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Angel Episode 6.8 118. A Place Called Hell

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  • Angel Episode 6.8 118. A Place Called Hell

    Hi, this is the eighth episode of Angel Season 6 by me. I hope you enjoy reading it. If you have feedback, please post it here; both positive comments and constructive criticism are welcome

    Angel Episode 6.8 118. A Place Called Hell

    Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters on Angel. They belong to Fox Studios and Joss Whedon. This work is fictional and is only for my and others entertainment. Therefore no infringement is intended. I do not intend to make a profit from this work. However I own all characters that have not previously appeared/been mentioned on Angel, so I can do whatever I like with them. Therefore any unauthorised usage of these characters is not permitted.

    ACT I

    Open on Fred lying in her bed in the Hyperion. She is lying on her side staring forwards. Wesley sits up next to her. He looks at her fondly smiling.

    Wesley: Hello, you.

    Fred rolls over to look at him and smiles back.

    Fred: Morning.

    Wesley: It's later than you think.

    Fred looks back at the bedside table. The digital clock appears to be turned off. She frowns and looks back at Wesley.

    Fred: Have we got time?

    Wesley: As much as you want.

    Fred smiles. She and Wesley kiss. There is a flash to a shape shifter in its original white form. It looks up straight into the camera. Cut back to Fred and Wesley. Fred opens her eyes and pulls back. She looks down. Wesley stares at her.

    Wesley: I thought you wanted to go deeper.

    Fred lies back on the pillow staring at the ceiling.

    Fred: Not deep enough.

    There is a series of flashes between the current scene and Fred laid in a chair that looks like a dentist's. There is a light over her. The flashes end with that scene. Fred sits up, shielding her eyes from the light. The demon doctor is seen nearby and he turns the light off.

    Fred: It's still not working.

    Demon: What?

    Fred: I had a vision.

    Demon: Well I may be able to help you block out a lot of things but a beep from the Powers always gets through.

    Fred: Tell me about it.

    Demon: So nothing happened?

    Fred: No, it did I just?when I need to get away, I need to rely that this is gonna work. I don't wanna get pulled out of it by visions or anything.

    Demon: I can understand that. And I'll try my best.

    Fred: Can't you get some more of that Glarguhkashnik thingy's venom?

    Demon: Glarghk guhl kashma'nik. And no, I can't. It's powerful stuff, and too much could kill ya. Besides it's in short supply. You'd be amazed at how many people wanna escape this world.

    Fred: And how much are they paying you?

    Demon: They pay enough.

    Fred: Look I'll pay twice as much if-

    Demon: Doesn't work like that Fred. Believe me, I'm doing the best I can for you right now. Money won't change that. But if you'd like to try your luck elsewhere then please, be my guest.

    Fred hesitates. She exhales and lies back on the chair.

    Fred: Let's do it again.

    The demon smiles and nods.

    Demon: Sure thing.

    He takes an almost empty syringe and injects the remaining venom into Fred's arm. He flicks the light on. There is a series of flashes between Fred sitting in the chair and Fred lying in bed with Wesley.

    Opening credits.


    AMY ACKER - Winnifred Burkle/Illyria
    J. AUGUST RICHARDS - Charles Gunn
    ALEXA DAVALOS - Gwen Raiden

    Special Guest Stars:

    ALEXIS DENISOF - Wesley Wyndham Pryce

    Guest Starring:

    STEPHANIE ROMANOV - Lilah Morgan
    ADAM BALDWIN - Marcus Hamilton
    CLAUDIA KARVAN - Invidia
    EMMA HUNTON - Sarah

    Open on Connor in the hospital corridor, at night, next to a vending machine. He takes some water out of it and turns around. Angel is stood next to him. Angel smiles slightly.

    Connor: Oh?uh, hey.

    Angel: Hi. I hope you don't me being-

    Connor: No, no it's cool. I mean it's been almost two weeks.

    Angel: Ok.

    Connor nods. There is a pause.

    Angel: So, uh, how are you doing?

    Connor: You know?gotta hold up. For her.

    Angel: Right, uh, how is she?

    Connor: Much better, thanks. Coming home tomorrow.

    Angel: I'm glad.

    Connor smiles momentarily and nods. There is another awkward pause.

    Angel: Wanna sit down?

    Connor: Ok.

    They sit on some chairs nearby.

    Angel: Look, I know you might not want me to help, but if I can in any way, funeral arrangements or-

    Connor: You would?

    Angel: Of course.

    Connor: Thanks. I kinda looked at that list of stuff that needs to be done and ran away.

    Angel smiles slightly.

    Angel: So we're ok?

    Connor: Sure. Sorry about before?I was-

    Angel: You were hurting. I know how it feels.

    Connor: Right. It's weird though?I feel like I've lost my dad, but I haven't. He's right in front of me.

    Angel: I don't think it's about who people are. It's about how you feel about them.

    Connor: Yeah?

    Angel: There was uh, something else I wanted to talk to you about. You remember Lilah?

    Connor: More or less. Didn't she die?

    Angel: Well, yeah but-

    Connor: So, there could be a way to, you know, bring back my-

    Angel: Connor-

    Connor: Right it's stupid.

    Angel: No, I mean it's happened before?for better, or worse. But it's dangerous. Besides technically, Lilah's still dead. She just pays us a visit every now and then when she has something to share.

    Connor: So what about her?

    Angel: I'm thinking it's share time. The visions you're having, she knows about them. More than she's letting on. She might know who killed your parents too. And who they're working for.

    Connor looks at him.

    Connor: You can find her now?

    Angel: Gunn thinks he can remember a way.

    Connor: Right. So, if you find out; who killed them, I mean. You'll tell me right?

