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Angel Episode 6.6 116. Foundations

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  • Angel Episode 6.6 116. Foundations

    Hi, this is the sixth episode of Angel Season 6 by me. I hope you enjoy reading it. If you have feedback, please post it here; both positive comments and constructive criticism are welcome

    Angel Episode 6.6 116. Foundations

    Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters on Angel. They belong to Fox Studios and Joss Whedon. This work is fictional and is only for my and others entertainment. Therefore no infringement is intended. I do not intend to make a profit from this work. However I own all characters that have not previously appeared/been mentioned on Angel, so I can do whatever I like with them. Therefore any unauthorised usage of these characters is not permitted.

    ACT I

    Open on a large room. The caption says LA, 1886, night. Furniture is broken and overturned and fragments of glass are scattered everywhere. Bodies are littered around with vampire bites. The camera moves past them to Angelus, Spike, Darla and Drusilla sitting at the only unscathed table left, wearing clothes from the era.

    Spike: You know, we should have a massacre more often.

    Angelus: You call this a massacre? Darla and I made ten times as much chaos as this in Paris.

    Darla smiles widely and Angelus smirks.

    Darla: How could I forget?

    Spike: Well what is it then?

    Angelus: A slaughter perhaps? One that I started.

    Spike: Uh what?

    Angelus: I killed the first customer.

    Spike: It was still a "murder" at that point. It became a massacre after I killed that party of five.

    Darla: Now boys, you said you wouldn't fight until after dinner is finished.

    Angelus: As fun as this may be, we should get going soon. If anyone?with power catches word of us here-

    Spike: Stop worrying, there's no one in this city that could possible stand in our way. The Slayer's in bloody London anyway.

    Drusilla: Ooh! Bloody London!

    Spike: What's that?
    Drusilla laughs.

    Drusilla: The streets will be painted red. Deeper than we know.

    Spike: Saying we should have our next big do in London? Sounds like fun.

    Angelus: Well you better not get any ideas about chasing the Slayer.

    Spike: What's it to you if I do? Besides that's where we should be. Teaching her who's boss.

    Angelus: Say that again when you meet her.

    Spike: Well at least let's do something.

    Drusilla: Patience my love. The night is young and the best is yet to come!

    Angelus: Dru you said that about the last ten people we killed.

    Darla: But she was right.

    Drusilla looks upwards.

    Drusilla: This place already whispers. They've nowhere to go. We'll have to catch them all one by one!

    Drusilla snatches at the air. The others look at her.

    Spike: Dru sweet, Maybe you need another drink?

    Drusilla moves her fist towards her chest and nods.

    Darla: Well it looks like it's here.

    A terrified looking waitress walks over to them. Her face is stained with tears. She is carrying a tray with several bowls on. Angelus smiles at her. She takes one of the bowls and places it in front of Darla. It is full of blood. Darla looks unimpressed and sighs. She looks up at the waitress.

    Darla: What, is this?

    Waitress: It's b-blood like y-you asked.

    Angelus: And you give it to us in a bowl? You know for a place that claims to be one of the best in the city; it's really not that good quality.

    Darla: Take it back, and give it to us fresh.

    Waitress: (quietly) I-I-I'm s-sorry. We d-don't have any l-livestock.

    Darla: We'll see about that. Tell the kitchen staff to come here.

    Waitress: But-

    Spike: You see this lot on the floor? You'll end up with ?em in a minute if you don't play along.

    Darla smiles at the waitress. The waitress looks worried but nods slowly and walks away through a nearby door.

    Darla: Service really isn't what it once was.

    Drusilla rises slowly.

    Angelus: Dru? What is it?

    Drusilla: The guest list wasn't finished.

    She walks over to the windows.

    Drusilla: They've come for the party.

    A man and a woman walk in smiling but look horrified as they see the wreckage in front of them.

    Drusilla: Don't worry dears. I'll show you to the seats.

    They back away slowly. Spike gets up smiling and walks over to Dru.

    Spike: Well isn't this interesting. What do you say Dru? One each?

    Drusilla giggles as Spike smiles at her. The waitress reappears with the cook as Spike and Dru vamp out prepare to bite the couple at the doorway. The waitress and cook look alarmed. Darla stands up followed by Angelus.

    Darla: I really wouldn't worry about them. You have your own problems to worry about.

    The waitress puts her hand over her mouth.

    Angelus: Yes. Enough talk. Let's get to the best part.

    Angelus strokes the girl's hair and then leans in to bite her as he vamps out. Darla smiles at the cook.

    Darla: Well, they don't get much fresher than this.

    She vamps out, grabs his neck quickly and then bites him as Drusilla and Spike bite the couple near the door. Cut to them all feeding.

    Opening credits.


    AMY ACKER - Winnifred Burkle/Illyria
    J. AUGUST RICHARDS - Charles Gunn
    ALEXA DAVALOS - Gwen Raiden

    Guest Starring:

    JULIE BENZ - Darla
    JULIET LANDAU - Drusilla

    Cut to Angel in his office on the phone. A tone can be heard on the other end.

    Connor's voice: Hey, this is Connor's phone, sorry I'm not around right now, leave a message and I'll get back to you, thanks.

    Angel sighs and puts the phone down. Gwen walks in.

    Angel: Gwen, hi.

    Gwen: Hey. Thought you should know, Fred had a vision.

