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Angel Episode 6.5 115. The Dead of Night

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  • Angel Episode 6.5 115. The Dead of Night

    Hi, this is the fifth episode of Angel Season 6 by me. I hope you enjoy reading it. If you have feedback, please post it here; both positive comments and constructive criticism are welcome

    Angel Episode 6.5 115. The Dead of Night

    Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters on Angel. They belong to Fox Studios and Joss Whedon. This work is fictional and is only for my and others entertainment. Therefore no infringement is intended. I do not intend to make a profit from this work. However I own all characters that have not previously appeared/been mentioned on Angel, so I can do whatever I like with them. Therefore any unauthorised usage of these characters is not permitted.

    ACT I

    Open on an alleyway at night. A man suddenly runs around the corner. As he runs he looks behind him with a terrified look on his face. The camera follows him running down the alley. He soon reaches a dead end. He looks around, desperate for a way out. He sees a ladder hanging down from a fire escape several feet above him. He gets a rubbish bin from nearby and climbs on top of it hastily. A growl is heard from nearby. The man looks to his right, his eyes widening. Several shadows are seen moving towards him. He quickly grabs a hold of the ladder and begins climbing. Suddenly it breaks away from the fire escape stairway.

    Man: Ah!

    He falls back hard on the rubbish bin lid and then rolls aside on to the ground. He shuffles in pain and looks up. His eyes widen.

    Man: No?oh god no!

    Growling is heard. The man screams as a hairy, clawed hand scratches his chest. The camera moves to the side as the man's screaming continues. His screams soon turn into gasps and eventually only shredding and chomping sounds are heard. The camera moves round to show a pair of feet. It moves up to slowly to show a vampire. Next to him is a woman, who appears to be a zombie. The vampire smiles.

    Vampire: Very good. Our work here's done.

    The camera moves down to show a werewolf. It looks up at the vampire with blood smeared all over its mouth. The zombie woman walks towards the mangled corpse of the man the werewolf was devouring. The vampire stops her.

    Vampire: No, you got the last one.

    The zombie looks angrily at the vampire and makes a grunting sound. She turns around and begins to shuffle away down the alley. The werewolf growls and follows. The vampire smiles, looking at the corpse before walking away too.

    Opening credits.


    AMY ACKER - Winnifred Burkle/Illyria
    J. AUGUST RICHARDS - Charles Gunn
    ALEXA DAVALOS - Gwen Raiden

    Guest Starring:


    Open on Angel sorting out papers on his desk in his office in The Hyperion. Spike walks in.

    Spike: I take it I don't get an office this time either.

    Angel: There's only one office Spike.

    Spike: Which you just had to take.

    Angel: It was always mine before. Except when it was Wesley's. But look I'm the one whose gotta be here. You're only still in this because you refuse to go away.

    Spike: Hey, I was a vital asset. Still am.

    Angel: Not when you're distracting me, like right now.

    Spike: Oh come on, the world's gonna be over before you've sorted that lot out.

    Angel: Not if I can help it.

    Spike: Yeah, right. Heard any news from Whistler lately?

    Angel: No, not since Willow was here.

    Spike: Ah. You ever wonder how many get-out-of-jail-free cards we've got?

    Angel: What?

    Spike: Well Whistler saved us from the demons in the alley, helped us out with that shape shifter and now he's fixed the whole Fred/Illyria situation. You think maybe we should be winning this ourselves, not relying on him the whole time?

    Angel: We wouldn't have been able to on our own.

    Spike: Isn't that the point? The deal you made I mean.

    Angel: So you're saying next time Whistler tries to save our lives I should tell him to go to hell?

    Spike: No, and believe me I'm grateful for his help, but soon we might start taking him for granted. And then what happens when he's got another gig? We're screwed that's what.

    Angel: That's not gonna happen. Wolfram and Hart have gotta be planning something. They could strike any day. When that happens, we'll be on our own. I just hope that's enough.

    Spike: You and me both. If it happens while I'm out ring me.

    Angel: Where are you going?

    Spike: To get some air. Metaphorical air.

    Angel: Mind if I join you?

    Spike: Yes, that destroys the object of me getting away from this place.

    Angel: Well I have an actual reason for going. I have to patrol.

    Spike: Maybe you should just leave it to me; I mean I am the one who was helping the helpless while you were in bed with a demon that was getting you high.

    Angel: I wasn't high?I was delusional.

    Spike: As usual.

    Angel: Look Spike if you're going then just go.

    Spike: Gladly.

    Spike walks out. Angel hesitates and then gets up looking annoyed.

    Cut to Illyria in the back courtyard of The Hyperion. Moonlight is shining over the walls. She is practising swordplay. Gwen walks in.

    Gwen: Having fun?

    Illyria turns quickly.

    Illyria: Fun is not the object of this task.

    She goes back to swinging the sword.

    Gwen: Yeah I was kinda being sarcastic.

    Illyria: If you wish to know, I am practising my skills with this human weapon.

    Gwen: Hmm, I can see that. Your infamous power not enough now?

    Illyria: My power is a fraction of what it once was. I may have to resort to using such primitive weapons as these.

    Gwen: And how's it going for ya?

    Illyria: My technique is not yet perfected. Therefore I must continue.

    Gwen: Angel and Spike may be pros at using a sword but I don't think their perfect. I don't think any of us are.

    Illyria: They are not I.

    Gwen: Illyria, sometimes stuff happens you can't predict. You can never be perfect when that happens. You know maybe you're good enough as you are now. You handled that other Illyria ok.