    Angel: Yeah. But Connor if you're thinking of going after them-

    Connor: You will.
    Angel: Do we have to go over this again?

    Connor: Look this isn't me fighting for no reason anymore. I wanna stop whoever did it. And I wanna stop them from doing it again.

    Angel: I don't think they will. Look, this may be hard for you to hear, but I think they killed your parents to get to me. If I'd kept you away from this world?

    Connor pauses.

    Connor: I figured as much, actually. And don't try and take the blame. You didn't make me do anything. I did it, because I wanted to. And now I need to. Ok?

    Angel pauses.

    Angel: I know how you feel. But there's gonna come a point where you can't handle what they throw.

    Connor: Could be the same for you.

    Angel: Well I hope not.

    There is a pause.

    Angel: Look, I'll tell you what we get out of Lilah. If anything. And maybe, we can fight whatever did all this together.

    Connor pauses and then nods.

    Angel: Ok.

    Connor: Yeah. Listen, I should go check on Sarah. She's pretty afraid of being alone now.

    Angel: Oh. Ok.

    Connor gets up.

    Connor: See ya later.

    Angel: Bye.

    Connor walks away. He looks serious. Angel looks after him and then looks at the floor worriedly.

    Cut to Gwen, Spike and Gunn in the Hyperion lobby in the morning. Gwen is training with Spike, who is holding a punch bag. Illyria walks down the stairs. Gwen looks up and notices her.

    Gwen: Illyria, hey.

    Illyria nods. She looks at Gunn.

    Illyria: Have you obtained the necessary ingredients for the Summoning spell?

    Gunn: Think so. My memory should be a little hazy, but it should work.

    Illyria nods.

    Gunn: How you doing, anyway?

    Spike: You look better.

    Illyria: Indeed I have attempted to?sleep, as you suggested. However, so far I have been unsuccessful.

    Gunn: Did you actually try lying down this time?

    Illyria: In that position I am vulnerable from attack.

    Gwen: Well I doubt any of us are gonna try and kill you in your sleep.

    Illyria: I was referring to those that threaten all of us.

    Spike: You mean that bloke with the wings? I think that sword through his skull sorted him.

    Gunn: Not to mention getting fried by Gwen.

    Gunn smiles at Gwen.

    Gwen: Yeah well being Elektra the second does have its upsides.

    Gwen turns to Spike and nods. Spike holds the punch bad up. Gwen punches it and sparks fly off into the air.

    Gwen: And let's hope the demons aren't made of rubber.

    Illyria: He was not the last.

    Gunn: Last of what exactly?

    Spike: I got the impression he had at least hint of pure demon in him.

    Illyria: Indeed.

    Spike: One of your mates from way back?

    Illyria: Hardly. He and I were once great rivals.

    Spike: Well?you won.

    Illyria: I have had many rivals.

    Gunn: And does that surprise anyone?

    Gwen: So you think their unfinished business with you might be something to do with why they're here?

    Illyria: I believe their thirst for revenge may be being used to another's advantage. I would not be surprised if it was Wolfram and Hart that arranged the murders of Connor's family.

    Spike: Looks like it.

    Gunn: And if the Senior Partners really aren't playing together no more, we could have more than one set of bloodthirsty demons on our ass.

    Gwen: Well Lilah made it sound they were more eager fighting each other. Plus she may not have a conscience but she's been right about Connor paying the price. Maybe her guys are the lesser evil here? And they can help us fight the?eviller evil.

    Spike: Or she might just want us to think that.

    Angel OS: And that's what we're gonna find out.

    Everyone turns to see Angel walking towards them.

    Gwen: Angel. I was wondering when you were getting back.

    Angel: Hey. And yeah, I thought I'd stay by the hospital, just in case Connor?needed anything.

    Gunn: How is he?

    Angel: Better I think. Though something tells me he's pretty bent on getting revenge.

    Gunn: And we know how well that worked out with you so?

    Spike: Well, it was definitely vampires that killed his mum and dad. Not like he hasn't fought them before.

    Angel: This doesn't stop with vampires. We all know how keen Wolfram and Hart are to keep up their mixed ethnicity policy. And they're not afraid to show it off. Connor can't fight that alone.

    Illyria: Indeed. He would be dead within minutes.

    Angel: Thank you, for that insight Illyria.

    Illyria: Optimism is treacherous. Many have fallen because of it. It is doubtful even all of ours strengths together can challenge the mustered forces of Wolfram and Hart.

    Spike: Half of.

    Illyria: Even half.

    Gunn: Well optimism seems like a better plan than running away.

    Angel: Right. But first, we need answers.

    Gunn nods. Suddenly everyone frowns.

    Gwen: Uh, ok where the hell is Fred?

    Cut to Fred opening her eyes. Tears are running down her cheeks. The demon is stood next to her.

    Demon: I trust you're satisfied now?

    Fred: I am.

    Demon: Well I'm glad it worked. I can give you two sessions a week, will that be ok?

    Fred: Yeah that's fine. Thank you.

    Demon: No problem. Now you better get going, before your friends start sending a search party.

    Fred nods and smiles. She walks out the door, smiling to herself. The demon waits until she's gone and then walks into the next room.

    Demon: She's gone.

    The other demon seen in Here Comes the Rain Again appears and smiles.

    Demon #2: You get it?

    Demon: I sure did.

    The demon walks over to the desk and opens the top draw. He is holding a jar of pale blue mist, which is gently swirling inside. He smiles as he holds it up.

    Cut to Fred walking into the Hyperion. Gunn and Gwen are setting up some candles for the spell. Angel turns round to look at Fred.

    Angel: Fred, hey?where've you been?