    Angel: She what?

    Gwen: You know?a vision. Sounds like it could be pretty important.

    Angel: Oh, right. I, uh, almost forgot.

    Gwen: You're not the only one. Took us all by surprise really.

    Angel looks serious.

    Gwen: You're not too busy or anything?

    Angel: Uh?no, I'm not. I was just trying to get through to, uh, someone.

    Gwen: Connor right?

    Angel: What? How did you-

    Gwen: I figured he's the only "someone" you'd be talking to. Angel you know you don't have to hide him from us or anything right? I mean it's not like we don't know he exists. Not anymore anyway.

    Angel: I know. But it's just that that makes it difficult. I, uh, I was thinking of inviting him round. Maybe tomorrow or something. Do you think that'd be ok?

    Gwen: Oh?well sure, I haven't go a problem with that. And I'm sure the others won't either.

    Angel: Great. I'll try calling him again later.

    Gwen: Probably good to finally get things out in the open too.

    Angel: Right.

    Gwen smiles as Angel walks towards him. He walks out. Angel looks uncertain behind him and then follows.

    Cut to Fred sitting in the lobby drinking a glass of water. Spike, Gunn and Illyria are sat near her. Angel and Gwen walk towards them.

    Angel: Fred. You ok?

    Fred: Yeah?yeah I'll be ok. Vision kinda took a lot outta me.

    Angel: It hurt?

    Fred: Oh, no. They haven't hurt since?

    Fred looks awkward.

    Angel: You're part demon aren't you?

    Fred nods slowly.

    Fred: Yeah?

    Everyone looks shocked.

    Gwen: You never told us that.

    Spike: I can imagine why.

    Fred looks at him and smiles slightly.

    Gunn: Well I guess it makes sense, I mean it happened to Cordy here.

    Fred: I thought so. Just another difference you can add to the list I guess.

    Everyone looks awkward.

    Angel: Fred we're not judging you by how different of similar you are all right? Just be you. Ok?

    Fred hesitates and then nods slightly.

    Angel: So, uh, about the vision?

    Fred: Oh, right. Well I wrote down the address.

    Fred takes a piece of paper and hands it to Angel. He takes it. He looks a little alarmed

    Angel: The Four Seasons?

    Fred: You know it?

    Spike: It's a restaurant. Or was.

    Gwen: What happened?

    Spike looks at Angel.

    Angel: We killed everyone there.

    The others frown.

    Fred: What?

    Spike: It was a long time ago. And besides it wasn't us, it was?who we used to be.

    Gunn: What happened?

    Spike: We went there with Dru and Darla and massacred ?em.

    Gwen: Oh.

    There is a pause.

    Angel: Fred what else did you see?

    Fred: Uh?there was a boy. In his late teens. And vampires. There were attacking him. And a box. It was covered in some runes, I didn't understand them. I don't know if it was anything special but I guess it must be important if I saw it.

    Angel: Yeah.

    Gunn: So?we gonna go?

    Illyria: This box may be of value.

    Angel: I know. We'll go.

    The others nod. Angel begins walking away.

    Gwen: Angel are you sure this isn't gonna bring back too many bad memories for you?

    Gunn: I've seen it happen before; wasn't too great.

    Angel: I'll be fine.

    He walks into his office and closes the door.

    Fred: Spike are you ok?

    Spike: Oh, yeah I'm fine. Not a lot we can do about it now is there? We should get ready.

    The other start to get up. Cut to everyone walking up to a restaurant; the same one seen in the flashbacks only the windows are boarded up and it seems thoroughly abandoned.

    Spike: Well?it's changed a bit.

    Angel: Fred it's inside right?

    Fred: Yeah.

    Angel: Let's go.

    Angel walks towards the door and pulls on it. Nothing happens. He then pulls harder and it slams open. He walks in.

    Gunn: Man, I didn't think he'd be hit so hard by it.

    Spike: Yeah, well, you look at everything you've done as one big bloodshed and it's easier to deal with. It's when you start looking at individual things?it becomes harder. This was one of our more?wide scale work. Went on to kill most of the neighbourhood.

    Gwen: Well maybe we should try and spend as little time here as possible.

    Gwen indicates the door and then Spike nods. Everyone starts walking in. Illyria cocks her head and hesitates. Gwen looks at her.

    Gwen: Coming?

    Illyria: Indeed.

    Gwen: You know you're kinda quiet. Which fro you, is unusual.

    Illyria: I am absorbing the situation.

    Gwen: You don't get the whole resolve thing?

    Illyria: Not that. I meant with Fred. She is part demon.

    Gwen: Oh. Well yeah, it's a surprise for sure.

    Illyria: And another link between her and I. We are both adjusting to this world. I wonder?if perhaps we will soon lose the identity we once had altogether.

    Illyria looks serious and walks through the door. Gwen follows looking concerned. The interior is dark, but broken furniture is still outlines by the moonlight. Everyone looks around. Angel is stood is the middle of the room. He turns around.

    Fred: They never tried to renovate this place?

    Angel: Yeah they did?but they didn't get any business. The reputation of this place stayed with it for a long time.

    Fred: Oh. Uh, I think the box is upstairs. Maybe the boy too.

    There is a crashing sound from above. Everyone looks up.

    Gunn: I think you might be right.

