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Angel Episode 6.7 117. Here Comes the Rain Again

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  • Angel Episode 6.7 117. Here Comes the Rain Again

    Hi, this is the seventh episode of Angel Season 6 by me. I hope you enjoy reading it. If you have feedback, please post it here; both positive comments and constructive criticism are welcome

    Angel Episode 6.7 117. Here Comes the Rain Again

    Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters on Angel. They belong to Fox Studios and Joss Whedon. This work is fictional and is only for my and others entertainment. Therefore no infringement is intended. I do not intend to make a profit from this work. However I own all characters that have not previously appeared/been mentioned on Angel, so I can do whatever I like with them. Therefore any unauthorised usage of these characters is not permitted.

    ACT I

    Open on a front door opening. Connor walks through into his house. His mum appears from the hallway.

    Connor: Hey mom.

    Connor's Mum: Oh, Connor hi.

    Connor: Sorry if I missed dinner.

    Connor's Mum: Left you some in the microwave.

    Connor: You're the best.

    Connor smiles and walks through to the kitchen. His mum notices his shirt is partially torn.

    Connor's Mum: Hey, your new shirt is torn!

    Connor: Oh, uh, I'll get it fixed.

    Connor's Mum: What is it exactly that you do when you go out?

    Connor: Uh, you know. Stuff.

    Connor's Mum: Stuff with jagged edges?

    Connor: It was an accident.

    Connor's Mum: Well you know, honey, you gotta be more careful. I mean when you're at college you can't afford to buy new clothes all the time.

    Connor: I said I'd fix it, don't worry.

    Connor's Mum: Mmmkay. Well you know, if you ever need an extra needle and thread you know where to come.
    Connor: I do. Thanks.

    Connor's Mum.

    Connor's Mum: I think I'm gonna go to bed. You're dad's gotta get up early for work tomorrow, if I go any later I might wake him.

    Connor: No problem. I'll clear up down here after I'm done eating.

    Connor's Mum: Ok, thanks hun. G'night.

    Connor: Night.

    Connor nods and walks towards the microwave. Connor's mum walks up the stairs. Cut to her walking into a bedroom. Connor's dad can be seen lying on his side with his eyes shut.

    Connor's Dad: He's back?

    Connor's Mum: Oh, Eric, sorry. We should have been quieter.

    Connor's Dad: No, no I was awake anyway.

    He turns over and faces Connor's Mum.

    Connor's Mum: His, uh, shirt was ripped. Again.

    Connor's Dad: That's the third time this week.

    Connor's Mum: Well he wasn't too specific when I asked him what's he been doing.

    Connor's Dad: Oh I think I have an idea.

    Connor's Mum looks puzzled. Connor's Dad opens the top draw of the beside table and shows Connor's Mum a mobile phone. Connor's Mum frowns.

    Connor's Mum: That's his cell phone.

    Connor's Dad: I had to know, Jennifer.

    Connor's Mum: He'll notice it's gone.

    Connor's Dad: I know. I'm gonna talk to him about it.

    Connor's Mum: About what?

    Connor's Dad presses a few buttons on the phone and then hands it to Connor's Mum.

    Connor's Dad: Look for yourself.

    She looks at the phone screen. It is the message list, and there are several messages from Angel. Connor's Mum frowns.

    Connor's Mum: Angel? Wait, he's that lawyer we went to?

    Connor's Dad: Yeah. All the messages are locked.

    Connor's Mum: You think Connor's seeing him without telling us?

    Connor's Dad: Well he's almost 20, it's not like he has to check with us before doing anything he wants. Still?if he's still in contact with Angel?something must be wrong. And his shirt just backs that up even more.

    Connor's Mum: But what? They both said everything was sorted.

    Connor's Dad: We can't know for sure until we ask him. But I think something happened back in May. Something he doesn't want us to know about.

    Connor's Mum: So we'll talk to him tomorrow?

    Connor's Dad: Yeah. We gotta make sure he's ok.

    Connor's Mum: Of course.

    They look concerned. The camera moves down to show Connor stood in the kitchen. He is staring into space looking serious.

    Opening credits.


    AMY ACKER - Winnifred Burkle/Illyria
    J. AUGUST RICHARDS - Charles Gunn
    ALEXA DAVALOS - Gwen Raiden

    Guest Starring:

    STEPHANIE ROMANOV - Lilah Morgan
    JIM ABELE - Connor's Father
    ADRIENNE BETTE EVANS - Connor's Mother

    Cut to Angel walking into the Hyperion. Spike and Illyria are stood talking in the lobby. They turn to look at Angel. Spike nods and raises his eyebrows slightly as if to say "hello".

    Angel: Hey.

    Illyria: You're journey was successful?

    Angel: Uh, yeah it was ok.

    Illyria notices a cut on Angel's forward.

    Illyria: You have done battle.

    Angel: Oh just a small one.

    Spike: Thought you were with Connor?

    Angel: Yeah, the two kinda collided.

    Spike: Thought you were keen on him taking the pacifist road?

    Angel: I was. I tried, but violence seems to follow him around.

    Illyria: Perhaps it is you that it follows, and he is simply drawn into the fray.

    Angel considers this and seems to realise this for the first time.

    Angel: Uh, maybe. Where's Gwen and Gunn?

    Spike: Upstairs. Reckon they've got stuff to sort out.

    Angel: They have?

    Illyria: There has been friction between for several days now. Since the incident with your son.

    Spike: Gunn looked kinda shaken up. Maybe he knows something we don't.

    Angel: If he does, and it concerns Connor, I need to know.

    Illyria: You are worried that Connor is malfunctioning?

