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  • Angel Episode 6.10 120. Static

    Hi, this is the tenth episode of Angel Season 6 by me. I hope you enjoy reading it. If you have feedback, please post it here; both positive comments and constructive criticism are welcome

    Angel Episode 6.10 120. Static

    Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters on Angel. They belong to Fox Studios and Joss Whedon. This work is fictional and is only for my and others entertainment. Therefore no infringement is intended. I do not intend to make a profit from this work. However I own all characters that have not previously appeared/been mentioned on Angel, so I can do whatever I like with them. Therefore any unauthorised usage of these characters is not permitted.

    ACT I

    Open on a small house on the edge of a minor road, night. The caption says Madison, Wisconsin, 1979. A black car is parked next to the house. A man and a woman are walking from it towards the front door of the house. The man knocks on the door. After a few seconds the door opens. A younger version of Gwen's mother is stood in the porch. She looks anxiously at the man and woman.

    Woman: Hello Mrs Raiden, I'm Detective Hayes, and this is Detective Thomas-

    Gwen's mother: I remember. Have you found anything?

    Thomas: Uh, may we come inside?

    Gwen's mother: Just tell me. Please.

    Gwen's mother looks desperate. Hayes and Thomas share a glance.

    Hayes: We, uh, we've found your daughter.

    Gwen's mother looks worried.

    Gwen's mother: But?but she's all right isn't she?

    Hayes: She's alive, yes.

    Gwen's mother shuts her eyes in relief and smiles.

    Gwen's mother: Oh thank god.

    Hayes and Thomas hesitate.

    Gwen's mother: Well is she here? I, I need to see her! She needs me!

    Thomas: There's uh, something else, Mrs Raiden.

    Gwen's mother looks confused.

    Thomas: I really think it'd be a good idea if we talked about this inside.

    Gwen's mother hesitates, looking confused and then nods letting Hayes and Thomas past. They walk into what appears to be the living room.

    Hayes: Mrs Raiden is your husband home?

    Gwen's mother: No, no he's not back until 10. I should call him.

    Thomas: Before you do, Mrs Raiden-

    Gwen's mother: Look whatever it is you need to tell me, please just get to the point. I'm tired of everyone stalling everything.

    Hayes: I understand your frustration Mrs Raiden. It's just this isn't easy to explain. It's probably best you see it for yourself.

    Gwen's mother: I?don't understand.

    Thomas takes out a video tape from his pocket.

    Thomas: This is a recording from a surveillance camera tape

    Gwen's mother: Surveillance camera?

    Hayes: Yes, we uh, we've had to monitor your daughter's progress.

    Gwen's mother looks suspicious.

    Gwen's mother: (slowly) When did you find my daughter?

    Hayes and Thomas share a glance.

    Thomas: Three days ago.

    Gwen's mother: Excuse me?

    Hayes: We would have told you sooner-

    Gwen's mother: I have been more worried than I ever been in my life for the last two weeks. You gave me three more days of that when you could have just told me-

    Thomas: We needed to make sure there was no risk.

    Gwen's mother: She's not even one year old! What risk could there possibly be?

    Thomas hesitates. He then walks up to the VCR as Gwen's mother stares on looking angry and confused. He slots it in and turns on the TV. The TV shows the black and white view of a crib. A one-year-old Gwen is lying in it. Two men enter. One of them is carrying a lamp. He holds the socket out for Gwen to hold.

    Gwen's mother: What on earth is he-

    As Gwen touches it the bulb explodes in a flash. The two men shield their eyes and rush out. Gwen's mother looks at the TV in shock. Thomas presses pause on the video.

    Thomas: That, Mrs Raiden, is the risk.

    Gwen's mother looks speechless. She stares at the image of Gwen lying in her crib.

    Opening credits.


    AMY ACKER - Winnifred Burkle/Illyria
    J. AUGUST RICHARDS - Charles Gunn
    ALEXA DAVALOS - Gwen Raiden

    Guest Starring:

    HEIDI FECHT - Mrs Raiden
    BELIDNA WAYMOUTH - Lydia Thorpe
    DAVID ANDERS - Henry Macintosh
    MALCOLM McDOWELL - Henry Macintosh
    DANA DAVIS - Lisa

    Open on everyone walking into the Hyperion lobby, night.

    Gunn: Maybe she got out of town?

    Angel: You think she would?

    Spike: Well I reckon they had trains in her dimension so it's not like she wouldn't know how.

    Connor: Where would she go?

    Gunn: Maybe we should start looking for other demon doctors.

    Gwen: I don't think she'd try that again. Not after last time.

    Illyria: The note indicates that she is aware of what she is doing.

    Angel: This is Fred we're talking about.

    Connor: What's that supposed to mean?

    Angel: I mean she not be thinking clearly-

    Connor: Well, maybe we're the ones not thinking. Maybe she just needs some time to-

    Angel: To adjust? Yeah she's had a while now.

    Spike: Being stuck in a dimension forever can take a while to get used to.

    Angel: She could have come to us if she had a problem.

    Gwen: And we could help how? Angel, I don't think we can do anything right now.

    Gunn: Why not?

    Illyria: It is likely she does not want to be found.

    Connor: Yeah.

    Angel: We don't know that.

    Gwen: She said don't worry in the letter. I think that shows that she's gone for a reason. And she'll be back.

    Angel pauses.

    Connor: Yeah, dad, just chill ok?

    Angel: Ok. I get it. But there's a chance something else happened. Maybe a shape shifter or something, I dunno, but-

    Seneh suddenly appears nearby.

    Seneh: Hi.

    Gunn: Uh, who the hell are you?

    Angel: It's Seneh.

    Spike: Tip off girl?

    Seneh: I prefer emissary or you know, messenger, but tip off girl works, sure.

    Angel: What are you doing here?

