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Angel Episode 6.9 119. Game of Life

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  • Angel Episode 6.9 119. Game of Life

    Hi, this is the ninth episode of Angel Season 6 by me. I hope you enjoy reading it. If you have feedback, please post it here; both positive comments and constructive criticism are welcome

    Angel Episode 6.9 119. Game of Life

    Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters on Angel. They belong to Fox Studios and Joss Whedon. This work is fictional and is only for my and others entertainment. Therefore no infringement is intended. I do not intend to make a profit from this work. However I own all characters that have not previously appeared/been mentioned on Angel, so I can do whatever I like with them. Therefore any unauthorised usage of these characters is not permitted.

    ACT I

    Open on a house in the LA suburbs. Cut to inside the house. An 18-year-old male walks down the stairs and heads for the front door. A woman appears from the kitchen to the right.

    Woman: Scott are you going out?

    Scott: Well, yeah mom great observation.

    Scott's mum: Mind your tone. And dinner's almost ready, it'll go cold if you're not here.

    Scott: Listen it'll take five minutes, really.

    Scott's mum: Well what do you need to do anyway?

    Scott: Just to see someone about something.

    Scott's mother frowns.

    Scott's mum: Is this a something like drugs?

    Scott: Come on mom-

    Scott's mum: You never tell me! What am I supposed to think.

    Scott: It's nothing like drugs. Really, it's fine. I'll be back in five minutes really.

    His mother sighs.

    Scott's mum: Well I can't control you forever. Just be careful, ok.

    Scott: Yeah, yeah I will.

    His mother looks irritated and roles her eyes.

    Scott's mum: Five minutes.

    Scott: For sure.

    He opens the door and his mother walks back into the kitchen. Cut to Scott walking along the path silently in a different part of the street. It's night time. Music can be heard playing from a nearby house. He heads towards it. Cut to inside the house, in a small room. The door is closed and the music is muffled. A girl lies on top of a guy on the bed, making out. The girl smiles as she looks at him.

    Girl: Do?do you want to-

    Man: If you do then-

    Girl: I do! Oh god I do-

    They start kissing again as the girl begins unbuttoning her shirt. The camera moves past them to outside the window. Scott is stood below silently. He momentarily glances up at the window. He closes his eyes. Cut back to the couple making out. The guy begins kissing the girls neck. The girl breathes heavily and suddenly her eyes glow green. She moves her hands around the guy's neck and shoves him down on the pillow. The guy looks confused as the girl stares down at him, her eyes still glowing. Cut to Scott. His eyes are still closed. The guy opens his mouth as he begins choking and grabs at the girls hands to try and stop her. She is stronger however. The guy flails but begins to grow weaker and weaker. The girl squeezes one last time, as the guy's hands fall limply beside him. Cut to Scott outside. His eyes open. Cut to the bedroom. The girl's eyes turn back to normal and she collapses next to the body of the guy on the bed. Scott looks up at the room again and walks off. The girl opens her eyes weakly on the bed. She sits up slightly and sees the dead guy next to her. She looks horrified and screams.

    Cut to Scott opening the door to his house. His parents are already sat down, as is a little girl who we assume is his sister.

    Scott's mum: Well that was four minutes and 54 seconds.

    Scott: Go me.

    Scott's mum: Yes well done dear.

    She laughs. Scott smiles and walks over to the table.

    Scott's dad: Your mom said you had something you had to take care of. You get it done.

    Scott: I did.

    Scott smiles at his dad and then takes a bread roll from the basket in the middle of the table. The family all begin eating.

    Opening credits.


    AMY ACKER - Winnifred Burkle/Illyria
    J. AUGUST RICHARDS - Charles Gunn
    ALEXA DAVALOS - Gwen Raiden

    Guest Starring:

    SHAWN PYFROM - Scott
    ERICA DURANCE - Sophia
    LAWRENCE FISHBOURNE - Senior Partner

    Cut to Fred lying on her bed. There is a knock at her door. She rolls over and sits up.

    Fred: Come in.

    The door opens and Connor walks in. He smiles. Fred's face lights up.

    Connor: Hey.

    Fred: Connor, hi.

    She stands up and walks up to him. There is an awkward moment as the two seem to hesitate. They then hug. Connor releases Fred.

    Fred: It-it's good to see you.

    Connor: You too. How are you feeling?

    Fred: Uh, better I think. Thanks to you.

    They share a smile.

    Fred: There's still some stuff I have to sort out.

    Connor: Sure. Me too.

    Fred: Right. And you and your sister-

    Connor: Better, thanks. I think Sarah's past the not-dealing stage. But uh?

    Fred: What?

    Connor: I'm selling the house.

    Fred: Wh-what? Why?

    Connor: Too many memories. That life is pretty much behind me now I guess. Besides, the house is too big, and we don't exactly have an income.

    Fred: So what's gonna happen? Does Angel know about this?

    Connor: He does. He's cool with it. Sarah's gonna go live with our aunt. It's better for her there. And I'm?gonna stay here.

    Fred smiles surprised.

    Fred: Really?

    Connor: Yeah I thought it'd be for the best, you know?

    Fred: Well sure I mean?Angel's your father, you should be with him.

