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Angel Episode 6.11 121. Screw Loose

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  • Angel Episode 6.11 121. Screw Loose

    Hi, this is the eleventh episode of Angel Season 6 by me. I hope you enjoy reading it. If you have feedback, please post it here; both positive comments and constructive criticism are welcome

    Angel Episode 6.11 121. Screw Loose

    Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters on Angel. They belong to Fox Studios and Joss Whedon. This work is fictional and is only for my and others entertainment. Therefore no infringement is intended. I do not intend to make a profit from this work. However I own all characters that have not previously appeared/been mentioned on Angel, so I can do whatever I like with them. Therefore any unauthorised usage of these characters is not permitted.

    ACT I

    Open on a street, night. The caption says "London 1953". Cut to inside a shop. The camera moves across the shelves eventually showing a man's body slumped against a shelf. Cans of food have been scattered across the floor. Spike is seen sitting on the counter drinking from a bottle of beer. He lowers the bottle and looks behind.

    Spike: Dru?

    Drusilla appears from the back room, holding a woman by her neck. The woman looks terrified as she whimpers. Spike smiles at Drusilla.

    Spike: Something for the road?

    Drusilla: This one's special. She glows.

    Spike: Had a taste have you?

    Drusilla: Mmm. She's yummy.

    Spike: Well, let's see her then.

    Spike jumps off the counter and walks towards Drusilla and the woman and vamps out. The woman gasps as Spike smiles at her. Drusilla hands her to him, smiling. Spike lifts the woman's neck closer to his mouth, and licks the excess blood running from the two holes from Drusilla's teeth. The woman closes eyes, a tear running down her face as Spike appears to consider the taste of her blood. He returns to his human face.

    Spike: Mm, she's all right. You can do the honours though.

    Drusilla: I want to make her all new again.

    Spike: Dru we can't stick around for her.

    Drusilla: We don't have to. I see black things in her heart. She doesn't need us to be wicked.

    Spike looks at the woman.

    Spike: All right then, if you really want to. We best be off soon though, sun'll be up before we know it.

    Drusilla nods. She looks at the woman who's still whimpering. Spike rolls his eyes and throws her in front of Drusilla. Drusilla kneels down next to the woman and places her hand under her chin.

    Drusilla: There, there. All better soon.

    Voice OS: Mummy?

    Drusilla turns. A small boy is stood in pyjamas holding a blanket to his mouth. Drusilla smiles. The woman looks shocked.

    Spike: Little boys shouldn't be up at this hour.

    Woman: Elliot go back to bed right-

    Spike: Elliot eh?

    Drusilla: That's a very nice name. How old are you?

    Elliot: Six.

    Woman: Elliot please just get upstairs-

    Elliot: Why are you on the floor mummy? Where's daddy?

    The woman looks tearful. Spike looks at Drusilla.

    Spike: Maybe I should take care of the kid while you do what you want with that one.

    Drusilla: Be gentle. He's not yet grown.

    Spike: Never will be.

    Spike kneels down next to the boy who looks afraid.

    Elliot: Who are you?

    Spike: That's a very good question little mate.

    Spike vamps out. So does Drusilla as she turns to the woman. Elliot gasps.

    Spike: This answer it?

    Spike quickly bites into Elliot's neck. The blanket falls to the ground.

    Woman: No!

    She scrambles up but Drusilla grabs her arm.

    Drusilla: Don't worry. You'll see him again.

    The woman looks at Drusilla horrified as she bites into her neck. The woman's eyes widen in shock.

    Cut to Spike kicking a vampire in the face in LA, present day, night. He stakes the vampire and turns around to see Angel stake one also.

    Spike: Looks like that's it for the night then eh?

    Angel looks around.

    Angel: I guess so.

    Spike: Not too many shape shifters around these days. Makes you wonder doesn't it? What's going on up there I mean.

    Angel: Whistler'd tell us if anything was happening.

    Spike: You reckon? He aint really been around much these days. And sure, Seneh's been giving us a hint here and there but not much in the "Wolfram and Hart are planning on killing you all now" department.

    Angel: The Powers wouldn't just leave us in the dark. If there's something happening, they'll let me know.

    Spike: Will that be before or after the apocalyptic battle?

    Angel: Why are you suddenly so worried about this anyway Spike?

    Spike: Just don't want a repeat of last time, you know with the whole "race has already begun".

    Angel: So what, you're saying we try and kill the Senior Partners right now?

    Spike: Course not. But maybe we should try and find out what they're up to while we clean up their mess.

    Angel pauses and then nods.

    Angel: Fine, we'll talk to Seneh ok?

    Spike: All I'm suggesting, yeah.

    Angel begins to walk off followed by Spike. Spike looks around slightly as he walks. There is a distant shot, half behind a wall, as if someone is watching Spike. Spike frowns slightly and then carries on walking. The camera shows the woman seen in the flashbacks just before. She stares at Spike.

    Opening credits.


    AMY ACKER - Winnifred Burkle/Illyria
    J. AUGUST RICHARDS - Charles Gunn
    ALEXA DAVALOS - Gwen Raiden

    Special Guest Star:

    JULIET LANDAU - Drusilla

    Guest Starring:

    MAX PERLICH - Whistler
    NAVI RAWAT - Dana

    Cut to Gwen in her room alone. She has strapped the device Janet gave her to her and. She looks hesitant as she stares at it. She walks over to the lamp in her room and bites her lip. She kneels down and slowly reaches out her hand and turns the lamp on. There is not a spark to be seen. Gwen smiles as she turns it off again. There is a knock on the door. Gwen looks up.

    Gwen: Hello?

    Connor opens the door and walks in.

    Connor: Hey.

