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Angel Episode 6.12 122. The Heart and Soul

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  • Angel Episode 6.12 122. The Heart and Soul

    Hi, this is the twelfth episode of Angel Season 6 by me. I hope you enjoy reading it. If you have feedback, please post it here; both positive comments and constructive criticism are welcome

    Angel Episode 6.12 122. The Heart and Soul

    Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters on Angel. They belong to Fox Studios and Joss Whedon. This work is fictional and is only for my and others entertainment. Therefore no infringement is intended. I do not intend to make a profit from this work. However I own all characters that have not previously appeared/been mentioned on Angel, so I can do whatever I like with them. Therefore any unauthorised usage of these characters is not permitted.

    ACT I

    Open on Fred, Seneh and Whistler in the sewers below the Hyperion. Seneh and Fred stare at Whistler.

    Seneh: You?

    Whistler: It's been a while.

    Seneh: Not long enough.

    Whistler: Yes, well that's not exactly up to you is it?

    Seneh glares as Fred frowns. Whistler looks at her.

    Whistler: Good to see you again too Fred.

    Fred looks cautious.

    Fred: Seneh he could be a-

    Whistler: Shape shifter? Not this time. It's good of you to suspect though. You're finally scared enough.

    Fred: I don't believe you.

    Seneh: It's him. I can tell.

    Whistler: I knew you would.

    Seneh: What do you want from me?

    Whistler: Don't play the fool Seneh. We both know what you've done.

    Fred: Wait, if you're talking about Seneh helping me and Connor-

    Whistler: This doesn't concern you.

    Fred: I don't give a crap! You help Angel and the others all the time, how can you blame Seneh for this?

    Whistler: We advise. We suggest. We don't get directly involved. I believe Seneh mentioned this to you less than an hour ago.

    Fred: But still-

    Seneh: Fred, it's ok.

    She looks at Whistler as Fred looks concerned.

    Seneh: You know if helping them not get killed is so wrong?then sign me up for the bad guys-

    Fred looks at Seneh confused, but she has already vanished. Fred looks at Whistler.

    Fred: What did she mean?

    Whistler: You'll find out in time. But right now I have to go. The Powers apologise that we haven't helped you out more recently. But you'll get your visions back pretty damn soon. You might wanna head back to the hotel now.

    Whistler disappears leaving Fred alone with Connor. She looks confused about what to do, but suddenly Connor stirs.

    Fred: Connor?

    Fred kneels down next to him. Suddenly she gasps. The camera zooms towards her head and cuts to a vision of Spike and Angel fighting with Drusilla. Fred looks shocked and stares down the tunnel and the camera zooms away from her. Shadows however can be seen approaching her.

    Opening credits.


    AMY ACKER - Winnifred Burkle/Illyria
    J. AUGUST RICHARDS - Charles Gunn
    ALEXA DAVALOS - Gwen Raiden

    Special Guest Star:

    JULIET LANDAU - Drusilla

    Guest Starring:

    STEPHANIE ROMANOV - Lilah Morgan
    MAX PERLICH - Whistler
    NAVI RAWAT - Dana

    Cut to Spike and Angel staring at Drusilla in the Hyperion. Vampires are stood around. Illyria is stood near the door. Drusilla smiles.

    Drusilla: No words for me Spike?

    Spike and Angel suddenly start to fight the vampires nearby but they are quickly restrained. Their stakes fall to the floor. Drusilla smiles.

    Drusilla: No need for that yet my love. I've come for the party. All red ribbons and dark things, my favourite.

    Angel: You did all of this didn't you?

    Drusilla laughs.

    Drusilla: There were things to be done. Dirty things, planned by old ones.

    Spike: So you're working with the Senior Partners?

    Drusilla: Naughty daddy and Spike, making trouble for dead lawyers. I told them I could help.

    Angel: With an army.

    Drusilla: With a family.

    Drusilla looks upset.

    Drusilla: Poor grandmother died in the rain. A horrible little beast inside of her. You put it there.

    She points at Angel looking annoyed.

    Drusilla: I found my blood again. Little lambs all came to me. Now they're wolves.

    Drusilla raises her arms out. Angel and Spike stare at all the vampires in the room. Drusilla walks towards Spike.

    Spike: Dru-

    Drusilla: Hush!

    Drusilla puts her finger over her lips. She traces her finger over Spike's collar bone.

    Drusilla: My poor Spike. Poor whipped beast.

    Illyria suddenly makes for the door and runs out. There is initially confusion as vampires begin to follow. Drusilla raises her hands in a clap.

    Drusilla: Let her go! She wasn't invited.

    Cut to Illyria running out of the Hyperion grounds. Cut back to the Hyperion lobby. Drusilla stares at Spike who glares back.

    Drusilla: Not nice to change the rules without asking!

    She smacks Spike across the face. Angel makes towards them but is restrained by vampires.

    Drusilla: A soul. Nasty, filthy little thing squirming around in your belly. Like grandmother had.

    Angel: Shut up.

    Drusilla looks at Angel and walks towards him. She looks upset.

    Drusilla: My dear Angel. Lost to me. The stars don't talk of you anymore.

    Angel: I'll get over it.

    Drusilla smiles mischievously.

    Drusilla: They speak of him though. Psst, psst, psst?

    She whispers in Angel's ear, her hand moving above her head slightly.

    Drusilla: Connor.

    Angel looks at her and suddenly looks worriedly up the stairs.

    Angel: Have you-

    Drusilla: The place was empty. But he's returning.

    Drusilla smiles. Angel looks angry.

    Angel: You know about his sickness.

    Drusilla: Little voices in his head. Can't help but listen to each and every one.

    Spike: You what?

    Angel: It must be the visions. Buffy went through the same thing with telepathy.

    Drusilla: Ah. Your heart cries out for the Slayer.

    Drusilla looks from Angel to Spike.

    Drusilla: Both of you.

    She turns around.

    Drusilla: But not for me. You forgot me long ago. They can't hurt me the way you used to.

    She spins around again and grabs Spike's chin.

    Drusilla: Never fear. You will.

    Spike: You reckon we're gonna help you?

    Drusilla frowns.

    Drusilla: Maybe I can help you, my Spike.

    Drusilla clicks her fingers. Vampires suddenly appear holding Fred who is struggling, and Connor who appears to be unconscious still. Angel and Spike look worried.

    Cut to Gwen and Gunn walking through the LA streets quickly.

    Gunn: You know if something's happened?us getting there's probably not gonna help.

