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Angel Episode 6.13 123. Ricochet

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  • Angel Episode 6.13 123. Ricochet

    Hi, this is the thirteenth episode of Angel Season 6 by me. I hope you enjoy reading it. If you have feedback, please post it here; both positive comments and constructive criticism are welcome

    Angel Episode 6.13 123. Ricochet

    Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters on Angel. They belong to Fox Studios and Joss Whedon. This work is fictional and is only for my and others entertainment. Therefore no infringement is intended. I do not intend to make a profit from this work. However I own all characters that have not previously appeared/been mentioned on Angel, so I can do whatever I like with them. Therefore any unauthorised usage of these characters is not permitted.

    ACT I

    Cut to Seneh's eye flicking up at the camera. She is sat on a chair, surrounded by an expanse of silvery mist, though it somehow feels as if it is far away. This mist seems to flow in every direction as far as the eye can see, with nothing else visible at all. However the mist seems to part as Whistler stands near Seneh. The mist fades as stone walls appear around the two of them. There appears to be no door. Seneh looks unimpressed.

    Seneh: Aw, how sweet! You made all this for me?

    Whistler smiles to himself and walks towards Seneh.

    Whistler: This is all a big joke to you isn't it?

    Seneh rolls her eyes and gets up. The chair disappears as she does.

    Seneh: Your superior attitude is definitely a high point on the comedic scale, yeah. You all think you're so much better than everyone else.

    Whistler: And you don't?

    Seneh: I broke your damn rules huh? I seem to remember you messing around with time and a bunch of other stuff when you helped Angel and the others in that alley.

    Whistler: You know that was different.

    Seneh: Right, it's always different when you're losing.

    Whistler: The Senior Partners broke the rules first Seneh, you can't deny that.

    Seneh doesn't reply.

    Whistler: You didn't like what they were doing too much either, if I remember correctly.

    Seneh: I don't like any of you. Jasmine was right, none of you care about humanity or whatever, you just care about looking like the heroes. You wouldn't have done anything unless you had to.

    Whistler: Because it's not our place. And it's not yours.

    Seneh: I don't care. The higher dimensions are falling apart, Whistler, you can't pretend they're not. And now the whole world knows about everything. You aren't gonna have a choice about stepping in soon.

    Whistler: Maybe. Unfortunately for you Seneh, you're not gonna be able to do anything about that.

    Whistler suddenly grabs Seneh's throat and she gasps. He slams her against the nearby stone wall as he continues to choke her. Suddenly the ground around them begins to shake. Whistler looks up in confusion and releases his grip on Seneh slightly. She takes the opportunity to push him aside. Whistler hits the wall and looks angry but smiles.

    Whistler: Think you're getting out of here alive?

    Seneh looks worried.

    Voice OS: Do you?

    Whistler turns round. A woman with piercing green eyes is seen smiling at him for a split second as her hand darts forward and a ripping sound is heard. Seneh looks surprised as a strange crackling sound fills the room. The walls disappear. There is a close up of Seneh's eyes only. They widen as fire is reflected in them.

    Cut to Seneh appearing in the Hyperion as seen in the last episode. Gunn, Gwen and Lilah look surprised.

    Gunn: Damn, can you guys give us some kind of warning in future?

    Seneh stares at them and at Lilah. Lilah tilts her head.

    Lilah: Well I'll be damned.

    Opening credits.


    AMY ACKER - Winnifred Burkle/Illyria
    J. AUGUST RICHARDS - Charles Gunn
    ALEXA DAVALOS - Gwen Raiden

    Guest Starring:

    STEPHANIE ROMANOV - Lilah Morgan
    MAX PERLICH - Whistler
    JASON MOMOA - Mordecai
    MIA KIRSHNER - Lethe
    DEBORAH ZOE - Mistress Meerna
    JULIANNE MOORE - Senior Partner
    RICHARD HATCH - Thomas

    Cut to Angel walking out of the basement into the Hyperion lobby. The caption says "Present Day". Connor is sat on the circular couch. Angel looks surprised.

    Angel: Hi?

    Connor: Hey.
    Angel: What are you doing down here? You should be resting.

    Connor: Dad I've been resting for two days, I think this is as good as I'm gonna get.

    Angel pauses and nods.

    Connor: Still looking for Drusilla right?

    Angel nods.

    Angel: Yeah, well, I don't exactly expect to find her. She could be anywhere by now.

    Connor nods.

    Connor: Could have been me.

    Angel frowns and walks over to Connor.

    Angel: What?

    Connor: I mean?if I was turned and then the spell worked on me. That could be me right now.

    Angel: No. It couldn't, Connor. It was never gonna be you.

    Connor: You didn't think that at the time.

    Angel sits down next to him looking concerned.

    Angel: I didn't know at the time?that things were planned to be this way.

    There is a pause as Connor looks up at Angel slowly.

    Connor: You think everything?is planned?

    Angel considers this and shakes his head.

    Angel: I don't know. What I do know is that you're meant to be here right now, ok? I don't know what happened about the spell Connor, I don't think even Tap does-

    Tap OS: Heard my name?

    Angel and Connor look across the room to see Tap walking down the stairs.

    Angel: Tap, hey. Didn't hear you.

    Tap: Well if I'm out-stealthing someone like you I guess I'm doing a pretty good job.

    Connor smiles. Tap smiles back.

    Tap: How you doing this morning?

    Connor: Better.

    Tap: Yeah? Any visions?

    Connor: No?not yet anyway.

    Tap: Hmm.

    Angel: Maybe they've gone.

    Tap: Maybe?

    Connor: It's only been a day or two dad. I've gone weeks without having one before.

    Angel hesitates.

    Connor: But?it would be helpful to know if they're coming back or not.

    Angel nods. The phone starts ringing in Angel's office. Angel and the others look in that direction. Angel looks at Tap and Connor.

    Angel: I'll go get that.

