues crying quietly. The two of them sit together, as Illyria's grief begins to flow from within her.

        THE END
        Banner set made by Lex
        Buffy Season 8 & 9 & Angel Season 6