    Angel grabs a stake from his pocket and rushes towards a nearby door. The others follow.

    Cut to Angel running up a narrow stairway. As he reaches the top, a double doorway on his right is blasted open and a figure flies out and hits the opposite wall. Angel rushes over to it as the others appear at the top of the stairs. The figure looks up and reveals himself to be a vamp. He growls as he sees Angel but Angel quickly slams his stake into the vamps heart dusting him. Angel turns to look through the double doorway to the next room. Crashes can still be heard. He looks surprised. The others join him.

    Fred: That's him! That's the boy I saw.

    Cut to inside the room. A vamp is lying on the floor and dusts as a figure dusts him. The camera moves round to show it's Connor. However another vamp grabs him from behind and bites into his neck. Connor cries out.

    Angel: Connor!

    He rushes over and punches the vamp.

    Fred: Connor?

    Connor grabs his neck and looks in pain. He watches Angel, who kicks the vamp in the face and then dusts him with the stake. He looks back and rushes over to Connor.

    Angel: Let me see.

    Connor: I'm ok.

    Angel: You're not ok!

    Connor moves his hand which has blood smeared over it. His neck has two puncture wounds. Angel looks concerned and then looks at the others.

    Angel: A little help over here?

    Gunn: Oh, right.

    Gunn rushes over followed by the others. Connor looks up.

    Connor: Uh, Gunn hey.

    Gunn: You remember me?

    Connor: Right. When uh?the memories came back. For me anyway.

    Gunn: Oh, I see. But I thought-

    Angel: Gunn can we do this later?

    Fred: We should get him to a hospital.

    Connor: No there's no need, really.

    Angel: You're bleeding.

    Connor: It'll stop.

    Gwen: Look I'm no doctor but I don't think there's any major damage. If an artery was cut we'd know about it. (to Connor) And you wouldn't.

    Connor: She's right, I just need a band-aid or something.

    Angel: Well they're at the hotel, we need to get you back there.

    Spike: What about that box?

    Fred stands up and looks around. She notices something.

    Fred: There.

    She points over to the window. There is a blue box, covered in runes. Gunn walks over to it and picks it up.

    Gunn: Sure this is it?

    Fred nods.

    Gunn: Then let's go.

    Fred: Wait, we were brought here for a reason.

    Angel: Yeah to save Connor.

    Fred: There might be more too it than that. The box could be dangerous. You know, the way these things often are.

    Angel: Maybe, but right now we need to get back. We can look at the box when we get back.

    Fred looks annoyed but nods. Everyone leaves. The camera focuses on the box as they go.
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    ACT II

    Cut to Angel walking into the Hyperion lobby. Everyone else is in there.

    Angel: I think he's gonna be ok. Should be down in a few minutes.

    Fred: Good.

    Gunn: So?that's really him huh?

    Angel: Yeah.

    Gwen: He seems?nice.

    Angel: He is.

    There is an awkward silence.

    Spike: Guess I shoulda' figured something was up when he came to Wolfram and Hart.

    Gunn: He what?

    Spike: Oh, you were busy being tortured.

    Gunn: Oh.

    Gunn looks at Angel.

    Gunn: So he remembers us right?

    Angel: It's complicated. But yeah, he knows you. Kinda.

    Fred: I know how he feels.

    Angel looks at her.

    Angel: I know it's difficult for all of you. I gave him that life so he could have a new start. And I guess we drew the short straw with Wolfram and Hart. But he's my son, and I just hope you guys can accept him.

    Spike: Shouldn't be too hard.

    Gwen: Yeah I'm ok.

    Gunn: I guess the only thing left is what really happened? I mean you've given us a few small details but nothing really solid.

    Angel: It's not that I don't think you can handle it-

    Gunn: Well then there's no problem.

    Illyria: You may not be pleased with what you hear.

    She stares at Gunn. He looks at Angel.

    Angel: Besides, it'd take a while. We have more important things to deal with right now. Like the box.

    He looks at Fred she smiles awkwardly. Gunn looks annoyed at Angel changing the subject.

    Fred: Right. Well I still can't figure out what these runes mean.

    As she says this she walks towards the counter and picks up the box.

    Fred: We really need someone like, uh, Wesley for this.

    Angel: Yeah?

    Spike: Well, we're gonna need a substitute if it's as important as you all think it is.

    Angel: (to Fred) Have you tried opening it?

    Fred: Uh, yeah, but I can't find a place where it opens.

    Angel walks up to her and takes the box from her. He looks at a brown strip along one side.

    Angel: What about this?

    Fred: I dunno.

    Angel looks at it closely. He strokes along the strip with his finger. Nothing happens. He looks disappointed and places it back on the table.

    Angel: Keep working on it ok?

    Fred looks annoyed but Angel fails to notice. He walks back to the others.

    Fred: (to herself) Sure.

    Spike however does notice. Angel turns to the others.

    Spike: Maybe we should all keep working on it. I mean we haven't really got anything else to do.

    Gunn: Yeah and like you said; we should deal with more important things.

    He looks at Angel seriously. Angel looks serious.

    Angel: If you've got something to say Gunn-

    Gunn: Yeah I have. You're acting as if we should just accept this kid in our lives like he's always been here. And I don't care if he has or not, for some of us he's a stranger.

    Angel: I'm asking you to try and understand.