    Connor: Right. Makes it a lot easier for me to help out too.

    Fred nods and smiles. There is an awkward silence.

    Connor: So yeah I just have to move my stuff over. And help my sis with hers. In fact I should probably go do that now.

    Fred: Oh, ok. Well I'll see you-

    Connor: Later. Sure. Bye.

    Fred: Bye!

    Connor smiles and walks out. Fred's smile fades as he leaves. She looks confused as she sits back down on the bed.

    Cut to Connor walking down the stairs into the Hyperion lobby. Angel is carrying a box from the porch.

    Connor: Oh, hey you don't need to do that.

    Angel: Sure I do. There's a lot of stuff.

    Connor: You should see Sarah's stuff.

    Angel smiles.

    Angel: You talked to Fred?

    Connor: Yeah, she seemed glad.

    Angel: She would. I think she owes you a lot.

    Connor: It was nothing.

    Angel: Well it looks like nothing was what she needed then. Seriously Connor; you did what no one else around here could do. Get through to her.

    Connor: Maybe you're trying too hard to help her fit in. I think she just wants to be herself.

    Angel: I know. But I still see?

    Connor: Yeah, well, you gotta see past that.

    Angel smiles slightly.

    Angel: The academic world'll never know what it missed out on.

    Connor: Hey what the academic world loses, the demon world gains. I can make a bigger difference here. Really.

    Angel: You're sure? About all of this?

    Connor: I am. You never know, those visions I have could come in useful. Since most of what we know about them so far's been a lie.

    Angel: Yeah. But you know if there was some kind of truth in what Lilah said?I mean if you feel any side effects-

    Connor: I'll let you know. Don't worry dad, ok?

    Angel: Sorry.

    Angel smiles.

    Angel: Guess we should get moving with the rest of this stuff.

    Connor: Right, yeah.

    Angel and Connor head towards the door. However it opens and a young woman walks through. Angel and Connor look a little surprised. She looks around.

    Woman: Nice place.

    Angel: Uh, can I help you?

    Woman: Well yeah, but I can help you more. I'm Seneh.

    Angel: Sorry, uh, is that supposed to mean something?

    Seneh: Not yet. Uh Angel we need to talk. In private actually.

    Angel: What is this about? And you know my name?

    Seneh: Well it was hardly a lucky guess. It's ok, I work for the Powers.

    Angel: You do?
    Connor: Uh, maybe I should leave you guys to it.

    Seneh: Connor right? Sorry about the whole private thing, but you'll find out eventually anyway.

    Angel: What exactly are you here to tell me?

    Seneh: You don't hold back with the questions do you? Look Angel, all will be clear soon. Just as soon as we can have a little heart-to-heart, we can get started.

    Connor: Right, guess that's my cue. I'll get the rest of this stuff unpacked.

    Angel: Oh, uh, right. Will you be-

    Connor: Dad, they're boxes. I can handle sharp corners. I'll be fine.

    Angel: Right, sorry.

    Connor nods slightly and walks out. Seneh watches him go and then turns to Angel.

    Seneh: You worry about him. Cute.

    Angel: Well I, uh, wait, what's your name again?

    Seneh: It's Seneh. And you have a really nice office. Let's go in there.

    Angel looks over and nods. They walk in. Seneh closes the door behind her and looks at Angel.

    Seneh: So, firstly I'm not here to offer you any bribes, deals, offers or any other nifty concept that just happens to be on offer to you only.

    Angel: Well, that's a change.

    Seneh: So I hear. Oh and uh, you're probably wondering why I'm here instead of your pal Whistler.

    Angel: Actually no, but now that you mention it-

    Seneh: Kinda held up. War is so time consuming really.

    Angel: You mean the Powers and the Senior Partners are-

    Seneh: Not directly. Just some minions from time to time. Still can do a hell of a lot of damage. Notice how I hit the hell part?

    Angel: So something's up?

    Seneh: Well kinda. Remember how you used to have your little "Angel Investigations" thing going?

    Angel: Of course.

    Seneh: Last time I looked the helpless were still stuck in that category. Which is growing every day, by the way.

    Angel: Maybe the Powers didn't tell you about that fact I've been running Wolfram and Hart for the last year-

    Seneh: Angel there's no one who doesn't know about that. But that was then, this is now, and now the people need you more than they ever did before. There's a whole lotta battles to be fought out there.

    Angel: You think I don't know that?

    Seneh: Not lately, apparently.

    Angel: Look, I do, ok? You obviously know all about me?so you know that I've had far less access to visions since?

    Seneh: Yeah. And I'm sorry about Cordelia. I know Fred's not the most reliable in that area either. But that's where I come in.

    Angel: You?

    Seneh: Uh huh. Working for the Powers gives you a real big insight into the problems of the world. I can give you a few ideas to start with.

    Angel: Well, thanks but?I mean right now we're dealing with the Senior Partners and-

    Seneh: Oh what I'm suggesting involves the Senior Partners too. They have their sadistic little games they like to play with humans. It's time you started putting a stop to them.

    Angel: Well, uh, give me a starting point, I'll try and get everyone on it.