    Angel: I'm not saying that. But those visions or whatever he's having could be dangerous. I need to find out why he's having them.

    Spike: Well, something tells me his mum and dad might not appreciate a visit at 2am. How about you wait till tomorrow?

    Angel: Right. Except we don't exactly have a link to Wolfram and Hart anymore.

    Illyria: Perhaps The Powers That Be will present us with one. Fred could have another vision.

    Angel: Maybe. But I don't think Fred's too enthusiastic about, well, any of this right now.

    Spike: Can't exactly blame her.

    Angel: I'm not. I just hope she's ok. Where is she anyway?

    Spike: She went out a while ago. Said she'd be back soon.

    Angel: Where would she go?

    Cut to Fred sitting on a chair it what appears to be a waiting room. She looks nervous. She looks around as a demon walks past. She exhales. Growling is heard. Fred looks to her left. Another demon has appeared and the two are now fighting in the hallway. Three men dressed in black appear and begin restraining the demons. Fred stares at the scene.

    Voice OS: Are you Fred?

    Fred jumps slightly and looks up. A male demon is looking down at her.

    Demon: Sorry, didn't mean to startle you.

    Fred: Oh, no it's fine. And yeah, that's me.

    Man: Right. Well, this way.

    Fred: Ok.

    Fred gets up and follows him

    Cut to Gunn sat with Gwen in their room. Both look serious.

    Gwen: Wow.

    Gunn: I know.

    Gwen: I didn't think Wesley had it in ?im.

    Gunn: Neither did I.

    Gwen: You know there's something I don't get, I mean you remembered how Cordelia got possessed and all, before you knew all this right? And you and Fred were still?you and Fred. How come that didn't change?

    Gunn: I think we only forgot what they needed us to.

    Gwen: Wolfram and Hart?

    Gunn: Yeah. Easier that way I guess.

    Gwen: It's weird?maybe loads of stuff's been changed and we don't even know.

    Gunn: Wouldn't put it past them.

    Gwen: Yeah.

    Gunn: I don't know if I can look at Connor the same way now that I know?

    Gwen: Guess he's kinda two people in the same body.

    Gunn: Know how he feels.

    Gwen smiles sympathetically.

    Gwen: You know, now that Angel's not at Wolfram and Hart does that mean?they might put things back the way they were? As in Connor's a psychopath who hates everyone again?

    Gunn: A contract's a contract. I don't think any of them can be broken.

    Gwen: What if Angel's breached it?

    Gunn: I don't know. If he has?we'll know about it soon enough.

    Gwen: You think he's expecting something bad?

    Gunn: Probably. If not from that, then the other deal he made with Hamilton last month.

    Gwen: I almost forgot about that.

    Gunn: Something tells me Wolfram and Hart haven't.

    Gwen looks concerned.

    Cut to the demon seen with Fred earlier walking through a doorway, followed by Fred. The room they are now is lines with shelves, with various objects including vases, bottles of colourful liquids, crystals and also what appear to be bones. Fred looks around, not looking entirely comfortable.

    Demon: Take a seat.

    Fred smiles slightly and then sits down on a chair in front of a desk. The demon sits on the other side of the desk.
    Demon: Since you came here on your own accord, I'm guessing you know about what I do. And how I do it.

    Fred: Yeah. I heard you were the expert.

    Demon: So folk do say that. And I'm not inclined to disagree. But I do wonder, Fred?what makes you so sure I can help you? I mean I don't get too many human customers, why don't you go to a human doctor?

    Fred: They wouldn't be able to help. My problem isn't, exactly, human.

    The demon moves his head forward and looks into Fred's eyes. The demon looks surprised.

    Demon: Huh? Whatta you know? Part demon. I shoulda' seen it sooner.

    Fred: Yeah.

    The demon gets up and walks round to desk and stands next to Fred. He places his hand over her forehead. Fred looks a little confused as the demon closes his eyes. The demon opens them again quickly and draws back his hand. He looks down at Fred frowning.

    Demon: I've been doing this for over 50 years. And I aint never seen so much noise in one brain until now.

    Fred: There's a lot of stuff?that's wrong.

    Demon: Damn right there is. Your aura's just?all over the place. Gonna take a lotta work.

    Fred: You mean you'll help?

    The demon hesitates.

    Demon: I'll help you. But I aint making no guarantees Fred. These things go wrong sometimes. You sure you wanna take that risk?

    Fred: Would I be here if I didn't?

    The demon smiles.

    Demon: It's pretty late, you should get home. We'll start our first session tomorrow.

    Fred: But I thought the waiting list to see you was?huge.

    Demon: Oh, it is. But I'm intrigued Fred. You may well be my biggest challenge yet. I look forward to seeing you again.

    Fred smiles slightly and gets up.

    Fred: Right. Well thank you.

    Demon: No problem.

    Fred: Just one more thing I was wondering?how much do I pay?

    Demon: Oh we'll sort that you out later. I only ask you pay for the quality you receive. And I can't tell how much that'll be right now.

    Fred: Oh, ok. Well, bye.

    Demon: Good night.

    Fred nods and walks out looking relieved. The demon walks round to his desk and sits down. He picks up the phone an dials a number.

    Demon: (to phone) Marty? Yeah, hi. Listen, does the name "Fred" mean anything to you?

    There is a pause. The demon smiles.

    Demon: (to phone) I thought so.

    Cut to Spike walking down the stairs into The Hyperion, yawning. Illyria is already standing in the middle of the room. She looks up at Spike.

    Illyria: You have slept for many hours.

    Spike: Yeah, we do that.

    Illyria: More than is typical for humans.

    Spike: What can I say, I need my beauty sleep.