    Gwen: If there's a fight I'm ready for it.

    Gunn: I meant-

    Gwen: I know.

    There is a pause.

    Gwen: Look we're nearly there so?Illyria?

    Gunn looks to see Illyria appears from nearby. She comes to a halt.

    Illyria: Your assistance is required.

    Gunn: What's happening?

    Illyria: There are many vampires within the hotel. Their female leader appears to know Angel and Spike.

    Gwen: What?

    Gunn: Wait?she have dark hair? Kinda crazy?

    Illyria: Indeed.

    Gunn looks worried.

    Gunn: Sounds like Drusilla.

    Gwen: Who?

    Gunn: Friend of Angel and Spike's from way back. Except currently less of a "friend" by the sounds of it.

    Illyria: We must go and aid them.

    Gwen: Wait, what about Fred and Connor?

    Illyria: I did not witness them.

    Gunn: Maybe they got out.

    Illyria: That is most unlikely.

    Gwen: Ok so pessimism isn't too helpful.

    Illyria: Regardless, further delay would be unwise.

    Gwen: How many are there.

    Illyria: ?many.

    Gunn: We gonna be able to take ?em?

    Illyria: We must?retain hope.

    Gwen: Well yeah, but there's hope and then there's suicide.

    Illyria: Would you suggest an alternative course of action to take?

    Gwen hesitates as Gunn looks worried. A figure drops down nearby. Gunn and Illyria raise their weapons, but the figure reveals herself to be Dana.

    Gunn: Dana?

    Dana: The vampires. We kill them tonight.

    Illyria: You will assist us?

    Gwen: I get that impression somehow.

    Dana nods.

    Gunn: Well uh, thanks Dana. But there are a lot of ?em, are you gonna be-

    Dana takes out a large double-ended stake and starts running in the direction of the Hyperion. Gunn, Gwen and Illyria watch her.

    Gunn: Ok I guess she's ready.

    The three of them start running after her.

    Cut to the hotel. Fred sees Spike and Angel.

    Fred: Angel! Spike!

    Fred sees Drusilla and looks shocked. Drusilla smiles.

    Drusilla: Hello my dear.

    Drusilla walks up to Fred and strokes her hair. Fred glares at her.

    Drusilla: Little girl, lost far from home. The world took you away.

    Fred remains silent.

    Drusilla: Your mind echoes like mine. Shimmering.

    Fred glares back. Drusilla smiles and then looks at Connor. Her eyes light up.

    Drusilla: But not like his. His mind is broken into little pieces, not fit to think or love.

    She looks back at Fred and smiles and then turns to Angel and Spike.

    Drusilla: So long since you tasted something warm. Your insides are cold like ice.

    Drusilla vamps out. She yanks Fred's hair back and as Fred struggles and brings her towards Spike. Spike looks horrified. He shakes his head.

    Spike: That part of me's gone Dru.

    He struggles slightly but the vampires hold him fast. Angel looks worried. Drusilla giggles.

    Drusilla: Sparks are all gone. But silver lights still swirl. Tell you you're naughty. That you shouldn't be as bad as you were. I believe you can be Spike.

    Drusilla releases her grip on Fred's hair and pushes back into the other vampires who restrain her once more. Drusilla stares at Spike and bites her lip hard. Blood appears and trickles down her lip slightly as she smiles enticingly at Spike. She vamps out.

    Drusilla: Do you remember this, my love?

    Drusilla suddenly places her hands on the back of Spike's head, forcing him to kiss her. Spike's eyes widen as he pulls away and Drusilla steps back. She licks the remaining blood from her bottom lip and smiles. Spike looks confused all of a sudden as the vampires release him. He falls to the ground on his hands and knees. Angel and Fred share a worried look. Drusilla stares at Spike, her eyes wide with wonder.

    Drusilla: What can you hear?

    Spike suddenly raises his head and looks at Dru. He pushes himself up off the ground and smiles. He vamps out.

    Spike: Nothing love.

    Drusilla giggles as she and Spike kiss again passionately. Angel struggles as Fred looks on in horror. Spike and Dru pull away still smiling.

    Drusilla: See. I can take little bits of you and put them back together.

    Angel: No.

    Drusilla turns to Angel.

    Drusilla: Would daddy like to taste as well?

    Drusilla makes to bite her lip again. Angel looks worried. Drusilla goes back to her human face.

    Drusilla: I'm sorry my Angel. They told me you couldn't play this time.

    Spike: What a shame.

    Drusilla: The evil in you's too deep for even me to reach.

    Drusilla looks upset. She turns to Spike.

    Drusilla: But not with you Spike. Little frayed ends of something wicked. They needed someone to thread them together.

    Drusilla swirls her finger around and then clenches her first. She smiles. Spike smiles back.

    Spike: Nice and tight.

    Drusilla giggles. Fred looks worried.

    Fred: You drugged him with your blood.

    Drusilla turns to her.

    Drusilla: Clever child.

    Angel: It's only an illusion Dru.

    Drusilla: Illusions can still bite and tear.

    Angel: Even so, it's only temporary.

    Spike: Wouldn't be so sure about that old mate.

    Spike walks towards Angel.

    Spike: Because currently this is feeling pretty genuine. No more chip, no more soul. I could do anything.

    Drusilla: We'll do everything.

    Spike smiles at her.

    Angel: It happened to me before. You feel it?but it's not real.

    Spike: Really? Let's see shall we?

    Spike suddenly walks towards Connor and grabs his neck.

    Angel: No!

    Angel thrashes but the vampires tazer him. Fred also struggles looking upset. Drusilla looks satisfied. Spike leans in to bite Connor.
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    ACT II

    There is silence as Angel stares in horror as Spike's teeth slowly bite into Connor's neck. Spikes suddenly bites harder and a sucking sound can be heard. Connor's eyes snap open suddenly and Connor looks shocked. Angel thrashes at the vampires holding him but is pushed the ground. He stares at Connor horrified as Spike continues to bite him. Connor grows weaker as Fred turns her head away.

    Suddenly the doors burst open. Two vampires flies across the room and explode into dust as they hit the floor. Dana, Gunn, Gwen and Illyria are stood there.

    Spike looks up angrily at them as Connor falls to the ground looking pale, but not quite dead yet. Gunn and Gwen glance at one another shocked as Drusilla points at them.

    Drusilla: Now we shall spill blood.