    Illyria stops moving the sword. She turns to Gwen.

    Illyria: Her power was still greater than that which I possess.

    Gwen: She was also evil.

    Illyria considers this.

    Illyria: Perhaps great power can only be achieved when one acts as ruthlessly as she. As I once did.

    Gwen: If that's true how come we always end up on top?

    Illyria: The outcome may be different this time.

    Illyria looks at her sword.

    Illyria: We may need greater power than this.

    Gwen: Well maybe there's more too it than power. What about control, I mean without that you might as well not have any power.

    Illyria looks at Gwen.

    Illyria: My kind regarded control as useless. We walked the land as we pleased, destroying that which was in our way. But I am not that which I was. I must therefore learn the art of control.

    Gwen: You look like you're doing a good job so far.

    Gwen smiles..

    Illyria: You are wise, beyond your years.

    Gwen: Really? Wouldn't say that.

    Illyria: This is?modesty?

    Gwen: Uh, yeah I guess. Not so big where you're from huh?

    Illyria: Indeed.

    Gwen: Well, modesty aside?thanks.

    Illyria bows her head slightly, as if to say "you're welcome".

    Cut to Fred putting a model of a nucleus on top of a wardrobe in her room. Gunn is stacking empty boxes in the background.

    Fred: There.

    Gunn: Looks good.

    Fred: Yeah. Pretty much how I remember it.

    Gunn: Right. Well that's good.

    Fred: Yeah?

    Fred looks around at the room, which looks very homely. She looks troubled.

    Gunn: Maybe not so good?

    Fred: No, it is. It's just?I thought having this stuff would make me feel like I was home again. But it doesn't.

    Gunn looks sympathetic.

    Gunn: Still not feeling right here huh?

    Fred: No. Not exactly. I mean you guys are great and everything, and I can adjust to changes and stuff but?I left everything I ever knew in that world. And to think, that I'll never see any of it again?it makes me feel like I should still be there.

    Gunn: Fred-

    Fred: I know, I know, I'd be dead if I was. But remember what Willow said; about how all this dimensional travel and stuff was only allowed in extreme circumstances? Well, why am I one of those? I mean what contribution can I really make here?

    Gunn: Listen, the other Fred?we wouldn't have been able to do half of what we've done without her. And from what I've seen so far, you're not a whole lot different from her. You can belong here Fred, you just can't force it to happen.

    Fred looks troubled but then nods. She and Gunn hug. When they pull away, she shrugs and smiles.

    Gunn: Guess we should we should check on the others downstairs. But up here for a while.

    Fred: Right. I think I'm gonna stay here just for a little bit. I'll be down soon, ok?

    Gunn: Ok then. See you there.

    Gunn smiles and walks out. Fred's smile fades as she looks around.

    Cut to Gunn at the foot of the stairs in the Hyperion. Illyria and Gwen are standing in the lobby.

    Gunn: Hey. What are you guys up to?

    Gwen: Oh, well I'd kinda intended to teach Illyria the fine art of hanging out, but we kinda got into one of those philosophical discussions. You know how it goes.

    Illyria: You believe I need assistance in socializing with humans?

    Gwen: Well, your people skills are kinda lacking to say the least.

    Illyria cocks her head slightly.

    Illyria: Then I will comply.

    Gwen smiles.

    Gwen: We'll get on that later. Right now?have you seen Angel or Spike?

    Gunn: No, I was gonna ask you the same.

    Gwen: It's not like them to just bail on us like this.
    Gunn: Think something's up?

    Illyria: Judging upon past experiences, I believe we should assume that something is indeed "up".

    Gwen: But what if it's nothing?

    The front doors of the Hyperion suddenly burst open. At least fifteen werewolves, zombies, vampires and other creatures begin piling in.

    Gunn: Oh I think it's something.

    Illyria: We must find weapons.

    They rush to the weapons cabinet, as the creatures advance.

    Cut to Spike and Angel walking through the LA streets. Spike is looking around vaguely, and Angel is staring straightforward.

    Spike: You know you really didn't have to come along. I know you worry, but I can handle myself even on these streets.

    Angel: Shut up Spike. I'm not here cause of you.

    Spike: Oh so you have some other appointment?

    Angel: Actually I do.

    Spike: Really? You got a date or something?

    Angel: No it's Con-

    A van suddenly screeches to a halt on the road next to Angel and Spike. They stop and frown.

    Spike: Oh here we go.

    Angel: Wait. That van, I recognise it.

    Spike: What? Well I certainly?hang on. That's not?

    The van door opens. A man gets out and walks towards Angel and Spike. It's Oz.

    Spike: Oh and it bloody is.

    Angel smiles as Oz approaches.

    Angel: Oz.

    Oz: Angel. And Spike. Guess you guys sorted out your differences in the end?

    Spike: No.

    Oz: Oh. Well it's good to see you.

    Angel: Right. And I mean this in the best possible way, but what are you doing here? It's been five years.

    Oz: Yeah. I've been around. More than once actually.

    Angel: Around?

    Oz: The world. Thought I should see it for myself. It's big. Kinda green, mostly blue. Anyway that got old after a while. So I came here.

    Spike: Yes we can see that. Why?

    Oz: Actually, to help you guys out.

    Spike: Uh thanks but we've got it covered.

    Oz: Not as much as you think.

    Angel: What do you mean Oz?

    Oz: I'll explain, but we could do with somewhere to crash, if that's ok.