    Gunn: Well I'm sorry but I just don't. It feels like I'm the only one still in the dark here.

    Gwen: Gunn we don't know about Connor either.

    Gunn: I know that. But it aint the same. Me, Wesley, Cordy and Fred fought alongside Angel for years and now all that could just be some dream he and Wolfram and Hart conjured up. I wanna know the truth.

    Angel: This isn't the time.

    Gunn: Why not? I aint going anywhere. And neither is anyone else. Why can't you just tell us?

    Illyria: You are afraid of what you may have done. That you are not who you believe you are.

    Gunn looks at her.

    Gunn: I don't know what to believe.

    Illyria: Wesley felt similarly to you. He broke the window of Orlan to see the truth. I cannot say that he was fulfilled in the way he imagined when he did so.

    Gunn: I don't care. I need to know.

    Angel: Look, Gunn, nothing happened that would make you see yourself any different.

    Gunn: How do I know that? For sure?

    Angel: I guess you'll just have to trust me.

    Illyria: He speaks no lie.

    Gunn looks at them. He looks at the ground and sighs.

    Gunn: You know, fine, maybe I can accept that for now. But you need to tell us Angel. Everything.

    Angel: I will. I'm just a little preoccupied right now.

    Gunn: I know. I'll be back soon.

    Gwen: Where are you going?

    Gunn: For a walk.

    Gwen: Gunn-

    Gunn: Don't worry ?bout me.

    He smiles slightly at Gwen and walks out the doors. Gwen sighs. Angel looks serious. Spike looks at Angel.

    Spike: He's right you know.

    Angel: I don't need this from you as well.

    Spike: Hey I'm not gonna go on about it. Just saying, you can't keep pushing it aside.

    Angel: I know.

    There is a pause.

    Angel: I'm gonna check on Connor.

    Angel begins walking up the stairs. Gwen, Illyria, Spike and Fred look awkward.

    Fred: Well?I guess I'm not the only one who doesn't really know what's going on.

    Spike: Yeah, sorry this is probably a bit much.

    Fred: Just more of the same really. I'm sure I'll get my head round it eventually.

    Spikes smiles and nods at Fred. Gwen looks at Illyria.

    Gwen: How come you said Angel wasn't lying? I thought you said Gunn wouldn't like what he hears?

    Illyria: I was not referring to Gunn. Others such as-

    Fred: Oh my god.

    Everyone looks at Fred. She has turned round. The box has broken in two.

    Spike: Bloody hell! When did this happen?

    Fred: I don't' know, I just turned around and it was like this.

    Illyria: Angel must be informed.

    Gwen: Wait a minute; this might just be nothing.

    Spike: I'd prefer not to be surprised. Come on.

    They start walking up the stairs. Suddenly two orbs of white light appear and start darting around them.

    Gwen: What are hell are they?

    Spike: I'm thinking this is the nothing you were talking about.

    Illyria: They appear to have a mind of their own.

    Spike: Magic often does.

    One of the orbs suddenly flies towards Gwen. She ducks and it hits Spike. He is blasted onto the floor.

    Fred: Spike!

    She turns round quickly as the second orb approaches her.

    Cut to Angel walking into a room where Connor is sat down on the bed. He looks up at Angel.

    Connor: Hi.

    Angel: Hi. You feeling ok?

    Connor: Yeah. Good job I'm not anaemic right?

    Angel smiles.

    Angel: So, uh, what were doing in that place?

    Connor: Fighting vamps.

    Angel: I told you to stay away from them.

    Connor: Hey they found me. I was walking nearby and got attacked. After dusting two of ?em, the other ran back to that building and I followed.

    Angel: You must have been expecting something if you took a stake.

    Connor: Just self-defence.

    Angel: I see.

    Connor looks around.

    Connor: It's weird. I kinda remember this place?but I don't.

    Angel: I know. This is the room Cordelia had actually.

    Connor: Oh. She's not?around anymore, is she?

    Angel: No. No she died.

    Connor: That's too bad.

    Angel nods.

    Connor: So uh, I found a couple a' hundred missed calls on my cell. Guessing they were from you.

    Angel: Yeah, I really wanted to apologise for last week.

    Connor: Hey it's cool. I get that stuff comes up.

    Angel: I know, but it's happened a lot. It shouldn't happen.

    Connor: Well I'm here now. Maybe we can do that whole bonding thing?

    Angel: Right. I'd like that.

    Connor: What about the others. They cool with me being here?

    Angel: Uh I think they're adjusting.

    Connor: Right. Do they remember?

    Angel: Only Illyria knows what really happened.

    Connor: Guess that doesn't help.

    Angel: Not really.

    Connor nods. An orb of light appears from the wall and enters through Connor's back. Angel doesn't notice Connor jerk slightly.

    Angel: But I think they'll come round. I guess it's only Gunn that's kinda angry, but not at you.

    Connor looks worried and looks at Angel.

    Connor: He's coming.

    Angel looks confused.

    Angel: What?

    Connor stands up.

    Connor: We have to get out of here!

    Angel: Who's coming?

    Connor: The man downstairs! I heard him!

    Angel continues to look confused when another orb collides with his back. His expression changes to concern.

    Angel: He won't get in here. I won't let him.

    Connor: He's not alone. There's more. They killed everyone down there. Sarah I don't think they're even human.