    Gwen stands up.

    Gwen: Connor, hi.

    Connor: I was wondering if you had any aspirin? I'm having this headache problem, it's kinda bugging me.

    Gwen: Uh, I don't think so, sorry.

    Connor: Oh, okay well no worries, I'll find some somewhere.

    Gwen: Good luck with that. I guess we haven't been getting on top on the whole "buying essential household items" thing.

    Connor: Well I guess we have an excuse.

    Gwen: Or twenty.

    Connor smiles. He winces slightly as he rubs his temple with his hand. Gwen frowns.

    Gwen: You know if it's that bad maybe you should go the doctor.
    Connor: Oh no need for that, I'm sure it'll clear?

    Connor looks confused as he closes his eyes slowly. He begins to sway.

    Gwen: Connor!

    Gwen rushes to Connor's side as he begins to fall. She grabs him. Connor looks in pain, but stares at Gwen's hand clutching his bare arm. He looks at her surprised. Gwen looks hesitant and hides her hand with the device attached to it behind her back. Gunn enters.

    Gunn: What's happened?

    Cut to Spike and Angel walking into The Hyperion. Gunn, Gwen and Illyria are stood there.

    Angel: Hey.

    Gwen: Uh, hi Angel, Spike.

    Angel: You guys didn't have to stay up for us, you know?

    Illyria: Connor is ill.

    Angel looks shocked.

    Angel: What?

    Gunn: The one-liner pretty much summed it up.

    Gwen: He's upstairs.

    Angel makes towards the stairs.

    Gwen: It's not serious?as far as we can tell.

    Angel continues up the stairs. Gwen looks concerned.

    Illyria: It may indeed be serious, considering that we know little of Connor's visions.

    Gwen: Yeah, thanks Illyria.

    Gwen looks annoyed.

    Spike: Well for we all we know it could just be a migraine. Best let Angel do his "concerned dad" thing for now and then we can-

    Seneh appears from nearby.

    Spike: ?hold the fort.

    Gwen: Seneh.

    Seneh: Hi. Angel around?

    Gunn: Uh, he's with Connor.

    Seneh: And that makes him unavailable, how?

    Spike: Connor's not feeling too great, as it happens. Wouldn't happen to know anything about that would you?

    Seneh: Wish I did, really, but I only know what I'm told. And recently, that's not a lot.

    Spike: Oh, out of the circle are we?

    Seneh: Actually the Powers are currently doing their best to make sure there's still a circle to be in.

    Gunn: And they left you to do the dirty work down here?

    Seneh: Sucks doesn't it?

    Spike: Well we appreciate it. What's the matter this time then?

    Seneh: I guess you guys can tell Angel. The matter is bodies. All over LA.

    Gwen: How many?

    Seneh: I think the "all over LA" part should indicate a lot. It's not like we count them.

    Spike: Any sign of who or what's killing ?em?

    Seneh: As far as I can tell it's run of the mill vamps. But quite a few.

    Gwen: You know counting them would be useful.

    Seneh: Well you can do it yourself when you go and fight them.

    Spike: We'll get on it.

    Seneh: Knew you would.

    Gunn: A hint about where to find them would be good though.

    Seneh: Follow the bodies.

    Gunn: Nice.

    Seneh: Not in this job. Anyway they should lead ya right to the vamps. Maybe a Senior Partner even.

    Gwen: What?

    Seneh: Well you've seen what the Senior Partners can do here. Far as I know they're still doing their evil deeds around here. Well half of them anyway, I think you know the whole deal about the split.

    Spike: Yeah, we got the gist of it.

    Seneh: Good. So uh, yeah good luck and uh, I hope Connor gets better an' all.

    Spike: Yeah, yeah, see ya.

    Seneh smiles and waves slightly and vanishes.

    Illyria: As an informant, Whistler was far more tolerable than this woman.

    Gwen smiles.

    Gunn: Wonder where he is.

    Spike: Probably killing a demon or two up there. Quietly.

    Illyria: If a large battle really is occurring, it will only be a matter of time before we encounter it.

    Gwen: Yeah, true. Guess we should just focus on the regular stuff until then.

    Gunn: Tomorrow.

    Gwen smiles and nods.

    Spike: Guess we should how Connor's doing.

    Gwen: Right.

    Spike begins to make his way upstairs as the phone rings. He turns as do the others, while Gunn picks it up.

    Gunn: Hello?

    Gunn looks surprised.

    Gunn: Oh?hi.

    The others look confused.

    Cut to Connor lying in bed with Angel next to him.

    Connor: You don't have to give me my last rights yet you know.

    Angel: Connor-

    Connor: Look sorry, but I just don't you need to freak out every time something like this happens. It might not be as serious as you think.

    Angel: Right, cause falling over in pain is just something you like to do now and then?

    Connor hesitates.

    Angel: I don't know if it's serious Connor, but until I know it's not, I'm not gonna take any chances.

    Connor: I feel fine now. I'll let you know if it gets worse.

    Connor begins to get out of bed, but looks in pain suddenly. Angel stops him from getting up.

    Angel: I think I'll take the initiative on this one. You're not going anywhere.

    Connor sighs but nods slightly. Angel looks serious.

    Angel: Get some sleep. You know where I am if you need me.

    Connor: Right. Ok.

    Angel nods and walks out. Cut to Angel walking down the stairs into the hotel lobby. The others are stood around looking awkward.

    Gwen: Uh, hi. How's Connor?

    Angel: Pretty much the same, I think.

    Gwen: Oh.

    Spike: He might take a turn for the better when he finds out that Fred's coming back.

    Angel: What?

    Gunn: She just called. She uh, asked if it was ok?I said it was.