    Angel: Sure, you can?wait, we?

    Oz: Oh, right.

    Oz turns around and opens the van door.

    Oz: (to person in the van) You don't have to be afraid.

    A blonde woman slowly gets out of the car. She looks up at Angel. It's Nina. Angel looks surprised. Spike smiles slightly.

    Spike: Well, isn't this a nice surprise!

    [I]Angel gives him an annoyed side wards glance, but then looks back at Nina. She doesn't look impressed.[/I

    Nina: Angel.
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    Buffy Season 8 & 9 & Angel Season 6

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    ACT II

    Everyone stands around awkwardly.

    Angel: Uh?hi.

    Spike rolls his eyes.

    Oz: You two know each other?

    Angel: She didn't tell you?

    Nina: No she didn't.

    Angel: Then why did he say you were afraid?

    Nina points upwards. It's a full moon.

    Angel: Oh. Wow.

    Nina: Yeah. Oz's helped me a whole lot. We met in Malaysia. You know, where you sent me, my sister and Amanda. How was the apocalypse by the way? Because?

    She looks around.

    Nina: It's looks like it was really devastating.

    Angel: Nina let's not do this here.

    Spike: Oh, don't worry, I'm enjoying it.

    Oz: Well I'm kinda not. Not to disregard the importance of this reunion, but we do kinda have a deadline. With an emphasis on the "dead" part.

    Angel: What?

    Oz: Like I said, easier to explain at your place.

    Angel: Right. We should go.

    Nina: Except there's only two seats in Oz's van. Why don't we take a walk Angel?

    Angel: Uh-

    Spike: Oh that's a good idea, I'll just come with good old Oz.

    Spike opens the van door and looks like he's just walked into a wall. He turns round to Oz.

    Spike: You live in the van?

    Oz: I've lived in worse places these last couple of years.

    Nina: But it's still right down there on the list, believe me.

    Oz: Well yeah, space is an issue. And air conditioning.

    Spike: Well as uninviting as that sounds, mind if I hop aboard?

    Oz: Uh, sure, if that's really ok with you Nina.

    Nina: It's fine. This new place of yours can't be too far right? Let's go.

    Nina folds her arms. Spike smirks and climbs into the van.

    Spike: Looks like you have got a date after all Angel.

    Angel looks annoyed and walks back towards the hotel with Nina next to him. Oz jumps in the driver's seat of the van and shuts the van door. Spike coughs and pulls down a window before closing the door.

    Cut to them driving along in silence. Spike is looking around vaguely and Oz is staring straight forward.

    Oz: So?how's life with a soul?

    Spike: Uh, good thanks. How'd you know about that?

    Oz: You'd be surprised about how many people keep tabs on you. And Angel.

    Spike: Is that right? Last time I sing in the shower then.

    Oz gives him a sideward glance.

    Spike: Not that I ever do.

    Oz: I bet all the tough guys do it. Left here?

    Spike: Uh, yeah.

    Oz moves the steering wheel.

    Spike: Uh, anyway what's up with the surveillance?

    Oz: Well you are kinda on the frontline in all this. I guess people need to know how it's going.

    Spike: People like you?

    Oz: Oh, no, I'm just the messenger. But from what I've seen recently, I've got a pretty good idea of the situation.

    Spike: Care to share?

    Oz: Like I said, it'll be easier telling all you guys at once.

    Spike: Yeah, all right. But who do you mean by "other guys"? Cause things've changed a lot since you were last here.

    Oz: Yeah I heard about Cordelia and Doyle.

    Spike: Right. Been talking to Willow or something?

    Oz: No, not for a few years now. But I found out from contacts in Malaysia. When major players go down like that, it's pretty much mainstream news.

    Spike: Oh. Well it's a funny thing actually, Willow was here just last week.

    Oz: Really? How is she?

    Spike: Good, yeah. Seems everyone back in England is as well.

    Oz: That's great.

    Spike: Thinking of paying them a visit?

    Oz: Maybe. Hey it looks like we're here. Is this it?

    Spike: Uh, yeah.

    The van is stopped outside the Hyperion.

    Spike: Hang on?

    Oz: I take it the broken door effect is new?

    Spike: Yeah?something's up.

    Oz: I hope we're not too late.

    Spike: Too late for what?

    A zombie's arm suddenly smashes through the passenger window and grabs Spike around the neck. Spike tries to get fee as Oz gets out of van.

    Cut to Angel and Nina walking a long the street.

    Angel: So?you got out of the lunar cycle.

    Nina: Surprisingly easy if you know what your doing. Oz has been perfecting this potion for years now. Almost instantaneous now.

    Angel: That's?I'm happy for you.

    Nina: Yeah. He's great.

    Angel: Right. And are you uh, together?

    Nina: I've known him three weeks Angel. But uh, I wouldn't say it's out of the question in the future.

    Angel: I see.

    Nina: Yeah.

    There is an awkward silence.

    Angel: Look Nina I realise we didn't part on the best of terms-

    Nina: You asked me to leave the country. And for what, some end of the world that didn't even happen?

    Angel: It's still happening.

    Nina sighs.

    Nina: Yeah Oz gave me the low-down. Really got your work cut out.

    Angel: I'm intrigued to know more.

    Nina: Well he'll explain it better. We're almost at your new place anyway right?

    Angel: Uh yeah it's about another block.

    Nina nods. There is another silence.