    Tap smiles and nods as Angel gets up and walks to the phone. Connor turns to Tap.

    Connor: You know I never really got a chance to thank you yesterday.

    Tap: Huh?

    The camera moves away from them to Angel on the phone.

    Connor OS: The spell. I know it didn't exactly work how you intended-

    Tap OS: Maybe an understatement.

    Angel: (to phone) Hey!

    Angel smiles but it soon fades.

    Angel: What? Wait?slow down-

    Cut back to Connor smiling. Angel's voice can be heard in the background, faintly.

    Connor: But you tried. It feels good, you know, having another person on our side.

    Tap smiles.

    Tap: Well it's good to be on this side. A chance to help make things a little bit better-

    Angel OS: Wait!

    Angel says this loudly, and Connor and Tap look over at him looking concerned. Cut to Angel looking worried. He pauses and puts the phone down. He walks out of his office slowly looking deeply troubled.

    Angel: Uh?that was Buffy?

    Connor: What did she say?

    Angel pauses.

    Angel: There was an attack?Lincoln cathedral blew up.

    Tap looks shocked.

    Tap: Seriously?

    Angel: Mm. But, that's not the worst part. They didn't have a chance to get a cover story. The world knows.

    Connor: You don't mean about?us?

    Angel: About everything.

    Connor and Tap look deeply shocked. Angel stares into space, as if in disbelief.

    Cut to a woman walking down an empty alleyway at night. The air is silent as she passes by. A sound of scrambling is heard nearby. The woman looks a little anxious and looks behind her but carries on walking. The sound is heard again and the woman stops and looks around worriedly. Suddenly a growling is heard and a werewolf is seen heading towards the woman. The woman however doesn't look alarmed and quickly takes a gun from her pocket and shoots the werewolf in the head. The werewolf whines and dies instantly as other men and women in army gear appear on the scene.

    Cut to a helicopter shooting at demons running up a hillside near LA. The scene is suddenly fragmented as only bits and pieces of the action can be seen. A female demon, who looks almost human apart from a row of spikes along her forehead looks worried as she carries a baby. Cut to army men breaking into a demon family's home. Cut to magical books being burned. Cut to a child demon falling to the ground. They look up. Cut to the mouth of a gun pointing at the screen. It fires.

    Cut to Fred opening her eyes in shock and sitting up in bed. It is morning. She looks around looking disturbed by what she saw.

    Cut to Fred walking down the Hyperion corridor from her bedroom. Spike walks out of his room.

    Fred: Spike.

    Spike turns to look at her. His face looks very tired, still heavy from recent events. A flicker of sympathy appears on Fred's face, but is quickly replaced by concern.

    Spike: Something wrong?

    Fred: Uh yeah, I had a vision.

    Spike: Care to enlighten?

    Fred: Uh-

    Gwen OS: Guys.

    Gwen is seen standing nearby, looking visibly shocked. Spike and Fred look over.

    Gwen: You better come downstairs.

    Spike and Fred look worried and follow Gwen.

    Cut to everyone in the Hyperion lobby, looking sombre.

    Fred: I can't believe this happened three days ago?how could we not have known?

    Angel: Uh, Buffy only found out last night, she was in hospital.

    Spike looks up concerned.

    Spike: Is she all right?

    He stares at Angel earnestly.

    Angel: Uh, she's fine.

    Spike looks relieved.

    Gwen: Guess we had our own troubles to deal with while it was going on.

    Gunn: And now we've got a hell of a lot more.

    Illyria: The human world will not easily adapt to this revelation.

    Gwen: Uh Illyria we're already there.

    Illyria looks at Gwen.

    Illyria: Demons were always meant to remain in the shadows of this world. The Sun was not for their eyes.

    Angel looks grave.

    Fred: Well we can't turn back time so I guess we'll have to deal with it somehow.

    Spike: What else did Buffy say?

    Angel: Nothing about you.

    Spike: No I mean about all this.

    Spike looks a little annoyed.

    Angel: Oh. Uh, just that she had a meeting to get ready for. She was in a hurry.

    Gunn: Legal crap huh?

    Angel: I think so.

    Connor: Is that kinda thing gonna happen here too? I mean, to us?

    Angel: I?don't know.

    Fred: Looked pretty much like the army were hunting down demons in my vision. I think they're gonna need us.

    Spike: What about us? Think we might need some help an' all once they find out who we all are.

    Gwen: Probably already have.

    There is an awkward pause.

    Connor: Guess that answers my question?

    Angel: You're not gonna have to deal with that.

    Connor: Uh, hello? Son of two vampires here. Even the demon world was scared of me right?

    Angel looks uncomfortable.

    Tap: We've all got something that people could hold against us. Even Gunn isn't exactly normal.

    Tap looks at Gunn.

    Tap: I mean that in a good way.

    Gunn smiles slightly.

    Gunn: S'ok. You're right. And it's not like I'm the only person who got involved with the demon world. There's gotta be thousands, and that aint counting the demons, and Slayers and the rest.

    Connor: So what do we do about it?

    Suddenly the doors burst open. Two werewolves run in, followed by Nina helping a wounded Oz through the doors. Angel and co. look shocked.

    Fred: Oh God!

    She hurries over Nina and Oz when one of the werewolves stands in her way growling.

    Nina: Lethe, no!

    The werewolf recoils slightly allowing Fred to pass. Nina, helping Oz, walks with her towards the others as the werewolves skulk near the doorway. Angel and the others gather round as Oz sits on the circular couch in the lobby, flinching in pain as he does. Blood is seen seeping from a wound in his shirt.

    Angel: What the hell happened?

    Nina applies pressure to the wound in Oz's chest. Oz looks worried. Nina looks at Angel.

    Nina: We have big problems.
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    ACT II

    Cut to one of the werewolves pacing around the lobby. It stands next to the other, and they appear to communicate silently. Fred is fastening a bandage over Oz's wound. He smiles thankfully at her. Everyone else is stood with Nina.