    Angel: Oh. Right, well yeah it is?

    Illyria: Your expression indicates otherwise.

    Angel hesitates.

    Angel: Well, maybe I'm a little ambiguous about whether this'll be the last time she runs out when things get bad. She say where she was?

    Gunn: She went to see her parents?I mean?you know?

    Angel nods. Gwen looks troubled.

    Gwen: I can't believe you guys didn't?tell them. I mean, they're her parents.

    Angel: Gwen it was-

    Illyria: My error. I impersonated Fred in an effort to understand human relationships more effectively. I?discovered what I required.

    The others look grave. Gwen stares at Illyria seriously. She looks at Angel.

    Gwen: What would you have done if they came round? I mean if this other Fred didn't?you couldn't hide it forever.

    Angel: I didn't plan to.

    Gwen: Don't you think they deserve to know what happened to their daughter?

    Angel: Look?we have more important things to deal with Gwen ok, so just don't right now.

    Gwen looks annoyed.

    Gwen: Sure, whatever.

    She folds her arms as Gunn looks at her awkwardly.

    Spike: Uh, speaking of important things, Seneh popped by, told us about some bodies littered around town, thought we might have a look into it.

    Angel: Right. We'll start looking tomorrow.

    Spike nods.

    Cut to outside The Hyperion. Angel and the others can be inside still talking. A man can be seen staring at Spike from the courtyard.
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    ACT II

    Open on the exterior of a building, night. The caption says "Birmingham, 1966". The camera moves into the building showing bodies littered everywhere. There is a sign with "ENGLAND ARE WINNERS!" written across it. Spike is seen sitting on one of the tables drinking a woman. He drops her and returns to his human face.

    Spike: Nothing like a celebratory drink.

    He picks up the woman's body by the neck.

    Spike: To England!

    Drusilla appears at the main door.

    Spike: Dru pet. Where've you been?

    Drusilla: I made something.

    Spike's smile fades.

    Spike: You turned someone didn't you?

    Drusilla: Just one. I could hear him from miles away. Special, like you.

    Spike: I don't care Dru, you need to feed with your condition you?wait, like me?

    Drusilla laughs.

    Drusilla: Don't worry my love, I wouldn't let anyone else hurt me the way you do.

    Spike: Well, that's all right then.

    Drusilla clutches her head suddenly. Spike rushes to her side.

    Spike: This is why you need fresh blood.

    Drusilla nods earnestly.

    Drusilla: Mm. I'd like that very much.

    Spike: Uh, this lot are all dry. There's others nearby though.

    Drusilla: Yes! Lots and lots, all waiting.

    Spike: Well after you love.

    Drusilla smiles and walks out the door. Spike follows smirking.

    Cut to Spike and Angel walking along a street in LA, early morning. It is still dark.

    Spike: Gonna have to hit the sewers in a few minutes.

    Angel: I know, I just wanna check a few more streets.

    Spike: We already found a few bodies.

    Angel: And they haven't led us to anything yet. I'm hoping the next one might.

    Spike: Fair enough.

    There is a pause.

    Spike: You know, uh, I've been thinking.

    Angel: You do that a lot lately huh? Might hurt yourself.

    Spike rolls his eyes.

    Spike: Thinking about that Shanshu prophecy actually.

    Angel frowns.

    Angel: Oh.

    Spike: Just that a casual viewer can probably notice that things are gonna get a lot uglier soon. I'm just wondering where this vampire with a soul fits into that picture. If at all.

    Angel: I don't know Spike, Wesley told me all he found out about the prophecy, it really wasn't too clear on the details.

    Spike: Right. Just be nice to know I'm in with a chance.

    Angel: You see any other vampire with a soul? One that hasn't signed Shanshu away?

    Spike: Point taken. But you've been doing this a lot longer than I have. Wonder if I'm gonna be the knight in shining armour that they want for this.

    Angel: Well for a start fighting for the Shanshu isn't gonna help. You gotta fight cause of what you're doing by fighting. Not because of what you might get at the end.

    Spike: Like you?

    Angel: I guess so.

    Spike: Well that's very, uh, inspirational.

    Angel smiles momentarily. The two of them walk on in silence.

    Spike: You know that The Circle of the Black Thorn don't exist anymore maybe that signature thing you did-

    Angel: Doesn't work like that.

    Spike: Oh?

    Angel nods.

    Spike: Well you gotta have some hope. Right?

    Angel: Tell me when you find it.

    Spike frowns.

    Angel: There's no hope for me Spike, I just do what no one else is gonna do.

    Spike: I'll do it.

    Angel: To get Shanshu? Or Buffy? Or both?

    Spike: Hey-

    Angel: That's as simple as it is for you.

    Spike: Maybe once, but not now.

    Angel: Fine. You know, you want me to say you'll have no problem getting everything you always wanted? Sure, you just keep doing what you're doing and your life will be perfect. Tell me how it goes.

    Angel walks on as Spike stands watching him.

    Spike: I'm not trying to rub it in your face. Look just forget it I'll?

    Angel turns round and looks at Spike who is staring to his right. Angel looks confused.

    Angel: What?

    Spike indicates several bodies nearby. Angel turns to look.

    Spike: Looks like we're here.

    Angel walks over to the bodies followed by Spike.

    Spike: Like the others. Whatever did this is nearby so we better.

    Spike is suddenly flung to the ground with a blow to the back of his head. Angel turns round to receive a punch in the face. He flies back into the bodies. He looks up. The camera moves up slowly to show Dana standing over him. Both Spike and Angel stare at her in shock.

    Cut to Connor opening his eyes. Gwen is sat next to him reading a book.

    Connor: Hey.