    Seneh: What I do best. Giving you information.

    Angel: Oh. Well thanks but we don't really have time for a case right now.

    Seneh: Well as it happens I'm actually here to help you with your Fred problem.

    Connor: You know where she is?

    Seneh: Yeah.

    Angel: Are you gonna tell us?

    Seneh: No.

    Gunn: What? Why?

    Seneh: Cause then you'd go after her no matter what I said. All you need to know is that she's ok and she'll be back.

    Gwen: Told ya.

    Gunn: How do you know?

    Seneh: Do you actually get the concept of The Powers That Be? They pretty much know everything.

    Spike: Erm, so what's the point of you telling us this if we can't do anything about it?

    Seneh: So that you can do something more constructive than searching for the equivalent of a needle in a haystack.

    Gwen: Which would be what?

    Seneh: You've probably seen on the news that a lot of banks have been broken into lately?

    Angel: Uh, if we had a TV.

    Connor: There's no TV? Man, I'm moving back.

    Gunn: Oh believe me it's on the list.

    Seneh: Well, anyway, if you had seen the news you'd have seen that.

    Angel: Demons?

    Seneh: Actually no, something possibly more dangerous.

    Spike: We're not talking Slayers are we?

    Seneh: No again. Gwen you might be interested to hear this though.

    Gwen: Hear what?

    Seneh: The people breaking into banks control electricity. That's how they smoked the cameras, broke the locks.

    Gwen looks shocked.

    Seneh: Guess you thought you were unique in that department huh?

    Gwen says nothing, still looking shocked.

    Gunn: Gwen?

    Gwen looks up.

    Gwen: Uh, sorry, yeah, we'll uh, get on that. Right?

    Angel: Yeah, of course.

    Seneh: Great. Ok well tomorrow they should be targeting this bank.

    Seneh clicks her fingers and piece of paper flies from her hand to Angel's.

    Seneh: Shouldn't prove too much of a problem. Good luck.

    Seneh fades away. There is silence.

    Spike: And we should expect this every day now?

    Angel: Well, I guess if Fred's not here to have her visions Seneh's our only link to the Powers.

    Illyria: Indeed. The last quest Seneh sent us to fulfil led us also to Senior Partner. Perhaps we will be equally lucky this time.

    Angel: Maybe.

    Connor: Gwen are you ok?

    Everyone looks at Gwen.

    Gwen: Uh, sure, sure I'm fine.

    Spike: You look a little taken-a-back.

    Gwen: Well, I just didn't think there were any other?anyone else like me.

    Angel: And you're ok with fighting these guys?

    Gwen: I said I was didn't I?

    Angel: Ok.

    Gwen nods. She still looks uncertain.

    Cut to Gwen sitting on her bed in her room, morning. There is a knock at the door.

    Gwen: Come in.

    Gunn walks in.

    Gunn: Mornin'.

    Gwen: Hi.

    Gunn: How's things?

    Gwen: Oh, uh, good.

    Gunn: You might be telling us you're ok downstairs Gwen but I'd like to think I know you pretty well by now. You're not ok.

    Gwen: Look?Gunn you don't know about my past-

    Gunn: So why don't you tell me?

    Gwen: It's complicated.

    Gunn: Yeah, it usually is.

    Gwen pauses.

    Gwen: When I was seven, I blew out an entire block's worth of electricity because I brushed against a light bulb. I had to go to a specialist school where my bedroom was made of plastic until I was 14. I didn't see my parents except for six weeks a year, and I could tell that that was too much for them. I was too much for them.

    Gunn: That's not your fault.

    Gwen: I know. But I couldn't do anything about it either. Maybe now I can. These guys whoever they are?if they're like me, maybe they know some way to control it.

    Gunn: Gwen you don't need to-

    Gwen: Yes I do. Because of us.

    Gunn smiles sympathetically.

    Gunn: If that was all that was important to me?I wouldn't be doing this right now.

    Gwen: I know it's not everything, but you know it's a pretty important factor.

    Gunn: It's not gonna change how I feel about you.

    Gwen smiles.

    Gwen: We can't have a relationship on feeling alone.

    Gunn: Yeah? Well I think we're doing a pretty good job.

    Gwen smiles.

    Gwen: Yeah. Yeah we are. But I'm not gonna pass up this opportunity Gunn. If they know how to?I gotta know.

    Gunn pauses.

    Gunn: Ok. Just be careful all right?

    Gwen nods. They sit in silence.

    Gunn: Coming down for breakfast?

    Gwen: In a little bit yeah. Thanks.

    Gunn nods and smiles. He gets up and walks out. Gwen's smile fades as the door closes. She stares into space.

    Cut to the Hyperion Lobby, early evening. Angel, Spike, Gunn and Gwen are stood up.

    Gunn: I can handle this.

    Angel: You can't handle 20,000 volts running through you.

    Spike: And we can?

    Angel: We'll still be able to walk after it.

    Gunn: Maybe I can be a distraction-

    Gwen: Gunn it's ok. You don't have to come. It's too dangerous.

    Gunn: I wanna help you do this.

    Gwen: I know.

    Gwen moves her hand near Gunn's. A spark of electricity travels from her finger to Gunn's hand. Gunn draws his hand back in pain.

    Gwen: And that's why you can't.

    Gunn frowns. He sighs.

    Gunn: Ok.

    Spike: Don't worry. We'll bring you back a trophy.

    Gwen: What? Spike we're not killing these guys.

    Spike: What? Then how do you think we're gonna actually stop them?

    Gwen: I think I'll be able to.

    Spike: Fighting fire with fire comes to mind. Look there's no way the police are gonna be able to handle these guys, I mean isn't that what you've just been telling Gunn? That's why Seneh told us about them, we're the only ones that can do something about it.

    Gwen: Yeah we can do something. But it doesn't mean we have to kill them.