    The thirty or so vampires who are free to fight in the room begin to approach Gwen, Gunn, Dana and Illyria. Angel looks at Connor worriedly. He then elbows on the vampires in the stomach hard as Gunn runs at the crowd, decapitating a vampire. Dana avoids a vampire's punches before staking her and then another with her double-ended stake. Spike looks angry and leaves Connor. He picks up a sword from the weapon's cabinet and walks determinedly into the fray.

    The vampires holding Angel try and restrain him, but Angel ducks a tazer and the vampire ends up tazering the other. Angel breaks free and then forces the vampire to tazer himself in the neck before rushing towards Connor.

    Gwen blasts electricity into the crowd of vampires, and while they are stunned, they do get back up. She manages to hit one of those restraining Fred. Fred kicks the other vampire in the crotch and then notices the weapons' cabinet doors open. Illyria is punched in the face by a vampire. She then grabs the vampire by the neck and squeezes hard. The sound of dusting is heard as Illyria looks resolute.

    Spike rushes towards Gunn with his sword. Gunn looks a little taken-a-back before uses his axe to counter Spike's sword blow. Spike kicks Gunn in the stomach and swipes with his sword, cutting Gunn's chest. Gunn winces but drives his axe forward and pierces Spike's shoulder.

    Angel looks worriedly as Connor breathes with difficulty.

    Connor: (weakly) Dad?

    Angel: I'm here.

    A vampire attacks Angel from behind. Angel wrestles with it as Connor manages to sit up and lean against the wall. He clutches his neck in pain.

    Dana stakes another vampire but a particularly large one punches her in the face. Her stakes slides across the room. Drusilla grabs it and picks it up looking angry. She hits Illyria on the head with it from behind. Illyria looks up and narrowly dodges Drusilla slamming the stake down.

    Drusilla: Hm! Little demon's playground is far from here.

    Illyria stares at her confused as they continue to fight. Fred grabs a crossbow from the cabinet and tries to load it but a vampire grabs her. She grabs at a bolt and struggles against the vampire's grip but manages to break free and she stakes him quickly before grabbing a handful of other bolts and the bow.

    Angel grabs his stake from the ground and stakes the vampire he was fighting. He then sees Connor. Connor nods slowly to him and Angel looks relieved before charging into the battle.

    Spike and Gunn battle furiously, but suddenly Gwen blasts electricity at Spike's sword. It flies across the room as Angel punches Spike suddenly. Spike looks surprised but then kicks Angel back as Gunn stands back looking a little exhausted.

    Illyria pushes Drusilla into the banisters and tries to punch her but Drusilla grabs her also and tries to attack her with the stake. The stake goes through Illyria's arm.

    Drusilla: But blood is the same.

    Illyria gasps in pain slightly but then pulls the stake out and throws it over the edge of the stairs. She grabs Drusilla's neck and tries to push her over the edge of the banisters.

    Dana is kicked by a vampire, but the vampire suddenly explodes into dust as her heart is met by a crossbow bolt from Fred. Dana punches another vampire hard, fracturing his skull. Gwen is kicked by a vampire. She gathers he composure before grabbing the vampire's face hard. The vampire screams.

    Angel and Spike wrestle on the ground as Spike gets the upper hand and grabs Angel's throat. Spike smiles.

    Spike: You have any idea how long I've been waiting for this old mate?

    Nearby Connor sees the double-ended stake. He manages to reach it and he skims it across the floor. Angel sees it and grabs it, impaling Spike through the stomach. Spike growls in pain as he is forced back by Angel.

    Angel: Sorry to disappoint you.

    Fred shoots a crossbow bolt at a vampire as Gunn decapitates it. Gwen kicks a vampire near her and flinches as a vampire scratches her arm with a stake. Dana stakes another vampire, leaving only ten or so left. Illyria forces Drusilla over the banisters and Drusilla falls next to Connor. She smiles as Connor looks alarmed. Illyria attempts to aid Connor but another vampire suddenly attacks her with Spike's sword. She attempts to wrestle him off.

    Spike pulls the double-ended stake from his stomach and tries to stake Angel with it. Angel dodges it but Spike smacks Angel in the face with it. Dana grabs a stake from the ground and is about to stake Spike.

    Angel: Dana, no!

    Dana hesitates but Spike spins round and drives the stake into the chest. She looks shocked as Angel looks horrified. Angel grabs Spike in a headlock as Dana pulls the stake out, and falls to the ground. Gwen notices Angel with Spike and blasts electricity at them. Cut to Connor looking weak when suddenly Drusilla appears next to him.

    Drusilla: Poor lost boy searching for a family. Want to have one?

    Drusilla slits her wrist with her nails, as Connor looks shocked. Illyria punches a vampire nearby. Gunn skewers a vampire with his axe and swings him round as the vampire dusts. Cut back to Connor who is unconscious next to Drusilla. Suddenly Fred smacks Drusilla over the head with her crossbow. She pushes Drusilla into the crowd.

    Gwen blasts electricity at Spike, but hits Angel also. Angel is forced back and Spike smiles at him, when Gwen grabs a tazer from the ground and tazers Spike in the neck. Spike looks shocked and then falls to the ground. Illyria stakes the vampire she was fighting and then looks for Drusilla but she is nowhere to be seen. The other vampires also realise she's gone and they look at one another. Gunn looks confused as they begin to run out the door. A vampire tries to pick up the now unconscious Spike but Fred shoots a crossbow bolt and dusts him.

    The other vampires are gone. Illyria prepares to follow.

    Angel: No.

    Fred and Gunn rush over to Dana's body. Illyria stares at Angel as he rushes over to Connor, who looks very frail.

    Illyria: They will return to Drusilla. Once they have mustered their strength and attack us again, likely with others.

    Angel clutches Connor's hand and talks without looking a Illyria.

    Angel: We can't fight right now.

    Angel feels Connor's pulse and then looks worried. Fred tries to stop the bleeding from Dana's chest.

    Angel: We have to go to a hospital.

    Fred: Angel?

    Angel: Connor needs a blood transfusion.

    Fred: No, I mean?Dana?

    Angel turns to look over at the others. He looks at Connor and then gets up and walks over to Dana. He kneels by her side next to Gunn, Gwen and Fred. Dana's eyes are barely open as she speaks.

    Dana: The dead ones?don't walk anymore.

    Angel: No.

    Dana: More will come. Only screams.

    Angel: We'll deal with them when-

    Dana's head falls to one side. Realising she has died, Angel looks grave, as do the others. There is silence.

    Fred: It's weird?she died in my dimension too.

    Gwen: What happened?

    Fred: Spike killed her there as well.