    Nina: Look Angel, I guess the real reason I'm angry is because I felt like this whole thing came out of the blue. We were going great. Weren't we?

    Angel: Yeah?

    Nina: That's not particularly encouraging.

    Angel: I know. And I'm sorry I couldn't be the guy wanted me to be.

    Nina: Well I guess I can't exactly blame you for putting the world first. I just wish you had let in more.

    Angel: If I had you mighta' ended up dead. I needed you gone so I could do what I needed to do without worrying about you. And the only way to do that was to make it seem like I didn't care. And it worked.

    Nina: How about now?

    Angel: Nina?I still care about you but, I don't think there's any way we can go back to the way things were.

    Nina sighs.

    Nina: I thought as much.

    Angel: I'm sorry.

    Nina: You don't have to be. I guess I was kidding myself when I thought we'd last forever. But hey, it was fun while it lasted right?

    Angel: Yeah.

    Angel smiles. Nina smiles back but then frowns and turns to the right.

    Nina: Is that Oz's van?

    Angel looks worried.

    Angel: Yeah that's the hotel.

    Nina: The windows are broken. Oh god!

    Nina rushes forwards. Angel follows.

    Angel: Nina wait!

    Angel runs after Nina as she approaches the van. She looks around.

    Nina: I can't see them.

    Angel: Looks like something broke in while we were gone. The others are probably-

    A werewolf suddenly jumps on top of the van. Nina looks shocked and halts. The werewolf growls and jumps at her. Angel looks worried, but then Nina ducks and the wolf dives over her. Nina spins round and kicks the wolf into Angel. Angel grabs its neck.

    Nina: Wait!

    But Angel has already snapped the wolf's neck. Nina looks upset as it falls to the floor. Angel looks up at her.

    Angel: Nina I?I had to.

    Nina still looks upset but nods slowly.

    Nina: I know. And you might have to again. Looks like they're already here.

    Angel: Werewolves?

    Nina: And more. Come one, the others must be around here somewhere.

    Angel: Right.

    They rush inside.

    Angel: Nice moves by the way.

    Nina: Yeah Oz taught me a lot.

    They step over the broken doors and see the bodies of several demons, werewolves and zombies lying around. Gunn is leaning against the wall clutching his shoulder. Gwen is kneeling next to him. She stand up as Angel and Nina walk in.

    Gwen: Angel! Thank god you're here.

    Angel: What happened?

    Gunn: Buncha' demons, vampires, werewolves, and a whole lotta other stuff. Just stormed the place. We did what we could but they went upstairs for some reason.

    Nina: This is what we were afraid of.

    Gwen: Are you Nina?

    Nina: Yeah.

    Gwen: Right. Oz told us you'd be coming soon.

    Nina: Where is he?

    Gwen: He, Illyria and Spike went on a head to fight them.

    Angel: They can handle themselves. What about Fred?

    Gunn: She's in her room.

    Gwen: Though you'd be surprised at how good at handling this stuff she is.

    Nina: Not against them. Oz and Spike won't get far without us.

    Angel: She's right. Gunn is your shoulder-

    Gunn: I think it's dislocated.

    Gwen: I'd help but-

    Gwen shows her bare hands to Angel.

    Nina: I can help.

    Nina kneels next to Gunn.

    Nina: Ok this is gonna hurt like hell for a moment but it'll be better after that ok?

    Gunn: Uh, whatever you say.

    Gwen: What are you gonna-

    Nina shoves Gunn's shoulder back in its socket. Gunn gasps and Gwen flinches. He still looks in pain but slowly gets up. He smiles slightly at Nina.

    Gunn: Thanks.

    Nina: Any time.

    Angel: We good to go?

    Gunn: Wait.

    Gunn walks over and picks up a sword.

    Gunn: Now we are.

    They walk up the stairs hurriedly.

    Cut to Fred opening her eyes slowly in her room. Things are smashed all over the place. Oz is knelt over her. Fred frowns.

    Oz: Are you ok?

    Fred moves away cautiously.

    Fred: Who are you?

    Oz: I'm Oz. Friend of Angel's.

    Fred: So we haven't met?

    Oz: Not unless you know something I don't.

    Fred: No, it's more complicated. I'm-

    Oz: Fred. Spike told me. He and Illyria went on ahead, I thought I should stay here to make sure you were ok.

    Fred: Oh. Well thanks.

    Oz: No problem.

    She smiles and then looks around as she gets up. She looks upset as she sees all her things broken.

    Fred: What exactly did happen?

    Oz: Got yourself some uninvited visitors. Of the undead kind. Mostly. Something tells me they came in here. Musta' taken you out.

    Fred: Yeah. That would explain why it feels like the back of my head just imploded.

    She clutches her head in pain. Oz looks sympathetic. Running is heard from nearby. Fred looks at Oz worriedly.

    Fred: Oh god is that-

    The door bursts open and Angel rushes in followed by Nina, Gunn and Gwen. Fred looks relieved. Oz smiles.

    Angel: You guys are ok.

    Fred: Just about. Gunn you're arm?

    Gunn: It'll be fine. And uh, are you ok.

    He looks around the room worriedly.

    Fred: Guess it could've been worse.

    Gunn smiles slightly. Fred looks at Nina.

    Fred: Who's this?

    Nina looks surprised.

    Nina: You don't remember?

    Fred: Oh, sorry I, uh-

    Angel: Fred this is Nina.

    Fred smiles, Nina still looks confused.

    Angel: Nina I'll explain later. Oz do you know how many of these guys we're dealing with?