    Gwen: So they're just slaughtering everyone?

    Nina: From what I can tell, anyone and anything they think's a threat. So, vampires, demons, werewolves-

    Oz: No questions asked.

    Everyone looks troubled.

    Fred: How can they just?do that?

    Angel: They only care about looking good in the eyes of the public right now.

    Tap: Yeah, I guess it's easy to blame all the demons for everything when your country's in a state of paranoia.

    Nina: And guess who looks like the heroes.

    Spike looks at Angel.

    Spike: Buffy say anything about this kind of thing happening over there?

    Angel: No?she didn't. But I could tell things weren't exactly perfect.

    Gunn: Well at least she's only dealing with an area smaller than Texas. Things could get a hell of a lot more serious here.

    Man's voice OS: We're all dealing the world as a whole.

    Everyone turns to see a man and woman standing nearby. They are both entirely naked. Illyria is stood nearby staring at them curiously. The others look surprised except Nina and Oz.

    Gunn: Whoa?

    Oz: Guys this is Lethe and Mordecai.

    Angel: Uh?hi.

    The couple nod in greeting at the others. Nina smiles slightly at the others still looking shocked.

    Nina: Took us a while to get used to it too.

    Gunn: I'll bet.

    Lethe steps forward and looks upwards and around the lobby.

    Lethe: This place is strong. Strong enough? I don't know.

    Mordecai: There's a lot of work to do.

    Angel and the others look confused.

    Nina: The, uh, private conversation thing is part of the package.

    Mordecai: The other humans will come here soon. Nowhere is truly safe but?this may have to do.

    Angel: What makes you think they're coming here?

    Nina: They knew where we were. They knew we were werewolves.

    Angel looks worried.

    Gwen: We can't fight them.

    Lethe: Do you want to be hacked down like vermin.

    Gwen: No?but-

    Lethe points to Oz.

    Lethe: They will do that, and more. They're not willing to negotiate.

    Angel: What if we are?

    Mordecai: Don't think that they'll respect you vampire. You may have a soul but?prejudice only skin deep can be enough to do great damage.

    Illyria: Indeed.

    Angel looks over at Illyria.

    Illyria: If the humans of this world choose to do battle?I will retaliate.

    Tap: Wait, wait a minute ok?

    Tap stands up and moves to the centre of the group.

    Tap: What they're doing? Killing us? It's wrong, yeah. But we're just gonna make things worse if we fight back.

    Lethe: You'll die if you don't.

    Mordecai: We've seen it happen.

    Oz: They have a point. That's how I got this.

    Oz indicates his wound. Angel looks conflicted, as do the others.

    Tap: They'll use it as an excuse to kill more of us. It comes down to us versus the government?we won't win.

    Fred: Buffy said she was going to a meeting right?

    Angel nods.

    Fred: Well, I haven't lost that much faith in the government that they're not willing to listen to people who want to negotiate. Formally, I mean.

    Mordecai: Wishful thinking.

    Oz: Problem is?they see us as criminals. It's them and us. I don't think they're too likely to listen to Professor X on this one.

    Spike: Well 80% of us'd get shot on sight but Fred and Gunn are still human.

    Gunn looks surprised.

    Spike: How about putting your lawyer skills to the test?

    Gunn: I don't have that anymore.

    Angel: But you have the experience. It's more than any of us have.

    Gunn: Wait, we don't even know what we're gonna negotiate. We can't exactly march on Washington with a bunch o'vampires and ask to see the President.

    Lethe: The government will protect humans above all else. They see us as inferior. I won't accept that.

    Illyria: Neither will I.

    Angel: It's not gonna come to that.

    Everyone looks at Angel.

    Angel: Gunn I hear what you're saying. We don't have a way of contacting them right now. But if it's only a matter of time before they come here?we'll wait for them.

    He looks at Lethe and Mordecai.

    Angel: I'm not gonna let them hurt anyone here. But we can't take the fight to them.

    Lethe: Others are dying as we speak.

    Angel: And negotiating is the only way we can stop that happening.

    Nina looks at Lethe and Mordecai.

    Nina: He has a point. Fighting them would just give them more evidence that we're "dangerous".

    There is a pause.

    Angel: Gunn?when the time comes, you up for this?

    Gunn hesitates.

    Gunn: ?I guess I'll have to be. Just don't blame me if they don't listen.

    Angel: Just do what you can.

    Gwen: So basically it's a matter of waiting until they get here?

    Nina: They ambushed us. Would be a good idea to block off the exits.

    Tap: I can do that. Well everything above ground at least.

    Nina: We should still probably guard them. To be safe.

    Angel: Right.

    Angel heads to the weapon's cabinet.

    Spike: Thought you didn't wanna fight?

    Angel opens the cabinet.

    Angel: In case we have to.

    Cut to a reporter facing a camera, standing amongst a crowd of protestors with banners such as "Werewolves are people too!!". Their voices can be heard vaguely in the background. The caption says "New York".

    Reporter: Protestors have been marching here for seven hours now, due to the controversial protective regimes that the government has installed since the revelation of the supernatural on earth two days ago. Large numbers of people are outraged that the government has ordered for all creatures including vampires, various species of demon, and werewolves to be hunted down and killed on sight. Those protesting argue that werewolves in particular should not be attacked as they are human for the majority of each month. However the government has since stated that independent research has shown that the mythical tales of werewolves' transformation due to the full moon are in fact false, and that some werewolves can change form due to high levels of emotion.

    Cut to a man in his 40s, sat in a chair, watching the report. The voice over of the reporter continues.

    Reporter OS: The government claims that the risk werewolves pose to the human population is not one they are willing to take.

    A figure can be see standing behind the man in his chair.

    Woman's voice OS: And it's as simple as that, isn't it?

    The man glances behind him and then faces the television again.

    Man: Hello Lois.

    The woman (Lois) walks forward into view. She looks annoyed.

    Lois: You really think all this is a good idea don't you?