    Angel: Gwen, I hate to say it but Spike might be right. They have a huge advantage as it is, I'm not sure we can fight them without killing them. Look, I get you don't wanna have to kill the people that might be able to help you-

    Gwen: No I really don't. So if we can do something other than shoot first ask questions later, then can we at least try?

    Angel pauses.

    Angel: Yeah. We can try. But if we to Gwen-

    Gwen: I know.

    Angel nods. There is a pause.

    Spike: Well?don't wanna miss ?em now do we?

    Angel: Right. Where's Illyria?

    Cut to Illyria and Connor walking out of their rooms. They look at each other.

    Connor: You're just going?

    Illyria: Yes.

    Connor: Well good luck.

    Illyria nods her head. She walks down the corridor. Connor hesitates.

    Connor: Do you think she'll come back?

    Illyria stops and looks back at Connor.

    Illyria: You are concerned that she will not. Do you not trust Seneh?

    Connor: No, I do I?she might be ok now, but what if something happens out there?

    Illyria: It would be appropriate to use the human phrase "it will be all right" at this point, would it not?

    Connor: Well, yeah it would.

    Illyria: But it may not be.

    Connor looks serious.

    Illyria: I do not know Fred well. But I know the Fred originally from this world. And if this Fred has half the strength and resolve that the Fred from this world did?then you should not worry.

    Connor smiles.

    Connor: Thanks.

    Illyria nods slightly.
    Illyria: I must go.

    Connor nods and the two of them walk towards the stairs.

    Cut to Angel, Spike, Gwen and Illyria waiting behind a corner in LA, night. Angel peers round.

    Spike: See anything?

    Angel: I'll tell you when I do.

    Spike: We've been waiting for half an hour. Are these guys gonna show or what?

    Angel: I don't know Spike, why don't you go and stand in front of the bank and if you get electrocuted then we'll know if they're here.

    Illyria: That would be most foolish.

    Gwen: Hey look.

    Everyone looks. A car has pulled up 100 metres away. Two figures get out.

    Spike: That's it? Two?

    Angel: Don't underestimate them.

    The figures blast electricity several times and then break the glass, walking into the bank.

    Illyria: They are skilled.

    Angel: And so are we. Me and Spike'll wait round the front, you two go round-

    An arrow suddenly appears through Angel's stomach he gasps and looks down. Gwen's eyes widen and she and the others look round. Three more figures are stood behind them. Spike rushes towards them but another three arrows hit him in the arm and stomach. He cries out and falls to his knees. Illyria catches another arrow and throws it back at the figure who threw it. They gasp as it imbeds itself in their neck. The two figures in the bank before are now behind Angel and co. Angel pulls the arrow out of his stomach but the two figures from the bank each throw jagged metal discs, which hit Angel in the neck and shoulder. He splutters, as Gwen looks worried. She blasts electricity at one of the figures but they blast their own back at her. This creates a larger blast of electricity, which explodes the streetlights around them. Glass shatters over Gwen and Illyria, who suddenly gets hit in the face by a metal bar. Gwen grabs the arm of one of the other figures who's also holding a metal bar, but another hits her on the head. She falls to the ground unconscious.
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    ACT II

    Cut to Illyria slapping Angel in the face, still in the same street, and still night. Angel's eyes open gradually and look uncomfortable.

    Angel: Illyria?

    Illyria: At last.

    Angel lifts his head up slowly. Spike is leaning against the wall nearby.

    Spike: Morning.

    Angel: It is?

    Spike: Few more hours.

    Angel: I was out that long?

    Illyria: Indeed.

    Angel: Oh. Well thanks for waking me.

    Angel looks around.

    Angel: Where's Gwen?

    Illyria and Spike look at one another.

    Illyria: She has been taken.

    Angel looks shocked.

    Angel: What? Why didn't you go after them?

    Illyria: They escaped in their vehicle. I could not pursue. Besides both yourself and Spike required my assistance.

    Angel: I'd have been ok.

    Illyria: The wound to your neck could have been fatal if I had not intervened.

    Angel puts his hand to the fast-healing, but deep wound on his neck.

    Angel: Sorry. I appreciate it. Any ideas about which direction they went?

    Spike: Well left, but that doesn't really help much. Probably best to go back and see what Seneh's gotta say.

    Angel: Yeah?there's a few things I wanna know. Like how they knew we were coming.

    Illyria: You believe she informed them of our plan?

    Angel: They knew they were dealing with vampires otherwise they'd have used their electricity. They musta been after Gwen all along. Maybe Seneh didn't tell them but?there's something she's not telling us about all this.

    Spike: And the quickest way to find out-

    Angel: Yeah let's go.

    Angel looks down the long road into the distance.

    Cut to Gwen lying on a metal floor. She opens he eyes slowly. There is inaudible whispering nearby. A voice however can be heard nearer than the others.

    Voice OS: She's awake.

    Gwen looks up. A middle-aged woman is knelt next to her looking concerned. Gwen quickly backs away.

    Woman: Stay calm! You need to rest.

    Gwen: Who the hell are you?

    Gwen looks around. There are at least 20 others stood and sat around within a small room. There is a small amount of light from a minute opening in the wall and there is a wooden door on the opposite side of the room.

    Gwen: All of you?

    A man in his 20s stands up.

    Man: We're like you.

    Gwen: You mean you're the ones that attacked us?

    Gwen tries to stand but falters.

    Woman: No you need to stay still.
    Gwen: Yeah, cause someone hit me in the back of the head with an iron bar.

    Teenage Girl: Look we didn't mean to ok?

    Gwen: Oh so you ambushed us accidentally?

    The woman next to Gwen looks serious.

    Woman: What she means is?we have no control over what they make us do.

    Gwen: They?

    Man #2: The people that put us down here.