    Gwen looks up and smiles.

    Gwen: Oh, hi.

    Connor: You been here a while?

    Gwen: Oh, I don't mind-

    Connor: My dad asked you to stay here huh?

    Gwen: Connor, it's ok. How are you doing anyway?

    Connor: Pretty much the same I think.
    Gwen: Right. Well maybe a doctor is in order.

    Connor: Maybe.

    There is a pause.

    Connor: So you found a way to control your electricity huh?

    Gwen looks awkward.

    Gwen: Uh?

    Connor: Couldn't help but notice the whole skin contact thing. Pretty cool.

    Gwen: Yeah, it is.

    Connor: You haven't told anyone else, have you?

    Gwen: Uh, no. Not yet anyway.

    Connor: Why not?

    Gwen: I guess?I don't wanna be disappointed again. Gunn ever tell you about LISA?

    Connor: Who?

    Gwen: Guess not. It was a device, it did the same as?it stopped it. Then it stopped working and I was back to square one again.

    Connor: So you're not using this new thing cause it might break?

    Gwen: Pretty much.

    Connor: Well, sorry but that's kinda stupid. I mean, you never use it, you'll never get what you want. I'm sure there's a story with a moral about that somewhere, you know?

    Gwen: Yeah you're probably right.

    Connor smiles.

    Connor: You got it on?

    Gwen: Uh, no.

    Gwen takes the device out of her pocket. She stares at it for a second before attaching it to her hand.

    Connor: Nice.

    Connor holds Gwen's hand. Gwen smiles. Connor frowns suddenly.

    Connor: Whoa?

    Gwen looks concerned.

    Gwen: What?

    Connor: Uh, I just?I saw, uh, your life.

    Gwen: What do you mean?

    Connor: All of it. I dunno how, I usually just see a few flashes but?

    The camera suddenly speeds out of the window and through the window of a building nearby and into the face of a man. Cut to him punching a woman in a face. The camera speeds to another house and into the face another man. Cut to him starring at a little boy with a belt in his hand. The camera speeds more quickly now to another house and into a woman's face. Cut to her smashing a bottle into a man's face. Cut to another destination, and then another, quicker and quicker until the images blur into one. Connor lurches in pain as the truth floods into his mind. Gwen looks helpless as watches. Connor looks at her and grabs her neck with one hand, his other hand not letting go of hers.

    Connor: Make it stop!

    Gwen: Connor, what are you?

    Connor's eyes flash with madness as he grabs Gwen's hand and neck tighter.

    Gwen: Connor!

    With her other hand, Gwen grabs the device on her hand. She manages to pull it off eventually as Connor flies back from the electricity. He lies unconscious next to the bed. Gwen breathes heavily looking upset. Gunn and Illyria rush in.

    Gunn: Gwen what's wrong?

    Gwen: It's Connor I?he's sick.

    Gunn goes to hug her but then stops himself.

    Gunn: He hurt you?

    Gwen: I'm?I'm fine, but-

    Illyria: He is unconscious.

    Gwen: You sure? He got hit pretty bad-

    Illyria: His pulse still beats.

    Gwen: Oh. Ok that's good at least. We need to get him somewhere more secure though.

    Gunn: I don't think a hospital could handle him like this.

    Gwen: What do you suggest?

    Gunn: The cage in the basement?

    Gwen hesitates.

    Illyria: It would be wise.

    Gwen: Yeah, I guess so. At least until Angel and Spike come back.

    Gunn: That should be soon. They can't do much in the sewers.

    Gwen nods. She and Gunn stand awkwardly as Illyria takes Connor in her arms. She walks out with him as Gunn and Gwen continue to stand together.

    Gunn: Wish I could help you more.

    Gwen notices the device lying by the bed.

    Gwen: Don't worry. I'll be ok.

    Gunn smiles and walks away. Gwen nudges the device under the bed and then follows.

    Cut to Spike and Angel staring at Dana. Dana stares at Spike.

    Dana: You?

    Spike: Bloody hell?didn't think I'd be seeing you again.

    Dana stares at him. Angel glances at Spike.

    Angel: Uh, Dana?

    Dana: You took me away. Locked me away again?

    Angel: You mean the Slayers-

    Dana: Not just Slayers?dark things changing every minute. The tried to hurt me, but they couldn't. Not anymore.

    Spike: The Shapeshifters?

    Dana nods slowly. Angel and Spike look concerned.

    Angel: We didn't know that they were-

    Dana: They didn't know that I wasn't weak anymore. They tried to make me weak. They were weaker.

    Angel: You escaped?

    Dana: Yes.

    Spike: So what are you doing back here?

    Dana: Already lost. I had to save what I could.

    Angel: What?

    Dana indicates the bodies.

    Dana: They.

    Angel looks shocked as he stares at the bodies. He looks back at Dana. Spike realises.

    Spike: You killed ?em?

    Dana: Had to die. Already dead. They would have been like you.

    There is a pause. Angel sighs and eventually nods.

    Angel: You're right.

    Dana: I know what you are. Didn't know before.

    She looks at Spike.

    Dana: Your pieces?you found them.

    Spike: Yeah, I did.

    Spike moves his arm slightly.

    Dana: Now you can hurt them again.

    Spike: Dana I-

    Dana: Vampires. Weak ones.

    Angel: You know the vampires that are doing this.

    Dana nods.

    Dana: Many. Already lost. I couldn't help them all.

    Angel: You helped the people you could.

    Dana: Others still. Need to be found, soon.

    Angel: We're gonna have to wait, the sun's almost up.

    Dana: No matter. Not enough to fight.

    Spike: We have friends.

    Dana: Enough?

    Angel: We're not sure.