    Man: I'm doing what is best for the American people.

    Lois: You mean the ones who fit your definition of normal.

    Man: I think you'll find the constitution mentions nothing about fangs, scales and horns.

    Lois: Yes, Thomas, it's known as progress. You have any idea about how delicate this system is? The number of apocalypses that have been diverted without us doing anything? Interfering now is just going to make things a hell of a lot worse. The world's always coped before-

    Man (Thomas): Tell that to the parents who've lost their children to these creatures. The millions of people who have had their lives afflicted by these things. It's our job to help these people.

    Voice OS: Exactly.

    Lois and Thomas turn to see the woman seen earlier with Seneh standing at the doorway. Thomas stands up.

    Thomas: Ma'am we?didn't realise you were here.

    Woman: That's quite all right Thomas.

    She smiles and looks at Lois.

    Woman: I understand why you might feel this way Lois. But the threat they pose can't be ignored.

    Lois: Uh, ma'am yes of course there is a threat but not every demon is destructive. I mean, Angel-

    Woman: Angel has killed many. As have Spike, and Illyria. Even their human companions are dangerous.

    Lois: They're fighting against a greater evil.

    The woman walks across the room to the window and stares out as Thomas and Lois stare at her from behind.

    Woman: Perhaps. But who's to say we can't fight this?evil, ourselves? If Angel or Spike lose their souls once more, many more innocents will die. They must be?eliminated.

    A wry smile appears on her face.

    Cut to Illyria stood on the balcony of one of the rooms in the Hyperion. She is staring across the city. Tap appears behind her.

    Tap: Uh, I wouldn't stay out here for too long.

    Illyria does not turn around.

    Illyria: It would be most unwise for any human to attempt to challenge me.

    Tap looks a little awkward.

    Tap: I don't doubt that.

    Illyria turns around a looks at him. She smiles slightly.

    Illyria: You act as if you are fearful of me.

    Tap hesitates.

    Tap: Maybe I am a little. You have a lot of power. And I've seen what you can do with it.

    Illyria: It is true that I would once have crushed this world a thousand times over.

    Illyria looks out over the city again.

    Illyria: I was shown that it is a thousand times greater than I could have ever have known. For that reason?I am loyal to Angel and his aims.

    Tap: Yeah, yeah you are.

    Tap stands next to her and stares out also.

    Tap: Just, there's always gonna be a part of you that still wants to destroy. You think you can control that?

    Illyria hesitates.

    Illyria: It is clear to me that the desire to destroy is present in all creatures. Humans destroy one another in a more efficient way than I could have ever done.

    Tap looks at her seriously.

    Illyria: This world will fall. By one means or another?I doubt it will take much longer.

    Illyria walks back inside. Tap follows her looking worried.

    Cut to Nina and Angel in the Hyperion basement. They are pushing tables against the entrance to the tunnel that leads to the sewers.

    Nina: They knew Oz from way back. Pretty much the first ones he taught the whole control thing to. And now he's more or less got it perfected.

    Angel: That's good.

    Nina: Yeah?and they're good too. I mean the naked thing was weird at first, but hey they save a hell of a lot of money on clothes.

    Angel smiles. They push the wardrobe across.

    Nina: There are actually a lot more werewolves around than I realised. Or?were.

    Nina looks grave. Angel looks at her.

    Angel: We will fix this.

    Nina looks at him and smiles.

    Nina: Yeah.

    Angel nods and walks away. Nina follows him not looking entirely convinced.

    Cut to Gwen and Gunn sorting through weapons in the lobby. Lethe joins them. She walks towards the courtyard entrance and puts her hand forward. It is blocked by an invisible barrier.

    Lethe: This is good. It should hold.

    Gunn: Hope so. As long as Tap's doing what we does best.

    Lethe nods and notices the weapons.

    Lethe: You can both handle weapons?

    Gunn: Well I can.

    Gwen: I don't really need to.

    Lethe looks confused. Gwen takes off the device from her hand and touches one of the swords. Sparks fly from her finger. Lethe looks surprised.

    Lethe: Impressive.

    Gunn: Aint she just?

    Gunn smiles at Gwen. Gwen smiles also and puts the device back on.

    Gunn: So I'm thinking coffee'd be a good idea right about now. Can't face too many life or death situations without it.

    Gwen: You have a point. De-caf? for me.

    Gunn: Lethe you want some?

    Lethe: No, I don't care for it, thank you.

    Gunn nods and walks off. Gwen takes an axe and picks it up. Lethe looks over at her.

    Lethe: Why do you conceal your power?

    Gwen looks puzzled.

    Gwen: What? Oh you mean this?

    She indicates the device. Lethe nods. Gwen puts the axe down.

    Gwen: Well it means I can actually have a physical relationship. I mean don't get me wrong being able to fry vampires is handy but?not when it means I can't live a normal life.

    Lethe: Normal?

    Gwen: Well?yeah.

    Lethe: I think?normality binds the world?it can't flourish unless people begin to accept that maybe there are other ways.

    Gwen: And that's why you go around naked?

    Lethe pauses.

    Lethe: Ever since I became a werewolf I've known that it's a large part of who I really am. Trying to cover that up?would take that away.

    Gwen: This doesn't take anything away.

    Gwen holds up her hand with the device.

    Lethe: Maybe you don't notice. But you try and hide who really are?and there'll always be a price.

    Gwen: I'm not hiding.

    Lethe: I didn't think I was at first. Then I realised living my life as a human wasn't all it's cracked up to be.

    Gwen frowns.

    Gwen: But you have family right? I mean, you can't just turn your back on the human world.

    Lethe: The human world turned its back on me a long time ago. The hatred towards us has never been clearer. Yes, there are people willing to see with an open mind, but you've seen what's happening. They won't accept what they can't understand. And what I understand is that I have to be true to myself, and live my life in my own way. I know which side of this divide I'm standing on. Do you?