    He holds out his wrist. There is a small plastic device wrapped around it like a watch.

    Man #2: They put these on us. If we don't do what they say, they can kill us with one push of a button. Stops us ever trying to get out of here.

    Gwen frowns.

    Gwen: Wait, where is here exactly?

    Teenage girl: It's underground, we know that much. But when they take us, we don't see anything.

    Gwen: What do they make you do?

    Man #1: Find people like us.

    Gwen: So that's why you attacked us. It was me you were after.

    Woman: Believe me dear if we had a choice we wouldn't have hurt you or your friends.

    Gwen pauses.

    Gwen: Why are-

    Teenage girl: Look these questions you answered, we don't know, ok? We're in the same boat as you. So join the club of not knowing what the hell is going on around here. You don't have a wrist device yet; they'll probably be in here to change that before too long.

    Gwen's worried.

    Gwen: I take it this place is pretty much non-conductive.

    Man #1: They've fixed the whole place up, yeah.

    Gwen: Right. Ok, one last question, I promise. What do they want us here for?

    The others pause.

    Cut to Gunn, Connor, Illyria, Angel and Spike in the Hyperion lobby.

    Gunn: What!?

    Angel: Gunn-

    Gunn: Don't tell me to calm down or whatever! These guys did this to you, they could be doing it to Gwen right now!

    Illyria: She is like them. I believe they may have taken her because of this.

    Gunn: That don't mean she's safe.

    Angel: No it doesn't, we get that. And we're gonna get her back.

    Connor: Uh, how?

    Angel: I have an idea.

    Spike: Seneh you mean?

    Angel: Yeah. And Connor.

    Connor looks confused. Spike raises an eyebrow.

    Cut to Gwen stood facing the others.

    Gwen: Research? For what?

    Teenage girl: Hey, your guess is as good as mine. But when they take one of us they don't bring anyone back. Except?

    Gwen: Except what?

    Leon: Except who you mean.

    The man who hasn't spoken before walks forward.

    Leon: One person escaped. And he knew a way to get out of here, but he said we'd never find it without him.

    Gwen: Well, where is he?

    Gwen looks at the others. They look serious.

    Leon: Your friend killed him.

    Gwen looks shocked.

    Cut to Connor, Angel, Gunn, Illyria and Spike in the Hyperion lobby.

    Connor: (to Angel) This plan sucks. You know that right?

    Spike: Junior's learning.

    Angel: Yeah well, either of you have a better idea, tell me now.

    Connor and Spike remain silent.

    Angel: That's what I thought.

    Gunn: I see where they're coming from though. I mean, you really think Seneh's behind this?

    Seneh OS: Behind what?

    Everyone looks to see that Seneh has appeared nearby. She folds her arms.

    Connor: Uh?hi.

    Seneh: Yeah, you know, it's not very nice to talk about people behind their backs.

    Angel: Fine. I'll ask you face to face. How the hell did they know we were coming?

    Seneh's smile fades.

    Seneh: Yeah, sorry about that.

    Angel: Did ya know?

    Seneh: No. The Powers might have, but they don't tell me everything.

    Spike: So they played you.
    Seneh: Maybe.

    Angel: Well I gotta know Seneh.

    Angel walks towards Seneh.

    Angel: Are you playing us?

    Seneh: (unimpressed) What?

    Illyria: We have reason to believe that you are lying.

    Seneh: Why the hell would I lie?

    Gunn: Well if you knew we were walking into an ambush?

    Seneh: I already told you all, I didn't. God what's with the inquisition?

    Angel: We just wanna make sure it's not gonna happen again. Connor.

    Connor quickly darts towards Seneh, grabbing her arm. He is blasted into the air suddenly and crashes through the windows into the courtyard. Seneh looks shocked as do Angel and Spike. Illyria rushes towards Connor with Gunn. Seneh narrows her eyes, looking deadly serious for the first time.

    Seneh: Never try that one again.

    Angel looks over at Illyria.

    Angel: Is he-

    Illyria: He is only unconscious.

    Angel looks relieved and then looks at Seneh.

    Angel: What did you do?

    Seneh: I didn't do anything.

    She looks at Connor.

    Seneh: He tried to use his little truth power on me. I don't wanna be cliché but he can't handle the truth. Literally. None of you could even come close.

    The others stare at her.

    Seneh: You don't trust me? Hey, if it was up to me, I couldn't care less. But it's not. It's up to them. And right now I am the only one who can help you do what you have to do.

    The others remain silent.

    Seneh: Sorry wouldn't go a miss either.

    Spike: Yeah well I think Connor said sorry for all of us.

    Seneh: Whatever. Look I actually came for a reason. But if you don't trust me I guess your buddy Gwen'll just have to stay kidnapped forever and-

    Gunn: Wait! What do you know?

    Seneh: Why am I not surprised? Ok here's the deal.

    Cut to Gwen sat next to the middle-aged woman seen earlier.

    Woman: What's your name?

    Gwen turns to look at her.

    Gwen: Gwen.

    Woman: I'm Janet.

    Gwen smiles. The woman smiles back.

    Janet: I don't mind you know.

    Gwen: What?

    Janet: You asking questions. I don't mind.

    Gwen smiles slightly.

    Gwen: I don't really have anything else to ask. Besides I doubt anyone'd give me an answer considering-

    Janet: Don't blame yourself. You and your friends only did what anyone would do. Defended yourselves. I wasn't there myself, but I can imagine that you were met with quite a formidable force.

    Gwen: Yeah?you can say that again.

    Janet smiles.

    Janet: You remind me of Malcolm.

    Gwen: Who?

    Janet: My husband. He asked a lot of questions too. It's almost a comfort to hear them again.

    Gwen: How come you don't have a wedding ring?

    Janet: Well, with the electricity-

    Gwen: Oh, right yeah.