    Illyria: Your physical appearance is now altered?

    Spike: Look, never mind. Where's Angel and the others?

    Illyria: Angel has gone to see his son once again. I believe they are involved in the human activity of "shopping".

    Spike: Oh. Well, who knows how long that'll take?
    Illyria: I would predict several hours.

    Spike: Course you would.

    Illyria: I am curious as to why Angel would spend these hours occupying himself in an activity that serves no greater purpose other than to appease the human desire to indulge one's self, when there are far greater concerns.

    Spike: Well, I'm sure you'll get it some day. And what's that about greater concerns?

    Illyria: Wolfram and Hart may be planning an assault as we speak. You may have chosen to ignore the deal Angel made with Hamilton, but I have not. There will be resolve. Perhaps sooner, rather than later.

    Spike: Yeah, well Angel's obviously not too concerned. Whistler'll probably pop up when we're needed anyway.

    Illyria: Then we should concentrate on solving the current mystery of Connor's condition.

    Spike: That's probably what Angel's doing now.

    Illyria: Still-

    Spike: Look Illyria, yes bad things are happening, but unless you know where to start looking, we have no idea where they're coming from. Just, learn to relax a little bit.

    Illyria: Relaxing is weakness. I decline.

    Spike: Suit yourself. Probably some baddies around you can chase after anyway.

    Illyria: Perhaps I will. But first I will find Gunn and Gwen. They too have slept for an unnatural length of time.

    Illyria start walking up the steps as Spike rolls his eyes.

    Spike: Bloody hell!

    Illyria spins round.

    Illyria: What is-

    She stops as she looks in the middle of the room. The camera moves up from the ground slowly to show Lilah standing there. She smiles and shrugs.

    Lilah: Surprise!
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    ACT II

    Cut to Angel walking down a street in LA with Connor. They are keeping to the shade.

    Angel: So what do you need most?

    Connor: Well I was thinking about getting a stereo. You know, one of those bigger ones.

    Angel: They're pretty expensive.

    Connor: Hey I got money.

    Angel: Which your parents gave you to spend on college stuff.

    Connor: A stereo is college stuff. I mean how am I gonna have a house party without one?

    Angel: I guess.

    Connor smiles.

    Angel: Connor?I need to talk to you about something.

    Connor's smile fades.

    Connor: The visions right?

    Angel: Yeah.

    Connor: I knew we'd get on to that sooner or later.

    Angel: Look I'm only worried.

    Connor: How do you know it's such a bad thing?

    Angel: How do you know it isn't?

    Connor: It's happened a lot now. And I'm still fine.

    Angel: Maybe on the outside. But I've seen what visions can do to people. If Cordelia hadn't become half-demon her skull would have blown open because of them. Same with Fred probably.

    Connor: Well those aren't vision visions.

    Angel: They're still powerful. Maybe dangerous. And I don't care how much you protest, I'm gonna get to the bottom of why you're having them.

    Connor: Hey I don't mind you trying to fix it or whatever. I just don't want it brought up all the time.

    Angel: No one's gonna think any differently of you because of this.

    Connor: Sure, apart from everyone.

    Angel: No. The others, they're fine now.

    Connor: Only cause I showed Gunn?

    Connor trails off. Angel frowns.

    Angel: Showed him what?

    Connor: Look he was angry?I just wanted to help. So I showed him what really happened.

    Angel frowns.

    Angel: You mean?the real memories.

    Connor: Yeah.

    Angel: Oh. Well, I guess that saves me a whole lotta time.

    Connor: I thought you'd be mad.

    Angel: Why?

    Connor: Because it could screw things up. I mean Wesley pretty much freaked when he found out right?

    Angel: It was?awkward sure. But you know, maybe it's for the best. I'm just surprised he accepted it so quickly.

    Connor: Yeah, well, the truth hits you like that. Especially when it comes out of nowhere.

    Woman OS: Connor?

    Connor turns round. His mum is standing with some shopping bags, looking confused. Angel looks surprised. Connor looks awkward.

    Connor: Uh, hi mom.

    Connor's Mum: Hi, uh, I didn't expect to see you here.

    Connor: Yeah I was just doing some shopping.

    Connor's Mum: With, uh, Angel, I see.

    Angel: You remember me?

    Connor's Mum: Well sure, I mean it's not easy to forget the man that saved your son's life.

    Angel: Well I didn't exactly-
    Connor: So, mom, you almost done?

    Connor's Mum: Oh I should be done soon. You want a lift home?

    Connor: Sure, thanks.

    Connor's Mum.

    Connor's Mum: I, um, I'm sure you I'll see you around, Angel.

    Angel: Yeah, probably.

    Connor: Bye.

    Angel: Bye?

    Connor nods and follows his mum. He looks back at Angel quickly and then carries on walking. Angel looks confused. Connor catches his mum up.

    Connor's Mum: So?is this the first time you've seen Angel?

    Connor: Well?no.

    Connor's Mum: I see.

    Connor: I'm not a kid, mom. I can see who I want.

    Connor's Mum: I know, sweetie, and I'm sure he's a nice enough man but-

    Connor: He's not just nice. He's great. He's shown me stuff I never thought I could do.

    Connor's Mum: Well that might not be such a good thing Connor, I mean that Wolfram and Hart place certainly had a lot of strange folk in it?can you be 100% sure Angel's not, you know?dodgy?

    Connor: I can. Because, like you said, he saved me. That should be all you need to know as well.

    Connor's Mum: I'm grateful, really I am. God knows what would have happened to you without his help?but I just worry, I'm sorry, it's a mother thing. There are a lot of people in this town Connor. Some of them appear to be white knights, when in fact?they're really not.