    Dana: Find what you need. Then find me.

    Angel: Where are you going?

    Dana: Others still need me. Or they'll be lost. Like you were before you were found. They can't be helped like you. Not special.

    Spike: We're not exactly special-

    Dana: Dark things fear you. That is enough.

    Dana begins running away. Angel and Spike stare after her.

    Spike: Reckon she'll be all right?

    Angel: I think she can handle herself, I mean it looks like she took care of the shape shifters that took here?that I gave her to.

    Spike: Couldn't have known. Besides, she seems to be uh, less psychotic.

    Angel: We forgot about her. She might have died.

    Spike: Well there's not much point in worrying about that now eh? Sun's about to be up, we best make for the tunnels.

    Angel: Right.

    They begin walking away. Cut to the top floor of nearby building. The man and woman from the flashbacks are both seen watching Angel and Spike.

    Man: Why should we wait?

    Woman: Because there's still work to be done. And that little bitch Slayer is making this take longer than it should.

    Man: We could take her.

    Woman: Not yet. By tonight there'll be enough of us.

    The man grunts.

    Woman: Hungry hmm?

    Man: We've been turning all day. The others are complaining too.

    Woman: Well, I suppose it's not like we're going to run out. Get the others?tell them one each, no more.

    The man nods. The woman turns around and walks up to a door. She opens it. Inside is a medium sized room with at least thirty people tied up and gagged. There is a general murmur of fear as the woman suddenly vamps out and walks towards them.
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      ACT III

      Cut to Fred walking through the doors of the Hyperion lobby carrying some suitcases. She closes the door behind her and looks around, putting the suitcases down.

      Fred: Hello?

      Fred walks forwards. Illyria appears from nearby. Fred jumps slightly.

      Fred: Oh?hi.

      Fred smiles slightly. Illyria nods slowly in greeting.

      Illyria: Have you obtained what you require to return to this way of life?

      Fred: Uh, something like that.

      Illyria: That is fortunate for you.

      Fred smiles awkwardly.

      Fred: So where are the others?

      Illyria: Angel and Spike will return shortly. Gunn and Gwen are preoccupied with Connor's condition.

      Fred frowns.

      Fred: Connor's what?

      Illyria: I will show you.

      Illyria begins walking upstairs. Fred follows looking concerned.

      Cut to Spike and Angel walking through the door from the Hyperion basement into the lobby. Gunn, Gwen and Illyria are stood there.

      Angel: Hey you guys, you stayed up?

      Gwen: Uh yeah we kinda had to.

      Gunn: Connor's bad, man.

      Angel looks worried.

      Angel: What?

      Illyria: He is currently unconscious, but stable. We do not know what is wrong.

      Angel: You left him up there alone?

      Angel quickly begins running upstairs.

      Gwen: No, Fred's up there.

      Angel stops and turns.

      Angel: Oh.

      Angel pauses.

      Angel: Well I better go check on him anyway.

      Angel disappears upstairs. There is a pause.

      Spike: So Fred's all right then?

      Gunn: Uh yeah she is.

      Spike: That's all right then?

      Gwen: How was your vampire hunt?

      Spike: Didn't find any vampires but uh, we found out who's been leaving the bodies around.

      Gwen: Who?

      Spike pauses.

      Cut to Angel walking into Connor's room. Fred is sat by Connor's bed, where Connor lies unconscious. Fred smiles.

      Fred: Hi.

      Angel: Hi, Fred.

      Angel walks over and stares at Connor.

      Fred: He'll, uh probably wake up soon.

      Angel: Right?

      Angel looks worried.

      Fred: You think?maybe this is something to do with the visions he's been having?

      Angel: What?

      Fred: Well you know, like a side effect.

      Angel: Seneh was here earlier, you remember her?

      Fred nods.

      Angel: She didn't know about it?she'd know about it if it were something like that. I know she would.

      Fred: Right, of course.

      Fred looks a little doubtful. She and Angel continue to stare at Connor.

      Cut to Angel staring out the window in Connor's room. Connor is lying in his bed still unconscious. Angel turns to look at him. He looks troubled. The sun has just set behind him. There is a knock at the door. Spike, Illyria, Gunn, Gwen and Fred walk in.

      Fred: Hi.

      Angel: Hey.

      Fred: How's he doing?

      Angel: The same. What about you guys?

      Illyria: We have gathered many weapons. The vampires we shall fight will not last long.

      Angel: Right?thanks. But uh, I'm not sure that us going after them is such a good idea.

      Spike: Uh, what? For one thing Dana's gonna be waiting for us-

      Angel: Where? We don't know where we're going, or really who we're looking for. We should wait for Seneh to come back.

      Gunn: Which is gonna be when?

      Angel: I don't know but-

      Spike: I know what this is about. Look you can't stay here with Connor all the time.

      Angel: Seneh will know what's wrong with him sooner or later.

      Spike: Yeah well she didn't before did she? Who's to say the PTBs've been sharing any more info with her since then?

      Angel: We don't know for sure.

      Gwen: But we know there are people dying out there. Angel, I see why you wanna stay here, but we have to help-

      Angel: Fine, you guys go, I'll stay.

      Spike: Oh come on-

      Angel: You don't get to decide this!
      Fred: Ok look, why I don't I stay?

      Angel: Fred-

      Fred: I can fight sure, but you guys are a lot more experienced than me. Besides, I think it'd be good for me to get used to being here again.

      Angel hesitates. Gwen looks worried.

      Gwen: I'm uh, not so sure that's a good idea.

      Gunn: Sounds pretty good to me. What's wrong?

      Gwen: Connor attacked me before, and luckily for me self-defence isn't really an issue. Fred doesn't have that.