    Janet: It's been quite a hindrance in my life overall.

    Gwen: Tell me about it.

    Janet: You have a partner?

    Gwen: Yeah. Yeah I do.

    Janet: And you've never been able to?to be together physically?

    Gwen: Well there was this one?no we haven't.

    Janet: Neither have I. My husband?I think he may have left while I've been here.

    Gwen: No, he wouldn't-

    Janet: We've been married twenty-five years. Since I was your age. I think he may well have been waiting for an excuse to leave.

    Gwen looks sad. There is a pause.

    Gwen: How long have you been here?

    Janet: About six months now. Some of the others have been here longer.

    Gwen looks surprised.

    Gwen: And no one's even tried to find you?

    Janet: I doubt they'd even know where to start looking. Besides I have a feeling that whoever keeps us down here isn't your run of the mill criminal.

    Gwen pauses.

    Gwen: I'm gonna get you out of here. Everyone.

    Janet smiles.

    Janet: Yes everyone says that at first.

    Gwen: This is different. You don't know my friends. They're powerful. They've found deeper and darker places than this believe me.

    Janet looks at her.

    Janet: We'll see.

    She smiles at Gwen. Suddenly the door bursts open. Two guards dressed in plastic suits with translucent helmets holding rifles walk in. They point them into the crowd and walk over to Man #1. He looks worried. Gwen looks worried too. She suddenly rushes at one of the guards kicking him in the side. The other guard smacks her over the head with his rifle. Gwen falls to the ground, her head cut. She looks up to see the second guard pointing the rifle a few inches from her face. He grabs her up by the left wrist and straps a device on to it. The first guard grabs Man #1 who struggles. The second presses a button on his own wrist. Everyone gasps in pain including Man #1. The second guard looks at the others. He reveals a bag from his suit. Inside is a loaf of bread and a litre bottle of water. He throws them to the ground and then takes the other arm of Man #1. The guards leave with Man #1, slamming the door behind them. Everyone gathers round the bread and water as Gwen brushes the trickle of blood from her face. Janet kneels next to her and smiles sympathetically.

    Janet: It was a noble effort. I tried it too at first.

    She looks at the gathering around the bread.

    Janet: We must eat.

    She helps Gwen up. Gwen looks serious.

    Cut to the guards holding Man #1 walking into a large room with scientific equipment. They walk up to a man in his 40s who is also wearing a plastic suit, but no helmet. He appears to be standing over a balcony. The sounds of electricity and shouts can be heard below. The man turns.

    Man: Ah, good. Put him with the others. Oh and I'll need another five soon.

    Guard #2: Good as done, sir.

    The man smiles. The guards take Man #1 down a flight of stairs. More electricity can be heard.
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      ACT III

      Open on a corridor. The caption says Gills Rock, Wisconsin, 1985. Lydia Thorpe, Gwen's headmistress, walks on from another corridor. Three children run down the corridor suddenly. Lydia looks annoyed.

      Lydia: Kids! Don't run!

      The children stop and walk. Lydia rolls her eyes and walks towards a door, which says "Headmistress's office" on it. She opens it. She pushes it closed behind her and walks to her desk. A much younger version of the man seen in the previous scene is stood next to the door. He smiles.

      Man: Miss Thorpe.

      Lydia jumps and turns around looking startled. She looks suspicious as she sees the man.

      Lydia: Who are you?

      Man: My name is Henry Macintosh.

      Lydia: What do you want?

      Henry moves forward.

      Henry: I'm here to make you an offer Miss Thorpe. One I think you'll be quite interested in.

      Lydia: Well, pardon me for being a little hesitant Mr Macintosh, but so far you haven't made much of a good impression.

      Henry: Yes, I'm sorry, but I'm in quite a hurry and organising a meeting would have taken far too long. I really do think you'll want to hear this.

      Lydia pauses and takes a chair placing it in front of the desk. Henry smiles in thanks and then sits down. Lydia walks around to the other side of the desk and sits opposite of him.

      Lydia: I'm afraid I can't give you more than five minutes.

      Henry: That's all it will take.

      There is a pause.

      Henry: Well Miss Thorpe. I'm here because of a certain pupil of yours who I believe only came here a few weeks ago.

      Lydia looks concerned.

      Lydia: Who?

      Henry: By your expression I think you already have an idea. I'm talking about Gwen Raiden, Miss Thorpe.

      Lydia sighs and then nods.

      Henry: She's been quite a handful hasn't she?

      Lydia: Nothing my staff and I couldn't handle.

      Henry: And yet she's a great burden to you, is she not?

      Lydia: You will probably be aware that none of the pupils of this school are?as simple to teach as most.

      Henry: Yes Miss Thorpe, I am aware. But this child is different. She interests me greatly.

      Lydia: What is your point Mr Macintosh?

      Henry: Frankly?I believe that I can help you. Help you manage her. I have met others like her, and I can help her to control her?speciality.

      Lydia frowns.

      Lydia: How?

      Henry: It's complicated.

      Lydia: It may be, Mr Macintosh, but until I have the details of your proposal, there's not way that I can accept it. Besides her parents will ultimately have the final say in this.

      Henry smiles.

      Henry: Miss Thorpe. I'm offering this free of charge. Her parents will be grateful. The world will be a safer place.

      Henry smiles but there is a glint in his eye. Lydia looks worried.

      Lydia: I'm sorry Mr Macintosh but I'm afraid I cannot-

      Henry: Oh, Miss Thorpe, I think you can.

      Lydia stands up.

      Lydia: Please leave, Mr Macintosh or-

      Henry stands up quickly.

      Henry: Or what Miss Thorpe? You see, you may think you have control of this situation, but the truth is, you have no control. If I wanted, I could destroy everything you've done here. And more besides.

      Lydia: You're bluffing.