    Angel: Don't speak of such things! We'll be safe here. Just stay calm.

    Angel puts his arm round Connor. Both of them look worried.

    Cut to downstairs. Spike stands up.

    Spike: Mother?

    Gwen and Illyria look confused as Fred looks up.

    Fred: Betty you have to leave.

    Gwen: What's going on?

    Spike: I don't want to go on my own.

    Illyria: I do not know.

    Fred: I'll follow you, just run.

    Spike: You promise.

    Fred: Yes! Just go, quickly!

    Spike looks upset and then looks to his left. Gwen looks even more confused.

    Gwen: What are you guys-

    Spike: That woman, she's coming.

    Fred: Oh god?quickly run!

    Spike runs to the door. Gunn walks through as he does. They collide. Fred's eyes widen.

    Fred: No!

    She runs over looking upset. Gunn looks at them looking confused.

    Gunn: I leave for five minutes and look what happens.

    Suddenly Fred tenses and her neck leans over to one side. Bite marks appear and she opens her mouth in shock. Spike looks up.

    Spike: Mother?

    Gunn looks at Fred's pale, lifeless body.

    Gunn: Oh god.

    Spike's head suddenly turns as if he has been punched in the face. As he falls to the ground the two orbs rise up in the air and fly through the ceiling. Gunn rushes over to Fred.

    Gunn: Fred!

    Gwen: Gunn, I don't think-

    Gunn: No! Not again.

    Illyria watches, looking serious.

    Gwen: Illyria get Angel!

    Illyria nods and hastily walks up the steps to the second floor. Spike sits up and shakes his head.

    Spike: Uh why am I on the floor? I don't remember there being-

    Spike sees Fred lying still. He looks shocked.

    Cut to Illyria running down the hallway. Suddenly an orb flies through the wall and into her body. She stops in mid stride and then turns round. The light bulbs suddenly disappear and the corridor turns dark. Illyria turns round looking upset.

    Illyria: I won't let you take my daughter!

    The light bulbs suddenly reappear and come back on. The orb of light disappears through the opposite wall. Illyria looks around confused.

    Cut to Angel still holding Connor. Illyria opens the door quickly, and as she does the orbs of light fly out of them. Angel and Connor both look at each other and Angel slowly moves his hands off Connor.

    Angel: Uh?what?

    Illyria: You have also been affected.

    Angel and Connor turn.

    Angel: Illyria?what do you mean affected?

    Illyria: I do not know completely. But it appears that the box we recovered has a fatal power.

    Angel looks concerned. Illyria looks grave. Cut to Angel, Illyria and Connor walking hurriedly into the Hyperion lobby. Gunn, Spike, Gwen and Fred are all stood there. Angel looks confused as he sees Fred.

    Angel: What, I?Illyria you said she was dead.

    Gunn: She was.

    Fred: I'm finding it kinda hard to believe but yeah?apparently I was.

    Angel: Then what the hell's going on?

    Spike: It's that bloody box.

    Angel looks at it on the counter.

    Angel: How did it break?

    Gwen: We don't know. All we do know is that ever since it's been like that, these light orb thingies have been flying around controlling people.

    Illyria: I believe I also may have been affected.

    Angel: Controlling people? In what way?

    Gunn: Re-enacting something. I dunno what.

    Angel considers this.

    Angel: So where are they now?

    An orb suddenly appears from the ceiling and hits Gwen. She stumbles slightly but then falls to the ground and clutches her legs rocking back and forth. She looks terrified.

    Gwen: Our father, who art in heaven hallowed by thy name-

    As she prays a second orb appears from the right wall. It hits Spike. Another appears and hits Illyria. Spike looks at Illyria.

    Illyria: He's coming.

    Spike: He won't get in here. I won't let him.

    Illyria: He's not alone. There's more. They killed everyone down there. Sarah I don't think they're even human.

    Spike: Don't speak of such things! We'll be safe here. Just stay calm.

    Angel looks worried as he watches. Gwen is repeating the Lord's Prayer again and again as Spike holds Illyria close to him. A forth orb appears and hits Gunn. Fred looks at him. The light bulbs suddenly disappear and the room goes dark.

    Gunn: I won't let you take my daughter!

    The room suddenly lights up as the light bulbs return. The orbs suddenly collect in the middle of the room and spiral upwards, joined by others. They disappear into the ceiling. Gwen looks up and slowly stands up. Spike and Illyria part quickly and look awkward.
    Gwen: It happened again didn't it?

    Fred: Really did.

    Angel is staring into space.

    Connor: Dad do you know why this is happening.

    Angel: I do.

    Fred: Why?

    Angel: Because of us.

    Angel looks at Spike. Spike seems to realise.
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      ACT III

      Open on everyone still in the Hyperion lobby.

      Gunn: What do you mean?

      Angel: These spirits or whatever they are?they're re-enacting what happened when we attacked the restaurant.

      Fred: So they're ghosts?

      Angel: Maybe.

      Spike: I've seen my fair share of ghosts. As well as being one. I think this is a bit more complicated.

      Illyria: Perhaps the markings on the box will answer these questions.

      Angel: Right. Fred did you translate it?

      Fred frowns.

      Fred: Didn't really have time, being possessed and all.

      Angel: Right, sorry.

      Angel turns to Connor.

      Angel: Those vampires?did they say anything about the box?