    Seneh: That's the spirit! Now, you probably don't watch much TV, but if ya did you'd know that there are a lot of murders going on at ragers recently.
    Angel: Some kind of cult ragers?

    Seneh: Uh, no just the regular kind.

    Angel: So why can't the police deal with that?

    Seneh: Well, in every single case the person accused has denied it.

    Angel: You sure they weren't a little out of their heads?

    Seneh: 90% were clean. Besides the weirdest part is they knew the victim well. And I mean really well. And who said sex and death don't mix?

    Angel: So what do you think this is?

    Seneh reaches into her jeans' pocket. She pulls out a photograph and hands it to Angel. Angel looks at it. Scott is in the picture.

    Seneh: This guy's been noticed walking away from the scene a number of times. With completely different crowds. A witness also said she saw him walking away just after the murder was supposedly committed.

    Angel: You think he's possessing people to kill?

    Seneh: Wouldn't be the first time that's happened. Anyway he's probably connected to the murders. It's your job to find out how. And then stop him. We've got an address too on the back of the photo so, pretty much as soon as you're ready. Oh and there's the address for one of the suspects too.

    Angel looks confused.

    Angel: That's it?

    Seneh: You want directions?

    Angel: I mean what about other cases?

    Seneh: All in good time my friend. Right now, these kids need you the most.

    Angel nods.

    Seneh: So uh, I'll let you get on that. I gotta go.

    Angel: Oh. Well, uh, thanks for this.

    Seneh: No problem. We'll meet again soon I'm sure. Good luck.

    Seneh vanishes. Angel frowns slightly. He looks down at the photograph.
    The front door can be heard closing. Angel looks up and walks out his office, placing the photo in his pocket. Connor, Gunn, Spike, Gwen and Illyria walk in each carrying a box of Connor's things, except Illyria who is carrying three. She places them on the floor.

    Illyria: I was told this task would be strenuous. It is not. I shall continue.

    Gunn: So says you with the demon strength.

    Gunn lowers his box on to the nearby table, afterwards clutching at his back slightly. Illyria walks out to get more while the others put down their boxes as well.

    Angel: So where have you all been?

    Spike: Patrolling around. Few vamp attacks, nothing out of the ordinary.

    Connor: Coulda been shape shifters in disguise.

    Gunn: The ones we dusted, well, dusted. No grey slime or nothing.

    Connor: Oh.

    Angel: They're still out there. I can tell.

    Spike: Yeah well we had no luck. Came back here, thought we'd help out a bit.

    Angel: So I see. Is there much left?

    Gwen: Not really.

    Gunn: By the weight of the boxes I think we've all been carrying one room's worth of stuff.

    Connor smiles.

    Connor: Thanks for helping anyway.

    Gunn: No problem. Except a lower back pain.

    Gwen: Ok Gunn you don't have to do anymore if it was too much for you.

    Gunn: Hey I aint stopped that easily.

    Gwen smiles and rolls her eyes. Illyria returns with another three equally large boxes.

    Gunn: You know, you could probably earn a lot doing that for a job.

    Illyria: Humans lift objects as a profession?

    Spike: It's more about where they put them down again.

    Illyria: Interesting. I shall consider this.

    Illyria places the boxes down and walks out. Spike and Gunn look at each other and follow. Gwen smiles. She looks at Angel.

    Gwen: How's Fred?

    Connor speaks before Angel gets the chance.

    Connor: She's stabled. Kinda tired.

    Spike: No doubt.

    Angel: But I think she'll be ok.

    Connor: Yeah.

    Gwen: Good. She deserves to be.

    There is a pause.

    Angel: Oh, I almost forgot. There's some stuff I have to talk to you all about. A case.

    Gunn who has just walked through the door, frowns slightly.

    Gunn: A case? We have cases again?

    Angel: We do. That's ok, right?

    Gunn: Sure?I guess I kinda miss ?em.

    Angel: Well I'll explain more after we finish all this.

    Connor looks at Gwen.

    Connor: Wanna help me take this stuff upstairs?

    Gwen: Sure.

    Connor and Gwen grab one of the larger boxes. Gwen's hand slips slightly causing her to grab at the box. Connor does also, and brushes his hand against her exposed arm. A jolt of electricity bursts between them. Connor pulls back his hand in pain and the box drops to the floor. Everyone looks slightly startled as Gwen looks apologetic.

    Gwen: Oh sorry-

    She cuts off suddenly. The camera zooms in on her forehead. There are a series of flashes of Illyria, Gunn, the doctor from Wolfram and Hart who gave Gunn the lawyer knowledge and Fred. Cut back to the Hyperion. Everyone looks confused.

    Angel: Gwen?

    Gwen looks up. She looks at Gunn, shocked. Gunn looks confused as Illyria cocks her head as she follows Gwen's gaze.
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    ACT II

    Cut to Gwen walking down the corridor of the Hyperion, with Connor, holding the box they had before. She looks troubled. Connor frowns.

    Connor: Are you sure you're ok?

    Gwen turns to him quickly.

    Gwen: Oh, yeah, yeah I'm fine. Guess it was some after shock or?something.

    Connor: Right. Sorry I shoulda been more careful-

    Gwen: No big, it my fault really. I'm just glad I didn't hurt you and your stuff's not broken.