    She stares at Dana's body and then at the floor.

    Gunn: And if you told me yesterday Spike was gonna do this?I'd call ya crazy.

    Gunn looks at Angel.

    Gunn: What happened?

    Angel: Drusilla made him drink her blood. There was something in it.

    Gwen: So what, he lost his soul?

    Angel: I'm not sure.

    Gwen: I thought Spike was?comparatively not evil even without his soul.

    Angel: That's what Buffy said but he had a chip then. Maybe that was all that was really in the way of him becoming this.

    He stares at Spike's unconscious body on the ground. He gathers himself, stands up and quickly walks over to Connor.

    Fred: What are we gonna do with him?

    Illyria: He poses us a great risk. He will awaken shortly.

    Angel picks up Connor in his arms.

    Angel: The cage in the basement.

    Gunn: Good plan.

    Angel walks past them. Fred stands up.

    Fred: You're going to the hospital.

    Angel: I am.

    Fred: I'll take you.

    Angel: Sure.

    Gwen: What about her?

    Angel stops and looks at Gunn.

    Angel: Put her somewhere where she won't be disturbed.

    Gunn: Easier said than done around here.

    Angel: You'll find somewhere.

    Angel walks out. Fred follows. Gwen sighs and slowly attaches the device to her hand.

    Cut to Fred driving her car. Angel is sat in back with Connor who is very pale. Angel looks anxious as Fred stares ahead of her.

    Angel: Fred can you go faster?

    Fred: I can but, we're already going at 75-

    Angel: Do it.

    Fred looks awkward but puts her foot down. The car is seen speeding along the road. Cut back to inside the car. There is silence.

    Fred: How's he doing?

    Angel: Not great. That's why you have to drive fas-

    Fred: I am Angel. Just, getting pulled over right now isn't exactly gonna help.

    Angel doesn't reply but except clutches Connor's hand. Fred stares ahead of her. Her expression changes to worry.

    Fred: Angel?

    Angel looks through the gap in the seats to see flashing lights of work vehicles. There is a line of cars stretched out into the distance. Angel looks angry.

    Angel: Why the hell did you come this way?

    Fred: I didn't know-

    Angel: We'll have to go another way.

    Another car has already blocked Fred's car into the queue however. Angel looks through the rear window of the car.

    Angel: Dammit!

    Fred looks as if she doesn't know what to do as she rubs her hands across her face in anxiety. Angel looks similarly undecided.

    Fred: Ok, he needs blood so?what about you?

    Angel looks at her.

    Angel: What!?

    Fred: Well your blood is gonna be similar right-

    Angel: If I give him my blood he'll?turn.

    Fred looks confused.

    Fred: But it's been a while-

    Angel: I don't know where the cut off point is Fred, but I'm not taking that chance.

    Fred looks worried. There is flashback to the fight in the Hyperion earlier. In slow motion Fred turns to see Drusilla approaching Connor. She is then attacked by a vampire and is forced to look away. Cut back to Fred in the present.

    Fred: Drinking any vampire's blood could turn him into one?

    Angel: Yes.

    Angel looks confused.

    Angel: What? What is it?

    Fred: I?I saw Drusilla before.

    Angel looks alarmed.

    Angel: Doing what?

    Fred: With Connor, I didn't see enough but?she could done something right.

    Angel's eyes widen as he looks down on Connor. Angel feels Connor's pulse.

    Angel: His pulse is weak?it could be enough?

    He stares at Fred.

    Angel: Why didn't you tell me this before?

    Fred: I didn't think it would be im-

    Angel has already opened the car door and lifted Connor out also. He begins running along the traffic jam with Connor.

    Fred: Angel wait!

    Angel appears to ignore her and carries on running.

    Fred: Angel! Angel!

    Fred looks worried as Angel disappears into the distance. She places her hand on her forehead looking stressed and looks conflicted as to whether she should follow Angel or not. A car sounds its horn behind her however and Fred sighs worriedly and is forced to drive on.

    Cut to Illyria and Gunn placing Spike in the cage in the basement. Nearby Gwen is placing a rug over Dana's body. She looks grave and then walks over to Gunn and Illyria as Gunn locks the cage.

    Gwen: Yeah, this feels weird.

    Gunn: Better than feeling dead.

    Gwen makes an expression as if to say "there's that".

    Illyria: Death may still pursue us.

    Gwen: Great, Miss pessimism's back.

    Illyria: Drusilla will re-gather her forces. She will return for Spike.

    Spike OS: Yes she will.

    Everyone looks surprised as Spike raises his head and looks at them. He sits up, still looking in pain but smiles darkly.

    Spike: Keeping me down here's probably not the best idea you lot have had recently. Though leaving Fred and Connor in the hotel alone, now that ranks up there as well.

    Gwen: You were there too.

    Spike: And now I'm here.

    Gunn: You know it's funny how I don't see Drusilla coming down here to pick you up from the playpen.

    Spike stands up and approaches the bars.

    Spike: Only a matter of time mate.

    He looks across all three of them.

    Spike: And I don't see Angel around to help you this time.

    Illyria: He has taken Connor to the hospital.

    Spike: Ah, of course. Just as long as he's all right, Angel's happy.

    Gwen: He's coming back.

    Spike: Please. You think he really gives a damn about any of you lot? When Connor's in trouble, Angel's not gonna care what happens here. Looks like you might be on your own for this one kids.

    Gwen looks anxious and walks away as Gunn and Illyria follow.

    Gunn: I'm gonna call Angel, see how it's going.

    Spike smiles to himself and shakes his head. The others ignore him.

    Gwen: Right. Illyria you stay down here with Spike ok?

    Spike: Oh I'll be happy to entertain little blue for a while.

    Spike smiles at Illyria who stares back. Gunn looks uncertain.

    Gunn: Are you gonna be-

    Illyria: I will have no trouble observing Spike. Go speak with Angel.

    Gunn nods. Gwen turns to Illyria.

    Gwen: Good luck.

    Illyria nods slightly as Gwen and Gunn make their way up the stairs. Illyria stares at Spike across the room, as Spike smiles back at her.

    Cut to Fred walking along a hospital corridor hurriedly. She reaches a help desk and a receptionist looks up.

    Receptionist: Can I help you?

    Fred: Uh, hi, could you please tell me if a patient named-

    Fred notices Angel and a doctor talking on the edge of a waiting room nearby. She smiles awkwardly at the receptionist.

    Fred: Never mind.