      Connor: No. But I got the feeling they were guarding it.
      Angel walks over to the box. Connor hesitates.

      Connor: You really attacked a restaurant?

      Angel looks ashamed.

      Spike: It was a long time ago. We were both evil.

      Connor: Oh.

      There is a pause.

      Gwen: Well since it's broken I think we can assume these things were inside.

      Angel: Yeah. The question is why.

      Gunn: Uh?maybe someone was trying to bring them back to life?

      Spike: There wasn't really anyone left by the time we'd finished.

      Everyone looks awkward. Angel looks at Spike and then looks at the floor.

      Illyria: Not all resurrections are performed with good intent. My own for instance.

      Gwen: I still don't get why the Powers That Be would send us out to find something just so it could haunt us.

      Connor walks over to the box.

      Connor: So you're saying this box was home to like, dozens of spirits for like 50 years?

      Angel: More like 100.

      Connor: Wow.

      Gunn: Wouldn't be the first time. Remember the interactive ballet?

      Angel: Yeah. But ghosts don't usually stick around unless there's unfinished business.

      Spike: Maybe that unfinished business is us?

      Angel looks at him.

      Spike: It may have been a century ago, but I imagine they'd still be pretty pissed off.

      Angel considers this. Connor touches the box and suddenly jumps and pulls his hand back quickly.

      Connor: Whoa.

      Angel looks concerned.

      Angel: What is it?

      Connor: I?I don't know I touched it and saw something. Images. Of you.

      He looks at Angel. Angel looks uncertain.

      Angel: Doing what?

      Connor hesitates.

      Connor: Killing.

      Angel frowns. The others look awkward.

      Spike: Yeah we killed them. It's happened, we can't go back. We have to concentrate on what's going on now. What we do know is that these things definitely aren't resting in peace. I reckon we should point them in the direction of the white light.

      Gwen: How?

      Spike: I was hoping someone else could answer that.

      Fred: There are, uh, some books. In my room. I think they belonged to the other Fred. They could be helpful in sorting this whole thing out.

      Angel: Ok.

      Fred: I'll go find them.

      Gunn: Want me to help?

      Fred: Oh, ok thanks.

      Fred smiles and she and Gunn walk up the stairs. Gwen frowns slightly.

      Connor: You know I should call my parents. They're probably gonna start wondering where I've got to soon.

      Angel: Oh, sure. Phone's in my office.

      Connor nods and smiles momentarily. He walks into the office and closes the door behind him. Angel looks after him, visibly concerned.

      Spike: He always had that little gift?

      Angel: No?I don't know what it is.

      Illyria: He may have developed an ability similar to that which Fred possesses.

      Gwen: How?

      Angel: I don't know.

      Spike: Shall we add that to the list of what else we don't know?

      Angel looks at him and then looks at the floor seriously.

      Cut to Fred walking into her room followed by Gunn. Gunn looks around surprised. All the ornaments and some of the furniture has changed.

      Gunn: Wow. This is uh?different.

      Fred: I know. Kinda the point really. Thought I might as well make a knew start. Couldn't really use the other stuff after it got broken anyway.

      Fred half smiles and then walks over to a wardrobe, which she opens. Gunn looks a little sad. Fred kneels down and then picks up some books.

      Fred: Here they are.

      She stands up and smiles at Gunn but then gasps and drops them. Gunn looks concerned.

      Gunn: Oh no.

      Fred looks up at him sadly. An orb appears and hits Gunn. He looks at Fred.

      Fred: I don't think we're going to be all right this time.

      Gunn: We can hope.

      Fred: Maybe that's not enough.

      Gunn: Well that's all we have.

      Fred looks tearful.

      Gunn: Whatever happens, I'm not leaving you.

      Fred smiles slightly and she and Gunn kiss. The orbs suddenly fly out of Fred and Gunn. Fred and Gunn gasp and move backwards quickly. They look at each other awkwardly.

      Fred: We should go downstairs.

      Gunn: Yeah?

      Fred picks up the books quickly and walks out into the hallway. Gunn follows looking uncertain.

      Cut to Fred and Gunn joining the others down stairs.

      Angel: You found them.

      Fred: Yeah.

      Angel: Good.

      Illyria: We should be to search for a solution.

      Fred nods as she hands a book to Illyria and another to Gwen. She avoids eye contact with Gwen as she does so. Gunn turns to Angel.

      Gunn: Where's Connor?

      Angel: Calling his parents.

      Gunn: Oh.

      Spike: Before having his visionary encounter.

      Fred looks up.

      Fred: What?

      Angel: It wasn't a vision exactly he just saw?what happened.

      Fred: How is that possible?
      Spike: We're all out of ideas.

      Gunn: How much do you really know at all?

      Angel looks at Gunn.

      Angel: We're working on it.

      Gunn: I meant about Connor. I'm starting to think he's connected to all of this. He was there when we got the box, and those orbs only started showing up after he arrived. Maybe he's working some of his own mojo here.

      Angel: He doesn't have the power to do anything like that.

      Gunn: You don't know that. Hey, you could be the one whose memory's been altered. He could be someone else entirely.

      Angel: You don't know what you're talking about. I know he's my son, and I know this isn't happening because of him.

      Illyria: The spirits that have been released do not appear to be harmful.

      Gunn: What about Fred?