    Fred: Hey. And you know, around.

    Gunn: At that professor's place?

    Fred: Right.

    Spike: You two must be bonding pretty well?

    Fred: Yeah, we're uh?great.

    Angel: Well I'm glad your making friends.

    He smiles at Fred who smiles back. Illyria watches.

    Gwen: Do I sense that this is more than a friends thing?

    Fred: What? Oh, no, no way. He's, uh, old.

    Spike, Angel and Illyria look at her. Fred looks awkward.

    Fred: So, uh, what have I missed?

    Cut Gunn lighting a candle in the middle of the Hyperion. Everyone else is stood around. He stands back quickly. There is a pause.

    Spike: What happens now?

    The lights dim slightly and the flame erupts upwards. Everyone shields themselves from the light and heat. The flame fades.

    Spike: Never mind.

    A figure is lying on the floor. Angel frowns. He steps forward.

    Angel: Lilah?

    The figure stirs. It definitely appears to be Lilah. She looks up and then at the gang. Fred puts her hand to her mouth in horror. Spike winces. Everyone else stares horrified. Lilah's face is ripped open down the middle.
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    ACT II

    Spike: Bloody hell!

    Lilah's face begins healing quickly and soon Lilah is back to normal. She twitches her face slightly looking sore.

    Lilah: Sorry about that, you called at a bad time.

    Angel: Uh, right.

    Lilah folds her arms. Everyone still looks disgusted.

    Lilah: Oh come on, what did you expect? I'd be getting a massage? Though actually I've heard stories where Hitler gives you one and-

    Angel: Lilah-

    Lilah: Yeah sorry, but is it so wrong for me to savour the moments where I'm not feeling intense pain?

    Fred looks at her sadly.

    Lilah: Oh honey if you knew what I'd done, you wouldn't feel that way.

    Fred: Still, no one deserves-

    Angel: Can we please leave what Lilah does or doesn't deserve until later?

    Fred frowns.

    Lilah: Go on then Angel, skip to the inevitable chase. Or should I fill in the blanks for you? Let me see?you wanna know who killed Connor's so-called parents and find out whether those visions are really killer. Oh and not forgetting the whole demon incident.

    Lilah looks at Gwen.

    Lilah: Nice job, by the way. I was watching, cheering you all on.

    Everyone looks at her.

    Lilah: Ok I wasn't, but I hear it was a blast.

    Angel frowns as he looks at Lilah.

    Angel: You knew.

    Lilah: What's that?

    Angel: You knew about the attack on Connor's parents.

    Angel looks angry. He walks up to Lilah and grabs her by the next.

    Angel: (shouting) Why didn't you tell me!?

    Lilah: Oh please, Angel, I've already been strangled by my own intestines three times today. This little move of yours really doesn't inspire much fear in me anymore.

    Spike: Uh, Angel you know, she has a point.

    Angel looks angry. He slowly releases Lilah. She rubs her neck and smiles.

    Lilah: You know I've missed that grasp.

    Angel grits his teeth.

    Angel: Tell us what you know.

    Lilah: Why exactly, should I?

    Gwen: We helped you.

    Lilah: So that makes us the best of friends, and we tell each other all our secrets? I don't remember reading that part.

    Angel: Lilah?please.

    Lilah: Look, my boss really doesn't like me helping you out of the 0.1% goodness of my heart. What I will help you with, is Junior.

    Angel: You will?

    Lilah: Yeah, the other Senior Partners are behind it. You should probably kick their asses.

    Gunn: If I know anything about the Senior Partners, it's that they get others to do their dirty work.

    Lilah: Wow Gunn you're still way ahead of the game aren't you?

    Gunn glares at her. She roles her eyes.

    Lilah: Ok, fine, it's shape shifters. I believe you've met?

    Spike: You mean that lot that followed us to Buffy's?

    Lilah: Right. And let's just say they'll be doing a lot more following in the near future.

    Angel: How many?

    Lilah: Well I'd go with "a lot". And the fun part is you can't tell who they are. They could be vampires like with Connor's family, or you know, one of you.

    Everyone looks awkward. Lilah rolls her eyes.

    Lilah: Oh don't look so blue, I'm sure you'll all figure it out. I mean you always do. One way or another. Oh, and by the way, those visions Connor keeps having?

    Angel frowns.

    Lilah: You might wanna visit someone who knows about that kinda thing. You know, just in case. Here's a good place to go to.

    Lilah flicks a piece of paper towards Angel who catches it. There is a flash behind Lilah. Hamilton appears. Lilah turns round.

    Lilah: Marcus! What a surprise.

    Hamilton: Lilah. We'll be leaving now.

    Lilah: Oh, did I say something I shouldn't have? Oops.

    Hamilton: Very nice. Now if you'll come with me. Angel. Everyone.

    Lilah: Well bye. And remember, go get ?em champs!

    Hamilton looks at her and grabs her arm.

    Lilah: So long, fare well.

    Lilah rolls her eyes and she and Hamilton disappear. There is a pause.

    Gwen: Well, she was helpful.

    Angel: She's only interested in getting a one-up on Hamilton's guys.

    Gwen: Yeah, I kinda figured.

    Illyria: Yet we now know that we must disband the shape shifters. They may strike again.

    Spike: Except, once again, we don't know where the hell we're supposed to go.

    Fred: Well, actually?

    Angel: What?

    Fred: Earlier, I had a vision. I saw a shape shifter. Then later on I saw it again. There was an alleyway, next to a club, it had a blue and red sign. I think it said Mel's or something.

    Illyria: You did not mention this before.

    Fred: Sorry, I forgot.

    Angel: It's ok. We'll find it soon. But first I'm gonna find Connor.