      Spike: She could have a dart gun. We've got a few somewhere.

      Angel: Connor's not an animal-

      Spike: Course not. But if he's not exactly in the sanest state of mind right now, you really think it's such a good idea to leave Fred with him unarmed.

      Angel pauses.

      Fred: Angel I'd never shoot unless I had to.

      Angel sighs.

      Angel: Fine, look just be careful ok? And if anything happens-

      Fred: I'll call. Don't worry.

      Angel nods and then looks at Connor.

      Angel: I'll show you where the dart guns are.

      Fred nods and follows Angel out. The others stand around.

      Illyria: Angel values Connor more greatly than the world.

      Spike: Dunno about that, but yeah he's damn important to him.

      Illyria: He never wishes Connor to fight. He fears he may get damaged.

      Gunn: Well, wouldn't you if Connor was your son?

      Illyria: I have had many children. Yet I never regarded any of them as my own.

      The others looks surprised.

      Gwen: Really?

      Illyria nods.

      Illyria: I have never had attachments to those around me until now. It was always easier in battle when I did not care for those beside me.

      Spike: Resenting that little bit of human compassion eh?

      Illyria pauses.

      Illyria: It is a great hindrance. And yet I also welcome it.

      Gunn: Same as the rest of us.

      Illyria looks thoughtful. Angel and Fred appear at the doorway.

      Angel: Fred's got what she needs. We should probably go.

      Gwen: Right.

      Spike nods. Angel looks at Connor's body and then at Fred. She smiles and Angel nods.

      Fred: Good luck.

      Angel leaves followed by the others. Gwen smiles at Fred and then notices the device sticking out from under the bed. Her smile fades as she stares at it. She goes to tie her shoelace and then picks up the device and puts it in her pocket. She smiles at Fred and then leaves. Fred is left alone in the room with Connor. She stares at the dart gun in her hands and then at Connor.

      Cut to a hand lying on the ground. The camera moves over to show a man's pale body, with two holes in his neck. The woman from earlier rolls the body over with her foot. Several other vampires stand next to her.

      Woman: Well?I think we can all say we've had our fill.

      There are general murmurs of agreement.

      Vampire #1: What about the others?

      Woman: They'll be turned like the rest.
      Vampire #2: There are a lot. Do we need them all?

      Woman: Yes. I've not been here as long as some of you, but if you hadn't noticed, Angel and his league of Marvel rejects have an amazing resilience to being killed. Others have cut corners because they thought they could do it, but we're not going to. Now that we're at full strength we can fight.

      The man from earlier appears at the doorway of the room.

      Man: They have left the hotel.

      The woman smiles.

      Woman: Excellent. We'll go shortly. But first, the remainder require our assistance.

      The vampires begin growling with anticipation. The remaining prisoners nearby cower in fear. Cut to black. Muffled screams are heard.

      Cut to Angel, Spike, Gwen, Gunn and Illyria walking down the street. People are walking around nearby.

      Illyria: They are unaware of the danger they are in.

      Gunn: The LA nightlife aint gonna stop for no vampires.

      Illyria: Humans value superficial needs over their own lives.

      Spike: Aint it a wonderful life?

      Illyria: They ignore what they cannot accept. I still wonder why demons did not conquer this world long ago.

      Gunn: Well as long as we're still around. Right Angel?

      Angel looks at him.

      Angel: Sure.

      Angel looks distant. The others look concerned.

      Illyria: The world would not survive the revelation that their entire existence has been a lie. I have read your religious texts?there are many inconsistencies. Yet also?many truths.

      Gwen: Really? You mean?you know about what happened? At the beginning?

      Illyria: I know only what I have seen. Great evil. But in some cases?greater good.

      The others consider this. Angel looks at Illyria.

      Angel: Well let's remember that.

      They walk on.

      Cut to Fred beside Connor's bed. She is reading a book. She glances over at Connor. His eyes are moving under his eyelids. Fred puts her book down.

      Fred: Connor?

      Connor doesn't respond. Fred looks disappointed and looks away. There is shouting heard downstairs. Fred looks anxious. She looks at Connor and then decides to rush downstairs. Cut to Seneh in the lobby.

      Seneh: Hey! Damn you guys you better be here!

      Fred appears on the stairs. Seneh notices.

      Seneh: Oh, finally!

      Fred: Seneh?

      Seneh: Fred. Now that we've got that out the way, where are the others?

      Fred: They've gone to find the vampires.

      Seneh: What!?

      Fred: Well you did tell them to.

      Seneh: Ok so I did, I'm a terrible person, I'm not gonna be able to live with my guilt. But I didn't know what I do now.

      Fred: Know what?

      Seneh: Ok so there are a lot of vampires out there right now, more than you'd think. Around half are coming here.

      Fred's eyes widen.

      Fred: What!?

      Seneh: Exactly. So if you're here alone then you need to go, like now.

      Fred: I'm not alone, uh, Connor's upstairs.

      Seneh: He can't come down?

      Fred: Currently, not really.

      Seneh: Ok well you go and get him.

      Fred: I can't carry him on my own. You'll have to help me.

      Seneh: Ok, don't get mad, but I can't.

      Fred: Why?

      Seneh: I can't interfere. I'm not allowed. Just the messenger, you know?

      Fred: Screw the rules!

      Seneh: Yeah you know, cause pissing The Powers off would be a really good move for me.

      Fred: Seneh, what the hell is point of telling me about the vampires, if it's gonna be no use anyway?

      Seneh: Fred, I-

      Fred: Please. Or would you rather have our deaths on your conscience?

      Seneh looks conflicted. She sighs.