    Connor: Well he is.

    Connor's Mum: All right. As long as you're sure.

    Connor: I am.

    Connor smiles and carries on walking. Connor's Mum smiles back, but her eyes show that deep down she is worried.

    Cut to Fred walking into the demon's office room. She looks in bad shape. He looks up and smiles at her.

    Demon: Fred. Happy to see you back here. Uh, no offence, but uh you look like you slept on the street.

    Fred: I, uh, couldn't go back to the hotel. Not before we do this.

    Demon: I understand. Follow me.

    Fred follows the demon into a back room.

    Cut to Angel walking into the Hyperion. Gunn, Gwen and Spike are sat down while Illyria is standing next to Lilah. Angel frowns as Lilah smiles.

    Angel: Lilah?

    Lilah: Angel. Nice of you to finally show up.

    Angel looks around. The others appear to be frozen. He frowns and then turns to the door. A car is frozen in mid-motion outside. Angel turns to Lilah who smiles.

    Lilah: Nifty huh?

    Angel: What are you doing here?

    Lilah: Well I was explaining just that to your friends, or whatever you're calling them nowadays.

    Lilah looks at Illyria's still figure.

    Lilah: Gotta say, the blue look's definitely an improvement. Not such a big hit with Wes though right? I always knew that obsession of his'd end in tears.

    Angel: Lilah-

    Lilah: Fine. I'm here because I have an offer for you.

    Angel: Well you take it back to hell with you, because I'm not making any more deals with Wolfram and Hart.

    Lilah: Who said anything about Wolfram and Hart? Or deals for that matter? No, Angel this is a no strings attached offer from me, to you.

    Angel: No such thing.

    Lilah: Yeah I figured you wouldn't trust me. These guys didn't either.

    Angel: What's with the time-freeze?

    Lilah: Well I was getting tired of each one of their whiney little voices asking questions. One of the good things about hell is the amount of power you can find if you look hard enough. That and the severe lack of trivial chitchat. They usually just skip right to the torture.

    Angel: So let's get to the point.

    Lilah: Right. You may be wondering why good old Marcus isn't here.

    Angel: It'd crossed my mind.

    Lilah: Well a) he's probably busy having his heart ripped out for the 1037th time. That one never gets old. And b) things are happening at Wolfram and Hart. I guess you're buddy Whistler hasn't explained that part.

    Angel: What things?

    Lilah: To cut a long story short: the Senior Partners are feuding. It happens once every few millennia. Usually it's sorted out by a few assassinations that no one can ever prove. But this time it's slightly more complicated. Around half are all up for the dimensional move. The rest, including my boss, aren't so keen.

    Angel: So what?

    Lilah: So what? I'm really gonna have to spell this out for you aren't I? Remember the whole battle against Wolfram and Hart you've so righteously kept up for the last 5 years? Well this is the perfect opportunity to get the upper hand.

    Angel: I remember you saying something similar two years ago.

    Lilah: Well you know what they say: that was then, this is now. If you side with my half of the Senior Partners, against the other half, we can easily-

    Angel: Wipe them out and give your guys the chance to take over the world? Sorry, not interested.

    Lilah: The world's already ours Angel. Didn't you learn anything from that elevator ride a few years ago?

    Angel: Then why are you so intent on staying.

    Lilah: Because while you've ruffled a hell-of-a lot of feathers upstairs, my boss thinks you can still be used to our advantage.

    Angel: So you think we can be allies?

    Lilah: I guess you could look at it like that.

    Angel: Well then I already gave you my answer.

    Lilah: Right. Well I can't say I'm not surprised. But let me add, Angel, that if you do accept the offer, we might be able to throw in a few more helpful hints in with the package.

    Angel: What do you mean?

    Lilah: Well the other Senior Partners are gonna launch a strike any day now. It'd be helpful if you knew the time and place. See where I'm going with this?

    Angel: I can find some other way.

    Lilah: Oh, you keep telling yourself that champ.

    Angel: Lilah I'm not gonna help you.

    Lilah: So you wanna turn this into a Dutch auction? Fine by me.

    Angel: You can't offer me anything. Now start time again and get the hell out.

    Lilah: Anything huh? How about something beginning with "C" ending in "onnor"?

    Angel frowns.

    Angel: You know what's wrong with him.

    Lilah: Didn't say that. But I might know why it's happening.

    Angel walks up to her looking angry.

    Angel: Tell me.

    Lilah: Wow, intimidating. Except for the fact that I'm dead, so you can't snap my neck this time.

    She raises an eyebrow. Angel looks angry.

    Angel: What do you want me to do?

    Lilah: I knew you'd jump through the hoop if I mentioned Junior. It'd be interesting to see how far you'd go with that.

    Angel: I could change my mind.

    Lilah: Yeah right. Anyway, all you and your pals have to do is fight the other Senior Partners' army when it comes, and do some serious damage. Which is probably gonna be within the next hour. We'll let you know where soon enough.

    Angel: An hour?

    Lilah: You expected them to warn you? See look, I'm already doing you a favor. Better regroup, or things could get ugly. Anyway, I really should be going. I've got a session at 1, they don't like it when I'm late. You know when it comes down to it, being in hell and being in a law firm aren't that different.

    Angel: Wait. Tell me what you know about Connor.

    Lilah: Oh right. Well you remember that little deal you made with Hamilton? Looks like you're paying your half off right now. Or rather Connor is.

    Angel: You mean his visions are dangerous.

    Lilah: Couldn't say for sure. All I know is that he'll be the one paying the price at the end of the day.

    Angel looks upset. Lilah smiles, but it is not clear whether she is serious or not.