    Gunn: Lilah could have been lying.

    Angel: I don't think she would be. Looks like the other Senior Partners' plans involve Connor.

    Spike: So she's taking every chance she can get to bugger things up for ?em. Helpful.

    Angel: Right.

    Gwen: Is Connor still at the hospital?

    Angel: Yeah, but his sister's being released soon. I better get to him before they go.

    Gunn: Good luck.

    Angel nods and walks out the door. The others look awkward.

    Fred: You know, I almost forgot, I have an appointment, uh soon.

    Gunn: Everything ok?

    Fred: Yeah, yeah it's fine. It's just to make sure everything's ok, you know.

    Gunn: Yeah.

    Gunn doesn't look completely convinced.

    Fred: Well, bye.

    Fred smiles and walks out. Gwen notices Gunn frowning.

    Gwen: What?

    Gunn: I think she's hiding something.

    Spike: Well, we better not pry eh?

    Gunn: You're right. Guess she'll tell us if she wants to.

    Cut to Angel walking along the hospital corridor. He stops and knocks on one of the doors. Connor's sister opens it. Her arm is in a sling and she has a bandage across her forehead. Angel looks awkward but smiles. Sarah looks cautious.

    Angel: Uh, hi.

    Sarah: Hello. Who are you?

    Angel: Um, I'm Angel, is your brother around?

    Sarah frowns.

    Sarah: That's what they said. When they came.

    Angel: You mean-

    Sarah: They wouldn't go away. Like you.

    Angel: Look, Sarah, I'm not trying to hurt you.

    Sarah: How do you know my name?

    Angel: I'm a friend of Connor's, he told me ok.

    Sarah: I don't believe you.

    Connor appears. He looks at Angel and Sarah.

    Connor: Oh, uh?

    He looks at his sister.

    Connor: Angel. I didn't think you'd be coming back so soon.

    Angel: Yeah, Connor we need to talk.

    Connor hesitates. He turns to Sarah.

    Connor: I'll be back in a minute ok?

    Sarah nods and looks at Angel before walking back in the room.

    Angel: I woulda called-

    Connor: It's ok. Was, uh, she weird at all?

    Angel: She seemed kinda freaked out, yeah.

    Connor: Right. She's been like that since she woke up.

    Angel frowns.

    Connor: So, uh, you spoke to Lilah or something?

    Angel: Yeah.

    Connor: So who did it?

    Angel: Uh-

    Connor: I need to know.

    Angel pauses.

    Angel: It was shape shifters.

    Connor: Shape what?

    Angel: They can look anyone or anything they want. They've been trouble for us before.

    Connor: So how do you know where they are? I mean anyone here could be one right?

    Angel: Yeah. But in their pure form they're plain white, so it's easier.

    Connor: So they planning on stopping by some time soon?

    Angel: Probably, but there's something else-

    Connor: We have to go after them.

    Angel: Connor, listen to me. Lilah seems to think the visions you're having could be harmful.

    Connor: I haven't had one since before all this started.

    Angel: I know, but still-

    Connor: You wanna take me to a shrink don't you?

    Angel: Lilah gave an address, Spike says it's reliable. They're good with this kinda of thing.

    Connor: Do you even know what "this kind of thing" is?

    Angel: Not exactly-

    Connor: Look, I understand what you're trying to do-

    Angel: No, Connor, you don't. Ok, I get that you might wanna just ignore this until it goes away, but in my experience things don't do that. They stick around and make your life hell. Or worse, you could die. And I'm not gonna stand by and watch that happen while we can still fix it.

    Connor hesitates.

    Connor: I can't leave Sarah on her own right now

    Angel: It'll only be for a little while, I promise.

    Connor looks at the ground and then through the glass of the door at Sarah who is staring out the window in the next room. He looks at Angel.

    Connor: Wait here ok?

    Angel nods. Connor walks in to the room. Angel watches him walk up to his sister through the glass window in the door. They start talking, but only faint muttering is heard through the door. Sarah begins to look upset and shakes her head earnestly. Connor appears to try and reason with her and she starts to break down. Angel looks away. A few moments later Connor walks through the door. Angel looks up.

    Connor: Let's go.

    Angel: Oh. Is she gonna be-

    Connor: Yeah, she'll be ok. But we should hurry.

    Angel: Right. We'll stop by the hotel first, the others are there.

    Connor nods. They walk away. Angel hesitates and puts his hand round Connor's shoulder. Connor smiles slightly. Sarah can be seen looking through the window in the door, frowning.

    Cut to Angel, Gunn, Gwen, Connor, Illyria and Spike walking down a street in LA. The sun has set, but it is still fairly light.

    Angel: So is Fred gonna be back?

    Illyria: She did indicate that she would be.

    Gwen: Yeah, just left straight after you did.

    Angel: I hope she's ok.

    Gunn: I know.

    Connor: Fred has visions too right? Maybe they're as bad as mine are supposed to be.

    Spike: I think visions are the least of Fred's problems.

    Angel: What?

    Spike: Oh come on. The girl might seem like she's adjusted here but I can tell she's still broken up inside.

    Gunn: No, she woulda told us.

    Spike: Why? It's not like we've known her for long.

    Connor: Kinda like me, huh?

    Spike: Right. Only, you at least have your dad. Fred's got no one.

    Cut to Fred lying on Wesley's chest. She closes her eyes. The camera zooms in on her face. She opens her eyes again and she is back in the doctor's surgery. She smiles at the demon stood nearby.

    Fred: Wow. That was great. Thanks.

    Demon: Well good. Think you can go for another round?

    Fred: I?well, if it's ok?

    Demon: If it makes you smile, then sure.