    Connor smiles and nods. He and Gwen walk into his room and place the box down. Cut to the corridor. Fred peers out and frowns as she sees Angel carrying a box.

    Fred: Uh, can I help?

    Angel looks round and smiles at her.

    Angel: Fred! Hi, uh, I think we've got it covered actually.

    Fred smiles awkwardly.

    Fred: Oh, well-

    Angel: But you could help unload the stuff, if you want.
    Fred smiles.

    Fred: Sure.

    She walks out towards Connor's room. Spike appears next to Angel.

    Spike: Good sign.

    Angel: Yeah.

    Cut to Gunn following Angel and Spike into Connor's room. Gwen gives Gunn a sideward glance, but he doesn't notice. Fred is placing some of Connor's clothes in the wardrobe.

    Gunn: I think that's the last of ?em.

    Connor: Great. Uh you guys don't have to stay to unpack-

    Angel: No it's fine. But first I need to tell you all about this case.

    Fred: Case?

    Cut to everyone sat and standing around Connor's bedroom.

    Spike: So we're gonna follow the advice of some bird we've never met before and could possibly be evil.

    Angel: I don't think she'd lead us astray.

    Gunn: Coulda said the same about Lilah. And Skip said he worked for the Powers, look what happened there.

    Angel: I know. And I'm not saying we put our lives in her hands, but I know this area of the city, it's the suburbs. I think we should at least check out this guy.

    He holds up the photograph. The others look uncertain. Illyria looks around.

    Illyria: I agree with Angel. This woman could prove to be most useful, especially considering that we currently lack formidable allies. If she proves to have deceived us?I shall deal with her accordingly.

    Spike: Unless she has a couple of cars to throw.

    Illyria raises an eyebrow.

    Spike: Look Illyria you're strong, but you're not invincible. None of us are.

    Angel: You think she could be from Wolfram and Hart?

    Spike: Or worse.

    Fred: Well I don't think the Senior Partners would risk trying to infiltrate us first hand. Maybe we should just see if this pays off first?

    Connor: Yeah dad, like you said, the location doesn't look too dodgy.

    Spike: Unless that's a trick.

    Illyria: I doubt it.

    Gunn: I still think we should find out more about this Seneh chick. Gwen whatta you think?

    They all turn to Gwen. She looks up quickly. She looks uneasy.

    Gwen: Um?we should check it out. If this guy's really killing people; in whatever way, then we gotta stop him.

    Angel nods slightly. Spike and Gunn still look like they will object.

    Angel: I know you're suspicious, but if this really is the truth, then some kid could die tonight.

    There is a pause.

    Spike: All right. But I reserve the right to say "I told you so" at any time, ok?

    Angel smiles slightly.

    Connor: So what are we gonna do?

    Angel: I thought two of us could watch his house. See what he does, try and follow him to the party.

    Gwen: Do we have a name?

    Angel: Not yet. Following's one thing, but we need at least two people to go inside.

    Connor: I'll do it.

    Angel: Connor-

    Connor: Any of you guys at a rager would look pretty unusual. I'll be able to blend in.

    Fred: What if this guy targets you?

    Angel: Well actually Seneh did say that uh, the victims were kinda intimate with others?

    Connor: And I don't plan to hook up with anyone. I'll be cool. Besides I said I'd help and here's my chance.

    Angel looks apprehensive but nods.

    Angel: Ok. Illyria you can be back up, just in case something happens.

    Illyria: I shall attempt to blend also.

    Everyone looks a little confused at to how Illyria will do this.

    Angel: Uh, right. Then we need two more people to see some of suspects. See what they have to say about what happened.

    Gwen: I'll go. Me and Spike.

    Gunn, and generally everyone looks surprised.

    Angel: Oh. Ok, well me and Gunn'll stick around outside the party, in case this guy's doing something from the outside.

    Gunn looks at Gwen, but she avoids his gaze.

    Fred: What about me?

    Everyone looks at Fred.

    Angel: Fred?are you sure you wanna be involved?

    Fred: I'm not doing anyone any good staying in my room all day. What can I do?

    Angel: Uh?you can look up the killings online? And maybe look up Seneh too.

    Fred: I'll get on it.

    She smiles vaguely.

    Angel: Everyone know what they're doing?

    Everyone nods.

    Angel: Good. There could be a party tonight so we better get going soon. We'll get an arsenal together.

    Spike: Expecting trouble?

    Angel: Just in case.

    Angel walks out, followed by Spike, Illyria, Gwen and Gunn. Connor turns to Fred.

    Connor: You wanna come too.

    Fred: Well I guess the others think I'm too fragile to do that right now.

    Connor: Whatta you think?

    Fred: I think maybe they're right.

    Connor: Well one step at a time remember?

    Fred: Yeah.

    Connor and Fred walk out. Cut to the corridor. Gunn looks at Gwen.

    Gunn: Gwen, can we talk?

    Gwen looks awkward but nods. Angel looks at them as they make their way to their room.

    Gunn: We'll be down in a minute.

    Angel: Right. Don't be too long.

    Gunn nods. He opens the door and he and Gwen walk in. Illyria looks at the door as it closes.

    Illyria: They are experiencing difficulties.