    She walks towards Angel and then slows as she sees Angel expression. The doctor continues to speak as Angel stares into space. Fred watches looking concerned as the doctor looks grave and then walks away as Angel nods. Fred swallows and then walks up to Angel slowly.

    Fred: A-Angel?

    Angel turns to her.
    Fred: What is it?

    Angel: They found a drug in his bloodstream. The only way it could have gotten there is if?

    Fred closes her eyes and then opens them again.

    Fred: B-but he's ok right?

    Angel: They gave him the transfusion. But it doesn't matter?it'll happen by tomorrow.

    Fred looks upset.

    Fred: I?

    Angel looks tearful as he puts his hand over his face. Fred makes to put her hand on his arm and then pulls back.

    Fred: I'm sorry.

    Angel pulls his hand away from her face. He puts his own hand on her shoulder.

    Angel: So am I.

    He looks resolute suddenly. Fred looks confused as Angel begins walking up the corridor. Fred begins to follow.

    Fred: Angel what are you doing?

    Angel: He can't stay here.

    Fred: But?you can't just take him.

    Angel spins around to face her.

    Angel: So what I just leave him? When he wakes up in the morning he burns in his bed from the sunrise? Is that what I should do?

    Fred looks speechless but eventually nods.

    Fred: I'll bring the car to the entrance.

    Angel pauses and then nods.

    Angel: (sincerely) Thank you.
    He walks off as Fred hesitates but then walks away.

    Cut to Gwen placing the phone in the Hyperion down.

    Gwen: I can't get through.

    Gunn: Maybe they're busy.

    Gwen: Yeah I hope so.

    Lilah suddenly appears. Gunn and Gwen looks startled.

    Lilah: Hi sorry to drop in unannounced.

    Gwen: Well, you know, at least this time your face is intact.

    Lilah: Mm, I had it pretty easy today.

    Gunn: Angel's not here.

    Lilah: Oh, I don't mind, you know I think we're growing apart. Just as long as one of you passes on this message.

    Gunn: Go on.

    Lilah: Well my boss thought you might wanna know that the other Senior Partners army of shape shifters are shifting as we speak. As in, in this direction.

    Gunn and Gwen look alarmed. Gwen seems to realise something.

    Gwen: Drusilla's army and theirs attacking at the same time. Clever.

    Lilah: Yeah well we need you all to not die so they don't annihilate LA.

    Gunn: Yeah I'm sure saving innocent people's right at the top of your "to do" list.

    Lilah: Around number 5. Just before "buy earmuffs to wear in the Banshee room" and after "stop nemeses from taking over". And once again our interests are certainly combined.

    Gwen: You think we can handle an army that big?

    Lilah: You handled Drusilla's little group pretty well. Shame about the Slayer huh? And Spike, gosh wasn't that a twist.

    Gunn: Shape shifters are a little more lethal.

    Lilah: Yeah so?prepare!

    Lilah smiles. Seneh suddenly appears. Gunn and Gwen look surprised again.

    Gunn: Damn, can you guys give us some kind of warning in future?

    Lilah looks at Seneh and looks shocked. Seneh looks surprised too.

    Lilah: Well I'm be damned?

    Seneh: You are damned.

    Lilah smiles slightly.

    Lilah: Well you're still quick of the old mark aren't ya?

    Seneh ignores her.

    Seneh: I have bad news. The Senior Partners-

    Gunn: Are unleashing their army in a couple o' hours?

    Seneh looks surpised.

    Gunn: Lilah already filled us in on that one.

    Seneh raises an eyebrow at Lilah.

    Seneh: Oh.

    Lilah: Sorry.

    Lilah makes a fake apologetic face.

    Seneh: Well your backstabbing certainly makes it a lot easier for the rest of us.

    Lilah: Oh yes, cause you would be the expert on that.

    Seneh doesn't respond. Gwen looks confused.

    Lilah: Besides, you know as well as I do that we all have different aims here. Just so happens that right now we all have a common enemy.

    Gwen: And as soon as we don't you'll be our problem again.

    Lilah: Probably, but I'm in a present-thinking kind of mood today. Which involves not dying for you. So when Angel gets back, which he will, I would really consider something big pulled out of those, admittedly stylish, sleeves of yours. Ciao for now.

    Lilah smiles and then turns to Seneh. She puts on a look of fake concern.

    Lilah: I hope it's working out for you over there.

    Lilah smiles, does a fake wave and vanishes. Gunn and Gwen look at Seneh.

    Gunn: "over there"?

    Seneh: Uh, it's complicated.

    Gwen: How complicated?

    Seneh looks uneasy.

    Seneh: Look, we don't have time to discuss my life right now-

    Gwen: No, I think we do. What did she mean?

    Seneh looks frustrated.

    Seneh: Ok, fine, when this is over I'll tell you whatever you wanna know, but right now?I have to go.

    Seneh suddenly vanishes. Gunn and Gwen look on, uncertain.

    Gunn: Somehow I don't think sleep is on the agenda tonight.

    Cut to Illyria looking around the basement curiously. Spike is in the cage in the background, out of focus.

    Spike: Looks like it's just you and me again eh?

    Illyria turns to him. She smiles slightly.

    Illyria: Your methods of manipulation are feeble at best.

    Spike smiles.

    Spike: Charming. Especially for someone who was manipulated a few months back.

    Illyria's smile fades.

    Spike: Using the drug? Clever. Makes you wonder what kind of person you really are, dunt it?

    Illyria makes to reply when Gwen and Gunn come down the stairs. Illyria turns.

    Illyria: Were you able to contact Angel?

    Gwen: No. But Lilah and Seneh came round instead.

    Illyria: They had information to offer us?

    Gunn: Let's just say we have other problems now.

    Illyria cocks her head. Spike smiles.
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      ACT III

      Cut to Fred waiting in the car outside the hospital. The back door suddenly opens and Angel, carrying an unconscious Connor, hurries into the backseat.

      Angel: Go!

      Fred puts her foot down and drives the car off looking worried.

      Fred: Did anyone see you?

      Angel: I tried to be discrete so I don't think so?I'm not taking the chance though.

      Fred nods and exhales deeply. Angel looks at Connor worriedly.

      Fred: What are we gonna do?

      Fred looks in the rear mirror. Angel looks up.

      Fred: Are we gonna just wait?

      Angel: Do you think I would if there was another way?

      Angel looks sadly at Connor as Fred looks grave.

      Angel: I'm sorry, I?

      Fred: No, I?I understand, Angel. But when it happens, are you gonna be able to-

      Angel: I know what has to be done.