    Fred smiles and she lies back down. She looks relaxed.

    Cut to Angel and co. entering an alley way.

    Connor: So whatever this guy's gonna do?it's safe right?

    Angel: I'm sure it is.

    Illyria: It is dangerous to meddle in such areas that are not meant to be meddled with.

    Angel: Illyria, if you have anything better to say-

    Connor: She has a point.

    Angel: Well maybe, but this guy knows what he's doing. Spike you said you'd been here right?

    Spike: Uh, right. Went with Dru a while back. Though that's probably not the best example to use. Still, word on the street is that he works wonders.

    Connor: Oh. Great.

    Angel: Connor-

    Connor: No, I'm ok. It's just what if something goes wrong?

    A portal suddenly explodes about ten metres in front of them. Everyone looks shocked.

    Connor: Like that.

    Spike: That's not a bloody portal is it?

    Gunn: Looks like it. Damn, Wolfram and Hart sure don't know how to keep their word do they?

    Gwen: Have they ever?

    Connor: What?

    Gunn: Angel made a-

    Angel looks at him.

    Gunn: They, uh said they'd make the portals go away.

    Angel: Maybe this isn't them.

    Around twenty shape shifters appear from the portal.

    Gwen: Oh I think it might be them.

    Angel: Shape shifters.

    Connor: That's them?

    Angel: Uh, yeah.

    Gunn: They're kinda ahead of schedule.

    The shape shifters begin to approach. Gwen looks up. She sees a red sign nearby. It says "Hell's Place" on it.

    Gwen: No, I think they're right on time.

    Gunn: Either way someone really doesn't want us going this way.

    Spike: Hey where's Illyria?

    Everyone looks around to see that Illyria has indeed vanished.

    Angel: Uh, portal maybe?

    Gwen: I hope not.

    Connor: We can fight them on our own.

    Spike: What if she's trapped somewhere?

    Cut to Illyria standing in a dark room, illuminated only by torches on the walls. She looks around. A figure faces her with its back to the camera.

    Voice: Welcome back, Illyria.

    Illyria looks surprised.

    Cut to Angel and co. in the alley. The shape shifters are very close now.

    Angel: Connor you better stay back.

    Connor: I can handle it.

    Angel: You're unarmed.

    Spike: We did bring a few stakes.

    Angel: It's not enough.

    Gunn: Well whatever we got we better use it fast cause they aint backing off.

    Spike takes four stakes. He gives one to Gunn and throws two to Angel. Angel looks at Connor and hands one to him. Connor nods and takes it. He looks forward, looking determined. He rushes towards a vampire shape shifter, but his punch misses and the vampire throws him to the ground..

    Angel: Connor!

    Connor however flips up and kicks the shape shifter. The shape shifters begin morphing into vampires and various types of demons. Spike punches a vampire shape shifter and then tries to stake her. Nothing happens.

    Spike: This lot don't dust!

    Gunn is punching another vampire shape shifter. He drives his stake into its neck. It clutches at its neck and falls back, where it melts away.

    Gunn: But they can die.

    Angel tosses a demon into another and then sees Connor who is fighting fiercely. Gwen kicks a demon and two others rush at her from either side. She pulls her gloves off and pushes her arms out to either side of her. The demons are hit and are blasted back. Spike slits the throat of another shape shifter. Angel helps Connor, who is fighting several shape shifters at the same time. Angel throws one aside as Connor is knocked the ground by another. Connor looks angrily at the one that knocked him down and grabs it by the neck. He squeezes harder looking angry. Gunn pushes away one of the few remaining shape shifters as Gwen electrocutes another. They look to see Connor with the vampire shape shifter. Angel stabs his own shape shifter and melts away. He looks up at Connor still squeezing the shape shifter's neck. Spike kills the other remaining one and then looks up. The scene is now silent as Connor crushes the life from the remaining shape shifter. Angel looks serious.

    Angel: Connor.

    Connor looks tearful. The shape shifter is now clearly dead. It melts away as Connor releases it. He looks at the ground. He turns round looking upset. Angel hugs him quietly. The others look on silently. Angel and Connor break away.

    Connor: These guys stay dead right?

    Angel: They do.

    Connor: Good. So, uh, let's go to the doctor's right?

    Angel smiles slightly and nods.

    Gunn: Maybe someone should stay here in case something really went wrong with Illyria.

    Spike: It's not like she hasn't seen it all before. The dimensional travel I mean.

    Gwen: Me and Gunn'll stay. You guys go on.

    Angel: Sure?

    Gunn: Yeah. And if any more shape shifters show up we'll just?run.

    Spike: Well good luck finding her.

    Angel: We'll be back soon.

    Cut to Angel, Spike and Connor walking into a building.

    Spike: Ignore the less-than spectacular appearance. They like to keep low here. Stops the customers rushing in every hour of the day.

    Angel: Right. So we shouldn't have to wait long?

    Spike: Probably not.

    They sits down.

    Connor: Hope it won't hurt.

    Angel: I don't think it'll be like that.

    The camera moves over to the nearby door. It moves in as Connor and Angel continue to talk.

    Connor OS: So what will it be?

    The camera moves through the door into the next room.

    Angel OS: It'll just?make things ok.

    The camera shows Fred lying on the chair. The demon is stood over her.
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      ACT III

      Cut to Illyria standing in the dimly lit room, staring at the figure opposite her. The camera moves round to show a tall female demon dressed in slender armour-like skin. She smiles at Illyria. Illyria raises her head.

      Illyria: Invidia?

      Invidia: Yes. I am glad you remember.

      Illyria: I would not have forgotten in had another thousand millenniums past.

      Invidia: I see. Well it may not have been quite that long, but a great deal of time has past. Things have changed.