    Angel: Like what?

    Illyria looks back at Connor who is talking to Fred.

    Illyria: I have my suspicions.

    Cut to Gunn and Gwen. Gwen folds her arms defensively.

    Gunn: Look, Gwen, you said you're ok, but you sure don't look it. Did the aftershock do something, or-

    Gwen: There was no aftershock.

    Gunn looks puzzled.

    Gunn: What? Then what-

    Gwen: What happened? I'll tell you. I touched Connor's arm. Apparently his visions are working as good as ever cause he showed me some.

    Gunn looks worried.

    Gunn: What did he show you?

    Gwen hesitates.

    Gwen: You. Fred. Some doctor guy. Illyria. All at Wolfram and Hart.

    Gunn looks shocked. He sits down on the bed.

    Gunn: So you know?

    Gwen: About how you let the sarcophagus in? Yeah I do. And the rest.

    Gunn looks at the floor ashamed.

    Gunn: I'm not proud of it.

    Gwen: I guessed that much. No one would be. And you know I can see how you made the mistake.

    Gunn looks up at her.

    Gunn: You do?

    Gwen: Yeah. You didn't think, but hey, anyone could have done it.

    Gunn nods slightly.

    Gwen: But you didn't tell me.

    Gunn looks grave again.

    Gunn: I thought I might not have to.

    Gwen: After I asked you specifically if anything had happened while I was gone? After all the stuff with Fred and Illyria recently? A-after I told you straight out about how I killed a guy? Gunn it would take a hell of a lot more than that for me to even start hating you. But if you can't even tell me stuff as big as that?how am I supposed to trust you either?

    Gunn: You think it's easy for me to tell you about how I helped kill Fred?

    Gwen: No. I don't. It's never easy, but I would have understood.

    Gunn: You say that now.

    Gwen: I killed that guy first hand. You played a tiny part in a huge chain of events that were pre-planned before humans even existed. So you know, when it comes to death and responsibility, I have a pretty open mind.

    Gunn: Look I'm sorry, but there was a time you were willing to lie to me to do whatever you wanted.

    Gwen: That was almost two years ago. I've been through a lot since then. I've just been less willing to hide it away than you have.

    Gwen walks out. Gunn looks sad. He slowly gets up and follows Gwen downstairs.

    Cut to Scott in his bedroom. He is looking into the mirror bitterly. Tears streak down his face. He punches the mirror angrily. Footsteps can be heard outside. Scott quickly places the mirror on the floor and wipes the tears from his face. His father opens the door quickly.

    Scott's dad: Scott what's going-

    Scott: Hey, dad, don't worry it was just the mirror.

    Scott's dad: How'd you manage that?

    Scott: It uh, just happened.

    Scott's dad: Oh. Well make you sure to fasten the screws tighter next time, ok?

    Scott nods. Scott's dad frowns.

    Scott's dad: You ok?

    Scott: I'm fine.

    Scott's dad: Going out tonight?

    Scott: Uh huh. Party at Raven's.

    Scott's dad: Right, I remember now. Will there be booze? And?other things?

    Scott: Dad I told you-

    Scott's dad: I know, I know. And I trust you. Just don't let me and your mom down, k?

    Scott: Right, I won't.

    Scott's dad smiles and nods.

    Scott's dad: Shame about that mirror. Seven years bad luck now, you know.

    He smiles and walks out. Scott's smile fades as he looks at the floor.

    Cut to Angel, Gunn, Illyria and Connor walking down the suburban street near Scott's house.

    Angel: I think this is it.

    Connor: Yeah, number 62.

    Illyria: This area is most similar to the Wolfram and Hart holding dimension.

    Angel: Not surprising. No one ever suspects what could be going on, on the other side of these doors.

    Gunn: At a guess I'd say something bad.

    Connor: Well I don't see any apocalypses around. Yet. Maybe that woman is good after all.

    Illyria: Indeed.

    Angel looks uncertain. He looks at the house.

    Cut to Gwen and Spike walking along. Gwen looks unhappy.

    Spike: So you and Gunn are having troubles eh?

    Gwen: Maybe.

    Spike: The look on your face ever this afternoon pretty much gives it away.
    Gwen: You don't need to know about it, ok?

    Spike holds up his hands defensively.

    Spike: All right, all right. Just curious.

    Gwen: Yeah well just forget about it for now. I'll tell you later.

    Spike nods.

    Spike: We're here anyway.

    Gwen: Right.

    Spike rings the doorbell. The girl who Scott used to kill the man earlier is seen. She frowns as she sees Spike and Gwen.

    Girl: Um, what do you want?

    Gwen: Hi, uh, we don't mean to bother you-

    Spike: We just want to ask a few questions.

    The girl continues frowning.

    Girl: Look, if you're here about the murder, I already told the police everything I remember.

    Gwen: Oh, hey, we're not here to blame you.

    Girl: Everyone else is. What makes you so different?

    Spike: We've seen things much more unbelievable than this.

    The girl looks confused.

    Girl: You FBI or something?

    Spike: We're getting there.

    Gwen: We just wanna hear what you have to say. We can help you.

    The girl hesitates.

    Spike: It'll only take a minute.