    Gwen pauses. Gunn appears with two cups of coffee.

    Gunn: Didn't have much de-caf? left so I hope it's ok.

    He hands the coffee to Gwen. Gwen smiles and takes it from him slowly. Their hands touch. Gwen looks uncertain. Gunn frowns.

    Gunn: You ok?

    Gwen: Uh, sure, just you know, everything.

    Gunn: Yeah.

    Gunn puts his arm around her. Gwen makes eye contact with Lethe who looks away.

    Gunn: But it'll be ok I mean-

    Gunn's voice continues in the background as Gwen stares after Lethe uncertainly.

    Cut to Oz in one of the Hyperion bathrooms. He is applying a new layer of bandages to his wound. Fred suddenly walks in. Oz looks surprised.

    Fred: Oh! Sorry I thought everyone was downstairs.

    Oz: It's ok, door was open. And it could have been worse.

    Fred smiles awkwardly and then looks at the wound on his chest.

    Fred: Sorry if the other bandages were kinda makeshift.

    Oz: No, no. Believe me, I've seen makeshift. Not pretty.

    Fred smiles. Oz pulls his shirt on.

    Oz: Well I'm done. See you downstairs right?

    Fred: Sure.

    Oz smiles and walks out. Fred smiles back. Cut to Oz walking down the Hyperion corridor. A bang is heard in one of the rooms nearby. Oz stops walking and looks concerned.

    Spike: Bloody hell?

    Oz pushes open the door and looks inside. Spike is sat on his bed with a broken mobile phone on the ground. Oz looks at Spike.

    Oz: No signal?

    Spike smiles slightly.

    Spike: Might as well have been none.

    He sighs.

    Spike: Trying to get through to Buffy.

    Oz nods.

    Oz: Guess she's kinda busy with all this.

    Spike: Yeah, no doubt.

    Oz: Spoken to her recently?

    Spike shakes his head.

    Spike: Nah. Not since Faith's funeral.

    Oz looks grave and nods. He sits on the bed next to Spike.

    Spike: What about you?

    Oz: Me and Willow used to talk occasionally, but recently it's got kinda difficult. Haven't heard from her for a while now.

    Spike: She's doing all right.

    Oz smiles.

    Oz: Good.

    Spike: See you're not doing too badly for yourself either. Got your little group with Nina.

    Oz: Yeah, it's good. Not exactly the Scoobies, but I finally feel I'm doing something a little more worthwhile.

    Spike: Know what you mean.

    Oz smiles.

    Spike: I take it you don't have much problem with keeping the fangs and hair at bay nowadays.

    Oz: Not really. I mean there are times it gets a little touch and go, but I'm kinda used to it now. Nina finds it tough sometimes though. Lethe and Mordecai generally don't see the point.

    Spike: Born to be wild eh?

    Oz: Something like that.

    Spike nods and smiles to himself.

    Spike: Guess we all have to tone it down a bit though. With everything that's going on.

    Oz: Try telling them that. And most vampires.

    Spike: Aint gonna happen over night, I know. Just?there's no room to lose control anymore.

    Spike stares at the wall seriously.

    Spike: Never should have been either.
    Oz looks at him.

    Oz: Are we still talking about me?

    Spike looks at him.

    Spike: No matter. We should be getting downstairs.

    Oz hesitates and then nods. They get up.

    Cut to Fred on the phone in Angel's office.

    Fred: Yeah, mom, it's fine here. We'll be fine.

    Fred closes her eyes and exhales as she listens.

    Fred: I know. I'll let you and dad know if anything else happens. No, I probably won't be on the news?yet. Mom, just tell them you don't know. Uh huh. Ok. Love you. Bye.

    Fred puts the phone down. Connor is stood at the doorway.

    Fred: Connor, hi.

    Connor: Hey. Everything ok?

    Fred: Yeah, just my parents freaking out.

    Connor: I guess that's what they're supposed to do.

    Fred smiles.

    Fred: How are you doing?

    Connor: No visions. Still, I probably just ensured they'll come back by saying that.

    Fred laughs slightly.

    Fred: You had me scared for a while back there.

    Connor: Yeah, me too.

    Fred: Sorry?guess it's not like you meant to get almost vamped.

    Connor smiles.

    Connor: No, or go crazy beforehand. It's been an eventful week.

    Fred: Or, year.

    Connor laughs.

    Fred: Are you uh, gonna talk to Spike?

    Connor looks serious.

    Connor: I?wasn't planning to. I mean?he bit me. Pretty much simple as.

    Fred: Well he didn't exac-

    Connor: I know. I'm there with the whole alter-ego thing. Just, I don't think there's that much to discuss.

    Fred: Maybe not for you?I just think Spike's pretty shaken up about it all.

    Connor pauses.

    Fred: Maybe now's not the best time. But?

    Fred notices the others walking towards the main doors of the Hyperion. She frowns. Connor looks over too. They both walk out of the office.

    Fred: What's going on?

    Fred and Connor look outside. There are a crowd of various demons, magic users and other supernatural beings. Everyone stares out.

    Tap: Fred?I think you're vision decided to drop by.

    Fred and the others look anxious.
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      ACT III

      Cut to Thomas walking down a corridor on a mobile phone.

      Thomas: Yes Ms Marques we are aware of that. Unfortunately you don't have jurisdiction here. Yes, I'm sure Buffy Summers would have quite a lot to say about it, but she isn't exactly in a position to do that, and neither are you. I'm sorry Ms Marques, but we're on quite a tight schedule.

      He looks at his watch as he says this.

      Thomas: So I'm going to have to get back to you.
      He continues walking and puts his phone in his pocket before turning a corner and knocking on a nearby door. He opens it.

      Inside the room he smiles. The woman seen with Seneh is back. She smiles.

      Woman: Are we ready?

      Thomas: Yes ma'am. A large group of hostiles are outside The Hyperion. The media have been informed.

      Woman: Good. We'll assemble shortly.

      Thomas nods.