      Illyria: If you are seeking my forgiveness-

      Invidia: Forgiveness? Come now Illyria, in our time that word did not exist. But of course, I'm forgetting your recent alliances.

      Illyria: They are none of your concern.

      Invidia: They are the very thing I, and the others are concerned about. We've watched you Illyria. We've watched how you've diminished into an echo of what you once were.

      Illyria: I would not have been left in the Deeper Well if it were not for your cowardice.

      Invidia: And you are the epitome of honour? We did what we did because we could. That is how the world used to work. And that is how is should still work.

      Illyria: What are you suggesting?

      Invidia: Illyria, we are all disappointed by the world as it is now. We propose we take it back. And we propose that you join us.

      Illyria looks serious.

      Cut to Connor lying in a similar chair to Fred. Angel and Spike are stood nearby as the demon pulls his hand back from Connor's forehead.

      Demon: Well, whoever told you something's wrong wasn't far off. The amount of activity going on in there?it's likely that sooner or later you're physically not gonna be able to take it any longer.

      Connor frowns, as does Angel.

      Connor: And you can fix it?

      Demon: I think so.

      Angel: We need more than that.

      Demon: Well good luck finding it, cause I'm probably the only doctor in the city than can help your son.

      Angel pauses.

      Connor: Dad, it's ok. I wanna do it. I have to.

      Angel looks at him. He nods slowly.

      Angel: We'll wait outside.

      Demon: This shouldn't take long.

      Angel and Spike walk out. Connor lies back looking anxious. The demon walks over to another chest of draws. He takes out an empty jar, the same size as the one with the blue liquid in earlier. He smiles, with his back turned to Connor.

      Demon: Not long at all.

      Cut to Gwen and Gunn waiting in the street area where the shape shifters appeared before.
      Gwen: What if she's trapped somewhere? Like a hell dimension?

      Gunn: Then the demons or whatever aint gonna know what hit ?em.

      Gwen: I'm serious Gunn. Illyria's not invincible.

      Gunn: But she's still stronger than most of us put together. You shouldn't worry too much about her.

      Gwen: Right, she's strong. You know, if she doesn't come back, we've seriously got a problem. I mean I don't see any other demons queuing up to join our side, do you?

      Gunn: I see demons.

      Gwen: What?

      Gwen looks to the right where Gunn is staring. There is a gang of demons beginning to surround them.

      Cut to Angel and Spike waiting. Angel looks anxious.

      Angel: It's been too long.

      Spike: Settle down all right? If that bloke's even half as good as his dad, Connor'll be good as new.

      Angel: Not if Wolfram and Hart have anything to do with it.

      Spike: Do you see them around here? Cos I don't. I know you're probably expecting everything to go wrong but just accept that for once things are-

      The door opposite them has opened. Fred looks around.

      Fred: Hey are we gonna finish the session or-

      She freezes as she sees Angel and Spike, who both frown.

      Spike: Um?

      Fred: Wh-what? What are you guys doing here?

      Angel: We're with Connor?what are you doing here?

      Spike: I think I might know.

      Fred: No, no it's nothing like?I, just figured you'd be here, I mean it's a good place for fixing supernatural problems. So I've heard.

      Angel: Fred-

      Fred frowns and looks very awkward.

      Angel: Have you been coming here?

      Fred: I?

      Spike raises an eyebrow. Fred looks down and sighs.

      Fred: (quietly) A few times.

      Angel: Why?

      Spike: Angel-

      Fred looks up.

      Fred: Why do you think?

      Spike: Think I might have an idea.

      Fred looks at him.

      Spike: Bit of peace and quiet, right?

      Fred: Right.

      Angel: What do you mean?

      Fred: You know?since I came here, you haven't once asked me about how things were for me. In my world I mean.

      Angel: We didn't wanna upset you.

      Fred: No, you were just too busy pretending that your little Fred was back. Well I'm sorry but that's not who I am.

      Angel: I thought we were over this.

      Fred: You decided we were over this. You know for a little while I thought maybe I could fit in, but it's just not happening. You want the visions and the explanations and her. You don't want me.

      Angel: Fred I get that this is hard-

      Fred: No you don't. You really don't.

      Angel: Well believe it or not people have gone through far worse than this. And you know, maybe you're not supposed to just cope on your own.

      Fred: Yeah I know. That's why I came here.

      Spike: He gave you illusions didn't he?

      Fred nods. Angel frowns.

      Angel: Fred, people waste their whole lives in places like this.

      Fred: Yeah well it's better than what's out there. In my world, you know even though I was gonna die, I knew that that was what was happening. That's how I was meant to go. With the people I knew. But here?every time I look for a familiar face all I see is someone I don't know.

      Angel: You could get to know us.

      Fred: I tried. And I really can't try any longer. This guy can help me more than any of you. I?I'm sorry.

      Fred walks towards the door where Connor is, looking upset.

      Spike: Hey wait a minute.

      Angel: Fred-

      Fred opens the door. The looks inside and frowns. The demon is holding his hand over Connor's face. The demon looks up.

      Demon: Uh, we're done yet-

      Angel looks and immediately rushes over to the demon. He slams him against the wall.

      Angel: What the hell are you doing!

      Demon: I-I'm performing the operation.

      Spike: Doesn't look like it to me mate.

      Fred walks over to Connor, who is still sleeping. There is a half empty jar of blue gas, with a wire leading from it to Connor's chest.
      Fred: What's this?

      Angel looks over at it. He then looks back at the demon.

      Angel: That's life force isn't it?

      Fred: What!?

      Demon: No, it really isn't, look-

      Angel: You're trying to kill him?

      Demon: Of course not.