      Fred: Well, you know, I'm better now.

      Gunn: Maybe next time one of us won't get better.

      Gwen: Gunn I think Angel's right, he knows Connor better than any of us.

      Gunn: So he says.

      Angel: Look Gunn I know you're bitter cause you don't know what to believe but believe me when I tell you I know my son.

      Illyria: (to Gunn) You must endure the truth.

      Gunn: Easy for you to say. You've got the whole picture here.

      Connor walks through the door.

      Angel: Connor.

      Connor: Hey.

      Everyone looks at him.

      Connor: Did the spirit things come back?

      Gunn: You tell us.

      Angel: Gunn-

      Gunn: No I'm sorry but we need to sort this now.

      Angel: And that's not gonna happen if you start laying the blame in dead ends.

      Gunn: Can't you see that maybe he's got you fooled?

      Connor: Uh, standing right here.

      Gunn: And you aint denied anything yet.

      Connor: You guys think I did this.

      Angel: No-

      Spike: Some of us think you might be connected to it.

      Angel looks at Spike.

      Connor: We'll I'm not, ok? (to Angel) Guess this is a long-term adjustment.

      Spike: Then what about what you saw when you touched the box?

      Connor: That?that was nothing, it happens sometimes.

      Angel and the others look surprised.

      Angel: It's happened before?

      Connor: Only once or twice.

      Gunn: I knew he was hiding something.

      Angel gives Gunn an annoyed look and then looks at Connor.

      Angel: What did you see the other times?

      Connor: Just a bunch of images. I figured it was probably some after affect from the memories being created or something. It's nothing really-

      Angel: It's not nothing Connor, something could be seriously wrong with you.

      Gunn: He'll be the one to know.

      Angel: (raised voice) Damn it Gunn, just let it go!

      Gunn: It aint that easy.

      Gwen: Gunn maybe there is another explanation to all of this.

      Spike: But what if there's not?

      Gunn: We can't be sure.

      Angel: I am.

      Gunn: I don't care-

      Fred: Guys?

      Everyone stops shouting and turns to Fred.

      Angel: What?

      Fred: I'm having another vision.

      Spike: What do you see?

      Fred: Wait?it's not the future I think?I think it's the past.

      Connor: You're seeing the same as me aren't you?

      Fred: I don't know. I see?a woman. She's scared.

      There is a quick flash to a woman dressed in an 1880s outfit rocking back and forth hugging her knees.

      Fred: Two girls?

      Cut to a teenage girl hugging a younger girl, both in 1880s dress.

      Girl: He's coming!

      Fred closes her eyes and frowns. She opens them and looks at Angel.

      Fred: You're there.
      Cut to Angelus smiling at the girls. There is a quick flash to him leaning in to bite them, then him and Darla smiling at one another, then a shot of the older girl's lifeless body hitting the floor. Cut back to Fred looks disturbed.

      Fred: There's a man and a woman?I think they're a couple.

      Cut to a man and woman also in 1880s dress.

      Man: Whatever happens I won't leave you.

      The woman smiles tearfully and they kiss. The door slams open, with Spike and Drusilla standing at the doorway. The couple look worried. Cut back to Fred. She looks at Spike.

      Fred: And you.

      Spike looks serious. Fred closes her eyes again. Cut to a woman and a little girl stood in the main restaurant area, surrounded by bodies. The little girl runs to the doorway but Drusilla stands in her way.

      Woman: No!

      Drusilla throws the girl to the floor as Angelus grabs the woman's shoulders and bites her. The little girl looks up and Drusilla hits her in the face. Drusilla turns to Spike.

      Drusilla: A present, my dear boy.

      Spike smiles and kneels down over the girl. Drusilla smiles widely as him biting the girl can be heard. Cut back to Fred. She puts her hand over her mouth.

      Angel: What?

      Fred hesitates. Cut to a middle-aged woman, who appears to be a maid. She walks down a corridor but then looks up and notices the light bulbs are missing. She looks worried but then looks resolute.

      Woman: I won't let you take my daughter!

      Hands appear around her neck from behind. She gasps and Angelus, vamped out, appears behind her.

      Angelus: But I already have my dear.

      He smiles and the woman looks horrified. Angelus bites her. Cut back to the present. Fred looks horrified as well.

      Fred: (slowly) You killed them all. Man, woman, child it didn't matter to you did it?

      Angel: Fred I-

      Fred: I know it wasn't?it wasn't you, but still?it was your face. Your teeth biting into them.

      Fred looks uncomfortable. There is an awkward silence.

      Gwen: Um, why would you get a vision about this?

      Fred: I'm not-

      The camera zooms in on Fred's forehead suddenly. There is a quick shot of a book and a page number. Cut back to Fred. She looks up.

      Fred: I know where we can translate the runes.

      She turns around and gets one of the books she brought down. The others walk close to her as she flips through the pages. She stops on page 163.

      Fred: Here. This is the alphabet. It could take a while.

      Spike: I think we've got time.

      Connor: You don't have to translate it. I already know what it means.

      Gunn looks suspicious.

      Gunn: How?

      Connor: I just had another flash. I'm not sure what it was exactly but?I know what the box was for. It's like a time capsule. Someone or?something trapped the memories in that box.

      Gwen: So they're not ghosts at all.

      Connor: They never were.