      Thomas: Uh, ma'am if I may ask, what about the others with Angel? What will we do with them if Angel and Spike both go into custody?

      The woman pauses.

      Woman: I don't know. But I'm sure those watching can decide for themselves.

      The woman smiles. Thomas seems to accept her answer and walks out. Seneh appears behind the woman. Thomas closes the door. The woman turns around.

      Woman: What are you doing here Seneh?

      Seneh: You have no right to do this.

      Woman: I have every right, in the most basic sense of the word, to see that justice is carried out. The people of this world want protection, and I'm willing to give it to them.

      Seneh: As a Senior Partner?

      The woman smiles.

      Woman: As part of the winning side.

      She walks out. Seneh looks apprehensive.

      Cut to Angel opening the door. Mistress Meerna last seen in A New World is at the front of the crowd.

      Meerna: Uh, hi.

      Gunn appears to recognise her.

      Gunn: Hey! Aren't you the dimensional mojo chick who Lorne brought here a few years back?

      Meerna smiles awkwardly.

      Meerna: Yes, I guess that's one description. Uh, is Lorne around?

      Connor looks surprised as Meerna appears next to him suddenly. Everyone looks alarmed that she got through the barrier.

      Angel: Uh, Tap?

      Tap looks baffled but Meerna smiles.

      Meerna: Oh, magical barriers are nothing for me sweetie, don't worry about it, it'll keep most other people and weapons at bay.

      Tap: Oh. That's reassuring.

      Angel looks confused.

      Angel: Uh, what are you all doing here?

      Meerna: Well you may or may not have noticed the fact that half of LA is trying to kill the other half. This is the other half.

      Meerna holds out her hand in direction of the crowd. Angel looks round and sees that the crowd continues down the street.

      Meerna: And, well, seeing as that tear to Quor-toth apparently didn't clear up, I thought this'd be the best place that we, being the hunted party, could go.

      Connor looks surprised at the mention of Quor-toth. Angel and the others look at the huge crowd. Some of them look at Angel worriedly.

      Meerna: So I say again, Lorne around?

      Cut to inside the lobby. It is crowded with many demons etc filling it up and talking amongst themselves. Gwen and Gunn are seen handing food round to some. Angel is staring at the group as Fred appears next to him.

      Fred: Hey.

      Angel: Hey. Is there enough food and water?

      Fred: Uh I think so, but not for much longer. So, it's kinda a question of when the government gets here.

      Angel: Right?

      Illyria appears from the crowd. She looks slightly flustered.

      Illyria: This decision may have been unwise.

      Angel: I know there are a lot but?it shouldn't be for too long.

      Illyria: I was referring to the fact that we are all in one location. Those attempting to hunt us will now only need to come here.

      Angel looks troubled. A random demon appears next to him.

      Demon #1: Um, excuse me, where's your bathroom?

      Fred: Uh, that's the queue.

      Fred points to a queue which ends near the bottom of the main stairs, stretching up to the second floor. The demon looks annoyed. In the crowd several demons on the same race look angrily at another demon clan. They hiss threateningly.

      Green Demon: Keep away Soclath scum!

      Red Demon: We have no desire to be around the likes of you, filthy Cheraks!!

      One of the Soclath demons spits at Cherak. They move towards each other. Gunn appears between them.

      Gunn: Hey, hey there's a big no fighting rule here. How about you guys move along.

      The demons glare at each other but walk away. Other members of the crowd look anxious. A witch gives another a dirty look. A group of small black demons are whispering in hushed voices. Angel and Fred watch looking concerned. Illyria turns to Angel.

      Illyria: This may also prove to be problematic.

      Angel nods and sighs. Suddenly he notices a figure on the edge of the crowd walking away with a woman who is wearing a long flowing green cloak and many bangles and large earrings. He frowns as the figure, a man, looks around before he and the woman walk down into the basement.

      Cut to Spike and Mordecai in the basement. Spike sighs and Mordecai looks over at him.

      Mordecai: You're bored.

      Spike: Maybe. Better than being down here than up there.

      The man and woman stop as they realise Spike and Mordecai are in the basement.

      Mordecai: There is nothing down here. You should go back upstairs.

      Angel appears as the man nods and the woman looks disappointed. Angel looks resolutely at the man.

      Man: Um?hi.

      Spike looks concerned and walks over, as does Mordecai.

      Angel: You wouldn't be coming down here for a snack now would you?

      Spike sniffs the air and then rolls his eyes. The woman looks shocked as the man/vampire looks busted.

      Woman: You're a damn vampire?

      The woman smacks the vampire over the head and he exclaims in pain. Angel slams the vampire against the cage in there and looks angry.

      Angel: And how long did you think you'd keep that up, huh?

      Cut to Angel walking into the lobby from the basement, dragging the vampire. The two witches glaring at one another earlier are arguing as Meerna tries to break them up. Several other demons are arguing. A warlock punches a demon. Angel opens the front doors and throws the vampire out. The vampire rolls out of the shade and gets hit by the light of the sunset. It burns up and explodes. Angel slams the doors. The crowd stop arguing. Angel sees most of the crowd staring at him. He stares back angrily.

      Angel: You're all here because you're looking for protection. That can't happen if you're not gonna respect the fact that there are rules. You have to accept the way humans do things. And that you're all different.

      Lethe looks serious.

      Angel: Otherwise they'll never accept you.

      Gwen smiles.

      Angel: Anyone else who can't can leave right now, cause I'm not gonna fight for your right to live in this world if you aren't gonna make the effort.

      There is silence. The witches glance at one another and nod. Meerna looks relieved. The warlock looks annoyed but gives the demon his hand and helps him up. Oz looks over at Lethe who shifts, clearly unimpressed by Angel's speech. However she stays put. People look around them for anyone leaving. Angel stares, waiting. He nods.

      Angel: Good.

      Angel walks over to the door and closes it. Cut to black as the door shuts.