      Henry: Are you willing to risk your life's work if I'm not?

      Lydia looks worried.

      Henry: I thought not. Now, shall we say that the sessions begin this coming weekend, or next?

      Lydia looks defeated. She peers out the window. Gwen is sat by a tree on her own as children play nearby,

      Cut to Gwen sat with Janet and the others. The teenage girl looks upset. Gwen looks at her.

      Gwen: Was he?were you guys close?

      Teenage girl: Yeah. Yeah we were.

      Gwen: Well you know, maybe he's not?we don't know what they're doing with him.

      Teenage girl: Yeah I'm sure they've given him free tickets to Disneyland. Don't kid yourself. He's dead or worse. We'll all be?eventually.

      Gwen: You don't know that.

      Man #2: Right, your "friends".

      Gwen: They will come.

      Janet: Gwen?it's not that we don't believe you. But many people have said this, and you can imagine how many of them were right.

      Gwen: Well I'm guessing their friends aren't two vampires and an former pure-demon?

      Everyone pauses. Man #3 comes forward.

      Man: Well well. You know about demons huh?

      Gwen: Just a little.

      He smiles.

      Man #3: I'm Leon. If your friends are who you say they are then maybe you are talking sense after all. But we just better hope that-

      The door opens. Ten guards walk in, dressed in plastic suits and helmets.

      Leon: ?that doesn't happen.

      Two of the guards grab him. Two more grab the teenage girl who struggles but the guards quickly press the button causing everyone to flinch. Another two grab another woman. Two more grab Gwen while the final two grab another man. They start walking out of the room. Gwen looks back at Janet, who looks worried.

      Cut to Angel driving a car. Spike is sat in the passenger seat while Illyria and Gunn are sat in the back.

      Spike: So we're just gonna nick a random car every time we need one from now on?

      Angel: Well if you have the time and money, you get one.

      Spike: You know, you could have stolen a few of Wolfram and Harts cars before the building got destroyed.

      Angel: They were evil cars.

      Gunn: Guys. You mind having this discussion later, when we're not trying to save Gwen?

      Angel: Gunn I'm going as fast as I can.

      Spike: What, 65?

      Angel: We're not on the interstate.

      Illyria: Under the circumstances, it would be understandable for you to travel faster than the majority.

      Angel sighs.

      Angel: Fine.

      The car accelerates quickly down the road.

      Cut to Gwen and the other four being taken into the large room seen before. They are not close enough to the balcony to see below it.

      Woman: Oh god?

      Gwen: It's ok.

      Voice OS: Well it depends who you are.

      Henry is stood nearby. He smiles. Gwen looks at him.

      Henry: For anyone who isn't you, then yes, things are definitely looking ok. But there's always the minority that have to suffer for the greater good; that would be you by the way. It's a shame, but that's the way the world works.

      Leon: What do you want with us? We did what you wanted, we found people like us-

      Henry: Yes, you did, and don't think I haven't taken that into account.

      Teenage girl: What, you'll murder us nicely?

      Henry smiles.

      Henry: What's your name?

      Teenage girl: ?Lara.

      Henry: Well Lara, let me tell you this. What I have planned for you, is so much more important than death. I don't kill people. I bring out their potential. Have a look for yourself.

      Henry nods at the guards who release Gwen, Lara and the others, but still hold their guns close. Henry walks towards the balcony and Gwen and co. follow. Henry looks over the banister smiling. Gwen and the others do too, but look shocked. The camera shows various people controlling electricity and being forced to power up equipment. There are several lines of what appear to be corpses on the right, covered by sheets.

      Gwen: What?the hell is this?

      Henry: You may not be aware of world issues, but I have been for more than twenty years. Our supplies of coal, oil, gas, they'll all be gone before the end of the 21st century. Wind, water and solar power aren't strong enough to maintain the modern world. I consider it my duty to provide the human race with a suitable alternative.

      Lara: (quietly) Us?

      Henry: Exactly.

      Gwen looks down. A little boy of no more than 10 is channelling electricity to power a car engine. Gwen rushes towards Henry attempting to grab his suit.

      Gwen: You heartless son-of-a-bitch!

      The guards all press their buttons. Gwen falls to the floor in pain, as do the others. Gwen looks up Henry.

      Henry: Heartless? I am trying to save this world.

      Gwen: By enslaving innocent people?

      Henry: As I already explained, sacrifices must be made. Quantity, not quality my young friend. Besides, what kind of contribution to the world can you make? You can't reproduce, you can't work, you destroy more than you could ever create. I doubt that anyone will miss the likes of you.

      Cut to Angel, Gunn, Spike and Illyria hiding behind a corner what appears to be an abandoned quarry.

      Spike: Let's not make the same mistake as last time, yeah?

      Angel: They couldn't know we're coming Spike.

      Spike: Yeah like the last lot couldn't.

      Illyria: As it appears, they were not our enemy.

      Two guards appear at a nearby entrance in the rock face.

      Illyria: They are.

      Gunn: We gonna take ?em down or what?

      Angel: There could be more nearby. We don't wanna make too much of a scene.

      Illyria: What do you suggest?

      Cut to Illyria and Angel jumping down from above the entrance. They each smack one of the guards on the head hard. The guards fall to the ground. Spike and Gunn appear from nearby.

      Spike: Nice.

      Angel: Let's go.

      They turn into the opening.

      Cut to Gwen and the others with Henry.

      Gwen: You have no idea. We can do a lot more than you think.

      Gwen makes her hand into a fist and electricity buzzes around it.

      Henry: Oh I'm quite aware of the damage you can do. I should know. I created you.

      Everyone looks speechless.

      Cut to a guard smacking into the wall. Angel appears from nearby followed by Illyria, Spike and Gunn. They look around.

      Gunn: Hell of a lot o' tunnels around here.