    Lilah: Sorry, looks like your screwed again. Nothing changes I guess.

    Angel looks at her.

    Angel: Thanks for your insight. You can go.

    Lilah: Well thanks.

    She raises and eyebrow and smiles before disappearing. Time starts again.

    Spike: Just tell us why you're here you bloody-

    Spike looks around.

    Spike: Where'd she go?

    Gwen: Angel?

    Angel looks at them.

    Illyria: Something has transpired.

    Angel: Yeah.

    Cut to everyone sat down except Illyria in the lobby.

    Illyria: We must hasten to search for the army.

    Gwen: I could be wrong, but this sounds like one of those "don't call us, we'll call you" armies.

    Spike: Sounds pretty typical, yeah.

    Gunn: How do we know Lilah's telling the truth. Yeah she's been gone a while but?she's still evil. Right?

    Angel: I think this is the part where we get caught up in the fight between two greater powers again.

    Spike: And so we pick the lesser evil?

    Angel: Yeah.

    Gwen: Which is Lilah and co.? Because, things'll be bad whether Wolfram and Hart stay or go. I mean for a start Connor?

    Gwen trails off as she sees Angel's face. Illyria looks around.

    Illyria: The odds may be against us. But we should not despair until we are dead.

    Everyone looks at Illyria.

    Gunn: As weird as that sounds, I've gotta agree with her.

    Angel: I'm not giving up. I have to call Connor.

    Spike: You think they're already after ?im?

    Angel: They could be. Even if they're not, I still wanna check.

    Angel walks into his office. The others look worried.

    Illyria: We may have to act swiftly if Lilah spoke the truth.

    Gwen: Well as long as we're all here, it's ok right?

    Gunn: Yeah.

    Cut to Fred sitting in a chair, not moving. She suddenly opens her eyes and gasps. She breathes deeply. The demon stands next to her.

    Demon: Welcome back.

    Fred: What?what was that?

    Demon: You don't remember?

    Fred shakes her head and looks anxious.

    Demon: You've been on another plane for the last few hours. You haven't actually existed here since, uh, 11am.

    Fred: Wait I do remember. But you definitely didn't tell me about that part.

    Demon: You didn't ask. Besides, it's harmless. And you'll be a lot better because of it.

    Fred blinks slowly, still breathing heavily. She gets up.

    Fred: Well, thanks, but I, uh, I don't wanna do this.

    Demon: We've only done one session Fred.

    Fred: And we'll leave it at that.

    Fred takes a wallet out of her jeans and takes a wad of money out.

    Fred: So, how much?

    Demon: Why don't we call this a free trial? You can pay me if you ever decide to come back.

    Fred: I?I won't.

    Demon: Sure, ok.

    Fred frowns. She walks out. The demon smiles. A door opens behind him and another demon, in a leather coat is stood at the door.

    Demon #2: She's gone.

    Demon: Not for long.

    Cut to Angel on the phone.

    Voice: Hello?

    Angel: Uh, hi, Connor?

    Cut to Connor's house. His dad is seen holding the phone.

    Connor's Dad: This is his dad.
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      ACT III

      Cut back to Angel.

      Angel: Oh, sorry I thought-

      Cut back to Connor's dad.

      Connor's Dad: This is Angel isn't it?

      Cut back to Angel.

      Angel: Yeah.

      Cut back Connor's Dad.

      Connor's Dad: Well, I'm not surprised to see you're calling Connor again. From the look of his messages this is the ninth or tenth time this week.

      Cut to Angel.

      Angel: Uh, I don't mean to be rude, but how is that any of your business?

      Cut to Connor's Dad.

      Connor's Dad: It's my business because he's my son, and while I'm grateful that you helped him, I really don't think it's in his best interests to see you anymore.

      Cut to Angel.

      Angel: Well whatever you think of me?me and Connor are just friends. And I hate to disappoint but you can't control what your son does.

      Cut to Connor's Dad.

      Connor's Dad: We'll see.

      He puts the phone down. He looks serious. He turns round and sees Connor standing next to him, frowning.

      Cut back to Angel looking annoyed. He walks back into the lobby.

      Spike: Any luck?

      Angel: It was his dad.

      Gunn: His fake-slash-real dad?

      Angel: Yeah. He said he'd been looking through Connor's cell phone.

      Gunn: See, that's why I moved at 17.

      Gwen: He read them?

      Angel: I don't know. If he has?

      Gwen: He'll work out you're Connor's dad?

      Angel: Probably, due the fact Connor calls me "dad" in most of them.

      Gwen: Oh?

      Spike: So now he's not only got the knights of doom on his tail, but his mum and dad too? Poor kid.

      Angel: We should go.

      Everyone nods and gets up. Fred walks through the door.

      Angel: Fred.

      Fred smiles slightly.

      Fred: Hey. What's going on?

      Spike: A lot.

      Gwen: Where've you been?

      She frowns to herself.

      Gwen: And why am I only wondering this now?

      Illyria: I am experiencing a similar feeling.

      Gunn: Me too.

      He looks at Gunn.

      Gunn: Uh, not that we forgot about you.

      Fred: No, no it's fine, really.

      Angel: You don't look too fine.

      Fred: Uh, I went to the university, it's a long story.

      Spike: You can explain on the way if you want.

      Fred: The way to where?

      Spike: Good point actually. Sun doesn't set for a while. And Connor's place isn't exactly walking distance is it?

      Fred: Um actually there's a black limo out the front. I was kinda wondering how it got there.

      Angel looks surprised and walks towards the door. Cut to him walking up to the limo, followed by the others. There is a note stuck to the windshield. It says: "You know where to go from here" and is signed "Lilah". Angel frowns.