      Cut to Connor and Tap stood on the stairs watching the crowd below.

      Connor: I never really thought about how many different kinds of demon there are. Guess there are a lot.

      Tap: Oh yeah. All with different grudges and problems. But your dad seems to have sorted that out so I don't have to rethink the barrier idea.

      Connor smiles.

      Connor: Yeah I guess so.

      Connor hesitates. He notices Meerna in the crowd. Tap notices him staring at her.

      Tap: You know her?

      Connor: No, no I don't. But uh, after I came here, from Quor-toth she fixed up the tear.

      Tap: Quor-toth huh? Wow, I knew you'd been away for a while but that's?pretty extreme.

      Connor: It was. But it was good at the same time?I think.

      Tap nods.

      Connor: Just, her mentioning Quor-toth reminds me that I've always been a part of same world as everyone down there. Right from the beginning.

      Tap: Well yeah. I mean part from that and the visions, you've got a pretty strong demon lineage.

      Connor nods.

      Connor: You know a while back I didn't want anything to do with all this but now I realise I don't have much of a choice.

      Tap: Is that a problem?

      Connor: Oh, no?if I did have a choice. I'd choose here.

      Tap smiles. Cut to Spike walking up the steps. Connor looks awkward and Tap senses this. Connor shakes his head slightly and Tap realises Connor wants to talk to Spike.

      Tap: Hey, Spike, uh I better go and see if and of our guests need food or blood or various daily incantations.

      He smiles and walks past Spike who nods. He looks awkwardly at Connor and aims to walk past.

      Spike: All right?

      Spike continues walking as Connor nods. Spike is about to turn the corner to the first floor.

      Connor: Spike.

      Spike stops and sighs. He turns to Connor. Connor walks up to Spike's level.

      Spike: Guess this is the part where we have that deep and meaningful.

      Connor: You don't have to say anything. I understand what happened.

      Spike: No you don't. You were the first?you're the first person I bit as me. The First made me bite a couple of times but all I see is what's left after. With you?I remember wanting to do it. You know how that feels?

      Connor shakes his head.

      Connor: No. I don't. But I know how it feels not to have control. You didn't have it.

      Spike pauses.

      Spike: Doesn't change the fact that I-

      Connor: Spike it wasn't you. Ok, so you don't have an Angelus/Angel thing going. It's more subtle than that. But you wouldn't hurt any of us right now. Hey, I coulda killed Fred a few days ago. I'm not gonna now am I? So just remember that, ok?

      Spike sighs and nods. Connor smiles. There is murmuring from the crowd below. Connor and Spike turn. Angel walks up to the door, with others close behind him. There are huge crowds outside, with several camera crews. They are all being held back by security guards. There are cars park beyond the guards. The woman and Thomas get out. Lois gets out of another car looking worried. Thomas takes a megaphone to his mouth. Gwen and Tap stare out worriedly. Angel looks serious.

      Thomas: Angel. You have ten minutes before we'll be forced to take action.

      There are worried whispers amongst the crowd in the Hyperion.

      Nina: Like to see them try.

      Fred: But we can't exactly stay here forever.

      Angel: No?we can't.

      Angel opens the front door. He looks at Tap.

      Angel: Think you could get them to hear me?

      Tap: No doubt.

      He smiles at Angel. The others look nervous. Angel walks out past the front courtyard to the edge of the magical barrier. He sees signs such as "No Place for Vampires!" and "Death to Demons!" in the crowd to the right but also others such as "You Gotta Have Soul!" and "Werewolf for three days a month?human for life!" in the crowd to the left. Tap mutters something under his breath. As Angel speaks his voice can be heard clearly amongst all the crowds.

      Angel: You're here because you want to condemn us.

      Thomas speaks through the microphone from now on.

      Thomas: Yourself, Spike, Illyria, and many of the other individuals currently residing with you are charged with threatening lives.

      The crowds seem to react to this.

      Angel: What about the threats we stop each day. Or are you gonna ignore that because of your own ideals.

      The more liberal crowd applaud. The woman (senior partner) steps forward. Thomas hands her the microphone.

      Woman: You are guilty of murder. Numerous times. Vigilantism, last time I checked, was frowned upon.

      Angel: We're dealing with death every day. What the world is gonna have to accept is that there's always gonna be unavoidable consequences.

      Thomas takes the microphone.

      Thomas: Perhaps. But maybe that's for the Supreme Court to decide.

      The crowds start exclaiming loudly. Inside the Hyperion everyone looks worried. Suddenly Seneh appears between Angel and Thomas. The crowds murmur with shock. The woman's smile vanishes as Seneh stares at her. Gwen, Fred and Spike look surprised. Angel looks at Seneh.

      Angel: Seneh?what-

      Seneh: She's lying to you.

      Seneh looks at the crowds.

      Seneh: She's lying to you all.

      Seneh glares at the woman who looks incredibly angry.

      Seneh: She's a Senior Partner Angel.

      Angel looks shocked.
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        ACT IV

        Cut back to the scene. Thomas looks confused.

        Thomas: Excuse me?whoever you are, what-

        Seneh: Shut up. You have no idea what you're dealing with here. She does.

        Angel pauses.

        Angel: She's a Senior Partner of Wolfram and Hart. They've been defending the worst kinds of demons in your courts for centuries. She's the one you should be scared of.

        The crowd appear shocked. Thomas looks at the woman. The woman looks furiously at Seneh.

        Woman: You traitor. I saved you.

        The woman's eyes glow green and her formal attire disappears to reveal a long dark dress. Cut to a woman watching the scene on the news on her TV at home. She stares transfixed at what is happening. Cut to large numbers of people in a pub. They too are staring up at a television watching the scene in silence, fear and wonder both painted clearly across their faces.

        Cut to the woman approaching Seneh menacingly. Seneh stays where she is.

        Seneh: Time to go.

        She grabs the Senior Partner's wrist and they both vanish. Cut to several teenagers watching the scene on the news. They gasp.