      Spike: We must be getting somewhere near Gwen by now.

      Illyria: There is a door.

      Illyria is looking to the left. Angel walks up to it as the others prepare themselves. Angel kicks the door inwards. Janet and the others are inside, and they back away. Angel looks surprised. Spike, Gunn and Illyria walk forward.

      Janet: Who are you?

      Angel: Uh that depends.

      Gunn: Have you seen a girl called Gwen?

      Janet smiles.

      Janet: Yes! Are you her friends?

      Spike: Yep.

      Illyria: Where is she now?

      Janet: She's been taken.

      Angel: Taken where?

      Man #2: We don't know.

      Angel: Ok, well we're gonna find them. We've knocked out all the guards from here to the entrance, if you keep following the tunnel on the left you should reach it.

      There is a general sound of excitement. Janet smiles.

      Janet: I shouldn't have doubted Gwen.

      Everyone starts to get up. Janet turns to Angel.

      Janet: Thank you. Thank you all. Please save them.

      Angel: Don't worry about that. Go.

      Janet nods and leaves with the others. Angel looks at Spike, Gunn and Illyria. Cut to Gwen and the others with Henry.

      Leon: Created?

      Henry: Yes. In a way. Without me you wouldn't have the power you have now.

      Woman: I don't under-

      Gwen: I do. Oh god. You made us this way.

      Henry: Planning in advance, as my father did before me.

      He glances at Leon.

      Lara: I?I can't remember not having it.

      Henry: That's because it was administered before you were old enough to remember.

      Cut to a flash of Henry picking up Gwen from her cot.

      Henry: At that age you were unable to process the power needed for something like this. I could be patient. Of course, I needed to make sure that puberty would not eliminate your power.

      Cut to a flash of a guard injecting something into Gwen's arm at the age of seven at her school.

      Henry: And now all that waiting's finally going to pay off.

      Woman: You ruined our lives!

      Henry: Well, be a pessimist if you want.

      Leon: Why are you telling us all this man?

      Henry: Because my friend, this is the last conversation you will ever have. I thought it would be at least courteous to give you an explanation.

      Lara: I thought you said you didn't murder!

      Henry: Well, there are exceptions, Lara.

      Henry indicates to the guards, who grab Gwen and the others as Henry walks down the ramp to the pit below.

      Henry: I have been experimenting with large-scale power supplies. You will be the first to take part. Don't you feel special?

      Gwen: You're using us as batteries. That's it. Nothing special.

      Henry: Infinite batteries, my dear. The world has searched for perpetual motion for centuries. And here it is.

      Henry walks towards a machine. There are five harnesses strapped to it. The guards begin strapping the man to it. Gwen looks behind her. Other slaves watch them sadly. Gwen is suddenly pushed into a harness and strapped in.

      Gwen: What if we refuse to use our power?

      Henry: Oh, weren't you aware? You don't have any choice.

      Henry pulls a lever quickly. Spikes appear through Gwen and the others' hands. Gwen bites her teeth together in vain as electricity pours through her and is fed back into the spikes. Henry smiles.
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        ACT IV

        Cut to Angel, Spike, Illyria and Gunn watching from around another entrance where Gwen, Henry etc. are. They are about 50 yards away from Henry, Gwen and the others. Gunn's eyes widen as he sees Gwen.

        Gunn: Gwen!

        Angel pulls him back quickly.

        Angel: Gunn, what the hell are you doing?

        Gunn: Do you not see her?

        Angel: Yeah I do. And I see the 50 guards stood around as well. We're gonna have to be more stealthy than that.

        Spike: Hey look.

        In the distance a guard can be seen pressing the button on his sleeve. The slaves in the immediate area wince in pain.

        Illyria: That is how they are controlled.

        Gunn: What are they doing?

        Angel: Using their electricity to power?something.

        Spike: Using ?em as an energy source. Clever.

        The others look at him.

        Spike: But also evil.

        Gunn: So let's stop talking and get to the part where we stop them!

        Angel: Ok Illyria, Spike, there's another entrance up there. See if you can get to it. You've got a minute, then we'll go in.

        Spike: Will do.

        Spike and Illyria walk away.

        Gunn: What we gonna do?

        Angel: Wait for them.

        Gunn: But Gwen-

        Angel: Gunn, we're gonna do this right ok? We can't even go in there all guns blazing cause we have no guns. They do.

        Gunn pauses.

        Angel: She'll be ok.

        Gunn hesitates and then nods. Cut to Henry and the others. Henry smiles.

        Henry: It's working. Well done.

        Gwen glares at him, through her pain. Cut to Angel and Gunn.

        Angel: Ok. I'll fight the guards, you help Gwen and the other four. Anyone starts shooting-

        Gunn: I'll handle it. Come on.

        They walk through and hide behind the back of the generator Gwen and co. are strapped to. Spike and Illyria notice and crawl through the door. Angel swiftly walks behind a guard and knocks them out. Other guards turn quickly. Henry looks angry. Gwen notices and smiles slightly. The guards take their guns and aim at Angel. Spike and Illyria jump down from the balcony. The guards nearby look surprised. Spike and Illyria punch one each. The guards near Angel begin shooting. Angel rolls on the ground to avoid the bullets and grabs a guard around the neck, using him as a shield. The other guards still fire however killing the guard. Angel runs as other guards appear. Henry looks angry as he stares at Gwen. Slaves begin to run as Spike and Illyria fight their own guards.

        Several bullets hit Spike in the leg and he growls. He grabs the gun of a guard and smashes the glass of his helmet as he smacks it in his face. He hits another in the stomach with it. Angel throws the dead guard into the others. Gunn moves round and unlocks the harness and chains of Lara who is nearest. She painfully pulls her hands free of the spikes. Henry notices Gunn and rushes towards him. Gunn dodges his punch and then punches Henry. He looks at Lara and she understands, as she begins unchaining the others.