    The girl opens the door, revealing a strap around her leg, with an electronic tag.

    Girl: Well I'm not going anywhere. Come in.

    Spike and Gwen walk in.

    Girl: I'm Sophia by the way.

    Gwen: Hi. I'm Gwen, this is Spike.

    Spike smiles and nods in greeting.

    Sophia: So, uh, what exactly do you wanna ask?

    Gwen: Well tell us about what happened. With the murder, if that's ok.

    Sophia sighs and sits down.

    Sophia: Ok, me and Josh?that's, I mean, was his name. We were?we were together and it felt right to just, you know, go for it. While it was happening, I felt overwhelmed suddenly.

    Spike: That's not so unusual.

    Sophia: I can't remember much after that.

    Spike: Neither's that.

    Gwen rolls her eyes at Spike.

    Gwen: You're sure you didn't see anything?

    Sophia: Well, I think maybe a saw a green light, in front of me. I felt like I was being taken over or, or something, then I blacked out. The next moment I was on the bed next to Josh. And he was dead.

    Sophia looks tearful.

    Gwen: I'm sorry.

    Sophia: Thanks. But the uh, police said that he'd been strangled, and I was the only one who could possibly have done it. Even though I know I didn't. They think I was stoned or, or something, I know I was clean. They just won't listen.

    Gwen: It's ok. We will. I just need to make a call quickly.

    Sophia: About me?

    Gwen: Well?

    Sophia: Why exactly are you helping me?

    Spike: We want to know who's framing you and everyone else accused. Might be able to stop it happening any more.

    Sophia: There are others?

    Gwen: Spike, why don't you explain, I'm gonna call Fred.

    Spike nods. Gwen walks into a small kitchen and picks up her mobile.

    Cut to Fred in the Hyperion typing on a laptop. She picks up the phone as it rings.

    Fred: Hello? Gwen, hi. Yeah, I?green eyes? Uh, I'm not sure that's really gonna narrow it down.

    Cut back to Gwen.

    Gwen: This girl doesn't remember anything else.

    Cut back to Fred.

    Fred: Right. Well if there's anything major about green eyes I'll call back, ok?

    Cut back to Gwen.

    Gwen: Sure. We'll keep asking too.

    Cut back to Fred who puts the phone down. She sighs and continues searching the net. The phone rings again, and Fred picks it up.

    Fred: That was quick.

    Voice: Hello? Fred?

    Fred looks shocked as she realises it's her mother.

    Fred: Mom?
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      ACT III

      Cut to Scott on the porch. His mum waves to him and he waves back before walking down the path and on to the street. Some other teenagers walk past talking. Scott begins to follow them. Illyria, Angel, Gunn and Connor emerge from behind a nearby tree.

      Gunn: Looks like it's party time.

      Angel: Right. Stay low.

      Illyria however has walked straight out. She now resembles Fred slightly, but her hair is much wilder and darker she is wearing a rather revealing scarlet top and a black skirt, complete with fishnets and black boots. Angel, Gunn and Connor stare at her.

      Angel: This is staying low?

      Illyria: We will only attract attention if we are excessively covert.

      Gunn: Well you're definitely gonna attract attention wearing that.

      Illyria looks down at her outfit. Gunn raises his eyebrows. Connor looks away embarrassed.

      Illyria: I offend you?

      Connor: Uh, not exactly.

      Illyria: I was to believe that such an outfit is customary for events such as this. And that men are most attracted to it.

      Angel: Illyria we're not here so that you can experience human relationships-

      Illyria: If I am able to distract a certain proportion of the males in the vicinity, perhaps it will give you a chance to investigate further, without diversion.

      Angel hesitates.

      Connor: Uh, dad, that guy's just about to turn the corner.

      Angel looks at Scott walking away. He looks at Illyria who cocks her head.

      Angel: Fine. We better hurry.

      Illyria smiles slightly. She looks at Connor and Gunn. They look away quickly and carry on walking.

      Cut to Gwen and Spike walking out of Sophia's house.

      Sophia: I'm sorry I can't help further.

      Gwen: It's ok, really. We have friends, they might have had more luck than us.

      Sophia: Do you think?this could be something, you know?supernatural?

      Gwen and Spike glance at each other.

      Spike: We'll let you know.

      Sophia smiles slightly and nods. She shuts the door. Gwen and Spike walk away.

      Gwen: Think we should make our way to find the others?

      Spike: Yeah.

      Gwen: I'll call Fred first, just to check.

      Gwen gets out her mobile and rings the Hyperion. Cut to the Hyperion. There is no sign of Fred.

      Cut back to Gwen. She waits for a few more seconds before hanging up.

      Gwen: No answer.

      Spike: Maybe she didn't reach the phone in time?

      Gwen: Maybe. Oh well, I guess she would have called if something came up.

      Spike nods. Gwen gets out her phone. A close up shot of it shoes she is ringing Angel.

      Cut to Scott walking down the street. Angel and co. are walking about 20 feet behind him. A close up on Angel shows that he is on the phone.

      Angel: Ok. See you then.

      Angel turns to the others.

      Angel: They'll be here soon.
      The others nod. When they look back Scott has vanished.

      Gunn: Where the hell'd he go?