      Spike: Then what? Leave him a vegetable?

      The demon doesn't respond. Spike walks over to the nearby door.

      Demon: No don't go in-

      Spike opens the door. He looks surprised. The shelves are lined with similar jars of blue gas.

      Spike: Bloody hell.

      Angel takes the demon and rushes over followed by Fred. They both react similarly. Fred looks over. She sees a bottle with her name on.

      Demon: Fred I can explain-

      Fred: I thought you were trying to help me.

      Demon: I did.

      Fred: While stealing my life force?

      Demon: It's not as bad as it sounds.

      Angel: Let me guess; you want the power Fred and Connor's visions hold. Which is held in that jar.

      The demon pauses.

      Demon: You have no idea.

      Spike: Who do you work for?

      Demon: I aint telling you anything.

      Angel: Oh I think you are.

      The back door opens suddenly. The other demon appears. The first demon takes the opportunity and headbutts Angel. The other demon rushes over as Spike charges into him. They collide into a shelf, knocking a lot of jars over.

      Demon: No!

      The mist appears to evaporate. Fred walks backwards looking horrified as Angel throws the first demon into a shelf. She begins walking away. The camera zooms towards Connor's face. He suddenly appears to have a vision and clips of Fred lying in bed with Wesley, lying in the chair, and the demon's hand over her face. His eyes suddenly burst open. He looks around. Fred stops and hesitates. Connor looks over at her.

      Connor: Fred?

      Fred simply stares and shakes her head quickly. Connor shakes his head and gets up, and starts running after her.
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        ACT IV

        Cut to Gwen and Gunn surrounded by the gang of demons. Gunn reaches for his stake. One of the demons steps forward slightly.

        Demon leader: We're not looking for a fight.

        Gunn: Too bad.

        Demon leader: We can give you one though. Unless you listen.

        Gwen: What do you want?

        Demon leader: Saw you fighting those shape shifters. Pretty impressive.

        Gunn: Yeah my life's a whole lot better now I know your opinion.

        Demon leader: Easy. Like I said, we're not here to fight. Not anymore anyway. See, we share a common enemy.

        Gwen: The shape shifters?

        Demon leader: Right. They've invaded this whole area, and that just isn't the kind of thing we stand for.

        Gunn: So what? They're gone now.

        Demon leader: They'll come back. They always do.

        Gwen: You mean they've been coming here at other times?

        Demon leader: Now and then. And they always leave a little mark. Body here and there.

        Gunn looks at Gwen.

        Gunn: Looks like we're a little late coming down here.

        Demon leader: Hey, we kill ?em when we can. But you took care of that this time. So we owe you one.

        Gwen: Well, that's good, but uh, I don't think you have anything we want.

        Demon leader: Oh I think we can be helpful to you. See, we pretty much decided who lives and who dies round here. Right now, we want those damn shape shifters gone. And we know about your little campaign for helping the helpless. So I figure that we can help with that; in return for not killing us, we'll make sure the civilian casualty rate goes way down. And we'll take of your little shape shifter problem too.

        Gunn: So you'll stop killing people?

        Demon leader: Right. And since I know you're currently way over your head fighting Wolfram and Hart and these guys, you might just welcome not having to save innocents every night. Believe me, I know a lot of people in this city. So whatta you say?

        Gunn and Gwen look at each other.

        Cut to Angel and Spike walking away from the two demon bodies. The walk into the room Connor was in.

        Spike: Looks like they both took off.

        Angel: I can understand Fred, but where would Connor go?

        Spike: Maybe after her?

        Angel: Maybe. You think we should-

        Angel looks down. Something catches his eye. He takes a piece of paper out of the pile on the demon's desk. He reads it.

        Spike: What?

        Angel: Hamilton. These guys worked for him. He's signed this form.

        Spike: Surprise surprise.

        Angel: They're using the life forces to make shape shifters.

        Spike: Make?

        Angel: Yeah, synthetic ones.

        Spike: Clones of clones? Clever.

        Angel: They're artificial?makes sense I guess.

        Spike: Maybe they're running short. We might've pulled the plug on the production line. Sorted.

        Angel: I'm not sure. Should probably talk to Lilah.

        Hamilton suddenly appears nearby.

        Hamilton: I'm afraid I'll have to do.

        Angel and Spike look worried.

        Cut to Connor running. He stops and looks breathless. He looks around and sees the Hyperion. Fred is stood on the rooftop. Connor looks worried and runs over to the entrance. Cut to him walking out on to the roof. He begins walking towards Fred who is stood on the edge nearby.

        Fred: (without turning round) I might just jump, you know.

        Connor stops.

        Fred: What are you doing here?

        Connor: I followed you. After I had a vision I might add.

        Fred: Of what?

        Connor: You. I guess I don't see the future. I see the truth. And now I know. About that doctor, and about me. And you.

        Fred: Well, that's really great for you. You should go somewhere, be happy. Somewhere else.

        Connor: Yeah, I figured you probably want me gone. But I'm not going anywhere.

        Fred: I can't talk to you.

        Connor: So let me talk to you. You've lost everything right? Or at least you feel that way.

        Fred: Because it's true.

        Connor: Know how you feel. You probably already know but two weeks ago my parents were killed. Brutally. I thought that was the end then.

        Fred: I'm sorry. And maybe I sound harsh when I say this, but you lost your parents; I lost my world. Literally. And the one way I had, that made things just a little bit better?was a lie.

        Connor: I know a thing or two about lies. They're harsh. So's the world.

        Fred: You have no idea.

        Connor: I really do.

        He walks closer.