    Oz: Around eight or ten.

    Gwen: Yeah that sounds about right.

    Angel: Ok. Illyria and Spike should be able to handle that. We should go back them up anyway.

    Oz: I hate to say this but reinforcements are coming.

    Gunn: What?

    Nina: Maybe you didn't notice but this isn't just a random attack. It's being planned.

    Gwen: But I thought werewolves and zombies and stuff were just mindless killers.

    Nina looks at her.

    Gwen: Excluding present company of course.

    Oz: No, it's fair. But no, these guys are being given orders.

    Angel: By who?

    Oz: I have an idea Wolfram and Hart are behind it. I'm just now sure how.

    Fred: What are they after exactly? I mean they could've killed me and they didn't.

    Oz: Wish I knew for sure. Though my guess'd be this place.

    Gwen: And then they'd have the perfect place to attack us from. Great.

    Angel: Ok look I understand this isn't the best scenario to be in right now but if we can track down Illyria and Spike and make sure they've dealt with our current unwelcome guests then we can start preparing from when those reinforcements arrive.

    Gunn: Well this place aint that big, we should find ?em soon enough.

    Gwen: Sure we'll just follow the crashing sounds.

    They all walk out. Fred looks back at her room as she does and bites her lip.

    Cut to a demon sliding across the floor in one of the Hyperion corridors.. It looks up and growls as Spike stabs a sword downwards. He turns to see Illyria fighting a vampire and zombie. The zombie claws at her neck, but she swings round and decapitates it with her sword. The vampire looks worried as Illyria swings the sword slicing the vamp in half. Spike looks impressed.

    Spike: Nice.

    Illyria: They were unworthy opponents.

    Spike: Well I hope we don't find opposition that you'd consider worthy or we're a bit buggered.

    Illyria looks at the demon and zombie's bodies.

    Illyria: This behaviour is most peculiar. Never before have I seen beings of such different origin cooperate in this way.

    Spike: Yeah, I reckon this is what Oz was on about. He woulda' said more but we were a bit preoccupied. Anyway, we should find Angel and the others. They're probably nearby.

    Illyria: I am confused.

    Spike: Oh, Oz'll explain the thing about this lot working together much better than I can.

    Illyria: I was referring to you.

    Spike: What?

    Illyria: You are most curious. One moment you are angry and do not share time or space with me to show me this. And other times, such as now, you act as if there is no quarrel between us.

    Spike: Uh, this isn't the best time-

    Illyria: I ask only for a brief explanation.

    Spike: Look, Illyria, when it comes down to it, I can see how you were taken in by that shape shifter and everything. I guess I was just angry you'd think I'd kill you. At that point anyway.

    Illyria: So you are no longer angry?

    Spike: I?suppose not, no.

    Illyria: I see. We must find the others.

    Spike: So, uh, what I think of you's important to you is it?

    Illyria cocks her head.

    Illyria: Do not misinterpret my curiosity for human emotion.

    Spike: Whatever you say.

    Spike smiles. Illyria looks confused. Spike begins walking down the corridor and then jumps suddenly. Angel is facing him, with the others behind him. Spike sighs.

    Spike: Bloody hell, next time less with the stealth.

    Angel: Glad to see you're ok.

    Spike: Yeah, just about.

    Angel looks at the bodies.

    Angel: Is that all of them?

    Illyria: Yes. We fought them with ease.

    Oz: Well I hope so, cause there's more on the way.

    Illyria: Then we must prepare to do battle once more.

    Gunn: Oz, these reinforcements?big numbers?

    Oz: Probably. But I'm not sure. See this thing's going on across the globe.

    Angel: What!?

    Oz: This group work thing's apparently a worldwide problem. At first I thought it was just werewolves, that's why I got involved. But then I knew it was more than that. And from what I can tell, the source is LA, or at least somewhere nearby. So I figured you'd be interested.

    Spike: And you think moving away from the Hellmouth'd mean you'd avoid being in the bloody red zone.

    Angel: If Wolfram and Hart really are behind this then it makes sense. Probably need to give us a distraction or something.

    Gwen: Isn't it time for Whistler to show up and say the magic words or something?

    Spike looks at Angel.

    Angel: I think we're on our own this time.

    The demon Spike impaled earlier stirs.

    Nina: Uh, not quite.

    Everyone moves over to the demon. Angel grabs its neck. The demon looks angry.

    Angel: Feel that tightening sensation around your neck? It's gonna get a whole lot worse if you don't talk right now.

    Demon: What I know cannot help you.

    Spike: Tell us anyway. You know you want to.

    The demon growls.

    Demon: You cannot stop us. We will find the coin and key. And when we do you will know true suffering.

    Gwen: Ok?what?

    Gunn: Coin and key?sounds familiar.

    Angel: Right. He must mean the coin and key I used to get to Skip's dimension.

    Nina: Skip?

    Fred: He works for The Powers That Be.

    Angel: In your dimension too I take it?

    Fred: Right. But he was evil.

    Gunn: Same here.

    Fred: Oh.

    Angel turns to the demon.

    Angel: Why do you need the key?

    The demon remains silent. Angel looks angry and squeezes the demon's neck. The demon gasps.

    Demon: It is for our master.

    Angel: Ok then, who's your master? And you might wanna tell me real fast, cause I'm getting impatient.

    The demon hesitates slightly.

    Demon: Narok.

    Angel: Need a little bit than a name.

    Gunn: No you don't.