      Gunn: So the building fell down and this got out intact? If I get another car I'm keeping it at Wolfram and Hart.

      Gwen: Angel, do you really know where to go?

      Angel: Connor's house. It's gotta be.

      Gunn: Could be another trap.

      Angel: No. It's signed in blood. And you know how they are about that.

      Spike: And the windows look nice and non-fatal. Let's go then.

      Angel: No?this is gonna be dangerous.

      Gunn: And you want some of us to stay here right? Well not this time Angel. If this really is an army you're gonna need all the help you can get.

      Illyria: I am inclined to agree.

      Angel pauses.

      Fred: They're right, Angel. If we have the right weapons, we can hold our own.

      Angel: All right. We should hurry though.

      The others nod and start walking inside.

      Cut to Angel walking out with a sword. Gunn follows with his axe, and Spike with another sword. Gwen follows too.

      Gwen: Think there'll be vampires?

      Spike puts a stake in his pocket.

      Spike: Better to take a stake or two anyway. Otherwise we'll be in severe need of sharp tree branches.

      Gwen: Right.

      Illyria appears.

      Illyria: Fred will join us momentarily.

      Angel gets in the limo driver's seat as the others get in behind. Cut to Fred picking up a sword. She walks towards the door when the phone rings. Fred hesitates and looks for the others outside. She walks over to the phone on the counter and picks it up.

      Fred: Hello?

      Voice: Is that Fred?

      Fred: Yeah?

      Voice: Well hey sweetie, it's mom!

      Fred looks shocked and pauses.

      Fred's mum: Fred? Fre-ed? Is everything ok honey?

      Fred looks pained.

      Fred's mum: I'll call you back.

      Fred puts the phone down quickly. She looks upset. Gunn appears at the doorway.

      Gunn: We really gotta go.

      Fred: Oh, right, sorry.

      Gunn smiles and walks back out. Fred picks up a crossbow and follows, looking tense.

      Cut to the car driving a long. Fred, Gunn, Gwen and Illyria are sat around the circular seat in the back. Spike is sat in the front with Angel. Gunn turns to Fred.

      Gunn: So how was the university?

      Fred: What?

      Gunn: I thought you said you went there.

      Fred: Oh, right, well I was there for a little bit, but I uh, one of the professor's recognized me.

      Gunn: So you had some non-evil ones too huh?

      Fred looks confused.

      Gunn: Right. Yours weren't evil at all.

      Fred: No. They were fine.

      Gunn: So you stayed the night with them or something?

      Fred: Well yeah, cause you know how I love?science and stuff.

      Gwen: Musta been weird. I mean staying with someone you've technically never met.

      Fred: Weird pretty much covers it.

      Gunn: Well it's good that you're getting out and stuff.

      Fred: Yeah. When I need to.

      She smiles slightly. Illyria seems to notice her wavering expression, but Gunn and Gwen don't. The camera moves to the front seats.

      Spike: Just one question?how are we gonna fight this lot with the sun around? We can't exactly lure them into the car.

      Angel: We'll find a way.

      Spike: Well that's good in theory but-

      A rumbling is heard. Spike frowns. Raindrops splatter on the windshield. Spike rolls down the window slightly. Rain is beginning to fall more heavily outside. The sky is growing dark. Spike rolls the window up again.

      Spike: Wish I could do that.

      Angel looks forward, silently.

      Cut to the car driving along the familiar cliff-side road seen in "Home". Cut to inside the car. Gunn leans over from the back seat.

      Gunn: I hate to be the kid in the back by asking this but?are we nearly there yet?

      Angel: It's about another mile.

      Gunn: Oh, ok.

      Angel frowns as he looks forward.

      Gunn: What?

      Gunn looks forward too. A figure is walking a long the roadside in the rain. It's Connor.

      Gunn: Oh.

      Angel pulls up next to Connor. He gets out and walks up to Connor who is soaked through.

      Connor: Dad?what are you doing here?

      Angel: Coming to see you, actually. How come you're out here in this weather?

      Connor: I had to get away from them. I'm really sorry my dad spoke to you that way. He forgets sometimes I'm almost 20.

      Angel: You're almost?-?uh, right well they shouldn't. But, it's ok really. Besides that's not why I was coming to see you.

      Connor: Big evil on the loose or something?

      Angel: Not yet.

      Connor: Oh. Well, I guess shelter would be nice.

      Angel: Oh, right sorry.

      Angel opens the rear door of the limo and Connor steps in. Gwen smiles.

      Gwen: Hey Connor.

      Connor: Hey.

      Illyria: You're human body will not tolerate material that has absorbed so much water.

      Connor: Well if you're offering a change of clothes?I guess you're not.

      Illyria: No. I suggest you search elsewhere for some alternative clothing.

      Angel: She's right, Connor.

      Gwen: What about the big bad? That's still out there right?

      Spike: And we're only assuming it was just after Connor.

      Connor: There's something after me?

      Fred: Uh, only maybe, don't worry.

      Illyria: It is most likely.

      Fred: Or?

      Connor: So it's near?

      Something suddenly lands on top of the car. It dents the roof and a hand bursts through the roof of the car.

      Gunn: I think so.

      Everyone starts getting out of the car. As Angel gets out, a wing smacks him in the face. Angel hits the barrier on the edge of the road. He looks up. Standing on top of the car is a demonic figure, looking partly human, apart from his glowing yellow eyes, and the hint of yellow across his otherwise copper skin. He is wearing black trousers. He flips in the air and lands next to Angel. Angel gets up as Spike looks angry. He lifts up his sword and prepares to attack, but the demon swiftly kicks Spike as he approaches. Spike hits the ground hard, skidding across the road.