        Cut to Angel. Thomas looks very confused. Angel frowns at him. He looks at Tap and nods. Tap hesitates and then mutters something under his breath again. Angel waits a few seconds and then walks forward. The barrier is gone. He walks past the crowds as they stare at him and up to Thomas.

        Angel: Things happen that you can't control in war. Cause that's what this is. And you're caught up in it. Demons might all look the same to you but they're not. The one you just saw manipulated her way through, in front of your own eyes. People like her wanna destroy. The ones in there.

        He points to The Hyperion.

        Angel: They just wanna live. Can you give them that chance?

        Connor smiles. Thomas hesitates.

        Thomas: The facts remains that your own behaviour is questionable-

        Spike appears next to Angel.

        Spike: Questionable eh? There's a hell of a lot of people that do questionable things. That includes all of you. Yeah I've murdered. I didn't have a soul. Plenty of people with one have done that and worse. The demon inside of us-

        He indicates Angel.

        Spike: -doesn't know about good. You're all supposed to. So why aren't you all perfect mm?

        Thomas hesitates. The crowd appears silent.

        Spike: People are flawed. That's just the way it is. Yeah there're vampires that'll kill you because that's what they do. We're not all like that. And is it me, or is such obvious discrimination a bit dated considering how you all want to be perceived?

        There is a pause. There are several shots of different people watching in different countries.

        Spike: But hey, you carry on. See how far you all get in this without our help. See you in hell.

        Thomas hesitates. Spikes shakes his head and walks back inside. Angel looks at Thomas. The crowd stand in silence. Everyone in the Hyperion looks anxious. Thomas takes the microphone to his mouth.

        Thomas: There are still many issues that need to be discussed. But?what you say is relevant.

        There is a huge cheer from inside The Hyperion. The left hand crowd all start cheering as well. Even some of the right do. Cut to the woman seen earlier watching the television. She smiles. Thomas looks annoyed and turns around. Lois is standing there. She smiles innocently. Thomas looks annoyed.

        Cut to a news report. A news reporter sat at a news desk faces the screen.

        Reporter: The Demon Rights Act and The Magic Users Rights Act follows the 28th amendment, the former stating that all demons, werewolves and other supernatural creatures who successfully gain sufficient licensing from the State will be given the same rights as all other citizens of that state. The latter agrees to the same conditions for magic users.

        Cut to Thomas watching the report. He looks annoyed. Lois walks I holding some papers.

        Lois: Oh! Anything good on?

        Thomas glares at her.

        Thomas: You may think you've "won" this Lois, but don't come crying to me when people start complaining about how their children have been murdered by demons.

        Lois: You'd like that, wouldn't you?

        Thomas: I think maybe you don't care if it happens or not.

        Lois: I care, Thomas. I just know a whole lot more than you about this. Have you seen the reports, uh let's see.

        Lois lifts up the papers.

        Lois: Kate Lockley tells us that Angel saved her life and many others, Anne Steel says he helped her in several crises, uh Melissa Rogers told us that Angel helped stop her voodoo doctor ex from stalking her?shall I go on?

        Thomas: I won't deny he's helped people. They all have at times. Perhaps you're right that Angel and Spike are valuable assets to this society, despite what I might think. There's only one individual I'm truly interested in now.

        Thomas opens a file. There is a picture of Illyria in there. Lois looks uncertain.

        Cut to Angel and co. in The Hyperion. Meerna turns to leave.

        Meerna: Well it's been fun but this time I really hope I don't have to come back. Thanks for the influential speeches though.

        Spike smiles awkwardly as Meerna disappears. The others look surprised for a second. Nina looks at Angel.

        Nina: We should probably be going too. Werewolves to teach, an' all.

        Angel: Yeah. Let us know how it goes.

        Oz: Will do. You guys take care. More likely than not we'll be back at some point.

        Fred: You better be.

        Oz smiles at Fred and turns to leave. Nina smiles at the others and walks away. Mordecai nods at everyone.

        Mordecai: It has been?interesting. I hope you continue to be as effective a warrior as you are a speaker.

        He turns to Spike.

        Mordecai: Both of you.

        Spike: We'll try.

        Mordecai smiles slightly.

        Lethe: I have learned a lot in your presence. I'm grateful for a wider view of the world.

        Lethe looks at Gwen.

        Lethe: I hope you have, also.

        Gwen looks awkward as Lethe stares at her knowingly. Lethe walks away with Mordecai. The gang are now left alone.

        Gunn: So, anyone else wanna not do anything for a few millennia?

        Fred smiles.

        Fred: If only.

        Angel: They'll be more discussions.

        Fred: But?the amendment-

        Angel: It's a start. But they'll be more to come.

        Gunn sighs.

        Gunn: So I guess I shouldn't throw away my lawyer glasses just yet?

        Gwen: Not ever! They don't come cheap.

        Illyria: Your superficial minds are most puzzling.

        Gwen and Gunn smile. Suddenly Seneh appears. Everyone looks surprised.

        Tap: Oh. Hi again.

        Seneh: Hi?

        Connor: Nice work today.

        Seneh: No problem?

        Angel looks uncertain.

        Angel: Yes, thank you Seneh. But?you seemed to know an awful lot about the Senior Partner.

        Gwen frowns.

        Gwen: Mm and what was all that with Lilah? You said you'd tell us what was going on once everything had gotten sorted out.

        Seneh: I know. That's what I'm here to tell you. Cause, to be frank, I'm tired with pretending.

        Everyone looks a little confused.

        Angel: Whadda'you mean?

        Seneh hesitates.

        Seneh: I told you guys I work for The Powers That Be?I do. But I didn't always?

        Fred: Then?what did you do?

        Seneh stares at everyone anxiously.

        Seneh: I used to be?a Child of the Senior Partners.

        Everyone looks shocked. Seneh looks ashamed. Angel stares at Seneh seriously.

        THE END
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