      Seneh: Ok fine, but just until we get you somewhere safe and then I'm gone.

      Fred: Sure, just follow me.

      Seneh: Wait, where are you gonna go?

      Fred pauses.

      Fred: The sewers.

      Seneh: That's not the best idea-

      Fred: Well unless you have any others, it's the best we have.

      Fred runs upstairs. Seneh looks annoyed and then follows.

      Cut to Angel and co. walking down an alley. It is now dark.

      Gunn: You sure this body aint moving around?

      Angel: Blood's coming from nearby Gunn. I don't know where yet, but it's near.

      Gwen: What makes you think that finding a body'll help us find the vampires if they weren't there last time?

      Angel: Best we got right now.

      Spike: What if it's not outside.

      Spike indicates the building near them. Angel looks up. It is the building where the woman and man were staring at Angel and Spike earlier.

      Cut to Angel bursting through the door. Everyone looks around.

      Illyria: This place is uninhabited.

      Spike looks at the roof.

      Spike: Maybe not down here.

      He walks over to the corner and stares at a small black hook on the ceiling. He pulls on it and a trap door opens downwards revealing a ladder. Angel walks over.

      Angel: Let's go.

      Angel begins climbing up followed by Spike and the others.

      Cut to them reaching the top of the ladder.

      Gwen: Are we at the top?

      Spike: Think so.

      Gunn: Still smell blood?

      Angel: Yeah.

      Gwen: I?don't see any bodies.

      Illyria: I have found the source.

      Everyone turns to look. There is a baby's bottle lying on the floor nearby, filled with blood. Everyone looks shocked. Spike walks over to it slowly and picks it up.

      Gwen: Oh god?

      Spike: It's fresh. Vamps have been here recently.

      Illyria: Yet there is no body.

      Gunn: And I don't think there's gonna be. I mean it seems a little weird just having this on its own. Unless we were meant to find it.

      Gwen: Yeah, I really wish you hadn't said that.

      Angel: They've been waiting for us.

      Spike: Well they're not-

      The windows are suddenly kicked in.

      Spike: Here yet.

      Everyone gets ready to battle.
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        ACT IV

        Cut to Fred and Seneh walking along the corridor.

        Seneh: You know the vampires will head for the sewers anyway right?

        Fred: If we get a big enough head start-

        Seneh: Then you won't die straight away.

        Fred: I'm thinking you're forgetting the "we" part.

        Seneh: Oh I am so beyond that.

        Fred: Fine, then you can stay here and head ?em off while-

        Fred has reached Connor's room. Connor's bed is empty. Fred and Seneh look worried.

        Seneh: Oh shi-

        Cut to a vampire grabbing Spike suddenly as Gwen blasts electricity at the other vamps now pouring through the windows from the roof. Angel begins staking vampires nearby as Gunn dodges several and then slices one with his axe. Spike wrestles with the vampire on him but they tazer him in the chest. Spike growls in pain as the same happens to Angel. Gunn is tazered in the back of the neck, while a vampire quickly injects a syringe into Gwen's arm. She looks weakened as she continues to use her electricity but less effectively. Illyria is left with all the vampires no attacking her. She does a spin kick, countering several of their attacks but the woman from earlier suddenly appears from nearby. She locks eyes with Illyria and smiles. Illyria stares at her.

        Woman: Still.

        The woman places her fingers over Illyria's eyes. Illyria begins to sway. The woman draws her fingers back.

        Woman: Rest.

        Illyria falls backwards unconscious. The woman smiles satisfactorily and turns around. Her eyes widen with amusement as she sees Spike, held down by the vampires like everyone else.

        Woman: Well, well, well if it isn't William the Bloody, all soul and no strength.

        Spike looks up from the floor.

        Spike: Who the bloody hell are you?

        Woman: Hmm and I thought that when a vampire gets their soul back they remember all the terrible things they did.

        Spike looks confused.

        Spike: I killed you?

        Woman: No, you killed my son. London, 1953. Mother and child both found dead in their home. Not that I'm bitter. I mean the fact that I had to rise again without him?I was quite angry about that, at the time.

        Spike seems to have remembered.

        Spike: I remember. Me and Dru-

        Woman: Yes, in fact most of us are your creations. We're your family, Spike. And we thought it about time to have a reunion.

        The woman grabs a stake. She raises it as the other vampires smile. Suddenly she gasps. A crossbow bolt is embedded in her heart. The vampires all turn to see Dana standing at the windowsill, crossbow raised. Angel takes the opportunity to attack another vampire as the woman stares at Spike and dusts. Spike jumps up, as does Gunn.

        Cut to Fred and Seneh in the Hyperion.

        Seneh: Ok, you didn't tell me he was insane.

        Fred: I don't know if he's that exactly?but I think it's bad, he tried to hurt Gwen.

        Seneh: Well he'd be a pretty good addition to have when the vampires come.

        Fred: Yeah but for who?

        Seneh appreciates this and looks around.

        Fred: He didn't take the dart gun at least.

        Fred walks over to it. As she turns around, Connor is at the doorway. Seneh looks worried.

        Seneh: Oh, uh, hi Connor.

        Fred: Connor.

        Connor stares at Fred.

        Connor: Fred?

        Fred: Right. I'm back.

        Connor: Fred?please make it stop I can't?they come and I can't stop them.

        Seneh: Ok this I certainly have no idea about.

        Fred: Connor what do you mean?

        Connor: The visions they.

        Connor clutches his head and looks upset. Fred walks over to him.

        Fred: It's ok-

        As Fred's hand touches Connor, the camera zooms in on Connor's head. There are many quick flashes of Fred with other characters and scenes from her life. Connor cries out.

        Connor: No!