      Illyria: I would assume he is inside.

      She points to a nearby house. There are two men stood outside, and lots of people seem to be gravitating towards it.

      Angel: Ok, Connor, Illyria, you go inside. We'll go round the back.

      Angel and Gunn hurry off. Connor and Illyria walk up to the entrance. They try and enter. Illyria walks past as the two guys at the entrance smile at her. However they stop Connor from going any further.

      Man #1: Hey, dude, where the do you think you're going?

      Connor: Uh?inside?

      Man #2: Don't think so man. Turn around.

      Illyria looks back as the second man pushes Connor back. She walks up to him and grabs his wrist. The man opens his mouth and gasps and looks at Illyria.

      Illyria: I would ask that you allow him to enter.

      The first man looks uncertain. The second man nods quickly. Connor smiles quickly at the men and enters. Illyria smiles also and follows behind.

      They walk into the midst of the party. People are dancing around. Cut to outside. Scott is standing looking at the window. He looks up at the window upstairs. The camera zooms up quickly and through the window. A girl and guy are kissing against the door. They land on the bed. The girl kneels on top of the guy and undoes his belt. She bites her lip and smiles at him. Cut to Angel and Gunn below. They watch Scott.

      Gunn: What's he doing?

      Angel: I'm not sure. I think we should wait here; see if anything happens.

      Cut to Illyria and Connor walking inside. Illyria looks around curiously. Connor turns to look at her.

      Connor: (shouting above the music) You ok?

      Illyria: (shouting) Indeed. I am simply curious by your customs.

      Connor: Oh.

      Connor looks around. Lots of guys are checking out Illyria.

      Illyria: Rarely have I heard noise of this volume. Even in the fiercest of battles. I am surprised the human body is not crippled by such an onslaught.

      Connor: Uh, well actually-

      Someone grabs Connor's shoulder. He looks forwards. A large, muscular guy is stood holding him, while the man whose wrist Illyria grabbed and some other guys are stood around him.

      Man #2: That's him!

      The muscular guy looks angrily at Connor and punches him. Connor falls back with a bloody nose. Illyria's eyes widen and she swiftly punches the muscular guy back into the others. Connor gets up. Illyria turns to him.

      Illyria: Your injury is minor.

      Connor wipes the blood from his nose and nods. The muscular guy gets up looking livid.

      Muscular guy: Bitch!

      The guy runs towards Connor. Illyria grabs him by the neck.

      Connor: Illyria wait!

      She throws the guy forward. He hits the sound system. The music stops and everyone who hadn't already stopped dancing to watch the fight looks around. Illyria walks forward.

      Cut to Scott outside. His eyes flash green. Cut to the upstairs bedroom. The guy is now shirtless underneath the girl. The guy's eyes flash green as the girl begins to take her top off. He grabs her round the throat, smothering her face in her top. She screams as they land on the floor. The guy continues to choke her.

      Cut to Angel and Spike watching Scott. His eyes flare green. Gunn and Angel rush out towards him. Suddenly a guy falls through the window in front of them. Scott turns and his eyes return to normal. Cut to upstairs. The guy's eyes return to normal. The girl gets up quickly and looks horrified, as does the guy. He looks at her.

      Guy: L?Lisa I-

      Lisa: Get away from me!

      She quickly puts on her trousers and rushes out. The guy pursues her out. Cut to outside. Scott looks shocked as Angel and Gunn look at him. They step over the guy. Illyria is standing on the other side of the window. Angel looks annoyed.

      Angel: Nice diversion!

      Illyria: Agreed.

      She smiles and spins round. Most people are backing away from her and running out. Gunn grabs Scott by the collar.

      Gunn: What the hell are you up to?

      Scott looks afraid.

      Scott: I don't-

      Cut to Lisa running down the stairs pursued by the guy. She bumps into Connor and the guy grabs her arms.

      Guy: Listen to me!

      Lisa struggles.

      Connor: Hey leave her alone!

      Cut to Gunn holding Scott. Angel looks over at him.

      Angel: Look we know you're connected to these murders somehow, so just tell us-

      Scott: I would but I can't.

      Angel: Why not?

      Scott: I-

      His expression suddenly changes. He punches Gunn in the face. Angel moves in to retaliate. Gwen and Spike arrive at the front door. Lisa runs past them. The guy heads for the door also.[/I]

      Connor: Stop him!

      Spike holds his arm out, and the guy runs into him. Gwen looks confused.

      Gwen: This isn't the guy-

      Connor: That girl touched me. I saw her being attacked by him.

      Spike looks down at the guy and slams him against the wall.

      Spike: Like attacking girls do you?

      Guy: I?I didn't I?we were about to?for the first time-

      Spike: Ruined your chances there then haven't you?

      Guy: I?don't remember.

      Gwen: Spike, wait.

      Spike: What?

      Gwen: Don't you see this? This is like Sophia. He doesn't remember.