      Fred hesitates. She looks slightly tearful.

      Fred (quietly): Ok?

      There are flashing lights ahead.

      Fred: God, they're still there.

      Angel: It doesn't matter now.

      Fred doesn't respond. She slows the car down. Suddenly Fred gasps and the camera zooms in on her forehead. There are flashes of a small orb with something glowing inside and then flashes of a building and Angel breaking glass. Then there are flashes to Connor and Drusilla. Cut back to Fred. She slams on the breaks of the car in the queue. Angel is jolted forward slightly.

      Angel: Fred?

      He looks at her. Fred looks surprised and is breathing heavily. She speaks without turning round.

      Fred: I think I might have that "other way" we were looking for.

      Cut to the car pulling up to the side of a high street. As it is early in the morning there are few people about. Inside the car Fred looks anxious but determined.

      Fred: This is it.

      From outside the car Angel can be seen staring up at the shop. The camera pans slowly across its name "Miracles".

      Angel: I've been here before. It sells magical items.

      Fred: I know.

      Angel nods to himself. He looks at Connor.

      Angel: You're sure they have a-

      Fred: I'm sure.

      Angel doesn't respond. Fred turns round to look at him.

      Fred: I know it's nothing ideal, Angel. But I think The Powers are telling me that it's the only way.

      Angel looks tired as he looks at Fred. He looks at Connor and then gets out of the car. Fred gets out too and locks the car. They stand in front of the building.

      Angel: How do we get in?

      Fred: Uh, they didn't show me that part.

      Angel walks up to the door and turns the handle. It opens. Fred smiles slightly.

      Fred: But that works.

      Angel walks in followed by Fred. The shop is small and dark.

      Angel: You have any idea where it is?

      Fred: No?not exactly.

      Voice OS: I believe you're looking for this?

      Angel and Fred turn quickly to see a middle aged man standing nearby. He smiles at them. He is holding an Orb of Thesula. Angel notices the orb and then looks at the man.

      Fred: How did you-

      Man: Sorry, I know this isn't the most typical introduction.

      Angel: We've had worse. Who are you?

      Man: I'm Tap.

      Fred: Tap?

      Tap: Nickname. But they work don't they?

      Fred looks a little surprised.

      Tap: So on to how I know who you are and why you're here among other things?I was sent here from Toronto. We have some demon troubles of our own up there, considering there's a Hellmouth in Lake Superior an' all.

      Fred: Huh?who knew?

      Tap: Not many. Anyway currently things are quiet back there, but here is where the real stuff's going down, am I right?

      Angel: You know about Drusilla?

      Tap: Pretty much. I'm a warlock so that kind of thing comes naturally. Can't see into the future so much though.

      He looks at Fred.

      Tap: Impressive.

      Fred smiles vaguely.

      Tap: So, here ya go.

      Tap flicks the Orb of Thesula to Angel who barely catches it. Angel looks annoyed. Tap smiles sincerely.

      Tap: Don't lose faith just yet big guy. Still a whole lot to play for. Only, if you're planning on using that thing you might need my help, since magic users aren't currently on your roster of the weird and wacky.

      Fred: You'd help us?

      Tap: It's what I'm here to do.

      Angel: How do we know we can trust you?

      Tap: Yeah, that's the trouble today huh? Everyone's suspicious. Not that you don't have good reason to be, but if I wanted you dead, Fred here at least would be in flames by now.

      Fred doesn't really look comforted by this news but Angel stares at Tap and then nods. Tap smiles.

      Tap: Well let's get going.

      He walks past them. He then stops and turns to Angel.

      Tap: Don't worry, I'll sit in the front.

      He smiles kindly and then walks out. Angel looks serious still but follows with the orb, followed by Fred.

      Cut to Illyria, Gwen and Gunn stood in The Hyperion lobby.

      Illyria: We would be wise to assume that Seneh and Lilah are speaking the truth.

      Gunn: Yeah anything for Lilah to get a one over on the other Senior Partners.

      Gwen: Something's definitely up with Seneh though.

      Illyria: If she is a threat she will be eliminated shortly. We must concern ourselves with the threat of the Senior Partners' army at present.

      Angel carrying Connor, Fred and Tap walk in from the main entrance. Gwen and the others turn and look worried.

      Gwen: Hey?

      Gunn: What happened?

      Angel looks serious and walks past with Connor. Gwen, Gunn and Illyria watch him as he walks upstairs and then look confusedly at Fred.

      Fred: Uh, Drusilla?she made Connor drink her blood.

      Gwen looks shocked.

      Gwen: Oh God?

      Gunn looks grave. Illyria cocks her head at Tap. Tap raises his eyebrows.

      Tap: Well hey there.

      Gunn and Gwen look at him.

      Tap: I'm Tap, by the way.

      Gunn looks at Fred.

      Fred: Warlock. He uh?let me explain.

      Cut to Spike in the cage. He looks bored.

      Spike: Bloody idiots.

      Suddenly he has a flash of Buffy and looks in pain. He clutches his head and looks around.

      Cut to Angel placing Connor on his bed. He clutches Connor's hand as Gwen, Gunn, Fred, Tap and Illyria walk in. Gwen looks sympathetic.

      Gwen: Angel I-

      Angel: I appreciate it, Gwen, I do. All of you.

      Everyone remains silent. Gunn looks at the others and then at Angel.

      Gunn: There's some other stuff.

      Angel looks up at Gunn.

      Cut to a woman watching television in an apartment. A little boy is looking out the window as vampires, demons and other creatures, some of them clearly shape shifters are all heading the same way on the street. He turns away looking concerned.

      Boy: Mommy?there's monsters outside.

      His mother looks annoyed at being distracted.

      Mother: Not now Mark.

      The woman looks back at the television to show a news report.

      Reporter: The revelation that demons walk among us almost every day has created uproar among-

      The camera zooms away to outside the house and focuses on a part of LA nearby. Drusilla is surrounded by vampires.

      Drusilla: Come dearies, let's take back what daddy took from us.

      She smiles. Cut back to Angel looking worried.

      Angel: We can't handle two armies.

      Gunn: Got that much.

      Fred: Especially when they're working together.

      Angel pauses.

      Angel: I don't know what of Seneh?but it looks like we're not gonna get any help on this one.

      Tap: Well, I'm by no means an expert, but I've seen my fair share of apocalypses. I'll do what I can.

      Gwen: Thanks, but uh, I'm not even sure all of us working together will be enough.