        Connor pushes Fred back.

        Connor: You're just like the rest! Only pain!

        Fred: Connor I-

        Seneh: I think we better go.

        Fred: Seneh just let me handle this.

        Seneh: No I mean look.

        Seneh points out the vampires that can be seen marching up the street in the distance. Fred's eyes widen.

        Fred: Ok Connor we have to-

        Connor suddenly lurches at Fred and pins her to the ground.

        Fred: Connor stop!

        Connor: You stop!

        The camera zooms in on Connor once again and his mind flashes with images not only with Fred in but also other people. Fred looks at Seneh in desperation and Seneh hesitates. She stares at the dart gun and looks conflicted. After a few seconds she becomes decisive and grabs the dart gun and shoots Connor in the neck with it. Connor looks confused and then looks at Seneh. He suddenly looks more peaceful.

        Connor: Thank you?

        He falls back. Fred lies on the ground breathing heavily. She looks at Seneh.

        Fred: What he said.

        Seneh smiles slightly.

        Fred: Still up for helping me carry him?

        Seneh: Uh, sure why not?

        Fred gets up.

        Cut to Angel and co. fighting the vampires. Illyria opens her eyes suddenly and grabs a vampire's leg thrusting them downwards. Angel stakes two vampires before hurtling a third into several more. Gunn spies Gwen who is still unconscious. He kills the vampires around her and continues to guard where she is lying. The man seen earlier is next to Spike suddenly and hits on the head hard, drawing blood. Spike looks up and tackles the man throwing him backwards. The man suddenly looks surprised as he is impaled on Dana's stake. She thrusts it upwards and he dusts, before staking another next to her.

        Soon there are only a few vampires left. Some begin jumping out the windows while some carry on fighting. Illyria rips the head off of one and then turns to see two left. One of them flees while the other stands her ground. Dana walks up to her.

        Angel: Wait!

        Dana looks at him.

        Angel: She might know something.

        Dana stands back.

        Vampire: I'm not telling you anything.

        Angel: You are if you wanna live.

        Vampire: Doesn't matter if I do or not. In the long run you'll still lose. You have no idea what The Senior Partners have planned for you.

        The vampire smiles.

        Vampire: You children, playing with stakes and axes. Real battles are fought with the heart.

        Spike: Yeah we'll try that out next time.

        Vampire: Still playing. And you think you've made yourself another victory, well it's only half time. Might wanna hurry home.

        Angel looks shocked. The vampire laughs and suddenly stakes herself. The others stare at the dust where she was stood.

        Illyria: We have been deceived.

        Spike stares at the baby's bottle.

        Illyria: They are going towards-

        Angel: Connor.

        Angel runs to the ladder and jumps down quickly. The others look worried.

        Spike: I'll go to.

        Illyria: As will I.

        Spike: Dana-

        Spike notices that Dana has vanished. He looks at Gunn.

        Gunn: We'll be ok here. Go!

        Spike and Illyria leave quickly. Gunn and Gwen are left in the room alone.

        Gwen: Oh god.

        Gunn: It doesn't mean that-

        Gwen: I know but?these things just seem so obvious afterwards.

        Gunn: Well we stopped half of ?em. Better than none.

        Gwen: Not if Connor and Fred?

        Gwen looks in pain slightly. Gunn looks sympathetic.

        Gunn: God I wish I could help you more.

        Gwen smiles slightly. She hesitates and then reaches into her pocket. She holds the device in her hands and looks at Gunn who looks puzzled.

        Gunn: What is that?

        Gwen slowly attaches it to her hand and then reaches for Gunn's hand. Gunn pulls away.

        Gwen: It's ok.

        Gunn stares at Gwen and then touches her hand with his. Nothing happens. Gunn smiles.

        Gunn: You did it.

        Gwen: I didn't do much. But, yeah it works. And I can take it off whenever, so it's?it's good. Right?

        Gunn: It is.

        Gunn leans in towards Gwen who looks nervous but the two kiss slowly. Gwen closes her eyes in content.

        Cut to Angel running in desperation. Spike and Illyria are nearby.

        Cut to Fred and Seneh hurrying with Connor in their arms through the sewers.

        Fred: Could you go a little faster?

        Seneh: Yeah, I'm not really used to this kind of thing.

        Fred: Neither am I.

        Seneh: K then so just stop whining and keep going.

        There is a pause.

        Fred: Why can't you go find Angel? Tell him the vampires are in the hotel?

        Seneh: I'm not the omniscient one. Why don't you have a vision?

        Fred: I haven't had one in a while.

        Seneh: Well that sucks for-

        Seneh stops suddenly. Fred looks confused. She turns to look at where Seneh is staring to see Whistler standing in their way. He looks serious.

        Whistler: Hello Seneh.

        Seneh looks anxious. Fred turns to Seneh looking confused.

        Cut to Spike and Illyria running next to The Hyperion. They stop quickly as there is silence.

        Illyria: Angel is not here. We may be too late.

        Spike: Don't think like that.

        Illyria: Why? When it is most probable that we-

        Spike: Because if you don't then nothing is bloody worth anything. Hope, you know about that?

        Illyria: Hope is an illusion.

        Spike: Yeah well it's better than giving up.

        Illyria looks at him. They walk forward. Voices are heard.

        Spike: Not that late.

        They walk in. Spike stops suddenly. Angel is stood next to them staring in the same direction as Spike. The camera shows the floor and moves up slowly to reveal Drusilla standing in the middle of The Hyperion surrounded by vampires. She smiles.

        Drusilla: Hello, my Spike.

        Spike stares at Drusilla, speechless.

        THE END
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        Buffy Season 8 & 9 & Angel Season 6