      Spike looks uncertain. Connor looks confused. Scott dives through the hole in the window in semi-slow motion. Everyone turns as Angel follows him. Illyria attempts to grab Scott but he manages to dodge her barely. Spike releases the guy who runs out. Gwen and Connor look worried. Spike stands in Scott's way and punches him. Return to normal speed. Scott looks angry. His eyes flash, as do Spike's. Spike suddenly turns and looks at Gwen. He grabs a nearby beer bottle. Connor stands in the way but Spike pushes him aside. He raises the beer bottle as Gwen tries to duck. Angel and Illyria race after Scott. Gunn grabs Spike's arm and takes the bottle out. He punches Spike in the face. He sees Scott running and throws the bottle. It spins in the air and hits Scott in the back of the head. Scott cries out and falls forewords. Scott's eyes turn to normal as do Spike's. Gunn turns to Gwen.

      Gunn: You ok?

      Gwen nods simply. They turn to see Angel grabbing Scott. He raises his fist angrily. The ground starts to rumble. Everyone looks around confused. There is an apparition in the garden. Spike, Gunn, Gwen and Connor walk out. Angel turns to look at what's happening. A man in a suit appears. His face however is almost entirely enshrouded in darkness. A faint smile can be seen forming however.

      Man: Well, well, well. I wondered how long it would be before we meet Angel.
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        ACT IV

        Angel looks at Scott who looks afraid. He gets up slowly releasing Scott. Scott gets up to but stays put. Angel looks at the man.

        Angel: Who are you?

        Man: Just another face you're unlikely to forget.

        Gunn: That a joke?

        Man: Ah, Mr Charles Gunn. I see the intelligence is still there. I was very disappointed when you refused further sessions.

        Gwen looks from the man to Gunn. Gunn frowns.

        Gunn: You're a Senior Partner.

        Senior Partner: Well done. You've met some of my other colleagues I believe.

        Spike: Would you like to be the first we kill?

        Senior Partner: Oh, I'm sorry I can't stay long. I was just here to finish something.

        He looks at Scott.

        Senior Partner: Well young man, you haven't done what I asked.

        Scott: I tried.

        Senior Partner: Effort is meaningless. I want results. And that's something you really can't provide.

        A gun suddenly forms in the Senior Partner's hand. He fires it at Scott. Angel jumps in the way and just manages to catch the bullet in his shoulder. The Senior Partner looks angry.

        Senior Partner: Typical.

        Angel winces in pain.

        Angel: Gonna have to do better than that.

        Senior Partner: Oh I will. Scott you may have your little body guard here but that won't be enough to stop me getting in your head. Remember, I can take control whenever I want.

        Connor: Why? Whatta you gain from making him kill people?

        Senior Partner: Apart from thinning the herd, it gives life force. If you remember, you recently destroyed our operation to create shape shifters. We've been looking for new sources since then.

        Angel: We'll find a way to stop you.

        Senior Partner: You think he's the only one? Please. One of thousands, my friend. And all of them are reaping what they sow, for yours truly.

        Everyone looks worried.

        Senior Partner: Well I must be going. See you soon Scott.

        Scott looks emptily at the ground. Gwen blasts electricity at the Senior Partner. He sweeps his arm knocking everyone back. They look up and he's gone.

        Angel: Dammit.

        [I]Scott looks up. He notices the gun on the ground. He gets up quickly and rushes towards it. Angel realises and follows hastily. Scott grabs the gun and places it to his temple. Angel halts and puts out his hands calmly.[I]

        Angel: Scott?please, look, it doesn't have to end like this.

        Scott smiles sadly and nods.

        Scott: Everything ends like this.

        He pulls the trigger. Gwen looks away in disgust. Everyone else stares at the tragic scene before them. Illyria walks next to Angel as he stares at Scott's body.

        Illyria: You could not have prevented this.

        Angel: We could've helped him. Help him block out the control.

        Illyria: I believe attempting to counter the dark magics of the Senior Partners would be futile.

        Angel remains silent. Spike looks at Gwen.

        Spike: Uh, sorry about before-

        Gwen: Don't worry, you don't have to?I get it wasn't you.

        She looks at Gunn.

        Gwen: Thanks.

        Gunn nods. Connor is staring at the body still. Spike looks concerned.

        Spike: Maybe we should head back.

        Angel turns around.

        Angel: Yeah. We'll call the police first, let them know.

        Spike nods. Angel looks at Connor.

        Angel: I'm sorry you had to see this.

        Connor: Don't be. I guess it happens.

        Angel: Yeah.

        There is a wide shot of everyone stood around the body.

        Cut to Angel opening the Hyperion doors followed by the others. Illyria is back to her original look

        Spike: You reckon Seneh'll be back any time soon?

        Angel: I wouldn't be surprised.

        Gunn: I just hope they turn out better.

        Illyria: At least we have knowledge of another Senior Partner.

        Spike: Wish we could say another one bites the dust.

        Illyria: In time, we may succeed.

        Spike: Yeah well?

        Everything has gone very silent. Angel is stood in front of the counter. There is a letter on there. He looks shocked. Connor walks up to him.

        Connor: Dad?

        Gwen: What is it?

        Angel continues to stare at the note.

        Angel: It's Fred. She's gone.

        There is silence. Everyone looks confused. Cut to a shot of Fred's room. Much of it is now empty. Cut to Fred getting off a bus at night. She is carrying several bags. She starts walking up towards her mum and dad's house. She smiles confidently.

        THE END
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