      The creature turns his head back and smiles. Angel stands before it.
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        ACT IV

        Angel: What?what are you?

        Old One: What did you expect vampire? Something familiar?

        Gunn looks at Gwen, Illyria and Fred. He nods, and they realize what he means. All four rush towards the Old One, which spins around quickly. Gunn aims for his chest, but the Old One punches him in the face. Gunn falls to ground. Gwen blasts electricity at the Old One. He roars as Gwen slices him across the chest. The Old One growls and flips, kicking Gwen in the face and knocking Fred aside. Angel runs towards the Old One at the same time as Illyria. Angel slices his sword across the Old One's back, but he smacks him once again. He grabs Illyria around the neck and pauses.

        Old One: Illyria? It has been so long.

        Illyria struggles and tries to break free from the Old One's grip.

        Old One: What a miserable creature you have become.

        Fred gets up while he says this and looks angry. She picks up her crossbow and shoots a bolt at the Old One. He catches it with his other hand and crushes it without looking at Fred. He smiles at Illyria more widely.

        Old One: You fight with these mortals? Why?

        Gunn rushes at the Old One again, only to be knocked back almost instantly. Gwen runs to Gunn's side.

        Illyria: (weakly) Because I choose to.

        Old One: I see.

        He throws Illyria across the road. She hits the cliff side near Spike. The Old One picks up the car slowly.

        Connor: No!

        The Old One looks at Connor. It throws the car at Illyria still. She looks up as it smashes into her. Spike looks shocked. He runs towards the Old One, but Connor gets there first. He punches the Old One in the stomach. He grabs his hand in pain. The Old One smiles.

        Connor: You want me? Come and get me.

        Old One: And why on earth would you think that?

        The Old One punches Connor to the ground. Spike runs towards the Old One again, and this time rolls to duck's his punch. Spike stabs through the Old One's foot. The Old One growls and grabs the sword. It impales Spike suddenly and Spike staggers backwards. Angel is next to Connor whose nose is bleeding but looks worried as he sees Spike. He gets up and runs towards the Old One. The Old One however flies up in the air and hovers over Angel and co. Spike pulls the sword from his stomach and splutters. He throws it upwards, but the Old One dodges easily. Spike limps over to the car and pushes it aside with difficulty. Illyria is lying against the cliff face, badly cut and bruised. Spike looks worried. The Old One continues to hover in the air as rain starts falling harder. He laughs.

        Old One: I was told that the vampire with a soul was strong.

        Spike looks up, knelt next to Illyria.

        Spike: Vampires.

        Old One: Indeed. And yet both of you, a Old One and several humans cannot defeat me.

        Gwen looks up. She seems to have an idea. She looks at Gunn.

        Gwen: I'll be right back.

        Gunn: What?

        Gwen gets up and runs underneath the Old One. He laughs.

        Old One: You are brave little girl. But foolish, also.

        Gwen narrows her eyes.

        Gwen: Wanna bet?

        Lightening suddenly strikes Gwen, but passes through the Old One as it does. Gwen is blasted into the air and is about to fly over the edge of the mountain. Angel jumps up as she falls through the air and grabs her hand. She hangs over the edge of the barrier gripping Angel's hand. He lifts her up. Gwen breathes heavily and smiles.

        Gwen: Thanks.

        Angel smiles slightly but then looks at the Old One. It is lying on the ground, looking badly burnt and weakened. Angel walks towards it slowly. He stands over it.

        Angel: So you're Wolfram and Hart's shot at defeating us huh?

        The Old One splutters and then laughs a little.

        Old One: No. To stall you.

        Angel's smile fades. Spike looks up slowly next to Illyria. Gunn, Gwen and Fred all look worried. Connor seems to come to a conclusion he begins running back towards his house. The Old One laughs again.

        Old One: Hahaha! Run if you will little boy. Others will enjoy seeing the pain on all your faces when I am gone.

        Fred looks annoyed. She takes her crossbow again and shoots at the Old One's head. The camera shows the arrow hitting from the Old One's point of view. Cut to Fred, Gwen and Gunn rushing into the car. Spike is carrying Illyria and gets in behind them. Angel gets in the driver's seat.

        Gunn: You think that Old One was serious about stalling us?

        Angel: I do.

        Spike: So does Connor by the looks of it.

        Angel: Whatever that Old One was stalling us from, it could still be there. Connor might not be able to fight it on his own.

        Angel starts the limo. Cut to Connor running along the roadside still. He has a pained expression on his face. Cut to Angel driving into Connor's neighborhood. Connor is seen running in the distance. He runs down a hill towards his house. Angel speeds up a little. Connor breathes heavily as he comes to a halt. He stares at the door. It is ajar. He looks worried and runs in. Angel pulls up behind. He gets out the car. Connor runs inside and looks around. He halts as he looks in the kitchen. His mum and dad are both sat on chairs around the table. But their heads are slumped on the table and they are lying still. Connor opens his mouth slightly. Angel arrives at the front door. He is repelled back by the invisible wall. Spike stands behind him. Angel looks round the corner and sees Connor standing near his parents still figures.

        Angel: (quietly) Oh god! (louder) Connor, let me in!

        Spike looks around. Connor remains still. His mother's open eye can be seen staring vaguely. A tear appears in Connor's eye. He blinks and sheds it. Angel looks onwards helplessly.

        Angel: Connor?let me in.

        Spike looks at Angel.

        Spike: There's no need to panic Angel. They're long gone.