    Angel turns to Gunn. He looks worried.

    Angel: What?

    Gunn: I don't remember everything Wolfram and Hart gave me in that upgrade but bits and pieces are still there. But that name?I think I heard it once. And I think I know who it is.

    Angel: Who is he?

    Gunn exhales.

    Gunn: A senior partner.

    Angel looks worried. The demon laughs. Angel turns to it and snaps its neck.
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      ACT III

      Cut to everyone walking into the hotel lobby.

      Spike: You know you could have actually found out where this guy is before killing that demon.

      Gunn: I doubt he knows. Besides the Senior Partners have no form in this reality.

      Gwen: So how's he controlling everything?

      Illyria: If he is a Senior Partner?he would already have some that were loyal to him. Perhaps they are using a form of mind control on those beasts that do not think rationally.

      Oz: Right. And it probably wouldn't take much to get the vampires and demons on his side. Just spread the good word, make you out to be as bad as he wants you to look.

      Spike: This guy's doing a Hitler on the demon world? Clever.

      Angel: If he's got links to this world then we can find to links to him. Except it still doesn't explain about the key and the coin.

      Angel turns to Gunn.

      Angel: How come you never told us you knew about the Senior Partners before?

      Gunn: I don't. Not anymore at least. But when I heard "Narok" just now?I just remembered.

      Spike: Maybe you could remember a bit more?

      Illyria: Names are irrelevant without identity. Yet I too know the name of what would now be called a Senior Partner.

      Angel: You do?

      Illyria: Ksayaknara.

      Gwen: Oh, her.

      Angel: Got anything a little more English for us to work with?

      Illyria: Roughly translated it means "ruler".

      Angel: We'll get on that later.

      Angel begins walking over to the boxes.

      Angel: Right now we have to find that coin and key.

      Oz: You have it here?

      Angel: Uh, yeah. Somewhere.

      Spike: And finding it is just what I had planned for the next 10 hours of my life.

      Angel: If we all work together it shouldn't-

      Nina: Uh, is this one of them?

      Nina is knelt by some overturned boxes holding the coin. She stand up slowly.

      Angel: Yeah. Thanks.

      Angel takes it.

      Nina: It's fine, wasn't too hard. Can't believe they didn't see this.

      Fred: Well the key's not there. Maybe they took that.

      Voice OS: There!

      Everyone looks. A group of vampires, demons, zombies and werewolves are standing at the remains of the Hyperion doorway.

      Spike: And maybe they're coming to take the coin and all.

      The vampires etc. rush forward. Angel hides the coin in his pocket. Gunn grabs a sword from the pile of boxes. Fred frantically looks for something, as Angel punches the first vamp in the face. Fred grabs a small statue as a demon rushes towards her. She smacks it on the head and it falls to the floor. She looks satisfied.

      Gwen blasts a small amount of electricity at one the demons. However it seems to absorb it into its fist. Gwen looks worried as it hits her across the face. Gunn looks angry and swings his sword cutting off the demon's arm. The demon growls in pain and then smacks Gunn, its fist hitting his already injured arm. Gunn cries out in pain as a cracking sound is heard. Spike and Illyria attack the other creatures that are advancing. Nina looks worried.

      Nina: Oz do you think we should-

      Nina turns to Oz. He is half way through transforming into a werewolf.

      Nina: Guess you do.

      Nina closes her eyes and begins to change.

      More and more demons etc. begin pouring in to the Hyperion. Spike looks at Illyria.

      Spike: This lot worthy enough for you?

      Illyria: I will not relinquish.

      Spike: No, but everyone else might.

      Spike kicks a zombie back into another.

      Spike: Angel they're gonna snatch that coin from you one way or another.

      Angel decapitates a werewolf.

      Angel: We need to find the key.

      Spike: You think they've got it?

      Angel: One of them must.

      Illyria punches a demon as several more come towards her. Gwen blasts back an unsuspecting werewolf with electricity and then turns to see how Gunn is doing.

      Nina and Oz, now in werewolf form, rush towards the oncoming group. They viciously attack some nearby zombies. A vampire nearby looks worried. Fred watches Oz and turns to Angel.

      Fred: So they're werewolves huh?

      Angel: You didn't know?

      Fred: Guess I do now.

      Fred hits a zombie with her statue. However it breaks. The zombie makes a low growling sound and grabs Fred's neck. Fred struggles and Angel comes to her aid as Nina mauls a vampire in the background. Gwen is knelt by Gunn and looks frustrated as she can't touch him. She turns to Illyria.

      Gwen: Illyria!

      Illyria kicks a demon into several others and then helps Gwen with Gunn. Gunn looks in pain, but is conscious. A pair of werewolves throws Oz back, though Nina seems to be fighting through the crowd with ease. Angel punches the zombie, who releases Fred. However a nearby vampire kicks Angel in the back, causing him to fall to the floor. The coin slides out from his pocket across the floor. Spike notices and tries to get it. All the vampires etc. suddenly stop fighting and try to grab the coin. Angel and co. look on worriedly. Suddenly a portal opens and the vampires etc. disappear. The key inside the coin is all that is left, spinning gently. There is a pause.

      Spike: Well.

      Spike lifts up the coin and key.

      Spike: Nice of them to leave this behind at least.

      Angel: We need to follow them.
      Illyria: Indeed.

      Gwen: Uh, I'm not sure all of us can take them a second time. No offense Gunn.

      Gunn: No, you're right. But so's Angel. Maybe I should stay here.