      Angel looks at Connor.

      Angel: There's one thing I remember. Whistler told me I had to continue fighting even if there wasn't hope. I promised him I would.

      He looks at the others.

      Angel: So that's what I'm doing.

      Gwen: Then so are we.

      Gunn: Not like we had much else planned tonight right?

      Fred: No.

      Fred smiles slightly.

      Illyria: There is little hope. Yet there has rarely ever been any. We will fight on regardless.

      Angel smiles slightly but then looks at Connor. Tap walks up to him.

      Tap: Think there's time for this first?

      He holds up the Orb of Thesula. Angel looks at him.
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        ACT IV

        Dramatic music begins to play.

        Cut to Gwen and Gunn taking weapons out of the weapons' cabinet in semi-slow motion. Cut to Tap preparing the spell in the bedroom. Fred looks at Angel earnestly as he walks out the room. He glances at Connor.

        The beat of the music gets stronger as Drusilla followed by a large group of vampires is seen walking down the sewer passage in slow motion. Spike looks over at them also in slow motion and smiles. Cut to various shape shifters approaching The Hyperion in the distance. Tap is chanting something as Fred looks out the window worriedly.

        Angel and Illyria come down the main staircase in slow motion. Drusilla smiles at Spike as vampires rush past her, some smashing at the door. The basement door bursts open and vampires appear. Angel reveals a long sword he is holding.

        The vampires at the front of the crowd are met by Gunn and Gwen's crossbow bolts.
        Fred shoots a crossbow bolt from the balcony, which dusts a vampire. The cage door is broken open as Spike steps out and Drusilla smiles and hands him a sword.

        Tap chants as Connor's eyes flicker beneath his eyelids, behind him. The shape shifters approach the outer courtyard of The Hyperion. Angel swings his sword decapitating a vampire. Illyria punches a vampire hard. Drusilla and Spike make their way up the stairs. Gwen blasts electricity as she shoots a crossbow bolt. More vampires appear. Gunn grabs his axe from the ground and slashes a vampire open.

        The front door of The Hyperion bursts open as shape shifters appear. Angel and co. look alarmed but continue fighting. Drusilla and Spike enter the fray. Fred shoots several more crossbow bolts as several more shape shifters enter the hotel. Spike attacks Illyria with his sword as Drusilla goes for Angel. Drusilla kicks Angel who recoils from the hit and cuts Drusilla's arm with his sword. A vampire grabs Gwen's neck but is blasted back by the shock.

        Tap's spell begins to climax as he looks up at the ceiling and his eyes grow black. The camera spins round him. The fight continues in the lobby. Outside shape shifters continue to approach when suddenly an army of Wolfram and Hart employees appears apparently from nowhere. Lilah is leading them. She holds a gun up and shoots a shape shifter in the head.

        Cut to Gunn staking a vampire. A vampire charges past Angel at Fred as Spike and Angel's swords clash. The army of lawyers begin attacking the shape shifters in the street outside The Hyperion, as shape shifters begin to fall. Spike and Illyria punch each other as Drusilla kicks Angel.

        Fred wrestles with the vampire and manages to shoot her crossbow, dusting him. Angel recoils from Drusilla's blow before attempting to stab her, but she dodges. Lilah kills a shape shifter with ease as she shoots at it, as more begin to die around her from lawyer's weapons. A shape shifter demon attacks Gwen and she blasts electricity at him but he appears impervious as he punches her. Gunn swings his axe down on a vampire.

        Lilah shoots her gun into the crowd of shape shifters making her way towards the hotel as a lawyer is bitten by a vampire shape shifter, but has little effect as they punch them back. Tap's spell continues as Connor's hand shakes slightly. Angel swings his sword in the air decapitating two vampires as Illyria punches Drusilla from behind. Gwen wrestles with the demon as Gunn comes to her aid. Fred shoots another volley of crossbow bolts. Spike notices her and starts to approach her.

        Fred looks anxious but suddenly Spike grabs his head as he has a flash to him staking a vampire. Tap is chanting furiously as the orb glows brightly. Lilah makes her way through the courtyard followed by other lawyers as they shoot more shape shifters along the way. Angel stakes a vampire as he turns around to see Spike. Spike falls to the ground as Fred looks surprised.

        The orb shines its brightest. Connor's eyes burst open. Drusilla punches Angel. Gwen through the demon shape shifter off of her as Gunn cuts it in half with his axe.

        Angel swings his sword ready to attempt to impale Drusilla again when her eyes glow orange for a second and she gasps. Angel's eyes widen as he realises what has happened. Illyria kills a vampire and is about to attack Drusilla when Angel holds her back. Spike looks up from the ground at Fred, looking horrified.

        Lilah and the other lawyers begin entering The Hyperion and attack the vampires nearby. Angel looks up and is surprised to see them. Connor turns his head to look at Tap who looks exhausted but stares at him.

        The music ends as Gunn dusts one last vampire with his axe and Fred shoots another crossbow bolt at a shape shifter. There is silence, except for the sounds of the battle in the distance. Angel is staring at Drusilla as she lies on her hands and knees, breathing heavily. Angel suddenly begins running up the stairs. Fred looks after him and then looks at Spike who seems in shock. A shape shifter bursts through the door who Lilah promptly shoots and kills. She looks at the others, satisfied.

        Lilah: Well, looks like we arrived just in time.

        Spike suddenly rises up. A lawyer nearby shoots a crossbow bolt. Lilah looks concerned.

        Lilah: Wait-

        The bolt hits Spike in the arm. He growls in pain as Fred looks surprised and comes to his aid. Lilah looks angrily at the lawyer who looks unashamed.

        Cut to Angel running towards the bedroom door. Tap is stood at the threshold.

        Tap: Well, that first job for ya was fun, but I think I'd like to lie down now.

        Angel: Is he-

        Tap: Uh, he's?I don't know.

        Angel looks confused. Angel pushes past Tap into the room. Tap looks like he is about to object but then doesn't. Angel sees Connor getting up off the bed. He stares uncertainly at him. Connor stares back. A smile forms on his face.

        Connor: Hi dad.

        Angel looks relieved. He embraces Connor tightly. The sound of Connor's heart beating can be heard. Tap smiles slightly at the doorway. Angel pulls back from Connor slightly but still holds his hands on his shoulders.

        Tap: Yeah, so, he's alive.

        Angel's smile fades slightly. Connor looks confused.

        Connor: Should I not be?

        Tap: The spell?it didn't work, and yet-

        Angel: No?it worked.