        Connor: I remember what I was like. I helped murder a girl, I watched everyone around me disappear, and I tried to kill myself. And a whole bunch of other people too. There was a time I'd be right there with you jumping. Felt a little like it two weeks ago actually.

        Fred: I appreciate what you're trying to do but?you can't make things better for me.

        Connor: You can make things better for yourself.

        Fred: How can I?

        Connor: By not doing this. By showing you're stronger than that.

        Fred: Well, I appreciate your advice, but I'd rather just jump.

        Connor is now stood right next to her. He takes her hand.

        Connor: So why don't you?

        Fred looks upset.

        Fred: How can I live my life?when I don't even know whose life I'm living?

        Connor: You need to just stop. Think about who you really are, not just who people want you to be. And maybe you can start with that.

        Fred looks at him. She looks tearful and begins crying. Connor hugs her as she does so. The two of them stand together on the rooftop.

        Cut to Illyria and Invidia.

        Illyria: I will not.

        Invidia: You cannot possibly think that you'll accomplish anything fighting alongside these?humans.

        Illyria: I have already learned more in this short space of time that I had in the millions of years I roamed alongside you.

        Invidia: Learned? You've compromised one life for another. Wouldn't you rather return as you once were?

        Illyria: I could not. Even if I wanted to.

        Invidia looks angry.

        Invidia: You're making a mistake Illyria. We're not going to make do with this existence any longer. The demon age will return.

        Illyria: I will not allow it.

        Invidia: Really? You and your band of humans and soulled-vampires? Yes, very formidable.

        Illyria: You have seen nothing.

        Invidia: Not yet. But I look forward to it.

        There is a flash. Cut to Illyria standing back in the street. Gunn and Gwen are stood nearby.

        Gwen: Where the hell have you been?

        Illyria: I?do not recall.

        Gwen: Oh. Well, you weren't gone long.

        Illyria: Indeed. Where are the others?

        Gwen: We're gonna find them now.

        Illyria nods. She looks worried.

        Cut to Angel, Spike and Hamilton.

        Spike: Nice little operation you've got going. Or had going.

        Hamilton: Thank you. Unfortunately for you this is only one of the many life force manufacturers we having working for us.

        Angel: We'll just have to find them then.

        Hamilton: Not so fast Angel. We had a deal.

        Angel: What?

        Hamilton: We get rid of the portals, you allow someone, somewhere along the lines to suffer.

        Angel: Connor already-

        Hamilton: We did not kill Connor's parents.

        Spike: Oh come on.

        Hamilton: Believe what you wish. But we are not the only organisation that would wish you to suffer.

        Angel: Who?

        Hamilton: Let's just say, the demons' movements have become increasingly interesting as of late. They have their own shape shifter army; a real one. Those that attacked you today were in fact working for them. They are rather rare though, considering how you keep killing them all. So we developed our own methods.

        Angel: But Lilah said-

        Hamilton: Angel, you may think Lilah is trustworthy but she has as much a conscience as I do deep down, where it really matters. And considering that, there's no real reason why I should inform you of the truth, but you will find out eventually. I'm sure that day will be pleasant.

        Hamilton smiles. Angel pauses. He looks like he has realised something but doesn't want to say it.

        Hamilton: It's simple. The shape shifters we control will continue to do what we tell them. That may mean murder, it may mean something completely different. But the people of this city haven't begun to pay your part of the bargain. You probably should have thought about that before making it.

        Angel: You can't.

        Hamilton: If you try and stop us then things will get very, very unpleasant for you and your friends. Connor for instance?he could easily lose his memory again. We could transport him to a life in a dimension further than you could possibly imagine. And this time there'd by no Orlan window for you to break. And that's just the beginning of what we can do.

        Angel looks angry.

        Spike: Angel, I hate to say it, but it looks like this guy's got us cornered.

        Angel looks at Hamilton.

        Angel: Spike?let's go back to the hotel.

        Hamilton: Good choice once again, Angel.

        Angel walks away followed by Spike.

        Angel: Go to hell.

        Hamilton: Happily.

        Hamilton vanishes.

        Cut to Angel and Spike walking into The Hyperion. Fred, Connor, Gwen, Gunn and Illyria are stood inside.

        Angel: Fred! Are you-

        Fred: I've been better. But?I think I'm ok.

        Angel: Is there uh, anything?

        Fred: Well, uh a coffee would be nice.

        Gunn: Could use one myself.

        Angel smiles slightly.

        Angel: I'll get to it.

        Angel turns to Connor.

        Angel: How about you?

        Connor: I'm ok, thanks. Looks like the visions were ok after all.

        Angel: Right. Lilah musta known, but she knew we'd go down there.

        Gwen: Down there for what?

        Angel: Uh, we'll talk over coffee.

        Cut to Fred in her room, at night. She is taking clothes out of her wardrobe. She looks at a red dress and then tears it down the middle. Cut to Gwen and Gunn sitting together on their bed. They hold hands, as Gwen has her gloves on. There is a flash the demon leader. They both look concerned. Cut to Illyria standing in her room. There is a flash to Invidia leading an army of demons behind her. Illyria looks worried. Cut to Connor standing next to his sister's bed at his house. She is fast asleep. He looks at the floor. There is a flash to Angel with Hamilton from 6.2. Connor looks uncertain. Cut to Spike sat on the steps outside the Hyperion. He is smoking a cigarette. The screen fades into Angel staring out the window. The camera zooms out from him continuously showing the whole city. As the camera races over the rooftops people can be seen screaming as shape shifters ransack their homes. Other demons can be seen fighting with the shape shifters. The screen fades to Fred once more getting in to her bed. She looks over at the empty bed. She climbs in and stares at the ceiling. The camera zooms out slowly on her in the bed alone.

        THE END
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