        Henry: No!

        Gunn kicks Henry in the face. He then helps Lara with Leon and the woman. Illyria jumps in the air kicking a guard with each foot. Slaves begin to escape. One of the guards that Illyria kicked presses his button from the ground and slaves nearby writhe in pain. Illyria stamps on his arm and the button breaks. Spike notices and smashes the button of a nearby guard who is also attempting to press it.

        Angel punches another guard as Henry grabs Gunn and throws him on the ground. Lara frees Gwen and while the other woman and Leon help Man #4, Gwen grabs Henry by the bare neck as he prepares to punch Gunn on the ground. Henry gasps as electricity flows through him. Gwen looks angry.

        Gunn: Gwen!

        Gwen looks at him and lets go of a stunned Henry. She smiles at Gunn in thanks and he smiles back. Leon suddenly grabs one of the dropped guns and points it at Henry. Angel looks up as he hears gunfire. Gwen looks shocked as blood pours from Henry's body. She and Gunn stare at Leon. Suddenly there is more gunfire. Gunn quickly dives to protect Gwen, and gets shocked as a result. Several bullets hit Leon and he gasps and splutters backwards. Spike and Illyria have by this time cleared most of the other guards and most of the slaves have fled.

        Gwen gets up and punches a guard. She then looks at Leon's body. She looks sad. Gunn gets up too. Gwen looks at him.

        Gwen: Thank you.

        Gunn nods, still looking in pain. Angel kicks one of the last remaining guards in the groin and then punches them in the face. He clutches his arm, which has several bullets in it. He walks over to Gunn and Gwen, as do Illyria and Spike. Man #4 and the woman have fled, but Lara is stood nearby. She smiles at Gwen.

        Lara: I'm sorry we doubted you. Thank you.

        Gwen smiles.

        Gwen: It's ok. But it's these guys you should be thanking.

        Lara: You're right. Thank you all.

        Illyria: It was no inconvenience.

        Angel: Yeah.

        Lara looks at Gwen.

        Lara: Do you think this is it? I mean?there won't be anyone after us anymore?

        Gwen looks at Henry's body.

        Gwen: I think it's over, yeah.

        Lara nods. She looks at Leon's body. Gwen follows her gaze. They look sad.

        Cut to everyone outside. Gwen sees Janet.

        Gwen: Janet!

        Janet smiles as she sees Gwen.

        Janet: Gwen! You really did it!

        Gwen: My friends did it.

        Janet: Yes, yes of course. Thanks to them we escaped.

        Gwen smiles. Janet bites her lip.

        Janet: There's something I need to show you.

        Janet takes some kind of device from her pocket. Gwen looks confused.

        Gwen: What's this?

        Janet: I'm not sure exactly but?watch.

        Janet places the device on the back of her hand. It implants itself quickly. She winces slightly and then puts her hand in her pocket again, this time extracting a ring. She places it on her finger. Gwen's mouth opens slightly.

        Gwen: You mean it?it's stopped it?

        Janet: Yes. I had no idea something like this could exist.

        Gwen pauses.

        Gwen: Neither did I.

        Janet smiles.

        Janet: You realise what this means?

        Gwen smiles back.

        Gwen: Yeah. I'm happy for you.

        Janet: Be happy for us all. There were several devices.

        Gwen looks surprised. Janet takes the second device.

        Gwen: Janet?I can't.

        Janet: You can. You deserve it.

        Gwen looks uncertain.

        Cut to Connor in his bed in the Hyperion. Angel is sat next to him.

        Connor: Wow. Sounds like I missed a whole lot.

        Angel: Nothing unusual, really.

        Connor: Is Gwen?ok?

        Angel: I think so. I mean I don't know what happened exactly?

        Connor: Think she'll talk about it?

        Angel: Maybe eventually. I don't think it's just what happened today. There's something else.

        Connor: I wouldn't be surprised.

        Angel nods.

        Angel: You sure you're recovering ok?

        Connor: Yeah, yeah, I'm fine now.

        Angel: If I'd known that would happen-

        Connor: Dad, it's cool. You couldn't have known.

        Angel: Yeah I guess. How are you doing apart from that? I mean with Fred and everything.

        Connor: I saw enough of the truth when I touched Seneh to know she wasn't lying. Fred's gonna be ok.

        Angel: Good. You see anything else?

        Connor pauses.

        Connor: No. No I didn't.

        Angel: Shame. Coulda been useful.

        Connor nods. There is a hint of uncertainty in his face.

        Cut to Gwen and Gunn sat side by side on Gunn's bed. Gunn looks shocked.

        Gunn: He did this to you!?

        Gwen: Yeah. Part of his sick little master plan.

        Gunn: Man, he's lucky he's dead already cause-

        Gwen: Gunn don't.

        Gunn: I didn't-

        Gwen: I know. Just?

        Gunn: It's cause he was human. Right?

        Gwen looks at him.

        Gwen: I came so close to-

        Gunn: But you didn't.

        Gwen: I could have done. Maybe he was right. I destroy more than I could ever create.

        Gunn: Don't you dare start believing that crap. You're a better person than he ever could have been. I've seen it first hand.

        Gwen smiles.

        Gwen: Thanks.

        Gunn: Too bad we couldn't save that other guy though.
        Gwen nods seriously.

        Gwen: Yeah.

        Gunn: Guess it was inevitable there'd be some casualties. Greater good, you know?

        Gwen's smile fades. Gunn gets up.

        Gunn: Guess I should let you rest.

        Gwen's smile returns and she nods.

        Gwen: Bye.

        Gunn: Bye.

        Gunn walks out and closes the door. Gwen looks worried. She takes the device out of her pocket and stares at it. She stares into space.

        THE END
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