      Fred: I probably should too. I mean that zombie mighta done a hell of a lot more damage if you hadn't stepped in Angel. And well, my statue's broken.

      Angel hesitates.

      Angel: Ok, you guys stay. There weren't too many left so the rest of us should be ok. Oz and Nina are you?oh?

      Oz and Nina have changed back into human form, covering themselves as best they can.

      Nina: Yeah, clothes might be a good thing right about now.

      Cut to Nina and Oz walking next to the van, now fully clothed.

      Nina: If we can help it, let's not destroy these as well ok?

      Oz: I see your point. Might make it a little harder to change though.

      Nina: So, maybe we don't?

      Oz: Nina, I don't know about you, but my skills with a sword are not good to say the least.

      Nina: We can learn. A slash here, and stab there. Can't be too hard right?

      Oz: Well it's up to you if you change or not. But if things get bad, promise me you will ok?

      Nina: I guess.

      Oz smiles and he and Nina walk towards the Hyperion.

      Cut to the them walking in.

      Spike: You must have a big wardrobe.

      Nina: Actually no, that's why I change as little as possible. Like now, for instance

      Angel: Nina-

      Nina: Yeah I know, Oz already did the whole warning thing. I'll be fine with a sword.

      Angel: You can't take weapons. Not where we're going. Believe me, I found that out the hard way.

      Nina hesitates.

      Nina: Well I'm not just gonna stay behind, I mean this is why I'm actually here.

      Oz: Wouldn't do a whole lot of good if you were dead though. Me too as a matter of fact.

      Nina: Hey you taught me to fight hand-to-hand. And Angel you saw me earlier with that werewolf, I handled that.

      Angel sighs.

      Angel: Ok?but be careful.

      Nina: Will do. And Oz if you don't wanna-

      Oz: No, I'll come. Like you said, it's the reason we're here.

      Spike: So we ready then?

      Fred: Good luck.

      Gunn: Yeah sorry I aint coming.

      Gwen: We'll be fine. Thanks.

      Gwen smiles and is about to hug Gunn but he coughs. She realises and just smiles, but looks a little annoyed too. Spike hands the key and coin to Angel. The others gather round, except fro Fred and Gunn.

      Spike: Wanna do the honours?

      Angel takes them and then places the key through the coin. He places it on the floor and it starts spinning. The portal opens up and everyone disappears. Fred and Gunn stand watching.

      Fred: Uh, you know, I'm just wondering, but how do they get back?

      The key and coin and still spinning on the floor.
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        ACT IV

        Cut to everyone appearing in the holding dimension. Angel looks around.

        Angel: Well, this place hasn't changed.

        Spike: And that's a good sign?

        Angel: I dunno.

        Gwen: Uh, was there a dead demon last time you were here?

        There is a severely mauled demon at the top of the flight of stairs leading down to the rest of the dimension.

        Angel: Actually yeah. Guess this was one of the new guards.

        Spike: Not anymore.

        Oz: Looks like it's safe to say those guys came this way.

        Spike: Down we go then.

        They walk down the stairs.

        Illyria: This place reminds me of a torture dimension I once owned.

        Gwen: Uh that's nice. Fond memories?

        Illyria turns to Gwen.

        Illyria: They once were.

        Nina turns to Angel.

        Nina: (whispering) Uh, Angel what's up with that blue chick anyway? I mean she looks like Fred but?

        Angel: Oh that's one of those long stories.

        Nina: Right. How did I guess?

        Angel: Later ok?

        They reach the foot of the stairs. The holding room is empty.
        Nina: Ok, so where did they go?

        Angel: I dunno. This place looks exactly like it did last time; no way out.

        Spike walks towards the right wall.

        Spike: Well unless they're invisible, they must be around here-

        He leans against the wall and falls through. The others look alarmed. Angel approaches the wall and puts his hand straight through it. He walks through, followed by the others. Spike looks up.

        Angel: Looks like you found out where they went.

        Spike: It was only a matter of time.

        Spike picks himself up. Voices are heard from nearby.

        Illyria: They are close.

        Illyria steps forward. Oz puts his hand out.

        Oz: (quietly) Wait. If they're talking then something musta' happened. I got an idea. One that'll get us close enough to here what's going on without losing any limbs.

        Cut to a werewolf crawling towards the crowd of werewolves, demons etc. One of the vampires is stood in the middle on a raised platform. Cut to Angel and co. still in the passageway.

        Nina: Hope Oz knows what he's doing.

        Spike: He does. Bloody good idea.

        The demons and vampires etc. are all staring up at the vampire on the platform. He is looking up at the roof. Oz (in werewolf form) looks up too. Black mist suddenly pours down from the roof. The vampire gasps and then seems to go limp. The other creatures do not move. The vampire looks around and smiles.

        Vampire: My children. I am glad you are present.

        Cut to the passageway. Angel looks confused.

        Angel: That doesn't sound like something one of them would say.

        Illyria: No. I do not believe that it is one of those present in the room speaking

        Angel looks confused but then the vampire starts speaking again.

        Vampire: This body is worthy of my presence. As all of you are worthy to do my bidding.

        Werewolf Oz raises his head. Angel looks at Illyria.

        Angel: You think that's the Senior Partner?

        Gwen: It makes sense. The reason they all wanted to get here is to be a new body for him. Sounds like one of them beat the rest to it.

        Nina: I don't think Oz can handle fighting a Senior Partner, not even in werewolf form.