      Gunn: Wait, I'm not exactly buying all this.

      Connor: I thought you probably wouldn't.

      Gunn: If they're memories then what the hell are the doing here?

      Connor: Someone wanted them to last forever. Wait I think?one of them's different.

      A swarm of orbs floods through the wall.

      Spike: Here we go again.

      Angel: Connor what do you mean one's different.

      Connor: Look.

      Everyone looks up. An image appears among the orbs. It is the little girl who was with the older teenage girl. Angel looks surprised.

      Girl: It's ironic really isn't it? The man that killed me?and now he's trying to save me.

      Angel: What?what are you?

      Girl: A copy?of who I once was. The others were too. But now they hardly exist at all. When the police found us?they didn't know what to do with all the bodies. One of them?he was nice. He told me I could live forever. He did something?magic. He kept our essences in the box. He let us relive what we could remember. So we could live?forever.

      Fred: Why on earth would you wanna relive that?

      Girl: That's when it went wrong. At first we remembered happier times. But after he died, we started to forget. The others they?they couldn't bare to be haunted by seeing their loved ones die again and again. Over time they just seemed to disappear. Their memories are all that's really left.

      Gwen: But not you.

      Girl: No. I don't know why but?I couldn't remember what happened that night. I've been in there for years, waiting.

      Angel: For what?

      Girl: For someone to open it. Now I can go. You'd be surprised but?living forever's not as good as it might seem.

      Angel: I know the feeling.

      The girl smiles slightly. She looks at the orbs around her.

      Girl: I'm sorry they bothered you. I think there's still a small part of who they were left in them. Reliving what they remembered. Sometimes they forget their limits and interfere where they shouldn't.

      Angel looks grave. The girl looks around at the others.

      Girl: I have to go now. Thank you for letting me.

      The girl fades, as do the orbs. Everyone stands around looking awkward.
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        ACT IV

        Cut to everyone still in the lobby a little later.

        Fred: So those people?they were the servants?

        Angel: Yeah?we made sure there was no one left.

        Fred: I know.

        Angel looks at her.

        Fred: I don't blame you. It's just I saw it happen.

        Angel: I understand. You're not the only one to react like that.

        Everyone is silent.

        Gwen: Looks like Connor wasn't the only one we needed to save.

        Illyria: Indeed. And he was not involved.

        She looks at Gunn. Gunn looks ashamed and then looks at Connor.

        Gunn: Look, I know it probably doesn't mean much, but I'm sorry.

        Connor: Hey it's cool. Not everyday stuff like this happens.

        Spike: Well?

        Connor: Ok, bad example. But you know what I mean.

        Gunn: Yeah. I, uh, hope we can start over fresh.

        Connor: Sure.

        Connor holds his hand out. Angel smiles. Gunn shakes it and Connor looks him in the eyes. Gunn's smile wavers slightly as Connor lets go.

        Connor: I should really be getting back. It's late.

        Angel: Right. Sorry if you get in trouble.

        Connor: Hey they'll get over it. Just can't wait till I move out. Parents can be?uh, difficult. They're not all like you.

        Angel smiles. Connor smiles too but then looks away slightly.

        Angel: If uh, anything happens again, you know, you see anything. Let me know ok?

        Connor: Will do.

        Connor nods.

        Connor: So, see ya around.

        Everyone except Gunn: Bye.

        Gunn pauses.

        Gunn: (uncertainly) Bye?

        Gwen notices and frowns. Connor walks away not looking entirely comfortable. He walks out the door. Angel looks concerned.

        Spike: Well?since this is over and done with, and I'm feeling a bit peckish; might go and have a cuppa somewhere.

        Fred: Yeah I think I uh?need to fix my room up a bit too.

        Fred walks away and catches Gunn's eye. She walks upstairs and out of sight. Illyria looks at Angel who looks worried.

        Illyria: I believe she will come to terms with what she saw.

        Angel: Yeah?I hope.

        Illyria: We have all experienced difficulty in this. An entity inhabiting one's own body?it is an unmoving sensation. I cannot imagine what Winnifred Burkle must have experienced.

        Illyria walks away slowly. Spike looks after her.

        Spike: These things certainly don't bring out the happy vibes do they?

        Angel: No?you know this still doesn't answer why those vampires were guarding the box.

        Spike: I'm sure we'll find out before too long.

        Angel: Maybe?so, you were saying about a drink? Mind if I join you?

        Spike: Sure, they'll be enough blood in the fridge.

        Spike gets up as does Angel. Gunn turns to Angel.

        Gunn: Angel, man I'm?I'm sorry.

        Angel: Thanks. And I'll tell you what really happened soon.

        Gunn: Right?

        Gunn smiles slightly as Angel and Spike walk away. Gwen turns to Gunn.

        Gwen: So?what happened?

        Gunn: What?

        Gwen: I know something did. Just now right?

        Gunn: Yeah?

        Gwen: Well I can see it was kinda unsettling by your face.

        Gunn: It was. Connor he?when I shook his hand. He showed me.

        Gwen: Showed you what?

        Gunn: The truth.

        Gwen frowns. Gunn looks at her.

        Gunn: So, uh, dinner sound good?

        Gwen: Uh, yeah.

        Gunn: Right.

        Gunn looks uncomfortable and then walks away. Gwen frowns as she stares into space.

        THE END
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