        Angel stares at Connor and smiles awkwardly. Connor smiles back but looks confused. Angel turns to Tap.

        Angel: Just not on Connor.

        Tap looks surprised.

        Tap: Oh. Oops.

        Cut to Drusilla staring at her hand, still kneeling on the ground. Fred pulls the arrow out of Spike's arm nearby. Spike yells in pain. Lilah is stood nearby with her arms folded as lawyers are walking out of Wolfram and Hart. Gwen, Gunn and Illyria look concerned. Gunn looks at Drusilla.

        Gunn: So I think I missed something.

        Lilah walks up to Drusilla. She stares at her seriously. Spike turns his head and looks at Dru who stares back looking upset.

        Spike: She's got a soul.

        Everyone looks surprised. Lilah raises an eyebrow and smiles slightly.

        Lilah: Well. Didn't see that one coming. And neither did you by the looks of it.

        Drusilla stares at her hands and clenches her fists. She has a horrified look on her face.

        Drusilla: Little shards stabbing at me. Bit by bit.

        She opens her mouth in despair as her eyes widen. Spike gets up slowly.

        Spike: Dru?

        Drusille stares at him as Spike reaches out for her. As he touches her arm she recoils and punches him in the face. She runs through the basement door. The few lawyers that are left raise their weapons but Lilah puts her hand up.

        Lilah: Let her go. She's only a threat to herself right now.

        Cut to Drusilla running in to the darkness. Cut back to Spike. He clutches his arm as he stares at the door.

        Illyria: The drug's effectiveness has worn off.

        Spike: It wasn't just a drug. It was something more.

        Spike sways slightly and looks faint. Gwen looks concerned and then notices the broken arrow. She looks at Lilah.

        Gwen: What was on the arrow?

        Lilah: A poison. It's effective when you're fighting for your life.

        Fred: But Spike-

        Lilah: Spike was heading for your throat a few minutes ago honey. You might wanna be thankful we showed up.

        Gunn: And saved the day huh?

        Lilah: I'd call it getting the upper hand.

        Gunn: Thought you couldn't get involved in stuff like this. Now that you're dead an' all.

        Lilah: We bend the rules now and then.

        Angel appears walking down the stairs. Fred stands up.

        Fred: Angel?

        Angel: Hey.

        Fred: Is Connor-

        Angel: He's ok.

        Illyria cocks her head. Gunn looks confused.

        Gunn: Is there a new definition for "ok" going around that I didn't hear about?

        Angel: He's not a vampire. He's?ok.

        Gunn: Oh. Huh?

        Lilah: You guys aren't always that smart are you?

        Everyone looks at Lilah.

        Lilah: The son of two vampires?becoming a vampire? He's already half way there.

        She smiles at Angel.

        Lilah: Don't worry champ, no danger of junior turning on you yet.

        Angel looks angry.

        Angel: You knew about this earlier. Why didn't you tell us!?

        Angel raises his voice on the word "tell" but Lilah doesn't react.

        Lilah: I'm not Seneh, Angel. I'm not here to help you. Though, she might not be the best role model for that anyway.

        Angel glares at her.

        Lilah: I fight when it's to our advantage. And this set's ours. Don't feel you have to repay me or anything?you just might end up doing it anyway. Have fun.

        Spike: What's the bloody cure for this thing?

        Lilah: Oh, Angel knows. This is old ground for him.

        [I]Lilah smiles and vanishes. Everyone stands in silence.

        Tap: Oh, we won huh?

        Gunn: Just about.

        Tap: Where's Miss ensouled?

        Angel: She's gone.

        Angel looks at Tap.

        Angel: How did the spell go wrong?

        Tap: Don't look at me, I was focusing on Connor but apparently it wasn't happening.

        Fred: I don't think The Powers ever meant for it to work on Connor.

        Gunn: They wanted Drusilla to have a soul? Why?

        Angel: I guess we'll have to find out.

        Everyone stands in silence.

        A short piano tune plays. Gwen, wearing the device, sweeps dust off The Hyperion floor. Gunn puts his hand on her shoulder and she looks up and smiles at him. Tap walks down the main stairs. Illyria turns to look at him. Tap looks awkward and smiles slightly before walking away. Connor slowly gets up off the bed in his room. Fred appears and hugs him. Connor smiles and hugs her back. Angel smiles as he watches. Connor catches his eye and smiles at Angel. Angel nods and walks away. Cut to Angel walking down the main staircase. Illyria is seen placing weapons back in the broken cabinet. She nods at Angel as he walks past. Tap picks up the broken arrow from the ground. Gwen and Gunn smile at Angel as he passes. He walks towards the basement and opens the door. The tune ends.

        Cut to Angel walking down the bottom step of the basement. Spike is stood staring at Dana's covered up body. He looks weak. Angel stands away from him.

        Angel: You can't wait around forever Spike.

        Spike (firmly): I'm not planning on it.

        Angel walks up to him and stares at Dana also.

        Angel: We all know it wasn't-

        Spike: Me? Now that would be a bugger of an essay wouldn't it? Who is Spike?

        Spike looks at the ground.

        Spike: Part of me's always gonna be that. The thing that did this.

        Angel: Yeah. But part of you's not. The part that Buffy saw, even before you had a soul.

        Spike looks at him.

        Spike: That thing Dru gave me?it didn't make me lose my soul. Not entirely. There was something else. I lost a sense of meaning, of hope. That's what makes a monster.

        Spike looks weaker. The veins around his wound on his arm are dark. Angel looks at him.

        Angel: And now you've got meaning?

        Spike: Something like that.

        Angel smiles slightly.

        Angel: I almost lost hope today. Connor was just lying there and I asked myself why I was still doing this.

        He looks at Spike.

        Angel: Spike we can't even try to control the monster. I'm not saying something like this won't happen again, cause it could, everyday. Not even she can fight that.

        Spike looks down the tunnel leading to the sewers.

        Angel: But you can't let that get in the way.

        Spike: Fight's endless eh?

        Angel: Maybe. But you have something at the end. You've got a goal.

        Spike nods. Angel puts his hand on his shoulder and then begins walking away.

        Spike: What about you?

        Angel pauses.

        Angel: I have enough.

        Spike looks weak but nods. Angel looks at Dana.

        Angel: I'll see you soon.

        Spike: Yeah.

        Angel begins walking up the stairs. Spike slowly lifts the cover off of Dana's body. He vamps out. Angel reaches the top of the stairs and slowly closes the door.

        THE END
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