        Angel doesn't seem to listen. He just stares at Connor sadly. A bite wound is seen on Connor's dad's neck. Connor turns round slowly. He looks at Angel, tearfully.

        Angel: Connor. Please. Let me in.

        Connor looks down. A sound is heard from upstairs. Connor looks up. He looks angry. He makes his way upstairs quickly.

        Angel: Connor-

        Connor: Come. In.

        Angel runs in. Spike tries to follow but realizes the invitation was not to him. Connor looks in a door to his left, then to his right. He looks in the third door and pauses. He rushes over to the body of his sister lying on the ground, with a similar bite mark. Angel rushes in behind him.

        Angel: Connor what-?oh?

        He frowns as he sees Connor kneeling over his sister's body. Connor feels her pulse. His eyes light up.

        Connor: She's not dead.

        [I]Angel looks up.[/I[

        Angel: What?

        Angel rushes over to her and feels her pulse.

        Angel: You're right! Look call 911 I'll stay-

        Connor: I'll stay with her. You call them.

        Angel looks at Connor.

        Angel: Ok.

        Connor nods slightly. He clutches his sister's hand. Outside the rain continues to pour.

        Cut to Connor sitting next to a hospital bed, early in the morning. His sister is lying unconscious with a bandage over her neck. Connor is staring at her. His face is stained with tears. He looks pale. Angel arrives with a cup of coffee.

        Angel: I, uh, brought you a coffee.

        Connor: I'm not thirsty.

        Angel: Connor you gotta have something, you haven't slept-

        Connor: I said I'm ok.
        Angel hesitates. He puts one of the cups on the table.

        Angel: If you want it later, maybe.

        Connor nods slightly. Angel draws up a chair and sits next to Connor.

        Angel: So?how's Sarah doing?

        Connor: She's lost a lot of blood. But they said she'll probably be ok if they can get a transfusion.

        Angel: Right. Well that shouldn't be too difficult.

        Connor: Yeah, sure.

        Connor still looks stunned.

        Angel: Connor-

        Connor: You wanna talk about them? Don't. They're gone.

        Angel: Connor it only happened 12 hours ago, you've hardly said a word since then. Look I know this?I don't know what this is, but I get you're hurt and angry but-

        Connor: Yeah I'm angry. I'm angry that world is the way it is. That these things exist. That people die for no reason.

        Connor looks at Angel.

        Angel: Connor?there was a deal?that happened-

        Connor: No. Don't talk to me about deals, or prophecies or whatever. I don't wanna know.

        Angel: I didn't mean for something like this to happen.

        Connor: I know.

        Connor pauses.

        Connor: You know, I remember?I remember you telling me you hoped that one day I'd be ready to fight with you.

        Angel: I remember too.

        Connor: Yeah. Well I guess?that time's come and gone.

        Angel: (quietly) Yeah.

        Connor looks back at his sister.

        Angel: Look all I really wanna say is?I'm sorry. And if you need anything?a place to stay, help with money?you name it-

        Connor: You'll be there. Right, thanks.

        Angel nods slowly and gets up.

        Angel: I, uh, hope she wakes up soon.

        Connor nods. Angel turns around and begins walking away.

        Connor: Angel.

        Angel stops and looks at Connor.

        Connor: Don't call for a few days, ok?

        Angel hesitates.

        Angel: Ok.

        Connor nods once more and then looks away. He looks tearful. Angel watches, desperate to help. However he turns around slowly and walks away.

        Cut to Fred walking through a door. She is in the demon's office once again. The demon smiles as she enters.

        Demon: What made you change your mind?

        Fred: I?I saw a lot of stuff today. Stuff that?I don't think I can handle right now. If the offer's still going-

        Demon: Take a seat.

        Fred nods and walks in.

        Cut to Angel walking in The Hyperion. Gunn and Gwen stand up.

        Gwen: Angel, hi,

        Angel: Hey.

        Gunn: Man?I'm really sorry.

        Angel: Thanks. But I'm ok, really. I just hate seeing him like that.

        Gwen: Yeah. Do you think he'll be ok?

        Angel: Eventually I think. I'm only just realizing how much this screws up his life. He can't go to college anymore, or travel, or do anything. He has to stay and look after his sister.

        Angel looks grave.

        Gunn: You couldn't have known this would happen.

        Angel: I knew something would. And I made that deal knowing full well someone, somewhere would pay the price. I just didn't think it would be him.

        Gwen and Gunn look sympathetic.

        Angel: So, uh, how's Illyria?

        Gwen: Spike's with her upstairs. I think she's ok.

        Angel: Right.

        Angel walks past. Gunn and Gwen look after him gravely. Cut to Angel with Spike at the door's entrance.

        Spike: She was in a bad way. But, you know Illyria, she got better pretty quickly.

        Angel: Good. I'm glad.

        Spike: You've uh, probably heard "I'm sorry" enough already, so how about we just leave it as this?

        Angel: Ok.

        Spike smiles slightly and nods. He walks away. Angel walks into the room. Illyria is lying on the bed, still looking pretty rough. She looks at Angel.

        Illyria: You have returned.

        Angel: Yeah. You, uh, feeling better?

        Illyria: I will recover.

        Angel: That's great.

        There is a pause.

        Angel: So I guess that demon?it was from your time?

        Illyria: Indeed. Wolfram and Hart will be most formidable if they possess to ability to harness the power of old ones. He was one of thousands...I would not be surprised if there will be others.

        Angel: You're right.

        Illyria nods.

        Illyria: You have been with your son?

        Angel: Yeah.

        Illyria: What happened?

        Angel pauses.

        Angel: You were right.

        Illyria cocks her head. Angel looks down. The camera pans out on the two of them in silence.

        THE END
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