        Angel: No. I think it's time we stopped this speech.

        Spike: Wait. Listen.

        The vampire smiles at all those surrounding.

        Vampire: The time is almost at hand. The world above is almost ours. The world below always has been. Now, it is time for you all to reclaim what is rightly yours and take all that which is in-between.

        Oz suddenly pounces in the air and knocks the vampire/Senior Partner to the ground. The other demons etc. begin attacking him. Angel and co. hear the sounds of the fight and rush round the corner.

        Nina: Oz!

        Nina runs forward, kicking a vampire out the way. Angel grabs a werewolf and snaps its neck. Illyria grabs two zombies' necks and throws them behind her with ease. The creatures begin tot notice Angel and co., yet they continue to try and stop Oz who is still fighting with the vampire/Senior Partner. The vampire/Senior Partner manages to get up however, and throws Oz across the room. The other creatures watch and the vampire/Senior Partner looks angrily at Angel and co.

        Vampire: Kill them!

        The creatures rush towards Angel and co. Spike dodges a zombie's swipe before punching its head off. Gwen blasts electricity at several creatures knocking them back into others. A werewolf flies at Nina, who ducks, but the werewolf's claw catches her shoulder. She cries out and turns around, punching the werewolf in the face. It is only enough to daze it momentarily as it lunges at her again. Oz gets up and sees her struggling with it. He leaps on top of the werewolf and rips its throat out. Nina smiles and mouths "thanks", though she does look a little disgusted as well.

        Illyria swings a punch at a vampire and then kicks another to the ground. Angel punches a horned demon and then snaps one of its horns off. He stabs it with it and then slits a zombies throat with it. Spike punches a demon into the wall and then throws it into several others.

        There are now only three creatures left and the vampire/Senior Partner looks worried. He makes a run for the exit but Angel throws the demon's horn, which spins through the air. It hits the vampire in the leg and he falls to the floor. He looks at Angel angrily. One of the remaining demons runs forward but Illyria holds her fist out, and it falls back unconscious. Gwen blasts the other two back into the wall and they fall to the ground.

        Vampire/SP: Curse this body! I would have wished for something more resistant to your primitive methods.

        Angel walks up to it.

        Angel: Yeah, well sometimes you don't have a choice.

        Angel pulls the horn out and then slices the vamp's neck. The vampire gasps and then dusts. The black mist seen before however, floats upwards through the roof. Everyone looks up after it.

        Spike: Damn it.

        Gwen: Well, did we really expect to be able to kill a Senior Partner?

        Angel: No. But I don't think that's the last we'll be seeing of him. Maybe we'll get another chance someday.

        Oz: Probably.

        Everyone turns to see Oz back in human form, naked. Nina smiles but then looks around awkwardly. She picks up a piece of Oz's shredded jeans.

        Nina: Here you go.

        Oz: Thanks.

        Nina: So you think the werewolves etc. will just go back to being?werewolves etc.

        Oz: I think so. Now they haven't got him in their heads. Vampires might still be a problem though.
        Illyria: Vampires are easily dealt with.

        Gwen: And hey, you didn't even need a sword.

        Illyria nods at Gwen who smiles.

        Angel: We'll deal with them later. Right now we should get back. Who's got the key?

        Spike; You don't have it?

        Angel: No.

        Spike: I handed it to you.

        Angel: It's probably still back at the hotel.

        Oz: Uh, I really don't wanna be stuck here indefinitely. Especially like this.

        Gwen: And you know, not all of these guys are dead, and even if they're not being controlled they're still pretty lethal.

        Illyria: We are in a most difficult predicament.

        Spike: Thanks once again Illyria.

        A portal appears nearby. The gang are all engulfed and appear back in the Hyperion lobby. Fred is stood with the key with Gunn behind her.

        Spike: Or, thanks Fred.

        Fred: Hi! I hope I left enough time.

        Angel: You did. Thanks.

        Fred smiles.

        Gunn: So, uh, it went well?

        Cut to Oz shutting the doors of his van. He turns round and smiles at Angel. The others are all stood around too.

        Angel: Got everything?

        Oz: Yeah. Thanks again for the clothes by the way. Should last about a month.

        Angel smiles.

        Angel: You know where we are if you need anymore.

        Oz: Right. We'll be nearby.

        Angel: Thanks for helping us sort all this out.

        Oz: Well I wouldn't say it's completely sorted yet. But it's fine, we'll be near LA if it comes up again.

        Angel: Great. Have a good trip.

        Oz smiles and nods and gets into his van. He waves slightly at the others. Nina walks up to Angel.

        Nina: Well?this is definitely the most fun I've had with you around. Apart from, you know?

        Angel smiles.

        Angel: You did well fighting back there.

        Nina: Thanks but, I think next time I might just bring a change of clothes a long. Way easier.

        Angel smiles. He and Nina hug.

        Nina: See ya around Angel.

        Angel: Bye.

        Nina smiles. She turns to the others.

        Nina: Bye guys!

        Everyone smiles. Nina gets in the van and she and Oz drive off. The others walk up to Angel.

        Spike: So. I'd say that's the end of that but?

        Gunn: More like the beginning.

        Illyria: Indeed. The Senior Partner we fought will return, with twice the vendetta towards us.

        Gwen: Well before the next battle we should really tidy the place up.

        Fred: Sounds good to me. You coming Angel?

        Angel turns and nods.

        Angel: Sure.

        They walk inside.

        THE END
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